How do I beat а giant crab in mission 1?

  1. First you run from it then you have to fight. This %^$& monster is invincible and neither weapons nor liberation work on him. Help plz!!

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    S_e_p_h_i_r_oth - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I going to go with you're talking about the Reaper? there are 3 invincible like enemies in Episode one. Only 2 are killable(last 2 bosses)
    I'm going with reaper since you said run

    Reaper: Creature first appears when you are walking down a hallway. You cant fight him and whenever you see him, you always have to run. there is only one point in the game where you do fight him, and thats in Episode 5, so until then, its non stop running/overdiving
    He shows up twice in this episode, first time you have to keep running, overdive into soldiers till you reach the one on the ladder
    The 2nd time he shows up you will be in an open room and you still have to avoid him, on other side of the map is 2 crystal like things you have to destroy in order to leave that area. Have to keep overdiving to not get caught, destroy both of those and the exit isn't too far away

    If its not the reaper, let me know

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Other Answers

  1. Giant Crab? You are probably referring to the wide-open space where you have to fight a GIANT monster.

    Keep at least 2 soldiers near the barricades. Then, rush to the upper right corner facing the monster. There's a red crystal you can destroy to reach the elevated area behind the monster. Then, it'll show you the weakness (which is at its back). If it starts shooting red arrows, dodge away and use the wall near the stairs (not the orange barricades!) for cover. If it starts climbing, OD to one of the soldiers near the barricade. To keep him from climbing up the elevated area, you COULD weaken it by draining both limbs and head, but it will regenerate after some time. Rinse, repeat.

    I could replay this part for you and post a video if you want.

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  2. First Destroy the 3 Targets on the Giant "Crab". This will stun the beast. Then run towards the vines, and destroy the red dot thing, [Shotgun makes this alot easier]. Run up stairs so you are in the roof. Shoot the beast on the roof. When the monster starts climbing the building you are on. Immediately move your character to the side stairs and overdive into a soldier on the ground. Now attack the monster while it is climbing. When the monster falls back down to deal with the ground forces, Overdive into the soldier hiding in the stairway. Return to the roof and shoot the monster. Keep repeating it until you win.

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  3. He means the little girl which is saw during the CG and turns into a Giant White Thing (with white life bar first) and keeps calling Aya Oneeeee-Chan. This is AFTER the Reaper fight with the big building and vines in front of the stairs ( I'm also stuck with this weird " white pudding monster? " =_= )

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  4. If it -was- the ghosting monster at the end Ch1, then Liberation definitely would work. Since it doesnt, it's most likely the Reaper or Helix. Helix shoots the red spires at you, while Reaper is a wormy scythe thing that chases you. The second time you encounter the Reaper, you still run from it. sumwheat is spot on.

    If it really is the Helix, then breaking the mouth and both legs is not necessary, but only one of the feet; preferrably Helix's left foot, or the foot on your right. Helix does an unstoppable stomp whenever you get close to it, on the side corresponding to the foot. If a foot is gone, it can no longer stomp on that side, and thus you are free to walk by it and take out the Orb in the right corner, opposite where you start; left foot because it is closer and less walking.

    After you take out the Orb, take the stairs up to gain the ability to target its back. From then on, you can take it out roof or all the way down. Alternate between the two in order not to take damage. It's best to keep one foot damaged so it cannot move, and attack him from behind, while keeping the soldiers he's after behind cover.

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