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    Plot Summary Guide by drdark83

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    Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday
    Plot Summary
    By DrDark83 (Khattab Baban)
    Finished at April.12.2011
    Version History
    Version 1.1  April.21.2011
    Added Extra scene explanation.
    Thanks to Archangel Bardiel for his contribution & very nice explanation of
    the extra scene & the meaning of the 4th birthday.
    Version 1.0  April.12.2011
    The Initial guide.
    Hi this is my first time to write a FAQ, I hope it would be benificial for
    those who want to go more in depth into the story.
    The game plot I took from:
    1. The game play events
    2. The information given by the game e.g. Blank, Maeda & Eve's mailbox etc..
    If anyone has any suggestion about this FAQ, any addition or to correct the
    story, you can email me at:
    Thanks for your reading.
    Shall I give despair.. Sephiroth
    1. Time Zero's explanation
    2. Who are the twisted? [kdsh1]
    3. Who are the high Ones? [bjks3]
    4. CTI formation [ndow7]
    5. Hyde's plan [shog5]
    6. Episodes list & plot [fvdk0]
    7. Extra Ending scene [bnkd4]
    8. EVE's mailbox [yusz5]
    Time Zero
    The story starts in a church during Aya's wedding ceremony with Kyle Madigan
    (a private detective who survived the mojave dessert incident along with Aya
    in PE2).
    The guests were:
    1. Eve Brea (Aya's clone from PE2 & now regarded as her little sister).
    2. Hyde Bohr (his relationship to Aya is unknown before time zero but he was
    an FBI member & so is Aya so she might have knew him from work).
    Those 4 people were present inside the church plus the priest
    3. Emily Jefferson (the daughter of a british millionaire & a friend of Eve
    from school).
    4. Cray (Also an FBI member).
    5. Gabrielle Monsigny (she taught Aya sniping at the FBI & they were friend
    since then).
    The latter three were waiting outside the church although it was unexplained
    Suddenly a SWAT team attacked and shot Aya & her husband to be Kyle Madigan
    before their vows.
    Aya after being fatally injured grabed a pistol and aimed at Eve (this part
    when Eve during her dreams thought that Aya shot Eve), but then she started
    shooting at the SWAT team & killed one of them but sadly she was put to rest
    by the other members.
    Eve unintentionally unleashed an ability (Overdiving) in response to Aya's
    demise and overdived into Aya and took cotrol of her body & killing all the
    SWAT members. Overdiving is an ability to transfer one's psyche into another
    By overdiving into Aya, Eve did what:
    1. Destroyed Aya's soul & it's pieces gave rise to the twisted.
    2. Took control of Aya's body but forgot her memory & even her identity.
    (this explain why Aya looked afraid during the game although she encountered
     much worse enemies in PE 1&2).
    3. Eve's body started to deteriorate without her soul & gave rise to the high
    ones who took over the physical bodies of Hyde, Emily, Cray, Kyle & Gabrielle
    (ironically the priest didn't turn into a high one ^_^).
    Hyde ( a high one now ) saw this infront of him knowing that Aya is actually
    dead & her body now possessed by Eve kept this to himself & told her that he
    found her on Christmas Eve 2010 outside a cathedral in a bloodstained wedding
    dress & later he knew that her name was Aya Brea.
    How come the others didn't mentioned to Eve her true identity?
    The answer is simple
    1. Now they became high ones although all of them unaware of that.
    2. Hyde was controlling them (just like a queen bee releasing pheromone that
       gives her control over her hive), so he was able to direct and command the
       other high ones.
    3. They didn't know what happened inside (Eve overdiving into Aya) so after
       all they were thinking that Eve was Aya.
    What happened to Eve's body?
    Most likely it deteriorated & disappeared after giving birth to the high ones
    Why the SWAT team attacked Aya?
    This is the most important trigger of Time Zero is unexplained neither in the
    cutscenes nor in the game informations. I didn't figure out why they attacked
    the church it might be that somebody knew about her abilities from the FBI &
    wanted her dead (who can command the SWAT aside from the FBI?).
    Who are the twisted? [kdsh1]
    Aya's soul pieces gave birth to these creatures maybe a thousand year after
    time zero were humans are extinct (as mentioned in Maeda's mailbox with his
    wizard of Oz Geeks).
    These monsters inherited the ability to multiply & the characteristic strong
    bodies but they lack the intelligence.
    They are incomplete beings and defected and they are trying through building
    Babels to travel back in time to time zero & changing their defects.
    The Babels act as portals or devices to travel back in time and nourished by
    human bodies and containing the Queen which leads them.
    Who are the high Ones? [bjks3]
    The are far more superior beings than the twisted having great intellect &
    strength ( when Hyde went to the grand Babel Maeda mentioned that he was
    killing hundreds of twisted effortlessly also Hyde said that he prevented
    thousands of twisted from travelling back through time).
