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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Leyviur

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    Resistance Retribution FAQ & Walkthrough by Leyviur              v 1.00
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    Last update was on Monday, April 20, 2009.
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction                                                 [RRInt]
    2. Controls                                                     [RRCon]
    3. Walkthrough                                                  [RRWlk]
       Mission I                                                    [RRC01]
       Mission II                                                   [RRC02]
       Mission III                                                  [RRC03]
       Mission IV                                                   [RRC04]
       Mission V                                                    [RRC05]
       Mission VI                                                   [RRC06]
       Mission VII                                                  [RRC07]
       Mission VIII                                                 [RRC08]
       Mission IX                                                   [RRC09]
       Mission X                                                    [RRC10]
       Mission XI                                                   [RRC11]
       Mission XII                                                  [RRC12]
       Mission XIII                                                 [RRC13]
       Mission XIV                                                  [RRC14]
       Mission XV                                                   [RRC15]
       Mission XVI                                                  [RRC16]
       Mission XVII                                                 [RRC17]
       Mission XVIII                                                [RRC18]
       Mission XIX                                                  [RRC19]
       Mission XX                                                   [RRC20]
       Mission XXI                                                  [RRC21]
       Mission XXII                                                 [RRC22]
       Mission XXII                                                 [RRC23]
    4. Version History                                              [RRVer]
       Version 1.00                                                 [RR100]
    5. Credits                                                      [RRCre]
    I. INTRODUCTION                                                 [RRInt]
    Resistance Retribution is a third person shooter in a similar vein to
    Gears of War, using a cover system in order to avoid enemy fire and
    using different weapons to effectively dispatch enemies. It's a semi-
    sequel to Retribution: Fall of Man and a semi-prequel to Retribution 2
    and takes place in between the two games.
    And yes, before you ask, I own both a 360 and PS3 and enjoy both the
    Gears of War and the Resistance series equally. Please don't email me
    about being an Xbot or Sony Pony or what have you, nor about which one
    I think is better.
    II. CONTROLS                                                    [RRCon]
    R button - Fire Weapon
    L button - Hold down and press R to use secondary fire
    Left directional pad - Reload
    Right directional pad - switch to next weapon, hold to open weapon
                            selection ring
    Up directional pad - Free aim mode
    Down directional pad - Action button
    Triangle button - move camera up
    Square button - move camera left
    Circle button - move camera right
    X button - move camera down
    III. WALKTHROUGH                                                [RRWlk]
    MISSION I                                                       [RRC01]
    You start on the second floor of a building. Ignore the enemies on
    lower ground in front of you and go left. You'll see an interaction
    point where the stairs are. Press the down button in order to activate
    it and then press the X button continuously in order to get it out of
    the way. Go down the stairs and take cover to the wall to the right
    of the hole in the wall on your right. Take out all the enemies in the
    next room and go throgh the hole. Loot the ammo/health items, and go
    to the right where there will be another hole on the wall. Take out the
    enemies below, and then when you're finished, jump down. When the
    cutscene ends, go to the right and activate the interaction point to
    boost yourself into the building. You'll gain the BM001 RAZOR. Jump
    back down and more chimera will burst out of the barricade to your
    right. Take cover and use the Razor to take them out. Go through the
    hole they just burst out of and you'll see two places to provide cover
    with a mounted machine gun to your right. Get on the gun and shoot down
    all the Chimera, especially the ones above you. Go to the left for a
    cutscene and a checkpoint.
    You'll now be inside. Keep going straight ahead, and then turn right.
    Go through the doorway and kill all the enemies. Now, there will be
    a hole in the wall straight ahead, you'll want to jump through, then
    immediately duck under cover to your left, as there are more Chimeran
    soldiers at the end of the stairs leading up. Take them out, and turn
    around to find some grenades. Go up the stairs, turn right, and take
    cover behind the doorway. There will be a lone Chimera standing there
    shooting down, so take it out and go into the room. A cutscene will
    play. Grab the FAREYE FR-1 and give sniper support for the soldier.
    The first wave will almost require sniping unless your aim with a
    normal gun is dead on. The later waves can be dispatched rather easily
    with your default gun or the Razor. When the soldier gets to the
    building you're in, run down the stairs to your left. You'll now have
    to fight through four or five waves of Chimera - just be sure to use
    cover effectively. When youn reach the interaction point, boost your
    partner up to the cargo, then immediately duck behind nearby cover.
    Chimera will pour down from where you were sniping previously, use
    your Razor to kill them.
    You'll now fight the stage boss. Whatever you do, don't go out of cover
    and instead charge up the Razor's secondary fire by holding down the
    L button. When the boss fires, keep your head down, but when there is
    a lull in its attack, press R to jump up and fire a fully charged
    Razor shot at it. This'll take out a rather sizable chunk of his life
    and he'll be a goner in a few shots.
    MISSION II                                                      [RRC02]
    After the cutscene ends, you'll start in the sewers. Keep going forward
    and shoot the Boilers before they reach your partner, as he's pretty
    weak. Take a left, then a right, killing the Boiler on your way. There
    will be a hole in the wall to your left. Go through it and leapers will
    pour down from the opposite end of the area. Take out your Storm Rifle
    and keep shooting them. Keep moving so that they miss when they attempt
    to jump on you. When that's over, go to the other side of the area and
    turn the valve. You'll have to wait for the area to flood before you
    can access the door, but once you can, run to it.
    Destroy the drones, then turn left through an opening in the wall.
    Turn left and go forward. Two drones will fly out. Dispatch them and
    go to where they came out. Press the down button to climb into the
    pipe. Climb your way through, and jump down. When you land immediately
    turn around and destroy the drones and Chimeran soldier, then go
    through the opening. When you do you'll be ambushed from the left side
    of the room. Once you've dealt with them go to the side of the room
    they were on and there will be a slanted platform. Press the down
    button to climb onto it, then walk towards the higher platform and
    climb that when the indicator appears. Go through the nearby doorway
    and you'll be assaulted by Boilers and Drones. Kill them off (make sure
    to avoid the Boilers if they start looking like they'll explode) and
    keep going. You'll find a boarded up doorway, so rip off the boards, 
    then activate the machine behind them.
    Now go back to where you had to climb up the platforms (you'll have to
    fight through Boilers and Soldiers on the way). Take cover behind the
    doors and shoot down the Chimeran Soldiers. When you jump down, Boilers
    will come after you, so kill them as well. From where you came in the
    door, go straight, then turn left. Go through the door, then turn left
    again into an elevator. Activate it to go up.
