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Congratulations EA. You have been able to create a game that is even worse than last year's edition. However do you come up with these horrible games? Let's find out shall we?

Gameplay : 1/10

How has the gameplay gotten worse? Well this game has ridiculous amounts of steals, even with the steals setting set to zero. This can cause some major frustration.

All you have to do to defend is watch out for the man with highest rating. You can tell he'll be getting the ball a lot. The AI never subs their players, their players almost never get tired, and this all happens while you get more and more frustrated.

The menus are slow. While waiting, you can probably go to the bathroom. Twice. It takes absolutely an eternity to load the profile then about a decade or so just to register every button pressed.

About 20 games into franchise mode, my game kept freezing after finishing a game. I eventually gave up and quit as simulating the season was boring.

Graphics/ Sound: 2/10

The graphics aren't bad, but they are definitely not good either. The sound is boring and the commentary is repetitive. The players don't run, they slide across the floor. This is NBA Live 09: Figure Skating edition.

Playtime/ Replayibilty: 1/10

There is not too much to keep you interested as you'll get bored of playing the same teams over and over again with such a bad AI. There are mini games as well as "The Crown" system which keeps track of your progress throughout the game and they sometimes give you Unique Challenges and if you complete them, you'll receive bonus old school jerseys for the various teams.

The Crown is all for show and it cannot be shown to your friends or others online. If you enjoy managing rosters and such then Franchise mode is great for you but if you are going to play all the games, then you'll hate this game.

The mini games are fun once in a while but don't expect them to be a time consumer.

Another thing is that the player ratings are exactly the same from last year. They did not include many rookies and sometimes many players are placed higher or lower than others for no reason.

Final Say: 1/10

My opinion is save your money and stay away. If you are looking for a reasonable and fun basketball game don't get this game, as this game will drive you to the point where breaking your PSP is a possibility.

Unfortunately EA's newest rendition is not only bad but also boring. EA didn't really improve on flaws but instead created many more.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 12/02/08, Updated 12/04/08

Game Release: NBA Live 09 (US, 10/07/08)

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