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    --      COIN & SIDE-QUEST GUIDE        --
    -- By: Lugia46
    -- V 1.0 (11/17/09)
    -- EMAIL: RahXephonQwon <-AT-> gmail <-DOT-> com
    A. Introduction
    B. Coin locations
    C. List of achievements
    D. Credits
    This guide is a quick and dirty reference for all the templar coins for those
    collecting them. They serve no actual purpose in game besides for achievements,
    which in themselves don't really do anything for you.
    So why bother? Because these coins carry over into AC:2 on PS3, hence the link
    option available in-game.
    I've also outlined very briefly the side-missions per area, but I did not
    write how to do them because they're all carbon-copies of one another, very
    self-explanatory. You also don't need to do them, and the reward is 30 bronze
    coins per quest, which in itself isn't necessary unless you're trying to max
    out fast on upgrades. Personally, I think it's much faster to just fight
    soldiers. If you go synchronize in each area and the missions' location will
    show up on your map anyway, so you may not need this guide at all for that.
    I've tried to write each area in logical order, that is, the order you
    encounter them through the story. The number before the name corresonds to
    the memory. IE, 1:acre harbor fortress means memory 1.
    Try to get all the coins on your first time in the area because a couple of 
    coins are only available for the window of time you are completing a mission,
    then become inaccessible. If you miss one, no big deal, just repeat the 
    memory after you complete it. You can re-play a section, nab the coin, 
    and exit--it will be saved.
    Oh, and to save you further frustration, I numbered the coins *as they appear*
    in the pause menu HUD. What I mean is this: press pause, and look up. You'll
    	() () () () () (g)
    The first 5 being silver circles and the last being gold. As you pick up a 
    coin, you'll notice the circle becomes solid. I attempted to number these 
    as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in the order they appear above. The coins are NOT in any 
    logical order by proximity, however. Only somewhat in the boss stages.
    Let's get started:
    <B. COIN LIST>
    **note: sorry, I didn't catch the proper numbering of these coins, but they
    are very easy to find so forgive me :)
    --First area (after intro)--
    1) Right after the first soldier, NE corner.
    2) Opposite the exit of this first area, where you fight a soldier.
    1) Rooftop opposite the exit. There are wooden beams on both sides of a narrow
       gap, climb them up for easy access.
    --Second area (inside)--
    3) Immediately on your right as you enter.
    4) Just after the bend, some boxes - climb them, in the corner directly above
       the wooden beams.
    5) To your right once you get outside, after you fight two soldiers, just 
       before the end of the area.
    =======2:LIMASSOL P0RT========
    1) Near the cathedral gate, to the west, are some boats. Run up the dock to 
       see a coin on your right, atop a small ship.
    2) On top of the large ship, climb a ladder to your left once aboard and it is 
       behind the mast.
    3) From start, head forward and on your left is a ladder. Climb up, navigate to
       the right and you should see a narrow beam. Run across, climb up twice, and 
       at the roof is the treasure.
    4) Hidden in a dead end just north of the castle courtyard entrance.
    5) This coin is exactly east of the coin #6, sitting on top of a wooden 
       overhang roof. Climb to grab it.
    6) Gold - Very close to coin #1, it's atop a small piece of land. Have to run 
       over a covered boat to get it.
    A) Woman near the docks nearest the cathedral gate - wants you to exterminate
       pirates without being spotted
    B) Woman mid-west of map, across from large ship - deliver message to target 
       while anonymous. You'll have to climb up on the roof to get to him, since 
       two guards spawn which are impossible to pass. The target is in the same 
       alley as coin #4.
    C) Help civilian - being attacked by 3 soldiers mid-east of map, closer to 
       cathedral gate.
    1) South of #6 - you should see it on an isolated little patch of roof that you
       need to diagonally jump to. Very near the middle of the eastern side of the 
    2) Middle of the map, where there's a statue in the center of a plaza, you'll 
       see the coin in plain sight on the roof of a small SW booth.
    3) Exactly west of where you find the intercept mission, there's a coin next to
       a broken wall on the ground.
    4) In the same "block" of buildings on the map that contain the safehouse, 
       the coin is hidden between two taller buildings, right across from a stack
       of hay.
    5) Just west of the plaza, there's a set of haning vines and drying meats(?) 
       on top of a wide roof. Right underneath the large vines is the coin.
    6) Gold - Absolute NE corner of map, on the rooftops. Behind a building with
       a dome roof.
    A) Help civilian - absolute SE corner of map.
    B) Man extreme NE of map, in a corner - Intercept mission, stop woman with map.
    =====2:LIMASSOL CATHEDRAL=====
    1) The west side of the cathedral's roof. In a corner directly across from
       coin #6.
    2) NE corner of map, next to a ladder, across from a palm tree, up on a wooden
    3) Southern wall, left corner above the marketplace entrance on the roof. You
       should see two palmtrees near it.
    4) Mid-west of map, center. Next to some green bushes, near a hay cart on the
    5) Up on the first of two thin, wooden rafters right in front of the port exit
    6) Gold - extreme NW corner, partially hidden in a stack of hay. To get here,
       you'll need to cross adjacent rooftops.
