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"Monster Hunter Unite more of an expansion than a new game"

Monster Hunter Unite is the sequel to the highly succesful Monster Hunter Freedom 2 for the psp console. Monster Hunter Unite was released at Japan last March 27, 2008 named Monster Hunter 2g then it was released by capcom at the US last June 22 2009. So far there are no particular differences I've encountered playing both version of the game. MHF2 is one of the best games I have played in my psp and spending plenty of hours trying to complete the game. Well let's see if Monster Hunter Unite (MHU) can hold up to it's name.

Graphics: The graphics here in game is so far great for a handheld game. It may compate to the mid ranged games on the ps2. For me, there are no vast improvement on the graphics from MHF2 to MHFU. This game by far is one of the best looking games for the PSP but for me its still not the best.

Sound: The music here greatly compliments the theme of the game which is very good. Even at the start you will know that it will have a great soundtrack. And during your search on fields the quiet sound deeply fit the mood of the game. Also the roar of the wyverns in game and the sound of footsteps is a great addition to the game. But most of the sounds in game is already in MHF2 which for me may turn off some players.

Controls: For a game on the psp console, they really manage to pull of the button layout. Its still the same as those on MHF2 but I wished they let the players change the configuration of the buttons. The controls will take time to get used to if its just your first time playing monster hunter on the psp. Still they've done a great job but still needs improvement.

Gameplay: Its Monster Hunter so what you would expect? Monster Hunter is a game that involves killing monsters to loot materials to make the best armor there is. This game really post a great challenge to gamers, the first monster you hunt will become much harder as you progress. Well some may not like this game because it gets repetitive a lot, having to defeat the same wyvern 10 times or higher just to get a piece of the material may turn off some gamers. I hope that they add more story to the game. The great addition in MHU aside from the additional quest in game is the use of felyne fighters. The felyne fighters will aid you in battle but sadly they just used more of a decoy because they cant really do that much damage.

Replayability: Having those weekly ad-hoc sessions to help each other will never really get old. Having to join up to 3 of your friends to hunt a monster is a great experience that added replayability in game.

Monster Hunter Unite is more like an expansion than a new game in the Monster Hunter series. One of the great feature in MHU is being able to import you character from Monster Hunter Freedom 2. If you are fan of the series I would really encourage you to buy an original UMD of MHU to help the developers.

Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 8/10
Controls: 9/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Replayability: 10/10


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/01/09

Game Release: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (US, 06/22/09)

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