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    Takuma by Mr. Karate

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    The King of Fighters 98 - Takuma Sakazaki by Mr. Karate <Hado_ryu@hotmail.com>
    Disclaimer : Takuma Sakazaki, Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Yuri Sakazaki and 
    all other King of Fighter characters are the sole property of SNK. This FAQ is
    not to be used for any comercial purposes. In other words, use it but don't 
    profit from it. If you want to use it on your site, e-mail me for permission.
    Contents : Foreword
               Who is Takuma Sakazaki?
               Basic Moves
               Command Moves
               Special Moves
               Desperation Moves
                 Trick Combos
               Why do I idolize Takuma Sakazaki?
    Before you go on to become a truly great Kyokugen warrior, please understand
    that using Takuma is a very big up on your side regardless of who your opponent
    is(even Rugal). In the right hands, Takuma can take on all 3 opponents with
    ease. Just be careful that when you do use him, some people may actually get
    jealous(!!) and request to you to never use him again. Emphasis on proper use 
    is crucial. I'm no pro but Takuma is probably my best player now in 98. After 
    using Takuma for so long in 98, I must say that there some things about Takuma
    I would like to change. But no fighter is completely perfect. I hope you can
    learn to use my favourite character to win. Good luck.
    Who is Takuma Sakazaki?
    Takuma Sakazaki
    Place of Birth : Japan
    Date of Birth : Febuary 4th, 1947
    Height : 1.80 m (5'9")
    Weight : 70 kg (152 lbs)
    Blood type : O
    Hobbies : Making Soba (buckwheat) noodles
    Favorite food : White rice, miso soup
    Favorite sport : All martial arts
    Most valuable : His children, students, and Kyokugen-ryuu Karate
    Hates the most : Snakes
    Fighting style : Kyokugen-ryuu Karate (Extreme style Karate-do)
    Occupation : Retired; formerly Kyokugen Ryu Dojo's chief instructor
    Acheivements : Founder of Kyokugen Ryu Karate, Father of two(Ryo and Yuri),
                       KOF94 second runner-up(team MEXICO), KOF95 second runner-up
                       (team Art of Fighting),
    First Debut : Art of Fighting-disguised as Mr Karate(Who? Me?!?)
    Appearences : Art of Fighting, Art of Fighting 2, The King of Fighters 94, The
                   King of Fighters 95, The King of Fighters 96(ending), The King  
                   of Fighters 98.
    Profile : Losing his memory in an accident, Takuma was recruited by Mr Big to
    take care of some pesky martial artists at the Kyokugen dojo. He doesn't 
    recognize his children and Big never knew that he was their father nor did 
    Robert, Ryo and Yuri with the Tengu man mask on. After Ryo defeated the crime 
    lord and was moments away from disintegrating his own father, Yuri saved him 
    and then helped him recover his memory. But peace would not last long as Big 
    came back to revenge the bunch responsible for sending him to jail. Takuma 
    returned to fight Big in another fight similar to the first Art of Fighting 
    event. Since then, Takuma has been actively participating in compettitions 
    like the The King of Fighters tournament and has gotten third placing for two 
    years with Ryo and Robert. After the 95 tournament, Takuma sought a more 
    peaceful life and left Ryo to take charge of the dojo and Yuri to replace his 
    spot in the Art of Fighting team. Although it was Takuma's intention to stop 
    competing, he never forgot his pupils as he made the ever unforgetable cameo
    after the 96 tournament as the Legendary Mr Karate. Growing old gracefully 
    died out as Heidern sought the help of Takuma and Saisyu upon hearing Rugal's
    return. Enraged and reminded of the troubles he had faced with Rugal (like 
    being forced to fight or else he would be turned into a statue), Takuma left 
    to join the latest installation of the King of Fighters tournament.
    KOF98 quote : "Wow.  You're an [sic] disgrace!  You'd better hang it up, kid!"
    Basic Moves
    This is Takuma's basic 100% Kyokugen Ryu Karate butt kicking techniques. Know
    their strengths and weaknesses(as if he has any!) before unleashing a wholesome
    can O' whoop ass on your opponent.
    A : A short jab. Hit's high and not comboable like so many other standing jabs.
    Use it when you have no other option for an air defense.