    A) Defend citizen - NE corner of map. To the right of the marketplace exit.
    B) Man near stairs NW corner of map - Elminiate targets without alert.
    1) To your left from the marketplace exit. You need to get to high ground by
       climbing the stepping-stones protruding from the wall.
    2) Follow the nearly linear path from coin 1 over both archways and wooden
       beams, it's atop the last one.
    3) In the second area, once you get onto the upper walls, there's a small
       triangular roof section you run under. Right on top lies the coin.
    4) This one's hiding behind barrels in the lower area on your way to where
       Eric is. Eastern wall just south of the center of the map. Easier to nab
       after the fight, imo.
    5) In the area you confront Eric, look in the SE corner.
    6) Gold - this one's hidden in a place you might miss unless you look around.
       From #3, you run over a series of wooden rafters, but right behind you after
       you reach level ground is another section of pipes and stones you can climb.
       If you drop all the way below, the coin rests in the corner.
    =======3:KYRENIA HARBOR=======
    1) Immediately south on the map, straight ahead of where you start, there is a
       building with a wide roof. The coin is atop a wooden scaffold.
    2) Just above the exit to the crusader outpost. Climb the adjacent wall to its
    3) Inside the city's fountain, very close to the docks.
    4) A little SW of the exit to kyrenia commons, there is a very tall building.
       Climb all the way to its top.
    5) Lone dock on the map. At the end is the coin. It's immediately north of #1.
    6) Gold - North center of map, sitting on top of a wooden pole in the middle of
       water. You'll have to hop across several.
    A) Defend citizen - run directly east on your map from the starting point, and
       you'll find this mission in an alley.
    B) Woman by palm tree, far north of map near gate - steal a map from templars.
       The map you grab is fake, so you have to chase down another soldier before
       he escapes.
    ======3:KYRENIA COMMONS=======
    1) Topmost step of the open-air stage in the NE corner of the map.
    2) In a bundle of hay on the roof of a building about one block north of the
       safehouse. You can see the open air "stage" from its highest point.
    3) NW corner of the map, on top of the building. Directly to your left if you
       came from the harbor.
    4) Inside the fountain SE of the harbor gate.
    5) From the fountain, run exactly south. On top of some wooden beams overhead
       is the coin.
    6) Gold - Immediately behind the vantage point, on top of the red roofs. Very
       hard to miss.
    A) Man west of stage - eliminate target guard without alert.
    B) SW corner from the safehouse - intercept and elminate informant.
    =======3:KANTARA CASTLE=======
    1) The first coin hides immediately in front of you, all the way in the NE
      corner of the entrance.
    2) Immediately as you enter the fortress, there is a formation to the left that
       kind of looks like a house. On a small wooden ledge jutting out of the red
       roof is the coin.
    3) This one is at the very top of a guard post. It has a wooden ledge much like
       a vantage point, and it may well be one - it is the highest point of the
       area. You get there by running along the top of the large wall that is the
       entrance gate, and on its western side you'll see a lot of steps leading up.
       Take them, then climb up the brown roofs on your right to the very, very top.
    4) The moment you're in, don't go down the stairs. Carefully jump over to some
       wooden rafters and onto the chandelier. It's on the left side of the room,
       on top of more rafters.
    5) Near the large church building you need to scale to get in from the roof, the
       coin is on the "ground." Specifically, the southern of the two narrow ledges
       that exist next to the church.
    6) Gold - Easy to miss if you're not careful: Once you climb to the very top
       where the cutscene after the boss directs, if you go too far forward, a
       cutscene will start and you're out of luck, Altair will leave the area for
       good. This coin is hidden at an even higher point that you have to climb a
       ladder to get up to. That ladder is directly opposite the wood scaffold that
       serves as the final exit to this entire place.
    =======4:KYRENIA MARKET=======
    1) NE corner of the map, run along the rafters and scale the building in the
    2) NW of map, in the area with the large, cylinder-shaped blue roofs. It's in
       the absolute NW corner of them.
    3) SE corner of map, very close to the gate. It's on a lower part of the roof,
       in a narrow 'roof alley' against the giant wall.
    4) Middle of the eastern wall of the map. This coin is on the northern edge of
       the retangular building it is a part of. There is a palm tree north of the
    5) SW corner of map, just behind the boxed hiding spot.
    6) Easiest gold coin in the game? As you enter here from the commons, the coin
       is already in front of you, but up on the rafters. Climb and jump.
    A) Man in marketplace, middle of map - Exterminate target.
    B) Woman by cart of hay west side of map - delivery.
    1) Exactly south of the harbor exit is a giant archway with lookouts walking
       on top. The western side hides a coin, you'll see a ladder on the archway's
       south face.
    2) Southern "tower" of the building under construction in the center of the
       map. The coin is exactly opposite the vantage point. (you can see this coin
       from there)
    3) Wooden beam directly south of the harbor gate, all the way at the south
       wall. You'll see it right above you, it's not very high.
    4) On the roof of the same room where you pick up the key for the story mission
    5) Upon the middle of 3 wooden rafters sticking out of the NE corner wall.
