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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Sethan

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    Ys Seven
    A Walkthrough
    by Sethan
    #-# 1. Introduction #---------------------------------------------------------#
      Welcome to my Ys Seven FAQ/Walkthrough. I hope in this document I can serve
    as an adequate guide to your journey through the game without spoiling
    everything or holding your hand too much. Understand this; the Ys series of
    games are best played in your own style, and you will need time to get
    comfortable with each game in turn. I cannot tell you how to play the game,
    but I can advise you on how I played or make observations on how bosses
    behaved for me. 
      The Ys series is highly thought of overseas in Japan, but in foreign markets
    it is so much a niche title. I will tell you now, this is not Final Fantasy,
    or Dragon Quest, or any other franchise with "RPG" in the name. Ys games have
    a very distinct feel to them, remaining undeniably "old school" in how they
    develop story and gameplay. The art design and music both are amazingly done,
    adding to the allure of this series to me. Go on YouTube for a couple hours
    and flip through the various tracks of Ys music out there, then tell me it
    can't measure up against some of the more popular games in the "RPG" genre.
    Nevertheless, Ys is now being marketed rather aggressively for the PSP system
    with XSEED's localizations. I highly recommend finding a copy of Ark of
    Napishtim, if you have a PlayStation 2 collecting dust, or if you have a Wii
    the Virtual Console release of "Ys Book I & II" on TurboCD is worthwhile for
    an introduction into the games. Be warned, that game is a very different
    animal from what you are used to; but that is not Ys Seven, so I'll let you
    look up that game if-or-when you decide to try it out.
      Despite me using "RPG" to describe this game, this game is not like
    traditional RPGs. It is a hybrid action/adventure game similar in
    development to a Zelda game, but with RPG elements to manage such as level,
    statistics, and equipment. If you liken it to Kingdom Hearts, you're also
    half-right and half-wrong. Up until Ys Seven, Adol would always be fighting
    alone; Kingdom Hearts used two allies almost as part of the game's design. Ys
    Seven might compare to it, but I'll be honest: this game is harder due to many
    handicaps put on you with the item system. There is no guzzling potions down
    if a battle is going badly until you win via persistence. Ys allows you a
    limited amount of each recovery item, and you can never carry more than your
    allotment. In Nightmare, you will be only allowed one of each type of item,
    and enemies will be much stronger than in Normal (where you are permitted
    up to five of the basic items). Not only that, but you are expected to get hit
    a lot less; boss enemies will often have over a hundred times your HP value in
    health to fight through, and you cannot keep pace with them using recovery
      My best advice is to listen to the game's tutorial notes. You will not get
    nearly as many as other games in the genre, and the help is very useful to get
    your hands broken in. My second best advice is to talk to everyone, despite
    how repetetive they may wind up sounding; they will give you information and
    advice on matters. Last of the general advice is very simple: keep notes on
    where you can find things, so when you backtrack you can find them easier. You
    will be doing backtracking, and you will need to walk large distances from
    time to time to go from point A to point B.
      Without further ado, let's review the cast of intrepid adventurers you will
    be playing with for most of the game.
    #-# 2. Characters #-----------------------------------------------------------#
    Adol Christin
      Attack Type: Slash (Or Pierce/Strike, depending on equipment.)
      Extra Skill: Lunar Blade
      Support Ability: Accuracy multiplier.
      Adol Christin is the main character around which the Ys saga revolves. This
    red-haired warrior is legendary as an adventurer and he overcomes all sorts of
    evil beings in his travels. He is also known for his lack of good luck
    concerning boats, and the tendency for him to be a "chosen one". At the
    halfway point in the story, roughly two-thirds of the way through the game,
    he will get access to different types of swords which can alter his attack
    type. Take advantage of this, because you can't leave Adol out of the party. 
    Adol's Skills
      Rising Slash      (SP  10)
      Strength Blast    (SP  10)
      Running Slash     (SP  10)
      Photon Blade      (SP  10)
      Scud Sword        (SP  10)
      Earth Shaker      (SP  20)
      Power Smash       (SP  20)
      Sword Dance       (SP  40)
      Dominator         (SP  40)
      Pentagram         (SP  80)
      Aerial Thrust     (SP  20)
      Rapid Snipe       (SP  40)
      Tornado Slash     (SP  20)
      Attack Type: Strike
      Extra Skill: Power Strike
      Support Ability: Stun rate multiplier.
      Dogi "the Wall Crusher" is a large and muscular man whose self-chosen
    nickname is a telling indication of just how strong he is. He is a loyal
    friend to Adol, having been with him since the start of his adventures
    within Darm Tower. Dogi specializes with fist weapons, and the extreme
    short range can get him in some trouble during boss battles. Nevertheless,
    his skills can make him deadly when used properly.
    Dogi's Skills
      Combination       (SP  12)
      Crusher           (SP  12)
      Might Quake       (SP  12)
      Straight Right    (SP  25)
      Uppercut          (SP  25)
      Blaster Kick      (SP  50)
      Kaiser Rush       (SP  50)
      Grand Slam        (SP 100)
      Wild Rage         (SP  50)
      Roundhouse Kick   (SP  25)
      Aura Impact       (SP  12)
      Attack Type: Pierce
      Extra Skill: Arrow Rain
      Support Ability: Extra Skill gauge speed multiplier.
      Aisha is an Altaginian girl who pushes her way into the party at a point,
    and proves to be very good with her bow and arrows. For the most part she
    acts haughty and entitled but there is a good heart which lies under the
    behavior. Aisha's bow is an exceptional ranged weapon, and plenty of her
    skills are useful for controlling the battlefield. Her support ability is
    useful as well, since the Extra Skills of your party are central to killing
    bosses fast. 
    Aisha's Skills
      Somersault        (SP   9)
      Tumble Arrow      (SP   9)
      Spread Shot       (SP   9)
      Killer Hornet     (SP  18)
      Hydro Shot        (SP  18)
      Waspinator        (SP  35)
      Aqua Burst        (SP  35)
      Jet Slicer        (SP  35)
      Cataract Blue     (SP  70)
      Heavy Blast       (SP   9)
      Rising Arrow      (SP  18)
      Skywinder         (SP  18)
      Step Shot         (SP   9)
      Attack Type: Slash
      Extra Skill: Earth Guard
      Support Ability: Gold drop multiplier.
      Elk is a young boy from Shannoa Village who treats live as an adventure to
    be lived. Naturally, he and Adol get along rather well when they get a chance
    to know each other; until then it's a good idea to take him with a pinch of
    salt. Elk is built like a much quicker and more fragile Adol, since his armor
    is of the lightest type. The dual-sword he wields can be thrown during some
    skills for an extra edge. His skills "Steal" and "Bandit" later on can be very
    useful in getting materials for you to work with.
    Elk's Skills
      Rock Fang         (SP   8)
      Crestfall         (SP   8)
      Wheelspin         (SP   8)
      Sliding           (SP   8)
      Steal             (SP   8)
      Spin Edge         (SP  15)
      Bandit            (SP  15)
      Terran Vortex     (SP  60)
      Leaf Boomerang    (SP  30)
      Rising Wheel      (SP  15)
      Rumble Brawl      (SP  30)
      Aerial Charge     (SP  15)
      Attack Type: Strike
      Extra Skill: Flame Hazard
      Support Ability: Damage dealt multiplier.
      Mustafa is the elder of Segram after his father left to assist in the war
    against Romn. This leaving is central to Mustafa's image of his father, and
    has left the young man slightly bitter. Mustafa uses heavy armor and a massive
    hammer to fight, and is very capable when fighting enemies. His support
    ability makes him a useful ally, and his skills can almost all hit a wide area
    with Strike-type damage.
    Mustafa's Skills / Cruxie's Skills
      Hammer Stamp      (SP  11)
      Igniz Blaze       (SP  11)
      Full Swing        (SP  11)
      Provoke           (SP  11)
      Revolver Swing    (SP  22)
      Crimson Pillar    (SP  22)
      Spark Pound       (SP  45)
      Dragon Blaze      (SP  90)
      Meteor Smash      (SP  45)
      Burst Swing       (SP  45)
      Empower           (SP  11)
      Dash Geyser       (SP  22)
      Volcano           (SP  22)
      Attack Type: Pierce
      Extra Skill: Turbulence
      Support Ability: Damage received reduction.
      Mishera the blind seer is Eldress of Kylos, and she sees more than
    most people do with perfect eyes. Her mystic abilities are to be respected,
    and she can perform many powerful manipulations with wind. Almost all of her
    skills use wind, but all of them help support the concept of Mishera as a
    ranged attacker. In a pinch, she can unleash several skills which will damage
    those around her. While you might have worked Aisha up to be preferable,
    Mishera's support ability is very useful when making your way through the
    wild or dungeons.
    Mishera's Skills
      Wind Cutter       (SP  12)
      Mist Wind         (SP  12)
      Absorption        (SP  12)
      Ascension         (SP  12)
      Rejection         (SP  25)
      Purge Wind        (SP  25)
      Tornado           (SP  50)
      Aerial Orb        (SP 100)
      Calm Gust         (SP  12)
      Aerial Thrust     (SP  50)
      Cloudburst        (SP  25)
      Atomos Cutter     (SP  50)
      Storm Gust        (SP  25)
      Attack Type: Slash
      Extra Skill: Fairy Strike
      Support Ability: Experience gain multiplier.
      The last member of your party to be introduced, Geis is a mercenary with a
    dark and troubled past who has a cynical sense of humor. He is accompanied by
    three faeries who act as eyes, ears, and messengers as need be. He has met
     Adol before, and followed his career with interest; primarily he doesn't think
    much of Adol's "goody two-shoes" nature and the tendency to attract trouble
    wherever he goes. Geis uses a polearm to attack with and his skills are
    powerful enough to back up Adol rather well in the party. Due to his support
    ability, you may be seeing a lot of Geis in your active party; get used to him.
    Geis's Skills
      Reaper            (SP  10)
      Wind Slash        (SP  10)
      Helm Splitter     (SP  10)
      Fly Fish          (SP  10)
      Flashlance        (SP  20)
      Wolf Fang         (SP  20)
      Cross Slasher     (SP  20)
      Cross Crusher     (SP  80)
      Trapster          (SP  10)
      Flashlance        (SP  20)
      Spiral Slash      (SP  40)
      Dragon Fang       (SP  40)
      Axe Arts: Ravage  (SP  40)
    #-# 3. Walkthrough #----------------------------------------------------------#
    ### Prologue: Arrival in Altago City ##########################################
      You find Adol and Dogi aboard a ship in the ocean, cruising quietly to the
    nation of Altago. A recent ceasefire agreement between Altago and Romn has made
    it possible to travel between the two world powers, and being adventurers it
    was only natural for Adol and Dogi to travel to new and interesting places.
    With the favorable reference from their friend Ladoc, they got passage on a
    trading vessel; after that they're on their own.
      Arriving in the city, they are warned about wandering aimlessly. Once you
    have control, you can wander around and talk to people. Most of them will fill
    you in on the plot details, or direct you to important places. Make a habit out
    of talking to everyone you meet often, and after events happen; their
    information will change often and sometimes  you will be given advice on where
    to go next.
      Heading out of the docks, the party will be stopped by a young and mute
    flower girl. You should buy a flower for 5 gold, and you will get a [Komona
    Flower] and a [Nadly Flower] as a gift for Adol to wear in his hair. You can
    visit the buildings nearby, and get to know where the weapon and item shops are
    located before finding the Tavern. You can't leave the city due to an edict, so
    you have nowhere to travel to yet. In the public square, you can meet another
    flower girl who has a cart with her. She doesn't introduce herself, but seems
    to know the one who sold Adol his flowers. 
      After seeing the sights and wandering back towards the palace, a scene begins
    where one of the Dragon Knight Commanders is harassing the flower girl. Adol
    and Dogi will intervene, and Commander Raud will insist on arresting them for
    spoiling his fun. You will lose your starting equipment, before the duo is
    released from the prison by Commander Scias by royal order. King Kiemarl has
    heard from his old friend Ladoc about Adol and his adventures, so he wants to
    ask a favor of Adol the Red. He wants you to check out a recently opened cavern
    and report back. You'll be provided with weapons again, and given a tutorial
    on how to fight with them. 
      While returning to the shops and checking out their goods, you can start the
    following quests: "Lecture: Tribes of Altago", "Lecture: Titano Ecology".
    Michael Wootton in the Tavern wants you to recover materials native to the
    tribal regions, or titano parts if possible. Keep your eyes peeled, because
    the second request is not as easy as the first one. 
      Out on the plains you can find a few things to draw your interest. First, a
    stone monument which will recover all your party members' health when you
    touch it. These symbolize good places to save your game, since you're not
    outright limited on when you can save except being unable to during boss
    battles. Secondly, you have the roaming monsters in the area; these are
    important to keep track of. Most areas separated by maps will have three
    different monsters at most. Lastly, you will find material gathering spots
    around each area. They are easily spotted, and hold a variable amount of
    materials inside. Sometimes you can get a rare material, which will be marked
    as such; a few gathering points seem weighted to permit more of those than
    others, so always check them out.
      Altago Plains Northeast holds two treasures you don't want to miss, one near
    the eastern edge of the area, and the other behind the spring on the north
    edge of the area. The chests each contain an [Iko Extract] which is a useful
    healing item at this point. Avoid going further west for now, as the monsters
    become more than a little harder when you take that step. I recommend using
    some of the time you have to level up and gather materials; you will find
    yourself needing large amounts later, and working on your level is never a
    bad idea in Ys games. Neither is working for good equipment. Once you have
    gained some good equipment from the shops and gotten accustomed to the game,
    you can enter the opened cavern and check it out. There's not much to the
    cavern, only a path down to the bottom where a shrine is located, an a chest
    in the north cliff which holds another [Iko Extract].
      Touching the shrine awakens a titano boss which resembles a two-headed
    turtle. Val Klar is its name, and I think a note should be placed here
    about bosses. Bosses in Ys games are not simple games of button mashing;
    doing so will get you killed. Why? The boss will almost always have more
    health than you could ever hope to have. You need to observe the attacks
    and work out ways to hit while avoiding being hit. The good news is the stun 
    meter in this game; situated above the monster's portrait is a bar which
    slowly fills with blue as the monster is hit. When it fills, the monster
    will be stunned and completely vulnerable to repeated attacks. Skills will
    more rapidly fill the gauge, and later equipment will make it easier to
    pump it to full.
      Val Klar has highly telegraphed moves, and they are relatively simple to
    dodge. The two most devastating ones are simple to dodge, if you can see
    them coming. The overgrown turtle will spin in place and draws you in,
    bouncing you repeatedly back to be drawn in if you don't roll out of the
    way. His other attack is to roar and summon a bunch of spikes out of the
    ground ahead of his facing. The camera will zoom on him when he does this,
    so you get ample warning along with an easy time of telling where he will
    aim it. Beyond that, he has a quick lunge of his head straight out at a
    target, a sweep of his other head across in an arc, a spinning dash around
    the edge of the battlefield, and a breath of water bubbles which spreads
    outwards. When a warning sign appears with a timer, start pouring on damage as
    fast and as hard as you can. If you can interrupt this attack, you will avoid
    a boss' Rush attack; this is usually a highly-damaging attack which can be
    difficult to dodge. In this case, Val Klar will drop icicles in the arena
    ahead of him in a slightly randomized order. 
      Once you beat the turtle down to an inch of its life, it will become
    completely immune to attacks. The shrine will activate Adol's Extra Skill:
    Lunar Blade. Using this attack will finish off the turtle, and move things
    along. The battle proved to be a little too much for Adol, and he collapses
    in the shrine cavern. 
      --- Altago City Shop Goods ---
      Shamshir             500g (Strength Blast)  Str +8
      Long Sword          2000g (Running Slash)   Str +18
      Silver Fang Blade  10000g (Strength Blast)  Str +38
      Sphairai             500g (Combination)     Str +8
      Spiked Steel Guard  2000g (Bash)            Str +17
      Shakudo Kote       10000g (Uppercut)        Str +36
      Leather Armor        100g Def +3
      Chain Mail           300g Def +6
      Kitro Armor         1500g Def +12
      Hide Breastplate     100g Def +2
      Chain Guard          250g Def +5
      Steel Breastplate   1200g Def +10
      Buckler              100g Def +2
      Small Shield         200g Def +4, Str +1
      Rosette             1000g Def +8, Str +2
      Wooden Bracelet      100g Def +2
      Seafarer's Misanga   200g Def +3
      Feather Bangle      1000g Def +7
      Vitality Belt I     1000g HP +100
      Power Wrist I       1000g Str +10
      Shield Ring I       1000g Def +10
      Hawk Eye I          1000g Dex +10
      Shimmer Brooch I    1000g Agl +10
      Iko Extract          100g Recovers 50 HP
      Salimera Extract     500g Recovers 200 HP
      Mirula Incense       800g Recovers 150 HP to all allies
      Kamika Incense       200g Recovers 100 HP and raises fallen
    ### Part One: The Tangled Woods of Shannoa ####################################
      Adol will wake up with the little flower girl fussing over him, as the older
    blue-haired flower girl and Dogi returng to help Adol up. The herbalist
    introduces herself as Tia, and formally introduces Maya as her little sister.
    After Adol and Dogi depart, you can go see the King and relate what happened;
    this advances the story, and will trigger some events opening up for you. The
    King will give a little information to you, but he runs out of information
    rather swiftly. The King considers the village Elders might have a better
    sense of the events and starts Adol and Dogi off towards Shannoa. He writes a 
    letter of introduction to the Eldress, and mentions it is to the southwest of
    the plains. Once you have the letter, more of the quests will open for you
    around town. These quests are "Delivery from Tia", "Waters of Altago", 
    "Beautiful Flower Seeds", and "Jewel Collection".
      Enter Altago Plains: East and meet Migo, who represent flamingos which will
    spit stones at you. Wandering westward and climbing north, you can come across
    Lughott blooms which will give you some seeds rarely to add to your inventory.
    Further north you can run into a chest which holds another [Iko Extract] for
    you. North from there is some [Iron Ore], and a rock which can be broken by
    Dogi's potent punches. The hidden chest holds a [Vitality Belt I]. Be careful,
    since from here you can enter the outskirts of the plains and meet Bal Kilios,
    the One-Horned Monster. You cannot hurt it yet, and it can very easily kill
    you. Return to the fork in the road, and take it south a short distance until
    you can walk off to the east. Another Lughott bloom is hidden here, and you
    can head under the bones to the north for a [Hawk Eye I]. In Altago Plains:
    Southeast you can find a treasure chest just off to the east which holds
    [Iron Ore x10] protected by a Deagrafm. Otherwise, it's a short trail into
    Shannoa Forest.
      Shannoa Forest is to the southeast of the Altago Plains, and once you get
    in you will be greeted by new scenery and monsters. Monsters which can, and
    will, poison you if you aren't careful. To the east you can find a chest
    holding a [Power Wrist I], well worth the fighting it takes to reach it. As you
    pass to the northern exit, a young boy will stop Adol and Dogi, demanding to
    know their business. After showing him the letter from the King, he'll run off
    with it. Take a swift detour in chasing him to the west and grab another [Iko
    Extract]. Once in the next area, fight eastwards to a barely hidden passage to
    the east and grab the chest. The [Shield Ring I] is another useful accessory
    to have on hand. Cross the rope bridge and use the stone monument to restore
    your health before following the young boy.
      In the northern cul-de-sac there is a Long-Tusked Boar, Es Gallion. Its
    attacks are predictable and straightforward, but are fast. Avoid standing
    directly in front of it, and you should wind up doing fine. Unload Strength
    Blast on it to tire it out, or have Dogi pound away; pick a method you are
    comfortable with but remain mobile. It can puff out a bunch of green gas
    which stun you briefly and set up a damaging chain of hits. One of the more
    dangerous rage-like moves Es Gallion will perform is to charge rapidly and
    repeatedly around the area, dealing a lot of damage with each hit. Once he
    stops, you can nail him with a charged strike or two to charge your skills.
    Don't be afraid to unleash Lunar Blade, since it can take a large chunk out
    of this boss' health. Once you defeat the boar, the young boy will hand back
    the letter grudgingly and introduce himself as Elk. Then he runs off, leaving
    you to travel onwards to the village.