    MISSION III                                                     [RRC03]
    Kill the enemies on the other side of the room (sniping is a good
    choice here), then go down the steps to your left. Enemies will flood
    from the other side, so use your Razor to take them down. Keep going
    towards the circular door on the other side of the room, and eventually
    Boilers will start coming. Kill them first, as Soldiers will just stand
    in place and shoot you. Now, climb onto the box next to the stairs
    leading up to the platform, then climb onto the platform. Some Chimera
    will try to ambush you but you can take them down easily. Now go
    through the door.
    Watch the Boilers, then go up the steps. You'll now have to fight the
    same boss as in the first mission. After you take down one, you'll have
    to fight another two at the same time. Use the Razor and Storm Rifle's
    secondary fire to take them down, and remember to never leave your
    cover while they are firing at you. When you defeat them, run to the
    intake valve controls and set the bomb.
    MISSION IV                                                      [RRC04]
    You start in an open area with Leapers flooding the place. Strafe while
    shooting all of them to avoid being damaged. Run towards the doorway
    to activate the mines and shoot them before they explode. After this,
    drones will come in from behind you; take cover, and destroy them with
    the razor. After they're gone, you'll need to boost your partner up to
    the barrel of the cannon, then he'll help you up.
    Here, you'll want to dodge into the small nooks on the left when the
    cannon loads a bullet so you can avoid being splattered. Every time it
    fires you'll be attacked by drones, so take care of them while inching
    forward. You'll need to dodge at least three bullets before being able
    to reach the next area.
    You'll be in a wide space with a circular path. Here, you're very open
    for attack. Take cover and shoot down the 'monkey' Chimeras in the
    center before pressing the nearby control panel. Drones will fly out
    and you'll need to destroy them before the barrier preventing your
    progress will fade. You'll need to repeat this process a total of three
    times before you'll reach the elevator to the next level.
    As soon as you reach the next area, Boilers will start running at you.
    Take cover, and as always, take out the Boilers first before attacking
    the Chimeran Soldiers. You'll also have to deal with a few Drones, but
    keep going and you'll find a doorway. Go in, and you'll find yourself
    on another semicircular path. Take cover, and shoot down all the
    enemies before going forward and climbing up into the next area.
    Here, the goal is to disable the guns. To do this, you have to let
    your partner shoot the shields for the power sources, so that you
    can destroy the power sources themselves. There are four power sources,
    and once you've destroyed the second one, drones will come out.
    Take cover and destroy them. If you run low on Razor ammo, there are
    two respawning ammo boxes at the center of the platform you can grab
    to max out your ammo reserves. While destroying the third power
    source, Chimeran Soldiers will attack. Dispatch them before destroying
    the power source. When you near the fourth one, Boilers will flood
    the platform. Go into free aim mode and shoot them in the head as
    quickly as possible. After destroying the fourth power source, there
    will be a checkpoint and you'll fight a boss.
    The boss of this stage is an enemy fighter aircraft. It has incredible
    attack power, and your conventional weapons can barely scratch it.
    Fortunately, you'll acquire a L206 LAARK Missile Launcher when the
    fight begins. Take cover, then shoot your missiles at the jet. If it
    weaves out of the way, keep your firing reticle on it and press L
    twice to redirect the missile towards it. If you run out of ammo, you
    can find more in the corner of the platform you're on, but be sure
    to run out and grab them while the aircraft is circling around so
    you can turn around and get behind cover quickly enough. With a little
    patience you should be able to down the aircraft with little trouble.
    MISSION V                                                       [RRC05]
    Go straight ahead and climb up the rubble. Go forward and you'll see a
    Chimera run by the doorway. Go through the door and immediately take
    cover to your right, and fend off the two Chimera in front of you.
    Follow the path until you find a boarded up doorway. You have to kick
    down the boards to get at the Chimera at the other side. So tear the
    boards down and quickly take cover to the right. Take out the Chimera
    and go up the path, and to your right you'll see a large hole on the
    floor with Chimera soldiers on the other side. Duck behind cover and
    kill them, then jump down the hole. Be careful of the mines here;
    you'll have to tear down another boarded doorway again. Go in, and be
    wary because there are more mines here and it's difficult to avoid
    and shoot them because it's such an enclosed area. Climb onto the
    desk, the up to the next floor, you'll see another Chimera.
    Hide behind the next doorway to kill them, and go into the next room.
    You'll see a boarded doorway across a slim board. You'll have to be
    careful or you'll fall off while tearing down the boards. Now, jump
    into the hole on the other side and kill off the two Chimera waiting
    for you. Go forward and you'll be ambushed by another team of soldiers.
    Take them out, and be careful of the mine traps in the next doorway.
    You'll find a path leading underground - take it, and you'll find a
    Continue on and Leapers will begin swarming you. Use your newly
    acquired Shotgun to dispose of them, then kick down the iron bars in
    your way. take a right, and you'll need to contend with more Leapers.
    Your shotgun is probably low on ammo by now so switch to your Razor
    until you can procure more. Go forward, take a left, dispose of even
    more Leapers, then take another left. You'll see more iron bars to kick
    down. Go through and quickly climb up the platforms.
    After the cutscene you'll be behind cover with a few Drones after you.
    Use the Razor to destroy them and the Soldiers behind them, and once
    they're gone, go to your left and enter the doorway. Go up the nearby
    stairs and break down the boards blocking your path, then push down
    the nearby piece of metal to form a bridge to another building.
    Drones will come out of the building you just connected to so take them
    out from behind cover before proceeding. In the next building, go to
    your left and enter the opening.
    More Drones and a Soldier will start shooting at you. Deal with them,
    then cross over to the next building. As you enter, turn to the right
    and jump through window. As alsways, beware of mines. Turn right and
    find the circular door and go through. Follow the path forward and
    you'll fall through the floor. kick down the boards blocking the
    doorway and go through.
    You'll now be facing an intimidating looking Chimeran Mech. You should
    have some ammo left in your rocket launcher right now. Fire those off
    at the mech first. After you've emptied your rockets on it, the mech
    will be focused completely on you. Stay behind cover and don't even
    poke your head out. Wait until your allies distract it then run to the
    stairs and go up to get the rocket ammo. Empty your rockets again and
    dodge to the right while the mech fires harmlessly at you. When the
    rocket ammo respawns, run out and grab it again, and fire all your
    rockets at the mech again. Rinse, repeat. You'll finish it off in no
    time at all.
