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    Treasure Hunting FAQ by Ronnomaru

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 07/04/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                   M O N S T E R   H U N T E R   F R E E D O M   UNITE
                                 Treasure Hunting FAQ
                    |  Monster Hunter Freedom Unite In-depth FAQ    |
                    |  Author: Ronnomaru                            |
                    |  Version: 1.02                                |
                    |  Last Revision: N/A                           |
                    |  Platform: PlayStation Portable (PSP)         |
    05/14/2009: - Submitted version 1.00 to www.gamefaqs.com
    07/04/2009: - Changed Great Forest item names to MHFU translation.
                - Other minor spelling&grammatical corrections.
                - Sites that may host this FAQ added to copyright information.
                - Submitted version 1.01 to www.gamefaqs.com
    10/10/2009: - Changed "Millenium Tree Seed" to "Thousand Year Forest"
                - Submitted version 1.02 to www.gamefaqs.com
    A. Introduction                                                 (intduc)
    B. Getting started                                              (getsta)
       - Useful skills                                              (useski)
       - Armour suggestions                                         (armsug)
       - Weapons of choice                                          (weacho)
    C. Strategies                                                   (strteg)
    D. Rare Treasures                                               (rartre)
    E. Gather Spots                                                 (gatspo)
       - Mountains                                                  (mntans)
       - Jungle                                                     (jungl1)
       - Desert                                                     (deser1)
       - Swamp                                                      (swmp12)
       - Forest&Hills                                               (forhil)
       - Volcano                                                    (volcno)
       - Great Forest                                               (grefor)
    F. Item Points Value                                            (itpoin)
    G. Rewards                                                      (rewrds)
    H. Frequently Asked Questions                                   (freqaq)
    I. Tips&Tricks                                                  (tiptrc)
    J. Credits                                                      (credts)
    K. Copyright information                                        (copinf)
                                                           Press ctrl+f and enter
                                                              these acronyms to
                                                              quickly navigate
                                                              through the FAQ.
    There are quite a few monster hunters who aren't into treasure hunting since 
    it doesn't unlock any other quests or rare weapons and armours in the game.
    However, those people who want to take a pause from the main game and are
    looking for a slightly different way of playing Monster Hunter, will find out
    that treasure hunting holds a refreshing change of tune.
    If you're already convinced and would like to start hunting for treasure, then
    go to section B (Getting started) of this FAQ. If not, read on below to find
    out all the good things treasure hunting can hold for you.
    There is a plethora of benefits to treasure hunting, the most important ones
    are as follows:
    - A lot more variation than normal quests: you need to use almost all elements
      of gameplay, going from killing monsters to searching for items, carry eggs,
      learn to combine stuff, etc. It basically puts together all the things that
      make this game good into one single quest.
    - Strategy: you'll need a well-cooked strategy to maximize the amount of
      points you'll get out of a quest. For example what areas will I gather in
      first, will we go after the boss monster together, is it worth wasting time
      by carrying an egg back home or am I better off dropping it and keep 
      searching for other items, etc. When you're on your first TH though, it's 
      best to just explore your surroundings before devising elaborate tactics.
    - Get to know where all the gather spots can be found early in the game,
      in a fun way! Be warned though that 99% of the stuff you find on that spot
      in treasure hunting will not be the same as the items you get on a regular
    - The monsters in Treasure Hunting quests are pretty easy to kill since they
      are low on HP and attack power, which makes it good practice for the real
    - Complete your Guild Card. There are a total of 35 (7x5) rare treasures for
      you to find in the quests, which will appear on your guild card. Aside from
      that, you'll acquire the "Adventurer's Helm" award once you've collected
      all rare treasures and got gold high scores on each map.
    - Make unique items that can only be combined during TH quests. These items
      give good treasure points, but also give you the corresponding decorations
      on your Guild Card and help you complete your combining list to get the
      "combining sage" title along with the alchemy book.
    - Get rare items: there are a number of rare items unique to these quests that
      you can earn as rewards, like Gold Eggs, Silver Eggs and Expand Pickaxes. 
      These items will be very hard to get on the first few treasure hunt maps
    - Expand Pickaxes. These are much desired by fellow hunters because they can
      be used to duplicate certain ore, bugs and bones. There are other ways to
      attain expand pickaxes, but TH'ing will probably be your easiest access to
    - Choose to play alone or with a friend. Different tactics are in order when
      you play alone and it will also be harder to get a lot of points.
    Hopefully you'll have a better understanding of what this type of quest is all
    about thanks to this FAQ and learn to like it as much as I have.
    Let the treasure hunting begin!
    Now that you're convinced of all the benefits of TH'ing, it's time to get you
    on your way to hunt for treasure.
    First of all, there are a few things you need to know about TH'ing:
    - Treasure hunting quests can be initiated by talking to Treshi, who is
      located in the bottom right corner of the guild hall.
    - Treshi will accompany you on the quest and he will stay in the camp to 
      receive any items you bring him.
    - You can find treasure items at every gather/bug/mining/mushroom spot and
      from the monsters roaming the land. Every item that is worth treasure points
      will have "(Treasure)" in yellow when you look it up in your inventory.
    - Items in your inventory and carry items must be delivered to Treshi himself
      and NOT in the red box. Go near him and press circle to deliver.
    - You can do your first TH quest from the start of the game, but only the
      Mountains map will be available for now. You'll unlock more maps as you
      progress in the main game. For more info, see "Frequently asked questions"
    - The general point of these quests is to gain as many points as you possibly
      can, since this will determine how big your rewards will be.
    - The number of Pokke points you'll receive, depends on your final Treasure 
      Hunting score, which is then divided by 10.
    - Treasure hunting can only be done alone or with another player, so felyne
      fighters cannot come along.
    - Unlike any normal quest, any items you have in your inventory before
      starting the quest cannot be used while TH'ing, so there is no point in
      bringing any megapotions, whetstones, etc with you.
    - Evidently, only items from inside the quest can be used. This may seem 
      annoying, but it will allow you not to have to conserve on items. No items
      from inside the quest will be kept, so you may as well use them to the
      fullest during the quest itself.
    The next thing you need to prepare for before getting started, is the
    equipment you'll be wearing, as it is crucial in becoming a good treasure
     Useful skills:                                                   (useski)
    There are a number of skills that will greatly benefit your search for
    treasure. These skills can be divided into 2 categories, armour skils
    and felyne cat skills. The armour skills are listed in order of importance.
    1) Armour skills:
    - Backpacking Expert: carry eggs/rocks faster.
    - High Speed Gathering: faster gathering/carving, meaning less time wasted.
    - Carving Celebrity: once you have this skill, TH'ing will become much easier
       because you get an extra carve from every monster you kill. For example,
       when you kill a Giadrome, you'll have 3 instead of 2 chances at carving the
       rare treasure "Giadrome Jewel".
    - Divine/Spirit's Whim: decreases likeliness of pickaxe/bugnet breaking.
    - Gathering+1/+2: allows you to gather more items.
    - Autotracker: allows tracking of boss monster without paintballing it.
    - Fishing Expert: catch fish faster
    - Runner: slower stamina consumption. Pretty useful for TH when carrying
       eggs, but power/mega juices are not that rare in TH quests.
    Backpacking Expert is an absolute must. So is High Speed Gathering, especially
    when it's easy to get with a simple Hide Belt. Carving Celebrity is very
    useful to carve the rare treasures from monsters. Spirit's/Divine Whim will
    get you a long way as well. Gathering+1/+2 will only be good for certain
    gather spots, since a lot of the spots yield a fixed or infinite amount of
    items in TH quests. Autotracker is less important because monsters only stay
    in certain areas and their migration pattern isn't hard to read once you've
    memorized it. Autotracker does come in handy when you want to kill the monster
    as close to the camp as possible to minimize time loss from carrying items.
    2) Felyne cat skills:
    - Dismantle low/high: (small) chance at an extra carve, cumulates with armour
       skill "Carving Celebrity".
    - Drop: monster 100% drops its shiny object when performing a certain action. 
       For example, when throwing a sonic bomb at Kut-ku (only works when he isn't
       in rage mode).
    - Frugality: same as Divine/Spirit's Whim
    - Gunpowder: makes your bombs bigger and more powerful
    - Exchanger: receive 15% more Pokke points after a quest is done.
    - Combine low/high: raises item combining succes rate
    - Strongcat: small attacks don't bother you, e.g. vespoid stings when you
       carry an egg.
    - Supercat: slower stamina decrease when carrying eggs
    - Supercarver: you don't flinch from small attacks when carving.
    - Paratrooper: recover faster from falling from high places, also eggs will
       never break from falling.
    - Wrecker: destroy boulders that obstruct your path faster.
    The felyne skills aren't listed in any particular order of importance, because
    they are all useful in some way. "Dismantle" is very useful, but has
    unreliable odds. "Drop" works really well on any boss monster, but is useless
    on Giadrome and Congalala. "Frugality" is equally useful as "Divine Whim".
    All the other skills are nice to have, but are not needed if you know what
    you're doing.
    Because of the rather random nature of Felyne skills getting activated, not
    too much attention should be spent on trying to get them. In MHFU however,
    you can save after having visited the kitchen and the effects will still be
    there when you reload the game, contrary to MHF1&2. Because of this, it might
    be good to save when you activate a good combination of felyne skills, just
    in case you have to or want to start over a quest.
     Armour suggestions:                                              (armsug)
    EARLY-GAME I recommend this simple armour combo:
    1)- Any weapon
      - Chain Helm (+Blessing jewel)
      - Chain Mail
      - Vespoid Vambraces (+Blessing jewel)
      - Hide Belt
      - Vespoid Greaves (+Blessing jewel)
      Skills: Divine Whim, High Speed Gathering, Backpacking Expert
      NOTE: You'll need Pink Rathian Scales to make the Blessing jewels, so if you
            haven't unlocked that monster yet, you can do without Divine Whim.
