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    Version Differences Guide by Lucavious

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     Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days New Features Guide 
    	Created by: Lucavious 
    	Created on: July 25th, 2010 
    	Email Address: the.wilmeths@gmail.com 
    Don't really care where or how you use this guide. Wouldn't mind an email if 
    you intend to use it on your site though. No credit necessary as much of this 
    information was collected from various other sources. 
    	- taiga for pointing out spelling mistakes and some features that were 
    	  already in the original version of the game.
    	- Doctor__T for mentioning several item world changes, as well as noting 
    	  more features already in the original game.
    	- xarugas03 for noting the proper method for unlocking Pringer X and 
    	  unleashing the Land of Carnage.
    	- demonfang0 for mentioning some of the item world features as well as the 
    	  music starting over each stage in the original game.
    	- Coryney for pointing out that DA Chicken does not dictate the amount of 
    	  times you can enter item world now.
    	- Judqement8 for pointing out my awful spelling.
    	- http://disgaea.wikia.com/wiki/Disgaea_2:_Dark_Hero_Days
    	- http://www.gamefaqs.com/psp/955515-disgaea-2-dark-hero-days/cheats
    	- http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/955515-disgaea-2-dark-hero-days
     Table of Contents 
    1. Introduction ..........................................................[001] 
    2. New Playable Characters ...............................................[002] 
    		- Mao 
    		- Raspberyl 
    		- Mr. Champloo 
    		- Asagi 
    		- Asagi (Humanoid) 
    		- Female Samurai 
    		- Saber Kitty 
    		- Entei 
    		- Celestial Host 
    		- Android Kurtis 
    		- Gordon 
    		- Morjoly 
    		- Preire 
    		- Vyers aka Midboss 
    		- Zetta 
    3. New Abilities .........................................................[003] 
    		- Magichange 
    		- Magichange 2 
    		- Throw and Receive
    		- Spells and Abilities 
    4. Pringer X and the Land of Carnage .....................................[004]
    5. Item World ............................................................[005]
    		- Improved Pirate Appearence Rate
    		- New Neutral NPC Encounters
    		- Level Spheres
    		- Innocent Town
    6. New Misc. Features ....................................................[006] 
    		- Holt Village Shops 
    		- Axel Mode 
    		- Stronger and Weaker enemy bills 
    		- Downloadable Content 
    		- Game Trailers 
    		- Interface Changes 
    		- Bugs, Random Changes, etc.
     Introduction                                                             [001] 
    Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days was released September 8, 2009 in the United States 
    for the PSP. It is a remake of the Playstation 2 NISA title Disgaea 2: Cursed 
    Memories. As you could probably tell by the title of this guide it contains 
    numerous new features and enhancements to the original game, however they are 
    poorly documented even in the game manual itself. 
    I will attempt to outline as many new and extra features that have been 
    uncovered by the Disgaea community from various sites and sources in as simple 
    a manner as possible. If you have any additions to add please feel free to 
    email me. 
    This guide contains spoilers. Namely, the characters and missions sections 
    specifically. If you want to find these new features on your own I recommend 
    you skip past them when reading this guide. 
    I will not cover information that is already provided in more depth such as 
    downloadable character stats or how to obtain certain items (even new ones) in 
    other guides. Both of those things are covered in much greater detail in the 
    DLC and Item Collection guide available on GameFAQs.com for Dark Hero Days. 
     New Playable Characters                                                  [002] 
    Many of the newly playable characters were originally only boss encounters in 
    the original Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. The others include the heroes from 
    Disgaea 3 as well as generic classes from the original Disgaea and Disgaea 3. 
    All of the unique characters require passing a bill as Adell in the dark 
    council after defeating them in their respective stages. 
    	Mao is the main character in Disgaea 3. He specializes in fist weapons and 
    	has a well rounded and higher than usual growth pattern. He retains all 
    	three of his abilities from the original game and is level 3200 when you 
    	fight and recruit him. He also serves as the blacksmith in item world who 
    	can add Magichange 2 to your monster skill set. 
