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    Walkthrough by Ephantmon0

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    Version 1.00
    By Cory Frampton
    June 10, 2009.
    Copyright 2009.
                                                      (Normal Difficulty)    
    -Level 1 Sudan
     -Level 2 San Francisco
      -Level 3 Panama
       -Level 4 Istanbul
        -Level 5 Nepal
         -Level 6 Odin
    Grab your fedora, dust off your shoulder bag, pick up your whip, and get 
    ready for another adventure with Indy. This time he is looking for the 
    Staff of Moses before his rival Magnus Voller can recover it for the 
    Germans. Are you up to the challenge?
    The enemies of this game consist pretty much of generic henchmen with the 
    occasional Brute. While your main enemies are German soldiers, you will 
    also encounter pillagers, spiders, and Chinese gangsters.
    The generic henchman attacks you in one of three ways; hand to hand, with
    a weapon, or by throwing things at you. These guys are easy to defeat, 
    especially if you use your whip or grapple them. However, in large numbers it 
    becomes difficult to avoid their attacks and to take them down since they
    frequently change places and the enemies with the most health tend to be the
    ones closest to you. In situations like this, one landing punch can spell 
    death since the other enemies then take advantage of your momentary weakness
    and start throwing punches of their own. They are also faster than Indy, so 
    running from them usually won't work. However, I have found the ones that run 
    after you are usually unarmed and can be quickly dispatched with a quick flick
    of your whip.
    These guys are slightly bigger than the henchman, but much stronger. They are
    almost immune to your whip, grapple, and punches, although you may land a lucky
    hit from time to time. Therefore, you really only have three options to fight 
    them if there aren't any hotset items around: throwing items, using items, and
    dodging/counterattacking. Throwing items is a fast way to take them out if 
    items are plentiful, but most likely you'll have to resort to using your dodge
    to take them down.
    These nasty critters are only affected by one thing: fire. They are found 
    crawling on the floor in large numbers and thankfully deplete your health (when
    you are getting them off of you) at a very slow rate that probably won't even 
    be noticeable when you are through them. Since they are only affected by fire, 
    your only weapon against them is a torch and your only attack is to shake your 
    Wiimote from side to side.      
    The pillagers' leader. He has all the abilities of a Brute as well as a flame
    attack that has a good range to it. His flame attack cannot be dodged, so you
    have to wait for him to expend himself of liquid, then use your whip on him.
    These are guys that attack in one of three ways; with a machine gun, revolver,
    or by throwing items at you. You only encounter them in Gunplay, and all of 
    them can be finished off with one shot. They range from German soldiers to
    Pillagers depending on the level.
    A Tong leader who cannot be killed by your gun, so look for an alternative 
    means of taking him out. He appears only in San Francisco in a Gunplay.
    Enemy planes are only in the Sudan level, and only in the canyon chase. They
    are moderate aims with their machine guns, but as long as you are moving around
    they shouldn't be able to bring you down. 
    These cars are filled with enemies with machine guns, and only appear during
    two Gunplay chases; one at the end of San Francisco, and one at the end of
    Istanbul. Their grills are their weak point from the front, while shooting just
    about anywhere in the back will also do them in.
    These enemies are only in the final chase in the Odin level. They are easy to
    rid yourself of if you aim for the driver. They rarely fire on you, but when
    they do, they are pretty accurate.
    Magnus is only in the end chase in the Odin level. He doesn't attack you, but
    he moves around a lot making it hard to hit him when you finally get the chance
    to shoot him.
    Fortune: 3
    Glory: 2
    Enemies: German Soldiers,(Generic Henchman) Brutes, Spiders, and Planes.
    Your adventure begins in Sudan where Indy is trying to recover a golden ram's 
    head idol before the Germans do. After a cutscene, Indy starts out on a path on
    the side of a cliff. If you turn around and follow the path to its end, you 
    will find the first Fortune collectible of the game on a ledge. Backtrack to 
    where you began and continue along the path until you come to a thorny 
    roadblock. Follow the onscreen commands to clear the way to the next obstacle 
    and again follow the onscreen commands to continue. You will then have to cross
    a pit using your whip which will be explained both in the manual and via OC.