    B : A high front kick to the face. Only true Kyokugen master would kick his
    opponents butt and face! Use it also for air defense but only if you can time 
    it right. Can be link comboed with his other crouching and standing A or B 
    attacks. This doesn't combo into a special move like other standing B attacks.
    C : A straight punch. A rather good attack for sneaky but otherwise unaestethic
    style fighters. You'd probably get called a scrub for using this but Kyokugen 
    Ryu says...anything goes!! Good damage and reasonable reach. Also hits high and
    not comboable like many standing C attacks.
    D : A one step sidekick to the mid section. This strongly resembles Terry's
    standing D and works just the same way. Obviously, Terry san has been taking a
    leason or two from the master of Extreme Karate!! Doesn't combo like many 
    standing D attacks, but has a good range if you know when to use it.
    Standing Close
    A : A punch to the solar plexus. Combos well and also high priority to other
    close standing jabs. I think it hits middle range too.
    B : A knee to the stomach. You know this one hurts cause Takuma is not only
    famous for his DM, but also for his knees. Hey Joe, watch out!! A fast and
    also comboable attack.
    C : A standing short uppercut to the jaw, stunning them for the next move. I
    can't say if it's the fastest but I know it's faster than Kyo and Ryo's close 
    standing C, but slightly slower than Terry's double hitting gut punch. 
    Nevertheless, Takuma is one of the fastest and this one hits high but also 
    hits just within middle range.
    D : A marvelous turning back hook kick to the face. This time he's been 
    training and now it doesn't look so off balanced like 95. This one hits high, 
    faster and if timed right, will knock the aerial opponent a good one!
    CD : A swinging elbow uppercut. Hits slightly higher than his Stand C. It has a
    slight lag somewhat at the beginning like Heidern's CD.
    A : A crouching punch to the knee. Link combo friendly but not special combo
    friendly. Stop rolling opponents by tapping on this button. Usually chain this
    with another low B or fwd+A or fwd+B into a Ryoko Ranbu. A very deadly & 
    brutal combination for cornering those turtles who think rolling will save you
    from anything.
    B : A low kick to the ankles. Standard Kyokugen technique also designed to stop
    opponents from rolling in to start a combo or grab you. Best used when 
    stopping opponent chained with fwd+B into Ryuko Ranbu. See Combo section for 
    the other combos which can be used.
    C : A uppercut straight to the lower jaw. Comboable and fast but like many
    uppercuts, has rather bad forward range. If you try to hit this move from a 
    jump attack that doesn't land deep, you'll probably miss. Beware when you use 
    this. If you can anticipate a jump attack from your opponent, this move will 
    be just as good as a DP.
    D : A sweep a la Kyokugen style. This move can be comboed but will probably 
    miss if you connect with it. It's pretty fast and has a pretty good range too.
    I'd say this one has the hitting range of Heavy D!'s sweep.
    Jumping Fwd/Bwd
    A : A jumping chop. Okay for jump in combos and also for air to air battles.
    However this one is not the best for either one in the entire game so don't 
    expect it to always work.
    B : A jumping knee drop strike. This one is more or less like the Jumping A but
    is more to the combo side than the air to air. Note that all of these jumping 
    A/B attacks must land deep for it to work in a combo.
    C : A jumping punch. This is one of the best moves to start high damaging but
    simple combos, but terrible for complicated ones. Try not to use it when you 
    really want results. Use this when you want to fool around and hide your
    D : The ultimate weapon for Kyokugen style ass whooping. A jumping turning back
    kick. This move is suitable for all combos and with a little practice at its 
    strengths and weaknesses, you can even overcome Iori's cheap jumping D!
    CD : A flying turning back kick that somehow resembles Bruce Lee's infamous
    flying kick. This sucker has so much priority in the air, you can actually 
    challenge Iori's jumping D! Learn to punish your opponents by forcing them to 
    the ground. Remember, no fighter flies in the dojo of Kyokugen unless you're 
    Kyokugen material.
    Jumping Up
    A : Similar to Jump fwd/bk A.
    B : A jumping sidekick. Can be used to stop jumping attacks and any attempts to
    start a jumping combo but must be timed right. This one was a real pain in 95.
    C : Similar to Jump fwd/bk C.
    D : Similar to Jump fwd/bk D.
    CD : A flying turning back kick that somehow resembles Bruce Lee's infamous
    flying kick. This sucker has so much priority in the air, you can actually 
    challenge Iori's jumping D! Learn to punish your opponents by forcing them to 
    the ground. Remember, no fighter flies in the dojo of Kyokugen unless you're 
    Kyokugen material.