    2)If you really can't live without Autotracker, here is another combo:
      - Any weapon with 1 slot (+Blessing/Backpacker/Grab 'n Dash Jewel)
      - Hunter's Helm (+Blessing/Backpacker/Grab 'n Dash Jewel)
      - Hunter's Mail
      - Hunter Vambraces (+Blessing/Backpacker/Grab 'n Dash Jewel)
      - Hunter Tasset (+Blessing/Backpacker/Grab 'n Dash Jewel)
      - Hunter Greaves (+Blessing/Backpacker/Grab 'n Dash Jewel)
      Skills: Autotracker, Carving Iron Man, Divine Whim/Backpacking Expert/High
              Speed Gathering
    MID-GAME I recommend this set:
    1)- Any weapon
      - Eagle Eye Piercing (for Autotracker)/Sword Saint Piercing (for ESP)
      - Leather Armor S
      - Leather Vambraces S
      - Leather Belt S
      - Green Pants S
      Skills: Autotracker/ESP, Combine success+15%, High Speed Gathering,
              Gathering+1, Backpacking Expert
      NOTE: Throw in Chrome Metal Coat or Remobra Belt if you want Gathering+2
            instead of Combine succes+15%.
    2)If you want Carving Celebrity, use this set (the other skills are useless
      though, unless you use a bowgun or bow):
            MALE         /    FEMALE
      - Any weapon with 1 slot (+Hidecutter Jewel)
      - Guild Knight Mask/Designer Glasses (+Hidecutter Jewel)
      - Guild Knight Vest/Personal Vest
      - Guild Knight Sleeves/Personal Sleeves (+Hidecutter Jewel)
      - Guild Knight Coat/Personal Frills (+Hidecutter Jewel)
      - Guild Knight Tights/Personal Tights (+Hidecutter Jewel)
      Skills: Carving Celebrity, Target Range Down, PelletS/Scatterbow Up
    3)- Any weapon with 1 slot (+Blessing/Backpacker/Grab 'n Dash Jewel)
      - BlueGuildGuardHat (+Blessing/Backpacker/Grab 'n Dash Jewel)
      - BlueGuildGuardSuit
      - BlueGuildGuardGloves (+Blessing/Backpacker/Grab 'n Dash Jewel)
      - BlueGuildGuardCoil (+Blessing/Backpacker/Grab 'n Dash Jewel)
      - BlueGuildGuardBoots (+Blessing/Backpacker/Grab 'n Dash Jewel)
      Skills: Carving Celebrity, Divine Protection, Divine Whim/Backpacking Expert
              /High Speed Gathering, Bad Luck
    4)- Any weapon with 2 slots (+Celebrity jewel)
      - Eagle Eye Piercing
      - Leather Armor S
      - Ceanataur Braces U (+Hermit jewel)
      - Hide Belt
      - Green Pants S
      Skills: Autotracker, High Speed Gathering, Gathering+1, Backpacking Expert,
              Reckless Abandon+1
      NOTE: You can choose Sharp Sword instead of Reckless Abandon, but then you
            need a weapon with 3 slots and 2x Cutter jewels.
    The ultimate treasure hunting armour combo should be something like this:
    1)- Any weapon with 2 slots (+ 2x Gathering Jewel)
      - Chain Helm U (+ 3x Gathering Jewel)
      - Chain Mail U (+ 2x Blessing Jewel)
      - Chain Vambraces U (+ 2x Grab 'n Dash Jewel)
      - Melahoa Skirt U (+ 2x Grab 'n Dash Jewel)
      - Coffee Pants (+ Gathering Jewel + Backpacking Jewel)
      Skills: Spirit's Whim, Gathering+2, High Speed Gathering, Backpacking
      NOTE: If you have Eagle Eye Piercing, you can fiddle around with this armor
            combo until you get Autotracker, High Speed Gathering, Gathering+1,
            Backpacking Expert and Divine Whim.
    2)And if you want Carving Celebrity (useful for any map, but especially for
      F&H, Volcano and Great Forest):
      - Any weapon with 2 slots (+ 2x Backpacker Jewel)
      - Gypceros Helm X (+ 2x Backpacker Jewel)
      - Gypceros Mail X (+Backpacker Jewel)
      - Gypceros Vambraces X (+ 2x Grab 'n Dash Jewel)
      - Gypceros Tasset X (+ 2x Grab 'n Dash Jewel)
      - Gypceros Greaves X (+Grab 'n Dash Jewel)
      Skills: Carving Celebrity, High Speed Gathering, Backpacking Expert,
              Poison Duration Halved, Health Recovery Items Weak
     Weapon of choice:                                                (weacho)
    Lastly, you'll need a strong weapon that kills the boss monster fast, but is 
    also capable of destroying rocks quickly at the same time. For these reasons 
    Lances, Gunlances, Hammers and Hunting Horns are recommended instead of SnS 
    (bounce like hell on rocks), DS (tend to lose sharpness quickly), Great 
    Swords (take a long time to charge) or Long Swords (only cut through rocks
    when the "Spirit Gauge" is used).
    In some quests you'll have to cut a monster's tail, which a hammer or hunting
    horn cannot do. That only leaves lances and gunlances, but gunlances are much
    better at blowing up rocks thanks to shellfire and wyverian fire. So by
    process of elimination, they are definitely the prefered all-purpose weapon
    type for treasure hunting.
    Also look for a weapon with a long patch of at least green sharpness, because
    whetstones aren't abundantly available in TH and sharpening costs time.
    It goes without saying of course that you should pick a weapon type you're
    comfortable with in terms of handling.
    This game can be played:
    - 1 player
    - 2 players: - Cooperatively
                 - Competitively
    It would be best to play Treasure Hunting with a friend since you'll usually
    get twice as many points as you would on your own. It's the only Player Vs. 
    Player (PvP) mode included in the game, but looking for treasures in a 
    competitive way (like taking all the stuff from the box before your opponent
    can, getting more points than your opponent or making sure he gets the least 
    points by making him drop his egg/stone/jewel) doesn't do you any good since 
    less points means less rewards. Cooperative play is therefore the prefered 
    way. You can choose to protect your friend from monsters when he's carrying
    something important, pass through certain items like pickaxes and bugnets,
    signal where the dead boss monster lies, etc.
    Because I strongly believe thinking through your own strategies to get as many
    points as you can, is one of the biggest fun factors, I will only provide a
    strategy guide for the first map (Mountains) as an example. If you want to,
    you can still watch some very educational and entertaining videos made by
    Icowa, I'll provide the link to them at the appropriate map below.
    - 1 Player:
      First of all, take out of the blue box: map, whetstones, mega-potions,
      power juice, rations, pickaxe, bugnet, mega fishing fly, hot drink and a
      Go straight to area 5 where you destroy one of the bolders that block your
      path, and kill the giaprey. Next go to area 6, kill the giaprey and wait for
      Giadrome to appear. Kill him, use a power juice and then carve him up. If
      you got Giadrome jewel, take it back to camp through area 5, but be careful
      not to fall from too high. If you didn't get it, go to area 3, kill the 
      blangos because they'll hinder you and go to the egg spot where you can
      gather twice for either Elder Dragon Tears or Frozen Meatballs. Even though
      the latter are not rare treasures, I suggest you carry them home as well,
      since they are worth 5000 points.
      Back at area 1, gather in the herb spot in the south for Embroidered Flag.
      Then at the bait spot for Blango Flurry Ball or Dragonrock. Lastly, fish for
      the pink Pickaxe fish (if there aren't any, exit and reenter area 1) until
      you get about 5 of them.
      Go to area 2, use your bugnet on the bugspot until it breaks. Climb the
      slope all the way to the top and jump down to your right onto the snowy
      plateau. You'll have to do a small leap of faith now: face east and do a
      running jump by keeping R pressed. You should land on a plateau with a honey
      spot, gather for Blango Flurry Balls and Embroidered Flag until it's empty.
      Jump down and climb the slope again all the way to the top. Jump down to
      your right again, but this time face west and drop down (don't hold R) at
      the mining point. Only keep mining until you get Pokke Quartz.
      Now climb to area 7 and gather at the most southern gather spot of the old
      camp for Blango Blizzard Balls and old pickaxes. At the herb spot, search
      for Blangonga Apple. At the whetstone spot, you might find another Blizzard
      Next, go to area 8, search the most southern herb spot for an embroidered
      flag if you didn't get one. Blow up the rock with your gunlance and enter
      the foxhole. Gather for a Blangona Apple at the herb spot, then climb up
      until you reach the Kushal mining spot. Mine until you get Pokke Quartz
      hopefully. If you found the Embroidered Flag before, climb up the rocks
      opposite to the Kushal mining point. Up there, use the Flag (select it, then
      press square) near the rock to raise it and you'll get 2000 points.
      In area 5 you can find a Blangonga Apple in the west herb spot. Then go to
      area 4, search the ice crystal spot for Flurry balls, blow up one of the
      rocks and search the honey spot for pickaxes and more Flurry Balls. Then
      take the first entrance into area 3 to mine the mining spot on the ledge for
      some more Balls. Combine any and all Blizzard/Flurry Balls you have to make
      Pokke Snowman. Use your farcaster and deliver your items to Treshi.
     With a little luck, you'll get at least a few rare treasure on your Guild
     Card and have a golden high score. Note that without Giadrome jewel, it will
     be very hard to get a golden high score just by yourself. Because of the
     limited amount of rare items, getting monstrous scores of over 100000 will be
     extremely unlikely, even with 2 players. As compensation, the requirements
     for gold high score will be lower though, being 30000 points.
    - 2 players:
      Basically, you can stay together and do exactly the same thing as the other
      player while following the single player strategy. Just be sure to divide
      the supplies equally among each other.
      E.g. one person takes megapotions, power juice, bugnet, 10x mega fishing
      flies with half of them given to partner and a farcaster. The other person
      takes potions, rations,  hot drink, pickaxes, receives 5x mega fishing flies
      and farcaster.
      You can also specialize where one hunter is the main gatherer, while the
      other is the main hunter. But then you'll have to devise a totally different
      strategy for yourself.