    MISSION VI                                                      [RRC06]
    When you begin the stage, take cover and destroy the three Drones in
    front of you, then go through the door.
    Take cover once again; you'll have to contend with some drones and
    Chimeran soldiers. Take care of the moving targets first (Drones), then
    the staionary ones (Soldiers). When you finish them off, two giant
    Chimeras come out. If you have any ammo left in your rocket launcher
    right now, use them. The large Chimera will walk towards you and
    believe me, you don't want them to reach you. If you're out of rockets
    and they're nearing you, use your shotgun; it'll cause huge amounts
    of damage.
    Once you've defeated them, go to the Circular platform. Activate it to
    rotate it to another path.
    Drones will fly in to attack you. Take them down and wait for the
    rotating platform to stop. Then go out, and take down the Chimeran
    forces on the path. Go forward and press the control panel to summon
    the elevator platform. Snipe the Chimera Soldier on the platform as
    it is moving up, then get onto it and press the controls to descend.
    Chimeran Soldiers will fire at you while the elevator is moving. Either
    kill them or take cover. Once the elevator reaches the bottom, step off
    and you'll be ambushed by some Monkey Chimeras and Drones. Take cover
    and kill them, and proceed forward. The door will open and Chimeran
    Soldiers will come out. Defeat them and keep going through the door.
    You'll be shot at from all sides in this next room. Quickly take cover
    and kill the ground Chimeras attacking you, then the one on the higher
    platform. Use the lift to reach the platform where the Chimera was, and
    press the control panel after acquiring the AUGER-WS. A Chimeran Mech
    will appear. Now you have to defeat it without any allies and very
    little cover. You'll see another platform to the left of the control
    panel. Quickly jump down and run to the lift so you can get onto that
    platform and take cover. Use however many rockets you have remaining,
    then use the newly acquired Auger to fire through your cover. Emptying
    your entire Auger clip should put the mech near death, so afterwards
    a few grenade rounds from your Storm Rifle should be enough to put the
    fight to rest.
    MISSION VII                                                     [RRC07]
    The game alerts you to the Auger Shield strategy right now, so any bets
    as to what the best approach is? Yeah, switch to your Auger, then
    create a shield, and then either use your Auger's primary fire or the
    Razor to kill the giant Chimera. If it gets too near then use the
    shotgun; a few hits can kill it outright. After you kill it, go
    forward down the path. Push the control panel then set an Auger Shield
    as you destroy the Drones and Chimeran Soldiers. Remember that the
    shields don't last long, so be prepared for that eventuality.
    Once you get to the end of the path, turn right and head into the small
    vent. Climb through it for a cutscene. I really don't think bashing a
    humongous tube with the butt of your rifle will do much good here,
    Anyway, when you regain control, head to the right and activate the
    lever. Jump into the newly revealed hole, and dive under the water to
    be swept into the pipe system of the facility. Swim to the end as fast
    as you can and the water will drain right as you run out of air. Go
    through the door, and dive into the water. You'll see a lever near the
    bottom. Activate it to start flooding the area. Merman Chimera will be
    let loose.
    Defeating the Mermen Chimera without taking damage is difficult, so
    just finish them off as quickly as possible. When you emerge from the
    water, Soldiers will be firing at you. Climb on shore and set an Auger
    Shield before killing them. Flip the switch nearby to open a path.
    More Merman Chimera will come out, but if you stay on land it's
    literally just shooting fish in a barrel, albeit a really large barrel.
    Dive underwater and go into the path you opened. There will be a single
    Merman Chimera in there. Ignore him and keep swimming until you can
    emerge from the water. Climb into the vent nearby and crawl through it.
    When you emerge, duck behind cover and shoot the Chimera firing at you.
    Circle to the right and set an Auger shield when you get a visual on
    the enemy, then kill them all off ASAP. When you get to the control
    panel, some Drones will fly up, but you should be able to dispatch them
    with relative ease. Activate the control panel, then go to the right
    when the elevator stops, and destroy the drones before pulling the
    lever. When you do pull the lever, Soldiers and Monkey Chimera will
    pour out to your right. Set up an Auger shield and take them down.
    Activate the control panel following this to make the elevator go down.
    Go to the left and activate the lever. Take out the small enemy force
    that arrives and jump into the newly revealed hole. Run to the end of
    the path )sey up Auger Shields whenever Drones come after you to fight
    them off), and then go to the lift.
    Set up an Auger shield immediately, and take out the Drones and
    Soldiers. Go to the end of the path and activate the control panel.
    Again, set up an Auger Shield and kill the enemies on the other side
    of the bridge. Then run across and activate the controls. Follow the
    path, and kill the Chimera (be wary of the flying Boiler type enemies
    as they can produce shockwaves that damage you - target them first
    if possible). Go to the lift and set up an Auger Shield to your right
    as you land to fight off the Chimeran Soldiers. You'll then have to
    fight off some Monkey CHimera. Set up another Auger Shield and kill
    them off. Follow the path but DO NOT GET TOO CLOSE TO THE FLAMING
    PILLAR OR YOU WILL DIE INSTANTLY. Switch to your Auger and kill off
    the flying Boilers before focusing on the pillar. There will be
    respawning Auger Ammo Boxes for you as you fire at the pillar so don't
    be stingy with the Auger Shields. Whenever a flying Boiler appears,
    kill it with the Auger. Run to the pillar when the flames dissipate,
    and plant the bomb at the interaction point.
    MISSION VIII                                                    [RRC08]
    You start in a corridor half flooded with water. Dive down and go to
    the right to activate a lever to open the door. The water will drain
    and Chimeran Soldiers will attack. Set up an Auger Shield to fight them
    off. GOllow the path and turn left to climb into a corridor. Some
    Boilers will come at you from the right but you can shoot them down
    rather easily. After this there will be a mob of Drones which you'll
    need an Auger Shield to hide behind. This corridor has very few cover
    points so you'll need the Auger Shield to progress. Anyway, turn left
    And then left again and you'll be attacked by Chimeran Soldiers. Turn
    right and go through the door.