    Command Moves
    Fwd + A only
    A powerful roundhouse punch. This technique knocks your opponent over. One of
    the best combo linkers to ever grace the face of KOF. It also moves you 
    slightly forward in range for your next technique. Note that this will only 
    knock down if not comboed properly.
    Fwd + B only
    An overhead elbow smash. Possibly for snapping the collar bone. This is my
    personal favourite combo linker. As the saying goes; the worst thing to happen
    to an opponent is a character with not one but two excellent combo linkers.
    However, chances are that this one lacks range and when comboed with a fierce
    normal attack it might miss. Use wisely.
    Special Moves
    Qcf + A or C
    A version : Slower( 1 hit )
    C version : Faster( 1 hit )
    The standard fire ball type attack. Takuma, being the founder of Kyokugen has
    perfected this technique so that it is one of the fastest projectile in terms 
    of the time it takes to launch. Compared to the other 3 Kyokugen fighters,
    Takuma is not only faster but has the double trick which once only worked for
    Ryo in 95. More details on the double trick later.
    Qcb + A or C
    A version : No difference( 2 hits if not used as counter; 1 hit if used for
    counter )
    C version : No difference( 2 hits if not used as counter; 1 hit if used for
    counter )
    A middle block followed by a bone crushing middle punch. A counterattack for
    technically all ranges - high, middle and low. This isn't completely confirmed.
    A strange one since this is the ONLY counter to stop projectiles. Sadly, Takuma
    can't punch the projectile back a la Son Gokou. Once your opponent gets the
    receiving end of the punch, they'll sail across the screen.
    Fwd, Bk, Fwd + A or C
    A version : Shorter time limit( 13 hits )
    C version : Longer time limit( 13 hits )
    A classic Kyokugen technique once again made lethal by the founder of Kyokugen.
    Takuma sends dozens of punches out seeking for a moron stupid enough to step
    into it's jaws. Upon contact, Takuma will then proceed to bash their living
    brains out with his sound barrier breaking speed punches. Takuma will then
    finish it off with an uppercut.
    Hcb + B or D
    B version : Shorter distance( ?? hits - too fast for the rush hit counter to
    count )
    D version : Longer distance( ?? hits - too fast for the rush hit counter to
    count )
    Takuma rushes for his opponent. Upon contact, he grabs their shoulder and sends
    his knees one after another right into their faces. If one looks closly, Takuma
    performs a facial rearranging and then rearranges it back again before you can
    notice. Really, this is just one of the few moves that SNK refuses to use the
    rush hit counter on. The real weakness of this move is that it can't combo.
    However, SNK makes it up with the unblockable feature.
    Charge DnBk, Fwd + B or D
    B version : Shorter distance and less damage( 1 hit )
    D version : Longer distance and more damage( 2 hits )
    Takuma chrages towards his opponent with a low flying side kick. The D version
    will see a turning back kick upon contact. Still the only HienshippuKyaku
    technique to enable a followup after the initial rib busting two hits
    since...95! Luckily, Takuma still has that ability. Like Gunsmith once said to
    me, always add the ZanretsuKen for the best damage and for style points!
    Hcb, fwd + A or C
    A version : Slower( 1 hit )
    C version : Faster( 1 hit )
    Takuma charges back and summons his ki for the most powerful blast possible. 
    You can charge this by holding down on the button for a delay and also more
    power. Hold a complete 3 seconds for the most damage possible. This one is slow
    as heck and probably best if avoided until the best oppurtunity which is a
    completely helpless opponent with almost no life left. Good luck on getting a 
    chance that sweet.
    Desperation Moves
    Qcf, Hcb + A or C
    A version : Shorter range and slightly faster( DM/SDM : 10/14 hits )
    C version : Longer range and slightly slower( DM/SDM : 10/14 hits )
    Once again, Takuma charges towards his opponents and pummels them with 
    powerful, precise and less hits than his students and finishes it with a Haoh 
    Sho Koh Ken. The SDM will bring more pummeling and more Haoh Sho Koh Kens. 
    This is and always will be the most painful sounding DM ever. Whenever you 
    hear Takuma beat his opponents with this DM, you can always ALMOST feel sorry 
    for your opponent.