    In this section you will find an overview of all the treasures that appear on
    your guild card. These are called "rare treasures" because they are items with
    a rarity of above 6 that will appear on your card. There will be an overview
    of the areas you can find them in. For more exactt locations, check section E
    "Gather Spots".
    In every map you have to combine 2 items to make a rare treasure item. So for
    Mountains you have to search for the 2 items "Blango Flurry Bally" and 
    "Blango Blizzard Ball". Once you have both, go to your combine menu and 
    combine them. Even if you don't need the rare item, it's still better to 
    combine it, since the rare item you create, will always be worth more points
    than the 2 items seperately.
    Also included is an item availability scale, namely "common", "uncommon" and
    "rare". "Common" will roughly translate to a chance above 40%, "uncommon" 
    between 10-40% and "rare" between 1-10% chance. Not that it matters much
    though. Since it is based on luck, just keep gathering spots or killing
    and carving monsters until you get the item you need.
    NOTE: There aren't a lot of changes from MHF2, except for the addition of Old
    Forest of course. But also in Volcano because of the addition of 2 new areas.
    The biggest change in that map would be that "Athena Beetle" is now in area 10
    instead of area 2.
           Name:               Combine:              Available:   Area:
           -----               --------              ----------   -----
    1) Blangonga Apple         /                      Common      5,7,8
    2) Pokke Quartz            /                      Rare        2,8
    3) Pokke Snowman:          Blango Flurry Ball     Common      2,3,4
                               Blango Blizzard Ball   Common      6,7,8
    4) ElderDragonTears(carry) /                      Rare        3
    5) Giadrome Jewel(carry)   /                      Rare        Boss
    1) Angler Snapper          /                      Common      9
    2) Cleopatris              /                      Rare        10
    3) Felyne Crown:           Inferior Felyne Crown  Common      1,2,3,4
                               Felyne Crown Fragment  Common      6,8,10
    4) Lao Shan Melon(carry)   /                      Rare        7,8
    5) Kut-Ku Jewel(carry)     /                      Rare        Boss
    1) Monoblos Rose           /                      Uncommon    1,5
    2) Sekumaeya Pearl         /                      Uncommon    4,10
    3) GoldFelyneJewelSword:   Handless Gold Blade    Common      4,6,9,10
                               Gold Bladeless Handle  Common      1,2,5,7,8				
    4) ElderDragonFossil(carry)/                      Rare        10		
    5) Daimyo Jewel(carry)     /                      Rare        Boss		
    1) Glitter Capshroom       /                      Common      2,3,4,6,9,Boss
    2) Ghostly Cidada          /                      Uncommon    8
    3) Dynasty Vase:           Old Vase Bottom        Common      2,3,4,9
                               Bottomless Old Vase    Common      5,6,7,8
    4) Gypceros Crystal(carry) /                      Rare        9
    5) Congalala Jewel(carry)  /                      Rare        Boss
    1) Goldendrome             /                      Common      11
    2) Minegarde Night         /                      Rare        11
    3) Mysterious Mask:        Shakalaka Stone        Common      6,11,Rtn,Shklk
                               Holed Shakalaka Mask   Common      2,7,8,10,11,Shkl
    4) Rathian Jewel(carry)    /                      Rare        Boss
    5) Rathalos Jewel(carry)   /                      Rare        Boss
    1) Basarios Peach          /                      Common      2,7,8
    2) Athena Beetle           /                      Uncommon    10
    3) ElderDragonReference:   Old Book Scrap         Common      2,3,5
                               Torn Old Book          Common      3,6,7,8	
    4) Teostra Meteor(carry)   /                      Rare        8,Boss
    5) Gravios Jewel(carry)    /                      Rare        Boss
    Great Forest:
    1) Brilliant Aji           /                      Rare        2,4
    2) Hornfly Princess        /                      Rare        2,4
    3) AncientCatKingStatue    Tailless Cat Statue    Common      1,2,3
                               Broken Stone Tail      Common      5,6,7,8
    4) ThosandYearForest(carry)/                      Rare        3,8
    5) Garuga Jewel(carry)     /                      Rare        Boss
    These gather spots are based on Scooty-Puff's helpful maps that can be found
    in the FAQ Section of MHF2, while the "Great Forest" map can be found in the
    FAQ Section of MHFUnite. It is therefore strongly advised to have those maps
    with you so that you can track down each individual gather spot with ease.
    I have included the links to the TH maps for Mountains and Jungle, which
    were also made by Scooty_Puff. This will make it even easier to search for 
    treasure in these maps.
    Lastly, for Mountains, Jungle and Desert, Icowa has made some very handy video
    guides which will show you how to get a lot of points without even getting the
    rare jewel treasures.
     MOUNTAINS:  							  (mntans)
    - Resources map: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/934395/50001
    - TH map: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/934395/50273
    - TH video by Icowa: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnLz4vV_npk
      - BOSS MONSTER: Giadrome: Giadrome Thigh, Green Fin, Giadrome Jewel
      - Popo: Raw meat, Well-done steak, Dragonite S-M
      - Anteka: Raw meat, Immunizer
      - Blango: Old Bugnet, Dragonite S-M, Hot Drink, Blango Bacon
      - Vespoid: Dragonite S
      - Giaprey: Dragonite S-L, Rare Steak, Thawing Agent, Dragonrock
      Area 1:
      - Herb spot (west): Paintball, Psychoserum, Map, Farcaster
      - Herb spot (South): Mega Potion, Gun Powder, Wyvern Grass, Embroidered
      - Fishing spot: Small Wyvernfish, Medium Wyvernfish, Pickaxe Fish, 
                      Chuck Mackerel, Lady Mackerel
      - Bug spot: Mega Fishing Fly, Pillow Bug, Princess Scarab, Rathian Fly, 
                  Rathalos Fly, Dragonrock
      - Bait spot: Dragonrock, Whetstone, Blango Flurry Ball
      Area 2:
      - Herb spot (west): Book of Combos 1-3, Hot Drink, BBQ spit, Paintball
      - Herb spot (east)*: Blango Flurry Ball, Dragonite M-L, Embroidered Flag**
      - Mining spot*: Furiamond, Pokke Quartz, Mega Juice
      - Bug spot: Rathalos Fly, Rathian Fly, Pillow Bug, Princess Scarab, 
      Area 3:
      - Mining spot: Blango Flurry Ball, Sm Barrel bomb, Sm Barrel bomb+,
                     Lg Barrel bomb, Lg Barrel bomb+
      - Mushroom spot: Nitroshroom, Wyvernshroom, Toadstool, Blango Flurry Ball,
                       Dragon Toadstool
      - Egg spot: Frozen Meatball, Elder Dragon Tears
      - Miscellanious spot: Huskberry, Genprey Fang, Wyvern Fang, Ioprey Fang, 
                            Empty Bottle, Wyvern Claw, Sm Bone Husk, Embroidered
      Area 4:
      - Ice Cristal spot: Sm Barrel, Cricket, Blango Flurry Ball
      - Honey spot: Old Pickaxe, Blango Flurry Ball, Power Juice
      - Mining spot (south): Dragonrock, Dragonrock+, Embroidered Flag**
      - Mining spot (east): Whetstone, Power Juice, Gunpowder, Hot Drink,
                            Embroidered Flag**
      Area 5:
      - Herb spot (west): Hot Pepper, Paintberry, Huskberry, Scatternut, 
                          Wyvern Grass, Blangonga Apple, Popo Dandelion
      - Herb spot (east): Velociprey Fang, Pierce S lv1-3
      - Ice spot (south of rocks): Sm Barrel Bomb, Lg Barrel bomb, Fire Herb,
                                   Gunpowder, Blango Flurry Ball, Book of
                                   Combos 4-5
      - Mining spot: Pure Wyvern Ore, Wyvern Ore, Embroidered Flag**, Furiamond,
                     Hard Dragonrock
      Area 6:
      - Herb spot: Dragon Toadstool, Lifepowder, Wyvernshroom, Nitroshroom, 
                   Demondrug, Pikashrooms
      - Berry spot: Potion, Frozen Meatball (carry), Mega Nutrients, 
                    Blango Blizzard Ball
      - Mining spot: Wyvern Ore, Armorskin, Farcaster, Pure Wyvern Ore, Flute, 
                     Old Bugnet
      - Whetstone spot: Firefly, Rathian Fly
      Area 7:
      - Herb spot: Wyvern Grass, Fire Herb, Hot Pepper, Popo Dandelion, 
                   Blangonga Apple
      - Old Camp spot (north): Crag S lv1-2, Flaming S, Paint S
      - Old Camp spot (south): Wyvernshroom, Blango Blizzard Ball, Large Barrel, 
                               Glitter Mushroom, Old Pickaxe
      - Whetstone spot: Dragon S, Paintball, Bomb Material, Farcaster, Old Bugnet,
                        Blango Blizzard ball, Hot Drink, Whetstone
      Area 8:
      - Bone spot: Pellet S lv1-2, Wyvern Fang, Sm Bone Husk
      - Herb spot (south): Fire Herb, Wyvern Grass, Dragonite L, Embroidered Flag
      - Herb spot (east): Wyvern Grass, Blango Blizzard Ball, Blangonga Apple, 
                          Popo Dandelion
      - Mining spot (Kushal): Pure Wyvern Ore, Wyvern Ore, Furiamond, Pokke Quartz
    *to reach these spots in area 2, climb all the way up to the top ledge, then 
     drop down on a ledge just to the right. Then drop down on another ledge
     slightly to the right for the mining point or JUMP (hold "R" while pressing
     forward) all the way to the left ledge for the herb spot.
    **Embroidered Flag: to use this, go to area 8, destroy the rock blocking your
    		    path, crawl through the hole, climb all the way up to the 
    		    Kushal mining point, then climb even higher on the ledge 
    		    opposite to the mining point. Raise the flag (keep L
    		    pressed, select with D-pad, then press square at the back
    		    of the rock) and you'll receive 2000 treasure points.
