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    Story Mission Walkthrough by lester2020

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    Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2
    Playstation Portable
    Story Mission Walktrough
    Author: lester2020 (Lester Jon Buccat, Philippines)
    Table of Contents: Use Ctrl + F to skip chapters
    New Features....................................................[FTR]
    Game Changes....................................................[CHG]
    Prologue:	Adventure Begins ...................................[PRO]
    Chapter 1:	Guranmaria Rescue Operation ........................[CH1]
    Chapter 2:	Investigate the Mines ..............................[CH2]
    Chapter 3:	Find Janis’ Lair ...................................[CH3]
    Chapter 4:	The Worm in the Mines ..............................[CH4]
    Chapter 5:	Rescue Harold ......................................[CH5]
    Chapter 6:	Guede’s Release ....................................[CH6]
    Chapter 7:	The Effects of the Negative Energy .................[CH7]
    Chapter 8:	The Lost Child .....................................[CH8]
    Chapter 9:	Kanonno's Past .....................................[CH9]
    Chapter 10:	The Light .........................................[CH10]
    Chapter 11:	World’s Past ......................................[CH11]
    Chapter 12: Memories ..........................................[CH12]
    Chapter 13:	Search the Echo Flower ............................[CH13]
    Chapter 14: Offering ..........................................[CH14]
    Chapter 15:	Janis in Trouble ..................................[CH15]
    Chapter 16:	The Fire God's Treasure ...........................[CH16]
    Chapter 17:	Niata Monad's Power Restoration ...................[CH17]
    Chapter 18:	Find Chloe ........................................[CH18]
    Chapter 19:	Installing the Antenna ............................[CH19]
    Chapter 20:	Find Farah ........................................[CH20]
    Chapter 21:	Installing the Second Antenna .....................[CH21]
    Chapter 22:	Find Anise ........................................[CH22]
    Chapter 23:	The Last Antenna, Kanonno’s Mana Restore ..........[CH23]
    Chapter 24: The Last Battle -Negative Nest- ...................[CH24]
    Epilogue .......................................................[EPI]
    Legal Info .....................................................[INF]
    Introduction [INT]
    This is my first time to make this guide. For those who are stuck from 
    the story missions, and monsters that are stronger than you.
    Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 is the sequel from the first 
    Radiant Mythology. 49 characters from different Tales Series have 
    gathered in one game. There are differences from the first and second 
    Radiant Mythology: First, is that you’re no longer go to different 
    towns, you’re traveling in the Van Eltia; second, more characters added 
    for your party, from the veterans of RM1 to the new recruits for RM2, 
    while the characters who’re not playable in RM1 are now playable; 
    third, the job classes are added, the newest ones are Monk, Pirate, 
    Dual Swordsman, Brandish Swordsman, and Paladin; and lastly the 
    Storyline is longer than before, so this would be a more challenging 
    game than before.
    New Features [FTR]
    There are new features in Radiant Mythology 2: The “new” Character 
    Customization screen, it has more features like hair, hair extensions, 
    eyes, mouth, poses, and voices. There’s also a Random select, if you’re 
    not quite sure of your created character. Also New Game+ lets you 
    recreate your character from scratch if you’re tired of your old one 
    and start a new game again.
    The next is the character equipment: Unlike RM1 where only your 
    character equips weapons and armor. But now, even your Tales Characters 
    can equip weapons and armor as well, including Tales of-related weapons 
    like Ladles, Rings, Spears, Tonfas, Guns, and Pouches.
    Then there’s the Storage System: Talk to Panille at the Galley, where 
    there are four options to choose from; Deposit, Withdrawal, Obtain 
    Imported Items, and Obtain Radiant Key Items.
    Then there’s the Job Change System: New Jobs can be unlocked by certain 
    level and Job/s to get a new one, Grade Points still acquired.
    Next is the Artes Slot System: Farewell Skill Shortcut. The other new 
    feature is the Artes Slot system where 3 Slots from every character 
    has, can assign four Artes/spells in one slot. Making a total of 12 
    Artes in all 3 slots. Press the L Button to change slots.
    Lastly the re-animated Artes/spells and Hi-Ougi: All the Artes/Spells 
    and Hi-Ougi(Mystic Artes) have been re-animated based from other “Tales 
    of” Games and mostly original concepts for the re-animated. 
    Fortunately, this time the Mystic Artes never misses the target unlike 
    RM1. It locks on the target until the Mystic Arte has been fully 
    Game Changes [CHG]
    There are changes in Radiant Mythology 2.