    Turn left and take out the Drones, then dive into the water, and kill
    the Merman Chimera. When you emerge from the water there will be Drones
    to your right/ Take them out and go through the hole in the wall. Turn
    right and then dive into the water. Kill the enemies here and proceed
    forward. Be careful not to take too much damage. As soon as you emerge
    go into free aim mode and kill the Boilers running down at you. Now
    proceed forward then turn left into the doorway.
    When you come out, you'll have to find a giant Chimera. Take care of it
    as you have in the past (remember the Auger Shield). Go through the
    newly broken window, turn right, then left into a corridor.
    When you emerge you'll have to contend with a legion of Boilers. While
    they are far away use the Fareye to snipe them in the head. However
    as you advance this will become less viable so switch to your Storm
    Rifle or Razor to take them down as you make your way forward. When
    you get to the control panel, activate it.
    Run to the control panel where the Boilers are exploding at and
    actviate it.
    You'll have to take cover and avoid fire from all sides. Take cover
    nearby and destroy the enemy forces.
    You'll have to contend with a flying Chimera now. There are respawning
    rocket ammo next to where Bouchard was kept prisoner. Set up an Auger
    Shield to protect Couchard, and start firing rockets at the Chimera.
    When you run out, get more and then shoot at it some more. Finish the
    fight as quickly as possible because Bouchard has no sense of self-
    preservation whatsoever and she'll die rather easily if you let her.
    Just be mindful of your own health bar while protecting her.
    MISSION IX                                                      [RRC09]
    You'll now comandeer one of the Chimeran Mechs. L fires a large pulse
    laser that has a wide area of effect on contact, and R fires the
    machine gun. Be mindful that the machine gun can overheat and require
    cooldown time if you use it too much, and the pulse cannon has to
    recharge between uses. Move forward and annihilat the Soldiers, then
    the Drones. You'll eventually come to a bridge. There's a small
    sphere connected to the left of the bridge. Destroy it to crush the
    bridge and press onward. You'll face a legion of Drones. Be careful
    they don't overhwelm you, as you can't take cover while in the Mech.
    You'll have to fight drones and soldiers in front of a gate now.
    The drones will be rather collected, so fire off a pulse cannon shot
    at the middle on to destroy all of them at once. Once the door opens
    go in.
    You'll have to destroy the Power Station, so kill the giant Chimera
    first, then pick off the weaker ones. Destroy the Power Station as
    fast as possible as more enemies will show up if you don't.
    Now you have to fight three giant Chimeras. the ones to the left stand
    rather close so fire off a Pulse Cannon to catch them in the explosion
    then finish them off with your machine gun. Your pulse cannon should
    be recharged by now so fire it at the remaining enemy and machine gun
    it to death.
    Destroy the bridge following this and proceed onward. Now you have to
    fight FOUR giant Chimeras (man, these odds are stacked against you).
    Make good use of your pulse cannon's explosive effect to kill them. Now
    you'll have to fight more drones to open the following gate. Now you'll
    need to fight through a huge army of enemies to destroy the Power
    Station. Focus on the giants first, then the Drones, then destroy the
    Power Station to kill the Chimera that are positioned in and on it.
    From here on you'll find Turrets. Be sure to destroy them first as they
    can cause huge amounts of damage. One pulse cannon shot can destroy
    them. When you reach the next gate a flood of drones will come at you.
    A Pulse cannon shot can down five or six at once. Use your machine gun
    during the recharge time.
    You have to fight two Mechs now. Luckily they have no pulse cannon to
    use against you. Use your pulse cannon and strafe to avoid being hit as
    best you can. While you focus on one, the other won't attack since they
    are on opposite sides of the field.
    MISSION X                                                       [RRC10]
    You'll have to weave your way to the door now. You'll be attacked by a
    flood of Leapers, so take them out first. Then, you'll be attacked by
    Soldiers. Be careful of mines as you make your way through to the door.
    The next area has a turrent aimed at you, so jump behind cover as soon
    as you can. Destroy the turret first then pick off the other soldier
    Chimera after you've done so. Once you've wiped out the enemies,
    go to the other side of the area, but be careful, there's a huge number
    of mines here. When you get past to the other side press the lever
    there to activate the lift. Jump onto the lift to get to the upper
    platform. Then, press the control panel you see to activate the bridge
    so you can cross.
    Now you'll have to fight a Titan as well as some Soldiers in a fortress
    so take out the Titan first with your rockets. Once you've defeated
    enough Soldiers the fortress will open. However, more enemies will pour
    out so take care of them before you jump down. Enter the fortress, go
    to the second floor, and press the control panel there.
    The door you just opened will virtually puke Boilers out. Snipe them
    from afar and when they get into the fortress use your shotgun to clear
    the rest of them out. When you get near the door, not only are there
    mines, but there are more Boilers waiting for you. Going through the
    door, you'll have to fight off a few drones before you can get to the
    other side where the lever is. Activate the lift, then hop on.
    Now you'll have to take control of the turret. You should be able to
    clear out the drones and soldiers with little problem, since the turret
    is completely shielded. Now press the control panel nearby and cross
    the newly lowered bridge. Kill the enemies, then push the button to
    make the platform go come to you. Get on it, and it will automatically
    start going back. Hide behind the cover the platform allows, and then
    kill the Chimeran Soldiers before you reach the other side. Press the
    nearby controls to activate another platform. Destroy the drones that
    spawn, then get on the platform. Hide behind cover as you destroy the
    drones that come out while you're on the platform. When you reach the
    other side, jump down and enter the door.
    Hide behind cover, then kill the soldiers in the fortress. When you
    kill enough the fortress will open, and more soldiers will pour out.
    Kill the remaining stragglers, then run into the fortress and activate
    the control panel on the second floor. Two Titans and a bunch of Drones
    will come afetr you. Retreat to the back of the fortress and set up an
    Auger Shield to fight off the drones. Once those are gone equip your
    Rocket Launcher and hide behind the cover in the front, only popping
    out to shoot off some rockets at the Titans. When you run out of
    rockets use grenades and the Razor to finish them off.
    MISSION XI                                                      [RRC11]
    Go forward and destroy the small ball=looking thing to setup a bridge
    over the lava. Cross the bridge and setup an Auger shield to fight off
    the Soldiers. Jump down and hide behind cover as three more Soldiers
    will come out to attack you. As you near the door, drones will fly
    out. Destroy them, then get near enough for the door to open and
    Boilers will pour out. Take them down and go through the door.