    ### Part One: The Tangled Woods of Shannoa ####################################
      From the battle area, head south and to the east constantly. After you come
    around a large pond, you can see a chest out on the water. Run around and grab
    it for a valuable [Mirula Incense]. From there, you can just loop around and
    reach the village gates. The village is rather laid-back but welcoming to the
    strangers. Take some time to check out the shop; some goods can be synthesized
    here rather than at Altago City. Worth noting is the Cicero Cutter (Str +23,
    Earth Shaker) for Adol, since it is a large jump in power up from the Long
    Sword available now. The material requirement is very steep, however. The
    skill on the Long Sword (Running Slash) is useful for combat later, since it
    allows Adol to attack in a glancing rush. If you have excess gold, then get
    yourself equipped and prepared again. 
      Eldress Fatima greets Adol and Dogi, and after reading the letter, she gives
    up the key to enter the Ancient Tree. Elk will accompany you to the tree,
    giving you a temporary third member of the party. Talking around town will
    allow you to pick up a few quests before you go: "No Pole, Resilient Soul",
    and "Forest Guardian Pilgrimage". Don't forget to deliver Tia's Medicine to
    Eldress Fatima, while you are here; you'll get a [Dragon Energy Drop]. Once
    you're ready, head out to the east and enter the Ancient Tree's area.
      On the way to the tree itself, there are two chests to the east which
    contain [Iko Extract] and [Shield Ring I]. Don't try to walk the sunken path,
    because you can't breathe underwater and are sure to die. However, at the
    lower entrance you can find a [Mirula Incense], so it's worth the side-trip.
    Along the upper path you will find a chest with [Salimera Extract], also
    useful. Once at the locked gate, you'll get a quick tutorial about how to
    use the item screen for plot-progression items. Enter the tree itself now,
    and be careful. This place can be confusing, and the enemies have taken
    another step up in power. Head north-east and cut through the various enemies
    with Adol and Elk, stopping on a short detour to a lower area to pick up a
    chest with [Charcoal x10] inside. Out the east exit you will meet some archer
    enemies; beyond them you will find another chest with [Charocoal x10] in it.
    Climbing to the next area, you will meet the large Viwhorl enemies. Be
    careful ignoring these, since they have a considerable range of attack with
    their petals. Carefully avoid the spikes to collect [Prairie Wood x10] before
    climbing down the vine. Avoid standing next to the large fungus-covered
    Vizo-Naghil since they can attack a wide area around them, and can take a lot
    of punishment. Take the chest to the southeast holding [Monster Bone x15] and
    continue heading west. You'll find some [Ancient Tree Sap] which will allow
    you to proceed further in the dungeon. It will also make back-tracking a
    whole lot more confusing, since there are a lot of places to use it.
      Back-track to the entrance (you can use the sap to make a shortcut part of
    the way) and use the sap to move to the east. Outside, kill a Viwhorl and
    collect some [Salimera Extract] before heading up and inside for a [Vitality
    Belt I]. Now head north in this area and use the sap to cross across to an
    egg-infested area. The larvae here are annoying and can poison you, but
    shouldn't be a problem. Collect a chest with [Monster Bone x15] and move
    outside to climb up. A half-hidden chest here will hold [Monster Fur x10], so
    don't miss it or the one south of it with [Thick Hide x10]. To the east you
    can miss an area where you need to cut through some thick deadwood, where a
    Viwhorl guards two chests. Collect the [White Snake Ring] as well as [Iron
    Ore x15] and return to the stone monument next to the door. 
      Inside, you should avoid the spikes very carefully while fighting on the
    platforms and avoiding Mand-viwhorl attacks. A quick side-trip to the south
    will provide you with a [Panacea] (you have to get the chest quick since it's
    technically underwater), and [1000 gold]. Another half-hidden chest holds a
    [Salimera Extract] and the vine going down is easy to bypass in a rush to
    keep moving forward. Climb down it for a [Silver Feather], which is almost
    vital for the boss fight since it prevents the status effect 'Heavy'.  Use
    the sap to build a bridge, then climb back up the vine to continue along. Held
    in more deadwood is a chest holding [Diamond Boots]; now you need not worry
    about the spiked areas on the floor. Follow the spiked path down and collect
    some [Kamika Extract], and a place to use the sap for a quick shortcut back to
    the entrance to the tree. Backtrack to the watery bridge and use the boots'
    power to move through the thorny patch. Save your game, because the boss fight
    ahead can be aggrivating if you're not quite ready.
      A coccoon is waiting here, as Elk notes it is a titano close to maturity.
    The Big Bug Beast, Zeran Fith, will burst out of its coccoon and attack you
    relentlessly. Your main goal is to cut its legs from under it, which will stun
    it and leave it open to be smacked around. After about half its life has been
    whittled down, Zeran Fith changes tactics and calls in two larvae to help out
    while it starts being stationary. It will also throw its sticky tongue out
    and trap a character, slowly draining their health while you have to cut them
    free swiftly. Equipping the Silver Feather is recommended, since it can be
    difficult to avoid being stuck with it's webbing. This fight can be highly
    annoying and drawn out for a long time by needing to take out the legs before
    being able to even damage Zeran Fith.  
      After defeating the spider-beast, Elk will share a little bit of his
    background and then lead Adol and Dogi to the Earth Altar. The Earth Dragon
    will speak to the party and bestow on Adol the Earth Seal. This will activate
    Party Effects from all the members of the party; each member has their own
    bonus. Elk, unsettled by this, will not be much help explaining what is going
    on, so go back to the Eldress and talk it over with her. She comments that
    the other village Elders would know other things to talk about with Adol, and
    mentions General Dreisen would know about the Segram Village altar. Before
    you leave, take care of unfinished business in the village; the quest "Forest
    Guardian Pilgrimage" can be completed easily enough right now since you
    picked up a White Snake Ring in the Ancient Tree. The reward is a [Silver
    Snake Ring], so it is well worth it. If you forgot to give Tia's Medicine to
    Eldress Fatima, Elk will take it there for you, thus allowing you to complete
    the quest (but not get the reward). 
       --- Shannoa Shop Goods ---
      Long Sword          2000g (Running Slash)   Str +18
      Spiked Steel Guard  2000g (Bash)            Str +17
      Elle Dual-Edge      2000g (Wheelspin)       Str +16
      Kitro Armor         1500g Def +12
      Steel Breastplate   1200g Def +10
      Barket               250g Def +9
      Rosette             1000g Def +8, Str +2
      Feather Bangle      1000g Def +7
      Vitality Belt I     1000g HP +100
      Power Wrist I       1000g Str +10
      Shield Ring I       1000g Def +10
      Hawk Eye I          1000g Dex +10
      Shimmer Brooch I    1000g Agl +10
      Iko Extract          100g Recovers 50 HP
      Salimera Extract     500g Recovers 200 HP
      Mirula Incense       800g Recovers 150 HP to all allies
      Kamika Extract       200g Recovers 100 HP and raises fallen
    ### Part Two: Dry and Dangerous Segram Desert #################################
      On the trip back, Adol and Dogi run into Tia being cornered by some monsters.
    After a very brief battle, you can escort her home; it's not a long trip at
    all. Once back, be sure you stop in and show Charcoal to Michael Wootton and
    give Cloudy Water to the bartender to try out. Also talk to Belinda Nis in the
    public square and offload your seeds for a little extra gold. Once you are
    finished, go to the palace to find General Dreisen to talk to. He'll give it
    some consideration, and says he cannot talk about it since he is not the
    Segram Elder anymore. He'll write a recommendation for the current Elder to
    talk with Adol and Dogi. After this, you can start hearing about a monster
    stalling traffic through the Rock Tunnel. Talk with Kevin Lassiter in the
    Tavern, and he will offer a reward if the monster "just so happens to die".
    Considering you'll need to kill it to advance, this quest is worth taking
    before leaving. You can miss it pretty easily, too, and thus have a quest
    missed entirely. 
      As you start to leave town, a young girl who's been around the city being
    quietly mysterious stops Adol and Dogi to go with them. She introduces herself
    as Aisha, but pushes her way past any more questions with her bossy demeanor.
    Aisha uses a bow to attack, and the shop will sell new equipment now. Take a
    moment to pick up the Longbow for Aisha, since Tumble Arrow is a very useful
    skill to use later on. Take some time to learn it, since it is so valuable. 
    Talk to Tia before you leave, and she'll offer you a [Luminous Stone] to
    help you light the cave along the way. Take a trip to Altago Plains: Center,
    and use Aisha's bow to nail the flying insects along the way. Explore the
    area and you can find chests holding [Sapling x15] and a [Salimera Extract].
    You can also detour south into the Lakeside and Highlands, for a chest
    containing a [Dragon Energy Drop]. Head west out of the Center area into
    Altago Plains: West. 
      This is a sprawling area, and the Lapalms here can be dangerous to those
    not paying attention to them. Climb to the northwest corner and you can find
    a chest containing the [Dragon Fig]; eating it will allow you to see monster
    drops in the lower left corner of the screen display. Then move to the east
    and go into the small pond to claim another chest containing [Large Bone
    x10], which is pretty useful for future synthesis efforts. In the south
    section, you can find a [Shimmer Brooch I] in the chest, which will find a
    nice match with Aisha. Proceed into Altago Plains: Southwest, and work your
    way through slowly. You can collect a [Salimera Extract] in a depression
    along the pathway, and nearby another chest will hold another [Dragon Energy
    Drop]. The peddler near the cave will sell or synthesize any items you might
    need, including a Luminous Stone if you failed to talk to Tia before leaving. 
      Inside the Cave Bypass, there are all sorts of enemies which come after
    you, and they all can take a significant amount of punishment. The pathway
    through is simple, but don't miss out on a chest halfway through containing
    a [Traveler's Robe] for Aisha. Close to the far end there is another chest
    containing [2000 gold], also not to be missed. Once at the end, you will
    find yourself in battle with the Rock Monster, Ghilda Ros. This guy can be
    really a pain to fight, since he is not as slow as you might assume. His
    attacks are well-telegraphed so you can avoid them easily enough so long as
    you aren't committed to an attack. He can jump in the air and drop once,
    causing a wave of energy which hits for serious damage and a shockwave to make
    people unsteady long enough for him to recover and line up an attack. He can
    slam his mace into the ground, sending a shockwave forwards, or can rapidly
    strike the ground three times and "juggle" a character who is hit. He can leap
    into the air and land three times quickly in a similar fashion, so be careful
    to tell the difference between the attacks. Lastly, he will ready a spinning
    attack which will go a good distance and then he becomes unsteady and falls,
    leaving you ample time to put the hurt on him. Be patient and you won't have
    too much trouble killing him.
      The Segram Desert has some real catchy music, worth listening to for a
    while. Work your way west to a chest, containing a [Dragon Energy Drop]. If
    you haven't used any yet, you'll have to put it back. Further along the
    elevated path you can find a [Power Wrist I] guarded by two Lapalm-dos, and a
    chest with [Hot Sandstone x10]. Taking the trip down onto the sands is
    dangerous, since the enemy density gets very bad there. However, almost all
    the good material spots are down there, along with the way to proceed. Once
    you reach Segram Desert: West, head to the west passages for [2500 gold] and
    yet don't pass west yet; there's an optional titano boss in there who is a
    much higher level than you. Head to the eastern passages to find a [Hawk Eye I]
    next to the oasis. Across from that chest on the west side of the oasis is
    [Cloudy Water x10]. Once you are finished fighting off the monsters of the
    desert, move south and then east to Segram Village. 
      Segram Village is made of sandstone, and its inhabitants are a lot less open
    than the Shannoan villagers. It's to be expected, since you learn there are
    almost daily titano attacks. Take some time to upgrade your equipment at the
    store and check out what you can synthesize. Once you are ready to meet the
    elder, go into the building next to the large temple structure and . . . meet
    a young girl named Cruxie. It's pronounced Croo-she-eh, spoken together
    quickly, by the way. She briefly talks with Adol and his friends before
    collapsing in a coughing fit. Aisha then takes charge to get her the medicine
    she needs prepared, in time for Cruxie's brother to come home and find the
    party at Cruxie's bed. He doesn't wait for an explaination and starts a fight
    with Adol and his friends, until Cruxie can calm him down to explain better.
    It doesn't help much, as Mustafa does not like General Dreisen at all. He
    grudgingly allows Adol's group to travel with him to the Fire Shrine, but
    only if they promise not to do anything against his orders.
      Mustafa uses a large hammer to attack with, giving you another strike-type
    attacker to add to your party for the trip. Segram Desert: East shows off a lot
    of monsters, and a good deal of material spots to gather from. Right as you
    come down the ramp onto the sand, you can find a [Salimera Extract] to the
    north. Head east and go up to the upper level, following the edge of the cliff
    before turning north. You will get a [Flash Ring I] from a chest, which makes
    a nice addition to your accessories. In the open area to the east from there,
    you can find [Sebrina Incense] and a [Titano Bone]. Both of these are quite
    valuable, so hang onto them.
      Passing on from there, you will encounter the titano Sand Eater Soldi Orm,
    which you cannot hope to defeat yet. You can snag a chest with [Hard Hide x10]
    in it if you can be quick enough. Beyond that is the Flame Shrine entrance, and
    a stern reminder from Mustafa to be respectful inside the shrine. Take a right
    as soon as the path opens out and you can find [Hot Sandstone x10]. Continuing
    on, you will find some of the path underneath lava. You can't walk on magma any
    more than you could breathe underwater before, so stay clear of those areas
    now. Proceed and you will come to a chamber where grates rise and fall from
    the lava pool, and you need to quickly cross while it's safe. After crossing,
    you can head left and grab another [Silver Feather] if you can time the grates
    well. Another chamber of grates awaits, and this one can be a little trickier.
    On the left side of the pool is a chest with [Hard Hide x20] inside, but it can
    be a little tricky to get it without being burned. On the far side, you will
    find an elevator going down. Pass it and hit the floor switch to lower the
    gate, before taking the elevator downwards. 
      Down in the shrine's basement you will come across the boss Stohl Bram, the
    avian Fire-Eater. Don't understimate it because it looks like a chicken without
    feathers, it can still be dangerous. Most of its attacks are charging lunges,
    but it can peck (with fire-explosions) three times in quick succession, and
    spit fire out. The good news is that Dogi and Mustafa together can seriously
    drive up the stun meter with skills, and Adol's Earth Breaker or Strength
    Burst can make it easier. After the battle, you are able to find the [Ice Mist
    Crystal] which will permit you to walk on lava. Now you can backtrack and
    collect treasures formerly out of reach. 
      First backtrack to the floor switch and go to the lava-submerged area. The
    chest in the lava holds a [Fire-proof Scarf], and beyond it you can go to
    another chest and floor switch you could see before. The chest has [Nadly
    Extract] in it, which is worth hanging onto for now rather than using. In
    the section past the elevator to the right, you can cross the lava and find
    a [Salimera Extract] if you need to replenish after the boss. In the short
    screen with the lava pool you can cross for more [Salimera Extract] and a
    [Kamika Extract], but gates prevent you from getting too much further.
    Retrace your steps to just before the room where you found the Silver Feather,
    then head to the right. You will exit outside the Shrine, and can step out
    into the sands. A large monster rolling around will attack, but you can take
    it out with Dogi and Mustafa. A hidden chest here (as in, you can't see it
    well) holds [3000 gold], and the guarded chest holds a [Training Ring I].
      In the next chamber, the grates return, but also a pair of lava pools whose
    levels aren't matched. Go around to the right and hit the floor switch to
    lower the gate, then use the lever to equalize the lava pools. In the western
    chest is [2500 gold] and in the eastern chest is [Hot Sandstone x20]. Through
    the door are more enemies and a floor switch to raise a bridge. With this
    shortcut open, you can proceed deeper to the left and grab a chest with more
    [Sebrina Incense] in it. Proceeding on you will reach the last room before
    the altar, and the guardian statue: Levard Galem.
      This boss is painful, but rather easy once you know where to hit. Bring
    Dogi and Mustafa in and beat at the stomach of the Levard Galem. The Galem's
    attacks largely will miss you so long as you stand directly in front of the
    stomach, but if you are forced to back away I advise going for the far
    corners and waiting to see what attacks come next. Once you have an opening,
    go for the weak point again. Honestly, this battle I have not done in a
    technically decent fashion, but I only had to use one Salimera Extract to keep
    Mustafa on his feet while I churned out hammer strikes.
      After defeating the guardian statue, Adol can commune with the Fire Altar.
    Adol's presence brings the Fire Dragon to awake, and grant its Seal.
    Furthermore, now you can use Teleportation. After Adol gains the power of
    Teleportation, Mustafa will  change his tune immensely and offer to tell Adol
    what he knows about the Dragons. After learning all you can, it's time to
    return back to Altago City and get further directions. The best thing about
    Teleportation is how simple it makes travel now when you have to backtrack.
    Spend a little time taking care of quest deliveries before returning to the
    city, and be sure to do everything you can around Segram Village.
      --- Altago City New Goods ---
      Hindy               2000g (Spread Shot)     Str +23
      Longbow            10000g (Tumble Arrow)    Str +34
      Barket               250g Def +9
      Easil Shield        2000g Def +14, Str +3
      Levard Bangle       2000g Def +13
      --- Segram Village Goods ---
      Silver Fang Blade  10000g (Strength Blast)  Str +38
      Shakudo Kote       10000g (Uppercut)        Str +36
      Longbow            10000g (Tumble Arrow)    Str +34
      Wooden Mallet      10000g (Hammer Stamp)    Str +42
      Copper Armor        3000g Def +26
      Monster Shell       2500g Def +25
      Doublet             2000g Def +23
      Easil Shield        2000g Def +14, Str +3
      Levard Bangle       2000g Def +13
      Vitality Belt I     1000g HP +100
      Power Wrist I       1000g Str +10
      Shield Ring I       1000g Def +10
      Hawk Eye I          1000g Dex +10
      Shimmer Brooch I    1000g Agl +10
      Iko Extract          100g Recovers 50 HP
      Salimera Extract     500g Recovers 200 HP
      Nadly Extract       1200g Recovers 500 HP
      Mirula Incense       800g Recovers 150 HP to all allies
      Kamika Extract       200g Recovers 100 HP and raises fallen
    ### Part Three: The Dark and Damp Old Waterway ################################
      Returning to Altago City, you will start hearing about an intruder who was
    in the royal palace and chased off. A foreigner in black with a long polearm,
    who is almost instantly familiar to those who played the previous game.
    Because of the intruder, everything is locked down tightly and Adol isn't
    permitted to leave the city. Tia is selling her flowers with Maya in the
    common square, but since everyone is so nervous and on alert there are not
    many customers. Maya falls sick, and you carry her back to Old Town. The news
    which follows is grim indeed; Maya has the same illness as Cruxie, but it's
    less likely she can get the medicine which is needed. 
      Father Daleyon tells you one of the merchant companies is hoarding Scarlet
    Crystals, the rare but necessary component which makes the medicine work.
    Zanzibar is selling it for immense amounts of gold, and is gouging every sick
    petitioner for as much as he can get. Adol and Dogi try to talk to him, but as
    soon as he gets wind it's for someone in Old Town he shuts them down and the
    trio is forced to leave without the crystals. After relaying the news, Tia
    comments about how there might still be some to be found in the Old Waterway;
    she runs off to the access door and tries to butter her way in past Commander
    Raud. He toys with her for a while, and it starts looking like the plan is
    going to fall through. Instead, Aisha pulls him aside and has a short talk
    which ends in a suddenly compliant Raud leaving the area. Adol and Dogi agree
    to escort Tia through to where the Scarlet Crystals might be.
      The Old Waterway is a short maze of tunnels, with a few monsters in them.
    Take your time to work through the side-passages and you will find the [Gavel
    of Souls], a [Nadly Extract], [Sebrina Incense]. You can also find a bridge
    to lower for a shortcut to the exit just before you enter the boss lair.
    Valisa Luti, the Deep-Earth Crab, is waiting for you on a large platform. Its
    attacks are not too dangerous by this point, as it is slow to actually make
    the attacks after signaling. With your equipment fully upgraded by now, and a
    lot of decent skills to unload, Valisa Luti will fall rather painlessly. After
    the battle Adol, Dogi, and Tia gather some Scarlet Crystals to help Maya's
    fever. A quick trip to the exit, and Tia heads off to get the medicine while
    Adol, Dogi, and Aisha get the Dragon Knight to lock the gate again. 
       --- Altago City New Goods ---
      Flat Saber         15000g (Earth Shaker)    Str +84
      Bak-Nak            15000g (Bash)            Str +80
      Synti Bow          15000g (Step Shot)       Str +76
      Nadly Extract       1200g Recovers 500 HP
      Sebrina Incense     3000g Recovers 500 HP to all allies
      Chigle Extract      1000g Recovers 300 HP and raises fallen.
       --- Zanzibar Firm ---
      Luck Medal         10000g Raises item drop rate.