    They were created by the deterioration of Eve's body.
    They can take the physical bodies of human but they do have another form in
    which they look like the twisted.
    There are only five of them taking over the bodies of Hyde,Emily,Cray,Kyle
    and Gabrielle.
    They are also defective ( unlike the fast spawning twisted ) in which they
    lost the ability to reproduce.
    The death of a high one can cause a disturbance in time and space something
    Hyde used for his advantage later on.
    They are also capable of overdiving at least Hyde can ( during the final
    battle you can see him overdiving into other people and told Eve that she is
    not the only one with this ability).
    CTI formation (Counter Twisted Investigation team) [ndow7]
    Formed by Hyde Bohr and became it's chief researcher with the help of Hunter
    Owen often called BOSS soon after Eve was found by Hyde.
    This was Hyde idea and also he developed the overdive system with Blank
    (a korean scientist of unknown history) & other researchers.
    The aim of this unit was to send Eve back to the past & changing it.
    Boss didn't believe in this and he was constantly harrassing Eve & kept her
    under observation and even tried to kill all the CTI members.
    The overdive system was made from parts resembling that of a Babel.
    Later it was destroyed & all the CTI members were murdered by the high one
    of Kyle (directed by Hyde).
    Hyde's plan [shog5]
    Hyde was the guardian against the Twisted.
    During the encounter with him at the Grand Babel he mentioned that he killed
    thousands of twisted to prevent them from going back in time to time zero.
    But eventually he falls and wake up again in the cathedral at time zero to
    witness it again and the cycle repeat itself.
    This time he had a plan to stop this all by going back in time to time zero
    and together with Eve want to create the ultimate beings and negating the
    existence of the humans & the twisted by offering himself to Eve as a vessel.
    In order to achieve this he needed a Babel to travel back through time & to
    nourish it with great energy, and here comes the role of the other high ones.
    He manipulated Eve into killing all the other High ones to give the Babel the
    huge energy it needed to work something the twisted couldn't do because they
    depended on human souls only.
    Eventually he was killed by Eve at the grand Babel and then stopped again by
    Aya at time zero.
    Episodes list [fvdk0]
    1. The Sacrfice incident (Operation Rainbow Dust)
    2. The spanish Harlem (Operation Black Storm)
    3. Operation red fog at the grand central station
    4. North Shallows Tower (Operation Blue Hail)
    5. Grand Babel (Operation Scarlet Snow)
    6. Time Zero
    The story
    The story begins in the CTI building on christmas eve 2013.
    Eve haunted by her dream & mistakely thinks she is Aya.
    1. The Sacrfice incident 2012 Christmas Eve
    The twisted attacked a crowded concert at club sacrifice resulting in many
    casualties among them the singer Ginger.
    Eve overdived into the past to reach the Babel core & to help in reducing
    the number of casualties.
    Here she encountered Emily Jefferson (high one) & killed her.
    What was Emily doing there?
    After her death her journal was found & in it she wrote that she was going
    to see (Rib).
    Later Maeda's mails revealed that Rib was none other than Eve (Because Eve
    was created from Adam's rib).
    Emily assumed that Eve might have been there because she knew that Eve was
    a fan of Ginger.
    During the encounter with Eve, Emily asked her to remember what happened
    back there in the church.
    2. The spanish Harlem (Operation Black Storm)
    In the past Cray died in this mission. Eve participated to assist Gabrielle
    in saving Cray.
    she infilterates the Babel core only to find that it contains the Queen of
    the twisted (The one that commands the Twisted).
    Eve manage to save Cray but then Gabrielle disappeared and BOSS took control
    of the mission command instead of Hyde.
    BOSS lead Eve to an ambush in order to get her killed and tried to kill the
    CTI members (BOSS hates Eve as he thinks she is a Twisted & he is partially
    right but why trying to kill the CTI members?).
    Eve encountered Gabrielle After turning into a high one & killed her.
    3. Operation red fog at the grand central station 2012 January
    Captain Russo's elite team assaulted the twisted after their sighting in the
    grand central station but the team got wiped out.
    Cray was a member of Russo's team but he didn't participate in the battle.
    Captain's Russo last transmission mentioned an encounter with a little girl
    with a face of a twisted (just like the girl in Eve's dream).
    Eve overdived in the past to help the team & to investigate the lead on the
    At the end of the mission near the Babel core Eve encountered the little girl
    supposedly Eve (Eve still thinks that she is Aya).
    Cray showed up and pointed a gun at Eve & told her he killed Russo then lead
    all the other team members to their doom, because he thinks this girl is his
    daughter Isabella ( although in reality his daughter died many years before
    in an accident along with his wife).
