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"Unite Hunters of the World"

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.... the only game that's going to be in my PSP for a long time. I became a Monster Hunter fan after Monster Hunter Freedom was released for the PSP. My buddy told me about it and I figured I'd try it. Not being a big fan of the RPG type of game, I approached with skepticism, but quickly found myself emerged in the world of Monster Hunter and took to it. It was the game I played for a long time.

I eagerly awaited the release of Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and got it on the first day it was put on the shelves. I welcomed all of the changes to the game except for one... the lack of a G-Class quest selection. While the game was undeniably fun, I was very much interested in getting my hands on Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G which was never released here in the US, but that's when I heard about Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is everything of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G but in the United States. This had even more than I thought. It has several new features in the game itself as well as the G-Class of quests that I had been long awaiting.

One of the things that made Monster Hunter Freedom so successful for me was the fact that it was difficult... very difficult. The G-Class quests were just the challenge that I loved. In Monster Hunter Freedom 2, the G-Class was absent, making the game easy for me. I cleared it in about 2-3 weeks. I enjoyed learning the new monsters, but after a while, the difficulty jus wasn't there, wasn't up to par. That's where Monster Hunter Freedom Unite steps in. It has EVERYTHING of Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and so much more. G-Class monsters are just like Monster Hunter Freedom and harder than ever.

One of the biggest things about Monster Hunter is the fact that it is an open-ended RPG experience. There is no ending, but there is every opportunity to make your hunter your own with limitless customization options, and this is only exploited by Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. With 1,500+ weapons and 2,500+ pieces of armor, make your hunter everything you want. Whatever weapon you want, whatever looks you want... but don't expect it to be easy. The drive to slay these beasts and make yourself better will keep you playing for a super long time. And the rewards are worth it.

Another feature that is added on is the ability to have a cat comrade join you on your quests to help slay monsters, gather materials, and help you out of sticky situations. People who play this game solo will really appreciate the cat companion. But as stated in the title Monster Hunter Freedom UNITE has its real essence in the Ad-Hoc multi-player experience. Join with up to 3 other people to take on the monsters together. The multi-player experience builds a sense of team unity and makes the game even more fun. Regardless of whether you hunt alone, or with friends, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is an amazing game to play.

The graphics are amazing, I'm willing to bet that they are the best on the PSP system. Environments are detailed meticulously and monsters are lifelike. Game-play is smooth, even during multi-player, where most games experience a lag time. Smooth, real-time game-play is a huge thing for games that are hand-held. Experiencing a lag-time that could get you killed makes it easy for the PSP to get thrown into the wall... Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is difficult enough to give you that same urge anyway, but not for the game-play reasons.

All in all, this game is a great buy for people of all ages. With a difficulty this tough, it will have you playing for a long time. With graphics this great, you'll find yourself comparing too many games to this, with very few coming close enough to it. With all of the customization, you can make it your own experience, completely unique. Play how you want. Hunt how you want. Be a team player, or the ultimate mercenary. Enjoy this thrilling experience that is Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/01/09

Game Release: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (US, 06/22/09)

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