    *(*Onscreen commands) Follow the path to a cave where you will find a torch 
    that you will have to light to see where you're going. Use the torch to burn 
    the spiderweb blocking your way, then burn the spiderweb just before the bridge
    to get the second Fortune of this level. Start across the bridge and follow the
    OC. After you get Indy to safety, get the torch on the other side and use it to
    ignite the oil on both sides of the door to continue. Follow the passage until 
    you come to a ram statue that you need to push into the pit behind it. Get on 
    the ledge on your left by pressing A near the wall, and continue on. Use your
    whip to swing across another pit and continue to the idol. Get on the pedastal
    in front of you and use your whip to get the idol. Exit via the door opposite 
    the one you entered the room and get ready to run. After Indy escapes, a 
    cutscene will play introducing Magnus Voller for the first time. When it ends,
    you will be in the German camp and be taught all of Indy's moves that you 
    haven't used yet in a series of tutorials. After you perform the first two 
    correctly, you'll be able to continue to a forked path. If you turn left, you
    will find the third and final Fortune of this level in a tent. If you get it
    fast enough, you'll be able to avoid being hit by another soldier. After he
    is taken out, backtrack and take the right path this time. More tutorials will
    follow as you make your way through the camp. After you learn how to grapple,
    you will enter an area filled with soldiers and is also the location of the 
    first of two Glory moves of this level. If you can use you whip to bring one of
    the bookshelves on at least three of the Germans at once, you will complete the
    first Glory move of the game. After all the Germans are taken care of, another
    cutscene will play and when it ends you will be in control of a plane. After
    flying through a canyon for a short period, you will start encountering enemy
    aircraft that will try to bring you down. If you can bring four of them down,
    you will complete final Glory move of this level. Once you make it to the end
    of the canyon and escape, another cutscene will play and you will move on to 
    the next level.**
    **Gamestop Preorder Mini Strategy Guide used for this level of the walkthrough.
    Fortune: 9
    Glory: 3
    Enemies: Chinese Gangsters, Brutes.
    After a cutscene, you start out in an alley. Follow it until you trigger a 
    cutscene. After the cutscene, four gangsters will attack you. Defeat them, 
    then push the green dumpster out of your way triggering another quick 
    cutscene, then follow the alley until another CS is played and defeat the two
    thugs who come after it. One of them stays back and throws bottles at you
    while the other comes rushing up with a board. The thug in back is under a 
    hotset so it should be pretty easy to take him out if you can trip up his 
    partner. Go along the alley, watch another quick CS, then dispatch the thug.
    Pull the crate from in between the piles of boxes out, then use your whip to 
    stand on the window and follow the OC. Now you can either go up the stairs 
    and break through the door, or you can go through the lower level and pick
    up a Fortune and not be surronded when you enter the room. If you go through
    the lower level, you will see the Fortune on your left behind a bookcase and
    you will end up behind the bar in the room where you can plan your attack. If
    you go through the door, a cutscene plays and you are surronded as soon as you
    are able to move Indy again. Once you enter the room, try to find the octopus 
    tanks and take out at least two of the gangsters on them as this is a Glory
    move. One is by the entrance to the bar, and the other is by the door with the
    exit sign over it. (If you chose to go up the stairs, it should be to Indy's
    left when you are able to move. After they are defeated, a CS will play and
    you will be able to continue your chase. Head up the stairs to trigger a CS,
    then get ready to fight a Brute. Luckily, there are a lot of items you can use
    and you should be able to handle him without a problem. Once that is over with,
    break through the fence and a CS will play. Once it is over, turn to your left 
    and head towards the train and you will see a Fortune behind a parked truck on
    your left. Head into the fireworks factory and push A when prompted. Two thugs
    come rushing at you so be prepared to go into action. If you are able to jump 
    on the pipes above you and take at them out, you will complete another Glory. 
    If you are unable to take these two out with the pipes, don't fret too much 
    since more thugs enter the room almost as soon as you move, including a Brute. 
    After they are taken care of, go through the doorway and learn about Gunplay 
    mode. Once you have completed this, aim for the six boxes of fireworks that are
    in three groups of two. (Left, Middle, and Right) Another CS will play when you
    complete this, but be ready to push A when prompted to avoid the falling glass.