    You'll have to fight two Titans now. If you have no rockets, use the
    Razor's secondary fire to clear them out. Move forward and go to
    the right, and a Soldier will lower on a platform. Kill it and get onto
    the platform. Kill the lone SOldier up here and follow the path.
    Take control of the turrent and gun down the two Titans first, then
    destroy the drones firing at you. After you've cleared the area, go to
    the left and down to the ground. Hide behind cover, and kill the
    soldiers, then go forward and hide behind the cover right in front of
    the lava in order to fight off the drones and soldiers on the other
    side. When they're gone, destroy the globe on the other side to
    deactivate the robotic arm, and use it as a makeshift bridge to get
    across. Kill the soldiers from behind cover and get on the moving
    platform. Drones will attack while you're on the platform, so duck
    behind its barriers to avoid their fire while fighting them. When
    you get to the other side, destroy the drones.
    Go into the newly made hole and fight off some Leapers. Kill all the
    Leapers as you go thruogh and be wary of the poison gas.
    Kill the SOldiers, then go up one of the legs of the machine, and flip
    the lever. Boilers will come out from the other side but you should
    be able to down them easily. Go to the other side and you'll have to
    contend with more boilers. Flip the lever and Boilers will come at you
    again from the opposite side.
    You'll now have to fight a Hammer. Shoot rockets at it (there should be
    extra ammo behind you). Be careful, as Boilers will be running at you
    for the entire fight. Don't let the Boilers get to near, or explode,
    because if your cover takes enough damage it'll be destroyed and you'll
    be a sitting duck. If this happens you'll be dead in short order. So
    take down the Boilers as fast as possible before returning to shooting
    at the Hammer. If your cover gets destroyed late into the fight, set
    up an Auger shield, and pummel the Hammer with everything you've got.
    MISSION XII                                                     [RRC12]
    You start in a room and will have to fight off a horde of Chimera.
    Two of them will be holding Gatling guns. Take them down and you'll
    be able to obtain the IWAO-R CHAINGUN. Head forward to the interaction
    point and close the door after taking out the Chimeras.
    A Burrower will create a new path for you. Kill off the Leapers inside
    the cave, and then wait for the poison gases to dissipate before
    proceeding. You'll run into some rubble you'll have to kick down. Do so
    and drop down.
    Immediately, enemies will spawn to your right. Take them out with your
    Chaingun. Keep going forward and you'll come to a door you have to
    There are more enemy forces on the other side. Take them down with the
    Chaingun. If you're low on ammo by now, switch to your Razor, and
    keep following the path; it's rather linear. Eventually you'll reach
    a point where the railing has been destroyed. Fortunately there is a
    conveniently placed ladder nearby. Climb down after taking care of the
    enemies. You'll have to fight your way through to the other side, and
    then climb another ladder to get to the other side of the destroyed
    railing. Keep moving forward. Eventually you'll reach a point where
    the railings form a square shape with a path leading to a control panel
    at the center, and a closed door. Go to the center and turn on the
    control panel. As the door opens you'll be swarmed by enemies so be
    wary. Go through the door, but beware of Leapers as you proceed
    through the corridor.
    Enter the nearby lift, and then enter the room it takes you up to, then
    activate the controls. Drones will fly in, destroy them all, and a door
    to your right will open, and some soldiers will come through. Take
    cover and kill them off.
    You'll now be in a square shaped room with two levers on opposite ends.
    Turning one on will cause a flurry of enemies to assault you, so be
    ready for it. When you flip both switches and finish off the enemies,
    a VTOL will attempt to fly out, only to be ambushed by Slipskulls.
    This battle is incredibly frustrating, because not only do you have to
    take out the Slipskulls, but the VTOL will be blocking your shots as
    you attempt to protect it. What you want to do is to keep shooting
    at the slipskulls as you circle around the room on the railing. As you
    do this, you'll be replenishing ammo for your weapons as you shoot down
    the Slipskulls one by one. Eventually the Slipskulls will stop coming
    and the VTOL will take off.
    MISSION XIII                                                    [RRC13]
    You start in a hallway. Fight through Leapers to get to Parker. Shoot
    Leapers off of her and keep them away from her. Eventually they'll
    stop appearing.
    You'll end up behind cover after the cutscene. Kill off all the enemies
    with the Auger (since it can penetrate cover), then follow Parker
    onwards. You'll come to a large room where you'll need to push two
    carts against the wall. Leapers will come after you while you're doing
    this so make sure to kill them all before you start pushing. The
    shotgun is indispensable for this task. After the carts are in place,
    the door you came in from will be blown out, and waves of enemies will
    start attacking. Stay behind cover to defeat the waves of slipskulls,
    soldiers, then boilers.
    You'll now be at some barracks. Follow the path to a room, but be
    extremely careful as you enter the room, as Leapers will flood out from
    the vents as well as behind you. Once you kill all of them climb into
    the vent and crawl into the other room. Once you're in the other room
    you'll have to fight your way through some more soldiers as you follow
    the path the game herds you to.
    Eventually you'll need to grab onto a pipe in order to progress. Kill
    all the enemies before you do so. It is extremely important that you
    do this otherwise you'll fall if they hit you. Once you jump onto the
    platform the pipe leads you to, Boilers will start running at you. Take
    them out, and proceed. Slipskulls will make life difficult for you as
    you continue. After you're forced to drop to a lower ledge, more
    Boilers will rush you (God, I'm getting sick of these things already).
    Keep pressing forward and eventually you'll find a small force of
    Chimeran Soldiers. Dispatch them to end the mission.
    MISSION XIV                                                     [RRC14]
    This mission will be incredibly short as it takes place in one area,
    but it is also incredibly difficult as you have to fight off a literal
    army of enemies while protecting Bouchard, which is a monumental task.
    Anyway, As the mission begins, you'll have to fight off a few Chimera
    on the second floor. They go down rather easily. Follow Bouchard to
    the second floor after this and take the vial of blood when you get to
    where she is standing. Now, follow the path to the centrifuge, and then
    place the vial of blood inside (that centrifuge doesn't look too safe
    ... the vial can easily break in something like that, but I guess it's
    for the sake of looking dramatic).
    Run back to where Bouchard is, then enemies will start pouring in.
