How do I Get Super Spicy Curry For Yellow fat Power Ranger??

  1. How To Get That Curry Vending Machine Misora Town Right But In That Vending IS TO MUCH OPTION??? What I Choose??

    User Info: ProGamers21

    ProGamers21 - 6 years ago

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    How do I solve at AKB Tower?
    Previously answered by PollutedPlayboy
    There's a model shop by the left side of AKB Tower. Get in, and you should find some Power Ranger Blue guy inside; Fight him. (He will ask you to modifiy your LBX to look like a baddie; You may need to fetch a Dekuu set in the other model shop in the Inner Pass if you don't own one.) After this mission, another Power Ranger Yellow kind of fatty in the Inner Pass will ask you to fetch him a tin of Ultra Spicy Curry (which can be found at a certain vending machine in Misora Market Street, but you will need an LBX Card sold at the shop behind the Subway Station to trade for the curry as someone mistakenly bought the very last tin). Then you can get in the AKB Tower for the rest of the story.

    User Info: Kaze_no_Ou

    Kaze_no_Ou - 6 years ago 0 0

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