      Bandit's Gloves    20000g Raises money drops.
      Battle Bandanna   100000g Raises SP gain.
      Clone Statue       50000g Breaks to revive.
      Aeolus Urn         50000g Draws items from further.
      Ares Seal        1000000g Increases EXTRA gauge speed.
      Mirror of Time      1000g Stops enemies.
      Luminous Rock       5000g Lights up area.
    ### Part Four: Wind-worn Heights of Kylos Village #############################
      After taking care of Maya, Commander Scias will come by to formally introduce
    Adol and Dogi to Aisha. She is actually Princess Aisha Sari Edonas, daughter of
    the king. After a quick talk, Scias agrees to let the princess continue
    traveling with the due and leaves. The next stop is to be Kyros Village now,
    along the northwest gorges from the Altago Plains. Gorge Way holds some
    treasure chests in it, holding [Mirula Incense], and a [Salimera Extract].
      Passing into Kylos Gorge, take a turn to the south and grab the [3000 gold]
    in the chest. Climbing the paths, be aware the enemies here will take a lot of
    punishment and potentially require skills to take down quickly. Aisha's Tumble
    Arrow can get a lot of use here, as well as her Killer Hornet. Dogi's Kaiser
    Rush is very quick to drop enemies but costs roughly half the accumulated SP.
    Adol's Rising Blade and Earth Shaker both make good attacks against landbound
    creatures. Up the path near the south cavern is a chest with [Ashen Rock x10].
    The caves are connected, so it matters little where you enter from. Once you
    pass into the Northwest Gorge, you must travel into the caves to move on. 
      After going through the caverns, you will be stopped by a man in black. Adol
    and Dogi both know him from previous adventures as Geis, and Geis knows Adol
    as a meddling idiot who gets in over his head without regard for the dangers.
    But he does respect Adol's talent, and offers a sparring match. Geis is not
    terribly hard to beat, but he is quicker than he looks. Just counterattack
    rather than making your own attack patterns, and you should make him yield
    fast. Aisha doesn't like him much, but Adol and Dogi both shrug it off as
    "that's the way Geis is". 
      Up the path a way you can find a [Nadly Extract] and then a rope bridge
    across the chasm. Move across, and you're most of the way to Kylos Village.
    Stop and break open a boulder to find an [Indigo Wing Bangle], which is a
    rather good increase in defensive power for either Aisha or Dogi. Past the top
    of this path is Kylos Village, and your next stop. You can talk around the
    village and learn that Adol is expected "as the Eldress thought". Listen
    around town and you can find a quest to pass time. "Milling the Windmills" has
    you deliver specific materials for windmill repair, all of which should be
    available. If you need more, you can find some outside the village in the
    gorge areas. You'll earn a [Scroll of Valor], which will make you do more
    damage when your HP is low; this is for those who like to live dangerously. 
      While we're doing quests, backtrack some and knock some out from the old
    list. With Ashen Rocks you can finish the lectures from Michael Wootton and
    earn a [Scroll of Mastery], which increases the chance of landing a critical
    hit. If you were lucky with seed-finding, you can finish with Belinda Nis also
    and earn a [Fortune Orb]. This neat little thing will let you earn experience
    by walking around, meaning you could in theory never need to fight again. In
    Shannoa you can deliver Withered Hardwood to Chris Gouin, earning a [Shimmer
    Brooch II]. In Segram, Sara Stewart will accept Nadly Flowers and give you a
    [Flash Ring II]. Also worth noting, the cash reward for these are nothing to
    sneeze at, so you can easily fill your pouch for new equipment. If you are
    extra committed, you might also have some chance filling "Jewel Collection". 
      When you are all ready to proceed, travel northeast to meet Eldress Mishera,
    the blind seer. She listens to whispers in the winds, and so she hears all
    sorts of things which people don't normally see. After a brief discussion,
    she wants to travel with Adol into the Holy Precincts of Wind to the altar.
    She joins your party, and is a pretty interesting character. She has a lot of
    powerful skills focused around ranged attacks, and can be as useful as Aisha
    in some places. Her skill Tornado is a devastating attack when aimed
    carefully, so it is well worth getting it for her.
      The Holy Precincts of Wind are sprawling platforms connected by bridges and
    focused on the towers at the one end. Once you start moving along the paths,
    head north to open the bridge to continue. Along the way you will find a
    [Panacea] and a [Nadly Extract]. Continue north and you can find a [Sebrina
    Incense] in case you weren't full. Be careful of the Bataluf enemies inside
    the towers, since they can inflict the Confuse status. Follow the pathways
    around the platforms until you can fall down the middle of a spiral, and
    claim the chest's contents. The [Wind Cape] will allow you to climb the air
    currents in some spots, so you can continue on inside the Holy Precincts.
    Cilmb the nearby wind and open the gate for ease of backtracking, then
    proceed to the west and climb for an [Amulet Rosary]. Furthermore, you can
    backtrack to the outside platforms and to the northwest for a [Blue Jewel],
    which is well worth the sidetrack if you plan on using SP-heavy skills on your
      Continuing through the main tower with the Wind Cape, you will pass a
    mechanism you cannot do anything with. Simply continue heading east, and
    through to the next area. Here you can see a blue chest on the wind-path, and
    you'll need to remove the Wind Cape to claim your [Rune Earrings].  Also you
    have a hazard where it is seriously easier to remove the Wind Cape and dodge
    the spiked pillars from the ground. You can claim a chest with [Monster Horn
    x20] down there too. Standing in front of that chest, re-equip the Wind Cape
    and grab the [Titano Fluid]. Keep moving and in the far corner you can do
    more fun with spiked pillars for a [Gold Pendant]. Drop into the center area
    and get the [Wind Pipe] after killing off the enchanted armor guarding it.
    Continue out into the sidepath and cut your way through. Once using the Wind
    Cape, you can get some chests near the mechanism holding [Thin Hide x20] and
    a [Chigle Extract]. Use the floor switch to open a shortcut down from above,
    and be sure you grabbed the Wind Pipe. Teleport to the top, and stick it
    into the open slot, before adjusting the fans below to blow into the
    mechanism. It is uncovered as an organ of some sort, and playing it with the
    wind opens the path upwards. Save before moving onwards, and climb into the
    wind current. 
      Now begins the battle with Kava Kelos, the Ferocious Bird. Bring Aisha and
    Mishera since both of them have attacks strong aainst the avian. There is a
    lot of danger in this battle of getting caught in combination-attacks, so
    keep an eye out for your openings and choose your attacks wisely. Gold
    Pendants to protect against Stone are very useful, on your AI-controlled
    allies. When Kava Kelos drops its eggs, hit them hard and fast to avoid
    having your battle complicated by its chicks. Above all else, do not let it
    get a Rush off or you can be put in for a lot of damage. Use your skills to
    whittle it down slowly, and either switch to Aisha or Mishera to refill your
    SP by hitting from range with charged hits.
      (A special note here, there are monsters which are summoned during this
    battle which are unique to it. If you are shooting for a full bestiary, do
    not miss out on killing the chicks! They become listed under "Ptokeros".)
      Afterwards, Mishera will direct you down to the Wind Altar and the Dragon
    will bestow on Adol its Crest. The Wind Crest quickens charged attacks and
    provides more SP from a hit. Mishera finds the words ominous, and finally
    will start spelling out why the Dragons have been referencing dire events
    in their speeches. Apparently with two missing tribes, the balance is
    skewed and something has to be done. Mishera offers the answer of communing
    with the last altar, to the Sea Dragon. Aisha protests that it has been lost,
    but is reminded that the fourth tribe remains active. The Edona Tribe
    resides in Altago City, and its elder is King Kiemarl Edonas. He would know
    of where to find the Sea Altar, and how to access it. 
      Before you attend to that, there is a quest now active which you should take
    care to do. Wes Herbst dropped some earrings for his daughter in the gorge and
    needs Adol and Dogi to find them. There are actually four types of earrings
    which can be found, and only one is what he is looking for. First are the
    [Dull Earrings] which are found in the midst of the suspension bridge.
    Secondly, you can find the [Flashy Earrings] in a cave to the west from the
    village entrance. Next are a pair of [Cute Earrings] which are in the cave
    just before Geis intercepted you on the path. Keep backtracking, since the
    fourth pair of earrings is yet to be found. Right outside of the cave, head up
    the slope and examine the plants to find [Peculiar Earrings]. Return the Cute
    Earrings to Wes, and you will be given a [Vitality Belt II]. 
      While we are on the topic, it's time to wrap up another few quests; if you
    are lucky to have found White Stones in the Wind Precincts, then you stand a
    good chance of wrapping up "Jewel Collection". If you have enough Fragrant
    Water you can go take care of John Cordova's request for "Waters of Altago",
    and Michael Wootton's request for Titano parts to study. Michael Wootton will
    give you a [Blue Jewel], John Cordova will give you a [Hawk Eye II]. and
    Teresa Runions will give you a [Shield Ring II]. 
      If you are close to Level 30, you can also probably take on Bal Kilios. Since
    this is an optional boss, I'll cover it in another section.
       --- Kylos Village Goods ---
      Flat Saber         15000g (Earth Shaker)    Str +84
      Bak-Nak            15000g (Bash)            Str +80
      Synti Bow          15000g (Step Shot)       Str +76
      Prayer Staff       15000g (Wind Cutter)     Str +76
      White Wing Armor    6000g Def +57
      Silhouette Guard    5000g Def +52
      Dazzle Robe         4000g Def +50
      Banded Shield       3000g Def +28, Str +5
      Indigo Wing Bangle  3000g Def +27
      Vitality Belt I     1000g HP +100
      Power Wrist I       1000g Str +10
      Shield Ring I       1000g Def +10
      Hawk Eye I          1000g Dex +10
      Shimmer Brooch I    1000g Agl +10
      Iko Extract          100g Recovers 50 HP
      Salimera Extract     500g Recovers 200 HP
      Nadly Extract       1200g Recovers 500 HP
      Mirula Incense       800g Recovers 150 HP to all allies
      Sebrina Incense     3000g Recovers 500 HP to all allies
      Kamika Incense       200g Recovers 100 HP and raises fallen
      Chigle Extract      1000g Recovers 300 HP and raises fallen.
    ### Part Five: The Sea Dragon's Altar #########################################
      When you finally travel into the Altago Palace, Aisha suddenly gets cold feet
    and doesn't want her father to know about her connection to you. As you talk
    with the King, he gently lets it be known how much he keeps his ears open to
    what is going on. Aisha is chastened by this, and the talk turns to the Sea
    Dragon Altar. It is located on Ruins Island, which was seen when Adol and Dogi
    came into the harbor. Aisha is permitted to go with Adol and Dogi, as a
    descendant of the Edona Elders. 
      Be absolutely sure you complete your active quests (except the titano hunts)
    before you head off. Once you leave, most of the quests will not be responded
    to. This can have a very detrimental effect, since you can still earn a large
    amount of gold and some useful accessories. You will be amply warned of the
    "no return" nature of this trip, so you can't say you weren't warned.
      On the island, Geis is waiting for Adol, and after a tense conversation Adol
    lets him join the party as a guide. From the beach, enter the city and head
    left to find a [Nadly Extract]. Continuing on, you can head to the left near
    the entrance to the town ruins and grab a [Power Wrist II] from the chest.
    Once inside, work your way through but don't go down the one slope; this leads
    underwater and you can't handle that path yet. But you can cross a broken
    pillar to a balcony which holds a [Vitality Belt II], the path does show up on
    the map but the pillar-bridge does not. Continuing down you can find a crest
    engraved on the wall which resembles the Altago Royal crest; using the Royal
    Signet will open the hidden door and permit Adol and company access. Inside,
    you have to fight off two Liwald-Pielle for the [Grattheos Talisman]. After
    earning it, travel to the left and claim the [Ogre Shield] from a chest. 
      The underwater section you access from the first room will be full of water
    currents which move you around, but if you take the first left you see
    underwater, you can fall down a hole which will drop you near some [Nadly
    Extract], and a current just south of that location will contain a [Rolika-
    Muskra], which can go to Dogi or Geis. Up to the north is a titano fish
    Raton'jignut who can take a lot of punishment but has a chance of dropping
     Titano Bones. Once you are out of the water, continue to fight across and
    climb down into the water pool to claim [Chain Clothes]. Take the ramps
    upwards and use the Wind Cape at the fan to reach a chest holding a [Knight's
    Crest]. Up the ramps, you will also find an [Estoc] for Adol, which will give
    him Pierce weapon type. Take some time to learn the Scud Sword skill from the
    sword, since you will spend some time switching for weapon weaknesses.
    Continue along the ramps and platforms, until you reach a pillar which
    functions as an elevator. You will find a chest immediately with [Spiked
    Leather] in it. Keep moving to the left and you will pass through and
    underwater chamber to a different part of the city. In the chamber, you will
    find the [Camtha] for Aisha; out of the water you will find a [Trident] for
    Geis and the [Naiad Statue]; the statue is apparently the key to controlling
    the currents inside the city. Above the statue's old dais you can trigger a
    bridge opening up so you can backtrack a little easier.
     In fact, now is a good time to backtrack to the first path where you found
    the Wind Cape fan and put the Naiad Statue on the pedestal there. Through
    the revealed door you can find a [Garman Cestus] for Dogi, another
    Raton'jignut, and two chests with a [Nadly Extract] in each. Retrieve the
    statue and return to the underwater whirlpool from before to use the Naiad
    Statue. In the chest is the [Eye of Fire], which prevents the frozen status.
      Start working your way back to the massive wave pool and use the Naiad
    Statue to make it quiet. Take a right past it, to open a shortcut back to
    the entrance, and climb down the ladder to the left. Below you will find five
    chests holding: [Nadly Extract x3], [Salimera Extract x3], [Sebrina Incense],
    [Mirula Incense], and a [Chigle Extract]. Save before proceeding.
      Avari El, the Demonic Octopus, waits for you. The huge body of the monster
    sits at the top of the arena while four tentacles will perform various attacks
    around the edges. The real target is the place the small green jellyfish
    resides, which means you have to keep an eye out. When it moves, it is
    extraordinarily weak to weapon attacks so pour it on. Do not waste time
    hammering at places where the target is not residing, or you'll just waste
    energy. All of the attacks Avari El can throw out are easily avoided if you
    aren't in the throes of attacking. Be careful and you should be able to take
    this out without severe troubles. If you want to be more careful, you should
    wear the Eye of Fire to prevent getting frozen during the battle. Once the
    battle is over, the path to the Sea Altar will open up.
      On the way to the beach a massive lizard-man will stop Adol's party, and you
    have a brief boss fight against this titano. Attacking with Adol's Scud Sword
    is a good idea, and using charged attacks to rebuild. Sword Dance also is
    useful, as is Aisha's Tumble Arrow. Try to avoid its melee swipes, since it can
    cover a large arc of area in front of it. It should not take long to take out
    the boss.
      Once you defeat it, more foes arrive and menace the group, outnumbering them.
    Then the Dragon Knights arrive in one of their warships to destroy them. All
    is not well, however, as not only do the knights arrive they come in full
    force. Commanders Scias and Raud are present with General Dreisen, and they
    take Adol's party into custody for a laundry list of crimes which culminate in
    the assassination of King Kiemarl. 
    ### Part Six: Waking the Dragons ##############################################
      Adol comes back into focus with him being beaten by Ursa in the prisons. Geis
    and Dogi are plotting escape, while Aisha is trying to figure out how to play
    both the role of Sovereign and be Adol's supporter. Despite protests, Adol is
    sentenced to death by combat in the Coliseum against a titano. He is given a
    [Gladius], [Buckler], and [Nadly Extract] by Scias as the only tools allowed
    in his fight.  
      Ygses Toluga, the Enraged Titano, is the "Beast of Judgement" and he is a
    pain in the rear. Using Flash Guard (L+R) can make this a whole lot easier,
    since it will help power your skills and charge up your Extra gauge. All of
    his attacks save for his rolling charge and his back-foot digging are simple to
    time and block. The rolling charge is a dangerous gamble since if you are too
    far away or positioned wrong, you can get hit a second time outside of the
    guard stance. Use Scud Sword or Sword Dance to deal damage, and when your Extra
    is charged you should unleash Lunar Crystal Blade. With patience you should be
    able to win this out to the astonishment of everyone. You can just use the
    dodge roll instead of Flash Guard, but this will take much longer to finish,
    and you run a risk while you dart in to fill your SP.
      After the upset in the Coliseum, Geis and Dogi bust Adol out of the arena
    floor and together they flee into the city. Tia shows Adol and Dogi a way out
    through the sewers, while Geis says he still has to guide Adol to a meeting.
    Travel west to the Lakeshore and then into the Highlands, where Geis will show
    Adol a hidden world. A man arrives who introduces himself as Ciarius. You are
    welcomed to the Iska Village, and given a long rundown on what is going on. At
    the end of it, the allies from the rest of the villages come to join you, with
    new equipment in hand and willing to help out. The goal is now to go to the
    three Sanctums and wake the Dragons to learn how to restore the balance.
      First, take a walk around town and collect quests from the residents of Iska
    Village. You can pick up the quest "Lecture: Dragons of Altago" now, as well as
    one for "Spirit Elixir Concoction", both of which are far from being in danger
    of being finished yet. Load up on equipment if you need to, and then start
    moving on. After this, it's time to remember where the underwater paths are.
    You can't teleport until you remark the stone monuments. Also, new monsters
    begin appearing who are titanos; these monsters resemble larger and meaner
    versions of older monsters. Lastly, the three villages will all sell different
    gear in their shops; it's worthwhile to travel to each and take a look.
      Grafm-goa     (Drops Titano Bone and Titano Spine)
      Zonaghillian  (Drops Titano Fluid)
      Ginovvider    (Drops Titano Bone and Titano Spine)
      Ildohrga      (Drops Titano Fluid)
      Stohlhatom    (Drops Titano Bone and Titano Spine)
      Ergallion     (Drops Titano Bone and Titano Spine)
      Altago Plains: West is completely blocked by the Dragon Knights, requiring
    you to find another way through. Luckily, Geis gave you the [Moonsong Bell]
    which he used to open the glyphed path. You can use it to travel through
    hidden pathways, and thus get around the roadblocks set up. You can do the
    Sanctums in any order, but you can also take care of some business before you
    go into the Sanctums. We'll start with Segram, where there are two wild
    titanos to work on if you have the will and power. Opening the Wilderness, you
    will fight largely titanos in here, which means less enemies but more
    likelihood of having damage done. In this section of Wilderness, have Dogi go
    to the north and punch a rock to reveal a hidden [Hawk Eye III]. From there,
    walk around to claim [Titano Fluid x20]. In the next screen Dogi can reveal a
    [Silver Telegnosis], and there are a [Chigle Extract] and [Shale x20] hidden by
    the rocks.
      Once you exit into Altago Plains: Southwest, Sigroon will get the drop on you
    with a bow and arrow and demand answers. After speaking with Adol, she
    proclaims he is a lunatic and yet her princess ordered her to assist Adol in
    keeping Altago safe.  Sigroon comes aboard knowing all the skills Aisha had at
    the same levels, so you don't have to waste time powering her up. You can open
    another passage inside the Cave Bypass, leading you into the Moonlight Path.
    Here there are dozens of rather strong crab monsters, but you can grab a chest
    with [Titano Bone x10]. Behind a crushable boulder on the east wall is a
    [Shimmer Brooch III], and past that is a spot you can use the Grattheos
    Talisman to find [Titano Fluid x20] The northern section holds a [Maom Extract]
    and [Striga Extract]. Once you are through, touch the Kylos Village stone and
    return to the Cave Bypass to continue your trek. Or, if you are feeling like a
    fight, step into Kylos Village.
      In Kylos, three Dragon Knights are bullying some of the villagers and Adol
    can't watch it happen. Sigroon recognizes them as members of Commander Raud's
    unit, which holds a lot of thugs. This fight is not too bad so long as you do
    not let yourself get cornered; three damaging charges from the lances can make
    this fight rather short indeed. If they insist on ganging up, punish them with
    Sword Dance or other area-damaging skills. Afterwards, Kylos will be open to
    you completely.
      Shannoa Village is simpler to reach, since you only need to walk without
    using the Moonlight Bell. There are large titano boars, nammed Ergallions, who
    now have moved out into the forest. Of the new titano-class monsters which have
    emerged, they are probably the least dangerous for the rewards. Once at
    Shannoa, you can talk with Eldress Fatima and learn how to enter the Earth
    Sanctum. Around the village, Carol Zander will want you to make an offering to
    the guardian statue again. This time you will need seven Nadly Flowers and five
    Striga Leaves. Add "Forest Guardian: Part 2" to your quest log, and do it as
    you gather the materials for it. 