    6) Gold - dead center of the building under construction, up on the rafters
       which cross in the middle.
    A) Woman just south of harbor by hay carts - Intercept and eliminate target.
    B) Defend citizen a tad south of center of map
    =====4:BUFFAVENTO CASTLE======
    1) Immediately above you when you enter the area from the outpost. Climb up a
       nearby ladder and scale the small building.
    2) Direct south of map, you'll see a series of carts and then a dead end. On a
       scaffold touching the southern wall is the coin.
    3) Head outside onto the ledge in once you're inside the castle, and you'll see
       to the west a lone guard looking out at a wooden beam. Across the beam is
       the coin.
    4) Immediate right after you climb down the inside of the castle and pass the
       fire. This comes before #3.
    5) In plain sight along the path when you're searching for keys to the lower
       prison. It's on a wooden beam in that misty room with beams.
    6) Gold - as you follow the path up that winds around the castle wall outside,
       you'll come to a ledge that continues wrapping around north. Follow it, and
       there's the coin.
    1) In the fountain right in front of you on start
    2) The roof exactly above where the first part of the story mission takes place
       is wooden, and on that roof there is what appears to be like a wooden house.
       Inside is the coin.
    3) Inside the brothel; giant D-shaped building on map that also vontains the
       vantage point mid-south.
    4) Run directly east from the commons and at the east wall there's a wooden
       scaffold, atop is the coin.
    5) On a crane, found against the southern part of the west wall. You'll have to
       jump across. It's physically against a gate that doesn't lead anywhere.
    6) Gold - on the roof of a building right behind where the story mission takes
       place to trail the bull's son. The building's wall is curved like a cylinder.
       It is SE of the commons exit, but above the center line of the map. Use the
       ledges to shimmy across and drop down on it.
    A) Just north of st. hilarion castle, a woman next to a hay cart - elimination
    B) Woman west-center of the map - intercept
    ====5:ST. HILARION CASTLE=====
    1) Turn around and run along the roofs at the start of the level. You should
       see a building nearby with a large bell. That building has on its south side
       a series of wooden beams with vines. The coin is on them in clear sight.
    2) If you run back to where the caravan was on the ground, you can go inside
       of the large building, and in plain sight will be the coin.
    3) Behind the enormous statue.
    4) As you get deeper inside, in a narrow corridor with 2 guards at the entrance,
       the coin is out on the left balcony.
    5) At the very top of the portion of the building #4 is in is the coin. To get
       there, look for protruding bricks on the northern outside wall and scale it.
       It's at the highest point on wooden beams.
    6) You'll have to scale the castle to get farther inside, and if you scale the
       very large tower all the way to its top, the coin is right there. It has a
       vantage point from which you can dive into hay.
    note: I have no idea what purpose these serve, because they don't net you
    anything in this game. Perhaps in AC2...?
    finish memory block 1, capture maria
    finish memory block 2, assassinate frederick the red
    finish memory block 3, assassinate moloch the bull
    finish memory block 4, assassinate the dark oracle
    finish memory block 5, assassinate shahar and shalim
    finish memory block 6, retunr to limassol
    finish memory block 7, assassinate armand bouchart
    finish memory block 1 in under 5 minutes
    collect 50 bronze templar coins
    collect 100 bronze templar coins
    collect 500 bronze templar coins
    collect 1 gold templar coins
    collect 5 gold templar coins
    collect 10 gold templar coins
    collect all gold templar coins
    collect all gold and silver templar coins in limassol
    collect all gold and silver templar coins in kyrenia
    collect all gold and silver templar coins in kantara castle
    collect all gold and silver templar coins in buffavento castle
    collect all gold and silver templar coins in st. hilron castle
    collect all gold and silver templar coins in limassol port
    collect all gold and silver templar coins in limassol market
    collect all gold and silver templar coins in limassol cathedral square
    collect all gold and silver templar coins in limassol castle
    collect all gold and silver templar coins in kyrenia harbor
    collect all gold and silver templar coins in kyrenia merchant district
    collect all gold and silver templar coins in kyrenia crusader outpost
    collect all gold and silver templar coins in kyrenia commons
    collect all gold and silver templar coins in kyrenia market square
    kill 20 soldiers
    kill 50 soldiers
    kill 100 soldiers
    perform 10 counter kills in fights
    perform 50 counter kills in fights
    perform 100 counter kills in fights
    perform 10 combo kills in fights
    perform 50 combo kills in fights
    perform 100 combo kills in fights
    perfrom 10 stealth kills
    perfrom 50 stealth kills
    <D. CREDITS>
    - CJayC (for gameFAQs)
    - Ubisoft & Griptonite Games for making
    - Me
    - You (for reading)
    <Legal stuff>
    This guide is copyright (c) 2009 Lugia46. All Rights Reserved.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned 
    by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This may NOT be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may NOT be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    That being said, this walkthrough was written solely to be hosted at: 
    I hoped this guide helped. Please contact me at the email written at the top
    of the guide for questions, comments, errata, or even words of thanks :)

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