    (Close)Qcf, Qcf + A or C
    A version : No difference( DM/SDM : 3/6 hits )
    C version : No difference( DM/SDM : 3/6 hits )
    A close, powerful, skilled and more painful version of his son, Ryo's moves;
    Kyokugen Punch Dance and the DM Issatsu Ken. Always with sure and precise
    attacks, Takuma can take out his opponents easily with the most least moves
    possible. A mark of a true pro.
    Jumping combos : Please know that most of these combos are for Maximum effect.
    Jump C/D, Stand/Crouch C, Qcf + A or C (3 hits)
    NOTES : A crossup will bring a slightly higher damage.
    Jump C/D, Stand/Crouch C, Fwd + A, Qcf + A or C (4 hits)
    NOTES : The Qcf + C motion must be added as quickly as possible or you'll miss
    and stand open to a DM. For some reason, the A version will only work in the 
    Jump D, Crouch A/B, Fwd + A, Fwd, Bk, Fwd + A or C.
    NOTE : This one requires that you do not have a crystal charged or Maxed up
    cause the extra power will knock you out of range.
    Jump D, Crouch C, Fwd + D only, Fwd, Bk, Fwd + A or C (17 hits)
    NOTE : A cross up might help a dizzy but charge DnFwd while jumping. Although
    the jump C works, if the opponent is crouching you might miss the first hit.
    Jumping DM/SDM combos
    DM version : Jump C/D, Stand/Crouch C, Fwd + A, Qcf, Hcb + A or C (13 hits)
    SDM version : Jump C/D, Stand C, Fwd + A, Qcf, Hcb + A or C (17 hits)
    DM version : Jump C/D, Crouch B, Fwd + B, Qcf, Hcb + A or C (13 hits)
    SDM version : Jump D, Crouch B, Fwd + B, Qcf, Hcb + A or C (17 hits)
    DM version : Jump C/D, Crouch A/B, Qcf, Qcf + A or C (5 hits)
    SDM version : Not possible.
    Ground combos
    Stand/Crouch C, Qcf + A or C (2 hits)
    NOTES : This can also be done from running.
    Crouch B, Crouch B, Charge DnBk, Fwd + B only (3 hits)
    NOTES : Charge the DnBk while tapping B twice. The D version doesn't work cause
    it's a fraction too slow.
    Stand/Crouch C, Fwd + A, Qcf + A or C (3 hits)
    NOTES : The Qcf + C motion must be added as quickly as possible or you'll miss
    and stand open to a DM. For some reason, the A version will only work in the 
    corner. This can also be done from running.
    Crouch B, Fwd + B, Qcf + A or C (3 hits)
    NOTES : You can also use the crouching A but it won't not break high block. Use
    the crouching  A version when opponents try to roll in to grab or something. A
    low B never stands a chance against a throw or high priority stuff but low A 
    will cause it hits middle.
    Stand C, Fwd + A, Fwd, Bk, Fwd + A or C (15 hits)
    NOTES : You must not be Charged up or Maxed up for the extra power will move 
    you out of range. This combo can be done from running.
    Crouch A/B, Fwd + A/B, Fwd, Bk, Fwd + A or C (15 hits)
    NOTES : This requires a quick short cut. Use the Fwd + A or B to replace the
    first motion for the Fwd, Bk, Fwd. If you want to do this combo with a charged
    crystal or maxed, you must use the Fwd + A only, the Fwd + B will miss.
    Crouch C, Fwd + D only, Fwd, Bk, Fwd + A or C (16 hits)
    NOTE : Charge DnBk while doing the uppercut. This one needs a slightly closer
    range compared to other ground combos.
    Ground DM/SDM combos
    DM version : Stand/Crouch C, Fwd + A, Qcf, Hcb + A or C (12 hits)
    SDM version : Stand C, Fwd + A, Qcf, Hcb + A or C (16 hits)
    NOTES : A crouch C in the SDM version will sometimes miss. Better safe than
    DM version : Crouch B, Fwd + B, Qcf, Hcb + A or C (12 hits)
    SDM version : Crouch B, Fwd + B, Qcf, Hcb + A or C (16 hits)
    NOTES : The crouch B into Fwd + B can replace the Qcf part of the DM/SDM so 
    just add a Hcb + A or C for the DM/SDM to work.
