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    Game Script by randomweirdo

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    Ys Seven Game Script version 0.90
    By randomweido
    Randomweirdo - most of the dialogue transcription
    GameFAQs boards - for their helpful assistance in getting through tricky scenes
    so I could even finish this game
    GameFAQs user TaruTaruKirbz for assistance with some of the lines of ending
    dialogue where the text didn't allow for pausing.
    Spoiler warning: It should go without saying that as this is a game script,
    there will be spoilers for the whole game, up to and including the ending.  I
    do my best to keep the obvious plot spoilers out of the contents and section
    titles, but everything else is indeed plot spoilers.
    Contact Info -
    Email: randomweirdo . faqs @ gmail . com (remove the spaces)
    Feel free to contact me with questions, corrections and contributions.  Please
    put "Ys Seven Game Script" somewhere in the subject so I know you are
    contacting me about this and which script.
    Please do not contact me with questions about how to get through dungeons, beat
    certain bosses, get certain items, or anything else related to gameplay.  I may
    have beaten the game already, but I am not the best player out there.  Please
    make use of the boards on GameFAQs and the walkthroughs that have been posted.
    Chances are you will get a response much faster that way too.
    Also do not contact me for permission to post to your site.  I will not grant
    it because I don't like keeping track of which sites have my scripts and ensure
    they are up to date.  I do not mind linking to the file on GameFAQs.
    I will take suggestions on games to choose for my next project.  I only do game
    scripts, but any game I own that lacks one is fair game to be chosen as a
    project.  My next one will be Suikoden V, but after that I'm definitely up for
    input on where need exists.  If you wish to contact me for input on what game
    to do next put in the subject line "Script suggestions" and I'll definitely
    consider it if I own the game and no script exists (or only an unfinished one
    Version History -
    0.10 - A very rough version, not yet complete enough to be posted.  31 pages
    long, contact info and explanations added.  Spoiler warnings for ending
    included.  Up to Shannoa Village and final battle.  About ten percent complete.
    0.20 - 53 pages long.  Up to the Wind Altar (missing some scenes here and there
    however).  Number of saves by scenes that need to be typed up growing very
    quickly in interest of getting through as much of the game as possible again
    and typing later.  Probably twenty percent complete due to having scenes around
    Segram and Old Waterway still to type (plus NPC dialogs still need to be filled
    in at some spots).  Rough formatting added.
    0.30 - 122 pages long.  Up to end, still missing many scenes.
    0.50 - 147 pages long.  Complete up to first visit to Hidden village, many
    scenes up to end also done.  Formatting about half done.  All said, over
    halfway done.
    0.60 - 154 pages long.  Complete to arriving at the Flame Sanctum.  Random
    other scenes complete.
    0.70 - 169 pages long.  Complete to Wind Sanctum.
    0.90 - 190 pages long.  All plot complete, only missing things are NPC scripts
    in areas
    Continent of Afroca Medo Seashore - Approximately 4 krimelye off the shore of
    Altago Bay
    Deep Voice: ...Hey, Adol!  Look!  That island looks like it has a lot of
    ancient ruins on it!
    Adol: !
    Burly Man: Can't really tell from this far off, but I bet it's a rundown shrine
    or something.  Looks like it's half-sunken, though...
    Adol: ...
    Dogi: Oh, no.  You've got that look in your eyes again.  That look always leads
    to trouble and...walls...  You know, Altago's famous for the gigantic beasts
    that live there...  It seems like there could be rare artifacts all over the
    place.  Doesn't that just boil your blood with excitement?
    [Adol nods]
    Dog: Haha.  Of course it does.  But man, talk about lucky, huh?  We couldn't
    have come here even if we wanted to when the war was still on between Romn and
    Altago.  Now, we can cruise on in unhindered thanks to the ceasefire agreement.
    We should thank Ladoc for getting us onboard, too.
    [A banging sound can be heard]
    Adol & Dogi: !
    Dogi: Wh-whoa!
    [A ship goes by at great speed]
    Dogi: *phew*  That scared me.  That ship must be...
    Man's Voice: Yep.  One of the Dragon Knights' warships.  They must be
    patrolling the area.  We're in Altaginian waters now.
    Dogi: So that's one of the famous naval vessels of the Dragon Knights...  Took
    out an entire Romun fleet with just ten-odd number of those, huh?
    Captain: That's right.  It's a group of elite knights, after all.  Besides,
    just because the war's over doesn't mean they've let their guard down yet.  I
    just hope things settle down soon, so I can do business in peace.
    Dogi: Haha, seriously.
    Captain: [surprise] Ah, look over there.  You can see it now.
    Dogi: Oh, yeah!  Lookin' good!
    [Adol and Dogi run over to get a look]
    Captain: ...Adol, Dogi.  Welcome to the Kingdom of Altago.
    [The intro plays, then we are docking the ship]
    Dogi: So this is the Altago Harbor, huh...?  That's some handsome piece of
    Captain: Haha, I understand your excitement, but be careful after we dock, all
    right?  Altago City is a metropolis, and the political and economic center of
    the kingdom.  It may be lively, but it's also a hotbed of trouble, especially
    for foreigners.  Been some nasty rumors going around, too.
    Adol & Dogi: ?
    Captain: Oh, I'd better unload the cargo before it gets dark...  Just take the
    stairs over there to get to the main street.  There are lots of stores  in the
    area, so you should take a look around.  If you're looking for an inn, there
    should be one straight ahead.
    Dogi: All right.  Thanks for all your help, Cap'n.
    Captain: Don't mention it.  Take care of yourselves, Adol and Dogi.
    Dogi: ...Dry land at last.  Considering your luck with boats I'm surprised we
    made it ashore at all.  Well, anything you want to check out first?  Maybe we
    should just walk around and take in the sights...
    Altago City
    [Adol nods, game shows basic controls and you can walk freely now]
    Energetic Worker: So you're friends with ol' One-eyed Ladoc, are ya'?  Friends
    of the infamous anti-Romun pirate of the Medo Sea...  I expected something a
    bit more intimidating than you guys.  You sure don't look like friends of a
    Captain: When ol' Ladoc told me 'bout you scurvy dogs, I wondered why he
    praised y' so, since ye look like landlubbers t' me.  But the both o' ye work
    hard, like the finest sailors on the sea.  I owe ye my gratitude for all y' did
    on board.  ...Okay, that's enough of that.  Sorry, just wanted to try it!  Once
    we're unloaded, we're off to the next port.  Adol and Dogi, you two stay out o'
    trouble now, y' hear?
    Zealous Worker: What's that?  Never seen a cargo crane before?  Since Altago's
    main industry is trade, the government actively seeks state-of-the-art tools to
    promote it.
    Young Worker: Greetings, traveler!  I saw you arrive on that big ship not long
    ago.  Are you a merchant?  I suggest you do all your shopping within the city
    walls, as there are monsters beyond them.
    Calm Worker: I hope we make it in time for the next delivery... It's been crazy
    around here lately!  Better get the ships out early, just in case...
    Scary Worker: Hey, get back or I'll...!  ...Oh, sorry, I saw your weapons and
    thought you were Romun invaders.  I'm really sorry.  At my age, and after all
    the things I've seen all foreigners start to look alike...
    Thoughtful Girl: There's a small island off the coast of mainland Altago.  An
    ancient shrine of some sort is built there, so the locals call it "Ruins
    Island."  It sounds so exotic!
    [Head up the stairs to the next area, find a girl selling flowers]
    Flower Girl: Ah...  [runs over to Adol with a flower in her hand] ...Mmm?
    Dogi: Huh?  Oh, you want us to buy one?
    [The girl nods, and you get a choice to buy a flower for 5 gold, select yes]
    [You got Komona Flower]
    Flower Girl: ...
    Adol: ?
    [The girl comes over towards Adol, he bends down]
    [Dialog Box: Looks like she's giving one more as a bonus.  Maybe she thinks it
    would look good in Adol's hair.]
    [You got Nadly Flower]
    Flower Girl: [Happy] ...Mmmm...
    [The girl runs off]
    Dogi: Strange girl... Seems really upbeat, though!  Looks good on you, Adol.
    *chuckle*  Maybe it'll bring us good luck.
    Leisurely Maid: Hmm...  What should I make today?  There are so many rare
    ingredients available nowadays, I don't know what to cook anymore.
    Gutsy Maid: You can't just enter someone's house like that, you know.  ...You
    don't look like merchants...  My master is a trader, a big player in the
    economy of Altago.
    Gentle Trader: To get the ball rolling on trade over the Medo Sea, we need to
    always plan ahead...  With the war over, this is our chance to show our real
    Patriotic Man: The official religion of Altago is tritheism, revering the gods
    of the sea, sky, and earth.  Stand on that platform.  You'll see the statue of
    the great sea god, Grattheos.
    People Watcher: Oh, you're foreigners...  Looks like you just got here, too.
    This is the main road of Altago City.  Go west, and you'll find shops and a
    Complaintive Woman: It's been so hot lately...  It feels like it gets hotter
    everyday...  I lived in Altago City for many years, but this heat is too much
    for a frail old woman like me...
    Lively Merchant: Gyahaha, my business is doing so well, I can't stop laughing!
    It's all thanks to the prime minister!  Gyahahaha!
    Quiet Maid: Thanks to the economic policies, merchants like my master are able
    to flourish and strengthen the kingdom.  I'm able to receive good wages thanks
    to it as well.  I am forever grateful to my master.
    Teresa Runions: Teresa Runions.  Charmed, I'm sure.  My father sells his
    merchandise with the largest business firm in Altago.  Of course, it is all
    goods that mere commoners like yourselves could not even dream of purchasing.
    Guard: The Old Waterway is off limits.  I can't make any exceptions.  ...So
    step away.
    Item Shop Owner: Sorry, but we're not open yet.  You guys must be foreigners...
    Come back after you kill some time around town.
    Knowledgeable Man: There's a limit to how many recovery items you can carry.
    You need to think before using them.
    Boy-Crazy Girl: I'm so tired of Altaginian clothes.  But I hear travelers like
    them because they're cool and easy to move in...  I wish I could wear some
    exotic outfits from foreign countries every once in a while.
    Weapon Shop Owner: Ah, customers.  Welcome!  This is my weapon shop.
    ...Unfortunately, we're in the middle of an inventory check right now.  Could
    you come back another time?
    Kind Lady: Oh, a foreigner.  Up these stairs you'll find the public square in
    front of the palace.  It's full of bustling shops!
    Promoter: You're looking at Altago City's best tavern!  How about it, boys?
    Why don't you have a drink?  We have rooms ready as well, so you can relax for
    as long as you want!
    [Attempt to leave]
    Gate Keeper: ...You there.  Halt.  You're not from around here, are you?  I
    can't let foreigners just come and go as they please.  Step back!
    Dogi: Huh?  What do you mean?
    Gate Keeper: I'm just doing my job.  Don't try anything funny.
    [Try to leave again]
    Gate Keeper: ...You there.  Halt.  I told you.  You're not going anywhere!
    Step back!
    Gate Keeper: I cannot let any foreigners through.  ...Not even if you bat your
    eyes at me, Blue-Hair.  This is an official order from above.  Step away from
    the gate.
    [In the tavern and inn]
    Michael Wootton: Damn those Dragon Knights...  There's so much research to do,
    but if foreigners can't leave the city, my hands are tied!  ...Sorry, I don't
    mean to complain.  My name is Michael Wootton, seeker of knowledge.  Let's
    compare notes sometime!
    Sexy Waitress: Hm?  Young men like you should not be at a place like this so
    early.  *giggle*  I'm just joking.  It's good to have young faces around.  Make
    yourselves at home.
    Gossipy Man: Apparently, with the monsters getting ever more aggressive,
    monster repellents don't work anymore.  Without the Longma Cart, peddlers would
    have a terrible time trying to stay in business.
    John Cordova: Welcome.  You must be travelers.  The name's John.  John Cordova.
    Very pleased to meet you.  We serve as both a bar and an inn.  Drop by for a
    drink, or stay the night to rest your bones-- it's up to you!
    Kevin Lassiter: ...Um, hi.  I'm, uh, Kevin.  Kevin Lassiter.  What's your name?
    Did you come here to start a new business, too?  ...No?  Oh, thank goodness!
    In that case, it really is nice to meet you.  Sorry, I thought you might be a
    potential rival!
    Precocious Girl: I heard that it's really hot here, so I didn't want to come at
    first.  But the room we're staying in is really pretty, and I love the clothes
    here.  I'm glad I came with Mommy.
    Traveling Merchant: Altago is no longer at war now, so I brought my daughter
    with me this time.  Altaginian weapons are especially sought after for their
    supreme workmanship, and can be sold for a handsome price.
    [The street near Old Town]
    Ambitious Man: Old Town's just beyond here.  It's got nothing for travelers
    like you.
    Old Town Boy: *guuuuuurrrrgle* ...Ahaha, my stomach just growled.  Y-you don't
    need to worry about me, though.  I'll be okay!
    Mean Merchant: Those damn Old Town dogs are wandering about our streets.  Their
    presence alone pollutes the environment of Altago City.
    Cold Merchant: ...What?!  It's good for business!  Stop looking at me like
    that!  Cheap labor is extremely valuable.
    [Old Town]
    Enlightened Man: This is Old Town Altago.  Traveler, this is all I'll say.  Go
    back to the city.  You won't find much here...
    Bitter Man: The water in the well is no good lately.  It smells like
    something's rotting....  It was never like that before...  I need to get water
    from the city...  ....and at my age, it's pretty rough.
    Curious Boy: Wow, you guys look strong!  What do you do?  Are you mercenaries?
    Hu8h?  Adventure...er?  What's that?
    One-legged Man: This is a place for those that have nowhere else to go.
    Refugees, orphans, people that lost everything due to heavy debts...  Everyone
    has their reasons.
    Cynical Old Man: Travelers...  Please have pity on this poor old man...  ...Did
    you think I'd actually say that?  Why, because I'm poor?  Don't assume I need
    your help.
    Near-deaf Man: ...What?  I can't hear what you're saying.  Sorry, I'm very hard
    of hearing.  You'll have to ask someone else.
    Caring Boy: You guys are dressed so weird!  You're not from Altago, huh?
    ...You don't look like the sorts of people Tia would be friends with...
    Gossiping Man: Have you heard?  Apparently an ancient shrine was discovered
    after the earthquake.  That's not something that happens every day!
    Vulgar Woman: What?  You feel pity for us?  Then leave us some money.  Or get
    the hell out.  Take your pick, Reddie.
    Little Old Lady: This child's parents haven't returned for several months now.
    There aren't any jobs in Old Town, so they work on a merchant ship as laborers.
    Skinny Girl: I hope she comes back soon...  ...I'm so bored...
    [Town Square]
    Fruit Shop Owner: Hey...how about some fruit?!  What?  You can't see them very
    well because of the shade?  That's because I need to protect them from the sun.
    Isn't that obvious?
    Confident Girl: This is the Central Square.  Isn't it so lively?  If you take
    the street next to the temple, you'll reach a big coliseum.  Why don't you go
    have a look?
    Belinda Nis: Oh, how beautiful...  And they all smell so wonderful!  What
    should I get today?
    Flower Girl: Would you like some flowers?  How about some herbs?  [surprise]
    My, what a lovely red color...  You must not be from around here.  Please take
    a look.  I picked these herbs and flowers myself.
    Sincere Merchant: Hey!  How's it going?  If you have any foreign goods of
    value, I'll buy them off of you!  ...Oh, you're not merchants?  Sorry about
    that.  You're foreigners, so I just assumed....
    Innocent Girl: Wow, your hair's so red!  It's so pretty.  How did you get your
    hair like that?  How cool...
    Devoted Old Man: This is the tritheist temple of Altago.  I come to pray here
    daily.  Haha, how about it young man?  Would you like to pray with me?
    Manly Knight: ...Step away.  His Majesty is extremely busy.  You can't just
    come in here thinking you can have an audience with him.
    Serious Knight: This is the way to the palace, where the sovereign of Altago
    dwells.  Civilians are now allowed to enter the palace without permission.
    Please step away.
    [Try to enter the palace]
    Manly knight: [big text] ...Halt!  You must be foreigners.  This is the royal
    palace.  You may not enter without permission.  Step away.
    [Dialog box on sign: It's an edict.  "Warning: Monsters sightings near Altago
    City are on the rise.  Bear in mind to carry a monster-repellant bell when
    leaving the city.  Foreigners are hereby forbidden to leave the city."
    Left Gatekeeper: Hm?  Who are you?  A swordsman from a faraway land, maybe?
    Unfortunately, the executioner is out, and we have orders not to let anyone in.