    Break through the gate on the right, get on top of the crates, and pull 
    yourself up. Then go to the right until you see a pile of burning boxes and 
    collect the Fortune hidden behind it. Backtrack and follow the walkway to the 
    left, swing across, and then break the window the same way you did earlier.
    Another CS, then head toward the car until you are able to go left past the
    fence and head through the opening to claim another Fortune. Go back out, head
    left, get over the rusty gate, scale the crates, pull yourself up, swing across
    , get ready to save Indy, pull yourself up again, shimmy to the left, collect
    a Fortune, and shimmy to the boxes and head up the stairs. Another Gunplay 
    starts at the corner after a CS which you need to be ready to push A to save 
    Indy from being shot. After you kill the two gangsters, head down the hall and
    to the left. Break through the door at the end and drop down the side of the 
    building. Continue on until you trigger a CS and start another Gunplay. 
    Shoot the two thugs that come running up first and ignore the main one in the
    middle for now. Once they die, aim for the large central lantern on the line
    across the street to advance. It should fall after three shots and then Indy 
    will move up. Once he does, aim for either the thug on the left or the 
    fireworks near him. Continue to ignore the main guy and shoot the gray panel 
    on the water tower. It should go after three or four shots and then you will
    move up again. Aim for the central lantern again, and then after the next 
    advancement, the lower left of the water tower. After the final advancement,
    aim for the fireworks on a barrel and a box below the sign to kill the guy, 
    and then be ready to save Suzie via delicate movements. A CS plays and then 
    you head towards that bookshelf that Indy looks at and push it in until you
    can go downstairs. Then wait until it slides back and grab the Fortune hidden
    behind it. Head down, watch a CS, and then go to the left and shimmy on the 
    ledge until you can get off. Now you can either push the barrel down or go
    further to the right and bring down the chandelier and earn a Glory. Defeat
    all the gangsters and then use your whip on the elephant's trunk to continue.
    (The elephant is located to the right of the fan.) This starts a CS in which 
    you will need to save Indy by doing a running motion, getting him to pull 
    himself up, and then using your whip when prompted. Once you are able to 
    move again, perform a 180 degree turn climb up two ledges, and then use your
    whip on the two boards to your left. Then turn to your right and use your whip 
    to climb the mast. Head to the right and shimmy along the ledge until you
    are able get the Fortune. Backtrack and use your whip on the woman on the 
    opposite ship. Rappel down the mast using your whip and push the woman to
    see a CS and to continue. Head down and into the ship. Some boards will act 
    like they are about to collapse but they won't and you can cross them to break
    down the door on the other side. Indy will fall after he gets through the door,
    but you don't need to save him until you move to the right a ways. Pull 
    yourself up when you can and then shimmy past the boards that have fallen. 
    Continue shimmying until you can get the Fortune, and then go back until you 
    can move away from the wall and head up. Head to the left and then break 
    through the door to start a CS that you will need to save Indy by pressing A
    at the end. After you complete this, you will need to defeat seven or eight
    enemies, including three Brutes. There are plenty of items for you to use so
    you aren't limited to your dodge. Once they are taken care of you will enter 
    a Gunplay and need to take out the gangsters that fired at you and then shoot
    the three cables on your right. The ship's mast will fall and enable you to 
    swing across and play a CS. Another CS plays immediately after and then leaves
    you in a Gunplay on a streetcar being pursued by gangsters. Aim for the grills
    of the cars and they should crash after four shots each. They come on both 
    sides so be sure to cover them both. Once you have stopped about six or 
    seven of them, another CS plays and you move on to the next level.   
    Fortune: 7
    Glory: 4
    Enemies: Pillagers, Brutes, Spiders.
    After a CS, start walking across the bridge until a CS begins to play and get
    ready to save Indy via a whip swing. Move to the left and shimmy along the 
    ledge. This ledge has two weak parts that will break if you step on them and
    then you will have to save Indy before you can continue. If you can spot them
    and get close enough to hop across them though you can avoid saving Indy and 
    save yourself some time. Once you reach the end, you will need to use your 
    whip to pull yourself up to another ledge and then shimmy to the right. This
    ledge has one weak spot right before you can move away from the wall so either
    walk over and save Indy, or hop over it to avoid it. Continue moving to the 
    right, swing across a gap, and make your way to the end of the bridge. If you 
    walk to the edge of the cliff where the bridge used to be, Indy will start 
    climbing down and come to a ledge which leads to a cave with a Fortune. 
