How do I beat (black diablos)?

  1. Pleas help me i used (ceanator armor u) and i used great sword killer scytch
    sonic bomb 5
    potion 10
    mega potion 10
    shoc traps
    genpry fang 2
    trap tool 2
    flash bomb
    paint bals
    exept supply items

    ples help me

    User Info: REBALO

    REBALO - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. If your using a Bow gun i recommend using a bastionmage"good on pellets shot"
    Use the genprey armor(PelletS up)
    Keep shooting his tail(weakpoint)
    when he is charging to you run for your lives
    If your good with roll. just dodge.
    lots of scatternut
    lots of huskberry
    10x potion
    10x mega potion
    3x welldone steak
    shock trap
    sleeps shots
    Pellets 1
    pellets 2
    pellets 3
    freeze shot
    combo guide 1-3

    User Info: dalasride

    dalasride - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. If you're a greatsword user, I'd recommend making the golden serpentblade (buster sword, white serpentblade, silver serpentblade, golden serpentblade) which essentially comes from just giaprey, as it tacks on a little extra ice damage. Either way (and I'm guessing you're fighting him in the desert), worry less about flash bombs and more about bringing combo books 1+2+3, along with gunpowder and screamers to make more sonic bombs.

    If you aren't wearing armor with high grade earplugs, look for diablos' tell for when he will roar (he stands up tall and takes a half-step back), face where his mouth is and block - if you're between his legs, that means you turn around so that you're still facing where the roar originates from.

    Next is his charge. When he charges, if you're in desert area 7, make use of the giant pillar in the middle and have him get his horns stuck as often as possible - you can either break them yourself, or they will in time; either way, it's a free triple charge or two. If you aren't near anything he can get stuck in, get ready to face him and block (bring plenty of whetstones!) the charge. If you're already between his feet, his charge won't hurt you.

    When he burrows underground, wait a split second after his tail disappears undergorund to throw a sonic bomb. Sometimes, he'll burrow and immediately jump back out, meaning he's going to roar and go into rage (therefore the sonic bomb won't work). Otherwise, try and use a sonic bomb every time he burrows (or circle-strafe and get ready to dive out of the way!) so that you can score a triple charge while he's stuck, another 2 or 3 swings, and then you can set up another triple charge while he flies out of the sand to land on the ground.

    Other than these main attacks, the other ones that get annoying are his sideswipe vacuum attack (like that of a plesioth >.>) in which case you face toward the attack and block. The other attack is his double tail sweep, often following a charge or when he emerges from burrowing. Instead of blocking, sit outside of its range, and right after he starts the second sweep, run in and either pull of a normal or single charge swing. With that alone, you can take off his tail.

    If you plan to capture him, his resting place is the same as where you typically find him: area 7. If not, worry less about bringing traps/trap materials, and focus on timing your slow-motion (invinciple) dives so that you don't get hurt.

    Good luck, hope this helps!

    User Info: Roraylenn

    Roraylenn - 8 years ago 1 2
  2. I just had a brain fart, sorry! >.<

    I realize that killer scythe falls under the longsword tree - not greatsword. In that case, I recommend making the blango decimator/blango destructor, which is comprised mostly of blango/blangonga parts.

    Since you're using a longsword and are without a guard, go over the previous strategy I gave and just make a mental note to practice doing the slow motion (invincible) dive in place of guarding. With that said, the next mental note is to replace any mention of a triple charge attack with just a good combo (triangle, triangle, circle, triangle+circle and so forth) until you build up the soul meter. Since you're focusing more on combos than single, powerful strikes, try and stay under his legs a lot since his charge can't hit you. And then, the second you see him burrow, get ready to either circle strafe/dive, or throw a sonic bomb!

    Hope that revision helped - good luck!

    User Info: Roraylenn

    Roraylenn - 8 years ago 1 2
  3. If you could get the kirin armour set and a good long sword
    Items i would bring are..
    10x sonic bomb
    10xmega potion
    5x hot drink
    3x well done steak
    Shock trap
    2x genprey fang
    2x trap tools
    and some barrel bombs of any kind except bounce.

    Make sure your cat has the skill " status atk sleep". Could be really helpful

    User Info: humaneagle852

    humaneagle852 - 8 years ago 0 1
  4. for me i used true devil slicer with thunder element it cuts him down in no time flat and use what others have stated , also try to cut off his tail its makes for an easy fight and he also gets his horn's stuck in the wall in area 7 just keep circleing around that boluder in the middle and he will get stuck & feel free to cut off his horn's
    for item's i would use,
    10x sonic bomb
    10xmega potion
    5x hot drink
    10x well done steak
    Shock trap
    2x genprey fang
    2x trap tools
    5x flash bombs

    User Info: bdan231

    bdan231 - 8 years ago 0 2

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