    	How to unlock: Mao is available as a bill to pass after unlocking 
    	Raspberyl, Champloo, and Land of Carnage. 
    	She is the supporting character from Disgaea 3 and is a monster type 
    	spellcaster. She can cast spells two panels further than other monsters 
    	and her 
    	original abilities allow her to cast a 5-panel attack from a long distance 
    	for very little SP. She's great for knocking down gate keepers in item 
    	world for this reason. 
    	How to unlock: Raspberyl is available as a bill to pass after unlocking 
    	Champloo and clearing 30 dark sun stages. 
    	Mr. Champloo 
    	Another supporting character from Disgaea 3. He is a cooking master and has 
    	fairly underwhelming ATK based skills. Because he specializes in fist 
    	techniques there's not much of a use for them outside of his mass-damage 
    	single target ability. 
    	How to unlock: Champloo is available as a bill to pass after completing 
    	Axel mode and having at least 50 hours of game time passed. 
    	Asagi is a recurring extra character from various Disgaea games. She was 
    	originally intended to be the main character in a game called Makai Wars 
    	which was never completed. As a result, in this game she has a smaller 
    	sprite than the other characters. She is a monster type character 
    	initially and was originally only a boss character in Disgaea 2: Cursed 
    	How to unlock: Asagi is available as a bill to pass after obtaining 33 
    	felonies on a single character. 
    	Asagi (Humanoid) 
    	This is the humanoid form of Asagi, meaning she can equip weapons and has a 
    	normal body size instead of her tiny sprite. 
    	How to unlock: Attend a dark council meeting as Adell and pass Asagi's bill 
    	after leveling the monster version of her to 2000. 
    	Female Samurai 
    	This is a generic humanoid class from the original Disgaea. 
    	How to unlock: Have a save file from Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness on the 
    	same memory card as Disgaea: Dark Hero Days. 
    	Sabre Kitty 
    	This is a generic monster from various NIS games including Makai Kingdom 
    	and Disgaea 3. 
    	How to unlock: Complete mission 1-2 in Axel mode. 
    	This is a generic monster from the original Disgaea. It was originally a 
    	giant overlord from a neighboring netherworld who attempted to defeat 
    	Laharl and take his Overlord title. 
    	How to unlock: Complete mission 2-3 in Axel mode. 
    	Celestial Host 
    	This is a generic humanoid class from the original Disgaea. She is a spell 
    	casting humanoid that can fly over enemy units. She is also good with most 
    	weapons. Well rounded late-game humanoid. 
    	How to unlock: Complete mission 3-3 in Axel mode. 
    	Android Kurtis 
    	These are the Kurtis clones featured in the extra Kurtis Defender of 
    	Earth missions. In the original game you could fight them but not 
    	create them. He is a monster type character and doesn't have many 
    	redeeming qualities, however fans of the original Disgaea shouldn't let 
    	that keep them from creating at least one :) 
    	How to unlock: Complete the Defender of Earth missions by using a DOE 
    	Cell Phone three times (and again after completing the unlocked mission)
    	and passing the appropriate bill. 
    	The original Defender of Earth. He was originally a humanoid character 
    	in the original Disgaea but is a monster type character in this game. 
    	As such, he's not particularly useful for more than some laughs. 
    	How to unlock: Also unlocked after unlocking Android Kurtis. 
    	The antagonist from Rhapsody (an early NIS game released for the 
    	original Playstation) and a monster type character. She has three items 
    	equipped that references her minions from the original game and can be 
    	stolen when fighting her. She was a fairly humerous character but for 
    	some reason says nothing in this game except when recruiting her in the
    	dark council. Her unique abilities and magichange aren't particularly 
    	How to unlock: Defeat Marjoly after obtaining 99 felonies. 