    Backtrack, and follow the path until a CS plays, then dispatch the pillagers
    and continue on. A CS will play and then you will have to make a run for it 
    at the end. Make your way forward until you enter Gunplay, then start taking
    out the pillagers until a CS plays, then continue taking them out until another
    CS is over with. Then defeat the numerous enemies in the village to start a CS.
    If you set the goats free and they trample at least two pillagers, you will 
    complete a Glory move. After the CS, you will need to fight two Brutes and 
    watch a CS to continue. Follow the path until you enter Gunplay, defeat the 
    enemies via shooting them or the barrels in front of the wall, and go around 
    the same wall to a weak place and break through. Go along the path until you 
    come to an arch and climb up the left side with your whip and watch a CS. Once 
    it ends, move to the left to get the Fortune and then push the wall on top of 
    the guard. Dispatch the remaining enemies and then get ready for another 
    Gunplay. Once they are gone, climb up the wall and make your way to the cave 
    and then head to the rock in the light and climb up. Continue on the path, 
    swing across a canyon, save Indy, and make your way to Sudao. You have to avoid 
    his flame attacks three times and then he will throw a torch at you. You then 
    have to use your whip on him and beat him until he breaks away. After three 
    times of doing this a CS will play and you need to save Indy. If you can beat 
    him without getting hurt, you will earn a Glory. Once you are in control
    again, walk up to the statue on the pedastal and press A when prompted. Go 
    down the stairs and stand in the center of the circle on the floor. After you 
    can move again, head for the waterfall on your right and pick up the rock on
    the ledge and carry it to the waterfall on the right past the swinging head.
    Drop it on that ledge, wait for the second head to stop, and use your whip to 
    use the head to clear a path through the debris. Make your way to a Gunplay 
    and aim for the barrel in the middle to take them out and advance. After 
    another couple of soldiers, start making your way up the temple to the left.
    You will enter another Gunplay that can be ended with one shot to the 
    explosives on the right. Continue making your way up via ledges, whip swings,
    shimmying, wall climbs, and a ladder. When you reach the top of the ladder,
    you need to head left and avoid the moving walls while taking out the soldiers.
    Then make you way up via ladders, shimmying, and a whip wall climb. You will
    then encounter three doors blocked by waterfalls and one that is locked on
    a circular path. The doors are opened via a panel in front of the waterfalls.
    In the first door is a hall with a stone head on the right that you need to
    push and then run out before walls slamming from the ceiling kill you, the
    second door requires you to pick up the torch on the path, light it, and bring
    it to the end of the passage to light a fire and then burn your way back out
    through spiders, and in the third door you need to shimmy past the pit, use
    your whip to activate the stone head, and escape before the wall with the head 
    pushes you off the ledge if the numerous spikes thrusting from the wall above 
    and below the ledge don't do it first. Once you have finished these tasks, the
    locked door will be able to be unlocked by stepping on a panel in front of it.
    Continue and trigger a CS and start running. After your escape you will enter
    a room filled with swinging heads and smashing columns. After observing the 
    patterns, make your way to the stairs on the far right side of the room. Push
    the statue on the upper level under the smashing column and then pick up the 
    head and put it on the ledge in the waterfall. Now go back down and repeat the
    process. Once the heads stop moving, use them to smash a hole in the wall near 
    where the statue used to be. Make your way to the other side of the room while
    avoiding the darker floor tiles as they will fall out from under you to collect
    another Fortune. Then use the heads to break the boulder blocking your way.
    You will come across another boulder in two turns that you will have to push 
    into the pit and then swing across. Yet another one is one turn away and once
    you have done the same thing with this one, you will have to shimmy to the 
    right. Now you will encounter two moving walls with a boulder barring your way.