    If you wish to meet with our executioner, you'll have to come back another
    Right Gatekeeper: This is the pride and joy of Altago, the Grand Coliseum.
    It's a place of blood, leather, and gratuitous whipping.  The energy and
    tension in the air...  There is no greater pleasure, except Ursa's whip...  Uh,
    forget I said that...  However, there are no events today, so if you have no
    other business here, come another time.
    [At Zanzibar's shop]
    Foreign Noblewoman: So you are Zanzibar.  I have heard of you...  They say you
    have the best products in all the Medo Sea.  I want the most beautiful hairpin
    for myself.  I would like to see what you have.
    Zanzibar: ...I am eternally grateful for your visit to Zanzibar Firm.
    Hahaha...  Yes, of course.  We, at Zanzibar Firm, are always aiming to be
    number one.  Naval ships, works of art...  You name it, and we'll have it ready
    for you.
    Haughty Manager: Hey, don't interrupt!  We're talking business here.  Heh,
    commoners like you shouldn't be in here.  Get out!
    Calm Receptionist: Ah, a commoner...  Welcome to Zanzibar Firm, the number one
    business in all Altago.  We're sorry, but we are not open at the moment.
    Please come again another time.  ...Though I doubt a commoner can afford
    anything we carry.
    Graceful Guide: A long time ago, my master had a rival merchant.  Perhaps you
    can call him an archrival.  His name was "Baslam," but he met with an
    unfortunate accident in the sea and went missing.  Of course my master saw the
    opportunity and took the economy by storm.  Life can be so unpredictable.
    [Leave and re-enter the Square to find some men with the Flower Girl]
    Man in Stately Uniform: Hey, come on.  It's not like I'm ordering you never to
    work again.  I'm just saying you should take a break and spend some time with
    me.  It's not every day someone like me asks someone like you out!
    Girl: B-but...
    Entourage: Don't tell me you're actually gonna turn him down.  Don't you know
    who he is?  He's THE Commander Raud.  Hero of the Romun War.  You should be
    thankful he's willing to spend his precious time on a penniless girl like you.
    Girl: But I...
    Commander Raud: Men, there's no need to frighten the poor girl.  ...Of course,
    turning down someone's good will can result in...trouble.  Especially if you
    plan to keep doing business around here.
    Girl: [!]  ...
    [The younger Flower girl comes running up]
    Flower Girl: ...Ah...  ...Ahhhh!
    [She kicks Raud in the shins]
    Flower Girl: Baah!!
    Commander Raud: Huh?
    Girl: M-Maya!
    Maya: Baaaaaaah!!
    [She kicks Raud two more times in the shins]
    Entourage: Why you little...!  Get away from him!
    Commander Raud: Hahaha!
    Maya: Aahh...!
    Commander Raud: Trying to save your older sister, huh?  *hmph*  Pretty brave
    for a mute brat.  ...But too bad.
    [He holds her by the head a distance away so she can't kick again]
    Commander Raud: Nothing you can do means anything.  You're nothing.
    Maya: Aahh...
    Girl: [big text] Please, stop!  [normal text] If you have business with me,
    then I'll oblige.  If you tell me to stop doing business here, then I'll stop.
    So please...  Just leave her alone.
    Commander Raud: *hmph*
    [He lets Maya go, the girl falls on her butt]
    Commander Raud: Talk about sisterly love.  Well, if that what you want...  I'll
    be a gentleman, and do as you say.
    [Adol and Dogi are watching from a distance away]
    Dogi: Hey, Adol.  Looks like something's up.  What should we do?
    [Choose help, since wait and watch doesn't move the story]
    Dogi: Hey, now.  How 'bout you stop right there.
    Everyone else: [!]
    Girl: Huh?
    Commander Raud: What?
    [Dialog Box: Adol told the knights to stop what they're doing.]
    Entourage: What the hell?  You dare speak to the Dragon Knights that way...?
    Commander Raud: You must not be from around here.  That red hair...  You must
    be from Europe.  *hmph*  Interesting...  All right.  New plan.  Men...arrest
    these foreigners.
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Dogi: Wha-?!  What d'you think you're doing?!
    Commander Raud: You're under arrest as suspected Romun spies.  We may be at
    peace, but one can never be too secure.  And even if you're not spies, you need
    to be taught a lesson...  ...to never, EVER, dare defy the authority of the
    Dragon Knights.
    Dragon Knight: Hahahaha!  Yes, sir!
    Dogi: Wh-why, you...!
    Dragon Knight: Resistance is futile.  You had best be cooperative until your
    charge is cleared.
    Dogi: Damn it...
    [Dialog Box: ...it seems like Adol will have to do as he's told until his
    charge is cleared.]
    Girl: St-stop!  These men didn't do anything...
    Commander Raud: *hmph*  I'll let you go today.  I found a new toy to play with.
    Good luck with your flower selling.
    [They leave with Adol and Dogi]
    Maya: Ahh...?
    Girl: Oh...  Maya, are you okay?  You're not hurt, are you?
    Maya: Ah...!
    Girl: Good...  I doubt we'll have any more customers today, so why don't we go
    home?  Can you help me clean up?
    Maya: Ah... *smile*
    [She walks over to the cart with a music note over her head]
    Girl: (I got those two men mixed up in all this...  I hope they'll be okay...)
    [Dialog Box: Adol and Dogi had their weapons confiscated.]
    [In jail]
    Dogi: Romun spies, my ass!!  You're just making things up so you can lock us
    Commander Raud: We'll see about that.  The redhead looks like he knows his way
    around a sword.  ...This sword has obvious marks of long use.
    Adol and Dogi: [!]
    Commander Raud: Heh.  It's not like a Europan weapon would be any use against
    ours, though.  Might as well be a twig.  Regardless, I can tell you're not just
    normal travelers.  Heh heh...  Looks like it will be quite worthwhile getting
    you to talk.
    Dogi: Like hell it will!  We're completely innocent!  You're wrong!  W-well,
    Adol's skill with his sword is undeniable...
    Commander Raud: So you admit it.  Even if you're not spies, I bet you're either
    mercenaries or bounty hunters.  Oh, right.  I can't forget the possibility of
    you being pirates.
    Man's Voice: No.  They're "adventurers."
    All: [!]
    Dragon Knight: Ah!  C-Commander Scias?!
    Commander Scias: "Adol the Red"...  He's quite famous.  I have heard that his
    hair looks like fire...  The rumors really are true.
    Commander Raud: Adventurer...?  Like I'd believe something so stupi-  Wait.
    What the hell are you doing here, Scias?!  Planning to get in my way?!
    Commander Scias: Not at all.  But there is someone else who has business with
    them.  Someone higher in rank than you.  I'm just following orders.
    Commander Raud: [!]  What...?!  You mean...
    Commander Scias: That's right.  It's a direct order from His Majesty.  Sorry to
    interrupt your hard work, but I believe you can wait.
    Commander Raud: Son of a...
    [Raud's men depart, Raud of course can't leave without having the last word]
    Commander Raud: Don't get all high and mighty on me!  I don't care if you're
    the "Altaginian Falcon."  You're just a piece of trash from the old town.  You
    just wait.  I'll show you who's boss.
    Scias: [...]  My, my...  Don't make a very good commander, now, does he?
    [Scias walks in front of the cell]
    Commander Scias: As a commander of the Dragon Knights myself, please accept my
    apologies for his behavior.  I am truly sorry that you two have had such a poor
    introduction to Altago.
    Dogi: Th-that's okay, I guess...  Thanks.  So...  Who are you...?
    Commander Scias: The name is Scias.  I am under direct command of the general.
    I came here to take you to someone who greatly wishes to meet you.  Will you
    come with me?
    [He unlocks the cell]
    Dogi: Do we really have a choice...?  Wait...  "His Majesty"?  Don't tell me...
    Commander Scias: You are correct.  The very person we, the Dragon Knights,
    serve.  The ruler of all Altago...  His Majesty, King Kiemarl, awaits you...
    [Scias leads Adol and Dogi to the palace]
    Commander Scias: This is the Altago Palace.  His Majesty is waiting for you in
    the audience chamber.  You may enter at will.
    Dogi: R-right...  ...Looks like our minds have been made up for us.  Let's go,
    [Head into the audience chamber to see the King]
    Commander Scias: ...Your Majesty.  I have brought the men with me.
    Dignified Man: Let them in.
    [Scias walks up with Adol and Dogi]
    Dignified Man: You must be confused.  Arrested, then summoned here so
    suddenly...  My name is Kiemarl.  Kiemarl Sari Edonas.  I am King of Altago.
    Dogi: Um...  Well, uh...  A-Adol, hurry up and say something!
    [Dialog Box: Adol greeted the king and introduced himself.]
    King Kiemarl: Hmm...  "Adol the Red."  I have heard about you, but I must admit
    you are younger than I had imagined.  You must be his partner, Dogi.  Is that
    Dogi: [!]  Huh?  You know about me, too?
    King Kiemarl: Haha, an old friend of mine has told me much about both of you.
    A freedom-loving pirate king, actually.  He told me of your visit to Altago.
    You must at least know his name.  "One-eyed Ladoc" sound familiar?
    Dogi: You know Ladoc?!  That old geezer didn't tell us anything about you...
    King Kiemarl: Haha.  He must have wanted to surprise you.  However, I never
    imagined you would get mixed up with the Dragon Knights first thing after your
    arrival.  You must be even more trouble-prone than the rumors suggest.
    Dogi: Well, um...  yeah, we kinda are...
    King Kiemarl: It was not too long ago that we were at war.  It is only natural
    to be on guard.  Raud does cause trouble sometimes, but he is not a bad man.
    If he has done anything out of line, please allow me to apologize.
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Dogi: N-not at all!
    King Kiemnarl: Adol, it is my understanding that you are an adventurer.  I
    assume you plan to take a look around the country of Altago?
    [Choose "If possible, yes."]
    King Kiemarl: Hm, I see.  There is actually a mandate that currently restricts
    the movement of foreigners beyond the city walls.  However, I will make an
    exception for you.
    Dogi: ...You mean that's okay?
    King Kiemarl: Take it as a token of my regret for what happened earlier.
    Besides, you are Ladoc's acquaintances.  And I must admit, I am interested in
    seeing just what adventurers do!  ...Hmm...  I do not mean to make it sound as
    though we are negotiating a deal, but I have a favor to ask of you.
    Adol & Dogi: [?]
    King Kiemarl: A few days ago, there was an earthquake, which is extremely rare
    in Altago.  I am unsure whether the quake contributed to its discovery, but an
    ancient shrine was found nearby.  I had the Dragon Knights examine the area,
    but they found no abnormalities.  Some may call it a hunch, but I cannot help
    but think there may be something worthwhile there.  That is why I want an
    adventurer such as yourself to take a look and tell me what you think.
    Dogi: I see...  Sounds like a perfect job for you, Adol.  No boats involved!
    What do you want to do?
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: Adol thought about it for a moment and accepted the king's
    King Kiemarl: Thank you.  Scias.
    Commander Scias: Yes, Your Majesty?
    King Kiemarl: Inform them of the shrine's location.  Additionally, no matter
    how skilled, it is their first time in Altago.  Make sure they are not lacking
    in anything before they set off.
    Commander Scias: Yes, Your Majesty.
    [They leave the castle]
    Commander Scias: --I must thank you for accepting His Majesty's request.
    Regarding the location of the shrine...  Before that, I must give you this.
    [You got Shamshir and Sphairai]
    Dogi: ...Weapons?!
    Commander Scias: They're used here by the Dragon Knights.  In Altago, our
    weapons have a thing called "Dragon Energy" in them.  I'm sure they're much
    stronger, as well as easier to use, than Europan weapons.
    Dogi: Well, they're pretty well-made.  I'll give you that.  You sure we can
    have these?
    Commander Scias: Think of them as an exchange for the ones Raud took from you.
    Besides, these Altaginian weapons are more than just strong.  The "Dragon
    Energy" in them allows the use of special skills.
    Adol & Dogi: [?]
    Commander Scias: Hmm...  Why don't I show you how it works?  That should be
    easier to understand than simply listening to an explanation.
    [Select "Learn how to use it."]
    Scias: All right.  Then come with me.
    [They head to the Coliseum]
    Dogi: ...Man, I didn't expect the coliseum to be this big.
    Commander Scias: This coliseum is one of the royal facilities of Altago.  We
    sometimes showcase battles between a monster and a swordsman, but it's usually
    used for training.
    Woman's Voice: ...Are these two the ones you told me about?
    All: [surprise]
    Valiant Woman: Hmm...  Not bad for foreigners.
    Commander Scias: Yes.  I'll be instructing them in Altaginian weapon arts.  I
    would like your help as per our previous arrangement.
    Valiant Woman: No reason to turn down a request form the Falcon himself, I
    suppose.  However, I'd like you to showcase your swordsmanship in return.  It
    would be a guaranteed full house, if you're the show.
    Commander Scias: Haha...  As long as the general agrees.
    Valiant Woman: Oh, you're no fun.  You there, ready the beasts!
    Men: Yes, ma'am!
    [They leave]
    Dogi: ...Who is this lady?  Leather, metal studs, killer outfit...  She must be
    Commander Scias: Haha.  Spot on.  Her name is Ursa.  And yes, she is the
    executioner and manager of this entire facility.  I have requested that she
    provide some monsters used for training.  It should be fun.
    Dogi: A real monster already, huh?  ...Heh, let me at 'im!
    Commander Scias: Haha, that I shall.  ...Now, then.  Before you begin, why
    don't we go over basic movements?
    [A tutorial on battle follows]
    Commander Scias: Approach the enemy to attack, and fall back when you sense
    danger.  This is the basic rule of battle.  You may already know this, but it
    never hurts to reconfirm the basics!
    Dogi: Very true...  (But man, way to state the obvious!)
    [More tutorials]
    Commander Scias: All right, let's get started.
    [Boring tutorial on equipping weapons and skills]
    Commander Scias: Every weapon in Altago has a skill attached to it.  Ah, I
    almost forget to mention that your skills become more powerful the more you use
    them.  After using skills several times, you will learn to use them even
    without their original weapons.  After a while you'll be able to chain your
    skills together, so aim to master every skills.  So any questions?
    [Equip the weapons and skills]
    Commander Scias: Good.  Looks like you're both ready.
    Dogi: Um...  That's fine and all, but...  ...Hey, Adol.  Is it just me, or do
    you feel something from the weapon?
    Commander Scias: The energy you feel coming from the weapon is the Dragon
    Energy.  If you can feel it, then it must mean you have natural talent in using
    Dogi: ...Makes me want to try using some skills!
    Commander Scias: ...Well, why not?
    [Select using skills]
    Commander Scias: Allow me to explain how to use skills.  Listen well.
    [tutorial on skill use]
    Commander Scias: That's the basic premise.
    Dogi: I see...  So you need to store up energy during battles to use skills.
    ...Man.  This could take a while to get used to!
    Commander Scias: I'm sure if you actually try it, you'll understand much
    better.  ...You'll need this.  It's a dummy doll used mainly to train new
    recruits.  You will naturally get familiar with using skills by trying them out
    on this.
    Dogi: So well-prepared.  ...But man, this brings back a lot of memories.  My
    master used to train me with dolls just like this!
    Commander Scias: ...it's just a doll!  I suggest you reserve judgement until
    the exercise has begun.
    Adol & Dogi: [?]
    Commander Scias: It should be too difficult.  Simple use charge attacks and
    skills to destroy the doll.  However, if you destroy the doll without using
    both charge attacks and skills, you'll do it over.  ...Over and over until you
    do it properly.
    Adol & Dogi: [sweatdrop]
    Dogi: Um...  Why so strict all of a sudden...?  Well, it IS training, I guess.
    Let's try it, Adol!
    Commander Scias: That's the spirit.  ...Are you ready?  Begin!
    [Destroy the doll]
    Commander Scias: ...Hmm.  Good.  Looks like you understand how to use skills
    Dogi: ...Man, what great stuff!  Altaginian weapons sure are strong!
    Commander Scias: Using charged attacks effectively also helps with using
    skills.  That is all I can teach you about skills.
    [Choose attack types]
    Commander Scias: Lastly, I'll inform you of attack types.  It's a bit
    complicated, but it will be helpful to at least have an idea.
    [a dialog box with a tutorial]
    Commander Scias: There are various types of monsters, each with different
    characteristics.  Sometimes your weapons won't work.
    Dogi: ...I hear what you're saying, but I don't really get it...  Adol and I
    have fought countless battles so far, but we never had to worry about  "attack
    Woman's Voice: Talk about ignorant...
    [Ursa walks back in]
    Executioner Ursa: Don't underestimate the monsters, especially if you have
    never fought one in Altago before.