    First, is that the requirement of obtaining a Hi-Ougi is now level 45 
    instead of mastering all skills.
    Second, is the recruitment of Tales Characters. They no longer deny 
    your request. You can choose any Tales Characters anytime before a 
    Notes [NTS]
    I can’t translate any of the quests, but it is a straight-forward 
    sequence: choose a quest, select the World Map (first option), 
    destination is locked (meaning that you’ll be at the place that 
    involves with your quest).
    - This walkthrough tackles all the story missions of the game. You need 
    to do some available quest until you get a cutscene in the Van Eltia 
    (Outside and Inside).
    - Hollow Prison Gate or Garret Wood would be your best level grinding 
    spot to obtain everyone's Hi-Ougi. Because as the story goes, many 
    enemies will be stronger than your team.
    Prologue: Adventure Begins [PRO]
    - Party member: Kanonno Earhart
    - Quest 1: Defeat 3 Ota Ota (Polwigle)
           - Location: Amell Cave
           - Defeat 3 Ota Ota
    - Quest 2: Get Wheat
           - Location: Slime Nest
           - You’ll be given 2 copper sickles and gather wheat in the plant 
    search point.
    - Quest 3: Make Flour
           - Location: Slime Nest (In case of flour shortage, gather wheat)
           - Chat will give you the Craft system. Try to make 2 flour from 
    the wheat you farmed and then report back.
           - Talk to Chat and head to the Grade Point Vendor at Weapon 
           - Talk to Panille about the Storage System, withdraw the Chef’s 
    Hat (Second Option).
           - Chat will give you access to Party Invitation and Job Change 
    Chapter 1: Guranmaria Rescue Operation [CH1]
    - Location: Amell Cave
    - Objective: Find the survivors of Guranmaria
    - Party Required: Anyone in the current list
           - Go to the Cave and find the survivors of Guranmaria. Before 
    going right to the next area, you’ll have a conversation with Jade 
    Curtiss. After that, continue going right (it’s a pretty straight-
    forward and you can see the passageway towards the next area). There’s 
    a conversation between Guy Cecil and Luke fon Fabre, save before 
    battling Guy. All party members will attack Guy, make you have a Healer 
    like Kannono, or Rubia, and have a range-type member like Iria, and 
    another close-combat member like Ruca or Caius. After the battle, Luke 
    wants to join the fight but that was been interrupted by Jade with Tear 
    Grants. Return to Van Eltia, Jade and the rest are now members of this 
    (Note: Guranmaria either pronounce as Grand Maria or Gran Maria)
    Chapter 2: Investigate the Experiment [CH2]
    - Location: Peri Mines
    - Objective: Investigate the energy surges of the Mines
    - Party Required: Raine Sage and Genis Sage
           - Your objective is to get to very end of the Mines, until you’re 
    now at the 2nd level of the Mines, it is a straight-forward map. Go 
    left when you see a junction at the beginning of the 2nd Area. At the 
    very end, there’s a blocked exit with a missing plank on it. Three of 
    you witnessed an experiment gone wrong and all of the people near it 
    were completely annihilated.
    Chapter 3: Find Janis’ Lair [CH3]
    - Location: Amell Caves
    - Objective: Find Janis’ Research Room
    - Party Required: Cress Albane and Chester Barklight
    	- This is the same as the first story quest except you’ll be 
    going left instead. Make your way towards the third area of the Cave 
    and save (Your character must be at between levels 20 – 30, so be 
    prepare for a battle). There are some people who are looking for Janis, 
    and then they spotted you and released their Negative Fangs (Wolves mix 
    with Alien DNA, their heads are a giveaway). Beat those things and the 
    terrorist group vanished. After that Cress found some documents that 
    involve Janis’ research.
    Chapter 4: The Worm in the Mines [CH4]
    - Location: Peri Mines
    - Objective: Beat the Rock Worm
    - Party Required: Raine Sage
    	- The same as chapter two but at the second area of the mines go 
    right and follow the path until you see the passageway. There’s a save 
    point and the Rock Worm at the very end. You need two more members to 
    your party, because this here's a hit-n-run monster from RM1, coward.
    	- After that you'll have a conversation with non-other than Janis 
    Khan, together with his Assistant. An English-saying prodigy who would 
    do anything for science. After this conversation, return to Van Eltia 
    to report in.