    Watch the walls and then make your move. If you aren't fast enough, get in the 
    gaps in the middle of the walls opposite the way the wall moves from to keep
    from getting crushed. Move the boulder, shimmy across the ledge while hopping 
    over the gold weak spot, and get ready for a little sequence in which you will
    have to make Indy run with your control stick and then press A to jump over a 
    pit. You will then come across a door and two pushable panels, one gold, one
    gray. The gold one opens the door and the gray one activates an ancient trap
    that is no longer working. Once you go through the door, you will find yourself
    in an arena with four rotating discs in the floor and eight buttons that need 
    to be pressed. One of the buttons is behind the statue at the other end while
    the rest are in the arena itself. Stay off of the discs as they can hurt you
    as you start pressing buttons. Some of the buttons release a boulder into the 
    arena that will be propelled around by the discs. Once you have pushed all 
    eight of the buttons, a small gold ball will be released and you need to throw
    it into the gold ring on the side of the arena with the golden panels to open 
    the door. If you can complete all of this without getting hurt, you will earn 
    a Glory. Collect the Fortune in the waterfall to the right in the next room, 
    and then climb the statue on the left and push it down. Make your way to the 
    left once you exit the temple and pull yourself up on the ledge, shimmy around 
    to the right, jump up to another ledge, shimmy right, drop down, climb the wall
    with your whip and then go to the edge to the right of the ramp and drop down. 
    Drop down again, and then use your whip to slide across a vine to collect a 
    Fortune. Backtrack and hed up the ramp, and make your way back into the temple.
    Make your way through the temple until you enter an area overlooking the ball 
    arena and then head left and make your way up to the next level. Then turn left
    and use your whip to scale the carved slab until you can push it over. Make 
    your way into the temple while burning through several spiderwebs and halls 
    crawling with spiders until you enter a dark room. Light both of the oil 
    reservoirs on either side of the door you entered through. Now you need to 
    hurry and make it across the bridge lined by fire to get through the doors on 
    the other side that are sliding shut. A few of the dragon heads on the bridge 
    shoot flame, but they are easily identified by their red eyes and equally easy
    to avoid. You will have to swing across a pit and save Indy before you are able 
    to clear the doors. Make your way through the temple until you reach a room 
    with a column in the middle and more of those boulders on circular grooves in 
    the floor. Make your way to the column and go around it until a CS plays. Once
    it is over, you simply have to step on the buttons with wedges on them in the 
    following order: 1, 3, 4, 2. Once you stand on the last one, it may take a 
    little while to trigger a CS and the end of Panama, but it should play within 
    thirty seconds or less.
    Fortune: 12
    Glory: 3
    Enemies: Germans, Spiders, 
    Follow the only path you can take and pick up a Fortune at the same time until
    you are able to move again after a CS. Defeat the enemies and continue to a 
    room filled with enemies and defeat them. If you kill at least two of them 
    with pieces of armor, you will complete a Glory move. Pick up the helmet from 
    one of the suits of armor and put it on the statue between them. Make your way 
    down the passage until you come to a chasm. Now you need to pull yourself up 
    the ledges on the right and left to place objects (an angel statue and two 
    stones, respectively) on panels to raise the bridge. Now you make your way to 
    the painting on the wall and push it in to leave. Make your way along the only 
    path you can take until you enter Gunplay. Then swing across the gap to your 
    right and enter another Gunplay. Once you complete the Gunplay, collect the 
    Fortune under the sheltered balcony and then push the statue by the stairs up 
    to the wall. Make your way down until you enter a large room with a Fortune at
    the opposite end. Look to the left and locate a coffin close the the wall and 
    head that way to pull yourself up and then push the angel statue down. Push the
    remains of the statue over to the wall opposite the coffin you climbed on and 
    get yourself up via a shimmy. Now you encounter a rapidly moving wall, some 
    gears, and a pile of skulls. Grab one of the skulls and shove, not throw it 
    into the gears and hurry past since it won't hold them for long. Now you should
    see a Fortune behind a similar wall. Repeat the use of the skull and collect 
    the Fortune, then continue on. When you swing across to the other side, be 
    ready to save Indy and move to the right since you landed on a weak spot. Take 
    care of more gears, make a right and drop down, grab onto a ledge, shimmy to 
    the right, get another Fortune, and then backtrack. Press on until you step on 
    a panel that drops you down into a run sequence, then head to the right to grab
    a Fortune, push the painting, and make your way out and to the next task. Grab
    the harem girl and sultan busts and put them on their proper pedastals.