    Dogi: ...Ursa...right?  I didn't mean to sound like I was underestimating them
    or anything...
    Executioner Ursa: Scias, they're ready.
    Commander Scias: Good timing.  Adol.  Dogi.  It seems the monsters are ready.
    You'll understand the importance of attack types in a real battle.
    [Scias brings out two monsters]
    Monster: Grrrrrr...
    Dogi: Th-this is an Altaginian monster...?!
    Executioner Ursa: They've been captured to be used for training.  ...They're
    broken in, so to speak, so you needn't worry.
    Scias: This monster has an extremely soft body, making strike attacks
    ineffective.  Which means...
    Dogi: ...That my attacks won't work?  You've gotta be kidding me...
    Commander Scias: Why don't you try attacking first.  You'll see what I mean
    right away.
    Executioner Ursa: ...The monsters are getting impatient.  We should get
    Dogi: All right.  Let's do this, Adol!
    Executioner Ursa: ...My beasts!  You may begin!
    [Kill the monsters]
    Executioner Ursa: Stop!
    Commander Scias: Not bad.
    Dogi: M-my attacks really didn't work...
    Executioner Ursa: It's not over yet!  Next!
    Dogi: This time, the monster has a hard shell.  Looks like your sword won't do
    much, Adol.  Let me do the attacking!
    Commander Scias: ...Begin!
    [Kill the monster]
    Commander Scias: ...Good.  So, how was it?  Do you understand the importance of
    attack types now?
    Dogi: Yea...  I never imagined that the damage I can do could change by that
    much.  The monsters in Altago are strong.
    Commander Scias: It's good that you understand.  Keep in mind, however, that
    this is only training.  In real battles you may face many monsters at once.
    Alternating who will attack therefore becomes all the more important.
    Dogi: In other words, team work.  Good thing I'm with you!
    Commander Scias: That's about it.  Anything else you'd like me to go over
    [Select to end]
    Commander Scias: ...I see.  If you ever feel the need to confirm anything you
    learned today, just check your journal.  There are many more unknown monsters
    in Altago than there are known.  So remember to keep your guard up.  ...We're
    done here.  Why don't we go outside.
    Executioner Ursa: I have work to do.
    [Dialog Box: Adol thanked Ursa.]
    Executioner Ursa: Don't mention it.  Come by sometime.  I'm always here. I do
    enjoy my work, after all.  Be careful not to get eaten by monsters out
    there...or there won't be anything left for me.
    Adol & Dogi: [sweatdrop]
    Dogi: ...Thanks...?
    [They head to the entrance]
    Commander Scias: Now, if you have any questions, I will answer them.  You may
    ask anything, not just about how to fight.
    [Select no further questions]
    Commander Scias: If you'll excuse me then.  The shrine His Majesty wants you to
    investigate is to the northwest of here.  ...Ah, right.  Here.  Take this as
    [You get Map of Altago]
    Dogi: Oh-ho!  Thanks a lot!
    Commander Scias: My pleasure.  Report back to His Majesty if you find anything
    out.  Good luck.
    Dogi: Man, for a moment there, I thought we were done for.  I guess we can't
    complain, though.  We got to meet some high-ups and even got a pass out of this
    town.  Heck, a skilled swordsman even taught us a few things!  It's a good
    start to our journey, If you ask me.
    [Adol nodded]
    Dogi: Haha.  So you wanna head out?  We need to check up on that shrine!
    Off to the Shrine of Origins
    [Wander around the town, some of the people have new stuff to say]
    Gate Keeper: I have been ordered to let the red-haired adventurer and his party
    though.  You may pass.  Once you're out of the city, you'll face monsters.  Be
    careful out there.
    Michael Wootton: The tribes of Altago, and the titanos...  I wish to know more
    about them, but I am no muscle-bound circus strongarm, as you can see, so
    there's little I can do...  Unless...would you be willing to find some raw
    materials that could help my research, and bring them to me here?  I'm looking
    specifically for materials from titanos, as well as anything native to each of
    the tribal territories.  If you'll help me, I'll share my knowledge with you.
    Rants, rambles, soliloquies, segues, and all!  It would be wonderful to work
    together to deepen our understanding of this land!
    [Dialog Box: Quest 5: "Lecture: Tribes of Altago" and Quest 6: "Lecture: Titano
    Ecology" have been added to your journal.]
    Weapon Shop Owner: Welcome!  This is the weapon shop.  We carry many a blunt
    object for your bludgeoning needs.
    Weapon Shop Owner: Do you know about synthesis?  It's a traditional art here in
    Altago.  It refers to the art of creating equipment out of raw materials.  You
    guys should try it!
    Weapon Shop Owner: Thanks a lot!  Be sure to come by again.  We have many more
    wonderfully harmful objects in stock!
    Item Shop Owner: Hey, welcome!  We have plenty of recovery medicine and other
    Item Shop Owner: ...You're going out onto the plains?  I thought foreigners
    weren't allowed to leave the city...  If this is your first time, you might get
    hurt from fighting monsters.  You should buy some recovery medicine.
    Item Shop Owner: Thank you very much!  Be careful out there!
    Captain: Went into town fer a pint, and all the locals are tellin' tales of two
    foreigners getting' arrested.  ...An' I knew right then that it must've been
    you two!  Trouble has a way of findin' ye, wherever ye may go.
    Sincere Merchant: That Zanzibar Firm over there has a lot of high quality
    merchandise.  They're really expensive though...  ...Only the extremely rich
    can afford any of them.
    Confident Girl: ...Hey, didn't Raud just arrest you?  Brrr...  I don't even
    want to think about getting arrested by Raud.  I'm glad you're okay though.
    Fruit Shop Owner: Fruit that grows in the sunny land of Altago is very
    delicious.  Want some?!  My fruits are the world's best!  Take a look.  I can
    prove it!
    Cheeky Boy: ...You guys must be foreigners.  I haven't seen anyone stand up to
    the Dragon Knights like that in a while.  Nothing good'll come out of defying
    someone of high social status.  Be smart next time.
    Devoted Old Man: It seems you're foreigners that just arrived...  I'm sorry you
    had to go through that.  You should pray to Grattheos too.  If you pray hard
    enough, calamities will not come your way.
    Innocent Girl: I loooove Scias.  He's so cool!  He always asks me how I'm doing
    when he passes by here.  He's so nice.
    Calm Receptionist: Zanzibar Firm was started and built up by master alone.
    Most of the customers here are noble lords and tradesmen that purchase high-
    priced goods.  ...You seem to be travelers on a budget.  I don't know what
    possessed you to enter a shop of this caliber.
    Manly Knight: Even if His Majesty does not personally mind you seeing him, the
    fact remains that he is always busy.  Keep your visits to the palace short, and
    stay away if you don't have a good reason to come.
    Serious Knight: This is the way to the palace, where the sovereign of Altago
    dwells.  ...Ah, it's you.  I've been told about you.  You may pass.
    [In the Palace]
    Noble Knight: This is the Dragon Knights Station.  This is where the palace
    guards and the General perform their duties.  ...I apologize on Commander
    Raud's behalf.  Such discriminatory imprisonment is wrong, both morally and
    Stern Knight: Commander Raud toots his own horn saying he defeated the Romun
    navy, but Commander Scias did the most.  Commander Scias doesn't say anything,
    so there are people that actually believe Commander Raud's nonsense.
    Communications Officer: Commander Raud seems to have returned to the office.
    Your case was dismissed for "lack of evidence."  You should leave before the
    commander tries something again.
    Gloomy Knight: Hey, you're out of the cell.  Good for you.  ...But I would not
    want to come back here if I were you...  You guys sure are weird.
    Informative Knight: This floor holds the office of the general and commanders.
    I doubt foreigners such as yourselves would have any business up here...  Just
    don't touch anything.
    Raud's Lackey: It's you...  Try defying Commander Raud one more time.  You're
    gonna get hurt big time.  Remember that!
    Raud's Lackey: *hmph*  Don't look all smug just because you got out of the
    cell.  You're charge hasn't been cleared completely yet!
    Commander Raud: Tsk, it's you.  Don't think I won't do anything to you just
    because you got Scias on your side.  I can arrest you in a heartbeat if I want
    to.  "Possibly a Rumun spy."  Heh, that's more than enough reason.
    Talkative Maid: I hear Commander Raud was causing trouble out in the city
    again.  Apparently, he imprisoned some random foreigners saying they're spies.
    So stupid...
    Listening Maid: How many times is it now?  Commander Raud causing trouble...
    It's also a problem that His Majesty is so forgiving.
    Cloying Official: Weren't you brought in here earlier by the Dragon Knights?
    ...The more I look at you, the more shabby you look.
    Kind Steward: One-eyed Ladoc...  They call him a pirate, but I've seen him
    visit His Majesty, and he's clearly a just man.  His Majesty has sound
    judgement of character.  Such is the reason everyone here bears you warm
    Fastidious Maid: Cleaning, dusting, la-la-la...  Hmm?  Yes?  How may I assist
    you?  Are you lost?  I'm afraid this room is off-limits to common guests.
    These are the quarters belonging to the princess herself!
    Courteous Maid: During the Altaginian-Romun war, One-eyed Ladoc came to
    Altago's harbor to stock up on supplies.  In exchange for free passage, he
    offered His Majesty pertinent information pertaining to Romn and the Romun
    fleet.  His Majesty and Ladoc had a common enemy, and thus developed an instant
    rapport with one another.  The prime minister was dead set against fraternizing
    with pirates, but the rest of us were quite taken with them.
    [At the shrine]
    Dogi: A shrine to the northwest of town...  Looks like this is it.  ...The
    Dragon Knights could find anything here, right?  I guess we should probably
    take a look around anyway.
    [Head further in]
    Dogi: Open space...  Nice...  Looks like this really is the shrine the king
    talked about.
    Adol: [surprise]
    Dogi: It's a stone monument of some sort...  Wanna take a look?
    [Adol nods, so you go up and examine it]
    [Dialog Box: There is a strange seal drawn on the monument.]
    Dogi: Hmm... it looks really old...  What do you think, Adol?
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: ...A strange energy fills the room.]
    [Adol walks up to the monument and points his arm towards it, it lights up]
    Dogi: ...What the...?
    Voice: Visitor to Altago from foreign lands... Thou hast the calling of a
    warrior...  To thee, I shall give my seal...  Whenas the history of Altago
    unfurleth...  He who bears vigor, gentleness, and grief doth appear.  Ere
    ancient Altago meeteth doom...  Thou mayest visit my brethren...
    [Adol glows and falls to his knees]
    Dogi: H-hey!  You all right, Adol?!
    [Adol stands back up and nods]
    [Dialog Box: Adol mentions a slight dizziness, but says he feels fine overall.]
    Dogi: I-I see.  Well, as long as you're okay...  What was that voice just now,
    though?!  ...And that monument thing...  It's still giving off light!
    Adol: [...]
    Dogi: ...I guess we should head back to Altago...  Tell the king what happened
    and all.
    [Adol nods, they head towards the exit, a monster appears: Two-Headed Turtle:
    Dogi: Whoa!  What in the...!  What is that?!  Is that one of those "titanos"
    the commander was talking about?!  Why is it here, of all places?!
    [They get their weapons ready]
    Dogi: Damn it...  I guess we gotta man up!  Let's do this, Adol!
    [Get the thing below 300 HP and it goes on perpetual guard, ugh]
    Dogi: Nothing's working anymore...  What are we supposed to do now?
    Voice: ...O, warrior...  ...Unleash the power of mine emblem...
    [Adol glows again and You get the Moon Seal]
    Dogi: Wh-what now...?!  (This...power...is it coming from Adol?!)  I don't know
    what's going on, but...  This is no time for chatter!
    [Adol draws his sword again, you use an extra skill and kick turtle butt.]
    Dogi: *huff* *huff* We...did it...  What... What was that...?  That power just
    now...  Don't tell me you were hiding it from me all this time!
    Adol: [...]
    [Adol passes out.]
    Dogi: H-hey!  Hey, Adol!!  What's going on here?!  I-I need to get him out of
    Girl: Don't move him!
    Dogi: [!]  Wha?
    Girl: Moving him could be dangerous!  Leave him to me.
    Dogi: A-all right...  Wait, haven't I see you before?
    Girl: (He's unconscious, but his eyes are open...  This is bad.  I need to make
    him sleep somehow...  Half-bloomed seren flower scent...  I hope it works...)
    [The girl uses the flower on Adol and the scene goes black]
    ???: ...
    ???: Ah...
    Back in Altago City
    [The scene fades in to a house in Old Town, Adol is asleep and Maya is tugging
    at him.]
    Maya: Mm...
    [Adol sits up]
    Girl: Maya?  What are you doing?  You shouldn't bother someone that's...
    Girl: [!]
    Girl: Ah...  You're awake.  How are you feeling?  Does it hurt anywhere?  Do
    you feel dizzy or nauseous at all...?
    [Dialog Box: Adol closed his eyes and tried to identify any injuries.  His head
    aches a bit, but everything else seems fine.]
    Girl: ...Oh, what a relief.  You were asleep for so long...  You seem much
    better.  You're not as pale either.  Here, take a sip of this.
    [Dialog Box: The girl poured some thick liquid from a bottle and offered it to
    Adol.  Adol accepted the liquid.]
    Adol: [!]
    [Dialog Box: A strong honey-like flavor filled Adol's mouth...  Adol completely
    recovered his strength!]
    Girl: It's the sap from an Elle tree.  It's really sweet, isn't it?
    [Dialog Box: Adol thanked the girl and asked what had happened.]
    Girl: Um...  Where should I start...?  Well, my name is Tia.  This girl next to
    me is my sister, Maya.
    Maya: Ah!
    Tia: This is our home in Old Town Altago.  I make a living by gathering and
    selling various herbs and flowers.  I was out on the plains yesterday,
    gathering what I needed as usual, and that's when I found the shrine.  When I
    took a look inside, I found you unconscious...  ...And Dogi carried you here.
    Dogi: Adol, you're awake!  How do you feel?  You certainly look better than
    before.  Your face was why as a ship's sail!
    [Dialog Box: Adol told Dogi that he's feeling completely fine now.]
    Dogi: Well, that's good to hear.  Don't make me worry like that, buddy!  Sorry
    for the trouble, Tia.  If you hadn't showed up...  I don't know what I'd have
    done with him.
    Tia: No need to be sorry.  You actually saved me first...  Not only that...
    You ended up getting arrested for it!
    [Tia bows to them]
    Tia: I never got to thank you properly for helping me.
    Dogi: Haha, don't mention it.  This guy right here just can't leave it alone
    when someone's in trouble.  Thanks to him, we get mixed up in all sorts of
    things.  I've just learned to accept it, and roll with the punches!
    Tia: Oh, dear...
    Maya: Ah...?
    [Adol gets out of bed]
    Dogi: [surprise]  Hmm, it looks like you really are all better.  Wanna get
    going?  We shouldn't overstay our welcome.
    [Adol nods]
    Tia: Oh, there's no need to leave so soon.  You should rest a bit...
    [Dialog Box: Adol thanks Tia again and reassured her that he was completely
    Tia: ...All right.  Promise you'll be careful, though, okay?  I'm usually
    either here at home or at the square where we last met.  If you get injured or
    anything again, please, let me know.  I'll give you herbs that'll fix you right
    Dogi: All right.  We'll drop by if anything comes up.  Later, Maya!  Be nice to
    your sister, all right?
    Maya: Ah!
    [They step outside]
    Dogi: Man, we seriously owe her one.  Didn't see much resemblance between them,
    though, did you?  Pretty different-lookin' sisters...  The fact that the little
    one can't talk also kinda gets to me...  Well, anyway...  Looks like there
    really was something at that shrine, huh?  That voice we heard...  And that
    power!  Any idea what it was all about?
    [Select "Let's report back to the king.]
    Dogi: [!]  Oh, right.  We did say that we would.  Yeah, maybe he'll know
    something.  All right.  Sounds like a plan!  Let's go to the palace!
    [Arrive at the palace]
    Dogi: Huh?  Who's that?
    Pompous Man: Who are you...?
    Muscular Man: ...
    Pompous Man: Ah, I see.  You must be those vagabonds His Majesty spoke of.  I
    really don't follow his reasoning sometimes.  We just recently agreed on a
    ceasefire with Romn, and now he greets some strange nobodies with open arms.
    Dogi: (What the hell...)
    Pompous Man: ...No matter.  General, as I said before, I'm leaving the matter
    to you.  What Altago needs right now is trade in the Medo Sea.  We can never be
    too wary of Romn, especially when it comes to safeguarding our trade ships.
    And we certainly cannot allow some names, foreign drifters to wander about the
    country at a time like this.
