Where can I find this item?

  1. where can i find these item :
    -Demon Fang
    -Nazozo Fang
    -Demon Stick
    -Crying Carrot
    -Demon Bone
    -Bowtie Tree
    -Kasu Seed

    thanks :)

    User Info: eX_shinigami

    eX_shinigami - 8 years ago

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  1. --Demon Fang -Nazozo Fang : from 'spider' bosses [nazozo also in the tree minigame lvl 3 perfect, but its a bit random cause it can drop also meat, wood,leather,fangs]

    --Adamanman : dragon bosses but ice one (i know its very rare) have the higer drop, also in the mountain minigame

    --Demon Stick: using an Adamanman (purple metal) on forge/blacksmith minigame [u can get all 'Demon' items for the same but at random, so if u want that at first maybe u want to save before you do the minigame, so if u dont get the Demon Stick you can reload]

    --Crying Carrot : from the 'Worm' bosses or plant minigame

    --Demon Bone : from Motiti bosses (phoenix has the higer drop)

    --Bowtie Tree : from Ancerstor/statue boss (before this boss on a 'tomb' thingy you get pon pata pon pata song [retreat song])

    --Kasu Seed : from 'Plant' bosses (maybe it can be hard and you have greens one instead of that, but dont worry they drop it ;] )

    User Info: misino

    misino - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. demon fang drops from any of the spider bosses, so do the fangs

    Adamanman can be acquired by the mountain game

    All the veggies can be acquired by the vegetable minigame, or killing the bunny in tochiri beach
    Bones can be acquired from the Tree minigame, birds, and the boss bird

    User Info: Iwishiwaspro

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  2. Demon Fang and Nazozo Fang at Darachura ruins...beside Sentura...Demon Bone, Defeat Phoenitti...Adamanman mini games...Kasu Seed Defeat Shookle or in the Desert, hunt for seeds...kill the purple slug...the two i dunno

    User Info: germs666

    germs666 - 8 years ago 0 0

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