     JUNGLE: 							  (jungl1)
    - Resources map: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/934395/50002
    - TH map: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/934395/50449
    - TH video by Icowa: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8L35654flY
      - BOSS MONSTER: - Yian Kut-Ku: Kut-Ku Jewel, Kut-Ku Gizzards,
                                     Kut-Ku Cartilage, Kut-Ku Skin
    		  - dropped item: Kut-Ku Jewel, Dragonrock
      - Bullfango: Dragonite S-L, Mega Potion, Flash Bomb, Dragonrock
      - Hermitaur: Armour seed, Power seed, Dragonite S-M-L
      - Velociprey: Rare steak, Dragonite S-M-L, Paralyze Throwing Knife,
      - Mosswine: Dragonite S, Catalyst, Potion, Megapotion
      - Aptonoth: Raw meat, Well-done steak, Dragonite S-M
      - Kelbi: Raw meat, Immunizer, Kelbi Horn
      - Vespoid: Dragonite S-M, Paintball, Gourmet Steak
      - Felyne: Wyvernfish S-M-L, Felvine
      - Fishing spot: Bugnet Fish, Pickaxe Fish, Pin Tuna, Scatterfish, 
                      Burst Arrowana
      - Honey spot (climb to top): Honey, Lg Barrel Bomb, Gunpowder, Rathian Fly,
                                   Rathalos Fly
      Area 1:
      - Mushroom spot (west): Paintball, Map, Psychoserum, Farcaster, Dragonrock
      - Mushroom spot (east): Portable Spit, Book of Combos 1-3, Lg Barrel Bomb
      - Mining spot: Gunpowder, Wyvern Ore, Large Barrel, Lg Barrel bomb,
      - Herb Spot: Dragonrock, Dragonrock+, Old Bugnet, Felyne Crown fragment,
      Area 2:
      - Herb spot (west): Gunpowder, Book of Combos 2,4,5, Screamer, Wyvern Grass,
      - Herb spot (east): Old Pickaxe, Large Barrel, Fire Herb, Dragonrock,
                          Felyne Crown Fragment
      - Mushroom spot: Blue Mushroom, Nitroshroom, Shining Jellyfish,
                       Wyvernshroom, Parashroom, Toadstool
      - Bug spot: Flash bomb, Rathalos Fly, Mega Fishing Fly, Godbug, 
                  Lg Barrel bomb, Marilyn Butterfly
      Area 3:
      - Bug spot: Old Pickaxe, Rathalos Fly, Rathian Fly, Mega Fishing Fly, 
      - Miscellanious spot: Wyvern Grass, Velociprey Lilly, Dragonrock+
      - Mining spot: Wyvern Ore, Pure Wyvern Ore, Lg Barrel Bomb, Sm Barrel bomb,
      - Honey spot: Gunpowder, Potion, Honey, Felyne Crown Fragment,
                    Lg Barrel bomb
      Area 4: 
      - Herb spot (north): Psychoserum, Map, Paintball, Farcaster, Dragonrock
      - Herb spot (east): Water S, Sm bone husk, Felyne Crown Fragment, Herb, 
      - Oyster spot: Dragonrock, Whetstone, Old Bugnet, Dragonrock+, Felyne Crown
                     Fragment, wyvern Claw
      - Mining spot: Dragonrock, Lg barrel bomb, Mega potion, Sonic bomb, 
                     Wyvern Ore, Dragonrock
      Area 5:
      - Herb spot (west): Potion, Sonic Bomb, Power Juice
      - Mushroom spot (north): Wyvernshroom, Pellet S lv1-2, Sm Bone Husk,
                               Wyvern Fang
      - Mushroom spot (south): Trap Tool, Net, Felyne Crown Fragment
      - Herb spot (south): Velociprey Lilly, Paintball, Spiderweb, Ivy,
                           Wyvern Grass
      Area 6:
      - Mushroom spot (west): Wyvernshroom, Armorskin, Shining Jellyfish, 
      - Mushroom spot (east): Velociprey Fang, Pierce S lv 1-3
      - Bone spot: Kelbi Nuts, Velociprey Lilly, Felvine
      - Herb spot: Old Bugnet, Dragonite S-M-L, Lg Barrel bomb, Inferior Felyne
      Area 7:
      - Mining spot (south): Jumboite, Pure Wyvern Ore, Wyvern Ore, Telos stone
      - Mining spot (north): Old Bugnet, Pure Wyvern Ore, Wyvern Ore, Farcaster,
      - Egg spot: Hard Dragonrock, Lao Shan Melon
      - Miscellanious spot: Power Juice, Flute, Dragonite S-M-L
      Area 8:
      - Mining spot (south): Pure Wyvern Ore, Wyvern Ore, Telos Stone, Jumboite
      - Dung spot: Inferior Felyne Crown, Kelbi Nuts, Old Pickaxe
      - Bone spot (ledge): Inferior Felyne Crown, Dragonite M-L, Lg Barrel bomb,
                           Lao Shan Melon
      - Bone spot (down): Crag S lv1-3, Paint S
      Area 9:
      - Mining spot: Jumboite, Wyvern Ore, Pure Wyvern Ore, Old Bugnet, Jumboite
      - Mushroom spot (north): Power Coating, Paralysis Coating, Poison Coating
      - Mushroom spot (south): Para S lv1, Normal S lv2-3, 
      - Honey spot: Worm, Mega Fishing Fly, Rathian Fly, Lg Barrel bomb,
                    Rathalos Fly
      - Fishing spot: Angler Snapper, Medium Wyvernfish, Victory Fish, 
                      Medium Wyvernfish
      Area 10:
      - Whetstone spot: Dragonite S-M-L, Old Pickaxe, Lg Barrel bomb, 
                        Inferior Felyne Crown
      - Bugnet spot: Rathian Fly, Rathalos Fly, Marilyn Butterfly, 
                     Cleopatris, Hard Dragonrock
      - Mushroom spot: Dragonrock+, Buckshot Acorn
      - Oyster spot: Clust S lv1-3, Wyvern Claw
     DESERT:  							  (deser1)
    - Resources map: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/934395/50032
    - TH video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pWlKVRJj48
      - BOSS MONSTER: - Daimyo Hermitaur: Daimyo legs, Hermitaur Brains,
                        Daimyo Jewel
                      - dropped item: Hermitaur Brains
      - Felyne: Wyvernfish S-M-L, Felvine
      - Cephalos: Cephalos Roe, Old Bugnet, Dragonrock
      - Vespoid: Dragonite S-M, Paintball, Gourmet Steak
      - Genprey: Raw meat, Dragonite S-L, Old pickaxe, Dragonrock
      - Hermitaur: Dragonite S-M-L, Power Seed, Armour Seed
      - Apceros: Raw meat, Well-done steak, Dragonite S-M
      Area 1:
      - Bug spot (south): Rathian fly, Cricket of Troy, Mega Fishing fly, 
                          Rathalos Fly, Grand Beetle
      - Bug spot (north): Cricket of Troy, Rathian Fly, Mega fishing fly,
                          Grand Beetle
      - Fishing spot: Plump Goldenfish, Knife Mackerel, Medium Wyvernfish, 
                      Sushifish, Bluefin Tuna
      - Herb spot: Wyvernshroom, Cephalos Watermelon, Cephadrome melon
      - Berry spot: Wyvern grass, Felvine, Gold Bladeless Handle, Monoblos Rose,
      Area 2:
      - Herb spot (west): Psychoserum, Paintball, Farcaster, Map, Dragonrock,
                          Sonic Bomb
      - Herb spot (east): Book of Combos 1-3, Gunpowder, Dragonrock, Nutrients
      - Herb spot (south): Paintball, Bright Mushroom, Map, Psychoserum,
                           Farcaster, Dragonrock
      - Berry spot: Potion, Gold bladeless Handle, Old Pickaxe, Portable Spit,
      Area 3:
      - Seed spot: Screamer, Book of Combos 4-5, Mega Potion, Demondrug,
      - Misc spot: Mega fishing fly, Worm, Rathalos Fly, Dragonrock
      - Herb spot: Wyvern Fang, Pellet S lv1, Pellet lv2, Sm Bone Husk,
      - Mining spot: Wyvern Ore, Old Bugnet, Pure Wyvern Ore, Lg Barrel Bomb,
      Area 4:
      - Mining spot (east): Power Juice, Wyvern Ore, Demonflute, Potion,
                            Handless Gold Blade, Armourflute
      - Mining spot (south): Pure Wyvern Ore, Wyvern Ore, Sekumaya Pearl,
                             Dragokurium, Old Bugnet, Hard Dragonrock
      - Mining spot (north): Lg Barrel bomb, Shock Trap, Wyvern Ore, Sonic bomb,
                             Pure Wyvern Ore, Handless Gold Blade
      - Dung spot: Wyvern Claw, Sm bone husk, Clust S lv1-2
      Area 5:
      - Herb spot (west): Flaming S, Crag S lv1-2, Thunder S, 
      - Herb spot (north): Wyvernshroom, Wyvern grass, Hard dragonrock,
                           Monoblos Rose, Cephalos Watermelon
      - Herb spot (south): Sm bone husk, Gold Bladeless Handle, Huskberry,
                           Hard Dragonrock, Bright Mushroom
      - Herb spot (south-east): Dragonite S-M-L, Hard Dragonrock
      Area 6:
      - Mining spot: Hot drink, Wyvern Ore, Old bugnet, Handless Gold Blade,
                     Hard Dragonrock
      - Bug spot: Cool drink, Armorskin, Rathian fly, Rathalos Fly,
                  Cricket of Troy
      - Herb spot: Old bugnet, Dragonrock+
      - Seed spot: Power coating, Paralysis coating, Poison coating, Rare steak
      - Fishing spot: Pin Tuna, Plump Goldenfish, Knife Mackerel, Cooler Fish
      Area 7:
      - Bug spot: Rathalos Fly, Rathian Fly, Sonic bomb, Book of Combos 2-3,
                  Gold bladeless Handle
      - Fishing spot: Pickaxe Fish, Sushifish, Sleepyfish, Pin Tuna
      - Herb spot (west): Farcaster, Map, Psychoserum, Dragonrock, Paintball