    DM version : Crouch A/B, Qcf, Qcf + A or C (4 hits)
    SDM version : Crouch A/B, Qcf, Qcf + A or C (7 hits)
    NOTES : This bloody combo can't be comboed from a Fwd + A/B so don't waste your
    time. Damn! If only...
    DM version : Qcf + A only, Qcf, Hcb + C (11 hits)
    SDM version : Qcf + A only, Qcf, Hcb + C (15 hits)
    NOTES : This one works as long as you have the opponent in the corner and you 
    on the other end and also if the fireball connects.
    Trick Combos
    Well, most of them aren't even combos but they work most of the time...for me 
    at least.
    Jump C/D....Hcb + B or D
    Jump in with an attack, if your opponent blocks, the Hcb + K will take him out.
    There is one way I know to stop this. When you block the jump attack, tap on 
    the A or B to hit them out of the Hcb + K run. This is one of the easiest way 
    to stop it. Other methods include jumping and grabbing(requires perfect
    timing). If you're skilled, use a command throw or DM throw.
    Crouch D, Qcf + A or C
    This is a really OLD trick but amazingly still works on pros. You just never
    know when the fireball is coming...heh heh heh. Always be ready to follow this
    up. If you see them rolling forward within range, hit them with a combo to make
    them suffer.
    Takuma's DM priority
    Takuma's Qcf, Hcb + A or C DM has a very high priority towards jump attacks.
    Time it right and virtually all jump attacks will lose to the mighty Kyokugen
    technique. There is one thing that you must know for you to avoid being caught
    in this trap. A well timed jump attack will 'counter' it but then you will also
    suffer from a 'counter'. Oh well, as long as you don't get the worst end of
    Double Strike!!
    Throw a slow KoohKen immediatly followed by a fast version. If you can get the
    timing just right, you will see a smooth and fluid double fireball. Note that 
    it is just like King's Double Strike in a sense that the two hits don't combo.
    Extra tip: King's double strike can combo if you catch your opponent with the
    first projectile in mid air. However, Takuma's manual version will NEVER combo.
    Usually, your opponent will expect two projectiles and proceed to jump over the
    second one. But because of the smooth motion of the second and much faster
    KoohKen, your opponent will surely get the hit. If they decide to roll through,
    you can always do the Hcb + B or D to counter their roll.
    DIRTY TRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Use the dirtiest tricks available. Kyokugen is the extreme and if your opponent
    can't handle ANYTHING GOES STYLE of fighting, what can I say? From time to 
    time, try a jump in without an attack directly into a Qcf, Qcf + A or C DM! It
    usually cancels their block.
            Takuma depends a lot on his jump attacks for defense from combos and
    stuff. Knowing and being able to jump the right distance and height is just as
    important as hitting the C,D or CD buttons at the right time. For aerial
    battles, timing will be all important as if could mean beating Iori's insanely
    high priority jump D!! For jump in combos, it's also important for timing for
    you to land it deep to avoid missing a combo and also to avoid being hit or
    grabbed out of the jump attack. Oppurtunity is everything as doesn't have 
    double hitting attacks like King close standing D and Saisyu's close standing C
    which can sometimes force and opening in your opponents defense. Human
    psychology is so easy to fool as once you take a lot of hits, you will
    instinctively try to counterattack. Think about it. Whenever you block a
    jump D, 2 hit C into fwd + A into a special move that does huge tick damage, 
    don't you want to immedietly want to pull off a combo take the win? Humans 
    love to win and sometimes a untrained mind can work to your advantage. For 
    those type of characters that love to force you to block, use the CD counter 
    to turn the tables. If you haven't got a crystal, wait until the meter builds 
    up. Roll away or counter any attacks if possible. Once you have the advantage, 
    play it smart and avoid taking chances like getting up close to try a ground 
    combo. You just might get thrown into submission. For Takuma players that go 
    against pro Blue Mary players, your defense must be flawless. NEVER try a jump
    in attack after they just got knocked down and have crystal...OR get close for
    a ground combo. The best defense and attack to take wonce you down Blue Mary 
    is to throw fireballs and wait for a mistake in their attempt to mount an 
    attack. Jumping in can be countered with a Jump D or CD or even a CD counter 
    if you can. Roll throughs are the easiest to stop with a Hcb+D.