    Chapter 5: Rescue Harold [CH5]
    - Location: Resin Volcano
    - Objective: Find Harold
    - Party Required: Nanaly Fletch
    	- Nanaly is a little worried that Harold is wandering around at 
    this place. She can be located at the 2nd Area of the Resun Volcano 
    where the second fork in the road, with a Blue Chest. 
    	- At the first area, head straight and go left. Just follow the 
    path and you’ll find a passageway. On the next, follow the path (travel 
    South), and turn right. Follow the path that makes a U-turn. Head 
    straight passed the Blue Chest the left turn and you’ll find Harold.
    	- Scene will be activated. Report back to Van Eltia.
    	- After the story quest there are some scenes here, one part is 
    that Nanaly left Van Eltia in order to find Team Destiny. The other 
    will be Cless takes Chester, Genis, and Lloyd to find Janis Khan, their 
    in recon.
    Chapter 6: Guede’s Release [CH6]
    *Note: You'll encounter the EX Dungeon Monsters of this map, rather 
    weak but has some decent EXP. You might as well get you and the other's 
    Hi-Ougi. It's up to you.
    - Location: Slime Nest
    - Objective: Stop Janis
    - Party Required: Zelos Wilder and Presea Combatir
    	- At the first area, go to the first turn and you’ll see the 
    arrogant scientist Janis and his assistant. A cut-scene will occur that 
    they burned the blocked path and you tried to stop him but he won’t 
    listen. So follow him to the new 2nd path of the map, go right and just 
    follow the path which leads you to the next area, where another cut-
    scene and the dynamic duo still won’t listen and used a smoke bomb and 
    doing the ninja. This is the 3rd area of the map, go left on the first 
    turn and then turn right if you see another path which leads to the 
    last area.
    	- At the last area, a save point is there, and their they are at 
    last. Now a cutscene shows Janis planted a bomb on the giant flower and 
    tried to release the Negative Energy. But now, when you explained 
    everything, he tried stop it. So his assistant disarmed the bomb but 
    then it reactivate again and it explodes. An anime scene shows the 
    release of Guede, and now he tries to eliminate you. You might need the 
    characters Mystic Artes at least two of them to have. After that Guede 
    teleported out, and all of you returned to Van Eltia to report back. 
    Chapter 7: The Effects of the Negative Energy [CH7]
    - Location: Garret Woods
    - Objective: Find Annie’s Comrads
    - Party Required: Annie Barrs and Ruca Milda
    	- There's a particular scene where you encounter Annie outside 
    the deck of Van Eltia, forgot which chapter (I think after Chapter 6). 
    	- This mission, you'll be accompanied with Annie and Ruca, and 
    head towards the Garret Woods. This map is a little bit of a straight 
    forward, follow the trail so that you can't get lost. The 2nd area of 
    the map, along the way, a cutscene is occur that you found Eugene and 
    Mao, after that continue the path that leads to the next area of the 
    map. The next area, the map shows it is a small area, you find Veigue 
    Lungberg confronting Celsius (Celestia's Craymel) and you see a dark 
    aura surrounds her. The same as Chapter 6, if possible, train your 
    character that has Mystic Artes and use it to quickly finish the 
    Chapter 8: Lost Child [CH8]
    - Location: Hollow Prison Gate
    - Objective: Find Victor
    - Party Required: Kanonno Earhart and Colette Brunel
    	- As the title implies, your missios is to find Victor who is 
    lost at the Hollow Prison Gate. Surrounded with Night Raids, Zombies, 
    and Skeletons,  stronger than your characters. This map is a well 
    straight-forward, just follow the main road until you find a big gate. 
    The 2nd area is the same as the 1st and you ended up at the next big 
    	- At the 3rd area, where a gate that's headed to the 4th area is 
    lock, but your mission is to find Victor and you're in the right track, 
    he's right in front of you. A cutscene will occur, and Victor 
    transformed into a Behemoth (the same Boss from RM 1). Victor was 
    covered with the same Negative Aura just like Celsius. 
    Fighting the Behemoth:
    (Note: Colette and Kanonno must have their Mystic Artes available) 
    It only uses Flame Burst spell, and it can charge around in front of 
    you or your teammates, and can bash three time. The ultimate cheater.
    Having all characters with Overlimit Gauges at full, use the "Hi-Ougi 
    Barrage" Tactic -a tactic where you simultaneously use the character's 
    Overlimit and perform the Hi-Ougi at the right moment before it 
    depletes completely.