      - Herb spot (north): Normal S lv2-3, Para S lv1
      - Herb spot (south): Potion, Raw meat, Portable Spit, Dragonrock
      Area 8:
      - Bug spot: Cricket of Troy, Rathalos Fly, Rathian Fly, Grand Beetle
      - Cart spot: Dragonite M-L, Wyvern Ore, Gold Bladeless Handle,
                   Pure Wyvern Ore
      - Herb spot: Wyvernshroom, Cephalos Watermelon, Cephadrome Melon
      - Barrel spot: Wyvern Grass, Old Pickaxe, Bright Musshroom,
                     Gold Bladeless Handle
      Area 9:
      - Herb spot (south): Lg Barrel bomb, Sonic bomb, Shock Trap, Dragokurium,
                           Bright Mushroom, Farcaster
      - Herb spot (west): Power coating, Paralysis coating, Poison Coating,
      - Herb spot (east): Power Pill, Dragonite M, Handless Gold Blade,
                          Mega Demondrug, Powertalon
      - Herb spot (north): Pierce S lv 1-3, Wyvern Grass, Velociprey Fang
      Area 10:
      - Egg spot: Elder Dragon Fossil, Hard Dragonrock
      - Dung spot: Paralysis coating, Poison S lv1, Poison coating, Para S lv1
      - Mining spot: Sukumaeya Pearl, Pure Wyvern Ore, Wyvern Ore, Dragokurium,
                     Handless Gold Blade, Cephadrome Melon
      - Sand spot (north side): Power Juice, Old Bugnet
     SWAMP: 							  (swmp12)
    - Resources map: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/934395/50003
      - BOSS MONSTER: - Congalala: Congalala Stomach, Congalala Innards,
                                   Congalala Jewel
                      - dropped item: Congalala Jewel, Glitter Capshroom, Iron Ore
      - Bulldrome: Sm Monster Bone, Twisted Bulldrome Tusk, Iron Ore
      - Aptonoth: Raw meat, Well-done steak, Dragonite S-M
      - Ioprey: Mystery Bone, Dragonite S-M, Dragonrock
      - Kelbi: Raw Meat, Immunizer, Kelbi Horn
      - Mosswine: Potion, Catalyst, Dragonite s-M, Megapotion
      - Conga: Tainted Meat, Bone, Dragonite S, Congalala Steak
      - Bullfango: Dragonite S-L, Mega Potion, Flash Bomb, Dragonrock
      - Fishing spot: Pickaxe Fish, Small Wyvernfish, Medium Wyvernfish,
                      Scatterfish, Hideyoshi Amberjack, Bugnet Fish
      Area 1:
      - Barrel spot (west): Stone, Mystery Bone, Dragonrock
      - Barrel spot (east): Large Barrel, Trap tool, Sm Barrel bomb, Deodorant,
                            Hot Drink
      - Bug spot: Rathalos Fly, Cutie Crawler, Rathian Fly
      - Spiderweb spot: Book of Combos 3-4-5, Mega Potion
      Area 2:
      - Herb spot (south): Worm, Mega Fishing Fly
      - Herb spot (north): Wyvern Grass, Paintball, Herb, Old Vase Bottom,
      - Mushroom spot: Parashroom, Wyvernshroom, Toadstool, Glitter Capshroom,
      - Spiderweb spot: Honey, Old Pickaxe, Dragonrock+
      Area 3:
      - Herb spot (west): Gunpowder, Stone, Hard Dragonrock, Deodorant, Hot Drink
      - Herb spot (east): Bone, Mystery Bone, Khezu Seed, Glitter Capshroom
      - Mining spot (west): Wyvern Ore, Dragonrock, Liber Ruby, Pure Wyvern Ore
      - Mining spot (east): Pure Wyvern Ore, Liber Ruby, Old Vase Bottom,
                            Shradite, Golden Cocoon
      - Fishing spot: Small S-M-L Wyvernfish, Hideyoshi Amberjack, Beach Herring
      Area 4:
      - Mushroom spot (north): Old Vase Bottom, Toadstool, Wyvernshroom,
                               Parashroom, Glitter Capshroom
      - Mushroom spot (west): Net, Deodorant, Old Bugnet, Dragonrock+
      - Mushroom spot (east): Pierce S lv1-2, Velociprey Fang, Wyvernshroom
      - Herb spot: Lifepowder, Herbal Medicine, Dragonrock+
      Area 5:
      - Mushroom spot (north): Normal S lv2, Pellet S lv2, 
      - Mushroom spot (west): Psychoserum, Paintball, Map, Farcaster, Wyvernshroom
      - Mushroom spot (east): Deodorant, Wyvernshroom, Potion, Honey,
                              Bottomless Old Vase, Gunpowder
      - Herb spot: Large Barrel, Whetstone, BBQ Spit, Dragonrock
      Area 6:
      - Herb spot (west): Chameleos' Purse, Gunpowder, Net, Antidote
      - Herb spot (east): Wyvern Grass, Boomerang, Chameleos' Purse, Dragonrock
      - Mushroom spot (north): Paralysis Coating, Poison Coating, Power Coating, 
      - Mushroom spot (south): Bottomless Old Vase, Parashroom, Glitter Capshroom,
                               Wyvernshroom, Toadstool
      Area 7:
      - Stone spot: Wyvern Grass, Golden Cocoon, Khezu Seed
      - Mining spot: Pure Wyvern Ore, Wyvern Ore, Liber Ruby, Shradite,
                     Bottomless Old Vase
      - Berry spot (north): Wyvern Grass, Mystery Bone, Lg Barrel bomb,
                            Chameleos' Purse
      - Berry spot (south): Crag S lv1-2-3
      Area 8:
      - Berry spot (north): Hard Dragonrock, Honey, Net
      - Berry spot (south): Chameleos' Purse, Wyvern Grass, Bottomless Old Vase,
      - Bug spot (north): Rathalos Fly, Rathian Fly, Bottomless Old Vase,
                          Cutie Crawler
      - Bug spot (south): Rathian Fly, Ghostly Cidada, Cutie Crawler
      Area 9:
      - Stone spot: Old Vase Bottom, Stone, Whetstone
      - Mining spot (west): Hard Dragonrock, Gypceros Crystal
      - Mining spot (east): Lg Barrel bomb, Sm Barrel bomb, Large Barrel,
                            Wyvern Ore, Old Vase Bottom
      - Herb spot: Wyvernshroom, Khezu Seed, Glitter Capshroom, Hard Dragonrock
     FOREST&HILLS: 							  (forhil)
    - Resources map: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/934395/50000
      - BOSS MONSTER: - Rathalos: Rathalos Tongue, Rathalos Liver, Hard Dragonrock
                      - Rathalos' tail: Rathalos Jewel, Hard Dragonrock
                      - dropped item: Rathalos Tongue
                      - Rathian: Rathian Chops, Shakalaka Stone
                      - Rathian' tail: Rathian Chops, Rathian jewel
                      - dropped item: Rathian Chops
      - Velociprey: Dragonite S-M-L, Paralyze Throwing Knife, Rare Steak,
      - Kelbi: Raw Meat, Immunizer, Kelbi Horn
      - Shakalaka: Shakalaka Stone, Skin Care Shroom, Holed Shakalaka Mask
      - Mosswine: Potion, Catalyst, Dragonite S-M, Megapotion
      - Bullfango: Megapotion, Flash Bomb, Dragonite S-M-L, Dragonrock
      - Aptonoth: Raw Meat, Dragonite S-M, Well-Done Steak
      - Melynx: S-M-L Wyvernfish, Felvine
      - Fishing spot: Small Wyvernfish, Medium Wyvernfish, Scatterfish,
      Area 1:
      - Dung spot: Mega Potion, Wyvern Grass, Dung Bomb, Gunpowder,
                   Peach Clover
      - Berry spot (north): Dragonite S, Dragonrock, Whetstone, Powertalon
      - Berry spot (south): Farcaster, Boomerang, Psychoserum, Map
      - Bug spot: Rathian Fly, Rathalos Fly, Celeb Cidada, Lovely Locust
      Area 2:
      - Stone spot: Writhe Nut, Paintball, Antidote, Holed Shakalaka Mask,
                    Wyvern Grass, Dragonrock
      - Ivy spot: Net, Wyvern Grass, Pitfall Trap, Peach Clover, Pitfall Trap,
                  Holed Shakalaka Mask
      - Herb spot (south): Mega Fishing Fly, Firefly, Wyvern Grass
      - Berry spot: Dragonrock, Book of Combos 1-2-3, Kelbi Horn, Dragonrock
      Area 3:
      - Berry spot (north): Poison Coating, Power Coating, Paralysis Coating
      - Berry spot (mid): Pellet S lv1-2, Normal S lv2, Wyvern Grass
      - Berry spot (south): BBQ Spit, Gourmet BBQ Spit, Flute, Dragonrock+
      - Mushroom spot: Nitroshroom, Gunpowder, Wyvernshroom, Skin Care Shroom
      Area 4:
      - Mushroom spot: Dragonrock+, Amber Egg, Holed Shakalaka Mask
      - Berry spot (west): Boomerang, Gunpowder, Peach Clover, Wyvern Grass
      - Berry spot (east): Pierce S lv1-2-3
      - Herb spot: Paintball, Dragonrock+, Wyvern Grass, Potion, Peach Clover
      Area 5:
      - Mining spot: Old Bugnet, Whetstone, Wyvern Ore, Pure Wyvern Ore,
                     Lg Barrel Bomb, Kokotoite, Whetstone
      - Dung spot: Mega Potion, Armour Flute, Pitfall Trap, Book of Combos 4-5,
                   Dragonite L, Immunizer
      - Bone spot: Crag S lv1-2-3
      - Egg spot: Hard Dragonrock, Dragonrock+
      Area 6:
      - Spiderweb spot: Rathian Fly, Rathalos Fly
      - Herb spot: Net, Trap Tool, Writhe Nut
      - Mining spot: Wyvern Ore, Shakalaka Stone, Pure Wyvern Ore, Dragonrock+
      - Ivy spot: Wyvern Grass, Peach Clover, Flash Bomb
      Area 7:
      - Honey spot: Bounce bomb, Flash Bomb, Holed Shakalaka Mask, Shock Trap
      - Herb spot (north): Writhe Nut, Wyvern Grass, Old Pickaxe, Dragonrock+
