Strategy for Tigrex Urgent to get to HR3?

  1. He keeps kicking my butt... I have a Los/ian combo armor set that has been gemmed for detect and atk up (medium) and a set that has kirin vest, longarms, and tasset, Los leggings, and Kushala Glare (helm).

    I am the best at using GS but can use Hammers decently well too.

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    Graveon - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    do u have a bow? any good bow would be a good match up and my preferred weapon. Sonic bow II and queen blaster II are both good. Sonic bow is vespoid and the lightning sacs for ur lvl (dont know the name) and queen blaster is low lvl rathian stuff u can get in the 3* or 4* so get that and a good gunner armor, blos or kusula would be very good. but list other weapons ur good with, and if thats it, go to youtube, i learned great tactics against Narga that way. (Narga is the black tigrex)

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  3. Additional Details:
    Oh I have access to Nekoht 8* quests as well.

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    Graveon - 8 years ago
  4. Additional Details:
    Main Weapons-
    Sieglinde (GS)
    Khezu Shock Sword [KSS] (GS)
    Titernia (GS)
    Dead Revolver (Hammer)

    Really its more of a tough choice between Sieglinde which has 960 atk (with atk up small) and KSS which only has about 600 atk but 22o thunder attribute. Not sure which would deal more damage...

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    Graveon - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Like alway's, tigrex--> thunder element works best.
    if you don't have or arent able to make a thunder weapon then just use raw power.

    I use LS or GS for tigrex. preferably with high raw power and or thunder atribute.

    Tigrex moves are pretty easy to read, he has the spin around attack, he jumps whe you ar further away and he runs at you.
    when he's angered he will run and turn two times.
    he also tries to bit you if you get close to it's front.

    Best not to charge tigrex head on all the time, wait untill he attacks, dodge smack him on the head and the roll trough his legs.
    sometimes you get chanses to smack him a couple of times.
    the best time to smack him is right after one of his runs, if you succsesfully smack him on the head he will stagger (with high raw pwr or thunder atribute)
    most of the time he jumps backwards after a stagger and screams or activates rage mode.
    mkake sure your never directly in front of him without knowing for sure you will be able to dodge an attack or you have a GS, with gs you can quickly guard, you will get pushed back and lose some hp.
    best time to heal and sharpen your blade is during one of his runs, jump or roll to dodge (unless he's after your cat and not you) and heal, sharpen, drink hot drinks (or cold drinks if your in the dessert)

    If he runs at you with GS, you can guard and get pulled back a little, when he is down after the run you should be in a perfect place to cut it's tail, for me it is :p
    I never use traps but schocktraps also apear to be usefull against tigrex.
    GS is slow but my favourite choice of weapon next to LS, it has high strenght and is a bit faster and has longer range than hammer.
    when tigrex is limping it is almost finished.
    folow it to where it sleeps and smack it on the head with a charged attack (with GS) sleeping foe means Attack X3!!!
    this only works with one hit so don't throw a stone or paintball when he's sleeping 1attck X 3 is only 3

    for instance, if you have a GS with 200 atack, and charge it then it goes up to lets just say 300, that X 3 is 900 (this is just an exaple, i don't know the exact numbers of charge attacks)

    anyway i hope this helps, don't forget to bring your cat (for distraction so you can heal or sharpen your blade), lots of meat to keep you running and all the potions you need.

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Other Answers

  1. Just to add to that, if you stand in front of a wall and dodge just at the right time (Before you get smashed),
    You can get the Tigrex's jaws stuck in the wall =)

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  2. If you want try faming the basarios in high elder and take a regular lance you can charge with. Bring with 5 mega juices 3 mega armor skins 3 mega demondrugs whetstones and healing items. after he charges start charging yourself and angle it so you come out grazing its left or right hindleg. My idea takes some practice but I managed to solo the g ranked hr9 tigrex with only 30 secs to spare.

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  3. It's pretty obvlious that siglinde deals more dammage 600 + 220 is only 820, so siglindes 960 raw power beats KSS with a difference of 140.
    You could try making Kirin thunder sword and upgrade it.
    it has around 1200 damage total (including thunder atribute)

    note that you can use any kind of weapon but the atribute dammage points only aply to those monster who are weak against it.

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