    After that, a cutscene, where you, the Descender, removed the Negative 
    Aura covered Victor. Report back to Van Eltia to tell what happened to 
    Chapter 9: Kanonno’s Past [CH9]
    *There are cutscenes involving Kanonno saying that she heard a voice in 
    her head.
    - Location: Niata Monad
    - Objective: Explore the ruins
    - Party Required: Kanonno Earhart and Raine Sage
    	- A mysterious ruin rose out of nowhere. Your mission is to 
    explore the Niata Monad, Kanonno and Raine will join your party. Raine 
    has a habit for exploring ruins on her own. The inside of the map is 
    like the Orphic Maze but more of a virtual-reality theme. This map has 
    Poltergeists, Gargoyles, and Dressing Tables to battle with. 
    	-The first area is straight up until you find a transporter that 
    leads to the next area. The next area has a fork on its path(a cutscene 
    will occur during before going further), but don't worry, even with two 
    paths it will connect again to the next area. As for the next area, is 
    the same as the first one you came in, just straight ahead and find the 
    transporter which goes to the throne room (I think?). There will be a 
    cutscene that involves Kanonno as the Descender of Pasca, that her 
    world was been destroyed. After that the main power was shortened and 
    there conversation was cut off.
    Chapter 10: The Light [CH10]
    *Note #1: You can either bring Leon Magnus (reforming Team Destiny from 
    RM1) or Kyle Dunamis (as one happy family again from Destiny 2).
    *Note #2: Press the square button to widen your map, so that you can 
    see it clearly where you are now.
    *Note #3: There are 4 save points, 2 on each side of the map, the light 
    room on left path and the treasure room on the right path.
    - Location: Churos Seabed
    - Objective: Find the Light
    - Party Required: Stahn Aileron and Rutee Katrea
    	-As you can see, this map is pretty confusing to where you are 
    now. At the beginning of the map, turn left from the entrance (the path 
    you'll be headed is the right one) follow that path is like walking 
    along the path of a bis square, then you'll find the stairway to next 
    level. The next level where you just follow the path, same at the first 
    level until the very end. At the last level there's a save point and go 
    straight toward the last end, and there's a cutscene. There's a monster 
    named Ankyura Burupo, guarded the light. 
    *Fighting Ankurya Buropo:
    Fighting this thing, he is not alone. He has 2 Buropos and it can hide 
    from its shell. It can cast water spells in front or under your 
    character. Having at least 3 or 4 characters with Overlimit Gauges full 
    would be lucky, performing the "Hi-Ougi Barrage"
    After the battle. You obtained the light and put it on a container. And 
    we're done here.
    *You might as well know, why you don't take the right path. That would 
    be a dead end, the 7th floor has 10 red chests, 6 blue chests, and 1 
    green chest, and at the 8th floor that's the dead end, but you'll see a 
    teleporter straight towards the very beginning where you'll be headed 
    to right path like I said.
    Chapter 11: World’s Past [CH11]
    - Location: Underground City Mandaaji
    - Objective: Bring the Obtained Light to the Roots of the World Tree
    - Party Required: Kratos Aurion
    	- At the first area, it is a pretty clear path until the next 
    area, where the path splits into two but don’t worry they actually go 
    to same path at the 3rd area. At the fourth and last area where you’ll 
    get a scene where you placed the contained light on the roots of the 
    World Tree and Kratos tells you about the history of ancient warriors 
    called "The Radiants" and your mission is done. Back at Van Eltia, a 
    cutscene on the Basement floor, where Kratos informs you that your last 
    mission awaken The Radiants, that they sense your capabilities of 
    becoming the "Hero" of this World.
    Chapter 12: Memories [CH12]
    - Location: Coral Forest
    - Objective: Get a Coral Plant
    - Party Required: Philia Felice and Garr Kelvin
    	- One of the first three maps you commonly used will now be 
    extended. At the second area, where the next fork in the path, go 
    straight and it will trigger a cutscene where Philia planted bombs to 
    destroy the blockade (The reason why I so adore Philia is her cute, but 
    also sneaky side, a priestess who make bombs as her habit). The 3rd 
    Area of Coral Forest is a cave but going straight, head left to the 
    fork path and make left again to see an exit going back to the first 
    area but this time there’s a bridge (The Bridge you were puzzled why 
    the map is connected while the bridge is up). Activate the bridge and 
    you have a great shortcut to the 3rd Area. Backtrack at the previous 
    path and go straight where the next area is a field of coral plants. 
    There will be a cutscene where you will be surprised.