      Lastly, you should take some time and march to restore the connection to the
    Shrine of Origins. Simply backtrack to Altago Plains: Northeast, and climb
    down into the cavern. You can't go anywhere near the city, so you have to
    leave off activating that stone monument for a while yet. Make your way through
    the Cave Bypass to Segram Desert and you can run into the joyous titano
    Ildohrga; this beast is rather similar to the Enraged Titano in the Coliseum,
    but it will drop Titano Fluids for you. In Segram, Cruxie will tell Mustafa
    the incantation to open the Flame Sanctum while she is having fever dreams. Zak
    McShane also is the one who tended pikkards for the village, and during the
    earthquake they all escaped. (Those who played Ark of Napishtim will recognize
    this quest coming from the moment they saw the pikkard pen; there was something
    similar there.) The quest "Finding Pikkards" is also much easier with the stone
    monuments active. You may have seen a couple already while rushing about, but
    let's do this in an orderly fashion. 
      There are seven pikkards loose in the world, and some of them are more
    dangerous than others to go grab. You can only carry one of them at a time, so
    be sure to return to Segram to drop it off before starting for the next one.
    There is one in the Shrine of Origins, within the altar chamber. Number two can
    be found in the Shannoa Forest clearing where Es Gallion was. A third one will
    be found at the desert end of the Cave Bypass, in the boss arena. Pikkard four
    can be found in the west end of the Wilderness path. Number five can be found
    in the Moonlight Path, amongst the various dead ends. Pikkards number six and
    seven are found within the dungeons; the sixth one can be found at the end of
    the underwater path near the Ancient Tree, and the seventh is in the lower
    boss chamber in the Flame Shrine. For returning all the pikkards Adol is given
    the [Crimson Jewel], which reduces SP usage by half. Now I'm going to get a
    little confusing with the guide; you can technically take the Sanctums in any
    order at all, though the game recommends Shannoa first. I'm going to list the
    sections as subdivisions of Part Six, and go through them in the order I myself
    tackled them.
      --- Iska Village Goods ---
      Nolnar Sword       25000g (Sword Dance)     Str +138
      Beast Slayer       25000g (Photon Blade)    Str +143
      Spear Sword        25000g (Aerial Thrust)   Str +138
      Shikon Kote        25000g (Aura Impact)     Str +131
      Half-moon Bow      25000g (Killer Hornet)   Str +124
      Crescent Axe       25000g (Dragon Fang)     Str +145
      War Hammer         25000g (Spark Pound)     Str +152
      Marble Rod         25000g (Absorption)      Str +124
      Passe-Passe        25000g (Spin Edge)       Str +136
      Moon Plate Mail    10000g Def +99
      Iris                9000g Def +91
      New Moon Robe       8000g Def +69
      Liikenna            4000g Def +57, Str +8
      Moon Bracelet       4000g Def +55
      Vitality Belt I     1000g HP +100
      Power Wrist I       1000g Str +10
      Shield Ring I       1000g Def +10
      Hawk Eye I          1000g Dex +10
      Shimmer Brooch I    1000g Agl +10
      Iko Extract          100g Recovers 50 HP
      Salimera Extract     500g Recovers 200 HP
      Nadly Extract       1200g Recovers 500 HP
      Striga Extract      3000g Recovers 1000 HP
      Mirula Incense       800g Recovers 150 HP to all allies
      Sebrina Incense     3000g Recovers 500 HP to all allies
      Kamika Incense       200g Recovers 100 HP and raises fallen
      Chigle Extract      1000g Recovers 300 HP and raises fallen.
      --- Shannoa Village New Goods ---
      Killer Bee         30000g (Scud Sword)      Str +146
      Iron Gauntlet      30000g (Earth Knocker)   Str +139
      Uta                30000g (Somersault)      Str +131
      Glaive             30000g (Trapster)        Str +153
      Lokoriko Staff     30000g (Aerial Thrust)   Str +131
      Claudiac           30000g (Igniz Blaze)     Str +161
      Ranynia-Makia      30000g (Ground Fang)     Str +146
      Lamellar Armor     15000g Def +106
      Potokali Shell     14000g Def +100
      Reno Cloak         13000g Def +98
      Nadly Extract       1200g Recovers 500 HP
      Striga Extract      3000g Recovers 1000 HP
      Sebrina Incense     3000g Recovers 500 HP to all allies
      Chigle Extract      1000g Recovers 300 HP and raises fallen.
      --- Segram Village New Goods ---
      Sencelic           35000g (Dominator)       Str +172
      Veim Knuckle       35000g (Kaiser Rush)     Str +183
      Sena Composite     35000g (Skywinder)       Str +155
      Bardiche           35000g (Helm Splitter)   Str +181
      Totomano Staff     35000g (Mist Wind)       Str +155
      Skull Hammer       35000g (Volcano)         Str +189
      Chiredark          35000g (Bandit)          Str +172
      Black Shell Armor  20000g Def +120
      Quilla Guard       19000g Def +114
      Rote Clane         18000g Def +105
      Striga Extract      3000g Recover 1000 HP.
      Sebrina Incense     3000g Recover 500 HP to all allies.
      Chigle Extract      1000g Recover 300 HP and raises fallen.
      --- Kylos Village New Goods ---
      Iron Cutter        40000g (Tornado Slash)   Str +212
      Kokugin Kote       40000g (Wild Rage)       Str +201
      Catapitus Bow      40000g (Step Shot)       Str +191
      Vahara             40000g (Fly Fish)        Str +223
      Alteon Rod         40000g (Storm Gust)      Str +191
      Stone Hammer       40000g (Dash Geyser)     Str +233
      Adldofa-Sylar      40000g (Sliding)         Str +212
      Full Plate         25000g Def +142
      Six-horn Shell     24000g Def +136
      Green Robe         23000g Def +132
      Striga Extract      3000g Recover 1000 HP.
    ### Part Six A: The Earth Sanctum #############################################
      The Earth Sanctum entrance is simplest to reach, since you can bypass most of
    the Ancient Tree by going into the lower entrance immediately. Take a trip to
    the west, and grab a chest holding a [White Talisman]. This accessory is an
    absolute godsend in status-heavy areas, since it prevents every single one.
    After that, be sure you tag both of the stone monuments and enter the Earth
    Altar. Elk will recite the incantation to open the Sanctum and you may enter.
      Inside this wonderful and natural place, you will find all sorts of tough
    monsters, and need to use Ancient Tree Sap again. Use it to awake the flowers
    as you need to and open the pathways. Down from your start is a [Panacea],
    before you need to use the Sap to proceed from the first platform. After that,
    head southwards and you will find a [Shield Ring III]. Head north to find a
    vine, and climb down and around; be sure you collect from the materials points
    because this is the only place to find the high-quality goods you will need for
    some weapons. Once back on the ground level, you will need to destroy two
    parasitic pods to use the Sap. Near one of the pods you can get [20000 gold]
    in a chest. Around the pathways you can grab a [Sebrina Incense] and a [Stone
    Ring] before heading down again.
       At the next lower-level area you can find [Earth Stone x20] in a chest
    directly south from the vine. The next Sap point needs to be triggered in order
    to wake the parasites, and you will wind up having to cross some flytraps to
    reach the second one. Once that is done, you can backtrack to the flower which
    bloomed and grab a [Poison Ring]. Climb up the left side of the center to open
    the next blossom, and take the chest containing [Monster Spine x20].  Climb
    around and you can kill the other parasite from before, opening the center
    blossom to reveal a seal of some sort. Stepping on it will move your party
    into the next area.
      Once you arrive, turn right and climb up the branch to reach a chest holding
    [Earth Stone x20]. The path is long and you will have to hack through quite a
    few monsters, but at the northwest corner you can find a chest holding a
    [Striga Extract] and one of the places you can find Spiritual Water. Once
    through the next area, you will need to use the Luminous Stone to see, and the
    monsters in the room can be very hard to track. After you kill them all though,
    you will be allowed to reach a chest holding a very nice [Training Ring II].
    Once through the dark patch, you can head right and find a [Violet Dual Blade]
    for Elk; it's highly recommended you use it to learn the new skill on it.
    Terran Vortex is an extremely powerful strike, and it can hit quite a lot of
    enemies at once.
      Beyond this point is a stone monument and the Sanctum's final point. Here
    Adol can commune with Rada-Manj the Earth Dragon, and it will demand an ordeal
    by combat before helping you. The Earth Dragon needs to have four crystals
    broken on its legs before you can harm it directly, and it will both indirectly
    and directly attack you to keep you away from it. Avoid the stomps and keep a
    watch for the vines which flow after you from the impact site. If you are close
    up, you will not need to worry about fire breath, or the tail swipe. Once you
    break the crystals, the head becomes targetable and you can unleash on it.
    Beware the rain of rocks from the Dragon, and you should get a nice healthy
    chunk of damage in. You will need to repeat the whole ordeal after a while, so
    be prepared to beat on its legs for a while more. At a point, the Earth Dragon
    will roar you off the platform and begin chasing you in a circle. Avoid its
    fireballs and eye beams, and plaster it with damage when it lunges its head
    down. This section is much simpler and easier, if you can handle the damage you
    might take.
      After the battle you will be given the [Earth Dragon's Stone], and Elk will
    be allowed to use Geo Cluster as his Extra skill. After this, you should have
    enough Striga Leaves for the guardian statue, so go there and take care of
    that. No sooner have you made that offering than you need twenty Withered
    Hardwood and Fossilized Twigs for repairs. Once you collect that, you need to
    consecrate it with five Spiritual Waters. This can be tricky, since the only
    place to collect it so far is in the Earth Sanctum, and it is not commonly
    found at the springs. It is worth it, however, since this increases the
    maximum HP of every character by 100. Going back to Shannoa to report success
    earns you the final sum of gold from Carol Zander (5000 gold) and the
    completion of this quest. It is time to move on to the next Sanctum.
    ### Part Six B: The Flame Sanctum #############################################
      In Segram, the Flame Shrine waits for you. Dogi was expecting to clear a
    path through the enemies, Mustafa has a different idea. He runs the party
    through to the stone monument just before the Flame Altar, conscious of just
    how much time remains. Inside the Flame Sanctum, continue along until you reach
    the red-hot floor, then use the Ice Mist Crystal to walk over it. Take the
    upper path and you will find a chest with a [Striga Extract]. Take the bottom
    path along, then turn north and fight your way through for a [Flame Ring]. Once
    you are finished there, take the path along the south to the left and you can
    reach a [Power Wrist III]. Backtrack again to the path which threads under the
    other walkways, and continue onwards.
      The second room is more of the first, essentially. The new hazards are sheets
    of fire which pop up through glowing cracks. Take a quick left for [25000 gold]
    and [Marl Incense], before again backtracking along the path. At the top you
    will find quicksand pits which drop you down to a large open area with lots of
    enemies; avoid these pits if you can. To the left is [Angue-Aribus], a hammer
    for Mustafa. Use it to learn the rather awesome Dragon Blaze skill; it costs
    90 SP but it can utterly demolish enemies. 
      In the next room, you can see it as a spiral chamber, but the reason becomes
    clear the instant you start the room. There is a giant lava monster chasing you
    and raising the level of the lava. Hurry through and you can reach the end.
    Along the way you can snag a chest holding a [Maom Extract], and the one at the
    end holds a [Sapphire]. Before you leave, run around using the Ice Mist Crystal
    and you can find another chest with a [Rune Ring]. After that harrowing chase,
    you will enter the final chamber of the Sanctum and have your audience with the
    Flame Dragon, Angue-Barl. Bring your Ice Mist Crystal.
      Angue-Barl is not quite as difficult as Rada-Manj was, if only because it is
    a very straightforward fight. Mustafa's hammer is an invaluable tool, since
    Angue-Barl is weak to Strike-type damage. You can immediately unload Inferno
    (Mustafa's Extra Skill) and do a large chunk of damage to one of the legs.
    Dragon Blaze likewise will carve large chunks out of the Dragon's health.
    Angue-Barl has many attacks, but all of them are easily dodged since they take
    a moment to strike out. If you see it not about to swing either tail or claws,
    then you are best served not being immediately near the area. Wearing the Ice
    Mist Crystal will prevent the terrain from being a distraction, or worse, and
    if you are wearing an item which prevents flame status then you are just about
    set. I'd personally recommend working with the status effect and taking
    Crimson Jewel for the SP use reduction; Dragon Blaze uses a hefty 90 SP
      After demolishing Angue-Barl, it will bestow upon you its power in the form
    of the [Flame Dragon Stone] and upgrade Mustafa's Extra skill. He can now use
    "Catastrophe", which is a yet-stronger version of the Extra skill. However, on
    return to Segram, Adol and company discover Cruxie has taken a turn for the
    worse. The power of the Flame Dragon Stone is enough to keep her alive and
    capable, but she cannot be too far from it. That is why she dresses herself in
    full battle gear and offers to join Adol. Cruxie has all the skills Mustafa
    has learned, and will now take his place in your party lineup. 
      You will be prompted to return to Ciarius to find out what he knows. While
    you are there, show the researcher the Earth Stone and Fire Stone for some
    progress in that quest. If you feel up to synthesizing any of the Elixirs, feel
    free to do that too; the effects are enough to make it worthwhile. 
    ### Part Six C: The Wind Sanctum ##############################################
      With the Wind Cape, you can skip most of the annoying stroll through the
    platforms of the Wind Precinct and get to the tower. The path to the Sanctum is
    rather quick, but you will have a trek ahead of you once inside. The Wind
    Sanctum is a bunch of rock paths connected by teleporters, and thus it can be
    more straightforward than the Flame Sanctum in many ways. After a few paths in
    the air, you will reach a place where wind gusts only sporadically lift you up.
    You can use the dash (Square) to cross, quietly. Along  the bottom path is a
    [Ruby], and you can see a chest and area on the upper path you can't quite
    reach yet. Proceed onwards, and you will need to use the Wind Cape to float
    between rocks. Along those floating boulders is a [Gravity Ring], but it is
    time to go down to collect the other chest. Unequip the Wind Cape and fall,
    then instead of taking the teleporter, fall off the rock you land on; you will
    land right before the chest. It contains [Soft Hide x10]. Touch the switch to
    open the crystal gate, then proceed back and you will reach the tower base.
      This is the second part of the Wind Sanctum, and it is a bit of a maze.
    Continue through until you reach a large wind tunnel, then drop down to take
    the teleporter. Go south from the destination to find [Withered Hardwood x20].
    To the left another teleporter will take you to a switch; press it to lower
    another crystal gate. Return to the wind tunnel and ride it to the top, then
    turn south and use that teleporter. The switch visible from there will open the
    last crystal gate and permit you to move further on. 
      This segment is a lot more gates and switches, but to start off you will head
    west and trip that switch first. From there, find the next switch in the
    sequence and turn it on; backtrack again to the first crystal gate you passed
    and grab the [Striga Extract] in the chest. Fall off the broken path and you
    can reach a platform full of material spots and a chest with [Withered Hardwood
    x20] in it. Teleport back and climb to the top before falling off another
    broken platform; down here is a switch you need to hit and a chest holding a
    [Vitality Belt III]. Continue through to the next switch and climb back up to
    the teleporter.
      The wind tunnels make a return in the next segment, and you need to take the
    right-hand path first. In the chest here is the [Aerthas Staff] for Mishera.
    Use the switch and proceed onwards. Take the left fork for some Ambula Fruit,
    and then come back to the right for another switch. Climb the fan to the
    platform and drop off; you will reach a platform with a few enemies and a
    chest holding [30000 gold]. Return to the fork and take the middle path up two
    levels. To the left is another switch, which nests in front of the next switch,
    which will open the final crystal gate. Pass through and activate the stone
    monument before backtracking and falling down the broken platform to the west;
    it will lead to some Ambula plants and a chest with a [Maom Extract] in it. Use
    the map to teleport back to the Abyss monument to proceed. 
      This part can be tricky, with the Wind Cape needing to  be employed
    strategically so you can avoid both the bladed wind-wheels and land on the
    platforms to plan your next move. You need to trip two switches along the path
    to reach the next area, and two chests holding [Varl Incense] and [Dragon
    Energy Drop]. You can drop off along the way to find various platforms below;
    the second holds [Fossilized Twig x20], the third holds a [Blood Nail]. Beyond
    that is a bird chariot statue. Climbing on board will start a boss battle with
    Rio Farga.
      Rio Farga is not that difficult a mini-boss to take on, since it never moves
    and the wind instead pushes you back. It will summon in help, but these can be
    taken out just as easily as normally. Primarily focus on saving your Extra
    skill for the Dragon and instead just fighting relentlessly while dodging the
    tongue attacks. After defeating the insectoid titano, the chariot docks at the
    final area of the Sanctum, where Adol can commune with the Wind Dragon Mu-Anti.
    As before, Mu-Anti wants a trial by strength to determine if Adol is fit
    enough to wield its power. 
      Mu-Anti is a handful because it will often take to the sky and only leave the
    tailtip dangling to attack. Its primary attack is to whip the tail around and
    use wind to inflict a panicked confusion on its foes. When you see the Rush
    begin, it will emit a powerful razor-sharp wind which can hit multiple times
    at high damage. Then it will dash forward and swallow anyone who had gotten
    caught in the attack, causing poison and an ongoing minor attack. Dragon Blaze
    can bring this Dragon down in a hurry, but so can Aerial Orb or Domination.
    Pick your powerful skill of choice and get busy; once you exhaust your Extra
    skill gauge, unload your skills for as long as you can. (You are using a Blue
    Jewel or the Crimson Jewel right?) Once your SP is exhausted, either take a
    Dragon Energy Drop or use Mishera at range to refill. If you are well-practiced
    and have worked on your skills, Mu-Anti should go down fairly easily.
      Once Mu-Anti is defeated, you will be given the [Wind Dragon Stone] and 
    Mishera will have her Extra skill increased in power. She will now use Wind
    Legion as her Extra skill. With no clear clues on anything, all Adol's friends
    can suggest is to take the three stones to show Ciarius and try to hope
    something is now discovered. Instead of an answer from the sage, Geis' fairy
    familiars appear and inform everyone of a dark fog which has encased Altago
    City. Wishing to help out, Adol and company rush out to the aid of the city.  
    ### Part Seven: Return to Altago City #########################################
      First, the Dragon Knights have decamped from Altago Plains: West, so go there
    and take the chest remaining. It holds a [Speed Orb], which increases movement
    speed. Warp to the Shrine of Origins to make it to Altago City faster, and you
    will find it indeed wrapped in the fog. Everyone splits up, as Adol and Dogi
    go to look for Tia and Maya. You can enter the weapons shop, and pick up new
    equipment if you need it. Once you travel into Old Town, you will need to
    defend Maya from some monsters. Then you learn Tia has not been seen recently,
    and that means searching the city for her.
      You can also come across your party members elsewhere in the city. Elk is
    treating a wounded man in the house next to the item shop, and Cruxie is in
    another house with more wounded and refugees. Geis is at the harbor, holding
    off some new monsters who came from the sea and ruined the ships. After
    fighting off the monsters, Geis joins Adol and Dogi to search for Tia. Mishera
    is treating people in the church, while Sigroon is nowhere to be found.
    Approaching the palace, Geis' faerie Jue comes with alarming news: there is a
    man on a killing spree in the palace grounds. 
      Once you reach the throne room, you can confront the man responsible for the
    death in the halls. Scias, the Altaginian Falcon, is a force of nature
    currently who cannot be stopped. You can endure him for a while, but after a
    point he becomes impossible to harm. After you lose, the architect behind the
    Wind of Destruction appears and calls the deaths of Adol and his friends off.
    After the shocking monologue which explains a bit about what was going on
    behind the scenes, the enemies depart and leave Adol and Dogi to stew on just
    what happened and how to proceed. You will need to return to Ruins Island and
    travel to the Sea Sanctum with Aisha, in order to handle gaining the blessing
    of the Sea Dragon.
      During this time, you can finalize purchases at the stores, and gather a
    quest from a Segramite Warrior near the weapons shop. Wesley Irizarry wants a
    measure of protection added to Altago, and hands Adol an [Ivory Ember Case] to
    gather a part of the sacred flame from Segram. After retrieving it handily
    enough, the torches are set up and Wesley is satisfied. His reward for your
    dedication is a [Flash Ring III], which can be a very nice accessory for long
    fights. After you are all set, go to the harbor and find your small ship
    waiting. It's time to move on to the Sea Sanctum.  
