Best place for Hell farming?

  1. I just reached Alche and my character's are like lvl 25-36...any place before Alche that give's like 20k+ Hell per stage? I ran the Final Battle in the Arena and most it gave was around 18k. Only ran 2 Felonies, one that was required of Tink and then tried one for Adell and I guess cause he is human he didn't get it.

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    IqarP15 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 20k+ Per stage at those levels? Best place I can think of is Dallos river, the Red Warterfall stage. The trick here is to take advantage on hell earnings being based on enemy levels, and using a Level up 10% panel to your advantage.

    Enemies: Beast Tamer and Multiple Nekomatas.

    Strategy: They are all on Level up +10% panels. Let them level up a bit (but not too much, you need to be able to finish them off!! At those levels you can likely handle level 40 nekomatas) Once they reach the level you want, destroy the geo symbol, which is a [Null] and thus destroys all the panels completely, damaging the nekomata further. Now all that's left to do is finish them off at critical health! Watch out for the new skills they learn though.

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Other Answers

  1. If you have a healer with high RES and strong healing magic [omega heal is one] with a moderately big amount of mp, you can unlock Friday MKII and go to Stage 1-4 (Town Fields-Dead Tree Field) and kill the Green Skull.

    You will automatically go to the Dark World version of that stage with 4 Red Mages and 4 Red Skulls in a panel with Reverse Damage. So hit them with your strongest healing magic then you will get a higher amount of Hell and at the same time leveling your healer.

    Make sure to start dealing with weakest enemies first so you can 1-hit kill the mages. Their weakest levels are around Lv80 i think. After that, pass the SEBs little by little until the mages becomes stronger and will give you lots of HL. You can earn millions more or less.

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  2. Dark world ibeat the friday black in level 30 with adell only fair n square match no cheat lol if you think i reincarnated my character from level 80 100 or 9999 or blahblah blah blah hehehe no way

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  3. Do the Rescue the Defender! side quest. first, Adell needs to be a senator to unlock the bill and after u used 3 cell phones that say the defender of earth appears for a dramatic rescue. after that, talk to the dimension guide to go to the Defenders of Earth. win the battle to get the Accerlator and sell it to a store for over 150 million hell. then, do the mid-boss side quest to end the game. u can repeat this process and get a lot of money quickly. just have enough mana! i wouldnt attempt this till ur party's level is in the 40s-50s or even higher.

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