What cards can i put in an Exodia deck?

  1. What cards can i put in an exodia deck? and where can i find the cards?

    thanks in advance..

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    l_mil - 8 years ago

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  1. You can put any card in existance into a deck (you need to phrase your question better), but just because you can doesn't mean you should.

    some of the decent variations are
    heart of the underdog exodia (3 heart of the underdog, exodia parts, rest of deck filled with normal monster)

    Manticore loop (using dark manticore and card of safe return to create a loop to allow you to draw until you get all of the cards)

    cyber valley loop (using 3 cyber valleys, dimension fusion, spell economics, and dmoc to speed things up)

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  1. It depends on the current banned list but In mine i have used things like:
    card destruction (Double Triple Destiny Draw)
    magical mallet x3 (Expert Spells)
    graceful charity (Don't Stop) - currently forbidden
    pot of greed (Abyss Tower Floor 100) - currently forbidden
    Reload x3 (Double Triple Destiny Draw)
    I usually Put in a deck with fiends since there is a card (cant remember the name) that says every time you draw a card if it is a fiend you may reveal it draw another card
    this deck when made correctly can pull exodia on the first or second turn.
    the trick is to make a 40 card deck that can quickly draw up cards and use spells, you want a lot of spell cards, as you draw up cards you play them thinning out the amount of cards left and using things like magical mallet, and reload, you put cards back and draw out a large amount of cards again giving you an almost sure chance of drawing exodia.

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  2. The easiest and most boring method for exodia is using the Heart of the underdog plus stacking your deck with normal monsters. But if you want to have some excitement and thrill in playing the exodia deck, then i recommend using cards that stall the duel like swords of revealing light, and nightmare steel cage, plus of course cards that lets you draw and draw while stalling like defense draw, good goblin housekeeping, reckless draw, and jar of greed, and also monster cards like cyber valley, sangan, and morphing jar.

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  3. you can use Appropriate and include lots of cards to make your opponent draw...

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  4. Ban card exodia deck
    monster (17)
    Left arm of the forbidden one x1
    Left leg of the forbidden one x1
    right arm of the forbidden one x1
    right leg of the forbidden arm x1
    exodia the forbidden one x1
    Emissary of the afterlife x3
    witch of the black forest x3
    sangan x3
    manticore of darkness x3

    spell (20)
    card of safe return x3
    dark factory of mass production x3
    dark hole x3
    graceful charity x3
    monster reincarnation x2
    painful choice x3
    pot of green x3

    traps (3)
    torrential tribute x3

    Obective : Get Exodia in hand asap with 2 ways
    1. Painful choice + dark factory of mass production + monster reincarnation to retrieve parts of exodia.
    2. Manticore of darkness + cards of safe return to do unlimited draw , so as to draw cards till you get all parts of exodia.

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  5. Dark eruption works good in case an exodia part goes to the grave my deck is kind of like adrian gecko's anime deck the one with fog king and exodia the only card im missing is exodius the ultimate forbidden lord

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  6. I would replace 3x black hole with 3x raigeki (if u have ban list removed).

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  7. Dragon exodia is good too it revolves around cards of connosance, flamvell guard,Blue eyes white dragon, White stone of legend,card car d, Trade- in,dark world dealings, magical mallet,one day of peace, dark factory of mass production,magical stone of excavation great draw engine you should try it

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