       --- Altago City New Goods ---
      Great Sword        20000g (Photon Blade)     Str +114
      Damascus           50000g (Rising Slash)     Str +262
      Giant Edge         50000g (Rapid Snipe)      Str +269
      Slender Sword      50000g (Dominator)        Str +262
      Gauntlet           20000g (Might Quake)      Str +104
      Bone Gauntlet      50000g (Straight Right)   Str +249
      Composite Bow      20000g (Jet Slicer)       Str +98
      Falcon Bow         50000g (Waspinator)       Str +236
      Great Axe          50000g (Sorcery: Antlion) Str +275
      Chitchak           50000g (Steal)            Str +262
      Raval Hammer       50000g (Provoke)          Str +288
      Mystic Cane        50000g (Rejection)        Str +236
      Dragoon Mail       10000g Def +74
      Reflex             30000g Def +156
      Breastplate         9000g Def +68
      Djiriba Halter     29000g Def +146
      Clane Vest          8000g Def +66
      Harvest Clothes    28000g Def +146
      Crest Shield        4000g Def +39, Str +6
      Garman Shield       6000g Def +78, Str +10
      Steel Bracelet      4000g Def +37
      Skull Bracelet      6000g Def +76
      Nadly Extract       1200g Recovers 500 HP.
      Striga Extract      3000g Recovers 1000 HP.
      Sebrina Incense     3000g Recovers 500 HP to all allies
      Chigle Extract      1000g Recovers 300 HP and raises fallen.
       --- Zanzibar Firm New Goods ---
      Knight's Crest     50000g Increases EXP gained by 25%.
      Flash Ring III     50000g Increases Stun Rate by 3.
    ### Part Eight: The Sea Sanctum ###############################################
      Once you land on Ruins Island, it's a matter of backtracking to the altar
    through the paths you opened up the last time you visited. Once you enter the
    Edona Ruins, turn left and go up the lift. Then go left, and down to the
    ladder. If you left any of the chests containing recovery goods, you can
    acquire them now. Inside the Altar Room, Aisha reads the incantation and
    teleports the party into the Sea Sanctum.
      Once inside, climb the walkways to the right and take a turn south to find a
    chest on a platform which contains a [Striga Extract]. From there head right
    and trigger a floor switch, melting ice so you can reach [Fossilized Twig x20].
    Go further to the left, and turn south to trigger another floor switch; this
    melts more ice for you to proceed. A note about the icy floors - they can be a
    real pain to fight on unless you stand in one spot and attack at range.
    Luckily, the monsters in some of these rooms are weak to Pierce, so Aisha is
    very useful. Along the next path is an icy platform which has [Fossilized
    Twig x20] on it, and a camoflagued Rapletika who can be hard to see against
    the ice. Proceed with caution into the next area, as it is an icy walkway with
    no stops on the side in case you start sliding too fast. Across another icy
    path is a [Maom Extract], if you have room for it. Up the next flight of
    stairs you can cross to the left and find a spring where Spiritual Water can
    be found. On the other side to the right, you will find [Varl Incense]. Touch
    the stone monument at the next staircase, and slide to the left towards the
    bend in the icy path; just a bit past that is a chest holding [Sid-Rondo], a
    polearm for Geis. Climbing back up, you can find the stairs there are iced
    over and unclimbable; heading up from the stone monument you can find a [Dragon
    Energy Drop] in case you need it. 
      The next area is a massive maze of walkways and platforms, with water thrown
    in for good measure. Head to the right and find the floor switch which
    activates a bridge for you; after you finish that you can head to the southwest
    corner platforms and find some [Dalmatica] for your light armored characters.
    Retracing your steps around and to the northwest platforms will earn you
    [Monster Horn x20]. Heading to the north-center of the area will allow you to
    open another sluice-bridge and reveal the way to Aisha's [Albatross] weapon.
    Work to the central-east underwater passages to reach a floor switch for
    another sluice, opening another area to the south. There is a [Flash Ring II]
    there for the taking. Walk your way to the eastern paths and you can find
    another switch for the north sluice gate, which will allow you to reach an
    [Ice Ring] on the lower level. To the north across the gate you can find a
    chest with [Thin Hide x20] for the taking. Exit to the southwest, having to
    backtrack along the walls.
      The next area has more caverns with ice, and you should fall down to claim
    [Monster Claw x20] before being serious about crossing. Crossing carefully
    allows you to net a [Chaos Shield] from the chest. Up the stairs, you can cross
    another ice bridge with care to grab [Chaos Armor]. The ice bridges only become
    more treacherous, so avoid the lure of the chest on its own platform to keep
    climbing. You can grab a chest with a nice [Vitality Crown] on the way up, but
    the real prize is the [Steel Hooks] which give you traction on ice. Once you
    have that, use a dash to get to the [Chaos Sword] and begin immediately working
    on its skill. Pentagram is such a highly useful skill, it is worth having to
    call on at will.
      With the Ice Hooks, you can now climb the slippery stairs; remember to put on
    the Grattheos Talisman before you proceed into the underwater area, however.
    Mind the tiles which flash, since they are damage zones, and meet some new
    swordfish enemies called Spielkri. They're good practice for Adol, however.
    Heading completely to the east, a floor switch shuts off some of the damage
    panels. Poking around to the northeast yields a [Rare-Scale] armor, suitable
    medium armor for your party now. Along the northern path you can dash-jump
    across a gap to a path full of damage panels. It's worth the pain, as the
    chest at the end contains [Training Ring III]. 
      The next segment can drop you through water pools into the lower level, so be
    sure of your footing as you move across. You can grab a [Striga Extract] in a
    safe pool and with some careful walking you can reach a [Great Arm] for Dogi.
    After that, you enter a long spiraling staircase which ends at a stone
    monument. The Sea Dragon awaits, and as three times before, you need to defeat
    the dragon to earn its power.
      O-Balon the Sea Dragon fights entirely underwater, and pops out from the
    holes in the wall during battle. It will cruise leisurely around in circles to
    one of the other holes, and show easily a dozen targets along its long body.
    These targets are what you have to attack. O-Balon has a few attacks, but most
    notably its body is electrified, so standing next to it too long will result in
    a hit against you. Another favorite attack is to swim in a circle in the main
    room and start a maelstrom which will suck you in while pulses of electricity
    home in on you. After you destroy all the targets along the length of the Sea
    Dragon, it will close the two largest cave openings and begin fighting from the
    wall. Alternatively it will flood the arena or cause the floor to freeze. This
    segment of the fight is easier on you, if you're good at dodging the quick
    motions. Once it gets low enough on health, it will very quickly dart its head
    in and out of holes until it lunges through. During this time, small but tough
    monsters ill come out to soak up attention. Adol's Pentagram skill, or
    Cruxie's Dragon Blaze both can do serious damage to the latter form; Aisha's
    Cataract Blue is good for handling the multiple targets in the first section.
    It's important not to unleash an Extra skill unless you can hit with most of
      (A special note here, there are monsters which are summoned during this
    battle which are unique to it. If you are shooting for a full bestiary, do
    not miss out on killing these monsters! They are called Seah Damlin.)
      Once Adol defeats O-Balon, the Sea Dragon will bestow upon him the [Sea
    Dragon's Stone] and give Aisha its blessing. Aisha's Extra skill is upgraded
    to Azure Destruction and you are finished here. 
    ### Part Nine: Moon Dragon's Call #############################################
      Back in Altago City, things are no better than before. Ciarius has left to
    return to the hidden Iska Village as something has begun happening there with
    the monument in the center of town. Once you travel to Iska, take a moment to
    peer into the shop and refill your recovery items. Buy weapons or armor as you
    wish, but be aware the end of the game is getting very close and one more set
    of equipment is due to arrive. 
      At the pillar of light, Ciarius will explain how it was the original Moon
    Altar, but without the incantation the Sanctum is still inaccessable. Return
    to Altago City to search Tia's belongings, and you will find her hairpin
    resting on the table. It is also glowing faintly; taking it to the Moon Altar
    will open the way to the Sanctum of the Moon Dragon Ze-Kalion. As four times
    before, Adol must now prove his strength to the Dragon for its blessing.
      This battle is a little deceptive. Ze-Kalion starts off rather unassuming,
    and will conjure attacks with its wings; it will toss a whirlwind forwards,
    lunge in a quick dash across the arena, or just spin and swipe the area
    before it. After some damage is done, it will add another attack; the Moon
    Dragon summons two orbs which sweep a pair of beams from the sides to forward.
    A little bit after that, Ze-Kalion will melt into the floor and transform
    into a large and brutish form; the only place to harm it is at the tail. Most
    of its attacks now will cause shockwaves and cause the party to flounder for
    footing. After a set amount of damage, the tail ceases to be the target and
    a jewel appears on the Moon Dragon's forehead. Ze-Kalion now has its weak
    spot right where it has the greatest amount of attack presence, which means
    you need to approach it a bit more carefully.
      Pentagram, Sword Dance, Dragon Blaze, and various other skills are all fine
    to attack with, primarily Pentagram and Dragon Blaze. Pentagram charges the
    Extra gauge quite well and Dragon Blaze deals a lot of damage in exchange for
    a lot of SP. Catastrophe will be an amazing damage-dealer if you can line it
    up properly. Lunar Crystal Blade is also very nice if you can get Adol
    directly facing the target area. By now, you have probably found other skills
    which you like; feel free to use them. Scud Sword can be useful if aimed
    well, Photon Blade can dish out some quick damage, Cross Crusher and Straight
    Right both handle well . . . the list goes on. 
      After defeating the Moon Dragon, Adol's Extra skill reaches full strength
    as the Lunar Dragon Blade, and he is bestowed the [Moon Dragon Stone].
    Finally, all five Dragon Stones are gathered . . . but where to go with
      --- Iska Village New Goods ---
      Great Sword        20000g (Photon Blade)     Str +114
      Iskan Blade        50000g (Earth Shaker)     Str +321
      Valona             50000g (Rapid Snipe)      Str +330
      Oracle Sword       50000g (Scud Sword)       Str +321
      Lien-Genna         50000g (Wild Rage)        Str +305
      Coco               50000g (Rising Arrow)     Str +289
      Executor           50000g (Axe Arts: Ravage) Str +337
      Moonlight Hammer   50000g (Crimson Pillar)   Str +353
      Silver Staff       50000g (Atomis Cutter)    Str +289
      Iskan Dual Blade   50000g (Leaf Boomerang)   Str +321
      Gara Plate         30000g Def +215
      Lunar Breastplate  29000g Def +208
      Dark Mishra        28000g Def +207
      Iskan Shield        8000g Def +105, Str +14
      Glow Bracelet       8000g Def +100
    ### Part Ten: Well of Souls ###################################################
      The Well of Souls opens, and Adol must go within to stop the Wind of
    Destruction. The shop at Iska Village now can synthesize powerful weapons and
    armor if you can get enough materials from the Well of Souls; the purchased
    equipment is not as good, but it can help keep you alive. You will also be
    told about weaponry which can be created from the Dragon Stones, all of which
    are well worth getting for the characters you plan on using. Adol's Caliocerion
    is easily worth the work, but it entails a lot of searching for materials.
    Also, as soon as you find a single Moon Stone (it will not take long), you can
    finish the last Lecture quest in Iska; the reward is a [Black Talisman], which
    can nullify enemy damage some of the time. This can be a very useful piece of
    equipment, but I'm not sure how well it measures up against other accessories.
    Likewise, once you start gathering Holy Water, it becomes likely you can clear
    the "Spirit Elixir Concoction" quest. The reward for doing so is an [Energy
    Charm], which fills the Extra Gauge faster; this can make the final battle a
    lot easier.
      Into the Well of Souls, you will find it a long stone pathway which has very
    strong monsters along it. Take the path to the southwest (using the Grattheos
    Talisman) to find some Maom plants and [Striga Extract]. Since this dead-ends,
    backtrack a ways to the northwest corner of the previous area; you can find a
    chest holding [Moon Stone x20] and an exit. The room looks like nothing is
    there, but the seal on the wall will open for the Moonlight Bell; beyond Adol
    and company will look out over an old ruined city.
      The city itself is a sprawling affair, and there are beam traps rotating
    which can chew through you rather easily if you aren't paying attention. Take
    the first turn north and gently move through the traps; at the end you will
    find a [White Talisman] and a switch in the floor to turn off the traps you
    just traversed. From there, continue west and take the trip north for a
    [Dragon Energy Drop], before heading fully west and getting past more traps.
    The switch will now turn off the rest of the traps, as well as cause an Iskan
    seal to appear on the floor. Ringing the Moonlight Bell will drop the party
    down into another area.
      Here the main attraction is a crystal puzzle where you will need to move the
    light beam to open barriers. This is not that hard, but it can be time
    consuming to line the crystal beams up. First open the southwest barrier for
    the [Dueler] weapon. Open the north gate for [Sylard], [Stompy], and the
    [Volos Staff]. You can open the eastern gate with some work to make stairs
    appear along the eastern path, before opening the southern gates. Through the
    southern gates you can find [Lunar Carapace] and [Hyper Cutter], both of which
    are very nice weapons. Backtrack to where you made the stairs appear and
    proceed to the next section. This area is very simple, and full of enemies;
    cut through them and make it to the next exit to the east. Use the stone
    monument to mark your map, and take a moment to be sure you are ready. If you
    desire, you can return to Iska to hand off the Moon Stone to the researcher. 
      Ahead is an arena where two Dragg Leth, the "Souls of the Fallen", attack.
    These two together are dangerous, since they have a very high damage output
    and have a habit of cornering a single person between them and beating them
    into death. Being very mobile, slow attacks simply are not good enough to keep
    up. Pentagram and Dragon Blaze both can be great, but they will also drain SP
    rapidly. The Dragg Leth both have enormous pools of HP, so this could take a
    while to whittle through.
      Once through, you enter caverns again; equip the Grattheos Talisman and run
    into the north of the watery area to find a chest holding [Soul Stone x20].
    Down the path to the south nearby is a chest with [Titano Bone x20]; the
    collection of both these chests should put your Dragon Stone weapons closer
    to reach. Put on your Diamond Boots and trek east along the path with spikes
    until you come outside. Smack the block teetering on the edge here, and it
    will fall down and create a bridge. Grab the chest past it with a [Striga
    Extract] inside, then fall down. You can cross the bridge to proceed; stay out
    of the windy areas, since it will damage you constantly. Inside the caverns,
    you can find lots of spots to gather Moon Stones and Soul Stones, as well as a
    chest with [Titano Spine x10] inside. Continue outside, and you will pass into
    another cavern with an Iskan seal on the wall; ring the Moonlight Bell and
    collect the chest with the [Moon Talisman] inside. Use the bell again to the
    left, and you will manifest stairs so you can shortcut through next time. 
      Backtrack to before the cave passage, and you can travel along the west and
    south path to reach a [Heavy Belt] while using the Moon Talisman. After that
    is done, return to the place just before you found the Moon Talisman, and
    proceed along the windy paths. Take a sidetrip along the southern wall into an
    underwater cavern where you can find [Hard Hide x30] and a [Clone Statue]. A
    quick word about the Clone Statue; it is an instant life restoration if you
    die while holding it, but it is gone after. Once you finish with that, it's
    time to carefully work your way west around the water pits; fall once and you
    return to the underwater cavern. 
      Beyond the door, you enter a new cavern in the lower Well of Souls. Head
    north to find a spring (though it only yields Cloudy Water), and a chest with
    [Soft Hide x30]. Fighting through the tough Adolpha titanos, you can reach a
    [Varl Incense] and a [Maom Extract] before the exit. The next chamber is a
    broad cavern with many rocky platforms at differing heights. You can find two
    chests each with a [Striga Extract] along the way, and a chest near the end
    holds an [Alp Extract]. After that, you have reached the bottom of the Well
    of Souls, and you had best turn back now if you have doubts about your armor
    or weapons. Especially armor, since these are the final fights of the game.
      Scias awaits, and the Knight of Despair is eager to fight. His attacks are
    almost the same as they were when you fought him before, except faster. And
    with more effort into your equipment and level, he is not as unbeatable as
    before. Be very careful of his energy slash, since he can create shadow-clones
    and deliver up to three strikes at varying angles. When he jumps into the air
    and vanishes, start running around and dodging because he will drop out of
    the sky and create a large vortex of energy which can deal heavy damage.
    Pentagram, Dragon Blaze, and Extra skills will help you out; know that Elk's
    Extra skill is a temporary invincibilty shield which will absorb damage and it
    can be dropped on all allies close to him.  
      After Scias is defeated, you have one last chance to turn back, and the
    party lets you know this. Tialuna awaits, as the Maiden of Demise, and she is
    every bit as powerful as you were warned. She has two stone allies to begin,
    which will make the fight much harder if you leave them alone. Take them out
    first, and avoid Tialuna's spells as much as you can. Primarily, if you can
    avoid being beaten around by the magic you should do fine with the battle.
      After Tialuna is defeated, Rul-Ende shows itself. The Root of All Existence
    is moving towards the total destruction of Altago. Adol's company is now
    split off into three groups. Dogi, Elk, and Mishera are one group, and the
    first up. Second up is Geis, Cruxie, and Aisha. Lastly Adol is left alone for
    his fight. 
    ### Final Battle: Rul-Ende ####################################################
      The first section has Dogi and friends having to beat up four dragon heads
    in order to reach the real target. The heads are vulnerable only for a short
    time, and have a lot of health to chew through. Use skills as much as you can,
    and use Flash Guard to help fuel your power. As you deal more damage, more of
    the heads will get into the act dropping attacks. The varied attacks are: a
    fire-bomb which covers a large area and can deal continual damage, a tracking
    pulse of ice which may freeze you, a blast of four fireballs, and a fire
    breath which sweeps around the arena, but will not hit directly infront of
    Rul-Ende. When the Rush marker appears, it is highly imperative you save an
    Extra skill to hit it then so you can avoid a meteor storm which will deal
    heavy damage. After a long fight, the focus now shifts to the next section up. 
      Geis' group will have a better time, as the target is always vulnerable. Two
    arms will run interference by placing hazards on the battlefield. The most
    dangerous ones are two massive flame pillars which swirl and track your party,
    and two energy discs which orbit the field. However, you should be able to
    handle this easily enough; if you did not blow all your healing goods on the
    lower section, this will not be nearly as bad. This section of Rul-Ende will
    use its claws to attack mostly, summoning tracking flames and spitting weaker
    energy pulses which track. Aisha's ranged attack can really shine here, since
    she can build SP and unleash Cataract Blue (if you have it) or allow Cruxie to
    drop Dragon Blaze (again, if you have it), or even to let Geis go with a Cross
    Crusher. When the Extra gauge is full, use Cruxie to deal a huge chunk of
    damage to Rul-Ende. After a third of the health is gone, the mouth will scream
    and try to suck in everyone. Dash away as fast as you can to avoid being
    swallowed, then resume. After it is down to a third, a new attack appears
    where the boss will throw down lighting barriers with a small opening for you
    to thread through. Try to avoid being caught for much damage in this attack.
      The last section is all Adol, and it's not terribly difficult compared to
    the others. Adol has to take down four targets around the outside of the
    floor, and each one can take a large amount of punishment. The center body
    will throw all sorts of attacks at Adol, all of which can be dodged if you
    keep moving. The two troublesome ones are when the outer targets use beams to
    track Adol's location and fire energy, and when the center body sets up four
    dividing pillars of flame and rotates swiftly. You can outdash the pillars of
    flame, until the attack stops, and you can avoid being caught by the beams by
    moving very carefully. Once you destroy the four targets, and phase two
    begins, Rul-Ende will become vulnerable. He will lay down a sectioned grid on
    the ground; when he focuses his energy he can turn some sections into a damage
    zone. He can move to the edge of the floor, and retains some of his attacks
    from before. Be careful not to be caught in his massive beam attack, as it
    will easily shave off health. Every time he moves, Adol will flinch and you'll
    need to be extra cautious for his attacks once he reappears; there will be
    little time to dodge. 
      After Adol defeats the final section of Rul-Ende . . . the nightmare is
    over. Enjoy the hard-earned ending!
      --- Iska Village New Goods ---
      Nonoire-Fren      100000g Def +242
      Lien-Iris          90000g Def +232
      Lien-Clane         80000g Def +224
    #-# 4. Optional Bosses #------------------------------------------------------#
      You can fight three massive titanos in Altago, none of which are required to
    beat the game. However, you will find their rewards worth attaining once you
    have the power to take them on. 
