How do I unlock Land of Carnage?

  1. Pls tell me.

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    Gold_Brand - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. To unlock Land of Carnage, get all the 16 treasure maps in the item world. In the item world, there will be 18 kinds of pirates that will appear. There are 16 kinds of basic pirates that will hold one unique treasure map each. In order to obtain the map, just defeat the pirate and the treasure map will be given. The other 2 pirates are prinny baal pirate and baal pirate, but you do not worry them too much for now.

    The pirates will appear in any item's item world. The hard part is that the 16 different pirates appear in different stages. To obtain the maps in a easier way, enter a low ranked legendary item's item world which actually has 100 stages. This way you can obtain all 16 maps more easily with those low level enemies in the item world.

    The pirates appear in this stages:

    Stage 1-99
    Ambling pirate
    Bashful pirate
    Chicken pirate
    Dancing pirate
    Prinny Pirate
    Orc pirate

    Stage 21-99
    Monk pirate
    Hunter pirate
    Gate pirate
    Wealthy pirate
    Animal pirate
    Jolly pirate

    Stage 41-99
    Ninja pirate
    Prism pirate
    Red pirate

    Stage 61-99
    Z pirate

    What I personally do is whenever I obtain a treasure map, I will use Gency Exit and come out from the item world to save the game. After that, I will re-enter the item world. Everything in the item world is random. If you cannot find any pirate for long time, my suggestion is to reset the game and re-enter the item world again.

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    donnykang (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 0

Other Answers

  1. Just to add to what donnykang said the pirates will show up within the first 3 turns of a stage so if you are purely pirate hunting equip what maps(increases chance of pirates appearing) you have and only go up to stage four if the pirate hasn't shown up on that stage by then just skip the level

    User Info: J_A_B_Strong

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