    Muscular Man: ...Understood.  However, I must have you know...  My men may need
    to be dispatched elsewhere due to unforeseen situations.  There is no
    Pompous Man: Yes, yes...  ...All hard-headed fools, I say.  His Majesty is no
    different...  Am I the only one that seeks to bring about prosperity in the
    [The pompous man walks off]
    Dogi: What the hell's his problem...?!
    Muscular Man: *cough*
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Muscular Man: ...Adol, I presume.  His Majesty may have accepted you into our
    great kingdom, but you are still an outsider.  I'd advise that you stay out of
    our internal affairs.  Also, it is the duty of the Dragon Knights to serve and
    protect this great nation.  We cannot allow you to do whatever you please.
    Dogi: Scary...  Both of them...  Who are they...?
    Man's Voice: Counselor to His Majesty, Prime Minister Orbus...  ...and General
    Dreisen, the head of the Dragon Knights.
    Adol & Dogi: [surprise]
    [Scias walks out of the audience chamber]
    Dogi: Oh, it's you.  So they're they prime minister and the military general
    here...  I guess that explains their air of superiority...
    Scias: Prince Minister Orbus is also the father of Commander Raud.  I'm sure
    you noticed the resemblance.
    Dogi: [!]  You mean that jackass that arrested us for no reason...?  I guess
    arrogance runs in their family.  And stupid eyebrows...
    Commander Scias: Haha, indeed!  So, you took longer than I expected to return.
    Don't tell me you actually found something at the shrine?
    Adol & Dogi: [...]
    Commander Scias: ...Looks like you did...  His Majesty is waiting.  You should
    report to him.
    [Head to the audience chamber]
    King Kiemarl: Ah, you have returned.  You were taking longer than expected, so
    I was worried.  Did you discover something?
    Dogi: Um...
    [Dialog Box: Adol explains to the king what happened at that shrine.]
    Kiemarl & Scias: [!]
    King Kiemarl: Interesting...
    Commander Scias: A titano so close to Altago city...  ...My apologies, Your
    Majesty.  It seems our investigation was not through enough.
    King Kiemarl: There is nothing more you could have done.  We do not know where
    it came from, but I assume the earthquake had something to do with it.  ...A
    glowing stone monument, and a mysterious voice...  ...Not to mention a power
    strong enough to bring down a titano with one blow...
    Kiemarl: [...]
    Dogi: Do you have any explanation...?
    King Kiemarl: Not quite.  But I do have a guess.  Adol...  That power that
    dwells in you...  It may have something to do with the "Dragons."
    Everyone Else: [!]
    Commander Scias: Your Majesty, that's...!
    Dogi: ...Dragons?!  What do you mean by that?  Is it related to the "Dragon
    Energy" that Altaginian weapons have?
    King Kiemarl: "Dragon Energy" is merely a metaphor.  It refers to the energy
    that circulates throughout the country of Altago.  However, apart from this
    metaphor, we also have a legend involving actual "Dragons."  According to the
    legend, these Dragons are godlike beings.  Regrettably, there are not many
    alive today that know of this legend.
    Commander Scias: The Dragon Knights also derived their name from this legend.
    It is a symbol of the concept of a power that resides in Altago, so to speak.
    Dogi: I...uh...I'm not sure I get it.  So basically, you're saying that this
    dragon energy is now in Adol?
    King Kiemarl: Well, one cannot be sure.  We have no idea whether they actually
    exist, or one did but disappeared...  But the power to bring down a titano with
    just the two of you...  I can think of no other possible explanation.
    Commander Scias: ...That is true.  Titanos are creatures that take tends of our
    Dragon Knights to bring down.  These two have definitely received powers
    surpassing those of any normal human.
    Dogi: ...This is crazy.  But why did the power choose Adol...?  (Silly
    question, given how often this kind of thing happens, but still...)
    King Kiemarl: [...]  Hmm...  Perhaps it is destiny...  Adol.  While I do not
    know if the power that dwells in you is in fact from the "Dragons"...  ...I can
    introduce you to someone who is quite knowledgeable in the legend.  Would you
    be interested?
    [Choose "I am interested."]
    King Kiemarl: I thought you would be.  While the legend has been passed down
    throughout Altago...  ...Perhaps the village most informed about it would be
    Dogi: Shannoa...?
    King Kiemarl: It is a village that continues to preserve its ancient
    traditions.  It lies southeast from the plains.  I am certain Eldress Fatima,
    who governs the village, is well-versed in the legend of the "Dragons."  It is
    also said that the village has an ancient altar dedicated to one of the
    "Dragons" they revere.
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Dogi: Is it like the one we found at the shrine?
    King Kiemarl: That, I do not know.  However, I believe it will be a good place
    to start.  Scias.  Pen and paper.
    Commander Scias: Yes, Your Majesty.
    [You get King's letter]
    King Kiemarl: This should make it easier to speak with the eldress.  Take it
    with you.
    [Dialog Box: Adol thanks the king.]
    King Kiemarl: No need to thank me.  I am personally curious to know more about
    these "Dragons."  If the Dragon Knights were avail-  *cough* *cough* *cough*
    Everyone Else: [!]
    [The King falls to his knees]
    Commander Scias: Your Majesty!
    King Kiemarl: ...Do not worry.  It is only a small fit.  ...it has subsided.
    Commander Scias: Your Majesty...  If at all possible, please shorten the time
    you spend on official business.  If anything were to happen to you, the kingdom
    of Altago would--
    King Kiemarl: That is enough.  I have already given a large portion of my
    duties to you and the prime minister.  It is not as if this illness can be
    cured.  Allow me at least this much.
    Commander Scias: ...Understood, Your Highness...
    Dogi: Are you...  Are you all right?
    King Kiemarl: Please excuse me.  I did not mean to frighten you.  I am
    currently fighting an illness.  It is a malady particular to Altago, but it is
    not infectious, so do not worry.  Back to the matter at hand...  the road to
    Shannoa is long.  And there are many beasts outside the city walls.  Be careful
    on your journey.
    [Outside the castle]
    Off to Shannoa
    Mysterious Girl: Wh-what's with this girl...?  Let go of me!!  I don't want
    Sigroon to find me!
    Maya: Ah...  Nnnnnn!
    [Maya tugs at the girl's hooded cloak]
    Mysterious Girl: Ow!  St-stop!!  Stop it!!
    [Adol and Dogi walk up on this scene]
    Dogi: Hey, Maya.  What are you doing here?  And who's this...?
    Mysterious Girl: Wh-what are you looking at!  Your hair...  It's red...  Oh, I
    see.  You must be that adventurer or whatever.  ...How stupid.  Why did Father
    invite these nobodies to the palace...  I mean, they're...
    Adol & Dogi: [...]
    Mysterious Girl: Wh-what...  You got something to say?
    Dogi: No...  Not really...  It's just...  What's with the outfit?
    Mysterious Girl: Excuse me?!  Look.  Do you know who I...!  [!]  I-I mean,
    um...  ...Listen.  You better not do anything suspicious while you're in
    Altago, all right?  That self-important prime minister always gives me such a
    [Maya starts tugging again]
    Maya: Baaah!
    Mysterious Girl: [big text] Ow!  I said stop!!!  [normal text]  Do you know
    this girl?  Teach her some manners!
    [The mysterious girl runs off]
    Dogi: What was that all about...?  That girl...  She's hiding something.  Oh,
    well.  Maya, you should be careful when you're talking to strangers.  They
    could be dangerous, okay?
    Maya: Ahhh!
    [Maya runs off]
    Dogi: ...I'll just take that as a yes.  Speaking of which, maybe we should
    visit Tia before heading out to Shannoa.  She helped us out a great deal.
    Wouldn't hurt to thank her again.
    [Adol nods]
    [In the town]
    Kind Lady: A child wearing a cape ran into the tavern just now.  Seems a bit
    suspicious...  Maybe I should report this to the Dragon Knights...
    Traveling Peddler: Once all the cargo's loaded, I'm off to Segram.  I'm glad my
    business is thriving, but at this rate, these boys won't be able to rest at
    all.  Oh, just to let you know, be careful of the monsters in and around the
    Promoter: Well, hello!  Are you planning on riding the Longma Cart?  You better
    hurry, because it's going to leave soon!
    Gate Keeper: There's a titano near the main roads.  It's an herbivore that's
    usually gentle, but being a titano, once it's mad, there's little you can do
    but run.  ...I'm sure you won't, but seriously, don't go near it!  For any
    Ambitious Man: With the war over, Altago City is quickly becoming a commercial
    center.  I need to get on this wave so I can make some big bucks.
    Mean Merchant: I hear those dogs from Old Town sometimes come out to the main
    road to sell things.  All they're doing is making the rest of Altago look bad
    to outsiders with their grubby wares and dirty faces.
    Cold Merchant: It's good for the economy to increase business, but letting
    flower vendors sell their frivolous goods...  I wonder if we can ask the Prime
    Minister to ban selling flowers.
    Weapon Shop Owner: Skills are born of the same arts that allows synthesis.  I
    don't know the details, but apparently all equipment made in Altago has "dragon
    energy" in it.  Skills are a necessity when facing strong monsters.  You should
    use them as often as you can.
    Boy-Crazy Girl: The war hasn't been over for too long, so the stores are still
    stocking a lot of weapons.  I just want the weapons gone so that the shops can
    stock some cute clothes.
    Knowledgeable Man: Hmm...?  It seems you're planning to go somewhere.  There
    are many dangers outside the city walls.  Perhaps I can teach you a thing or
    two that may be of help.  ...What do you want to know?
    Knowledgeable man: If you stand still for some time, your health will begin to
    recover.  If you're not injured too badly, you should save your recovery items.
    Item Shop Owner: If you get hurt real bad, quit whatever you are doing and tend
    to your wounds.  Only fools think they're special, and nothing bad will happen
    to them.  They're the ones that die young, too.
    Complaintive Woman: Prices of goods from other villages are on the rise
    lately...  I hear the Longma Cart is charging more because of monsters...  How
    People Watcher: I hear the goods that were on hold because of the war finally
    started appearing on the market.  I'm sure there will be more weapons and armor
    on display soon, too.
    Old Town Boy: Maya always comes here to sell flowers whenever a new ship
    arrives at the harbor.  But most of the people are merchants, so no one really
    likes flowers.
    Patriotic Man: After the war with Romn ended, more foreigners began coming to
    Altago.  A lot of them are merchants, but they dirty the city like it's a trash
    can.  I'm keeping my eye on you two.
    Leisurely Maid: I hear negotiations are very important in the trade business.
    Sounds exhausting...  I'd better make something that'll give him an extra boost
    of energy.
    Gentle Trader: Altago has fought Romn for a long time over trade rights in the
    Medo Sea, but a treaty was signed six months ago.  It must mean the strength of
    the Dragon Knights was enough to turn the tides of war.
    Gutsy Maid: At any rate, that last earthquake really caught me by surprise.
    Earthquakes are very rare in Altago.  I doubt anyone ever builds their houses
    with earthquakes in mind.
    Energetic Worker: The ship you guys arrived on left the harbor just now.  The
    captain had a message for you: "Be sure you stay out of trouble!"
    Zealous Worker: I hear once you hit the main roads, there are monsters galore,
    but here in the harbor, all is good.  The waters around Altago are calm, so
    merchants can use the established trade routes without any fear.
    Young Worker: A small earthquake hit us a little while ago - did you feel it?
    Altago hasn't had an earthquake in...  I don't even know how many years!  It
    shook me up in more ways than one.
    Calm Worker: I'm glad the ship got off OK.  Traffic in and out of the harbor
    always makes me nervous.  It hasn't been that long since the war ended, you
    Scary Worker: The Romun-Altaginian war lasted a whole ten years, and only ended
    six months ago.  I think we're all still on edge.  The Dragon Knights' naval
    division is patrolling all the trade routes, though, so I guess we're pretty
    Thoughtful Girl: Entrepreneurial types come here from all over the world,
    hoping to strike it rich in the pearl of the Medo Sea.  Altago's commerce laws
    promote trade, and with all its natural resources, it's no wonder they all come
    Lively Merchant: My daughter keeps begging me for rare gems...  What should I
    do...?  She says the gems we carry in our store aren't enough to satisfy her...
    Having a selfish daughter is draining...
    Quiet Maid: I saw a hungry child from Old Town on my way back from grocery
    shopping.  We live in the same city...  I can't believe our lives can be so
    Teresa Runions: Gem stones are so precious...  They're perfect for someone as
    elegant as I.  But I am not satisfied with what I already have.  I want rarer,
    more jealousy-inducing items!  Perhaps you would be willing to entertain a
    request from a fine lady such as myself...no?  I absolutely loooove gem stones,
    and I was hoping you would allow me to purchase some from you.  I will offer
    you something special if you bring me a wide variety of rare and valuable gem
    John Cordova: I cook all the dishes that are served here, but the water quality
    in the city is pretty terrible...  I wish I had some really GOOD water that I
    could use to cook superb dishes.  If, in your travels, you find a new source of
    water and can gather, say, ten cups of it...  I'd be quite pleased!  Ten cups
    should be enough to get an idea of whether or not people will really notice any
    difference.  I'll be sure to pay you accordingly if you find me some
    exceptional water.
    Gossipy Man: I often see this girl selling flowers in the public square...  She
    sure is pretty.  What was her name again...?  Erith?  Alith?
    Kevin Lassiter: I went to the palace to apply for a new trade permit...  But
    the prime minister was in a meeting, so I never got to meet with him.  ...This
    is not a good start...
    Precocious Girl: I hear there are extremely large monsters called titanos in
    Altago.  Mommy tells me they're dangerous, but I kind of want to see one.  I
    get all excited just thinking about it.
    Traveling Merchant: According to shopkeepers in the public square, this country
    seems most accommodating of merchants.  The tax is really low too...  Maybe I
    should move here and open up a shop of my own.
    Noble Knight: I hear Commander Raud's men sometimes go out and do whatever they
    want as if they're untouchable.  They even bother innocent citizens for fun!
    They're a bunch of mindless fools!
    Woman Knight: What?  You cannot help?  How can you not?  The princess has
    stolen away from the palace again!!  If we don't find her quickly, she'll get
    even farther away...  Damn it.  I don't care who!  Anyone that's free, gather
    Communications Officer: Sigroon, I understand what you're trying to say, but
    calm down.  The general is currently out, and the princess sneaking out of the
    palace happens all the time.
    Stern Knight: The general oversees every part of Altago's military, including
    the Dragon Knights and the navy.  The general always prioritizes the safety of
    the citizens.  He truly is a man of honor.  Most trustworthy.
    Gloomy Knight: ...The Europan weapons you guys had cannot be returned to you.
    Commander Raud took them for himself, so you should just give up.
    Informative Knight: The general will be heading to the naval base soon.  ...The
    war hero that directed the navy together with Commander Scias to drive back the
    Romun forces...  Everyone looks up to the two of them and aims to be like them.
    Talkative Maid: I hear the princess snuck out of the palace again.  Good for
    her.  Well, I guess she's that age now.  I understand why she'd want to get out
    and have some fun.
    Listening Maid: It must be tough being the princess' personal guard.  The
    princess has a knack for sneaking out of the palace.  She never takes anything
    lightly, so I just hope she doesn't get sick from being stressed out all the
    Cloying Official: There are too many Dragon Knights and workers in the palace
    that are of common background.  As nobility, I can't stand it.
    Kind Steward: His Majesty used to be renown throughout all of Altago as a just,
    kind, and wise ruler.  But though he is still all of these things, he's had
    difficulty concentrating of late, and begun delegating his duties.
    Courteous Maid: He sacrifices our domestic affairs in favor of heightened
    commerce.  I do understand the need, but he goes too far!  Why create a
    financially prosperous kingdom if no one lives there to appreciate it?
    Fastidious Maid: I heard quite the clank and clatter coming from the princess'
    room earlier.  I think she snuck out the window again!  Every time she does it,
    she leaves a trail of debris in her wake.  So now, while she's out...  It's
    time to clean!
    Serious Knight: If you're looking for the general, he just left for the naval
    base.  He's probably checking on training.  ...Of course, civilians are not
    allowed in the naval base.  So please don't try anything funny.
    Manly Knight: The general is busy lately with all the extra work from the prime
    minister.  I don't know how he handles it.  I think it's only because the
    general is so strict, even with himself, that he can do what he does...
    Devoted Old Man: After the new head priest was appointed, the tritheist temple
    in the city changed.  Maybe it's because he comes from a noble background, I
    don't know.  But I just don't like him.  Tritheism was much better when the
    former head priest was here.
    Gentle Priestess: Reverend Daleyon was the former head priest at this temple.
