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"Resistance on the PSP is everything fans hoped it would be, and more!"

When you look up the word Retribution in the dictionary you'll probably get something like: "requital according to merits or deserts, esp. for evil." and Retribution is exactly the rage you'll be feeling when you jump into this brand new PSP adventure, and into the shoes of British Royal Marine James Grayson in the weeks following the destruction of the Chimeran tower in London at the end of [I]Resistance: Fall of Man[/I]. And hey!! Look whose making this game: Sony Bend! Those are the guys behind the generally well-reviewed and much loved Syphon Filter games on the PSP! And isn't Resistance Sony's Golden Franchise? So what happens when you mix all of the right elements together and put them in one game, on the power of the PSP system... You get perfection in the palm of your hands! Read on!...

Graphics: 10/10
Well, there's always one clear cut advantage to being Sony's favorite franchise, and that is (besides avoiding ridiculous mini-games on the Nintendo DS) that you're gonna get some amazing graphics, no matter what! Even on the PSP system Resistance delivered what it's older brothers delivered. In fact, that's a part of the appeal!

Everything in Resistance: Retribution has a nostalgic feel to it, because it's much more heavily based on Resistance: Fall of Man than Resistance 2. Old enemies, weapons, and style reappear from Fall of Man, which is a nice change of pace if you found yourself disappointed with Resistance 2. One example is the weapon ring, which lets you select any weapon in the game you currently have. In Resistance 2, they adopted the Halo-like gun style where you realistically can only hold 1 or 2 guns at a time. But that's just minor, the sight of the trademark Resistance enemies, weapons and settings will leave you in awe of what the PSP is capable of!

And the cut-scenes are nothing to laugh at either. Someone put a lot of time into FMVs and cut-scenes here deep and easy to follow. Ever play a game and press X to skip every cut scene? Not this one!! The character models are highly detailed, the environments are huge and easily Resistance-inspired, the animations are fluid and well done! R:R is without a doubt one of the prettiest games on the PSP system. Just don't tell the Chimera that.

Sound: 10/10
Sometimes PSP games have to take into account that not all PSP owners sit at home and play the PSP like it's a PlayStation 3 home system or something. So I have to ask myself "Can I still play this game in the car, at school at work, etc. and still get the full experience?" and the answer is yes, you can mute this game and still enjoy it.

But if you got headphones, you'll enjoy everything Resistance: Retribution has to offer in the sound category. From the full fledged voice acting, to the impressive and well varied sound effects, this game just doesn't disappoint. Not to mention the BGM matching the mood, or dare I even say setting the mood. Every line in Resistance is spoken out loud, every gun has a different sound effect, every alien has their own disgusting sound, and there's just no room for improvement. Very well done! Plus, I like how the main character sounds like Jason Statham, I mean, you gotta love that!

Controls: 10/10
When you got a game like Resistance: Retribution with solid and tight controls, it's no wonder we got a demo weeks before this game was actually released. The controls are nearly perfect for a PSP shooter, and are adjustable to a certain degree so you can swap some controls around. If you've played and enjoyed games like Coded Arms and Miami Vice on the PSP, then you will like this. By default R1 shoots, L1 secondary fires, the analog stick walks, the face buttons aim. This is a PSP third-person shooter at its finest. Also noteworthy, is the aim assist that helps beginners dominate against the Chimera in this war!

Story: 10 /10
Are you kidding me? The PSP version of Resistance was designed with story in mind, from the get-go. Before this game even came out, a trailer video was released just to show off and hype up the story. Now that I have a copy of Resistance: Retribution in my hands, I can confirm that the story lives up to its hype, but I won't go too far into detail because of spoilers and major events left and right, but let's just say we all hope British Royal Marine James Grayson gets the opportunity to avenge his brother....

Gameplay: 10/10
Ok, so we all know that when a game and Franchise like Resistance gets announced for the PSP system there's gonna be a lot of flash, razzle and dazzle! So you knew the graphics were gonna be top notch, you knew the voice acting was going to be superb, you knew the marketing machine would be in full force, but a game isn't a game if you can't play it and become addicted, but thankfully that's exactly what Resistance: Retribution sets out to do!

As you probably already know, Resistance on the PSP differs from it's big PS3 brothers in a few ways, including the fact that it's not a first person shooter, it's a third person shooter, meaning you can see your character, it's not POV. Aside from that, it stays true to the Resistance Formula. This isn't Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill (even though both had epic PSP games) this is Resistance! Run and gun any Chimera that stand in your way!

Killing Chimera isn't a chore, it's a form of art! There's so many weapons and ways of killing the enemy that you never get tired of it. There are well over 12 weapons in this game, from your every day shot gun to some not-so-expected weapons (unless you're a Resistance fan) such as the Sniper Rifle that literally lets you slow down time for precise shots, or an Auger gun that puts up a force field that only Augers can fire through. Resistance has always been creative with its weapons and don't think the PSP cuts any corners here either!

Single player is truly fun and the campaign should last you a dozen hours, maybe a little less. There's plenty of variety such as "protect the NPCs" missions and "rail shooter" type of deals. The multiplayer is nothing short of great! I wouldn't be surprised if they released a new multiplayer-emphasized Resistance game, much like Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus or Syphon Filter: Combat Ops.

Longevity and Replay Value: 8/10
As you already know, this game was made by the same people responsible for the Syphon Filter series of games, and this replayability area is where you can really start to tell that. First off, when Resistance was announced on the PSP fans of cooperative game play were excited, "Alright, a new Co-op PSP game to look forward to!! Every Resistance game has co-op, so this one will too, right??" Wrong. No co-op, it's a complete let down. But there's still a multiplayer of sorts, so it's not a total solo game. Maybe lack of co-op wouldn't bother me so much, if the game didn't team you up with NPCs so much in the single player campaign. I just wish my buddies can hop in and take over for the NPCs!

To help add the longevity and replayability of Resistance Retribution, and make good use of Sony's exclusive Resistance rights and investment, Resistance on the PSP introduces one of Sony's biggest pushes for the PSP Plus functionality. That's right, you can connect your PS3 and PSP if you own both Resistance 2 and Resistance: Retribution! You could use the DualShock 3 controller to play through the game, thought it is sort of uninspiring, it makes up for it by unlocking a special “Infected” single player mode that changes the story and gives Grayson some new abilities. In the Infected mode, Grayson's background changes and he is infected by the Chimeran virus, gains regenerative health, and the ability to breathe underwater. This feature is truly neat, and it's nice seeing Sony take advantage of their technology!

But for every up in the Replay department there's a down. This game features an auto-save, which is a great feature, but it only auto-saves your stats, unless you finish the level. Meaning you can't do a mid-level save, yet you can do a mid-level stat save. So if you decide to play Resistance on your 15-minute break at work, and don't beat the level, you can't save it and pick up later, you're gonna have to use sleep mode, which is very inconvenient and inexcusable for a PSP-exclusive game. But don't sweat the small stuff, Resistance: Retribution is a game you'll be playing for weeks and months to come.

Overall: 10
In the end, it looks like Sony Bend did it again with Resistance: Retribution. If you loved the Bend-developed Syphon Filter games as much as the next PSP player did then Retribution is the game for you! It is similar to Syphon Filter in many ways but yet somehow manages to be better in every way. The visuals are unbelievable, the levels are groundbreaking and the controls are perfect. Not every game is perfect, the lack of co-op in a Resistance Game bugs me, and I'm sure it'll bug any co-op lover out there but the deep multiplayer and addicting single player make this a PSP must have! Not even minor complaints could convince me to bring the score down from a perfect TEN! PSP owners must get this game, period!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/20/09

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