    	A hero from La Pucelle Tactics. This is her Overlord form that 
    	references an alternate ending obtainable in her original game by 
    	conquering the dark portals. She is a monster type character and has a 
    	unique weapon that can be won by defeating her.
    	How to unlock: Defeat Priere after obtaining 66 felonies. Can only be 
    	obtained between chapters 1-9. 
    	Vyers aka Midboss 
    	A reccuring boss from the original Disgaea game and a monster type 
    	character. He has similar abilities to Laharl and is secretly his 
    	father the King. He appears to stop you if you try to see the ending 
    	before the end of the game. 
    	How to unlock: Pass the "See the Ending" bill after completing 20 hours
    	of game time before chapter 9. Defeating him will restart the game, 
    	then you can pass the bill again. After this you can recruit him from 
    	the dark council by participating as Adell as usual. 
    	The main character from Makai Kingdom and a self titled "bad ass 
    	freakin' overlord". In his game he is considered the strongest overlord
    	in the universe thanks to his old disciple (and lover) who is secretly 
    	feeding him mana at the cost of her own life. He is trapped as a book 
    	because he attempted to rewrite his own destiny in the Sacred Tome to 
    	avoid his Netherworld being destroyed (which, coincidentally, was the 
    	very reason it ended up being destroyed). 
    	How to unlock: Clear 10 Dark Sun maps, defeat him, then pass his bill as 
     New Abilities                                                            [003] 
    A majority of the new abilities offered in Dark Hero Days are carried over from 
    Disgaea 3. There is one new feature known as "Magichange 2" which will be 
    explained below. 
    Magichange allows a monster class character to become a weapon that is equipped 
    by a nearby humanoid character. They typically last for two turns and then 
    disappear until the end of the battle. The stats of the item depend on the 
    stats of the monster in being magichanged. 
    Magichanging will unlock new abilities that do an incredible amount of damage 
    typically over a large range of panels. 
    You can not magichange until you have played through Axel mode at least one 
    time on your save file. As such, if you start with the original storyline you 
    will see the option appear as ????? in your character menu until you restart 
    and play through it. 
    Magichange 2 
    This is a new feature exclusive to Dark Hero Days. After magichanging a monster 
    to a humanoid character you can then magichange a second monster to the same 
    character using Magichange 2. 
    Magichange 2 is only available on monsters that have been "upgraded" by Mao in 
    the item world as one of the possible random events from the mystery panel. 
    Upgrading a monster is free but you can only do one monster for every time you 
    encounter him. 
    Using Magichange 2 will reduce the number of turns the character is transformed 
    to 1 and does not change the stats of the character selected. However, it will 
    open up all of the abilities of that monster to the character being magichanged 
    For instance, you can magichange a Saberkitty to Adell to give him a unique 
    fist weapon and increased stats. Then, magichange a prinny to him, unlocking 
    Pringer Beam as a usable ability for Adell. 
    The most common use for this ability is to Magichange Zetta to a character 
    already magichanged. This will allow that character to use Zetta Beeeeeeam and 
    kill every target in Cave of Ordeals 4 at the same time. 
    Throw and Receive 
    Originally you could not toss characters onto monsters because they were 
    incapable of lifting units. In Dark Hero Days when a character is tossed onto a
    monster then it will bounce off in the direction that monster is facing. 
    The distance bounced depends on the TW level of that monster character (so a 
    monster with 3 TW for instance will bounce a character 3 panels in the 
    direction it is facing). 
    Also, you can toss characters onto other humanoid characters and they will be 
    caught, allowing you to toss them again without having to lift beforehand. 
    Spells and Abilities 
    Spells in Disgaea 2 could originally go only as high as "Tera". In Dark Hero 
    Days you can attain spells as high as "Peta" with even further increased 
    New weapon abilities are also available for characters who master their 
    respective weapon types including the following: 
    	Gun			Cocytus' Rage
    	Axe			Destroyer
    	Sword			Ultra Overlord
    	Spear			Brunhilda
    	Fist			No Way Out
    	Bow			Salamander Bow
    The new weapon skills are obtained when your character reaches a proficiency 
    level of 30 in their respective weapon types.