    Bal Kilios, the One-Horned Beast
    Location: Altago Plains
      You can wander into this guy's clearing easily and early. This guy serves as
    the usual Ys series reminder to not wander recklessly into new areas without
    healthy respect for what may lurk there. He's also the easiest of the three
    optional titano bosses. His attacks can do massive damage to lower-level
    characters but when you get some decent weapons and armor you can consider
    fighting the beast. Patience and skill are the words of the day here; Bal
    Kilios does not have very many quick attacks, and he telegraphs them all
    rather well. His stomp is a common attack, and can cover a large area with a
    damaging shockwave; stay clear when he lifts a leg to stomp. He can smash with
    his tail or slash with his horn; for either one, staying out of the rear or
    front arcs (respectively) is enough. If you are using Aisha to use ranged
    attacks to avoid him, he will throw a fireball at your feet for trying it.
    The warm-up time on the fire ball is so long, you can get away easily. Adol's
    Sword Dance is an excellent skill to bring to the fight, as is Aisha's Killer
    Hornet. Don't be afraid to use Lunar Blade, since you will be landing many
    skill hits.
      When he is defeated, you can claim the [Dragon Orb] which will allow resting
    in areas which normally do not allow it. This is an interesting prize, but
    Soldi Orm, Sand Eater
    Location: Flame Shrine: Outside
      You passed this titano on the way into the Flame Shrine, and you were warned
    to run rather than fight. The toughest of the optional bosses, Soldi Orm is
    difficult to predict up until he makes his move. He can spit three fireballs in
    a spread, or generate a pit of quicksand in front of him, or just swipe in a
    circle around him. All of these attacks have very little telegraph, but it is
    enough to use the dodge to roll out of the way. It is not a terribly difficult
    fight, but it can wreck you if you are not paying close enough attention. If
    you can do consistent damage, you can take Soldi Orm down rather easily.
      Killing Soldi Orm earns you Dogi's Level 3 Extra Skill: "Ultimate Strike".
    In the event you kill it before you finish the scene with the Sea Altar, you
    cannot use it until you have finished the Coliseum fight. 
    Mili Urdu, the Earth Creature
    Location: Segram Desert
      A big sign reads "Keep out!" before you enter this canyon clearing, and most
    of you readers understood when Ys says such things to you it is well-meant.
    When you can take Mili Urdu, go for the tail to damage it best. Mili Urdu's
    attacks are a charge which can drag along the walls and still damage, and a
    swirl of the body in a huge circle. Avoid being hit with either, since they
    are easy enough to avoid. The trouble is the sheer length of a fight without
    your party being exceedingly overbuilt. Mustafa and Sigroon are both useful
    allies here, to help you get the most bang out of an Extra Skill release.
    Dragon Blaze is an amazingly powerful skill to unleash on Mili Urdu, and if
    you hold off until after the Flame Shrine, Catastrophe is a completely
    devastating attack if you can line it up properly. Don't be afraid to use your
    recovery items, since that is their purpose. If you have to burn them all up,
    however, it might be best to try to get a few levels before trying again. 
      Defeating Mili Urdu will upgrade Geis' Extra Skill to its third stage: Fairy
    Annhiliation. Again, if you have not yet gone to and returned from Ruins
    Island, this skill will not be unlocked until after the Coliseum. 
    #-# 5. Regional Guide #-------------------------------------------------------#
    +++ Altago Plains: Northeast +++
      Materials: Iron Ore, Spring Water, Cloudy Water, Prairie Wood
      Monsters: Klou, Naghil, Deagrafm
      Treasures: Iko Extract x2
    +++ Altago Plains: East +++
      Materials: Lughott Fruit, Lughott Seed, Iko Leaf, Iko Seed, Iron Ore
      Monsters: Migo, Naghil, Deagrafm
      Treasures: Iko Extract, Vitality Belt I*, Hawk Eye I
    +++ Altago Plains: Southeast +++
      Materials: Lughott Fruit, Lughott Seed, Prarie Wood, Iko Leaf, Iko Seed
      Monsters: Migo, Naghil, Deagrafm
      Treasures: Iron Ore x10
    +++ Shannoa Forest: West +++
      Materials: Iron Ore, Charcoal, Komona Flower, Komona Seed, Kamika Fruit,
    Kamika Seed, Spring Water, Cloudy Water
      Monsters: Pharom, Sehpet, Iovite
      Treasures: Power Wrist I, Iko Extract
    +++ Shannoa Forest: East +++
      Materials: Kamika Fruit, Kamika Seed, Sapling, Iron Ore, Charcoal, Spring
    Water, Cloudy Water
      Monsters: Pharom, Ichu, Iovite
      Treasures: Shield Ring I, Mirula Incense
    +++ Ancient Tree: Outside +++
      Materials: Iron Ore, Charcoal, Kamika Fruit, Kamika Seed, 
      Monsters: Pheromonk, Misram, Org
      Treasures: Iko Extract, Shield Ring I, Salimera Extract, Mirula Incense
    +++ Ancient Tree +++
      Materials: Charcoal, Green Stone, Sapling, Spring Water, Cloudy Water,
    Komona Seed, Komona Flower
      Monsters: Pheromonk, Misram, Zerangique, Org-Ro, Viwhorl, Vizo-Naghil,
    Org-Shim, Mand-viwhorl, Tadrogue
      Treasures: Charcoal x10, Charcoal x10, Prarie Wood x10, Monster Bone x15,
    Salimera Extract, Vitality Belt I, Monster Bone x15, Monster Fur x10, Thick
    Hide x10, Iron Ore x15, White Snake Ring, Panacea, 1000g, Salimera Extract,
    White Talisman
    +++ Altago Plains: Center +++
      Materials: Spring Water, Tainted Water, Iron Ore, Lughott Fruit,
    Lughott Seed
      Monsters: Radit, Panth'on, Saravn
      Treasures: Sapling x15, Salimera Extract
    +++ Altago Plains: Lakeside +++
      Materials: None
      Monsters: Radit, Panth'on, Saravn
      Treasures: None
    +++ Altago Highlands +++
      Materials: None
      Monsters: None
      Treasures: Dragon Energy Drop
    +++ Altago Plains: West +++
      Materials: Lughott Fruit, Lughott Seed, Iron Ore, Iko Leaf, Iko Seed
      Monsters: Saravn, Lapalm, Panth'on
      Treasures: Dragon Fig, Large Bone x10, Shimmer Brooch I
    +++ Altago Plains: Southwest +++
      Materials: Lughott Fruit, Lughott Seed, Iko Leaf, Iko Seed, Iron Ore
      Monsters: Lapalm, Radit, Saravn
      Treasures: Salimera Extract, Dragon Energy Drop
    +++ Cave Bypass +++
      Materials: Iron Ore
      Monsters: Benes, Eoveet, Zonaghil
      Treasures: Traveler's Robe, 2000g
    +++ Segram Desert: Northwest +++
      Materials: Lokin Fruit, Lokin Seed, Dry Wood, Iron Ore, Hot Sandstone,
    Salimera Leaf, Salimera Seed, Monster Bone, Large Bone
      Monsters: Lapalm-Dos, Pyl'aha, Stoks
      Treasures: Dragon Energy Drop, Power Wrist I, Hot Sandstone x10
    +++ Segram Desert: West +++
      Materials: Monster Bone, Large Bone, Iron Ore, Hot Sandstone, Dry Wood,
    Salimera Leaf, Salimera Seed, Lokin Fruit, Lokin Seed
      Monsters: Pyl'aha, Walkes, Stoks
      Treasures: 2500g, Hawk Eye I, Cloudy Water x10
    +++ Segram Desert: East +++
      Materials: Salimera Leaf, Salimera Seed, Dry Wood, Large Bone, Lokin
    Fruit, Lokin Seed
      Monsters: Gimnar, Stoks, Walkes
      Treasures: Salimera Extract, Flash Ring I, Sebrina Incense
    +++ Flame Shrine: Outside +++
      Materials: None
      Monsters: Soldi Orm
      Treasures: Hard Hide x10
    +++ Flame Shrine +++
      Materials: Large Bone, Hot Sandstone, Red Stone
      Monsters: Elpio, Daurus, Rekano, Brahm, Gzo-Naghil, Ardelo, 
      Treasures: Hot Sandstone x10, Silver Feather, Hard Hide x20, Fire-proof
    Scarf, Salimera Extract, Salimera Extract, Kamika Extract, 3000g, Training
    Ring I, 2500g, Hot Sandstone x20, Sebrina Incense
    +++ Old Waterway +++
      Materials: None
      Monsters: Dei'klou, Sahlti, Sahlti-Rega, Goldi 
      Treasures: Gavel of Souls, Nadly Extract, Sebrina Incense
    +++ Altago Plains: Gorge Way +++
      Materials: Iron Ore, 
      Monsters: Saravn, Lapalm, Radit
      Treasures: Mirula Incense, Salimera Extract
    +++ Kylos Gorge: Southeast +++
      Materials: Iron Ore, Ashen Rock, Nadly Flower, Nadly Seed, Chigle Fruit,
    Chigle Seed
      Monsters: Natel, Etraf, Bufrol
      Treasures: 3000g, Ashen Rock x10
    +++ Kylos Gorge: Northwest +++
      Materials: Withered Hardwood, Chigle Fruit, Chigle Seed, Iron Ore, Ashen
      Monsters: Natel, Bufrol, Bartalos
      Treasures: Titano Spine, Nadly Extract, Indigo Wing Bangle
    +++ Wind Precincts +++
      Materials: Withered Hardwood, Ashen Stone, White Stone, Spring Water,
    Fragrant Water, Tainted Water
      Monsters: Sephit'om, Ir, Galedda, Bataluf, Draud, Almora-Hurz,
      Treasures: Panacea, Nadly Extract, Sebrina Incense, Amulet Rosary, Blue
    Jewel, Rune Earrings, Monster Horn x20, Titano Fluid, Gold Pendant, Thin
    Hide x20
    +++ Ruins Island +++
      Materials: Spring Water, Fragrant Water
      Monsters: Liwald-Pielle, Liwald-Rwan, Liwald-Haem, Raton
      Treasures: Nadly Extract, Power Wrist II, Ogre Shield, Garman Cestus
    +++ Edona Village +++
      Materials: Marble, Blue Stone
      Monsters: Raton, Liwald-Rwan, Liwald-Haem, Liwald-Pielle, Amnii,
    Raton'jignut, Rui'on, O'klou, Kyuud, Kyuud-Suu, Klifs
      Treasures: Vitality Belt II, Nadly Extract, Rolika-Muskra, Chain Clothes,
    Knight's Crest, Estoc, Spiked Leather, Camtha, Trident, Garman Cestus, Nadly
    Extract, Nadly Extract, Eye of Fire, Nadly Extract x3, Salimera Extract x3,
    Sebrina Incense, Mirula Incense, Chigle Extract
    +++ Wilderness +++
      Materials: None
      Monsters: Ginovvider, Grafm-goa, Zonaghillian, Ildohrga
      Treasures: Hawk Eye III, Titano Fluid x20,
    +++ Moonlight Path +++
      Materials: None
      Monsters: Sahlti-Roa, Il'sahlti
      Treasures: Titano Bone x10, Maom Extract, Striga Extract, Shimmer Brooch
    III, Titano Fluid x20
    +++ Earth Sanctum +++
      Materials: Iron Ore, Earth Stone, Striga Leaf, Striga Seed, Ambuna Fruit,
    Ambuna Seed, Fossilized Twig, Sapling, Spring Water, Cloudy Water, Tainted
    Water, Spiritual Water
      Monsters: Loral, Vada, Damlin, Yvi, Glu Benes, Kluwidar, Ramgent, Almafloi
      Treasures: Panacea, Shield Ring III, 20000g, Sebrina Incense, Stone Ring,
    Earth Stone x20, Poison Ring, Earth Stone x20, Striga Extract, Training
    Ring II
    +++ Flame Sanctum +++
      Materials: Iron Ore, Fire Stone, Fossilized Twig, Dry Wood, Ambuna Fruit,
    Ambuna Seed, Spring Water, Spiritual Water, Tainted Water, Fragrant Water
      Monsters: Selmaus, Balmtikaa, Seinak
      Treasures: Striga Extract, Flame Ring, Power Wrist III, 25000g, Marl
    Incense, Angue-Aribus, Maom Extract, Sapphire, Rune Ring
    +++ Wind Sanctum +++
      Materials: Iron Ore, Wind Stone, Fossilized Twig, Withered Hardwood, Ambuna
    Fruit, Ambuna Seed, Striga Leaf, Striga Seed
      Monsters: Lystery, Lizetikaa, Klu'esel, Riokarp, Lysteries
      Treasures: Ruby, Gravity Ring, Soft Hide x10, Withered Hardwood x20, Striga
    Extract, Withered Hardwood x20, Vitality Belt III, Aerthas Staff, 30000g,
    Maom Extract, Varl Incense, Dragon Energy Drop, Blood Nail, Fossilized Twig
    +++ Sea Sanctum +++
      Materials: Iron Ore, Sea Stone, Ambuna Fruit, Ambuna Seed, Fossilized Twig,
    withered Hardwood, Spring Water, Spiritual Water, Fragrant Water
      Monsters: Rapletika, El'fria, Edonaperiod, Siralints, Spielkri, Velk
      Treasures: Striga Extract, Fossilized Twig x20, Fossilized Twig x20, Maom
    Extract, Dragon Energy Drop, Dalmatica, Monster Horn x20, Albatross, Flash
    Ring II, Ice Ring, Monster Claw x20, Chaos Shield, Chaos Armor, Vitality
    Crown, Chaos Sword, Rare-Scale, Training Ring III, Striga Extract, Great Arm
    +++ Well of Souls +++
      Materials: Alp Flower, Alp Seed, Iron Ore, Moon Stone, Maom Fruit, Maom Seed,
    Crystallized Twig, Fossilized Twig, Spring Water, Holy Water, Cloudy Water,
    Fragrant Water
      Monsters: Ghianatrel, Solcroi, Abissayna, Dea'borg, Nornal, Tram-Gram,
    Soramjint, Nekl, Glunose, Cetaphis, Adolpha
      Treasures: Moon Stone x20, Striga Extract, White Talisman, Dragon Energy
    Drop, Dueler, Sylard, Stompy, Volos Staff, Lunar Carapace, Soul Stone x20,
    Titano Bone x20, Striga Extract, Titano Spine x10, Heavy Belt, Hard Hide x30,
    Clone Statue, Soft Hide x30, Varl Incense, Maom Extract, Striga Extract,
    Striga Extract, Alp Extract
    #-# 6. Bestiary #-------------------------------------------------------------#
    1. Zonam
      Lv.    1     HP          80     Weak    Slash
      Str   11     Def          2     Dex        9
      Agl    6     Gold         0     Exp        0
      Drops: None
    2. Ghalf
      Lv.    2     HP          98     Weak    Strike
      Str   17     Def          5     Dex       11
      Agl    8     Gold         0     Exp        0
      Drops: None
    3. Klou
      Lv.    1     HP          30     Weak    -----
      Str   33     Def          2     Dex       11
      Agl    7     Gold        18     Exp       22
      Drops: Monster Hide, Bone Fragment, Monster Fur
    4. Naghil
      Lv.    2     HP          37     Weak    Slash
      Str   46     Def          4     Dex       10
      Agl    8     Gold        25     Exp       29
      Drops: Monster Fluid
    5. Deagrafm
      Lv.    2     HP          58     Weak    Strike
      Str   55     Def          5     Dex       11
      Agl    8     Gold        40     Exp       36
      Drops: Bone Fragment, Iron Ore
    6. Migo
      Lv.    4     HP          84     Weak    -----
      Str   56     Def          7     Dex       16
      Agl   16     Gold        45     Exp       41
      Drops: Monster Down, Bone Fragment
    7. Grafm-goa
      Lv.   33     HP        3030     Weak    -----
      Str  384     Def        233     Dex       59
      Agl   99     Gold       873     Exp     2680
      Drops: Titano Bone, Monster Horn, Spine
    8. Zonaghillian
      Lv.   33     HP        4680     Weak    -----
      Str  400     Def        204     Dex       58
      Agl   96     Gold       858     Exp     2304
      Drops: Titano Fluid
    9. Pharom
      Lv.   4     HP          96     Weak    Slash
      Str   52     Def          6     Dex       14
      Agl   16     Gold        49     Exp       43
      Drops: Komona Flower, Iko Leaf, Iko Seed
    10. Sehpet
      Lv.    4     HP          76     Weak    -----
      Str   49     Def          7     Dex       16
      Agl   16     Gold        48     Exp       45
      Drops: Monster Hide, Iron Ore
    11. Iovite
      Lv.   5     HP          69     Weak    Strike
      Str  54     Def         15     Dex       17
      Agl  20     Gold        55     Exp       52
      Drops: Monster Fluid
    12. Ichu
      Lv.   5     HP          93     Weak    Slash
      Str  56     Def         20     Dex       18
      Agl  19     Gold        65     Exp       54
      Drops: Monster Fluid, Charcoal
    13. Pheromonk
      Lv.   6     HP         137     Weak    Slash
      Str  69     Def         13     Dex       17
      Agl  22     Gold        62     Exp       61
      Drops: Komona Flower, Komona Seed
    14. Misram
      Lv.   6     HP         164     Weak    -----
      Str  75     Def         27     Dex       19
      Agl  23     Gold        63     Exp       64
      Drops: Thick Hide, Monster Down, Charcoal
    15. Org
      Lv.   6     HP         219     Weak    -----
      Str  81     Def        25     Dex       17
      Agl  23     Gold        60     Exp       67
      Drops: Bone Fragment, Monster Bone
    16. Ergallion
      Lv.  34     HP        3560     Weak    -----
      Str 432     Def        222     Dex       64
      Agl 100     Gold       897     Exp     2505
      Drops: Titano Bone, Monster Fang, Titano Spine
    17. Zerangique
      Lv.   7     HP         346     Weak    -----
      Str  59     Def         37     Dex       18
      Agl  21     Gold        52     Exp       88
      Drops: Monster Fluid, Iron Ore, Charcoal
    18. Viwhorl
      Lv.   8     HP         286     Weak    Slash
      Str  74     Def         22     Dex      20
      Agl  24     Gold        94     Exp      123
      Drops: Thick Hide, Sapling, Iko Leaf, Iko Seed
    19. Vizo-naghil
      Lv.   8     HP         392     Weak    -----
      Str  67     Def         24     Dex       20
      Agl  23     Gold        85     Exp      205
      Drops: Thick Hide, Monster Bone
    20. Org-Ro
      Lv.   7     HP         190     Weak    -----
      Str  59     Def         26     Dex       21
      Agl  26     Gold        72     Exp       71
      Drops: Monster Bone, Thick Hide
    21. Org-Shim
      Lv.   8     HP         321     Weak    -----
      Str  93     Def         24     Dex       22
      Agl  29     Gold        80     Exp       82
      Drops: Monster Bone
    22. Mahd-viwhorl
      Lv.   9     HP         297     Weak    Slash
      Str  87     Def         22     Dex       21
      Agl  26     Gold       100     Exp      141
      Drops: Thick Hide, Sapling, Komona Flower, Komona Seed
    23. Tadrogue
      Lv.   8     HP         145     Weak    -----
      Str  71     Def         16     Dex       22
      Agl  29     Gold        75     Exp       86
      Drops: Monster Bone, Bone Fragment, Green Stone
    24. Saravn
      Lv.  10     HP         182     Weak    -----
      Str 115     Def         33     Dex       23
      Agl  36     Gold        95     Exp       91
      Drops: Monster Bone, Monster Down
    25. Radit
      Lv.  10     HP         121     Weak    Pierce
      Str  75     Def         29     Dex       25
      Agl  56     Gold        95     Exp       93
      Drops: Komona Flower, Komona Seed
    26. Panth'on
      Lv.  10     HP         259     Weak    Strike
      Str 130     Def         50     Dex       23
      Agl  29     Gold       100     Exp       96
      Drops: Hard Hide, Monster Bone
    27. Lapalm
      Lv.  11     HP         279     Weak    -----
      Str 122     Def         34     Dex       27
      Agl  39     Gold       104     Exp      122
      Drops: Bone Fragment, Monster Bone
    28. Benes
      Lv.  12     HP         327     Weak    -----
      Str 101     Def         28     Dex       26
      Agl  13     Gold       129     Exp      136
      Drops: Hard Hide
    29. Eoveet
      Lv.  11     HP         202     Weak    Strike
      Str 116     Def         62     Dex       27
      Agl  39     Gold       110     Exp      128
      Drops: Monster Fluid
    30. Zonaghil
      Lv.  11     HP         250     Weak    Slash
      Str 102     Def         27     Dex       24
      Agl  31     Gold       115     Exp      122
      Drops: Monster Fluid, Iron Ore
    31. Lapalm-dos
      Lv.  13     HP         300     Weak    -----
      Str 138     Def         47     Dex       30
      Agl  46     Gold       144     Exp      156
      Drops: Monster Hide, Hard Hide, Monster Claw
    32. Pyl'aha
      Lv.  13     HP         243     Weak    -----
      Str 127     Def         35     Dex       30
      Agl   5     Gold       145     Exp      132
      Drops: Monster Bone, Monster Fang
    33. Stoks
      Lv.  14     HP         203     Weak    Slash
      Str 137     Def         63     Dex       29
      Agl  40     Gold       159     Exp      176
      Drops: Salimera Leaf, Salimera Seed
    34. Walkes
      Lv.  14     HP         326     Weak    Pierce
      Str 156     Def         48     Dex       32
      Agl  49     Gold       162     Exp      185
      Drops: Monster Down, Monster Feather
    35. Gimnar
      Lv.  15     HP         287     Weak    strike
      Str 155     Def         82     Dex       31
      Agl  42     Gold       183     Exp      207
      Drops: Monster Bone, Hot Sandstone, Red Stone
    36. Ginovvider
      Lv.  35     HP        5320     Weak    -----
      Str 483     Def        272     Dex       61
      Agl 103     Gold       922     Exp     4082
      Drops: Titano Bone, Titano Spine
    37. Ildohrga
      Lv.  35     HP        5980     Weak    -----