    He was well-respected by the people, and was a wonderful priest...  However, he
    is no longer here.
    Gaudy Head Priest: Thanks to the former head priest's virtue, we have many
    worshippers that come.  We also receive many offerings.  How ironic that his
    virtue is ensuring the continued existence of the temple only after his
    Diligent Priest: Have you heard of Iskan fever?  It is an endemic disease that
    has spread throughout Altago just recently.  We do want to help the people
    suffering from it...  But it is rather difficult...
    Cheeky Boy: Even when people from Old Town open up a business in the square,
    things don't go so well.  So considering, I think that flower girl is doing
    pretty well.  Though I doubt flowers are very profitable.
    Fruit Shop Owner: I can't take watching those Dragon Knights acting all high
    and mighty.  I don't care what heroic deeds they did.  They should watch and
    learn Commander Scias' civility.
    Confident Girl: Zanzibar is just shameless.  What a despicable man.  If he has
    no plans to do business with the common folk, then he shouldn't have set up
    shop in the public square!
    Belinda Nis: I buy flowers from this little girl quite often.  I started
    thinking lately that maybe I should try growing some myself...  But flower
    seeds are small and hard to see, so I haven't had much luck finding them.  I
    can't go out to the plains to gather them because of all the monsters...  so
    I'm fresh out of ideas!  [!]  Um...  Are you travelers, per chance?  ...Would
    you mind finding some seeds for me?  It's not urgent, so perhaps you could
    just...keep an eye out for them?  I hear you can find seeds when harvesting
    fruits and flowers.  Please let me know if you find any.  Of course, I'll pay
    for your help, so if you don't mind...
    Sincere Merchant: Hahaha, you defeated a titano?!  You had me going there.
    Even the Dragon Knights have trouble facing titanos.  Like I'd believe you
    actually succeeded.
    Resting Old Woman: "Zanzibar Firm" is here, right...?  I heard they have
    medicine here that can cure my husband.  I guess I'll go in and ask.
    Zanzibar: Huh...?  I've never seen you before.  From the looks of it, you must
    be from Europe.  Do you not know that I only deal with big money.  This is no
    place for you!  Get out!
    Haughty Manager: A dirty old woman is standing in front of our store.  I better
    drive her away, or she'll be driving away our precious customers.
    Graceful Guide: It seems this is the first time this guest has conducted
    business.  Well, we will be making quite a bit of profit, of course.
    Peddler: The handling fee to rent a ship is this much...?  ...I already
    purchased everything...  I guess I have no choice but to accept their
    Calm Receptionist: Welcome to the number one business in all Altago, Zanzibar
    Calm Receptionist: Master has expanded his business by doing whatever was
    necessary.  He must have done numerous terrible deeds to get his firm this
    large, but it seems it does not bother his conscience.  [...]  His passion for
    money is commendable.
    Curious Boy: Did you know that there's a Dragon Knight who's originally from
    Old Town?  I wonder who it is.  Man, I wanna know!
    One-legged Man: There is a doctor that lives in this sanctuary that makes
    medicine to help the poor like us.  ...He seems to have gone somewhere though.
    He must have gone to look for herbs and such.
    Bitter Man: You must feel so lucky to have someone as pretty as Tia to look
    after you.  If only I was fifty years younger...
    Enlightened Man: Been here a long time, and the conditions here have never once
    changed.  Not even a little.  I'm sure people from a richer background would
    find this place unbearable...but I'm used to it!
    Cynical Old Man: Tch, what a bunch of annoying fools, getting carried in to Old
    Town of all places.  You better thank Tia properly.
    Caring Boy: Don't step in the flower bed, OK?  Tia really loves those flowers.
    Gossiping Man: Have you heard?  Apparently, the princess sneaks out of the
    palace a lot.  I don't even know what the princess looks like, so even if she
    were right in front of me, I'd have no idea.
    Vulgar Woman: That princess of ours got it easy, walking about town without a
    care in the world.  She can kiss my ass.  She doesn't care one whit about our
    Elderly Man: Tia, I'm greatly indebted to you.
    Tia: No need to be, I'll take care of the delivery.
    Elderly Man: Thank you for everything.
    [He turns and sees Adol and Dogi]
    Elderly Man: Oh, excuse me.
    [He walks out]
    Tia: Ah...  Adol and Dogi.
    Dogi: A little strange-lookin', that one...
    Tia: Haha, that was Mr. Daleyon.  He's like a doctor around here.  He used to
    be a priest at the temple in the city...  ...But now he's working hard at the
    Old Town Sanctuary to come up with medicine to keep us all healthy.  I'm also
    pretty good with herbs, so I try to help him out whenever I can.
    Dogi: I see...  You must be more than just pretty good if a doctor trusts you
    that much...
    Tia: Teehee...  thank you.  Oh, I almost forgot.  I need to check the schedule
    for the next Longma Cart.  This medicine needs to go to Shannoa.
    Dogi: Shannoa...?  As in, the village in the woods?
    Tia: Yes.  It's rather far from here, so I take the Longma Cart there several
    times a month.
    Dogi: Huh...  (Hey, Adol.  What should we do?)
    [Select Deliver the medicine for Tia]
    [Dialog Box: Adol explained to Tia that he will be going to Shannoa, and that
    he can deliver the medicine for her.]
    Tia: You're going to Shannoa?  But, you've only just recovered...
    Dogi: Hahaha!  Didn't you know?  Adol and I are made of steel!  We're going
    there anyway, so please, let us take your package for you.
    Tia: ...  ...Okay, I accept.  Thank you!
    [You get Tia's medicine.]
    Tia: Please give it to Eldress Fatima.  ...Um...  And don't push yourself too
    hard, okay?  I hear Shannoa Forest has become really dangerous lately.
    [Dialog Box: You asked the elderly man about Old Town.]
    Near-deaf Man: Hoedown...?  You want to know about our traditional dance, eh?
    What makes the Hoedown great is that it's simple and can be learned in a single
    Peddler: Huh?  There's a handling fee for renting a ship?  That's not good.
    It's gonna cut into my profits...
    Graceful Guide: The ship is used to transport cargo.  Charging a modest
    handling fee is to be expected.
    Maya: ...Ah.
    [Dialog Box: Maya seems to be working hard.]
    Dogi: (Heh, she's always so energetic.)
    Mysterious Girl: They say that merchants visit this tavern sometimes as well.
    I hope I can get some information like this...  *mumble*  *mumble*
    Adol & Dogi: [?]
    Dogi: (She doesn't look like she belongs in a place like this...  How
    Shannoa Forest
    [Arrive to Shannoa Forest]
    Boy's Voice: ...Hold it right there!  You're not from around here, are you?
    Why are you in Shannoa Forest?
    Adol & Dogi: [surprise]
    Dogi: Huh...?
    [They look around and a young green haired boy shows up and jumps down by them]
    Boy: Man, talk about weird taste in fashion.  So, what are you doing here?
    This isn't the kind of forest you can just take a stroll in, you know...  The
    forest has been crazy lately, so everyone in the village has been on the
    lookout for titanos.  Titanos!
    Dogi: ...We gonna get accosted here, too?  Actually, we're on our way to visit
    the eldress of Shannoa Village.
    [Dialog Box: Adol told the boy that King Kiemarl has written an introduction
    letter for them.]
    Boy: So you're on your way to meet Grandma with that letter from the king, huh?
    ...  Heh, I have an idea.  Hey, can I see that letter?
    [Dialog Box: Adol handed the king's letter to the boy.]
    Boy: [shocked] Oh, wow!  This really is from the king!  ...and now it's mine!
    Adol & Dogi: [surprised]
    Dogi: Whaaa...?
    Boy: Heh, heh.  Why don't I deliver this for you?  If you want it back, you'll
    have to catch me first!  I'd like to see you try!!
    Dogi: Hey-!  What's the big idea?!  You little...  Adol, we gotta hurry or
    we'll lose him for real!
    [Adol nods]
    [Find the boy]
    Boy: Heh!  What a bunch of blockheads!  Like they'll ever be able to catch up
    with me...
    [A roar can be heard]
    Boy: ...Huh?
    [A giant boar monster comes at the boy]
    Boy: Cr-crap!  This must be its nest...!
    [It charges again, the boy dodges]
    Boy: Whoa!!
    [Adol and Dogi walk in on this scene]
    Dogi: Ah, the kid from before...  Oh...crap...
    [They run towards the monster and draw their weapons to fight]
    Dogi: Hey, kid.  Get back!
    [The boy runs]
    [Fight with Long Tusked Boar: Es Gallion]
    Dogi: *phew*  That was close.  Hey, kid.  You hurt anywhere?
    [The kid walks up to them]
    Boy: L-like something like this could ever hurt me!  I could have taken care of
    a monster like that myself...n-no problem!  ...Treating me like a kid...
    Boy: [...]
    [He walks up to Adol]
    Boy: ...H-here.  Take it!
    [You got King's letter back]
    [Dialog Box: Adol thanked the boy.]
    Boy: [surprise]  Wh-why are you thanking me?  You really are dumb...  You're
    strong but stupid.  Only idiots get tricked so easily.
    Dogi: Hey, kid.  We just saved your butt.
    Boy: Did not!  But...  okay, I guess.  What are your names?
    Dogi: ...I'm Dogi.
    [Dialog Box: Adol introduced himself.]
    Boy: Adol and Dogi, huh...  I'm Elk from Shannoa Village.  I'm actually pretty
    famous around here.  You said you're on your way to meet with the eldress,
    right?  Go to the village and ask for an old lady named Fatima.  She lives in a
    large house way in the back of the village.  I need to get going before I'm
    found out...  Bye, rocks for brains!  ...And you, too, red hair!
    [Elk runs off]
    Dogi: Hey!  ...Kids these days.  Oh well.  We got the letter back.  Let's get
    going, Adol!
    [Adol nods]
    Shannoa Village
    [Arrive to Shannoa Village]
    Curious Girl: ...Huh?  You're not from the village...  This is Shannoa Village.
    What are you here for?
    Dignified Warrior: You came through the forest on foot?!  Man, ignorance can be
    a scary thing...  If you'd run into a titano on the way here... well, you
    wouldn't have MADE it here, I suspect!
    Young Man on Break: We all know there is a titano living nearby, but the
    military does not help us, so all we can do is watch and wait.  The Dragon
    Knights could easily best it in combat, but they never come to Shannoa.
    Candid Lady: Your hair...  ...Oh, sorry.  I've never actually met a redhead
    Assembly Manager: ...Hmm?  Strangers to our fair village, are you?  Welcome,
    welcome!  This is the village assembly hall.  We don't have a lot to offer, but
    please, make yourselves at home.
    Voluptuous Woman: I hear it's become impossible to get to the altar inside the
    Ancient Tree because of those blasted rock-thorns...  I wonder when I'll ever
    be able to see the altar again...
    Talkative Girl: I hear even the monsters inside the Ancient Tree are going
    crazy...  I'd like to go visit the altar, but... well... then I think about
    what the titanos did to the village last time...
    Mischievous Boy: Everyone keeps telling me I can't go out into the forest
    because "it's dangerous."  So what about Elk?  How come he gets to go?!
    Gruff Fisherman: You want to ride my boat?  Sorry, but this boat is for fishing
    only.  No outsiders allowed!  Shoo!  Shoo!
    Chris Gouin: ...Man, I broke my pole again...  And I thought I had that one,
    too!  [shock]  Hey, you guys...  You came from the forest, right?  My name is
    Chris Gouin, and I'm kind of... famous around here.  I'm what you might call...
    a violent reeler.  Generations of birds have nested in the splintered shards of
    my old rods!  So I need wood, and lots of it.  If you bring me 10 pieces of any
    type of wood, I'll buy 'em from you.  What do you say?
    Young Hunter: This is where the hunters of Shannoa hold meetings.  Hunters also
    patrol the village for security.  So don't do anything stupid while you're
    here, okay?
    Skillful Hunter: To hunt means you are playing an active role in changing the
    ecology of the forest.  It's necessary to stay alert at all times, so that not
    even a single seed is destroyed without just cause.
    Imposing Hunter: There are so many monsters in the forest now, the ecology is
    changing.  We must remain even more alert than before during out hunts.
    Carol Zander: Why hello, young fellows!  My name is Carol Zander, and I teach
    all the children in Shannoa about our old traditions.  Have you seen the
    guardian statues in the forest?  They protect travelers from harm, and grant us
    a bountiful harvest.
    Cheerful Warrior: You'll see the Ancient Tree just beyond the forest this way.
    But the eldress locked the access gate to keep the monsters out.
    Cheery Shop Owner: Oh, a customer?  Come on in.  We're open.
    Cheery Shop Owner: ...I don't think I've met you before.  You from Altago City?
    Relax, I have no problems with outsiders.  My goods are your goods - for the
    right price, of course.  Have a look!
    Cheery Shop Owner: Thanks so much!
    [Arrive to the eldress' house]
    Short Old Woman:  Please do.  You all need to be careful.
    Villager: Yes, I'll be sure to tell everyone.
    [The villager leaves, the old woman looks surprised at seeing Adol and Dogi]
    Short Old Woman: Oh?  Who might you be?  Don't just stand there.  Come over
    Dogi: R-right.
    [They walk closer to the old woman]
    Dogi: Excuse me, but uh...  Are you Eldress Fatima?
    Short Old Woman: Yes, I am.  I'm the eldress of Shannoa, Fatima.  I do believe
    this is our first encounter.  How do you know me?
    [Dialog Box: Adol informed Fatima that they had met Elk out in the forest and
    heard about her from him.]
    Eldress Fatima: I see...  Elk must have left the village again.  Elk is my
    grandson.  That boy and his pranks...  I'll whoop him good when he gets home!
    I'm sorry if he caused you any trouble.
    Dogi: Haha, not at all.  I mean, he was a bit of a punk, but it didn't look
    like we was bad to the core.
    Eldress Fatima: You're too kind.  And very direct.  Elk's...been through a lot.
    Hmm...  Anyway, what brings you here?
    [Dialog Box: Adol handed Fatima the king's letter and explained why they came
    to Shannoa.]
    Eldress Fatima: I see...  That close to Altago City, eh...  ...
    Dogi: The king told us that there's an altar dedicated to the "Dragons" around
    here...  That voice we heard, and the strange power...  ...We'd like to check
    the altar to see if it's related to these "Dragons" somehow.
    Eldress Fatima: It is true that we have a Dragon altar here.  It's located in
    the Ancient Tree of Shannoa, and it is a place most holy for our people.  No
    outsiders.  ...However, after reading the letter from His Majesty...  I can
    make an exception for you.
    Dogi: Thanks, Eldress!
    Eldress Fatima: But there is one problem...  Apparently, a titano has decided
    that area makes a good home.  I hear it's an insect type, and no one knows when
    it's gonna pop out and strike.  You still want to go?
    [Select Yes]
    Eldress Fatima: I see, I see...  Well, you seem to be skilled warriors.  Maybe
    you'll do fine if you're careful.  ...Take this.
    [You got Ancient Tree's Key.]
    Eldress Fatima: The Ancient Tree is behind the village.  ...Be careful, you
    [Adol and Dogi left the eldress' house and ran into Elk again.]
    Elk: ...Hey, guys!
    Adol & Dogi: [surprise]
    Dogi: Oh.  Hey, Elk.
    Elk: It looked like you guys were talking about something serious with Grandma.
    Something about the Ancient Tree, right?  What were you guys talking about?
    Dogi: ...You were eavesdropping, then?
    Elk: Oh, pfft, who cares about that?  Just fill me in!  I wanna know!
    [Dialog Box: Adol explained to Elk that they are on their way to a "Dragon"
    Elk: The Shannoa Altar, huh?  Oh, but that area's...
    Elk: [...]
    Adol & Dogi: [sweatdrop]
    Dogi: What?
    Elk: ...Never mind.  It's nothing...  ...Hey, why don't I help you get there?
    I know you guys are strong, but having someone who knows his way around here
    would help, right?
    Dogi: Well, yeah, maybe...  But are you sure?  I thought your Grandma gets mad
    at you if you just leave the village.
    Elk: Only if I get caught!  The monsters in that area are really strong,
    though, so I should check my equipment first...  ...So, yeah, what are you
    doing?  Com on, let's go, let's go!
    Dogi: (There's no stopping him, huh...   I wonder which is more powerful:
    Dragon energy, or Elk energy...?  Well, he does seem to know his way around...
    Should we take him, Adol?)
    [Adol nods, Elk joins the party.]
    Cheerful Warrior: Elk!  Where are you off to...?  Didn't the eldress tell you
    not to wander off by yourself?