      - Herb spot (south): Peach Clover, Sm Barrel bomb, Old Bugnet, Wyvern Grass,
                           Hard Dragonrock
      - Mushroom spot: Para S lv1-2
      Area 8:
      - Spiderweb spot: Rathian Fly, Net, Rathalos Fly
      - Mushroom spot (west): Wyvern Grass, Trap Tool, Peach Clover,
                              Holed Shakalaka Mask
      - Herb spot: Paintball, Herbal Medicine, Writhe Nut, Wyvernshroom, Paintball
      - Mushroom spot (east): Large Barrel, Lg Barrel bomb, Dragonrock
      Area 9:
      - Honey spot: Power Juice, Amber Egg, Immunizer
      - Bug spot: Old Pickaxe, Rathalos Fly, Rathian Fly, Flash Bomb, Nutrients,
                  Lovely Locust
      - Herb spot: Farcaster
      - Mushroom spot: Net, Dragon Toadstool, Paint S, Dung Bomb, Clust lv.2
      Area 10:
      - Herb spot (west): Antidote, Antidote Flute, Armour Seed, Wyvern Grass,
                          Peach Clover, Dragonrock+
      - Herb spot (east): Holed Shakalaka Mask, Trap Tool, Dragonrock+,
                          Large Barrel
      - Herb spot (south): Fire Herb, Paintball, Writhe Nut, Gunpowder,
                           Hard Dragonrock
      - Mushroom spot: Potion, Skin Care Shroom, Wyvernshroom, Hard Dragonrock
      Area 11: 
      - Mining spot: Pure Wyvern Ore, Wyvern Ore, Kokotoite, Minegarde Night,
                     Hard Dragonrock
      - Fishing spot: Bugnet Fish, S-M-L Wyvernfish, Goldendrome
      - Whetstone spot: Whetstone, Shakalaka Stone
      - Bait spot: Mega Fishing Fly, Worm
      - Gather spot: Wyvern Grass, Holed Shakalaka Mask, Armortalon, Flash Bomb,
                     Peach Clover
      Area 12: 
      - Spiderweb spot: Demon Flute, Rathalos Fly, Amber Egg, Rathian Fly
      - Bug spot: Demondrug
      - Barrel spot: Pitfall Trap, Lg Barrel bomb, Dragonite M
      - Gather spot: Old Bugnet, Dragonite S-M-L, Sm Barrel Bomb
     VOLCANO: 							  (volcno)
    - Resources map: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/934395/50004
      - BOSS MONSTER: - Gravios: Gravios Giblets, Gravios Wingtip, Graviscus Bulb,
                                 Iron Pickaxe
                      - Gravios' tail: Gravios Jewel, Hard Dragonrock,
                                       Teostra Meteor
                      - dropped item: Gravios Giblets
      - Iodrome: Hard Dragonrock, Mega Juice, Purple Crest, Old Pickaxe
      - Ceanataur: Medium Wyvernfish, Amateratuna, Bugnet Fish
      - Ioprey: Dragonite S-M, Dragonrock, Mystery Bone
      - Remobra: Susanofish, Pickaxe Fish, Bugnet Fish, Medium Wyvernfish
      - Apceros: Raw Meat, Well-done Steak, Dragonite S-M
      - Vespoid: Paintball
      - Bullfango: Megapotion, Flash Bomb, Dragonite S-M-L, Dragonrock
      Area 1:
      - Berry spot (north): Whetstone, BBQ Spit, Gravibiscus, Dragonrock,
                            Old Pickaxe
      - Berry spot (south): Mega Potion, Wyvern Grass, Sonic Bomb, Basarios Peach,
      - Herb spot: Psychoserum, Paintball, Map, Farcaster, Large Barrel,
                   Wyvern Grass
      - Mining spot: Pure Wyvern Ore, Dragonrock, Wyvern Ore, Old Book Scrap
      Area 2:
      - Herb spot: Antidote, Basarios Peach, Cool Drink, Old Book Scrap,
                   Farcaster, Antidote
      - Mining spot (west): Mega Demondrug, Pure Wyvern Ore, Dragonrock+,
                            Powertalon, Power Juice
      - Mining spot (east): Dragonrock+, Wyvern Ore, Sleep Throwing Knife,
                            Pure Wyvern Ore, Mega Armourskin, Armortalon
      - Bug spot: Killer Venus, Rathian Fly, Rathalos Fly, Gunpowder
      Area 3:
      - Berry spot: Power Coating, Paralysis Coating, Poison Coating,
                    Sleep Coating
      - Herb spot: Dragonrock+, Hard Dragonrock, L Wyvernfish, Graviscus Bulb
      - Whetstone spot: Wyvernshroom, Old Pickaxe, Old Book Scrap, Beauty Shroom,
                        Old Bugnet
      - Mining spot: Pitfall Trap, Lg Barrel bomb, Torn Old Book, Whetstone
      Area 4:
      - Berry spot: Dragonrock, BBQ Spit
      - Mining spot (west): Cool Drink, Sonic Bomb
      - Mining spot (south): Gunpowder, Flash Bomb, Pitfall Trap, Lg Barrel bomb
      - Whetstone spot: Whetstone, Mega Potion, Gunpowder
      Area 5:
      - Mining spot (north): Dragonrock+, Hard Dragonrock, Wyvern ore
      - Mining spot (south): Lg Barrel bomb, Wyvern Ore, Pure Wyvern Ore,
                             Old Book Scrap, Dondorumin
      - Herb spot (west): Antidote, Cool Drink, Old Bugnet
      - Herb spot (north): Pierce S lv 1-3, Water S
      Area 6:
      - Berry spot (west): Crag S lv1-2, Sleep S lv1
      - Berry spot (east): /
      - Sootstone spot: Lg Barrel bomb, Wyvernshroom, Torn Old Book, Old Pickaxe,
                        Beauty Shroom
      - Mining spot (north): Hard Dragonrock, Graviscus Bulb
      - Mining spot (south): Dondorumim, Wyvern Ore, Pure Wyvern Ore
      Area 7:
      - Herb spot (north): Wyvern Grass, Gravibiscus, Dragonrock, Graviscus Bulb,
      - Herb spot (south): Old Pickaxe, Sleep Throwing Knife, Beauty Shroom,
                           Boomerang, Poison Smoke Bomb
      - Berry spot: Normal S lv2, Pellet S lv1-2, Flash Bomb
      - Whetstone spot: Dragonite M, Torn Old Book, Basarios Peach, Lifepowder,
      Area 8:
      - Mining spot (west): Dondorumin, Pure, Wyvern Ore, Lateobrium,
                            Teostra Meteor
      - Mining spot (north): Wyvern Ore, Hard Dragonrock
      - Mining spot (east): Hard Dragonrock, Teostra Meteor
      - Berry spot: Torn Old Book, Farcaster, Sonic Bomb, Basarios Peach,
                    Lg Barrel Bomb
      Area 9:
      - Bone spot (ledge): Farcaster, Wyvern Grass, Old Pickaxe
      - Whetstone spot (north): Psychoserum, Wyvern Grass, Potion, Megapotion,
                                Cool Drink
      - Whetstone spot (south): Wyvern Ore, Wyvernshroom, Old Bugnet
      - Mining spot: Power Juice, Lg Barrel Bomb, Pure Wyvern Ore
      Area 10:
      - Bug spot: Killer Venus, Rathian Fly, Athena Beetle, Rathalos Fly
      - Bone spot: Clust lv1-3
      - Mining spot: Wyvern Ore, Pure Wyvern Ore
      - Herb spot: Wyvern Grass, Pure Wyvern Ore, Wyvernshroom, Dragonrock+
     GREAT FOREST: 							  (grefor)
    - Resources map: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/file/943356/55049
      - BOSS MONSTER: - Yian Garuga: Garuga Clavicle Meat, Garuga Drumstick,
    				 Garuga Jewel
                      - Garuga Tail: Garuga Jewel, Hard Dragonrock
                      - Item drop: Garuga White Liver, Garuga Jewel
      - Kelbi: Immunizer, Kelbi Horn, Raw Meat
      - Bullfango: Mega Potion, Flash Bomb, Dragonite S-M-L, Dragonrock
      - Genprey: Dragonite S-M-L, Old Pickaxe, Raw Meat, Dragonrock
      - Hermitaur: Dragonite S-M-L, Armour Pill, Power Pill
      - Hornetaur: Gunpowder, Rathian Fly, Power Juice
      - Vespoid: Dragonite S-M, Gourmet Steak, Paintball
      Area 1:
      - Berry spot (south): Old Pickaxe, Tailless Cat Statue, Shakalaka Squash,
                            Shakalaka Ranka, Dragonite M, 
      - Berry spot (north): Potion, Megapotion, Wyvern Grass, Tailless Cat Statue
      - Mushroom spot: Large Barrel, Paintball, Map, Wyvernshroom, Antidote,
                       Trap Tool
      - Herb spot: Book of Combos 3-4-5, Wyvern Grass, Psychoserum
      Area 2:
      - Dung spot: Large Barrel, Wyvern Grass, Tailless Cat Statue
      - Bug spot: Mega Fishing Fly, Rathalos Fly, Rathian Fly, Prince Butterfly,
                  Hornfly Princess
      - Mining spot: Pure wyvern Ore, Dragonrock+, Forest Crystal, Mezeporu Topaz
      - Fishing spot: S-M-L Wyvernfish, Furry Yellow-Tail, Brilliant Aji
      Area 3:
      - Berry spot: Century Walnut, Hard Dragonrock, Thousand Year Forest
      - Bug spot: Rathalos Fly, Prince Butterfly, Farcaster, Rathian Fly
      - Honey spot: Tailless Cat Statue, Dragonite S-M, Old Pickaxe, Old Bugnet
      - Mining spot: Sm Barrel Bomb, Gunpowder, Lg Barrel Bomb, Whetstone
      Area 4:
      - Fishing spot: Scatterfish, Pickaxe Fish, Bugnet Fish, Small Wyvernfish,
                      Brilliant Aji
      - Bug spot(west): Rathian Fly, Prince Butterfly, Princess Butterfly
      - Bug spot(east): Sm Barrel Bomb, Lg Barrel Bomb, Rathalos Fly
      - Mushroom spot: Sm Barrel Bomb, Lg Barrel Bomb, Wyvernshroom, Gunpowder