            Takuma's main weapon is his ability to make small chances into big and
    high damaging combos with his very limited moves. Use the combos in the combo
    section to take out any opponent with the proper distance for the right
    situation. His tricks can be very annoying as virtually no one else can do 
    them. His DM(Qcf, Hcb + A/C) and it's ability to overtake almost any jump
    attack can be the most annoying of all. To use this to the max, visualize an
    opponent jumping in for a combo. At this point you should be able to judge 
    them. If you can hit them with a Power Geyser(assuming you are Terry) then you
    can hit them with the Ryuko Ranbu. Lure them into a false sense of security 
    and then..."Kyokugen Ryu Oougi!!!!!" Once you connect with a big combo and
    leave your opponent room to attack, back off and beat them down with properly 
    executed counterattacks. Remember this, when you attack a player with no
    mistakes, there is a gurantee of success. However, by the same token, should 
    you get attacked by a Takuma who makes no mistakes, you have no defense. Use 
    the tricks to play smart, but never repeat the same trick against the same
    player in the same battle and avoid making yourself to readable. Remember, 
    combos are the fangs which Takuma bites all the other characters with in the 
    Why do I idolize Takuma Sakazaki?
    Well, at first I didn't want to make one of these 'why you should use so & so
    character' kinda things but I found it inevitable. Therefore, I gathered a few
    reasons to defend myself from some of the flaming bound to come. And here there
    are in well thought out order...
    10. How often do you come across a father that is skilled and has a funny alter
        personality as well?
     9. Takuma has one of the most coolest looking DMs which never seems to get
        boring (like Iori's Maiden Masher).
     8. Even without a DP like move, Takuma can still contend with the best of them
        and come out on top.
     7. Kyokugen-Ryu is Extreme and anything goes!!!
     6. Wah hah hah wacka wacka wubba wubba is how I've always laughed...
     5. I find beating up unsupportive children(and student) towards his alter ego
        helps relieve stress in both work and play.
     4. Calling your opponent a weak beginner is one of the most standard and 
        still effective taunts (aside from Joe's mooning) just before you beat the
        tar out of them.
     3. I like to crack the bones in my neck for relief before I proceed to break 
        my opponent's neck for good.
     2. Takuma is not exactly a Ryu or Ken type of character despite the fact that
        I also idolize Ryu. Really, you won't feel so bad whether you're a Ryu and
        Ken fan or not when using him.
     1. If I were Takuma, I'd enjoy embarassing my children and student just too
        just before I show them that the original form of Kyokugen-Ryu is the best
        way to kick any character's ROODY POO CANDY ASS UP AND DOWN JABRONI DRIVE 
            First, I'd have to thank SNK for coming up with the best game they've 
    ever done. The King of Fighters series has got to be good business for them. 
    Keep up the good work but give them a new look. I think I'm almost sick to 
    death of looking at Iori and Kyo in the same old outfits.
            Next, I've got to thank all the guys at Game Station(the place where I
    play) for all the ideas, tricks, teaching, letting me use them for guinea pigs
    and stuff. They may not know it, but they teach me more than they'd like to.
    Heh, heh, heh.
            Then I have to thank all those other KOF players that always try their
    best to get the move lists and other KOF related news on the net. You know of
    course that I'm refering to guys like Sephiroth, Kao Megura, Moonrun and so 
    many more. Without them, where would we be, ne?
          My special thanks to Gunsmith and all the people that sends him info on
    KOF. They have been an extremely big help in this faq for combos, bugs, tricks
    and helping me to realize and invent some combos of my own. Domo arigato
            A special thanks goes to the other fellow who wrote a Takuma Sakazaki 
    FAQ. Your faq inspired me to come up with writing an faq of my own,
    experimenting further on his combos and also taking a step further in 
    simplifying some game play tricks. I also adopted his style of making this a 
    fun(?) and friendly faq to further influence you readers to play as Takuma. 
    I'm truly and deeply sorry for not remembering his name to give credit but I 
    don't remember where I read it.
            My sincerest apology to the Rock, Rocky Maivia for using his line. If I
    messed up, you can come look for me and make my monkey ass famous!
            I'd also like to thank you for wasting time to read this. If it has 
    helped you, then I hope you'll never play against me. If not, well, I tried.
    If you have any corrections, suggestions, criticism and other stuff you'd like
    to tell me, don't hesitate to e-mail me at <mr_karate31@hotmail.com>

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