    First you'll contend with a handful of drones, then an army of Leapers,
    then Soldiers and more Drones. Once this wave of enemies is gone, go
    immediately to the path that you took to get to the centrifuge. Duck
    behind cover and engage the enemy forces. It's important that you don't
    let ANY OF THEM get through, as they can make short work of Bouchard
    once they get past you. Eventually the centrifuge will be destroyed,
    and a Titan will come. This Titan is armored heavily and will make a
    beeline towards Bouchard as she runs down to the first floor to grab
    the vial of blood. Throw everything you have at it, grenades, rockets,
    Auger fire, anything, until it's dead. Otherwise it's curtains for
    Bouchard... and for the mission.
    MISSION XV                                                      [RRC15]
    You'll start off in some trenches. Fight through the corridor (and two
    waves of Soldiers) and you'll eventually come to a mounted rocket
    launcher. A VTOL will be preparing to take off and you'll have to
    defend it from enemy forces.
    Take out the the Soldiers first, as they only require one hit to die.
    Then start firing at the Titan, who will flinch every time it is hit.
    Keep firing until it's dead, and more soldiers and some drones will
    come. Take out the soldiers first, then the drones. When a second Titan
    comes in keep shooting at it to flinch it and prevent it from firing
    at the VTOL. When it goes down you'll have finished this segment.
    Hide aside of the newly opened door to take out the drones. Follow the
    path laid out by the trenches, and fight off any enemies you encounter.
    It's quite easy to fight off the enemies here as there is an abundance
    of places to hide behind. Eventually you'll reach a point where a Titan
    will jump down into the trenches. Quickly hide behind cover and start
    throwing everything you have at it. If it starts getting too close, try
    falling back until you have some distance, and continue throwing using
    everything in your arsenal. Once it's down, continue onward. When you
    encounter rotating blades, shoot the engine it's connected to to stop
    Kill off the Soldiers that come out, then keep going. When you see
    an exploding barrel, wait for two Chimera to come out and jump off the
    bridge it is on. One more will wait atop of the bridge. Go into free
    aim mode, and shoot the barrel to take them all out at once.
    The door will be blown open and Chimera will pour through. Use your
    Chaingun to take them out easily.
    You'll be in a barricade right now. Run to the mounted missile launcher
    to defend your partner. First you'll have to destroy some Drones. Then
    two Hammers will come in from either side. Shoot them in the yellow
    power source at the rear to deal maximum damage. Then more soldiers and
    drones will come in from the left. Take them out before they do too
    much damage to your partner. Now get off the launcher and equip your
    Fareye. When your partner is on the bridge he'll be sandwiched by
    a force of Chimeran Soldiers. Snipe them all as quickly as possible
    because your partner is completely incompetent, and sucks at staying
    alive under fire. You'll run to a VTOL and now you''ll have to defend
    it from four Titans ...
    Just kidding. Surprisingly, you don't need to do anything to secure
    your own escape. Weird...
    MISSION XVI                                                     [RRC16]
    Not exactly smart, Grayson, having sex with someone who's infected with
    something that's obviously bloodborne.
    Anyway, as the chapter begins, you'll be behind cover. Pop up and kill
    the Chimeran Soldier and then the two that come in for backup. After
    that, take out the drones that appear, and help Mallory open the door.
    Once you regain control, kill off all the leapers inside with your
    shotgun before pushing the obstruction out of the way. Drop down into
    the next area, and hide behind the large doorway. You'll be facing a
    large force of Chimeran Soldiers, as well as one carrying a Chaingun
    here. Use the Auger from behind cover. Try to kill the Chaingun toting
    Chimera first as he can cut through your health rather quickly. After
    this, take out the soldiers. There are lots of ammo boxes here to
    refill your ammo in case you're low so don't be stingy with the bullets
    as it can get you killed. Once you've cleared the room, go to the left
    side and you'll find a space you can crawl into. Do so, and you'll end
    up in another area.
    Kill off all the leapers here with your shotgun, then hide behind the
    wall and kill off the soldiers below with your Auger. Drop down, and
    you'll be forced to contend with a large force of soldiers as well as
    drones, and maybe one or two Cloven. Keep moving to stay behind cover
    as the soldiers will actively pursue you. However, take out the Drones
    first as they are much faster and thus more deadly than the soldiers.
    Once the soldiers have been eraticated, a chaingun soldier will
    kick down the gate. Use grenades and rockets to take it down, and if
    you're out, use your chaingun to give him a little taste of his own
    medicine. Once you've taken it out proceed through the door it just
    came through and you'll have finished this mission.
    MISSION XVII                                                    [RRC17]
    You'll start off behind cover, and will have to fight off some soldiers
    and a huge number of Slipskulls. Take out the Slipskulls first as they
    can easily jump behind you and start attacking. The Soldiers will, for
    the most part, just stand in place and shoot at you. Once the enemies
    are cleared out, go forward and to the left and open the gate. You'll
    be ambushed by two soldiers and a swarm of Leapers. Run from the gate
    and kill off the Leapers first, then take down the Chimeran Soldiers.
    Proceed through the hallway.
    Press X as fast as possible to get the Cloven off of you. Now go to
    the left and climb under the arc. You'll be ambushed by soldiers and
    slipskulls. There is a lack of cover here so throw up an Auger Shield
    to fight them off. Now keep climbing up the platforms and you'll be
    attacked by two more Chimeran Soldiers. Take them out as fast as you
    can. Use a shotgun for maximum efficiency. Now drop down and to your
    left is another arc you can climb under. When you drop down, you'll be
    in a linear hallway. Duck behind the crate to your left, and fight off
    the Chimeran Soldiers coming at you. Be careful here, as while you're
    fighting the Soldiers, Leapers will start showing up. If they get on
    you, you'll come out of cover, leaving you a sitting duck. Kill them
    off as fast as possible. As you go through the corridor, you'll be
    fighting lots of Soldiers and Leapers. This will be a good time to use
    the Chaingun and Shotgun, as you'll be able to take out enemies
    quickly with those two.
    Take out the Chimeran soldier, the leap the cover you're behind. Keep
    going and you'll then have to face a force of Drones and Slipskulls.