     Pringer X and the Land of Carnage                                        [004] 
    There is only a single new mission in Dark Hero Days; the battle with Pringer 
    X. Pringer X was originally references in the original Disgaea as a joke made 
    inbetween episodes by Etna. Since then, Prinnys will randomly comment about 
    Pringer X in various games as a super prinny who will save them from slavery. 
    Pringer X was also a boss you could fight originally in Phantom Brave. 
    In Dark Hero Days he is considered the strongest enemy in the game and the 
    final encounter. He can only be confronted after defeating the original 
    strongest boss (Prinny Baal) and even after defeating him you can then pass a 
    bill to max out all of his stats, as well as have to fight eight of them at one
    Unlocking Pringer X requires a series of actions.
    	- Defeat Baal by completing 25 dark world stages and unlocking Baal 
    	- Defeat Prinny Baal in the Land of Carnage.
    	- Search floors 91-99 of a Rank 40 item in the Land of Carnage for 
    	  Prinny Baal Pirates and defeat them.
    This will unlock the bill to encounter Pringer X. There is more work to do 
    though if you wish to fight the strongest version.
    	- Defeat Pringer X. Each subsequent encounters there will be 8 Pringer
    	- Defeat the 8 Prigner Xs. This will unlock the "Unleash the Land of 
    	  Carnage" bill in the dark assembly.
    	- Passing this bill will unlock the most difficult version of the 
    	  Pringer X battle. 8 Pringer Xs with completely maxed stats.
    It is worth noting that the "Unleash Land of Carnage" bill will affect all 
    enemies in the Land of Carnage and can not be reversed. You will be forced to 
    start over (New Game+) if you wish to go back to the normal Land of Carnage.
     Item World                                                               [005] 
    Item world contains numerous positive changes that make creating an item a
    breeze compared to the headache that was the original Disgaea 2.
    Improved Pirate Appearence Rate
    Certain pirates now have a greater chance of appearing in specific items in 
    item world. The exact appearence rate is unknown. Pirates not listed below 
    appear fairly often in all item types. The following pirates appear more 
    frequently in the items listed:
    	Orc Pirates		Weights
    	Prinny Pirates		Guns
    	Prism Pirates		Swords
    	Dancing Pirates		Bows
    	Monk Pirates		Staves
    	Hunter Pirates		Armor
    	Animal Pirates		Monster Weapons
    	Jolly Pirates		Muscles
    	Ninja Pirates		Fists
    	Gate Pirates		Spears
    	Wealthy Pirates		Legendary Items**
    ** There is no official confirmation at this time.
    New Neutral NPC Encounters
    You now have a chance of meeting special neutral NPCs when stepping on a 
    mystery gate. Some existing NPCs also have new effects!
    	Mao			Unlocks "Magichange 2" ability for one monster.
    	Fortune Teller		Can be engaged by speaking to him four times 
    				now. Will upgrade item level by +3 if defeated.
    	Succubus		Allows you to purchase music you have heard 
    				previously in the game for a very high cost.
    	White Dragon		Allows you to change the color of any generic 
    				character to one from another tier you have 
    Level Spheres
    Level spheres from Disgaea 3 have been added. When a sphere appears randomly in
    item world your screen will automatically center on it like a mystery portal.
    You simply need to lift the sphere when moving to the next stage or clearing the
    level and your item will gain five levels. They only appear on item levels 21
    or higher.
    Keep in mind that entering a mystery portal will NOT credit you for holding a
    level sphere!
    Innocent Town
    You can now access Innocent Town even when you have already used the Dark 
    Assembly three times in a single item. This is most helpful when attempting to
    merge innocents with a mediator or train them using a teacher. It also presents
    more opportunities for treasure!
    Some users have noted an increased chance to enter Innocent Town compared to
    Disgaea 2, however this is currently speculation.