      Str 520     Def        283     Dex       67
      Agl 131     Gold       985     Exp     3691
      Drops: Titano Fluid
    38. Elpio
      Lv.  15     HP         260     Weak    -----
      Str 135     Def         82     Dex       33
      Agl  53     Gold       211     Exp      198
      Drops: Monster Bone, Monster Shell
    39. Rekano
      Lv.  15     HP         287     Weak    Strike
      Str 122     Def        106     Dex       31
      Agl  42     Gold       213     Exp      207
      Drops: Hot Sandstone, Red Stone
    40. Daurus
      Lv.  16     HP         952     Weak    -----
      Str 152     Def         89     Dex       32
      Agl  45     Gold       253     Exp      332
      Drops: Large Bone, Monster Fang
    41. Brahm
      Lv.  15     HP         327     Weak    Pierce
      Str 116     Def         53     Dex       33
      Agl  53     Gold       214     Exp      198
      Drops: Monster Down, Monster Bristle
    42. Gzo-Naghil
      Lv.  16     HP         453     Weak    Slash
      Str 119     Def         54     Dex       32
      Agl  45     Gold       226     Exp      221
      Drops: Monster Fluid, Tainted Water
    43. Ardelo
      Lv.  16     HP         324     Weak    Strike
      Str 145     Def         69     Dex       32
      Agl  45     Gold       232     Exp       233
      Drops: Bone Fragment, Monster Shell
    44. Gul'ardelo
      Lv.  17     HP         410     Weak    Strike
      Str 160     Def         75     Dex       34
      Agl  48     Gold       263     Exp      372
      Drops: Large Bone, Monster Shell
    45. Dei'klou
      Lv.  18     HP         309     Weak    -----
      Str 151     Def         60     Dex       38
      Agl  63     Gold       281     Exp      276
      Drops: Monster Fur, Bone Fragment, Monster Claw
    46. Sahlti
      Lv.  18     HP         309     Weak    -----
      Str 158     Def        123     Dex       35
      Agl  62     Gold       285     Exp      282
      Drops: Monster Shell, Bone Fragment, Shale, Black Stone
    47. Sahlti-Rega
      Lv.  18     HP         701     Weak    -----
      Str 166     Def        123     Dex       36
      Agl  62     Gold       283     Exp      290
      Drops: Monster Shell, Bone Fragment, Shale, Black Stone
    48. Goldi
      Lv.  19     HP         819     Weak    -----
      Str 169     Def        121     Dex       37
      Agl  54     Gold       303     Exp      462
      Drops: Monster Scale, Monster Fang
    49. Natel
      Lv.  20     HP         687     Weak    -----
      Str 171     Def         83     Dex       41
      Agl  70     Gold       317     Exp      342
      Drops: Thick Hide, Monster Spine
    50. Etraf
      Lv.  21     HP         633     Weak    Pierce
      Str 168     Def         96     Dex       43
      Agl  60     Gold       335     Exp      569
      Drops: Thin Hide, Monster Claw
    51. Bufrol
      Lv.  21     HP         534     Weak    -----
      Str 160     Def         96     Dex       40
      Agl  58     Gold       333     Exp      379
      Drops: Monster Bone, Monster Bristle, Monster Horn
    52. Bartalos
      Lv.  22     HP        1410     Weak    -----
      Str 163     Def        117     Dex       41
      Agl  62     Gold       359     Exp      630
      Drops: Large Bone, Ashen Rock
    53. Stohlhatom
      Lv.  40     HP        4120     Weak    -----
      Str 501     Def        310     Dex       69
      Agl 119     Gold      1272     Exp     5072
      Drops: Titano Bone, Titano Spine
    54. Sephet'om
      Lv.  23     HP         491     Weak    -----
      Str 190     Def         92     Dex       46
      Agl  81     Gold       372     Exp      464
      Drops: Thin Hide, Monster Fang, Monster Horn
    55. Ir
      Lv.  24     HP         567     Weak    Pierce
      Str 167     Def        105     Dex       45
      Agl  85     Gold       405     Exp      511
      Drops: Monster Feather, Monster Bone, Monster Down
    56. Galedda
      Lv.  24     HP         872     Weak    -----
      Str 172     Def        150     Dex       44
      Agl  68     Gold       402     Exp      537
      Drops: Prarie Wood, Withered Hardwood
    57. Bataluf
      Lv.  24     HP         567     Weak    Pierce
      Str 169     Def         99     Dex       48
      Agl  85     Gold       397     Exp      496
      Drops: Nadly Flower, Nadly Seed
    58. Draud
      Lv.  25     HP         798     Weak    -----
      Str 195     Def        106     Dex       46
      Agl  71     Gold       431     Exp      563
      Drops: Monster Bristle, Thin Hide
    59. Almora-Hurz
      Lv.  25     HP         625     Weak    Strike
      Str 197     Def        149     Dex       49
      Agl  89     Gold       424     Exp      580
      Drops: Iron Ore, Ashen Rock, White Stone
    60. Almora-Jiks
      Lv.  26     HP         973     Weak    Strike
      Str 237     Def        157     Dex       49
      Agl  74     Gold       450     Exp      928
      Drops: Iron Ore, Ashen Rock, White Stone
    61. Ptolkeros
      Lv.  26     HP        1110     Weak    -----
      Str 167     Def        181     Dex       47
      Agl  92     Gold         0     Exp        0
    62. Liwald-Pielle
      Lv.  27     HP        1720     Weak    -----
      Str 272     Def        176     Dex       53
      Agl  96     Gold       468     Exp     1019
      Drops: Monster Scale, Monster Spine
    63. Liwald-Haem
      Lv.  27     HP        1990     Weak    -----
      Str 296     Def        176     Dex       49
      Agl  77     Gold       503     Exp      917
      Drops: Monster Scale, Monster Claw
    64. Liwald-Rwan
      Lv.  27     HP        1440     Weak    -----
      Str 210     Def        176     Dex       53
      Agl  96     Gold       489     Exp      815
      Drops: Monster Scale, Monster Fang
    65. Raton
      Lv.  27     HP         751     Weak    -----
      Str 238     Def        128     Dex       53
      Agl  77     Gold       534     Exp      679
      Drops: Bone Fragment, Monster Scale, Monster Horn
    66. Raton'jignut
      Lv.  29     HP        2960     Weak    -----
      Str 324     Def        194     Dex       56
      Agl  84     Gold       666     Exp     1628
      Drops: Titano Bone, Monster Scale, Monster Horn
    67. Amnii
      Lv.  27     HP         614     Weak    Strike
      Str 249     Def        176     Dex       49
      Agl  96     Gold       493     Exp      679
      Drops: Monster Shell, Marble
    68. Rui'on
      Lv.  28     HP         733     Weak    Slash
      Str 266     Def        185     Dex       54
      Agl 100     Gold       502     Exp      744
      Drops: Chigle Fruit, Chigle Seed
    69. O'klou
      Lv.  29     HP        1510     Weak    -----
      Str 273     Def        194     Dex       56
      Agl 104     Gold       530     Exp      814
      Drops: Monster Horn, Monster Bristle
    70. Klifs
      Lv.  29     HP         964     Weak    Pierce
      Str 261     Def        138     Dex       57
      Agl 106     Gold       582     Exp      798
      Drops: Monster Claw, Marble, Blue Stone
    71. Kyuud
      Lv.  29     HP         832     Weak    -----
      Str 256     Def        158     Dex       56
      Agl  84     Gold       530     Exp      830
      Drops: Monster Flud, Chigle Fruit
    72. Kyuud-Suu
      Lv.  30     HP        1520     Weak    -----
      Str 273     Def        175     Dex       58
      Agl  87     Gold       570     Exp      869
      Drops: Monster Fluid, Nadly Flower, Nadly Seed
    73. Liwald-Glan
      Lv.  30     HP       11400     Weak    -----
      Str 312     Def        268     Dex       59
      Agl  85     Gold       777     Exp     3114
      Drops: None
    74. Loral
      Lv.  32     HP        1140     Weak    Slash
      Str 326     Def        172     Dex       57
      Agl 115     Gold       800     Exp     1058
      Drops: Striga Leaf, Striga Seed, Monster Fang
    75. Vada
      Lv.  32     HP         789     Weak    Pierce
      Str 369     Def        179     Dex       61
      Agl 115     Gold       627     Exp     1090
      Drops: Striga Leaf, Striga Seed, Monster Feather
    76. Damlin
      Lv.  33     HP        1930     Weak    Strike
      Str 384     Def        222     Dex       58
      Agl  96     Gold       843     Exp     1152
      Drops: Monster Horn, Monster Spine, Earth Stone
    77. Glu Benes
      Lv.  33     HP        2850     Weak    -----
      Str 325     Def        196     Dex       57
      Agl  61     Gold       837     Exp     1094
      Drops: None
    78. Yvi
      Lv.  33     HP        1570     Weak    -----
      Str 354     Def        204     Dex       62
      Agl 119     Gold       833     Exp     1186
      Drops: Monster Fang, Monster Bristle, Earth Stone
    79. Kluwidar
      Lv.  34     HP        2210     Weak    -----
      Str 369     Def        244     Dex       61
      Agl 102     Gold       893     Exp     1879
      Drops: Monster Fur, Monster Bristle
    80. Ramgent
      Lv.  34     HP        2410     Weak    Slash
      Str 400     Def        191     Dex       60
      Agl 100     Gold       889     Exp     1327
      Drops: Sapling, Fossilized Twig, Earth Stone
    81. Almafloi
      Lv.  33     HP         827     Weak    Pierce
      Str 298     Def        175     Dex       62
      Agl 119     Gold       843     Exp     1198
      Drops: Ambura Fruit, Ambura Seed
    82. Balmtikaa
      Lv.  36     HP        1370     Weak    Pierce
      Str 343     Def        211     Dex       67
      Agl 131     Gold       982     Exp     1476
      Drops: Fire Stone
    83. Selmaus
      Lv.  37     HP        2530     Weak    Strike
      Str 415     Def        276     Dex       64
      Agl 109     Gold      1052     Exp     1600
      Drops: Thick Hide, Monster Spine, Large Bone
    84. Seinak
      Lv.  38     HP        3100     Weak    -----
      Str 397     Def        365     Dex       66
      Agl 140     Gold      1023     Exp     3467
      Drops: Hard Hide, Monster Claw, Monster Bone
    85. Sahlti-Roa
      Lv.  38     HP        1730     Weak    -----
      Str 397     Def        265     Dex       66
      Agl 137     Gold      1025     Exp     1733
      Drops: Monster Shell, Bone Fragment, Shale, Black Stone
    86. Il'sahlti
      Lv.  39     HP        4660     Weak    -----
      Str 465     Def        318     Dex       67
      Agl 116     Gold      1137     Exp     2814
      Drops: Titano Bone, Monster Shell, Titano Spine
    87. Raud's Follower
      Lv.  40     HP        4610     Weak    -----
      Str 343     Def        288     Dex       74
      Agl 119     Gold         0     Exp     3043
      Drops: None
    88. Lystery
      Lv.  40     HP        1140     Weak    -----
      Str 427     Def        252     Dex       69
      Agl 119     Gold      1283     Exp     2029
      Drops: Wind Stone, Iron Ore
    89. Lizetikaa
      Lv.  40     HP        1230     Weak    Pierce
      Str 438     Def        249     Dex       69
      Agl 148     Gold      1297     Exp     2069
      Drops: Wind Stone
    90. Handel
      Lv.  41     HP        1700     Weak    Strike
      Str 462     Def        322     Dex       70
      Agl 123     Gold      1349     Exp     2192
      Drops: Iron Ore, Wind Stone, White Stone
    91. Klu'esel
      Lv.  41     HP        2220     Weak    -----
      Str 461     Def        299     Dex       75
      Agl 152     Gold      1371     Exp     2302
      Drops: Thick Hide, Thin Hide, Large Bone, Monster Horn
    92. Riokarp
      Lv.  42     HP        2310     Weak    Pierce
      Str 440     Def        286     Dex       77
      Agl 126     Gold      1417     Exp     3196
      Drops: Monster Down, Monster Feather, Monster Fang
    93. Lysteries
      Lv.  42     HP        3930     Weak    -----
      Str 498     Def        294     Dex       78
      Agl 123     Gold      1427     Exp     3551
      Drops: Wind Stone, Iron Ore, Monster Fluid
    94. Rio Farga
      Lv.  42     HP       27400     Weak    -----
      Str 478     Def        367     Dex       77
      Agl 126     Gold         0     Exp    11937
      Drops: None
    95. Rapletika
      Lv.  43     HP        1290     Weak    Pierce
      Str 475     Def        285     Dex       74
      Agl 161     Gold      1774     Exp     2554
      Drops: Sea Stone
    96. El'fria
      Lv.  43     HP        1570     Weak    Strike
      Str 456     Def        324     Dex       78
      Agl 130     Gold      1785     Exp     2631
      Drops: Monster Shell, Monster Bone
    97. Edonaperiod
      Lv.  44     HP        4260     Weak    -----
      Str 492     Def        380     Dex       75
      Agl 133     Gold      1837     Exp     3443
      Drops: Monster Shell, Sea Stone, Monster Claw
    98. Siralints
      Lv.  44     HP        1340     Weak    -----
      Str 453     Def        336     Dex       80
      Agl 133     Gold      1858     Exp     2754
      Drops: Monster Scale, Monster Horn
    99. Spielkri
      Lv.  45     HP        2310     Weak    Slash
      Str 449     Def        340     Dex       82
      Agl 137     Gold      1913     Exp     3800
      Drops: Monster Scale, Monster Fang
    100. Velk
      Lv.  46     HP        2080     Weak    Slash
      Str 505     Def        353     Dex       78
      Agl 174     Gold      1905     Exp     3198
      Drops: Soft Hide, Monster Spine
    101. Seah Damlin
      Lv.  47     HP        1840     Weak    -----
      Str 461     Def        661     Dex       80
      Agl 178     Gold         0     Exp        0
      Drops: None
    102. Ghianatrel
      Lv.  49     HP        5180     Weak    -----
      Str 627     Def        448     Dex       83
      Agl 151     Gold      2333     Exp     7970
      Drops: Monster Fur, Monster Bristle, Titano Bone
    103. Solcroi
      Lv.  49     HP        1910     Weak    Pierce
      Str 608     Def        357     Dex       87
      Agl 183     Gold      2222     Exp     3705
      Drops: Large Bone, Monster Claw
    104. Abissayna
      Lv.  49     HP        2340     Weak    -----
      Str 604     Def        385     Dex       83
      Agl 187     Gold      2353     Exp     4981
      Drops: Hard Hide, Thin Hide, Monster Bone, Monster Claw
    105. Dea'borg
      Lv.  50     HP        5380     Weak    Strike
      Str 857     Def        427     Dex       84
      Agl 155     Gold      2412     Exp    10712
      Drops: Moon Stone, Soul Stone, Monster Fang, Titano Spine
    106. Nornal
      Lv.  51     HP        2140     Weak    Strike
      Str 745     Def        453     Dex       91
      Agl 196     Gold      2451     Exp     4605
      Drops: Moon Stone, Soul Stone
    107. Soramjint
      Lv.  52     HP        3020     Weak    Slash
      Str 612     Def        421     Dex       87
      Agl 162     Gold      2531     Exp     6184
      Drops: Fosilized Twig, Crystallized Twig, Moon Stone, Soul Stone
    108. Tram-Gram
      Lv.  52     HP        5790     Weak    -----
      Str 662     Def        468     Dex       88
      Agl 158     Gold      2601     Exp     9895
      Drops: Monster Hide, Bone Fragment
    109. Nekl
      Lv.  54     HP        3680     Weak    -----
      Str 677     Def        459     Dex       90
      Agl 210     Gold      2643     Exp     7132
      Drops: Titano Bone, Monster Horn, Monster Claw
    110. Glunose
      Lv.  55     HP        5590     Weak    -----
      Str 724     Def        474     Dex       92
      Agl 173     Gold      2714     Exp    15313
      Drops: Titano Bone, Monster Scale, Titano Spine
    111. Setaphis
      Lv.  54     HP        1540     Weak    Strike
      Str 577     Def        445     Dex       96
      Agl 210     Gold      2658     Exp     7132
      Drops: Moon Stone, Bone Fragment
    112. Aldopha
      Lv.  57     HP       11400     Weak    -----
      Str 739     Def        545     Dex      101
      Agl 181     Gold      2832     Exp    17634
      Drops: Titano Bone, Monster Fang, Titano Spine
    113. Lukfit
      Lv.  56     HP        2120     Weak    Slash
      Str 691     Def        471     Dex       99
      Agl 220     Gold      2858     Exp     8217
      Drops: Soft Hide, Thin Hide, Monster Claw
      --- Bosses ---
    114. Bal Kilios
      Lv.  32     HP       30100     Weak    -----
      Str 414     Def        212     Dex       57
      Agl  93     Gold         0     Exp     4762
    115. Soldi Orm
      Lv.  40     HP       27800     Weak    -----
      Str 427     Def        288     Dex       69
      Agl 119     Gold         0     Exp    12174
    116. Mili Urdu
      Lv.  47     HP       46600     Weak    -----
      Str 658     Def        443     Dex       85
      Agl 178     Gold         0     Exp    30989
    117. Val Klar
      Lv.   4     HP        4060     Weak    -----
      Str  41     Def         19     Dex       11
      Agl  10     Gold         0     Exp      878
    118. Es Gallion
      Lv.   6     HP        3550     Weak    -----
      Str  63     Def         31     Dex       17
      Agl  21     Gold         0     Exp      979
    119. Zeran Fith
      Lv.  10     HP        4010     Weak    -----
      Str  92     Def         48     Dex       23
      Agl  36     Gold         0     Exp     1933
    120. Ghilda Ros
      Lv.  13     HP        9170     Weak    -----
      Str 138     Def         63     Dex       25
      Agl  32     Gold         0     Exp      938
    121. Stohl Bram
      Lv.  17     HP       12400     Weak    -----
      Str 166     Def        101     Dex       35
      Agl  71     Gold         0     Exp     2482
    122. Levard Galem
      Lv.  19     HP       17600     Weak    -----
      Str 201     Def        116     Dex       36
      Agl  54     Gold         0     Exp     4933
    123. Valisa Luti
      Lv.  21     HP       18000     Weak    -----
      Str 181     Def        154     Dex       51
      Agl  38     Gold         0     Exp     3418
    124. Geis
      Lv.  22     HP        5490     Weak    -----
      Str 210     Def        117     Dex       45
      Agl  77     Gold         0     Exp     3362
    125. Kava Kelos
      Lv.  27     HP       33200     Weak    -----
      Str 284     Def        205     Dex       49
      Agl  96     Gold         0     Exp    10871
    126. Avari El
      Lv.  31     HP       37000     Weak    -----
      Str 326     Def        221     Dex       49
      Agl  68     Gold         0     Exp    15536
    127. Ygses Toluga
      Lv.  31     HP        7440     Weak    -----
      Str 326     Def        172     Dex       59
      Agl  90     Gold         0     Exp     9710
    128. Rada-Manj
      Lv.  35     HP       48500     Weak    -----
      Str 433     Def        254     Dex       59
      Agl  78     Gold         0     Exp    23132
    129. Angue-Barl
      Lv.  39     HP       90900     Weak    -----
      Str 502     Def        307     Dex       60
      Agl  88     Gold         0     Exp    31900
    130. Mu-Anti
      Lv.  43     HP       75100     Weak    -----
      Str 497     Def        330     Dex       87
      Agl 192     Gold         0     Exp    45984
    131. O-Balon
      Lv.  47     HP      106000     Weak    -----
      Str 503     Def        385     Dex       80
      Agl 127     Gold         0     Exp    68864
    132. Ze-Kalios
      Lv.  49     HP       92800     Weak    -----
      Str 701     Def        425     Dex       85
      Agl 241     Gold         0     Exp    79707
    133. Dragg Leth
      Lv.  53     HP       58300     Weak    -----
      Str 607     Def        460     Dex       95
      Agl 206     Gold      7123     Exp    53143
      Entries after this point are spoiler material, and I do not have information
    on them at this time. There are seven entries but the last three are for the
    three phases of the final boss. One is a summoned enemy in the battle against
    the Maiden of Despair, but by that point it is not likely you shall have any
    chance to really gander at your journal to look it up.