    They're equal amounts annoying and dangerous, and this place has a lack
    of solid cover, so if you have it, throw up an Auger shield, then take
    them down. Alternatively, you can mow them down with your chaingun and
    shotgun. Proceeding forward you'll have to fight some drones and
    soldiers. Kill them all before proceeding, as the following area has
    Leapers and you don't want more than you can handle. Keep going and
    a Titan will come out to play. You should have some rockets now, so
    fire them all at it. Finish it off with your shotgun. When it dies you
    will have to face off against a few Slipskulls. Use your shotgun and
    when that's out of ammo switch to your Razor. After they've been taken
    care of, climb up the nearby ladder. Keep climbing up as you take down
    the soldiers and eventually you'll have to fight a chaingun soldier.
    Use an Auger Shield to defend yourself. Alternatively, use the Chaingun
    to take out out quickly.
    MISSION XVIII                                                   [RRC18]
    As you start, you'll have to fight off an army of Slipskulls. Take your
    time killing them off, as they won't cross over to your area. It'll
    take a while to et all of them as some of them are far away and thus,
    hard to hit, and there are a lot of them jumping around.
    Once the slipskulls are gone, you'll have to contend with a Titan.
    Since it's so far away, your usual weapons won't be of much use. Use
    your Fareye and snipe its cooling mechanism to kill it quickly. Once
    it's dead, jump off the part of the balcony that's destroyed. As you
    near the water, drones will come out. Hide behind cover and take them
    out. Dive into the water and go right to a partially submerged piece
    of rubble. Use it to boost yourself onto a higher ledge and proceed
    onward. You'll have to fight off some soldiers and a chingun soldier.
    Afetr you clear them out go to the lever, and pull it to take down the
    barrier blocking the way.
    Go through and you'll have to fight off drones and slipskulls. Use your
    Auger or Chaingun shield to take them out and open the door. You'll
    have to fight two soldiers now, take them out and proceed forward. Some
    drones will attack, but they should be easily dispatched. Make your way
    to the left, killing soldiers and chaingun soldiers until you find an
    elevator. Press the control panel.
    As you come down, there will be a flood of soldiers. Make sure you take
    out the turret, otherwise it'll make life difficult for you. Make good
    use of cover and your Auger/Chainsaw shields, as this place is a
    gauntlet of Chimeran Soldiers. Slowly make your way down, disposing of
    each Chimeran force slowly. Don't get to reckless and rush in, or else
    you risk getting offed and starting the whole thing over.
    At the bottom you'll have to fight a Burrower. Chimeran soldiers and
    drones will pour out of the hole it made, so take them out before
    following it in. You'll have to kill enemies while fighting the
    burrower. Be careful, as it can emit poison gas that can harm you.
    You have to destroy either side's lights in order to get it to
    open its 'mouth,' so use the chaingun/shotgun to blow out the lights,
    then shoot rockets into it. Once its life is depleted by half it'll
    retreat a bit. Drones will come out, so kill them off before you
    follow it. By now you're probably out of rockets. Continue using
    your shotgun/chaingun to take out its lights, then toss grenades or
    using your Storm Rifle's Alternate fire. Eventually you'll manage to
    take it down. Be careful not to let yourself get overwhelmed. If
    there are too many enemies, retreat from the cave and fight them off
    before engaging the Burrower again.
    MISSION XIX                                                     [RRC19]
    You start in a long cave. Be careful of the small cocoons, they spit
    forth Leapers. You'll soon reach a hole in the ground. Take out the
    soldiers opposite of you, and drop down. As you progress some Cloven
    will attack you. They can only use physical attacks and have no guns
    so you should be able to take them out easily. Afterwards some soldiers
    including one wielding a chaingun will attack. Hide behind cover and
    return fire, or use your own chaingun if you have the ammo to spare.
    Go across the bridge, and press the control panel. Drones will come
    after you as the platform circles around. Destroy them. As the bridge
    reassembles itself, Chimeran Soldiers will begin to attack. Take them
    out from afar with the Fareye, then run across and get on the lift. A
    chaingun soldier will start firing at you. You should be able to take
    care of him easily by now. Press the control panel if you have a chance
    between dodging fire from the drones and soldiers from the other side
    of the pit. Use the Razor's alternate fire to take them out as quickly
    as possible. When the bridge is reassembled, walk across and jump on
    the lift. Kill the soldiers and drones, and wait for the bridge to
    circle around to you.
    Soldiers and Drones will pour out to the left on the other side. As
    always, use your trusty Razor to take them out. When you reach the
    other side of the bridge, kill all the enemies before activating the
    control panel. After you do so an elevator will lower in the center.
    It will carry a chaingun chimera and a soldier along with it. Kill
    them both using your Razor or Chaingun, and get on the elevator.
    As the elevator goes up, it will routinely stop and Chimera soldiers
    will come out to try and kill you. The biggest problems are the
    chaingun soldiers, who walk near you slowly and take a lot of hits.
    Take out the normal soldiers first, then the chaingun. The first wave
    consists of two normal soldiers and a chaingun. Take out the soldiers,
    then the chaingun. The second wave has two chaingun soldiers on either
    side and a soldier far away. Kill the chaingun at your right, then the
    one at your left, then snipe the soldier from far away.
    You'll now have to fight two Armored Titans, and they are tough. Use
    your Rocket Launcher to kill the one at your left. Now take out what-
    ever weapon you have now and shoot at the cooling mechanism from the
    one on your right to kill it as fast as possible. Try grabbing the
    rocket ammo in the center of the room before the last one explodes.
    Now you have to fight a Hammer and two soldiers. Use the rocket
    launcher to attack its weak spot for MASSIVE DAMAGE! But first you'll
    want to use the Auger to kill the two soldiers from behind cover. Now
    take out your rocket launcher and shoot the Hammer until you have no
    rockets left. Afterwards, equip your chaingun and put your shields up
    so you can run out and get the rocket ammo. You should be able to take
    out the Hammer with your second wave of rockets.
    MISSION XX                                                      [RRC20]
    You're in control of a Hammer now. move forward and kill off all the 
    soldiers and drones with your primary machine gun, firing off pulse
    cannon shots when you can for an explosion to kill multiple enemies.
    Eventually you'll reach a gate. As it opens, two armored titans will
    come out. Shoot them with your pulse cannon, then use your machine gun
    to stun them while the cannon recharges. Repeat until they're dead.
    When you get into the next area you'll be facing off against some
    soldiers and drones, kill them off and you'll notice titans on top of
    where the other enemies were. Strafe while shooting at them and use
    the aforementioned tactics to kill them. Turn to your left and you'll
    have to contend with another wave of soldiers and drones. After them,
    some Chimera wielding chainguns will come out. Keep shooting at them
    to kill them quickly. Now you'll have to fight three Titans, strafe
    while pepering them with machine gun fire and cannon bursts, and they
    should go down in short order. Now turn to your right and enter the
    As you go forward, Titans will join normal soldiers in attacking you.