    Chapter 13: Search the Echo Flower [CH13]
    - Location: Moscopi Desert
    - Objective: Find the Echo Flower
    - Party Required: Ruca Milda and Iria Animi
    (This is my favorite chapter ever where Iria shouts a lot to find the 
    flower while Ruca is worried that she will get noticed by the 
    	- This mission is the same as getting the Coral Plant. This map 
    has twists and turns when choosing the right path. When you’re now at 
    the 3rd area, find the save spot that indicates the next area is near, 
    but fortunately, there’s a wall of sandstorm block the path so just 
    follow the available path and a cut-scene will show.
    Chapter 14: Offering [CH14]
    - Location: Mescal Mountain Range
    - Objective: Bring the items you find to the altar.
    - Party Required: Tear Grants and Leon Magnus
    	- At the first level, just go straight and turn left on the T-
    junction and turn right and head towards the passageway of the next 
    area. On the next area, just follow the path and head right, then 
    follow it and head left this time until you found another passageway.
    	- On the 3rd Area, you'll encounter Barbatos Goetia, and tries to 
    stop you.
    Battling Barbatos:
    - You can't use items in this battle. If the item is used, Barbatos 
    will use his Hi-Ougi and K.Oed the item user and/or your team if it's 
    in range.
    - Your tactic; if you have a Priest class mercenary, use a scanning 
    skill on Barbatos. Then if you have characters with Overlimit Gauges at 
    full capacity, then call forth the Hi-Ougi Barrage Tactic.
    - Optional: If you don't have a Priest-class mercenary, use Magic Lens 
    on of your characters. After Barbatos used its Hi-Ougi attack. Cast 
    Tear's Resurrection (Raise Dead) Spell.
    After the Battle
    	- Barbatos accepted defeat and leave the area, You, Tear, and 
    Leon, continue your quest. Head straight towards the passageway of the 
    new area.
    	- On the next turn, follow the path and turn right on the first 
    turn, and follow the path (it's now a straight-forward path) until you 
    found the passageway. And now you're in the designated area.
    	- Enjoy the scene while you're at it.
    Chapter 15: Janis in Trouble [CH15]
    - Location: Peril Mines
    - Objective: Find and/or Protect Janis
    - Party Required: Harold Berselius and Asch
    	- Now you have to save Janis from the terrorists. At the 
    beginning of the map, an early scene. Asch heard some footsteps and 
    tells you, and Harold to hide, and found some terrorists looking for 
    	- Go right on the first turn that leads to the next area. The 
    next area, just head straight and you’ll noticed that the gate is gone, 
    thank you Janis. That means you’re in the right track.
    	- Welcome to the 3rd Area, where it is surrounded by Stone 
    Golems, Green Stonails, and Wyverns. Follow the path and turn left (go 
    North check the map), and go straight until you found the passageway 
    towards Janis’ hideout. At the last area, follow the path and you’ll 
    see three figures: Janis, his Assistant, and the Terrorists.
    	- A scene will be shown, the Terrorist transformed into Cave Rex, 
    just like what happened to Victor, when he turned into Behemoth.
    Battling Cave Rex:
    - This one can use its roar to make shockwaves. And its tail can be 
    pretty annoying from the start.
    - Hi-Ougi Barrage is most effective on all situations. Asch and Harold 
    can use Spells, but they need cover to do so. You and your last member 
    dish out some normal attacks and chain skills. Make sure you have lots 
    of Apple, Orange, Lemon, and Pinapple Gels in you inventory. And also 
    Life Bottles if your member is down.
    After the Battle:
    - Enjoy the scene afterwards.
    Chapter 16:	The Fire God’s Treasure [CH16]
    - Location: Resin Volcano
    - Objective: Retrieve the Treasure
    - Party Required: Mint Adnade and Chloe Valens
    	- This mission takes you back to the Resin Volcano. Just like 
    your previous mission “Rescue Harold”, only this time take the left 
    turn and find the save point then go north, you’ll find a bridge 
    installed out-of-nowhere, and find the passageway that leads to the 
    next area.
    	- The 3rd Area, this place is swarming of Red Ropers, Blaze Bats 
    and Salamanders. Turn right, and then follow the straight path. There 
    are two paths ahead of you, choose the left path (North) and follow 
    this straight-forward path until you found the passageway to next area.
    	- The 4th Area, this one is a little confusing, there are two 
    foot-bridges, just take the straight path until you find the long foot-
    bridge (that’s the right way), and then the passageway to the last area 
    is near you.
