How do you beat the (enemies) in under 4 minutes?

  1. Is there any specific or good way to do this in the level

    User Info: Mrdy

    Mrdy - 8 years ago


  1. It would help if you named the level as it would allow someone to give you more specific help, but regardless, for any time trials, it's obviously much easier if you drop the difficulty to Easy. Use 4 hit combos, kill 6 enemies with your gun, use chairs since they act as 1 hit kills, and throw people off cliffs which also acts as a 1 hit kill.

    Every level in this game can be completed extremely fast, as in 90 seconds to 4 minutes fast. Here's 2 examples.

    The level where you have to run across catwalks and descend several ladders (2 levels before "Sheperd"), you can skip every enemy, but you must kill the 3 people at the end by the door so that you can safely open said door. Just shoot the 3 of them immediately after the cutscene, and the level can be completed in under 2 minutes.

    In San Franciso where you have to enter the factory, all you have to do is use the lever at the beginning, use the crowbar on the pipe by the ladder, operate the crane control to move the object blocking your path, and run to the broken wall on the left that you made with the 1st lever. You don't have to fight a single enemy, even on Hard, and you can complete the level in under 90 seconds without even getting hurt.

    Just play through a level so you see what has to be done, then you can race through on your next try. This game's sole faults are the pitiful length and sheer lack of difficulty.

    User Info: snowstorm52

    snowstorm52 - 8 years ago 0 0

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