    (girl, sultan, girl) Make your way down until you come to a circle on the
    floor. Stand in the center, and then make your way through the gears with 
    knives by pressing A at the right time. Make your way up and pass through 
    more gears and knives, head up the stairs and head to the right to find an
    angel statue that you need to push into the gears. Then swing across and 
    press onwards until you come to what looks like a carbonite slab. Turn the 
    camera and you should be able to see a Fortune that you can collect by going
    back a bit and to the left. Once that is completed, you need to shove the
    "carbonite" over and then push it out of the way. Head down the newly opened
    path and snag another Fortune on your left before proceeding. Make your way 
    across the floor with a hole in it to reach a weak wall. More knives await,
    but if you take the time to observe the patterns, you will have no problem.
    Go until you reach a circular room lit with green light. This is a puzzle
    of numbers and there is also a Fortune is this room. To get the Fortune, you
    have to push the button with three swords ab it first, then the one with one
    sword, and then break down the wall, then simply push the one with five swords
    to expose the coffin that you need to push over and then push into the gears.
    Be careful not to step on the very center of the room once you have begun
    since it will reset everything back to its original position. Now make your 
    way back and down and enter the newly completed hallway and push the painting
    at the end. Now make your way back to where you started this level and be 
    ready to deal with some enemies. If you can kill at least three of them using
    the statues you will complete a Glory move. Once they are dealt with, push all
    the statues towards the center of the room and then stand on the circular
    button to activate a CS. When you can move again, light the torch and make
    your way to the left and then right since there are spikes dead ahead that you
    can't pass. Go on until you step on a panel that falls out from under you and
    then two walls try to crush you. You need to pull out both coffins in the
    area that you fell into before you can continue on. When you come to a weird
    thing hanging from the ceiling, you need to use your whip to swing each of 
    the three chimes against it once. I don't think it matters what order you do
    it in, but I did the first one you see when you enter the room first, and 
    then worked my way left until a CS played. After the CS, you are riding an
    elephant and you must not only shoot, but duck and use your whip as well. If 
    you are able to hit at least four street signs, you will complete a Glory move.
    Fortune: 5
    Glory: 2
    Enemies: Germans,  
    At first all you can do is follow the path and the onscreen prompts with 
    little difficulty. When you are instructed to scale a wall with your whip, be
    prepared to push A fast when the anchor breaks, or you will fall to your doom.
    Continue following the path and orders, until you reached the shelter where
    you had to bring in the wood to start a fire. There is a tricky shimmy part
    just ahead that requires you to avoid or save Indy from a weak part first of
    all, then you need to lower Indy and go hand over hand to the left on another
    weak part, drop down, drop down again, pull yourself up, shimmy to the right
    and avoid or save Indy again from a weak spot, drop down, go hand over hand to
    the left over a breakaway spot, and finally being able to get off of ledges 
    and onto a path again. Head into the cave, push the rock over the entrance,
    start another fire, and break out through a weak spot on the left side of the
    cave. Then run for your life in another CS, and watch another one before you
    regain control of Indy. Move ahead until you enter a Gunplay, then continue
    on to another Gunplay where you need to shoot the barrels at either end of the
    opposite balcony. Three soldiers come at you when you cross the bridge, but 
    they shouldn't be much trouble for you at this point in the game. Swing across
    a gap in te walkway and save Indy, then collect the Fortune on the walkway
    underneath the one you are standing on by making your way around the structure
    in the middle to the boards on the right side. Then pull yourself on top of 
    the structure and use your whip to slide across when prompted. After a CS, you
    need to make Indy run for his life and then enter Gunplay where you need to
    aim for the barrel on the left. Advance, watch a CS, and fight some soldiers.