    	- The last area, you’ll just follow the path then you’ll 
    encounter Guede himself. He won’t battle you, but he’ll leave a 
    summoned monster, Fear Bronk. You have no choice but to battle this 
    Battling Fear Bronk:
    - This one can punch twice and use its tail as the last combo.
    - He can use a bash attack, and also can fly then drops down on your 
    - Chloe and Mint don’t have Hi-Ougi so it’ll be you and your last 
    character be doing the Hi-Ougi Barrage.
    - The Paladin class has some Water-based skills.
    - The last member can be Genis, Iria, or anyone with Water-based 
    After battle;
    	- With that settled, a scene will be active. Mint will use the 
    scanner and find the treasure. (Mint’s close-up is cute always 
    Chapter 17: Niata Monad’s Power Restoration [CH17]
    - Location: Niata Monad
    - Objective: Restore the Power of the Niata Monad.
    - Party Required: Kanonno Earhart and Guy Cecil
    	- At the beginning of the map, Guy will release three tracking 
    devices shaped as mice. Following them is easy, pick the two mice that 
    goes left and right. The path, where the two mice, will lead to the new 
    area of the map, where Apparitions, and Mirror Goyles and Tables are 
    waiting for you. There's a cutscene where the mouse will find the path 
    and you still have to follow it. And you'll find an area where a 
    control panel straight ahead. Guy will check the system and reboot it 
    and you're done with this one. Next is the second mouse.
    	- The next mouse that goes to the right has the same path as the 
    left. Same procedures.
    	- The last mouse headed towards the path where your last mission 
    was. At the 2nd level of the area that there are two paths before 
    headed towards the Throne Room. Follow the mouse that will lead you to 
    last control panel. You’ll have a scene where the power is back on and 
    Niata was able to wake-up and join Kanonno and the others in a small 
    floating container.
    Chapter 18: Find Chloe [CH18]
    (Before this, Anise, Farah, and Chloe overheard the conversation 
    between Kanonno and Niata. And left Van Eltia for some kind of 
    - Location: Coral Forest
    - Objective: Find Chloe
    - Party Required: Senel Coolidge
    	- Remember the path that was blocked with huge rocks, along the 
    road is the shortcut to the bridge? That's your path that leads to 
    Chloe, wondering how she destroyed those rocks.
    	- Use the bridge shortcut towards the 3rd area of the Coral 
    Forest. And go straight from here to the not-so blocked path now. At 
    the 4th area, you'll encounter Night Owls, Medusa Ropers, and Temple 
    Battlers. Follow the path and go left and you’ll find a passageway, 
    where the last area awaits.
    	- The last you’ll see Chloe at the far end, and watch the scene 
    where she created her negative self “Nega-Chloe”.
    Battling Nega-Chloe:
    - As far as I could remember, she’s a better swordsman than Chloe. Her 
    combos are painstaking.
    Other Party members:
    - Tear or Colette can heal other members or use Holy Song. Useful on 
    this is Tear, she can attack too. Use Light-based spells.
    - The fourth member of your party would be your choosing.
    - Just attack her without any chance of her to attack you. Members with 
    Hi-Ougi, can use the “Hi-Ougi Barrage” on her, quickly reducing her HP 
    to mere fraction of it.
    After Battle:
    	- Just watch the scene, and Chloe is back with your group.
    Chapter 19: Installing the Antenna [CH19]
    - Location: Moscopi Desert
    - Objective: Installing the First Antenna
    - Party Required: Eugene Gallardo and Mao
    	- Remember the sandstorm from the previous mission "Search the 
    Echo Flower". That's where you'll be headed. Still this map is very 
    	- The 2nd Area. Go straight, follow the path (way North) and turn 
    right, then turn left to find the passageway to the 3rd Area.
    	- The 3rd Area. Head straight, then turn left. Follow the 
    straight path, and turn right. There’s the classic fork in the road, 
    choose the left curve (the right curve is a dead end but has a Green 
    Chest) and head towards the passageway.
    	- The last area, just go straight and you’ll an arch made out of 
    rocks. Before installing the antenna you’ll encounter Returners 
    (heartless-like zombies).
    Battling Returners and Shadow Geist:
    - This things attack like Zombies, so the their attacks are predictable
    Shadow Geist:
    - This things attack like Poltergeists, casting Acid Rain and Photon or 
    Energy Blast.