      - Herb spot: Crag S Lv1-2-3, sleep S lv1
      Area 5:
      - Herb spot: Broken Stone Tail, Shakalaka Squash, Dragonite M
      - Mushroom spot: Wyvernshroom, Large Barrel, Sm Barrel Bomb
      - Spiderweb spot: Net, Mega Fishing Fly, Farcaster
      - Bug spot: Rathalos Fly, Prince Butterfly, Rathian Fly, Old Pickaxe
      Area 6:
      - Honey spot: Power Coating, Poison Coating, Para Coating, Wyvern Grass
      - Herb spot(south): Pellet S Lv1-2-3
      - Herb spot(north): Demondrug, Boomerang, Trap Tool, Psychoserum, Armorskin,
                          Flash Bomb
      - Mushroom spot: Dragonite M-L, Pearlshrooms, Broken Stone Tail,
      Area 7:
      - Mushroom spot: Pearlshrooms, Trap Tool, Wyvernshroom, Gunpowder
      - Egg spot: Dragonrock, Dragonite S-M, Poison Smoke Bomb, Trap Tool
      - Bone spot: Pierce S Lv1-2-3, Para S Lv1
      - Mining spot: Wyvern Ore, Forest Crystal, Pure Wyvern Ore,
                     Broken Stone Tail
      Area 8:
      - Mining spot: Wyvern Ore, Dragonrock+, Forest Crystal, Pure Wyvern Ore,
                     Mezeporu Topaz
      - Misc. spot(east): Power Juice, Lg Barrel Bomb, Bugnet, Broken Stone Tail
      - Misc. spot(west): Dragonrock+, Century Walnut, Hard Dragonrock,
                          Thousand Year Forest
      - Stone spot: Dragonite S-M-L, Forest Crystal, Mezeporu Topaz
     1) Mountains:
      - Blango Bacon: 800
      - Blango Flurry Ball: 100
      - Blango Blizzard Ball: 200
      - Blangonga Apple: 1000
      - Chuck Mackerel: 600
      - Dragonite S: 100
      - Dragonite M: 300
      - Dragonite L: 500
      - Dragonrock: 2000
      - Dragonrock+: 3000
      - Elder Dragon Tears: 8000
      - Furiamond: 500
      - Giadrome Jewel: 15000
      - Giadrome Thigh: 1000
      - Glitter Mushroom: 800
      - Green Fin: 1500
      - Hard Dragonrock: 4000
      - Lady Mackerel: 800
      - Medium Wyvernfish: 300
      - Pickaxe Fish: 100
      - Pikashrooms: 800
      - Pillowbug: 800
      - Pokke Snowman: 1000
      - Princess Scarab: 500
      - Pure Wyvern Ore: 300
      - Rathalos Fly: 100
      - Rathian Fly: 300
      - Small Wyvernfish: 100
      - Wyvern Grass: 100
      - Wyvern Ore: 100
      - Wyvernshroom: 200
     2) Jungle:
      - Angler Snapper: 1000
      - Buckshot Acorn: 5000
      - Bugnet Fish: 100
      - Cleopatris: 1000
      - Dragonite S: 100
      - Dragonite M: 300
      - Dragonite L: 500
      - Dragonrock: 2000
      - Dragonrock+: 3000
      - Felyne Crown: 2000
      - Felyne Crown Fragment: 200
      - Hard Dragonrock: 4000
      - Inferior Felyne Crown: 300
      - Jumboite: 500
      - Kelbi Nuts: 600
      - Kut-Ku Cartilage: 2500
      - Kut-Ku Gizzards: 2000
      - Kut-Ku Jewel: 18000
      - Kut-Ku Skin: 3000
      - Marilyn Butterfly: 500
      - Medium Wyvernfish: 300
      - Pickaxe Fish: 100
      - Pure Wyvern Ore: 300
      - Rathalos Fly: 100
      - Rathian Fly: 300
      - Shining Jellyfish: 800
      - Small Wyvernfish: 100
      - Telos Stone: 800
      - Velociprey Lilly: 500
      - Victory Fish: 600
      - Wyvern Grass: 100
      - Wyvern Ore: 100
      - Wyvernshroom: 200
     3) Desert:
      - Bright Mushroom: 800
      - Cephadrome Melon: 5000
      - Cephalos Roe: 700
      - Cephalos Watermelon: 600
      - Cooler Fish: 100
      - Cricket of Troy: 500
      - Daimyo legs: 2000
      - Dragokurium: 500
      - Dragonite S: 100
      - Dragonite M: 300
      - Dragonite L: 500
      - Dragonrock: 2000
      - Dragonrock+: 3000
      - Elder Dragon Fossil: 9000
      - Hermitaur Brains: 3000
      - Gold Bladeless Handle: 200
      - Gold Felyne Jewel Sword: 2000
      - Handless Gold Blade: 300
      - Hard Dragonrock: 4000
      - Medium Wyvernfish: 300
      - Monoblos Rose: 1000
      - Pickaxe Fish: 100
      - Plump Goldenfish: 600
      - Pure Wyvern Ore: 300
      - Rathalos Fly: 100
      - Rathian Fly: 300
      - Sekumaeya Pearl: 1000
      - Small Wyvernfish: 100
      - Wyvern Grass: 100
      - Wyvern Ore: 100
      - Wyvernshroom: 200
     4) Swamp:
      - Beach Herring: 800
      - Bottomless Old Vase: 300
      - Chameleos' Purse: 500
      - Congalala Innards: 2000
      - Congalala Jewel: 20000
      - Congalala Stomach: 3000
      - Cutie Crawler: 500
      - Dragonite S: 100
      - Dragonite M: 300
      - Dragonite L: 500
      - Dragonrock: 2000
      - Dragonrock+: 3000
      - Dynasty Vase: 3000
      - Furiamond: 500
      - Ghostly Cidada: 1000
      - Golden Cocoon: 5000
      - Glitter Capshroom: 1000
      - Gypceros Crystal: 10000
      - Hard Dragonrock: 4000
      - Hideyoshi Amberjack: 600
      - Khezu Seed: 600
      - Lady Mackerel: 800
      - Large Wyvernfish: 500
      - Liber Ruby: 500
      - Medium Wyvernfish: 300
      - Old Vase Bottom: 300
      - Pickaxe Fish: 100
      - Pillowbug: 800
      - Princess Scarab: 500
      - Pure Wyvern Ore: 300
      - Rathalos Fly: 100
      - Rathian Fly: 300
      - Schradite: 800
      - Small Wyvernfish: 100
      - Twisted Bulldrome Tusk: 2000
      - Wyvern Grass: 100
      - Wyvern Ore: 100
      - Wyvernshroom: 200
     5) Forest&Hills:
      - Amber Egg: 8000
      - Celeb Cidada: 800
      - Dragonite S: 100
      - Dragonite M: 300
      - Dragonite L: 500
      - Dragonrock: 2000
      - Dragonrock+: 3000
      - Goldendrome: 1000
      - Hard Dragonrock: 4000
      - Holed Shaka Mask: 300
      - Large Wyvernfish: 500
      - Kokotoite: 500
      - Lovely Locust: 500
      - Medium Wyvernfish: 300
      - Minegarde Night: 1000
      - Mysterious Mask: 3000
      - Peach Clover: 500
      - Pickaxe Fish: 100
      - Pure Wyvern Ore: 300
      - Rathalos Fly: 100
      - Rathalos Jewel: 20000
      - Rathalos Liver: 3000
      - Rathalos Tongue: 2500
      - Rathian Chops: 2500
      - Rathian Fly: 300
      - Rathian Jewel: 15000
      - Silverdrome: 600
      - Skin Care Shroom: 800
      - Shakalaka Stone: 500
      - Small Wyvernfish: 100
      - Writhe Nut: 600
      - Wyvern Grass: 100
      - Wyvern Ore: 100
      - Wyvernshroom: 200
     6) Volcano:
      - Amateratuna: 800
      - Athena Beetle: 1000
      - Basarios Peach: 1000
      - Beauty Shroom: 800
      - Bugnet Fish: 100
      - Dondorumin: 500
      - Dragonite S: 100
      - Dragonite M: 300
      - Dragonite L: 500
      - Dragonrock: 2000
      - Dragonrock+: 3000
      - Elder Dragon Reference: 3000
      - Gravibiscus: 500
      - Gravios Giblets: 3000
      - Gravios Wingtip: 2000
      - Graviscus Bulb: 8000
      - Hard Dragonrock: 4000
      - Killer Venus: 500
      - Lateobrium: 800
      - Medium Wyvernfish: 300
      - Old Book Scrap: 300
      - Pickaxe Fish: 100
      - Pure Wyvern Ore: 300
      - Purple Crest: 2000
      - Rathalos Fly: 100
      - Rathian Fly: 300
      - Small Wyvernfish: 100
      - Susanofish: 600
      - Torn Old Book: 400
      - Wyvern Grass: 100
      - Wyvern Ore: 100
      - Wyvernshroom: 200
      7) Great Forest:
      - Bugnet Fish: 100
      - Century Walnut: 8000
      - Broken Stone Tail: 300
      - Dragonite S: 100
      - Dragonite M: 300
      - Dragonite L: 500
      - Dragonrock: 2000
      - Dragonrock+: 3000
      - Felyne Statue: 3000
      - Forest Crystal: 600
      - Furry Yellow-Tail: 600
      - Garuga Jewel: 20000
      - Garuga Drumstick: 2000
      - Garuga Clavicle Meat: 3000
      - Garuga White Liver: 4000
      - Hard Dragonrock: 4000
      - Large Wyvernfish: 500
      - Medium Wyvernfish: 300
      - Mezeporu Topaz: 800
      - Millenium Tree Seed: 12000
      - Pearlshrooms: 800
      - Pickaxe Fish: 100
      - Prince Butterfly: 500
      - Princess Butterfly: 1000
      - Pure wyvern Ore: 300
      - Rathalos Fly: 100
      - Rathian Fly: 300
      - Shakalaka Squash: 800
      - Shakalaka Ranka: 500
      - Small Wyvernfish: 100
      - Brilliant Aji: 1000
      - Tailless Cat Statue: 400
      - Wyvern Grass: 100
      - Wyvern Ore: 100
      - Wyvernshroom: 200
    This is a non-exhaustive overview of the items that you will receive in the
    rewards based on your score at the end of the quest. It's non-exhaustive,
    which means that the list doesn't include all of the items you can receive. It
    should merely be used as a guideline for commonly given rewards, so if you'd 
    want a Max Potion, you'd have to do a Jungle Treasure Hunt.
