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    Pirates FAQ by MrPotat0

    Version: 1.60 | Updated: 09/29/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    First of all, thank you to NIS America for bringing this game and the former-
    to the states. And much thanks to Double Jump Books for creating a wonderful
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    -Version History ~V1.20~ Edited 9/12/06-
    V1.10 - Fixed mistakes within the pirate Table.
    V1.20 - Corrected spelling mistakes/minor fixes in wording.
    V1.30 - Added a Questions Portion of the FAQ.
    V1.40 - Corrected some Minor mistakes courtesy of Kalif Hickey. And a small
    update on the Questions portion.
    V1.50 - Made correction and added small bit of info on Z pirates courtesy
    of Dana. Also added another question under FAQ's.
    V1.60 - Added a small notes section under the 1-D section of the Faq about
    the uniquness of the pirates. Idea credited to Garzahd.
    Table of Contents
    1-A.   Introduction
    1-B.   What are these pirates and their maps?
    1-C.   Why would you go through the trouble?
    1-D.   Types of Pirates
    1-E.   Copyright/E-mail
    1-F.   Credit
    1-G.   FAQ's
                                 ~~`\    1-A.   /`~~
    This FAQ is written to help the player understand what exactly Pirates in
    Disgaea 2 are, what their purpose is, and how to find them a little more
    easily than it would normally be. This can be a long, tedious process, and
    you may get frustrated, or you may get lucky, have a good time though.
    This is my first FAQ I've written, and I decided to do it because I like to
    type, and help people as much as possible. I had seen a lot of questions about
    pirates, so I decided to type about them, helping you guys along the way.
    If there are any mistakes, spelling errors, or critical game errors I've 
    made in my guide, please contact me at my E-mail. (1-F.)
                     ~/>  What are these pirates and their maps?  <\~
    Pirates in Disgaea 2 are only encountered in one place, the Item World.
    These Pirates are much like you would expect, randomly barging into a stage,
    on strange forms of transportation. These pirates usually appear during the
    first three turns of battle, however, many people have reported seeing pirates
    on turns much higher than three; if pirates ARE going to appear, though, they
    tend to appear within the first three turns. Which means if you fly directly 
    to the portal on the first turn, there are no opportunities for the pirates to
    Simply waiting on the base panel for three enemy turns is enough time for the
    pirates to arrive; if they do not come, then it is safe to venture forward
    to the next floor. If the pirates DO come, you'll be alerted by a loud
    blaring horn noise, and the screen will flash red. The pirates, or pirate will
    then hop off his vehicle(or stay on if it's a boat). They will not move the
    turn they arrive, though, so you are safe for a bit.
    Each pirate type will arrive with one or more pirates. Some pirates always
    arrive alone. The level of the pirate is a multiple of the current stages 
    item level. The multiple is different for some pirates, they are noted
    in the 1-D. section. *Note that Pirates will not appear on boss floors.*
    There are 18 types of pirates out there, 16 carry Treasure maps. These maps
    can be obtained from the pirates simply by killing them in battle. This means
    they cannot under any circumstances be killed by an outside force. These
    include Neutral specialists, geo panels, and prinny throwing. To obtain the
    map you must deal the killing blow with a character, with any attack, as long
    as that pirate is holding the map(it will be equipped) you will automatically
    get it.
    Pirate maps are always Legendary, though the stats are random, due to the
    specialists being random. Treasure maps carry no inherit stat boosts.
    After a map is obtained, you can still encounter that type of pirate in the
    item world, however, it will not be holding a map, instead it will usually
    have a legendary item, coupled with other normal or rare items. Of course
    try and steal these before killing the pirates off, or leave them if you so
    Equipping a pirate map on a character also has another bonus that the item
    does not say, it increases your chances of finding a pirate on any floor.
    Simply having a character equipped with the map increases the chance. You do
    not need to have that character on the map to have the chance increase. The 
    easiest way to find pirates, is to level an item like you would normally,
    go through an item obtaining specialists, or level in the item world. Also, if
    you find a mystery gate portal, wait 3 turns, or kill monsters for 3 turns
    then, if no pirates appear, enter the portal, and come back out, it keeps you
    on the same floor number, so there's another chance to find more pirates.