    - Since Eugene and Mao don't have Hi-Ougis. Still You and the last 
    member do the Hi-Ougi Barrage. Magic-user can be useful this time since 
    both monsters are weak against Light and Fire (for the Returner).
    After battle: Scene
    	- You installed the antenna, but the battle is not over. More 
    Returners are coming, but this time you'll hear voices of a human 
    trapped in a monsters body. They want to be free from the dark emotions 
    trapped inside of their monster halves. So you helped them and their 
    souls are finally put to rest.
    Chapter 20: Find Farah [CH20]
    (Note: Before this scene, Kanonno used her mana to find Farah. With 
    that, she's unconscious and cannot be with you. Even the party list, 
    her name is not listed until further notice.)
    - Location: Resin Volcano
    - Objective: Find Farah Oersted
    - Party Required: Reid Hershel and Keele Zeibel
    (It's Deja Vu again, as Reid and Keele must find Farah in the Resin 
    	- The path you'll be headed is actually the same path as the last 
    mission "The Fire God's Treasure". At the last level of the map you'll 
    have a scene where Farah saying that she's weak unlike others. Then the 
    Negative Aura wrapped around her and the same mist will create Nega-
    Farah. And tries to rid of Farah once and for all.
    Battling Nega-Farah
    - Like Nega-Chloe, Nega-Farah can dish some combos. She can even use 
    Fire Dragon Rampage Hi-Ougi as well.
    - Luckily Reid is in your recquired party for this mission. You need 
    the last member of your choice. Use Keele to cast Holy Bless and 
    Barrier to his members as well as himself and use Light-based attacks 
    on Nega-Farah.
    Chapter 21: Installing the Second Antenna [CH21]
    - Location: Hollow Prison Gate
    - Objective:
    - Party Required: Veigue Lungberg
    	- You'll be accompanied by Veigue Lungberg and Niata. The path is 
    the same as the last mission “Lost Child” except the big gate at the 
    3rd area is gone. You can proceed to the 4th area of the map.
    	- The 4th area, surrounded by Skeleton Warriors, Stone Shisa and 
    Shisa Chest. Follow the path, then turn right. Just follow the path 
    again until you see a passageway to the next installation site.
    	- At the last area, a scene will be active and before installing 
    the second antenna, a couple of Wights are headed this way. Save if you 
    Battling Wights and Shadow Geists:
    (The same patterns for Shadow Geists)
    - These are Zombies with bee-hives on their backs, they can cast 
    Negative Gate.
    - Veigue don't have a Hi-Ougi, but now you can recruit 2 members with 
    Hi-Ougi. Kratos' Shining Bind can deliver a huge damage in the whole 
    field. The last member could be Tales characters with Hi-Ougi that has 
    wide range effects.
    After battle: Scene
    	- Second Antenna installed. Time to return to Van Eltia, Niata 
    stopped for a moment there and looked at the ocean. At the same time he 
    heard a voice, it is non-other than Kanonno (the first Kanonno in RM1). 
    They had a conversation between the two either Pasca is now saved where 
    she went or something. After that, enjoy the rest of the scene.
    Chapter 22: Find Anise [CH22]
    - Location: Mescal Mountain Range
    - Objective: Find Anise Tatlin
    - Party Required: Jade Curtiss
    (My Required Team for this mission is Team Abyss: Luke and Tear)
    	- It's the same as the last mission "Offering" minus Barbatos. 
    This time, on the same area, pass the right turn and head straight then 
    go left and follow the path to find the passageway towards the next 
    	- The 4th area, swarming with Elophossus, Breeze Spirits, and 
    Garudas. Turn left then right and follow the straight path towards the 
    next passageway to the 5th area.
    	- The 5th Area, same monsters as the 4th. Turn right on the first 
    junction, the turn left and follow the path then turn right again and 
    you'll be at the 6th area where a scene with Anise.
    	- At the 6th Area, Anise created her dark-self "Nega-Anise" and 
    again she wants to get rid of her. And then it was interrupted by Jade. 
    And now tries to attack you.
    Battling Nega-Anise:
    - This girl packs a punch, she has the same skills and Hi-Ougi as 
    - Now, you need to recruit two more members besides Jade. It's Hi-Ougi 
    Barrage time as well. And attack her simultaneously.
    - Tear, is good with support and attack skills. Use her Holy Song spell 
    for instant Attack and Defense buffs, and Enhance Cast for improved 
    Casting Time.