    #-# 7. Synthesis Listings #---------------------------------------------------#
    1: Nagadachi
     Iron Ore x20, Bone Fragment x20
     Str +10 (Slash)
     Adol: Earth Shaker
    2: Cicero Cutter
     Charcoal x20, Iron Ore x20, Monster Bone x20
     Str +23 (Slash)
     Adol: Earth Shaker
    3: Waruleh
     Hot Sandstone x20, Iron Ore x20, Large Bone x20
     Str +47 (Slash)
     Adol: Rising Slash
    4: Gaudy Dagger
     Ashen Rock x20, Iron Ore x20, Monster Horn x20
     Str +102 (Slash)
     Adol: Sword Dance
    5: Calavera
     Earth Stone x10, Iron Ore x20, Monster Spine x20
     Str +163 (Slash)
     Adol: Rising Slash
    6: Bear Killer
     Earth Stone x10, Iron Ore x20, Monster Spine x20
     Str +168 (Strike)
     Adol: Power Smash
    7: Talwar
     Fire Stone x10, Iron Ore x20, Monster Claw x20
     Str +201 (Slash)
     Adol: Strength Blast
    8: Heavy Sword
     Fire Stone x10, Iron Ore x20, Monster Claw x20
     Str +207 (Strike)
     Adol: Power Smash
    9: Stone Sword
     Wind Stone x10, Iron Ore x20, Monster Fang x20
     Str +255 (Strike)
     Adol: Power Smash
    10: Feather Fleuret
     Wind Stone x10, Iron Ore x20, Monster Fang x20
     Str +249 (Pierce)
     Adol: Aerial Thrust
    11: Mirage Edge
     Sea Stone x10, Iron Ore x20, Monster Horn x20
     Str +290 (Strike)
     Adol: Tornado Slash
    12: Zweihaender
     Sea Stone x10, Iron Ore x20, Monster Horn x20
     Str +298
     Adol: Photon Blade
    13: Crystal Sword
     Sea Stone x10, Iron Ore x20, Monster Horn x20
     Str +290 (Pierce)
     Adol: Aerial Thrust
    14: Red Sun Sword
     Moon Stone x10, Iron Ore x20, Titano Bone x20
     Str +397 (Slash)
     Adol: Pentagram
    15: Tyrant Sword
     Moon Stone x10, Iron Ore x20, Titano Bone x20
     Str +407 (Strike)
     Adol: Rapid Snipe
    16: Urschel
     Moon Stone x10, Iron Ore x20, Titano Bone x20
     Str +397 (Pierce)
     Adol: Dominator
    17: Caliocerion
     Moon Dragon Stone x1, Soul Stone x50, Titano Spine x30
     Str +457 (Star)
     Adol: Pentagram
    18: Monster Hide
     Monster Hide x20, Bone Fragment x10
     Str +10
     Dogi: Uppercut
    19: Leather Gauntlet
     Charcoal x10, Thick Hide x30, Monster Bone x20
     Str +22
     Dogi: Combination
    20: Apili Knuckle
     Hot Sandstone x10, Iron Ore x10, Large Bone x20, Hard Hide x30
     Str +45
     Dogi: Kaiser Rush
    21: Genna
     Ashen Rock x10, Thin Hide x30, Monster Scale x10, Monster Horn x20
     Str +97
     Dogi: Blaster Kick
    22: Kinley Cestus
     Earth Stone x10, Thick Hide x30, Monster Claw x20
     Str +155
     Dogi: Crusher
    23: Sunagui Kote
     Fire Stone x10, Hard Hide x30, Monster Fang x20
     Str +191
     Dogi: Roundhouse Kick
    24: Elha Knuckle
     Wind Stone x10, Thin Hide x30, Monster Horn x20
     Str +224
     Dogi: Aura Impact
    25: Titano Gauntlet
     Sea Stone x10, Monster Scale x30
     Str +276
     Dogi: Roundhouse Kick
    26: Inoryi
     Moon Stone x5, Thin Hide x50
     Str +377
     Dogi: Wild Rage
    27: Serisent-Noa
     Moon Stone x50, Soul Stone x50, Hard Hide x50
     Str +434
     Dogi: Grand Slam
    28: Kafess Bow
     Dry Wood x20, Hot Sandstone x10, Hard Hide x20, Monster Feather x5
     Str +42
     Aisha: Killer Hornet
    29: Orkilo Bow
     Withered Hardwood x20, Ashen Rock x10, Monster Horn x20, Monster Feather x5
     Str +92
     Aisha: Hydro Shot
    30: Rapier Flare
     Earth Stone x5, Fossilized Twig x20, Sapling x20, Monster Feather x5
     Str +147
     Aisha: Heavy Blast
    31: Sen-a-Pael
     Fire Stone x5, Fossilized Twig x20, Dry Wood x20, Monster Feather x5
     Str +181
     Aisha: Aqua Burst
    32: Kikley
     Wind Stone x5, Fossilized Twig x20, Withered Hardwood x20, Monster Feather x5
     Str +212
     Aisha: Rising Arrow
    33: Platinum Bow
     Sea Stone x5, Fossilized Twig x20, Monster Spine x20, Monster Feather x5
     Str +261
     Aisha: Heavy Blast
    34: Echidna Bow
     Moon Stone x5, Crystallized Twig x20, Titano Bone x10, Monster Feather x5
     Str +357
     Aisha: Skywinder
    35: Obiscuta
     Sea Dragon Stone x1, Soul Stone x50, Crystallized Twig x50
     Str +411
     Aisha: Cataract Blue
    36: Storm Axe
     Earth Stone x20, Iron Ore x20, Sapling x10, Thick Hide x5
     Str +171
     Geis: Spiral Slash
    37: Corcesca
     Fire Stone x20, Iron Ore x20, Dry Wood x10, Thick Hide x5
     Str +211
     Geis: Wolf Fang
    38: Setina-Rui
     Wind Stone x20, Iron Ore x20, Withered Hardwood x10, Thick Hide x5
     Str +261
     Geis: Cross Slasher
    39: Fang Lance
     Sea Stone x20, Iron Ore x20, Fossilized Twig x10, Thick Hide x5
     Str +305
     Geis: Wind Slash
    40: Soen-Halix
     Moon Stone x5, Iron Ore x20, Fossilized Twig x10, Thick Hide x5
     Str +417
     Geis: Flashlance
    41: Zeno-Ides
     Moon Stone x50, Soul Stone x50, Crystallized Twig x10, Thick Hide x5
     Str +480
     Geis: Cross Crusher
    42: Iron Mallet
     Hot Sandstone x20, Large Bone x20, Dry Wood x10, Hard Hide x20
     Str +52
     Mustafa: Dash Geyser
    43: Log Hammer
     Earth Stone x20, Monster Horn x20, Sapling x10, Monster Hide x20
     Str +179
     Mustafa: Empower
    44: Segram Mallet
     Fire Stone x20, Monster Bone x20, Dry Wood x10, Thick Hide x20
     Str +221
     Mustafa: Full Swing
    45: Ashera
     Wind Stone x20, Monster Claw x20, Withered Hardwood x10, Thin Hide x20
     Str +274
     Mustafa: Burst Swing
    46: Stone-eater Mallet
     Sea Stone x20, Monster Fang x20, Fossilized Twig x10, Soft Hide x20
     Str +336
     Mustafa: Meteor Smash
    47: Levoak
     Moon Stone x5, Titano Bone x50, Crystallized Twig x10, Soft Hide x20
     Str +437
     Mustafa: Revolver Swing
    48: El-Arbazel
     Flame Dragon Stone x1, Soul Stone x50, Titano Spine x30, Soft Hide x20
     Str +503
     Mustafa: Dragon Blaze
    49: Feather Rod
     Ashen Rock x10, Monster Feather x10, Withered Hardwood x10
     Str +92
     Mishera: Tornado
    50: Rashimjid Staff
     Earth Stone x10, Monster Bone x20, Sapling x20, Monster Down x10
     Str +147
     Mishera: Ascension
    51: Crystal Rod
     Fire Stone x10, Large Bone x20, Dry Wood x20, Monster Bristle x10
     Str +181
     Mishera: Cloudburst
    52: Mirror Staff
     Wind Stone x10, Monster Horn x20, Withered Hardwood x20, Monster Feather x10
     Str +224
     Mishera: Purge Wind
    53: Prahma Rod
     Sea Stone x10, Monster Claw x20, Fossilized Twig x20, Monster Feather x10
     Str +275
     Mishera: Calm Gust
    54: Ark Rod
     Moon Stone x5, Monster Fang x50, Crystallized Twig x20, Monster Down x10
     Str +357
     Mishera: Aerial Thrust
    55: Antecrystal
     Wind Dragon Stone x1, Soul Stone x50, Titano Bone x50, Monster Feather x10
     Str +411
     Mishera: Aerial Orb
    56: Sen-Leyon
     Charcoal x10, Prairie Wood x10, Sapling x20, Monster Hide x20
     Str +23
     Elk: Rising Wheel
    57: Clane Dual Blade
     Earth Stone x10. Sapling x20, Fossilized Twig x10, Thick Hide x20
     Str +163
     Elk: Rock Fang
    58: Silver Dual Blade
     Fire Stone x10, Dry Wood x20, Fossilized Twig x10, Hard Hide x20
     Str +201
     Elk: Crestfall
    59: Kledolele
     Wind Stone x10, Withered Hardwood x20, Fossilized Twig x10, Thin Hide x20
     Str +249
     Elk: Rumble Brawl
    60: Grani Dual Blade
     Sea Stone x10, Withered Hardwood x20, Fossilized Twig x10, Monster Scale x20
     Str +305
     Elk: Aerial Charge
    61: Moondog
     Moon Stone x5, Crystallized Twig x20, Soft Hide x20
     Str +397
     Elk: Rumble Brawl
    62: Ram-Seyma
     Earth Dragon Stone x1, Soul Stone x50, Crystallized Twig x50, Monster Hide x20
     Str +457
     Elk: Terran Vortex
    63: Seah Armor
     Soul Stone x10, Iron Ore x100, Large Bone x100, Titano Spine x20
     Def +272
     Heavy Armor
    64: Nul-Pain
     Soul Stone x5, Thick Hide x50, Monster Spine x20
     Def +262
     Medium Armor
    65: Void Clothes
     Soul Stone x3, Monster Down x20, Monster Feather x20
     Def +252
     Light Armor
    66: Innocence Shield
     Soul Stone x5, Iron Ore x50
     Str +20, Def +140
    67: Dark Iron Bracelet
     Charcoal x10
     Def +10
    68: Copper Bracelet
     Hot Sandstone x10
     Def +15
    69: Marcasite Bracelet
     Ashen Rock x10
     Def +31
    70: Violet Gold Bangle
     Earth Stone x5, Fire Stone x5, Wind Stone x5
     Def +62
    71: Grace Bangle
     Sea Stone x5
     Def +86
    72: Armored Genma
     Soul Stone x5
     Def +140
    73: Vitality Belt I
     Charcoal x20, Large Bone x20, Monster Fur x20
     HP +100
    74: Vitality Belt II
     Earth Stone x20, Monster Bone x20, Monster Fang x20
     HP +300
    75: Vitality Belt III
     Earth Stone x50, Green Stone x20
     HP +500
    76: Power Wrist I
     Hot Sandstone x20, Hard Hide x20, Monster Bristle x20
     Str +10
    77: Power Wrist II
     Fire Stone x20, Thick Hide x20, Monster Down x20
     Str +30
    78: Power Wrist III
     Fire Stone x50, Red Stone x20
     Str +50
    79: Shield Ring I
     Charcoal x20, Monster Spine x20, Monster Down x20
     Def +10
    80: Shield Ring II
     Earth Bone x20, Titano Bone x20, Monster Bristle x20
     Def +30
    81: Shield Ring III
     Earth Stone x50, Green Stone x20
     Def +50
    82: Hawk Eye I
     Ashen Rock x20, Monster Down x20, Monster Feather x20
     Dex +10
    83: Hawk Eye II
     Wind Stone x20, Monster Down x20, Monster Feather x20
     Dex +30
    84: Hawk Eye III
     Wind Stone x50, White Stone x20
     Dex +50
    85: Shimmer Brooch I
     Marble x20, Thin Hide x20, Monster Fur x20
     Agl +10
    86: Shimmer Brooch II
     Sea Stone x20, Soft Hide x20, Monster Down x20
     Agi +30
    87: Shimmer Brooch III
     Sea Stone x50, Blue Stone x20
     Agi +50
    88: Training Ring I
     Shale x20, Monster Bristle x20
     Increases skill EXP gain by 1
    89: Training Ring II
     Fire Stone x20, White Stone x20
     Increases skill EXP gain by 2
    90: Gold Pendant
     Ashen Rock x20, Bone Fragment x20
     Prevents petrification
    91: Stone Ring
     Iron Ore x100, Earth Stone x50, Green Stone x20
     Def +5; Has a chance to petrify the enemy
    92: Eye of Fire
     Marble x20, Prarie Wood x20
     Prevents freezing
    93: Ice Ring
     Iron Ore x100, Sea Stone x50, Blue Stone x20
     Dex +5; Has a chance to freeze the enemy
    94: White Snake Ring
     Charcoal x20, Monster Bone x20
     Prevents poison
    95: Poison Ring
     Iron Ore x100, Earth Stone x50, Green Stone x20
     Str +5; Has a chance to poison the enemy
    96: Fire-proof Scarf
     Hot Sandstone x20, Monster Hide x20
     Prevents burning
    97: Flame Ring
     Iron Ore x100, Fire Stone x50, Red Stone x20
     Str +5; Has a chance to burn the enemy
    98: Rune Earrings
     Ashen Rock x20, Monster Horn x20
     Prevents confusion
    99: Rune Ring
     Iron Ore x100, Wind Stone x50, White Stone x20
     Dex +5; Has a chance to confuse the enemy
    100: Silver Feather
     Charcoal x20, Monster Feather x20
     Prevents heavy status
    101: Gravity Ring
     Iron Ore x100, Wind Stone x50, White Stone x20
     Def +5; Has a chance to inflict heavy status
    102: Amulet Rosary
     Ashen Rock x20, Thick Hide x20
     Prevents curses
    103: Energy Orb
     Iron Ore x100, Moon Stone x50, Black Stone x20
     Dex +5; Regain SP by walking
    104: Blue Jewel
     Iron Ore x100, Bone Fragment x50, Monster Bone x50
     Dex +5; Cuts SP use by 1/4
    105: Flash Ring I
     Iron Ore x20, Hot Sandstone x20, Monster Fang x20
     Increase stun rate by 1
    106: Flash Ring II
     Iron Ore x100, Wind Stone x100, Monster Spine x100
     Increase stun rate by 2
    107: Iko Extract
     Spring Water x5, Iko Leaf x5
     Recovers 50 HP
    108: Salimera Extract
     Spring Water x5, Salimera Leaf x5
     Recovers 200 HP
    109: Nadly Extract
     Spring Water x5, Nadly Flower x5
     Recovers 500 HP
    110: Striga Extract
     Spiritual Water x5, Monster Fluid x5, Striga Leaf x5
     Recovers 1000 HP
    111: Alp Extract
     Holy Water x5, Titano Fluid x5, Alp Flower x6
     Recovers 2000 HP
    112: Mirula Incense
     Iko Leaf x5, Komona Flower x5, Spring Water x5, Monster Fluid x5
     Recovers 150 HP to all allies
    113: Sebrina Incense
     Salimera Leaf x5, Nadly Flower x5, Spring Water x5, Monster Fluid x5
     Recovers 500 HP to all allies
    114: Varl Incense
     Striga Leaf x5, Alp Flower x5, Spring Water x5, Titano Fluid x5
     Recovers 1000 HP to all allies
    115: Kamika Extract
     Cloudy Water x5, Monster Fluid x5, Kamika Fruit x5, Lughott Fruit x5
     Recovers 100 HP and raises the fallen 
    116: Chigle Extract
     Fragrant Water x5, Monster Fluid x5, Chigle Fruit x5, Lokin Fruit x5
     Recovers 300 HP and raises the fallen
    117: Maom Extract
     Tainted Water x5, Spiritual Water x5, Maom Fruit x5, Ambuna Fruit x5
     Recovers 1000hp and raises the fallen
    118: Panacea
     Cloudy Water x5, Komona Flower x5
     Cures all status ailments
    119: Dragon Energy Drop
     Spring Water x5, Titano Fluid x5
     Recovers 100 SP
    120: Life Compound
     Lughott Seed x10, Iko Seed x10, Titano Fluid x10, Spiritual Water x10
     Permanently increases user's max HP by 100
    121: Strength Compound
     Kamika Seed x10, Komona Seed x10, Monster Fluid x10, Spiritual Water x10
     Permanently increases user's Str by 10
    122: Defense Compound
     Lokin Seed x10, Salimera Seed x10, Monster Fluid x10, Spiritual Water x10
     Permanently increases user's Def by 10
    123: Desterity Compound
     Chigle Seed x10, Nadly Seed x10, Holy Water x10, Spiritual Water x10
     Permanently increases user's Dex by 10
    124: Agility Compound
     Ambuna Seed x10, Striga Seed x10, Holy Water x10, Spiritual Water x10
     Permanently increases user's Agl by 10
    #-# 8. Final Remarks #--------------------------------------------------------#
      I hope you enjoyed Ys Seven, and I hope you check out other Ys games in the
    future. If you have already played some Ys games, then I hope you enjoyed them
    too! For now, this guide is under construction as I fish out more information
    to fill out the journal. I hope to have it completed sometime before I turn
    30, so keep an eye out. In the meantime the walkthrough is there for your help. 
      If you want to send me information to help correct wrong assumptions I made
    or errors in data, please email me through GameFAQs' system. Put "Ys Seven
    Walkthrough" in the subject line, and I will read it. If you send me spam
    mail, I'll be annoyed enough to stop being helpful. Please be serious if you
    contact me, and be nice; I'll respond in kind.
      And if you need to ask what my next project is, I'll be honest: it's trying
    to finish Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. I'm still a long way off.
      A couple people have mailed me about some clarifications so I will answer
    those here: 
      "Kein" pointed out it is possible to reach the chest in the Ancient Tree
    which normally requires the Grattheos Talisman to breathe in water. As the
    method requires a lot of close timing and is very susceptible to not working
    . . . I didn't think it worth mentioning in the original draft of the FAQ.
    A video found here can show you just how to do this extreme sequence-break:
     - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ympCJ1NuYsA
      "Ahiru-Sama" took some time to point out the maximum Skill Level is 10 and
    it is rather easily reached when you have a Training Ring, as opposed to
    one to cut SP use. The math he provided is simple and easy to follow; I am
    a little chagrined I didn't think of it first:
      Running Slash uses 10 SP normally
      At higher levels, each use is 1 experience point.
      You get a maximum of 100 SP, meaning you get 10 uses normally.
      A Training Ring III grants you 4 experience per use, so a full bar will
    allow you to earn 40 experience.
      A Crimson Jewel reduces the SP use to 5 SP per activation, but you
    will only get 20 uses at 1 experience per use. 
      Thus you are only earning half as much. Granted, having an item to cut SP use
    originally allows you to learn a skill rather quickly and thus switch to a
    stronger weapon or one which is more favorable (for Adol, who gets a choice). 
      I recently (December 2010) added updated information for the bestiary and the
    full Synthesis Listing. Furthermore, I added basic lists on the skills
    available to each character. Hopefully I can finish up the bestiary soon, and
    flesh out the skill information.
      Peace, love, and best wishes!

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