    Elk: ?!  I'm just gonna show them the way to the altar, that's all!  I'll come
    right back, so don't tell Grandma about this, okay?  Promise?
    Cheerful Warrior: ...Hahaha, sure.  You have my word.  Just be careful out
    Serious Warrior: Eldress Fatima is very well-learned, and used to visit the
    palace often as one of the king's advisors.  That all stopped when the war with
    Romn broke out, though...  It's not every day someone brings an official letter
    from the king!
    The Ancient Tree and Earth Altar
    [Arrive at the Ancient Tree]
    Dogi: Hey, Adol.  What're you looking-  [!]  ...Whoa!  What the hell is that?!
    Elk: Heh, I knew you'd be surprised.  That's the Ancient Tree.
    [You see a view of the area]
    Dogi: Th-that?!  Man, it's huge!!  Are trees even allowed to get that big...?
    Elk: The altar you're looking for is inside that tree.  There might be a titano
    in there, though, so let's be careful.
    [Adol nods, you head inside.]
    [Dialog Box: This tree sap glints mysteriously in the faint sunlight.]
    Elk: Whoa...  This is Ancient Tree sap!
    Dogi: Ancient Tree sap...?  What's so special about that?  Is it tasty, or
    Elk: No, the Ancient Tree sap has the power of "abundance."  It's usually used
    during the New Year's festival and stuff.  If you don't water it down, it makes
    plants grow instantly.
    Dogi: Hmmm...  sounds like it might be useful to take some!
    Elk: Heh, my mom taught me all that.  She knew a lot about this tree.
    [You got Ancient Tree Sap.]
    [Go further in, find a chest and you get the diamond boots]
    Dogi: Adol, those are some boots.  They look really durable, too...
    Elk: Those are Diamond Boots...  Legendary boots only worn by the best hunters
    in Shannoa.  Why we have legends about boots, I dunno.  But we can go anywhere
    in this forest with these!
    Dogi: We can go anywhere without them, too!  What makes them so special?
    Elk: My dad told me that in places with thorns or dangerous creatures...
    ...uhh...  ...
    Adol & Dogi: [?]
    Dogi: ...Elk, what's wrong?
    Elk: ...It's nothing.  ...Why don't we try using the boots?  We might be able
    to go places with them that we couldn't before.
    [Further in]
    Dogi: Where are we...?  How did we end up in a weird place like this...?
    Adol: [surprise]
    [You can see a huge thing that looks like a bug egg.]
    Dogi: Wh-what the...
    Elk: It's a titano...  Just before its mature stage...
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Dogi: Huh...?
    Elk: It's so close to the village...  ...This thing...  ...Mom and Dad were...!
    ...  [big text] Haaaaahhhhh!!!
    [Elk goes running towards it.]
    Dogi: H-hey, Elk!
    [You hear a crash]
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    [The egg thing hatches and a large spider like monster comes out]
    [Fight with Big Bug Beast: Zeran Fith]
    Dogi: *huff* *huff*  Damn, was that a titano, too...?  It's totally different
    from the turtle monster from before, not to mention it's stronger by a mile...
    [Dialog Box: Adol asked Elk if he's all right.]
    Elk: ...Yeah..  [...]  Man, you guys sure are strong!  ...Sorry I just rushed
    in earlier.  I just couldn't forgive a titano for nesting so close to the
    village.  A titano appeared near the village about two years ago, too.  It
    attacked anyone out in the forest...  My mom and dad tried to hold it off until
    everyone else got out safely...
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Dogi: ...I had no idea...
    Elk: The thing is...titanos shouldn't be leaving their territories deep
    underground.  It's not natural!  But they've been spotted on the surface quite
    often lately...  ...I can't just sit back and leave them be...
    Dogi: Elk...
    Elk: I get it, you know...  ...That fighting other titanos won't change
    anything...  [...]  But...I gotta admit I was happy there was someone fighting
    with me...  [small font]  Um...  Th-thank...s...
    Adol &Dogi: [shocked]
    Dogi: Haha, so you're a good kid now?
    Elk: I-I'm just saying that I'm fine now!  Don't just stand there.  Let's get
    moving!  Uh...  The titano must have nest here...but the altar is farther in.
    Come on!  I'll take you guys there, so don't just stand around looking dumb!
    [Elk goes running]
    Dogi: Well, looks like he's back to normal.  He'll probably stop being reckless
    though.  Hopefully.  Adol, we shouldn't let his good will go to waste, right?
    [Adol and Dogi start walking in the direction Elk ran off in]
    [They all arrive to the Earth Altar]
    Dogi: Wow...  I'm guessing this is an altar dedicated to a "Dragon."
    Elk: Yup, to the Great Earth Dragon.
    Adol & Dogi: [?]
    Dogi: The Great Earth Dragon...?
    Elk: What, you don't know?  Rada-Manj, the Great Earth Dragon!  He's one of the
    guardians of Altago.  It's common sense...
    Dogi: D-don't blame us for not knowing what we've never heard of!  You know,
    this altar...  It looks different from the one we saw in the shrine.  I thought
    maybe it would be the same, since the king said that the power you got might be
    from a "Dragon."
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: Adol feels a mysterious presence again.]
    Dogi: H-hey, Adol...?
    [Adol walks up to the altar and puts his hand out, it glows like the moon one
    did and they hear a voice]
    Voice: Over ancient Altago...  Rich land filled with life...  A dark cloud
    loometh.  With madness cometh anger, lamentation, sorrow, and eternal strife...
    O, destined warrior.  To thee, I shall give my seal.  Ere Altago meeteth
    doom...  Thou mayest visit my brethren.
    [You got Earth Seal.]
    All: [...]
    Dogi: Th-that voice just now...   It was a lot like the one we heard in the
    shrine...  Hey, Elk.  What does this mean?  Was that the voice of the Great
    Dirt Dragon or whatever?
    Elk: H-how should I know...?  I've never heard of anyone actually hearing the
    voice of the Great EARTH Dragon.
    Dogi: ...Adol, how do you feel?
    [Dialog Box: Adol told Dogi that he feels fine.  In fact, he feels energy
    flowing from within him.]
    [They all start glowing]
    Elk: Oh, yeah.  I can feel it, too.  It's like this energy is coming from you
    to me...
    Dogi: Maybe it's bring out our dormant abilities...?  I-I guess this is proof
    that these "Dragon" energy things do exist.  We should probably head back and
    tell the eldress what happened.  Maybe she can tell us a bit more about
    "Dragons," too.
    [Adol nods, they all leave to head to the village]
    Back in Shannoa
    [Around the village]
    Cheerful Warrior: ...Oh, hey, it's you guys.  You just got back from the
    Ancient Tree, right?  You were gone for a long time...  Elk was with you,
    wasn't he?  ...I was starting to get worried about him...
    Carol Zander: You know that lone guardian statue in the middle of Shannoa
    Forest?  I don't know why it's been separated from the other guardian statues,
    but it's always looked so lonely to me...  I used to visit it all the time, but
    I haven't been able to lately because of all the monsters.  Would you take an
    offering to it for me, dearie?  I usually offer five kamika fruits...  and, oh
    my, I don't seem to have enough!
    [You got Kamika Fruit x2]
    Carol Zander: I think that's all I have with me.  Sorry, but would you mind
    finding three more in the forest?  Let me know when you've done what I asked,
    sonny, and I'll pay you handsomely for it, all right?
    [Go see the Eldress]
    Eldress Fatima: Ah, you're back.  You must have made it safely to the altar
    [Dialog Box: Adol told Fatima everything that happened in the Ancient Tree.]
    Eldress Fatima: Really...  At the altar...  And you defeated the titano that
    nested there...  Amazing!
    Elk: Man, that titano was crazy!  If you guys weren't there...  ...Man, I would
    have been in trouble.
    Eldress Fatima: Ohh, interesting...  So you went with these two, did you?  [big
    text]  What do you think you're doing?!
    Elk: Wh-what...?!
    Eldress Fatima: I told you not to, but you still went ahead looking for danger!
    You're getting a thorough whoopin' later, boyo!
    Elk: C-come on, Grandma...!
    Eldress Fatima: ...Anyway.  Going back to what we were talking about...  Are
    you sure you heard a voice at the altar?
    Dogi: What does it mean?  Elk told us that the altar is dedicated to the Dir-
    ...er, Earth Dragon...  Is that one of these "Dragons" the king mentioned...?
    Eldress Fatima: ...Ah, right.  You've never heard of the Five Great Dragons of
    Altago, have you...  Allow me to inform you, then.  The country of Altago is
    very old.  It is believed to have existed since the time of creation.  The Five
    Dragons are the five pillars of the land and have existed since the beginning.
    The Five Dragons are life itself.  They create and protect all life.  It is
    their power that allows so much life in Altago, including the titanos.
    Dogi: So they're like the gods of Altago...  I'm guessing there are more
    Dragons than just the Earth Dragon, then.
    Eldress Fatima: Of course.  As the name says, there are five.  Shannoa worships
    one of the five, Rada-Manj, the Earth Dragon.  [...]  Your name is Adol,
    correct?  That voice your heard was without a doubt that of the Great Earth
    Dragon.  And the power you received...  I'm sure it's significant.  Perhaps it
    would be a good idea for you to visit the altars of the other Dragons.
    Dogi: Do you know where they are?
    Eldress: I don't know for sure where the other altars are, I'm afraid.
    However...  ...You should ask General Dreisen.  He should know of at least one.
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Dogi: General Dreisen...  You mean, of the Dragon Knights?
    Eldress Fatima: Yes.  He was once the elder of a desert village to the
    southwest of Altago, called Segram.  The Segramites also worship one of the
    Dragons, as we do.  I'm sure he must know the location of its altar.
    Dogi: I see...  ...I don't know if that brute';; share much with us, though...
    What do you think, Adol?  Wanna head back to Altago City and ask the general?
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: Adol thought for a moment, then nodded.]
    Dogi: Well, I guess we should take whatever hints we can get...  All right.
    Let's not waste any time!
    Elk: [...]  You guys are leaving already...?  Can I come, too?
    Eldress Fatima: ...Elk.
    Elk: I-I'm kidding!  I just, uh...  You know.  I thought it'd be funny!
    Eldress Fatima: Your actions prove that you are still but a child.  You'll just
    get in their way.  You go nowhere.  I'm watching, and you are in a HEAP of
    Elk: F-fine...  Then at least let me see them off.  I can take them to the
    gate, right?
    Eldress: ...All right.  No harm in that.  As long as these two don't let you
    come with!  Sorry my grandson caused you two so much trouble.  Send the general
    my regards.
    Dogi: Thanks for everything, Eldress!
    [They all walk to the gate]
    Elk: So you guys are adventurers, huh?  How awesome.  I wish I could travel all
    over the place.  ...All right.  I made up my mind.  I'm gonna get all buffed
    up!  And then, Grandma will have no choice but to give me respect.  When that
    happens, you guys have to take me along, okay?!
    Dogi: (There really is no stopping him, is there?  And he was such a brat to us
    before.)  Elk, will you at least promise to behave a little better?  It's more
    befitting an adventurer!
    Elk: Of course!  Just worry about yourself!
    Dogi: That's my point, actually!  You should worry about YOURself, too!  Not
    us!  [...]  Hey, Adol...  Aren't we forgetting something?  Hmm...  What was
    it...?  There was something we had to do at Shannoa...  Oh, right.  We were
    supposed to deliver medicine for Tia, weren't we?
    Elk: Tia...?  You guys know Tia?
    Dogi: You do, too?
    Elk: Ye3ah, she comes to town on a Longma Cart pretty often.  She knows a lot
    about herbs.  Plus, she's really nice, and fixes me up when I get hurt.  Which
    is a lot!  Everyone in the village knows her.  I bet the medicine you're
    delivering is for Grandma, right?  I can take it to her for you?
    [Dialog Box: Adol handed Tia's medicine to Elk and asked him to deliver it to
    Eldress Fatima.]
    Elk: Leave it to me!  All right.  Bye, guys!  Seriously, be careful on your way
    Back to Altago City
    [On the way back to Altago City]
    Adol: [!]
    Dogi: Adol, what's up...?
    [They see Tia being attacked by monsters]
    Dogi: ...!!  Tia?!
    [They run to go save her]
    Tia: Oh...  Adol and Dogi...
    Dogi: Tia, we'll talk later!  Stand back...!
    [They beat the monsters]
    [Dialog Box: Adol asked Tia if she's hurt.]
    Tia: I'm okay.  Thank you so much.  Sorry to have worried you...
    Dogi: You don't need to be sorry!  But man, you scared me.  What are you doing
    out here?
    Tia: I come out here regularly to gather herbs.  I'm usually able to walk
    around safely as long as I have a monster repellant on.  I wonder why it isn't
    working today, though...  [!]
    [Tia grabs at her hair]
    Tia: W-wait...  Hairpin...  My hairpin...
    Dogi: You dropped it...?
    [Something shines from the ground, Adol picks it up, it's Tia's hairpin]
    Tia: Thank you so much.  It used to be my mother's...  *phew*  Maybe I should
    call it a day.  The monsters are acting peculiarly, anyway.
    Dogi: Hmm...  (Adol, maybe we should take her back...)
    [Choose "Offer to escort Tia back to the city."]
    [Dialog Box: Adol told Tia that they will escort her back to Altago City.]
    Tia: Really?  Are you sure?
    Dogi: We were on our way back, anyway.  Besides, Maya's waiting at home, right?
    Tia: Well, yes...  ...All right.  Would you please?  I'd really appreciate it!
    Dogi: Of course.  Stay close, all right?
    [Arrive at the city]
    Tia: So you must have just gotten back from Shannoa, then...
    Dogi: It was no cake walk, that's for sure.  We actually ran into a titano.
    [They keep walking and arrive at Old City]
    Dogi: Wow, we got here faster than I thought.
    Tia: Adol, Dogi.  I can't thank you enough for today.  Oh, I know.  Why don't
    you come to my house?  I'll make some tea for you.
    Dogi: Thanks for the offer, but we're on our way to meet someone.  Besides, if
    we go to your house, we'll probably never leave!
    Tia: Haha, that would not be good.  But if you have time later, come by.  I'm
    sure Maya would be happy as well.
    [Tia bows and leaves.]
    Dogi: We should go see General Dreisen.  ...But where do we find him?  Last
    time we just ran into him at the palace, so...  ...I guess we should just look
    [Adol nods.]
    [Wandering around the city]
    Promoter: I see Commander Scias heading to the back alleys sometimes.  A
    commander of the Dragon Knights patrolling Old Town himself...  Scias sure is a
    hard worker.
    Off Duty Knight: This is my first off day in a long time.  I'm gonna go unwind
    at the tavern.  Heh, I'm finally being stationed in the navy next month.
    Jealous?  Just between you and me, there's no prestige to be gained being on
    security duty.  It's all about the sea.
    Off Duty Knight: Hmm?  Are you guys planning to go out on the roads?  Heh,
    you'd better be careful.  You never know when a vicious monster's gonna attack.
    Off Duty Knight: In the end, the vicious monster that's supposed to be in the
    cave roads was never found.  ...Oh well.  It's not like we have nothing else to
    do.  We'll just tell any merchants that take the roads to be careful.
    Commander Raud: Heh, what a fool.  Serves him right.  What was he thinking,
    defying nobility.  Such a dumbass.  He should have just been thrown overboard
    into the Sea!  Right?
    Raud's Lackey: You're those idiot adventurers...  Get away before Commander
    Raud gets in a foul mood!
    Raud's Lackey: And that guy dared to raise his voice to my dad!  My dad got so
    mad, he said one word and that guy was arrested immediately.  Maybe these
    foreigner merchants just don't understand the power the nobility has in Altago.
    Raud's Lackey: Hey, we need more.  And what happened to the snacks we ordered?
    The commander graced this pigsty with his presence on his off day.  Don't make
    him wait!
    Sexy Waitress: (Oh, dear...  Not him...  When Commander Raud is here, I get
    stuck with him and can't do anything else.)  You know, the merchant that's
    staying in the far room must be worried about something.  Maybe I'll ask later.
    It may be that my service isn't enough.
    Gossipy Man: There's a rumor going around that His Majesty is ill, but there
    haven't been any public announcements.  ...Well, I guess it can't be helped.
    We can't show any weakness right after the war ended.
    Kevin Lassiter: Supposedly, the merchandise I have on hand right now is in
    demand in Segram.  So yeah, I'm itching to go...  ...But I heard rumors that a
    vicious monster settled in the Cave Byway, and that's the only way there...
    So...what do I do?  How am I supposed to get to Segram in one piece?!  You guys
    look pretty strong...  And you have weapons...  Er, don't mind me.  No matter
    how strong you are, I can't ask you to do something so stupid.  I'm not that
    cruel!  [...]  ...But, uh, yeah...  Wink, wink, nudge, nudge?  You get me?
