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"One of the best games to come to the PSP!"

This is one of the most amazing games you could ever own if you have a PSP. If you don't own a PSP, get one and get this game. If you own a PSP but not this game.........get this game!!! You have to own it! Games like this are in their own genre and type. I have personally owned this game for two years, and I still haven't beaten it! I have been so invested in the vastness of the weapon creation and armor creation that I couldn't even bring myself to end the game and stop the creation of the many many many many many many weapons and armor pieces. Here is my review of the game overall:

Weapon and Armor creation: 10/10.
There are quite an amount of items. So, by logic, there are quite an amount of weapons and armor. That is not the case for this game. This game has so much to offer in this category. From creating an armor that will make it so your stamina runs down slower than normal and makes it so you jump farther to a weapon that can cleave a wyverns tail off in only a few strikes, this category is pretty expansive. The more you hunt, the more armor and weapons you will unlock. But that's not all. You can upgrade your armor and weapons so that they are more powerful and more resistant to damage.

Music: 4/10
The music isn't really something to behold in this game. Music is only heard when you encounter a monster or when you enter a specific area for the first time in the quest. This category lacks largely. But, if you really need music, just listen to your own on your ipod or your phone.

Enemies: 7/10
There are a lot of monsters in this game from the small to the large. While there are a good amount of monsters, there aren't really that much of a differentiation between them. Most monsters attack in the same way with one or two differing attacks so it is actually kind of easy to track their attack patterns. There are also not that many types of monsters. There are different colored versions of monsters, but this doesn't really add much of a differentiation to this either since all it does is change the rewards and the speed of the monsters attack. But the monsters are very imaginative and are as dangerous as they are incredible. From a small bird wyvern that can set you ablaze, to a towering dragon that can defeat you with one hit.

Multiplayer: 9/10
This is the best category of this game. This is what this game is meant for. Whether it's playing with your best friends in your game room or going online and meeting new people, you will have a fun time. The only downside to this category is that you cannot play in the infrastructure mode without the aid of a specific software on your computer, or an add-on for your PS3 named ad-hocParty. While this is an issue, don't let it get you down. This is one of the best multiplayer games you can own on the PSP. NOTE: There is no competitive, only cooperative.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics aren't the games high-point and aren't something to talk about, but they are pretty good. You can see a lot of little details put into the game such as the pupil to the monster's eyes, and you can see ridges in monster's scales pretty well. The scenery is pretty well done too, although it is pretty stale and stationary. This portion of the game is decent but not the best part.

Plotline: 6/10
There is a hidden plot to this game. The game starts off with your character finding some dead wooly mammoth type monsters known as Popos. After some walking you encounter a monster later found out to be known as a Tigrex. You are struck by the tigrex and launched over the edge of a cliff. You then find yourself resting in a bed while an NPC talks to you, stating that he found you passed out in the snow. After this cinematic, you will be able to freely wander your house. After some wandering, you will want to explore the area outside, won't you? You find out you are in a village named Pokke and that it is being terrorized by monsters, and you are the only one who can stop it. You and your trusty felyne companion must hunt every kind of monster and stop them from terrorizing this peaceful village. Will you do it, or will you be monster fodder?

Invested game time: 10/10
You will spend months, even years, playing this game. This game does not end, so you can hunt to your heart's delight. You will spend so much time on this game, you will be surprised when you see the total finished time. There are so many armor pieces, weapons, and gems to find, that you will find it hard to stop playing this. This game has a rather high replay value, so hunt until you can't use your thumbs!

Overall: 9/10
To many this game isn't just a game, it's a lifestyle. This game is very large, and many people spend a lot of time playing it and enjoying it with their friends. Even if you play it with people you don't entirely know, you will enjoy every minute of this game. This game has a lot to offer and will always keep you playing. I definitely recommend that you own this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/23/12

Game Release: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (US, 06/22/09)

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