Can anybody explain to me about the Liberation special attack thing?

  1. I'm not sure how to use this all the explanations for it are in Japanese. Can anybody explain how it works (besides just push triangle and circle)?

    User Info: DuoMaxwell43

    DuoMaxwell43 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. With Liberation activated you gain a great attack boost, speed ( simply move with short dashes...), temporary invincibility and can OD (OverDive) attack (Lock-On Button + Triangle when the orange triangle shows up) enemies easily. Besides the normal ones, enemies you can't damage like the 1# episode mid-boss continues the same when you are in Liberation Mode. If you're in the "death animation" you can activate Liberation instead of OverDive someone near. If you do this, you will enter Liberation Mode and when it's over, you'll be alive but without any HP.

    To fill the Liberation Bar you just need to damage enemies (...and the Machine Gun fills the bar pretty fast depending on how much enemies are surrounding you because of the rate of fire. The Shotgun also do a pretty good work, but with the few ammo, I think the Machine Gun still a better choice... ).

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Other Answers

  1. O+A
    When the liberation bar is full.

    Aya will be temporaly invincible, able ot hit "Ghost" type enemy that normal attack miss.

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  2. Lets say when u activate it, Aya dual wields 2 pistols and is able to shoot really fast, causing alot of dmg. Plus, she is able to move out of harms way really fast. Lets just say Liberation mode is a means of getting out of a pinch.

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  3. I don't know if this will help but if your liberation bar is not complete and if you use the linkage with the cpu player or even spray out lots of bullets that damages the monsters greatly it will eventually tell you to press triangle on that monster, when you press triangle it will reduce the monsters hp by far and you will quickly fill up your liberation bar

    User Info: UzumakiIchigo

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  4. What UzumakiIchigo is true but liberation can res you when you are about to die if u press it at the right time, it give you time to run or kill the boss faster if you are neck and neck with the boss.

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  5. I believe that Liberation WILL damage any ghosting enemies, such as the boss in Episode 1 (Chapter 2). It also keeps you from dying until it runs out, so you can use it to find cover and regain health.

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  6. @s3r4ph_x
    You don't need to attack anyone iirc. Just like health, it does recover slowly.

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  7. @SakuyaFM
    Really? Sorry about that, I didn't noticed it...>.<

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  8. Correction: Just rechecked for assurance, and yes, it does indeed require you to HIT an enemy. You do not gain anything from getting hit, missing, or standing around. Sorry for the misinformation.

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  9. Liberation special attack thing is a special mode where all of Aya's ability are super enhanced. This includes her DNA abilities. Which means increased regeneration, speed, damage, defence, etc.
    Of course it has a time limit and needs to be recharge via taking damage or attacking, preferably attacking.

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  10. Let's not confuse "OD kill" and "Liberation":
    - OD kill is the one when you see triangle cursor on your enemy and Aya deals heavy damage (and chance to get DNA)
    - Liberation is the one when Aya is in "God mode" (well, almost) by pressing Triangle+Circle. Usually, her handgun can stagger enemy quite quickly and her OD kill deals more damage in this mode.
    PS: You can self destruct yourself while in "Liberation" by pressing circle, but I think you need a special purple DNA.

    Anyone know how to submit FAQs here? I'm about to write one... Especially about these stuffs, DNA and maybe enemies as well. I just can't find the option to do this :(

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  11. if you have a DNA 'Inferno' please press 'O' in Liberation Mode, but it will end up sacrifice the solider you using. Inferno deals a high amount of damage to the surrounding.

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  12. Basically, in Liberation you are invincible, you shoot fast, deal a lot of damage, lets you ODK more often, runs faster (in small dashes - - -), hit normally indestructible Twisted, and pretty pwn every living Twisted you can get your lock-on recticle on. It will regenerate you to 1hp if you are dying (as in, during the dying animation). So you are pretty much a god in this mode.
    Oh yeah, if you have Inferno DNA you can press O to kill yourself but deal massive damage.

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