    Yeah...  I think you get me!  If that monster JUST SO HAPPENS to drop dead, and
    you find out about it...  let me know, okay?  I just want to get to Segram.
    Nothing fancy!  Not setting up a parade route or anything, here!  In and out,
    that's it!
    Precocious Girl: Aren't the dragon horses that pull the Longma Cart so strange?
    They actually listen to people...  I don't care about making purchases.  I just
    want to ride it once.
    Traveling Merchant: I was hoping to go sight-seeing around Altago and visit the
    different villages, but...  With all the rumors of monsters...  I guess it
    would be best to stay within the city walls.
    Ambitious Man: If Longmas can be tamed, then maybe I can tame cute monsters and
    sell them as novelty pets!  ...With the monsters getting more vicious late,
    though, maybe not...
    Mean Merchant: Why is Old Town still allowed to exist?  It's not doing the city
    any good.  It should be remade into a merchant district or something.
    Cold Merchant: Old Town...  its name bothers me.  Using such a shabby place as
    its center...  It's an embarrassing chapter of Altago's history.
    Bitter Man: I wish I could live in the city...  Why was I born here?  No one
    cares about this place.
    Enlightened Man: Tia wouldn't have to stay here with Maya if she didn't want
    to.  ...She's as beautiful as she is gentle.  I'm sure she'd have no problems
    getting a job in the city.
    Curious Boy: I wonder what that sanctuary building's for.  It's the only
    building in Old Town that looks all cool...
    Daleyon: I was once the head priest of the tritheist temple, but I could not
    stand those in power using the faith for money.  This is somewhat embarrassing,
    but my resistance ended with my expulsion.  That is how I came to live here.  I
    have no regrets regarding what I did as the head priest.  Now I am more of a
    help to the people than ever before.
    Cynical Old Man: Many people give me dirty looks.  Some even pity me.  Like
    they've done anything for me.  So what if I'm poor?  I'm not ashamed of it.
    Caring Boy: Tia's really nice, and playing with Maya is always really fun.
    Everyone around here loves Tia and Maya.
    Gossiping Man: I hear the oasis deep in Segram Desert is starting to dry up.  I
    wonder what's causing it.  I mean, it doesn't concern us directly, but still...
    Vulgar Woman: ...What are you looking at?  Are you amused by my poverty?!  Go
    away!  You think you can just stare at someone 'cuz it's free?!
    Little Old Lady: Delicious food, fashionable clothes...  Such things aren't
    available in Old Town.  I wish I could give this child what he wants...
    Skinny Girl: You know, Maya can't talk.  I think she understands what I'm
    saying to her though...  I wonder if Maya feels frustrated because she can't
    Tia: Ah, Adol, Dogi...  We're going to the square.  ...Right, Maya?
    Maya: Ah...!
    Kind Lady: I'm trying to be kind to everyone I meet who's in any trouble at
    all!  I'm sure something good may happen to you too, if you do what people ask
    of you!
    Weapon Shop Owner: Altago City is protected by the Dragon Knights, so the area
    around the city is safe from monsters.  But it also means that the farther away
    from the city you go, the more dangerous it becomes.
    Boy-Crazy Girl: They don't trade too much with Altago City, but I wonder what
    the men of Shannoa and Segram are like.  I know I'm stereotyping, but I bet
    they're a bunch of country bumpkins.
    Complaintive Woman: It's been so hot lately...  Altago City has lots of water,
    but the inlanders must have it tough.
    People Watcher: A female Dragon Knight named Sigroon was asking something
    around town.  She always looks stern, but she's actually really considerate, so
    she's pretty approachable... for a Dragon Knight.
    Old Town Boy: Kids from Old Town like me can only get jobs that pay really
    little...  And it's usually really hard work.  Compared to people who can't
    work 'cuz they're sick, though, I'm lucky.
    Patriotic Man: At the foot of the stone statue of Great Grattheos is the Dragon
    Knight naval base.  Commerce is a central pillar of Altago, so they send out
    patrol ships often, to keep the merchant ships safe.
    Leisurely Maid: I often hear about monster attacks or titano sightings these
    days...  They may just be rumors, but titanos still scare me.
    Gentle Trader: Altaginian weapons are unrivaled in quality and are a great
    commodity for trades.  But if we're not careful, they could somehow end up in
    the hands of an enemy nation.
    Gutsy Maid: Just between you and me, I don't really know what my master's
    business is about.  I hear he trades items with foreign nations, but is that
    really all that great?
    Energetic Worker: Oh, hey, another merchant's here!  New arrivals are a real
    boon to our economic growth.  You can be sure he'll be met with a real big
    Proud Merchant: Oho!  Quite the harbor, this is!  I can tell with one single
    look that I've arrived in a commercial paradise!  Let's get unloaded, and set
    up shop!
    Young Worker: A lot of people come to the harbor, and there are a lot of
    refugees and immigrants among them.  I hear the prime minister doesn't like
    them because their presence "doesn't contribute to national interests."
    Calm Worker: All ships avoid Ruins Island when approaching the harbor.  Sailors
    tell tales of deadly sea monsters inhabiting its shores.  It's a right fearsome
    place, it is!
    Scary Worker: Speaking of which, I overheard some fishermen talking at the
    tavern.  They looked pretty stressed, saying how it's "not supposed to be like
    this," or something...
    Thoughtful Girl: I hear the fishing hasn't been too great lately.  The waters
    around Altago are usually rich with marine life.  Fishermen don't know what to
    make of it.
    Sincere Merchant: Apparently Zanzibar Firm has an exclusive contract with the
    Dragon Knights for outfitting their ships.  I hear even their cannons are top
    of the line.
    Confident Girl: ...I saw Sergeant Sigroon out and about again.  Actually, I see
    her out here quite often...  What exactly is she looking for?
    Woman Knight: I hear people have see her out in the city...  ...But where could
    she be...?  *mumble* *mumble*
    Fruit Shop Owner: If you find any fruit on the road, take as many as you like.
    Or you could just buy from me.  Want some fruit?!  Wild fruit trees are pretty
    tough, so they'll just bear more soon.  Unless you're hungry now...  Want some
    Cheeky Boy: The monsters in Segram are really ferocious, and there's already
    been a lot of merchants that were killed.  Most of the ones that get attacked
    are foreigners though.  No Altaginian would dare go out there on foot.
    Devoted Old Man: I hear there are many strange phenomena occurring in Altago.
    It seems they call them "anomalies."  The monsters are growing restless, crops
    are not growing as they should...  No one knows why this is happening.
    Innocent Girl: I was told that the Dragon Knights were training at the coliseum
    today.  They looked so tired afterwards...  The training must be really hard.
    Haughty Manager: Another one that wants the Scarlet Crystal.  That's all the
    requests we get lately.  Apparently it's necessary to treat a disease called
    Iskan fever?  Well, the crystal is expensive.  Only the richest of the rich
    will be able to afford it.
    Calm Receptionist: Everyone in the entire city knows that master's methods are
    dirty.  But people still spend their money here.  That's just how the world is.
    Manly Knight: You went to Shannoa...  You better not have done anything rude to
    the villages.  Your actions also reflect on His Majesty.  Don't forget that.
    Serious Knight: I saw some knights return home from training looking exhausted.
    General Dreisen's training is so tough that a lot of people are leaving the
    order.  I better stay focused...
    Talkative Maid: I hear the malady His Majesty has is affecting more and more
    people everyday.  They say it's not contagious, but it's still scary, you know?
    Listening Maid: No one knows what his illness is exactly, so I do understand
    being worried...  But His Majesty is taking medication that treats its symptoms
    and doing his best to fulfill his public duties.  It would be rude of us to
    dwell on our worries despite all that.
    Cloying Official: I hear Commander Scias is from Old Town...  Personally, I
    don't approve.  Since the palace is a noble place, the people working in it
    should also be of noble background.
    Noble Knight: Commander Raud and his men actually got a good scolding for
    putting you guys in jail for no good reason.  Thanks to that, Commander Raud's
    been in a foul mood of late...  but I say, it serves him right!
    Stern Knight: The training for Dragon Knights is extremely tough.  Casual
    adventurer-types need not apply.  Sometimes the general comes and the training
    on such days is even harder than it already is.  ...But no matter how hard the
    training, our duties the next day are still to be kept.
    Gloomy Knight: ...Man, the training is so hard.  I'm usually on guard duty, so
    I don't move around too much...  If I don't maintain a certain level of skill,
    I could get my pay cut or even get discharged.  I better train harder.
    Kind Steward: Prime Minister Orbus's laissez-faire views on the economy often
    oppose the opinions of His Majesty.  But the result is a more moderate
    compromise, which ultimately proves to be the best course.
    Courteous Maid: His Majesty is performing his duties as best as he is able,
    despite his poor condition.  Such an admirable man...  I truly believe His
    Majesty would feel better with his daughter by his side....  but it seems she's
    run off again!
    Fastidious Maid: His Majesty will not reveal the nature of his illness, but it
    seems he coughs less when the corridors are dustless.  Die, dust!  You don't
    belong in this world!  HAVE AT YOU!
    Informative Knight: You have business with the general?  Well, he is in his
    room...  But he just returned from training.  Keep it short.
    Communications Officer: ...My entire body feels so sore...  General Dreisen's
    training is so tough it's ungodly...  Commander Scias was in the training too,
    but he seems so composed.  He truly is our ace.
    Gentle Priestess: Tia from Old Town often used to come to the temple and help
    out with many things.  She stopped coming when the head priest changed, but I
    do wish the best for her.
    Gaudy Head Priest: The former head priest was helping the poor in Old Town for
    free.  Benevolence is important for clergy, but he even refused to receive any
    offering when they were due.  He was endangering the continued existence of the
    temple, and thus was expelled, and I became the head.
    Diligent Priest: The current head priest has personal support from the prime
    minister.  There should be no politics influencing a tritheist priest.  Under
    no circumstances.
    [Try to enter the throne room and see the King and Prime Minister having a
    King Kiemarl: Prime Minister, I understand what you're saying.  However, the
    people are exhausted from the prolonged war.  This is the time to focus on
    domestic affairs in order to rebuild the stability of the kingdom.
    Minister Orbus: Exactly, Your Majesty.  Since the founding of this great
    nation, we have experienced prosperity through commerce.  In order to restore
    the strength of our kingdom, we must expand our trade network.  I suggest we
    remove the aid budget for the Old Town and the villages, and grant tax cuts to
    Dogi: (Looks like they're busy...  And they're talking politics.  We probably
    should stay out of it.)
    [Adol and Dogi leave]
    [Enter the Dragon Knight HQ and Scias comes walking down the stairs]
    Commander Scias: Oh...  Greetings, adventurers.  What brings you to the Dragon
    Knights Station?
    [Dialog Box: Adol asked Scias if he knew the whereabouts of General Dreisen.]
    Commander Scias: The general?  You're in luck.  He returned from his training
    just moments ago.
    Dogi: Oh, good.  I was worrie4d we'd just end up wasting our time.  ...But just
    thinking of talking with him kinda makes my skin crawl...  He warned us before
    not to get involved in anything that doesn't concern us...
    Commander Scias: Haha, I agree that he can be quite strict, but he's not
    unreasonable.  I don't know what business you have with him, but I'm sure he'll
    listen to whatever you have to say.  His office is located in the middle of the
    second floor.  He should be there right now.
    Dogi: O-okay...  Thanks!
    Commander Scias: I'll see you around.
    [Go talk to the General]
    General Dreisen: Red-hair...  What brings you to me?  I doubt you want to join
    the Dragon Knights.
    Dogi: Oh, hell no...
    [Dialog Box: Adol explained how Eldress Fatima had told them that the general
    used to be the elder of Segram...  ...And that he should know about the altar
    there dedicated to one of the Dragons.]
    General Dreisen: Eldress Fatima, huh...  ...  [...]  She is correct in assuming
    that I would know something about the altar.  However, I am no longer the
    elder.  I am not at liberty to speak of it.
    Dogi: Uhh... oookay...  (Adol, let's just get out of here.  He'll never help
    General Dreisen: ...However, I also know that His Majesty has shown respect
    toward the two of you.  Therefore, I may be willing to make an exception.
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Dogi: Really?
    General Dreisen: Let's see...  Deep into the land of Segram, at the end of the
    desert, is the "Flame Shrine."  The Dragon altar you speak of is located there.
    Dogi: "Flame Shrine," huh...
    General Dreisen: However, there is one problem.  The "Flame Shrine" has been in
    the care of the elder of Segram for generations.  You need his permission to
    Dogi: The elder of Segram, as in your successor?
    General: He succeeded me when I was appointed the general of the Dragon
    Knights...  ...But I cannot be sure if he would be willing to speak to someone
    like you.  ...Wait a moment.
    [You got General's Letter]
    General Dreisen: Take this with you.  He should at least hear what you have to
    say, knowing who you are.  This is all I can do for you.  The rest is up to
    Dogi: Wow, thanks.
    [Dialog Box: Adol thanked the general.]
    General Dreisen: No need to thank me.  Segram is located in the desert to the
    southwest of the plains.  You'll need to go through a small cave to get there.
    It is not only far from the capital, but there are many monsters there.  Be
    sure to make the necessary preparations before attempting to go there.
    [At Zanzibar's Firm]
    Zanzibar: Heh, we have only Prime Minister Orbus to thank for the pro-commerce
    measures that helped develop this great nation.  Of course, we at Zanzibar Firm
    will fully cooperate.  So if you could perhaps overlook the monopoly issue at
    Ministry Worker: So you've created a monopoly in the market again...  Well,
    fine.  I will speak to the prime minister, but don't push your luck, Zanzibar.
    Graceful Guide: If you do not have money...  ...Then that is unfortunate.
    Scarlet Crystals are extremely valuable goods.
    Resting Old Woman: Isn't there anything you can do?  My husband has an illness
    called Iskan fever.  Can't you give me even just a little?
    Graceful Guide: Haha, it does not matter how many times you try, ma'am.  This
    is a business.
    [As you try to leave]
    Girl's Voice: You there!  Wait!
    Adol & Dogi: [?]
    [The mysterious girl from earlier comes running up to them]
    Dogi: Huh?  Who are you?  ...Haven't I seen you before?
    Caped Girl: Uh...  You must be mistaken.  Anyway, you're about to leave this
    city, right?  That's perfect.  I'm coming with you.
    Adol & Dogi: [?]
    Caped Girl: You're planning to travel around Altago as adventurers, right?
    Sounds great.  I'm coming.  And I won't take no for an answer!
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: Adol explained that they were about to head to a far away village
    called Segram.]
    Dogi: That's right.  It's not a place some girl can just go to on a whim.  We
    can't take you there!  It would be...ungentlemanly of us!
    Caped Girl: [surprise]  Segram...?  Heard it's been suffering from lots of
    titano attacks lately...  ...Sounds just peachy.  Let's go.
    Adol & Dogi: [sweatdrop]
    Dogi: What...?
    Caped Girl: Oh, right.  I haven't introduced myself.
    [She takes off her cape]
    Girl: You can call me Aisha.  Got it?  Aisha.  Don't forget now!  ...So, let's
    go!  If you don't hurry, you're gonna get left behind!
    [She walks off]
    Dogi: Um...  I guess she's just gonna force herself on us...  I don't think we
    have a choice.
    [Head back to Tia's house and run into Maya]
    Dogi: Oh, hey, Maya.
    Aisha: (...Huh?  This girl...)
    Aisha: [!]  I-I knew it!  You're that girl that pulled on my cape before!
    Maya: ...Ah...?
    [Maya walks up to Aisha, Aisha takes a step backwards]
    Aisha: I'll let you know right now...  I don't have a cape on today, so there's
    nothing for you to pu-
    [Maya tugs at Aisha's pigtail.]
    Maya: Ahahahaha!
    Aisha: N-not the hair!  Not the hair!!  Stop!  Stop pulling my hair!  It hurts!
    STOP IT!
    Girl's Voice: Maya, what are you doing...?
    [Tia comes out]
    Tia: [surprised] Oh, Adol, Dogi, and...  ...?
    Maya: Hahaha!
    Aisha: I told you to stop!!
    [Tia runs over and pulls Maya away from Aisha]
    Tia: I-I'm so sorry.  Maya, that's very rude.  But, um...  Who are you...?  I
    feel like I've seen you before...
    Dogi: Tia, you know who she is?  This weird girl is forcing us to take her all
    the way to Segram...
    Aisha: I, uh...  I'm Aisha.  Call me Aisha.  ...Nice to meet...you.
    Tia: N-nice to meet you...