    You do not have to kill all the pirates to obtain the map. You may also steal
    the treasure map off the pirate, if it's easier for you to do that.
    You only need to kill the one titled pirate leader, then you may leave if 
    you desire. Some pirates come aboard the map on a ship, this ship may have a 
    couple of things on it, which may or may not be there. These include neutral 
    specialists, treasure chests, and sometimes a pirate will be standing on 
    a portal. This portal can either be A. A portal that automatically sends you 
    to the next boss floor(10,20,30,40, etc.) or B. the portal may lead to a 
    "special" mystery room, instead of the normal.
                           _*-Why go through the trouble?-*_
    While reading this guide, you may think,"Why go through the trouble of finding
    all these pirates and their maps?" The answer is simple, One, a sense of
    accomplishment for finding and killing all these little punks. Two, obtaining
    all 16 treasure maps opens up a special, secret area known as "The Land of
    Carnage". I will not go at length about this place, because that is for
    a different guide to handle. But, I will say that the Land of Carnage hosts
    many extra stages, and a handful of special characters as well. It's actually
    a worthy reward for trekking down and finding the maps.
    The Land of Carnage is another version of Holt Village, basically. To get
    there after obtaining all the maps, talk to Hawkeye the Collector. He's around
    the petite orc in Holt. He'll take you to "Another Dimension", The Land of
    Carnage. I'll let you see what's there your self;).
                                ! ! Types Of Pirates ! !
    So you want to know about pirates, aye? Well here's a list of all the pirates
    you can find in the item world, along with their level multipliers and the
    floors the pirates appear on. Note that Pirates will not appear on boss floors
    The * * Donates the level multiplier of that pirate. Ex. I walk into the first
    floor of an item with level 15 enemies on 1st floor, Ambling pirate appears,
    He would be around Level 120, 8*15 = 120.
    ***Under this table is a notes section that I recommend reading***
    Name of Pirates|       Floor Numbers|       Enemy type(s)|
    Ambling                   1+                  1 Togabito *8*
    Bashful                   1+                  1 Prism Skull *3*
                                                  1 Star Skull *1.5*
                                                  1 Red Skull *1.5*
                                                  1 Blue Skull *1.5*
                                                  1 Green Skull *1.5*
    Chicken                   1+                  1 Cockatrice *2*
    Dancing                   1+                  1 Archer *3*
    Prinny                    1+                  1 Pvt. Prinny *5*
    Orc                       1+                  1 Orc Captain *3*
                                                  4 Petite Orc *1*
    Monk                      21+                 1 Druid *2*
                                                  4 Druid *1*
    Hunter                    21+                 4 Heavy Knight *4*
    Gate                      21+                 2 Dragon *2*
                                                  1 White Dragon *1*
    Wealthy                   21+                 1 Mega Knight *5*
    Animal                    21+                 1 Beast Tamer *2*
                                                  1 Cu Sith *1*
                                                  1 Hell Hound *1*
                                                  1 Black Dog *1*
                                                  1 Garm *1*
    Jolly                     21+                 1 Empusa *2*
                                                  2 Nekomata *1*
                                                  2 Bridget *1*
    Ninja                     41+                 1 Hanakage *2*
                                                  2 Chunin *1*
                                                  2 Jounin *1*
                                                  2 Oniwaban *1*
                                                  2 Touryou *1*
                                                  2 Shadow Master *1*
    Prism                     41+                 1 Red Ranger *3*
                                                  1 Blue Ranger *1.5*
                                                  1 Orange Ranger *1.5*
                                                  1 Yellow Ranger *1.5*
                                                  1 Green Ranger *1.5*
    Red                       41+                 1 Gaia Titan *8*
                                                  1 Malchidael *5*
                                                  1 Nidhogg *4.5*
                                                  1 Sea Wisemen *4*
                                                  1 Hell Hound *3.5*
                                                  1 Zombie King *3*
                                                  1 Wraith *1*
    Z                         61+                 1 Violater *30*
    Baal                      91+                 4 Baal *100*
    Prinny                    91+                 1 Prinny Baal *100*
                                   Notes on Pirates
    Ambling Pirates are the pirates you'll probably meet first and come to hate,
    they seem to appear on almost every floor. If you've visited the message board
    you know what I mean.