    The game doesn't show us why he believed that but maybe Hyde manipulated him
    in order to get killed by Eve.
    Cray is the only high one that actually you don't fight him in the game.
    You only see him after getting killed by Eve & regaining himself.
    So who is that girl?
    Blank though that Aya is seeing the possibilty of Eve & she doesn't exist or
    it can be explained by Everett's many worlds interpretation (she exists in a
    parallel world).
    After this mission all the CTI members were murdered including Blank, Hyde
    was reported missing & the overdive device was destroyed (no more overdiving
    into the past).
    4. North Shallows Tower (Operation Blue Hail) Present Time
    Two months later Maeda came to help Aya & to examine her scientifically as
    he says (Maeda is so creepy in this part he used to be a nice guy).
    Maeda discovered that CTI's survilliance cameras footage recorded that Kyle
    slaughtered all the CTI members & he is now in the north shallows tower.
    Eve went there to confronted Kyle about the CTI murder & to destroy the Babel
    by planting C4 in it.
    She managed to reach Kyle then he turned into a high one.
    After a fight with him Eve beat him then he regained himself & told her that
    eternity is in her & dies.
    It seems that Hyde also manipulated Kyle in murdering all the CTI members,
    because he knew she would go after him & kills him. also he destroyed the
    overdive device so that she can't go to that past & changing it.
    During that the US goverment launched a nuclear strike against the babel &
    destroyed it, but the Babels then started to merge forming one huge grand 
    5. Grand Babel (Operation Scarlet Snow)
    After the formation of the Grand Babel the remaining troops attempted one
    last suicidal attack at the grand babel.
    Eve decided to help them after hearing from Maeda that Hyde have been seen
    Eve then confronted Hyde and he told her that he orchestrated all of this
    from the begining to return to Time Zero, to create the ultimate beings and
    stopping the cycle.
    During his encounter with Eve she told him that she want to save Eve and he
    said that he wants the same thing & he will not stand in her way.
    After the help of Blank, Kyle, Gabrielle & Cray souls she managed to defeat
    Before dying he called her by her true name (Eve) & told her she'll repeat
    the same sin.
    Using the Grand Babel Eve returned to Time zero where she saw the whole
    truth that she is Eve & how she overdived into Aya's body & destroyed her
    After she had overdived into her body again Hyde came & told her that she
    can take his body as a vessel and create the ultimate beings instead of the
    twisted & the high ones.
    But she refused after knowing this would annihilate mankind.
    Hyde tried to force her but Aya stopped him by shooting him.
    Breaking the cycle
    Aya told Eve that the only way to stop this was by switching their bodies
    (overdiving into each other) then Eve should kill her.
    In this way Eve will destroy both Aya's Soul (the source of the twisted) &
    Eve's body (the source of the high ones).
    Eve initially refused but then she did it...
    Christmas Eve 2010
    Eve & Kyle are standing in the cathedral for their vows, Kyle looking at her
    when she said I Do & tells her that she doesn't need to be somebody else.
    Eve startled how did he know that she was Eve & not Aya.
    Kyle takes Aya's ring from her hand & tells her he is going in a journy to
    look for eternity (Aya) & then tells her happy birthday.
    Extra Ending scene [bnkd4]
    This can be seen after the credits if you beat the game twice.
    Eve was walking the street alone at night when she is approached by Aya like
    figure & tells here happy 4th birthday then disappear.
    Thanks to Archangel Bardiel this is his explanation:
    "Aya died in 2010, and possessed by Eve's psyche thus creating a new being
    (Aya's body with Eve's psyche without memories)...1st birthday.
    2nd and 3rd are the years passed from the wedding day to the game plot.
    After the game ends (the second time), the date is 24/12/2014...the 4th
    birthday of this new entity that is the new Eve."
    EVE's mailbox [yusz5]
    This tells the story of the people after Aya's disappearance
    1. Gabrielle
    A member of the SWAT team, married a man named Alex owner of the Pig Farm.
    Eve saw that she was happy but didn't talk to her because Gabrielle would 
    not recognize her.
    2. Owen Hunter BOSS
    Deputy director of the FBI
    He got arrested for leaking informations in exchange for cash.
    3. Ginger the singer
    She got fatally stabbed by one of her fans
    4. Emily Jefferson
    Graduated from college and became a teacher assistant and a researcher in
    the college of physics.
    5. Isabella Cray
    Now she is 4 year old & also her mother didn't die.
    I want to thank Square Enix for Parasite Eve series an addictive & really
    amusing game.
    I want to thank also gamefaqs.com for publishing this plot FAQ.
    Many thanks for Archangel Bardiel, I didn't have a clue about the meaning
    of the last cutscene and he gave me the order of Eve's birthdays.
    Email khattabbaban@gmail.com

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