    Here you'll want to use machine gun fire while strafing against the
    Titans, and cannon shots against the soldiers to take out four or
    five of them at once, since the titans care barely touch you if you're
    fast enough. At the end of the path, you'll fight a Hammer. Shoot its
    cooling mechanism with your cannon, then countinue to pound at it with
    your machine gun. It should go down easily. When you go through the
    door you'll have to fight a Hammer and two Titans. The Titans should
    pose little threat, as long as you are moving. Destroy the Hammer as
    soon as possible. Make sure you aim your cannon shots right, as one
    missed shot can mean the difference between winning and losing. Once
    you've killed this wave, more Titans will appaer to the left of where
    the last two Titans were. These are easy as they're not accompanied
    by any other enemies so you can just strafe-kill them. Now you have
    to battle with two Titans and a dropship. Kill the Titans by Strafe-
    Killing them first. Keep moving as you attack the Dropship, and you
    shouldn't have too much trouble. If you have a choice between avoiding
    fire or firing a shot, always avoid the incoming fire.
    MISSION XXI                                                     [RRC21]
    You'll have to fight through a large number of Chimera here.
    Fortunately, you'll have gained a new version of the Razor, so go
    crazy with it. Boilers and Soldiers will assault you, but stay behind
    cover and you'll be able to fight them off, albeit slowly. When you
    get to the end of the path, pull the lever and then dive into the
    water. Enter the nearby path and climb up out of the water. Follow
    the only path out.
    Fight your way through the Boilers and Soldiers and you'll come
    across a Titan. Fire off your rockets to damage it, then finish it
    off with your Razor. At the end of the path, pull the lever so you can
    jump into the water. Enter the nearby path to get to the next area.
    When you emerge you'll have to fight off some drones and soldiers. Use
    your shotgun on the drones and the Razor on the Soldiers. Stay behind
    cover and a Titan will emerge. As always, stay behind cover and only
    emerge when it isn't shooting to fire off some shots. This time, you
    have the enhance Razor so it should go a lot smoother. You'll come
    across a mounted turret, so jump on it and start shooting the enemies.
    You don't have to worry about damage until the turret is destroyed,
    and by then there will be few enough enemies that it shouldn't be
    a problem. When they're all dead, activate the lever and jump into
    the water. Swim towards a small round object jutting down from above
    (be careful of mines!) and shoot it until it explodes. It will reveal
    a hole, where you can climb up. Now go up into the door.
    The boss here is tough. You can't kill it with firearms. It'll be on
    top of a platform you can't reach... yet. Every so often, drones will
    fly out. When they do, switch to your shotgun and blow them away. When
    the boss runs out of health, it'll be stunned. Shoot it until it's
    stunned, and run to onw of the three switches below it and pull one of
    them. While the boss is hurt it'll create a shield with its Auger rifle
    to block your fire. Stay behind cover and keep shooting at it. There
    are respawning ammo boxes if you run out, so just keep moving. Don't
    stay in one place too long, as the boss has an Auger that can go
    through pretty much anything. When all three levers are flipped, you
    can now run up a path to the right of the boss to get to it. From below
    shoot it until it has a sliver of health left. THen run up the path 
    and take out its remaining health. While it's stunned, you can run up
    to it, and push the down button to break its neck, ending the fight.
    You'll get an ADVANCED AUGER-FS after the fight.
    MISSION XXII                                                    [RRC22]
    Go through the cave in free aim mode. Boilers will flood in, so be sure
    to take their heads out quickly before they can kill you. At the end of
    the path is an elevator.
    As the elevator rises Chimera will attack you. Hide from all of them,
    as they won't come down onto the elevator, so just find some place to
    hide behind, and let them pass you by.
    Go into the nearby door, and keep following the path. You'll encounter
    boilers, flying boilers, and a single chaingunner. Shoot the boilers
    in free aim mode, then use a chaingun/auger and shield to take out
    the chaingunner. Be careful not to be overwhelmed; walk forward slowly.
    You'll have to fight 2 Flyers now. Shoot rockets and hide behind cover
    while you reload. Throw everything you have at them. They fly around
    really fast, so you'll want to take them down quickly.
    Now you'll go through some boilers and a titan. Keep following the path
    and Boilers and Soldiers will come after you. Don't rush yourself; just
    kill them one at a time, and proceed slowly to make sure their numbers
    don't flood you. At the end there are 2 titans. At this point, since
    there is no cover, you may want to make a mad dash for the control
    panel to activate it.
    You'll be underwater now. You'll have to fight off mermen Chimera as
    you activate switches. It shouldn't be too difficult as there is no
    air limit here. When everything is done, you'll have to fight a giant
    underwater Chimera.
    This one should be rather easy. You can just strafe while shooting it
    from afar. Its shots are rather slow, and you can wear it down slowly.
    MISSION XXIII                                                   [RRC23]
    This is it, the final battle. You're on a circular ledge, and you'll
    see control panels. There are respawning ammo boxes everywhere. Make
    sure you know where the Auger ammo and rocket ammo is. When one of the
    beacons lights up it means it is ready to be activated. Activate it to
    terminate the Hag's shield. Fire off all your rockets at it, and it'll
    put its barrier back up, and retreat. Now an army of drones will attack
    you. Equip your Auger and attack them from behind cover. Once they are
    all gone the Hag will come back and you will have to repeat the process
    a few times.
    If you have to reload, do it while the Hag has its shield up. Its
    attack are very slow and you can just circle around it grabbing health
    and ammo. When you're fully loaded you can activate the control panel.
    Later on in the battle the Hag will fire a concentrated psychic beam
    at you. You can dodge it easily if you just keep running. Activate the
    controls when she stops firing.
    It shouldn't be too much trouble and considering some earlier parts
    of the game it's actually relatively easy in comparison.
    Congratulations, you just beat Resistance: Retribution!
    VII. VERSION HISTORY                                            [RRVer]
    1.0                                                             [RR100]
    -First Version
    -Finished walkthrough
    VIII. CREDITS                                                   [RRCre]
    -GameFAQs, for making this site, which I use a lot.

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