    Chicken pirates always come with 6 treasure chests which vary in rarity, but
    are always rare or legendary.
    Dancing pirates come with up to 2 unsubdued specialists, some of which may
    not already be on the item.
    I hate Monk pirates. In one of my experiences I had a legendary God's Hand 
    as the 8th item in the item list, I was stoked. Then, Monk pirates appeared
    and completely destroyed my item list. If you are too strong to them, or too
    far away, they tend to just bonus blast your item list, which stinks.
    Hunter Pirates come with up to 4, yes 4! Unsubdued specialists. This does NOT
    mean you need to have 4 empty slots open on the item. I've seen them come when
    I had 2 slots left. 2 Specialists.
    Gate pirates come with a yellow mystery gate and a special red mystery gate.
    The yellow is an odsinary bonus gate. The red, however, puts you up to the
    next floor with a 0 on the end. Which means if you're on floor 54 and you
    take the portal, you'll be sent to floor 60.
    Wealthy pirates ALWAYS come with 4 legendary items equipped. This is very 
    nice for when you're hunting for rank 39 items.
    Red pirates always arrive wearing shoes on all three slots...for some reason..
    Z pirates....yeah...I wont ruin it for you but if you've seen Dragon Ball Z
    you might find them funny. These guys also tend to be at LEAST level 1000
    in any item you can go through. Don't kill them last...
    Baal pirates don't give you anything interesting... though it's noteworthy
    that they only appear after you've killed Baal in the Land of Carnage.
    Prinny pirates on lvl 91+ are Prinny Baal pirates. Just one of them. When
    killed you obtain the Lord Master title. Doing this ALSO boosts Prinny Baal's
    stats in the Land of Carnage by 3X. Killing Prinny Baal in the LoC when he's
    juiced up is basically the last thing you can do in Disgaea 2.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright. 
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    The only site allowed to use this FAQ - www.Gamefaqs.com
    Please Email me if you see this guide on another website or distributor.
    My Email - Mr.Potato@sbcglobal.net
    Aim - MrPotat0
    * I would like to give credit to NIS for making a great game.
    * Double Jump Books for providing wonderful info on Pirates.
    * The Gamefaqs Message Boards for inspiring me to write this:p.
    *Thanks to Kalif Hickey for information on the name change of Wisemen and
    Ranger Pirates to Monk and Prism pirates. And for information on the stats
    of the treasure maps.
    *Thanks to Dana for clarifying Z pirates and providing information on them.
    *Thanks to Garzahd for giving me the idea of putting a notes section under
    the Types of Pirates section.
                               Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Q. If you don't defeat a pirate on a given floor, do you always encounter 
    the same pirate deeper in the item until you defeat it?
    A. Wether or not you defeat the pirate leader or not does not determine
    if it will be encountered again in that item, or another item later in time.
    If you do defeat the pirates, they can still be seen deeper into the item.
    2. Q. Can you encounter multiple different pirates in the same item? 
    A. You can, and (probably) will find different pirates in the same item
    in varying frequencies throughtout that item.
    3. Q. I read somewhere that exiting the item after you defeat the pirate 
    makes it more likely for a new pirate to appear sooner. Is this true?
    A. In my experience, it is completely random wehter you encounter pirates
    frequently or rarely. Doing the above will not make pirates appear sooner.
    4. Q. Is there a minimum number of floors after you encounter a pirate before 
    you encounter more pirates? And if such a number exists, could that number 
    be reset to 0 if you exit the item?
    A. There is no minimum number. Unlike Mystery rooms, you can encounter pirates
    2+ times in a row in any given item.
    *Questions 1-4 credit from Kythlyn*
    5. Q. Is a pirate's level at all associated with the rank of the item you've 
    A. Technically, yes. If you enter a rank 30 item, the pirate will be a less 
    level than if you encountered the same pirate on the same floor of a rank 39.
    *Question 5 credit from og255*
    6. Q. I just encountered my first Z pirate, but he was level 9999! How am
    I supposed to deal with that?
    A. If you don't use the Nekomata/carmilla trick or are underleveled, go to
    floor 61+ of mint gum, or a subpoena and the Z pirates will be around
    level 1000, but he'll still be relatively weak, just dont let him be the
    last enemy on the map.

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