How do I beat the final boss in the Oden?

  1. There is nothing except a couple of shields in the level to strike the boss with. And it only does half the damage and removes his gun. I cannot get how to beat him completely.

    User Info: casturi316

    casturi316 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I submitted a Boss FAQ which hasn't been accepted or reviewed yet, but here's how to beat Magnus.

    When the fight against Magnus begins, immediately hide behind one of the statues near your starting point. The easiest one to get behind is the one directly a step or two to your left. Wait until Magnus fires his gun 4 times. He will now stop to reload. Jump out from behind cover and use your whip. You will know you hit him if his left hand is shaking up and down. Rush over to him and 3 hit combo him, then run back behind a statue. Repeat this process until 25% of his health is gone, at which point a cut scene kicks in. After the scene, if you want to complete the piano objective, run over to the piano and wait for Magnus to approach. Press /\ to slam his head into the piano. You only have to do that once to get the objective completed. After you do the piano part or not, run over to Magnus' desk and grab the metal object on the right hand side. Use [ ] to hit Magnus with it until it breaks. Then run over to the door to the right of the piano and grab the second and final metal object leaning against the bookshelf. Use [ ] to hit Magnus until it too breaks. Magnus should now be down to 25% of his health, but if not, punch him a few times with a 2 hit [ ] combo. Once Magnus' health reaches 25%, another cut scene will kick in. After the scene, you should be back by Magnus's desk again, but if not, return there. For this final part of the fight, you just have to avoid Magnus' attacks for a bit. After a few seconds, he should perform a charge attack which you need to avoid. It happens very fast, so be prepared, but it's still fairly easy to step to the side without getting hit. His charge attack to cause him to slam into one of the statues you hid behind at the start of the fight in effect breaking it, and stunning him. While he is stunned, use [ ] and combo him until he recomposes himself. Dodge his attacks and repeat as necessary to wipe out the last of his health and finish the fight.

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    snowstorm52 - 8 years ago 0 0

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