    Chapter 23: The Last Antenna, Kanonno’s Mana Restore [CH23]
    - Location: Garret Woods
    - Objective: Go to last area of Garret Woods
    - Party Required: Kanonno Earhart and Celsius
    	- Kanonno is up and ready to go, or so I thought. Go to the Area 
    where you previously fought Celsius. There will a be cutscene 
    confronting Guede. After that head to the clear path that goes to the 
    next area. There are Freeze Spirits, Snow Trents, and Sting Ropers up 
    ahead, at the last area another cutscene where you install the last 
    antenna and a light comes from the antenna and so does Kanonno. It is 
    where her mana has restored and she’s now feeling better, and she give 
    thanks to you. Back at Van Eltia, Panille greets the three of you back 
    and everyone’s welcoming them and thank you for the hard work you did.
    - At Van Eltia, the remaining three crystals inside a container will be 
    the control to those three antenna. Philia and Harold activated the 
    machine, and Raine and Genis watched as the negative energy has been 
    removed from the world. However, Guede stopped their plan and used the 
    negative energy to form the Negative Nest.
    - Van Eltia will get the last upgrade and additional items are 
    available at the Grade Shop.
    - BF: Scene between you and Kanonno about going to the Negative Nest.
    Chapter 24: The Last Battle –Negative Nest- [CH24]
    (On this mission if you want to bring Kanonno with you, then it's okay. 
    Because when you confront the 4 Guardians of Guede, a scene where you, 
    Niata, and Kanonno are about to fight them)
    - Location: Negative Nest
    - Objective: Beat Guede and destroy the Negative Nest
    - Party Required: Anyone
    	- It’s the last battle, be sure to have characters with higher 
    levels between 70 – 80 or 90, and also equipment with or without 
    upgrades and accessories like Black Onyx, Fight Symbol, Blue Talisman. 
    Not to mention restock Gels. Note: If you have D/L Soul-Calibur based 
    weapons in level 89 you might get it if you have second thoughts about 
    it. And also Radiant Sets with the Class’ Titles like Warrior 
    (Increases the Overlimit due to enemy’s attacks).
    	- Okay the monsters are Geopsitis, Grosbelva, and Guzafan on the 
    first and second area of the first floor. At the second area, the 
    straight path is block with a red force-field. The only way to remove 
    it, is to beat all four Guardians. There are two side paths, each leads 
    to the two Guardians. The Guardians, Ancient Liger, Dekaribiasu, 
    Teiranbion, and Unisaurus, are placed on four separate rooms with a 
    save point on each. After you beat all four Guardians, the blocked path 
    is clear and you can move forward to the next area. At the second floor 
    you will have a cutscene before fighting Guede, there is a save point 
    if you want to save.
    	- First round, is that Guede can teleport to safe distance and 
    use his Artes to counter your party. Attack him as quickly as possible. 
    Also use the Mystic Arte Barrage on him to reduce his HP quick. After 
    the battle, you’ll get a cutscene where Guede absorbs the Negative and 
    transforms himself into “Deus ex Machina.”
    	- Save, before the second round.
    	- Second round, Deus can charge you and your team, also he can 
    use any spells like Negative Gate. Deus will use a defense spell to 
    decrease the attack or magic damage to the lowest point, but he can’t 
    cast both, so make sure you have a magic caster to cast high-level 
    spells on him. Also if his HP is almost low, he will use his Mystic 
    Arte against your team, it’s a wide range attack so be sure to have 
    your team’s HP to 90% or above. Use the same tactic, Mystic Arte 
    Barrage, if all of your teammates have full Overlimit Gauge.
    	- After that it’s all over, you save the world. Enjoy the rest of 
    the cutscenes, and the ending credits. 
    Epilogue [EPI]
           - After the ending credits, it’s been a month and Kanonno returns 
    to Van Eltia and say hello to Panille, who is now married to Janis, and 
    the rest of the Tales Characters having a reunion party except one, 
    means you. Kanonno published the book contains all of their adventures 
    with you.
           - Congratulations, you have finished Radiant Mythology 2, other 
    details is that you have the “Guranide World Savior" Title. You 
    unlocked the difficulty settings, World Tree is now accessible, and the 
    items you have will be there.
           - Also there are four options to choose from: New Game+, Continue 
    Game+, Do not save, Delete Save. Forget the last two options, and 
    choose the first two.
    Legal Info [INF]
    Copyright (c) by lester2020, all rights reserved.
    Copying this or anyone's document is strictly prohibited.
    Thank You.

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