    Also, the quantity&quality of your rewards depends greatly on the amount of
    treasure points you've been able to gather during the quest. The other factor
    would be luck, contrary to MHF, where the rewards of both players were always
    the same.
    1) Mountains:
      - Shock Trap
      - Armour Sphere
      - Thawing Agent
      - Bounce Bomb
      - Raw Meat
      - Well-done Steak
      - Health Flute
      - Steel/Silver Egg
       Kill/Break rewards:
      - Giadrome Claw
      - Giadrome Hide
     2) Jungle:
      - Max Potion
      - Poison Smoke Bomb
      - Sm Bone Husk
      - Lightning Rod
      - Honey
      - Armour Sphere
      - Suiko Jewel
      - Steel/Silver Egg
      - Spicy Mushroom
      - Expand Pickaxe
        Kill/Break rewards:
      - Kut-Ku Shell
      - Kut-Ku Webbing
      - Kut-Ku Scale
      - Kut-Ku Ear
     3) Desert:
      - Suiko Jewel
      - Power Juice
      - Sonic Bomb
      - Demon Flute
      - Armour Sphere
      - Scatterfish
      - Steel/Silver Egg
      - Wyvern Claw
      - Immunizer
      - Expand Pickaxe
        Kill/Break Rewards:
      - Hermitaur Claw
      - Hermitaur Shell
     4) Swamp:
      - Deodorant
      - Nutrients
      - Armorskin
      - Armour Sphere
      - Steel/Silver/Gold Egg
      - Flash Bomb
      - Lifepowder
      - Expand Pickaxe
      - Akito Jewel
        Kill/Break Rewards:
      - Congalala Pelt
      - Congalala Claw
     5) Forest&Hills:
      - Ancient Potion
      - Mega Potion
      - Gourmet Steak
      - Sm Barrel bomb
      - Nitroshroom
      - Armour Stone
      - Armour Sphere
      - Steel/Silver/Gold Egg
      - Expand Pickaxe
      - Akito Jewel
        Kill/Break rewards:
      - Wyvern Claw
      - Rathian Shell
      - Rathalos Scale
      - Rathalos Shell
      - Fire Wyvern Claw
      - Rathian Scale
      - Rathalos Shell
      - Fire Wyvern Fluid
     6) Volcano:
      - Lifepowder
      - Sm Barrel bomb+
      - Lg Barrel bomb+
      - Armour Sphere
      - Steel/Silver/Gold Egg
      - Demondrug
      - Armour Flute
      - Battlefield Jewel
      - Expand Pickaxe
        Kill/Break rewards:
      - Flame Sac
     7) Great Forest:
      - Expand Pickaxe
      - Armour Sphere
      - Powerseed
      - Steel/Silver/Gold Egg
      - Lg Barrel Bomb+
      - Ancient Potion
      - Mega Juice
       Kill/Break rewards:
      - Sharpened Beak
      - Garuga Scale
      - Garuga Ear
      - Garuga Shell
    H. Frequently Asked Quesions
    Q.: Where do I find [insert any item]?
    A.: Press ctrl+f, type the name of the item you need to find and press enter.
    Q.: Why do I have 0 points when my inventory is full of stuff?
    A.: Just having the items in your inventory isn't enough. You have to deliver
        them to Treshi who stays behind in camp. Likewise, don't deliver carry
        items in the red box, but to Treshi by pressing circle when near him.
    Q.: Why do I sometimes get the "can't carry anymore items" message?
    A.: You need at least 1 free slot in your inventory to carry an egg/ stone.
        Otherwise that item will be lost when you pick it up, since you'll get the
        "Inventory Full" message.
    Q.: In 2-player mode, if my friend found a rare treasure item and he delivered
        it, will it appear on my guild card as well?
    A.: Yes.
    Q.: Can you get a gold high score when playing solo?
    A.: Yes, you can. I myself have obtained all my gold scores alone. You can
        even do it without carving rare jewels, check Icowa's videos how to for
        the first few maps.
    Q.: Why doesn't [insert fish] appear? Your FAQ said it would be there.
    A.: A major part of the game operates on some level of randomness. Re-enter
        an area if you don't see any fish that satisfy your needs. The type of
        fish that spawn will be reset. The fish is there, you just need a little
    Q.: What colour does the Brilliant Aji fish in Great Forest have?
    A.: It's blue coloured, but with a different shape than Bugnet Fish.
    Q:. How do I destroy rocks that are in my way?
    A.: There are a lot of ways to do this, but explosive and impact attacks are
        much more effective than slashing attacks. Here is an overview from
        slowest to fastest:
       1) Use the "Taunt" Gesture, you'll destroy a large rock in 120 hits. A
          small rock will be destroyed in 80 hits.
       2) Kick it by pressing "select" with your weapon sheathed.
       3) Hit it with SnS.
       4) Hit it with Long Sword (spirit blade attack), Great Sword (charge
          attack), Lance (charge attack), Dual Swords (demon mode), Bow.
       5) Let the monsters in your vicinity help you. Stand near the rock while
          kicking it and they'll automatically attack the rock too. Bullfangos,
          Prey types and of course the boss monsters are very useful for this.
       6) Hit it with Hammer (spinning attack/superpound), Hunting Horn (smash
          attack), Gunlance (shellshots).
       7) Use Large Barrel Bombs, 1 is enough for small rocks, 2 for big ones.
       8) The Wyvern's Fire shot from a Gunlance destroys any rock in one blow.
    Q.: How can I finish a treasure hunt?
    A.: You will automatically finish the quest after 20 minutes have passed, but
        if you want to finish up before that, you can take the "Limited Paw Pass"
        from the blue box and deliver it in the red box, on the condition that you
        have already collected at least 2000 treasure points. Otherwise you'll 
        have to search for more items or just abandon the quest.
    Q.: When do I unlock more maps for treasure hunting?
    A.: Generally from progressing in the game, but more precisely:
       1) Mountains: default
       2) Jungle: Clear elder 1 star urgent quest "Slay the Giadrome"
       3) Desert: Clear elder 1 star urgent quest "Slay the Giadrome"
       4) Swamp: Clear elder 2 star urgent quest "Hunt the Khezu"
       5) Forest&Hills: Clear elder 2 star urgent quest "Hunt the Khezu"
       6) Volcano: Clear elder 3 star urgent quest "Hunt the Blangonga"
       7) Great Forest: Clear guild G rank urgent quest "Dual Hypnoc!"
    Q.: Do I need to have unlocked the maps to just join a TH quest?
    A.: No, you can join any treasure hunt your friend has initiated. Only the
        last map (Great Forest) requires that you are HR7 or above.
    - Always make sure you use your rations/juices first before picking up a carry
    - Just before you jump off a small ledge while carrying an item, release the
      R button to avoid losing time from the recovery motion.
    - If you already have at least 2000 treasure points, you'll get an extra 20
      seconds to deliver items when the 20 minutes are up. Hint: Use Farcaster!
    - Kicking is a better way of destroying a rock when you're using SnS or Long
      Swords since you do just as many hits and damage in about the same time.
    - Myself for writing this FAQ.
    - My good Xlink Kai friend Vermins with whom I spend hundreds of hours trying 
      to chart the countless areas in Treasure Hunting quests. Thanks for all the
      help and fun, mate!
    - Contributions by:
      - rpgfaker
      - Boldrin
      - Kratos1992
      - excelexcel
      - Zelda911
      - Comaninezero
    - Scooty_Puff's maps have proven to be very valuable over the course of
      putting this FAQ together.
    - Icowa88 for making his funny and informative videos of the Mountains,
      Jungle and Desert TH maps.
    - Azrael/Soopx and his Treasure Hunting FAQ for MHF1 over at:
      It gave me an overview of what skills might be best for Treasure Hunting.
    - KingOfMH's "Armour Skill" and "Felyne Whim Skills" MHF2 FAQ's which give
      more info on what the skills do.
    - PeacefulMeadows for the layout concept of this FAQ.
    - Capcom for making this flawed, yet horribly addictive game.
    This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission from me. Use of this 
    guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Plagiarism is bad, very bad. Don't 
    take credit for someone else's hard work, give credit where credit is due.
    All names, places, items and everything else contained in the videogame
    Monster Hunter are the sole property of Capcom.
    Sites with permission to host this FAQ:
    - http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    - http://www.neoseeker.com
    - http://www.minegarde.com
    - http://www.reign-of-the-rathalos.com
    Contact me here for any questions regarding this FAQ: 
    - clangamefaqs@hotmail.com
    (- http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Ronmaru)
    รถ Copyright 2009 Ron Jager a.k.a. Ron(no)maru

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