    There are two more ahead on the path, and then you need to ignite the fuse
    to the dynamite before you can go any further. Once you enter the Ice Cave
    and reached the bridge past the statues, don't stop moving since it crumbles
    behind you. Make your way up, swing across, be ready to move to the right 
    since you land on a weak spot, and head to a ledge you can shimmy on to the 
    right of the stair ruins to nab a Fortune in a room behind a weak wall, then 
    continue on. At the top of the wall, head to the far wall and then pull down 
    the snakes that are part of the bridge. Collect the Fortune at the far end, 
    then go across to the other side and be ready to press A when you are almost 
    across. Pull the other snakes down, pull back the arrows, and then head to 
    the end of the bridge and swing out. Make your way deeper into the cave, and
    then start pushing Moses towards the sculpture at the other end of the room. 
    You will need to save Indy by pressing A, then finish pushing Moses and press
    on. When you enter a room with two statues, you need to break the ice on the
    gears at the far end of the room with your whip, then stand in the middle of 
    the circle just inside the entrance to free two more statues. Then move the 
    statues onto the blue squares and free up the last two. Move the final two on
    the remaining squares and activate the fire once more. When you can move 
    again, head for the staff, and then get ready to run. After the cutscene ends,
    head straight for Moses, turn left when you reach him, pull yourself up on the
    ledge, use your whip to break the ice, and head for the opening. Now you have 
    to navigate Moses on an icy river and shoot icicles out of your way. If you
    can hit five of them, you will complete a Glory move.
    Fortune: 2
    Glory: 1
    Enemies: German Soldiers, Brutes.
    You start out in control of a crane holding a piano tht you use to stop the 
    soldiers from lowering ladders to enable them to climb up high enough to 
    shoot you. This part is pretty much trial and error and takes some getting
    used to. Once you complete this part of the level, you enter into Gunplay, and
    then you are finally in control of Indy. Make your way along the airship until
    you are outside a window that you need to break. Be prepared for some major
    brawling as the soldiers and Brutes are going to go all out against you. 
    After a cutscene, you will star chasing Magnus on a motorcycle and sidecar at
    the bottom of the ocean. The controls take some getting used to and are 
    supposed to mimic handlebars i.e. when you want to turn right, the Wiimote
    should be lower than the Nunchuk and vice versa. There are two Fortunes that 
    are readily visible in this chase sequence, but it may take a few tries to get
    them. The chase is kind of hard to navigate, and once you get past a certain 
    point, you need to shoot at pursuers and avoid the fireballs from the airship
    at the same time. The trick is to aim for the drivers of the motorcycles, and
    the spotlight from the airship gives away its next shot. You are able to 
    control the cycle from side to side to avoid the fireballs and gunshots 
    without worrying about hitting anything though, so at least you don't have to
    keep up with that as well. Once you have defeated your pursuit, you need to
    continue chasing Magnus for a while until you go over a couple of jumps. Then
    you have to try to shoot him with a RPG that only fires one shot before 
    reloading, while the airship renews its effort to take you out via fireballs.
    You no longer need to steer, just move left or right on the control stick to
    avoid the fireballs that are once again indicating where they will hit if you
    watch the spotlight. Once you manage to hit Magnus, the final CS will play
    and then the credits will roll. Thus concludes Indy's latest adventure. 
    THE END          
    There are 38 total Fortunes to collect in the game. A list of descriptions is
    coming soon.
    There are 15 total Glory moves to complete in the game. A list of complete
    descriptions of the moves is coming soon.
    Coming soon.
    This is a broad category and consists of pretty much everything in the Extras
    menu. The Fate of Atlantis is unlockable once you beat the game, or by using
    the Gamestop preorder code. Movie trailers for all four Indiana Jones films
    can be found here once they are unlocked, as well as skins of Henry Jones, Indy
    in Tuxedo, Han Solo, and Big heads. Concept art and multiplayer combat are also
    located here. 
    Use your Grapple to smash enemies that aren't Brutes into walls for a quick 
    kill almost every time.
    Take time to look around, you never know what you might find. 
    Keep an eye open for weak spots in ledges. They are usually a different color
    than the rest of the ledge, but there are some that are very hard to tell apart
    from the strong parts. 
    Watch the movements of traps, obstacles, and enemies. They are usually very
    easy to avoid if you time your movements or attacks right.
    George Lucas
    Steven Spielberg
    Harrison Ford
    My Mom
    My Siblings, especially a certain brother
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