     New Misc. Features                                                       [006] 
    Many new features have been added to the game that don't fit any particular 
    category. If you feel I've missed any details please feel free to let me know! 
    Holt Village Shops 
    Music Shop: Allows you to customize the music that plays in Item World as well 
    as listen to tunes you have purchased from the music shop. 
    Character Paint Shop: Allows you to repaint your generic characters to other 
    colors from the same class. Its rather expensive to do this, but if you find 
    him as a mystery gate shop he'll do it for free. This shop does not appear 
    until you've passed the bill to unlock after meeting him once in item world 
    through a random mystery gate. 
    Record Shop: Allows you to review a giant database of information about the 
    game. You can view how many items, music, or characers you've unlocked, whats 
    still available, and the rarity of each item collected. There is no reward for 
    filling the entire database, but it might be fun to try. 
    Axel Mode 
    Play as Axel in four chapters exclusive to him. Axels original voice actor 
    returns to play the part but his little brother has been replaced by Laharl's 
    voice actress. You'll see what happens before Disgaea 2 that forced him to film 
    his "Tripping with Axel" show. 
    Axel mode has a throw away plot and doesn't reveal anything interesting about 
    the original storyline. For the most part it acts as a tutorial for many of the 
    new features in the game such as Magichange and introduces you to the new 
    monster classes such as Saberkitty and Angel. 
    Axel mode can be played through by restarting your game after completing Dark 
    Hero Days or through a special code entered at the title screen. Be warned that 
    accessing it through the code can be very difficult since you'll be at a low 
    level compared to restarting and have no items or party members beyond what you 
    create or recruit from scratch. 
    To unlock Axel mode with the code enter the following at the title screen: 
    Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle Square, Circle, and X. If entered correctly 
    you will hear Axel say "Showtime!". 
    Stronger and Weaker Enemy Bills 
    New to the Disgaea series are the "even stronger/weaker enemy" and 
    "strongest/weakest enemy" bills. This will save you a TON of time! 
    Passing the first bill will lower or raise enemy levels as though you had 
    passed five enemy bills of that type, and passing the second bill will lower or 
    raise enemy levels to their maximum allowed. 
    Downloadable Content 
    New characters can be downloaded from the Playstation Store. All characters 
    except two at the time of this writing are 1.99 and require fighting the 
    character to recruit them. Sapphire and Plenaire can be downloaded for free. 
    List of currently available downloadable characters: 
    	Almaz 				$1.99
    	Demon Lord Hanako 		$1.99
    	Pram 				$1.99
    	Ash 				$1.99
    	Marona 				$1.99
    	Pleinair 			FREE
    	Sapphire 			FREE	
    Game Trailers 
    You can view trailers to other NIS America games such as "Holy Invasion of 
    Privacy Badman!" and "Disgaea 3: Absense of Justice" by attending a meeting at 
    the dark council and choosing to view the bottom most options from Mao and 
    	Badman				Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman!
    	Badman				Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman 2!
    	Mao				Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice
    	Aramis				Prinny: Can I Really be the Hero?
    Interface Changes 
    There are many, many changes made to the interface of the game that are not 
    fully documented by NIS or various fansites for the game such as the Neoseeker 
    Disgaea Wiki. I'll attempt to make a bulleted list for as many changes as I've 
    noticed playing the game. 
    	- Lifetime felony counts in the status menu 
    	- Skills can be rearranged from the status menu 
    	- Magichange and Magichange 2 are available in the character menus 
    	- Items can be sorted by Item, Armor, or Weapon types
    	- The arrange menu has an "insert" option so you can move characters 
    	  without forcing them to switch places with other characters.
    Bugs, Random Changes, etc.
    	- Monster voices have been reverted to generic sounds
    	- Female monster voices now use their Disgaea 3 counterparts.
    	- There is a brief pause before attacks in the game; this is a stylized
    	  method of hiding the load times to pull data from the game disc.
    	- Music no longer replays after each level in the item world.

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