    Aisha: Guys, we have to hurry!  Segram is really far!
    Dogi: What the hell...?
    Tia: [...]  Wait.
    Aisha: [!]  Wh-what?
    Tia: Haha, don't worry.  If you're going to Segram, you'll need this.  There's
    a very dark cave partway there, and this will help light your way.
    [You got Luminous Rock]
    Dogi: You sure we can have this?
    Tia: Yes.  Consider it a sign of my gratitude for earlier.  Besides, I usually
    take the Longma Cart to Segram.  Adol, please be careful.  Segram is known for
    having many enormous monsters.  ...And Aisha.  Don't push yourself too hard.
    Aisha: I-I won't...  I mean, thank you.  I'll be careful.
    Off to Segram
    [Arrive to a cave]
    Dogi: Wow, it's pitch black in here...  I can't see anything!
    Aisha: Calm down!  We got a Luminous Rock from that Tia person, remember?
    Dogi: Oh, right.  Adol, we shouldn't let Tia's good will go to waste, right?
    Let's use it.
    [Adol nods]
    [Further in the cave byway]
    All: [!]
    Aisha: Wh-what is that thing?!
    Dogi: Well, they said there's a nasty monster in the area, and this seems to
    fit the bill!  Damn...looks like we've got a fight on our hands, Adol, 'cause
    this thing ain't gonna let us pass without one!
    [Fight with Rock Monster: Ghilda Ros]
    [exit the cave, flash to the Shrine]
    Mysterious Man: This seal...  ...I see.  This must be what they call a "Seal of
    the Dragon."  This seems like a replica altar, but I guess he was right.
    Red Fairy: Then let's hurry it up!  You're gonna get some really crazy power
    from this, right?
    Mysterious Man: No...  I can feel that the power's already gone.  Someone else
    must have beaten me to it.
    Red Fairy: [!] What?!  You mean someone else got here first?  And was suitable?
    But the entrance just opened after that earthquake!
    Mysterious Man: Some fool must have gotten involved with something he has no
    idea about.  I was hoping to make the rounds to all the other altars, too...
    ...Who's doing this...?  [...]  (...Don't tell me...  Don't tell me it's
    Segram Village
    [Arrive to Segram Village]
    Dogi: We're finally out of the desert.  I'm guessing this is Segram Village...
    All right, Adol.  We have the letter from the general, so let's pay the elder
    here a visit.  Come on!
    [Adol nods]
    Aisha: Letter from the general...?
    [Dialog Box: Adol explained that they received an introduction letter from
    General Dreisen, who happens to be from Segram.]
    Aisha: Oh...okay...  (Well, that's a surprise.  Even that stubborn old man is
    helping them...?!)
    Dogi: Speaking of which...  What are you gonna do now?  You said you wanted to
    come to Segram.  Well, we're here.
    Aisha: Huh...?  O-oh, right...  ...I guess I should meet the elder, too.  I
    don't know who he is, but I'm sure he knows the village best.  So, off to the
    elder I go!  Come with me!
    [Aisha walks off]
    Dogi: ...What in the world is she after...?
    [Around the village]
    Mature Warrior: You seem to have come from Altago City.  What business do you
    have here?  The village is devoting all it has to counter the repeated titano
    attacks.  We have no time for tourists!
    Hopeless Woman: That last sandstorm completely clogged up the village well.
    Cleaning it out is such a hassle...
    Girl on a Stroll: Wow, you're completely covered in sand!  The village warriors
    come back looking like that, too, after they fight titanos.
    Confident Warrior: The strongest men of Segram serve as warriors to protect the
    village.  The current elder, Mustafa, is especially strong.  He rivals the
    might of our former elder, Dreisen!
    Knowledgeable Man: The flame atop the village temple is able to destroy
    calamities in the air - or so they say.  All present in the village utilize the
    power of this flame to dispel evil from their homes.
    Nosy Woman: ...I'm worried about Cruxie...  I fear she'll do something reckless
    when no one is looking, assuming her illness to be in remission...
    Pessimistic Woman: The elder's residence is up these stairs.  He's been busy
    fighting titanos around the village lately, so don't cause him any trouble!
    Peaceful Woman: This is where the villagers draw water.  Segram Village
    overlooks this large oasis.  But water is extremely valuable out here, so be
    sure not to get it dirty or draw too much of it, okay?
    Sincere Warrior: The people of Segram have lived here in the desert for many,
    many generations.  The monsters of the desert are strong.  We, the warriors of
    Segram, have fought together to protect this village.
    Temple Guard: This is a temple that was built for the purpose of revering the
    Great Flame Dragon.  The flame on the roof comes from the Flame Shrine, and has
    protective powers.  You should pray for safety at its base.
    Village Watchman: We've been devout followers of the Flame Dragon for
    generations here.  The reason you see so many flames throughout the village is
    because we believe he dwells within them...
    Seamstress: There have always been an inordinately large number of titanos
    around Segram, and our warriors always defeat them.  Our elder leads the
    charge, wearing his ancestral battle gear that's said to honor the Great Flame
    Dragon in combat.
    Worrywart Warrior: I hear some of the oases inland are drying up.  Maybe the
    sandstorms buried them?  ...I'll have to take plenty of water with me on the
    next raid...
    Street Vendor: Wait, what?  YOU"RE going to the Flame Shrine?!  ...Why?!
    There's a temple up these stairs.  If you're going to worship the Flame Dragon,
    do it there.
    Tavern Mistress: All the men have been busy fighting titanos in the desert, or
    dealing with some other random problem that's arisen.  Every day, it's
    something different!  They must be so exhausted!  I wish they could have some
    time to themselves...
    Resting Father: Parts of the Flame Shrine are submerged in lava.  Makes it hard
    to get to the Dragon altar... impossible, even!
    Drinking Man: In the Flame Shrine, there's a guardian statue that supposedly
    protects the sleeping Flame Dragon himself.  I saw it once a long time ago, and
    I remember it looks real scary...  ...Just the way a guardian should!  I
    haven't been able to go back, with all the monsters running rampant...  I
    wonder if it's still there...
    Sara Stewart: Ugh, damned desert.  It's so hard finding good herbal ingredients
    out there!  I'm Sara Stewart, by the way.  Pleasure.  So hey, do you have any
    flowers or picked up during your travels, perhaps?  There's this young lady
    that comes to Segram often, and she told me about an amazing medicine.  I need
    ingredients found in specific parts of Altago to make this particular medicine.
    If you can bring me ten of each of the flower and leaf ingredients I need, I'll
    gladly buy them from you for top gold!  Bring as many as you can, whenever you
    have a chance to stop by.  Please?  ...I'd really appreciate it!
    Confident Owner: Welcome!  Feel free to take a look around!
    Confident Owner: Well, well...  You actually crossed the desert on foot, did
    you?  You sure you didn't use the Longma cart?  ...Outstanding!  Finally, a man
    after my own heart!  What'll you have, stranger?
    Zak McShane: These guys are called "pikkards."  Aren't they just the cutest
    little critters you've ever seen?!  I've been asked to look after them.
    Yessir, Zak McShane, Master Pikkard-Keeper!  Doesn't that just sound awesome?
    [Enter the elder's house]
    Aisha: Um... is this the elder's residence?
    Dogi: I don't think anybody's home...
    Voice: Is someone there...?
    [A girl comes down the stairs]
    Slender Girl: Oh, hello...
    Aisha: (Who's that?)
    Dogi: (Doesn't look like the elder...)  ...Uh, hi, little girl!  Sorry to
    bother you.  Can I ask you a question?  Is this the house of Segram's elder?
    Slender Girl: Yes, it is...  You must be looking for my brother.  My name is
    Cruxie.  Pronounced croo-shee-eh, but spoken quickly.  My brother is the elder
    here, but he's not in at the moment.
    Dogi: Oh...  We came because a man called General Dreisen told us to come see
    [Dialog Box: Adol handed Cruxie the letter from General Dreisen.]
    Cruxie: It's from Dad!  *giggle*  He's still the same as ever...
    Everyone: [!]
    Dogi: Dad...?!
    Aisha: You're the general's daughter?
    Cruxie: Yes, I am.  Although, I haven't seen him much since his appointment as
    general.  Make yourselves at home.  My brother should b--  [...]
    [She falls over]
    Dogi: Wh-what's wrong?
    Aisha: ...Let me take a look.
    Cruxie: *cough* *cough*
    Aisha: You're burning up...  Do you have Iskan fever?!
    Dogi: What's an Iskan fever?
    Aisha: It's an illness endemic to Altago.  ...We need to stop the attack or
    else she'll...!  Um...  Water...  We need water.  We need to boil water, and
    the medicine...  [!]  Hey, do you have any medicine?!  If you don't, then...
    Cruxie: *cough* *cough* The shelf...  ...in the kitchen...
    Dogi: The kitchen!  Got it!  I'll go find it!
    [Dogi runs towards the kitchen]
    Aisha: I need your help, too.  We need to carry her upstairs.
    [They go upstairs]
    Cruxie: *cough* *cough*  I'm so sorry...
    Dogi: Don't be, it's not like we were put out or anything.  And... sorry to
    have barged in...  Aisha's the one you should thank.  Man, she really saved the
    Aisha: N-not really...  I just know a little about it because someone close to
    me is also suffering from it...
    Cruxie: I see...  ...Well, thank you so much.
    Aisha: You shouldn't be getting up when you're so sick.  It'll only make things
    Cruxie: I know...  It's just that I heard someone's voice downstairs, so...
    Man's Voice: Cruxie, I'm home.
    All: [surprise]
    [A man walks up the stairs]
    Warrior: Sorry I'm lat--  ...
    Cruxie: Oh, you're back.
    Warrior: Who are you?  What are you doing to my sister?!
    All: [surprise]
    Dogi: Huh?
    Warrior: Taking advantage of my absence...  Dirty thieves!  Don't think I'll
    let you get away with this!
    [He pulls out a giant hammer]
    Warrior: I'll crush you right here, right now!
    All: [sweating]
    Dogi: W-wait a minute!
    Cruxie: Wait, these people are...
    Warrior: I don't need your excuses!
    [Loud crashes can be heard, the screen goes black]
    Dogi: Wait, just hear me out...!
    Cruxie: Please, stop!
    [The scene fades in and the man has calmed a bit]
    Warrior: ...I believe I understand.  I am Mustafa.  The Elder of Segram.  I
    don't know who you are...   ...but you're saying you want to enter the Flame
    Shrine, correct?
    Dogi: Finally.  What a hard-headed elder...
    Mustafa: *hmph* It's your fault for being in my house, and in my sister's bed
    no less!  ...And I cannot let some random outsiders enter our sacred shrine.
    Adol & Dogi: [shocked]
    Dogi: What?  Why?!  We even showed you the letter from the general!  Your own
    Mustafa: Precisely my point.  I will never trust anyone that idiot of a father
    introduces to me.
    Dogi: (What the hell...?  Don't tell me he and the general aren't getting
    Cruxie: Mustafa...
    Mustafa: Save your breath.  The Flame Shrine is sacred to the Segramites.  I
    cannot let some strangers just wander inside because they feel like it.  ...And
    there have been several strange phenomena lately...  Even if you were to go in,
    you probably wouldn't make it out.
    All: [surprise]
    Dogi: Strange phenomena...?
    Aisha: ...  What do you mean, exactly?
    Mustafa: Lava has been spewing out from various areas around the shrine.  It's
    too dangerous to go in.  In addition to the lava, monsters have been gathering
    in and around the shrine for some unknown reason.  There won't be much you can
    do once inside...   ...Just give up and go home.
    Aisha: ...
    Cruxie: But Adol and his friends came all the way to Segram for this...
    Couldn't you at least let them see how bad it really is for themselves?  They
    did defeat a titano in Shannoa.  Besides, as the elder of Segram, you can't
    just leave the shrine to rot!  So-- *cough*  ...Please le-- *cough* *cough*
    Mustafa: H-hey...  [...]  ...Hmm...  It would be troublesome if you would up
    going in there without me and disturbing anything.  But if you want to follow
    me when I go to check the shrine, then...  I'll think about it.
    Dogi: [surprise]  So as long as you're coming with us, we can go?
    Cruxie: Mustafa...
    Mustafa: ...Under these conditions.  Do not damage anything, and do not wander
    off by yourselves!  You can come with me if, and only if, you agree to these
    [Dialog Box: Adol promised to honor Mustafa's terms, and thanked him.]
    Mustafa: I don't know why you're thanking me, but I will hold you to your word.
    [You got Shrine Key]
    Mustafa: The Flame Shrine is located in the desert to the east of Segram.  We
    may encounter a titano on the way, so make all the preparations you need now.
    Dogi: Heh, then I guess we're going!
    Aisha: Let's get a move on, people!
    [Mustafa joined your party]
    Mustafa: Cruxie, I'm sorry...  I must go, leaving your side again.  ...Be good,
    and rest.
    Cruxie: I'll be fine.  I'll stay in bed this time.  So don't worry about me.
    Mustafa: All right...
    Cruxie: Please take good care of Mustafa.  He can be a monster at times, but he
    has a gentle heart...
    Mustafa: [angry]  Cruxie!  Be quiet!
    Dogi: (Hahaha... They must be very close.)
    [Around the town again, a few people changed what they say]
    Peaceful Woman: It's already been ten years since he left!  Can't you just
    forgive and forget?  He has an important job in Altago City, apparently.
    Fighting for the good of the nation!  But I do wish he'd come visit...
    Mature Warrior: You're going to the Flame Shrine?!  ...Well, since Mustafa's
    with you, I'm sure you'll be fine...  But just remember, if you see a titano
    with its head sticking out of the sand, stay away!  We call it the sand-eater,
    and it's the strongest titano in the east desert.  Nothing can stand up to it!
    [Headed towards the shrine and run into Sand-eater: Soldi-Orm]
    Dogi: ...Whoa!  Titano ahead!
    Aisha: Wh-what do we do now...?  There's no way we can take it head on!
    Dogi: Yeah...  Looks like we'll have to make a break for it!
    [Arrive at the shrine]
    Dogi: Hey...  Is that the "Flame Shrine"...?
    Aisha: "Flame Shrine," huh...   I've heard about this place before.  It's
    sacred to the Segramites, right?  The front gate must be between those giant
    statues over there...  Let's go!
    [Open the door]
    Dogi: "Flame Shrine," huh...  Kinda exciting!
    [Adol nods]
    Adol: [...]
    Dogi: Oh, right.  I almost forgot.  Hey, Aisha...  So you know, it could get
    pretty dangerous from here on out...  I don't get hwy you came with us all the
    way here in the first place.  But if you're going to turn back...
    Aisha: D-don't worry about me.  Come on, let's go inside!  (...I can't believe
    I'll actually get to see signs of the recent phenomena up close...  This is a
    great opportunity.  I need to check things out in place of Father...)
    Dogi: Man, she really is a handful...
    Mustafa: You're both a handful.  Now, if you're done complaining...  Hurry up
    and go in.  I'll have you know...  I don't trust you one bit.  If you do
    anything suspicious, my hammer will be making your acquaintance.  Got it?
    [Enter the shrine]
    Dogi: SO this is the Flame Shrine, huh...  Well, it definitely is...different.
    Mustafa: Damn.  There are more monsters than I had expected...  I hope the
    Flame Dragon's altar is all right...
    Adol & Dogi: [surprise]
    Dogi: Flame Dragon...  I'm guessing it's one of them "Dragons" that form
    pillars in Altago or something, right?
    Mustafa: [angry]  Show some respect!  He is one of the five gods of Altago!
    Ignorant barbarians...  Disrespecting the great Dragons...  Not to mention that
    fool I call father!  The village is in trouble, and he just sits perched up
    high in his office and dares send some idiot outsiders!
    Dogi: (Ah-ha.  So he's in a bad mood because of his dad...)
    Aisha: (So that's why...  I had no idea he was so angry at his father...)
    [Go further in and find a monster, Fire-Eater: Stohl Bram]
    [Defeat it and get the Ice Mist Crystal]
    All: [!]
    Aisha: Wh-what in the world...?!
    Dogi: The ice...  It turned into lava?!  Wait.  Why is there ice in a place
    like this to begin with?
    Mustafa: ...This is...  ...The Ice Mist Crystal...  I had no idea it actually
    Dogi: You know about this thing?
    Mustafa: I do...  The Flame Dragon ordered fairies to make it so that his
    tremendous power could be kept under control.  The lava must have returned to
    its natural state because the crystal was removed.
    Aisha: What awesome power...  But what now?  Should we put it back...?
    Mustafa: No.  [...]  ...The lava has swallowed up the shrine more than I had
    expected.  We won't be able to make it to the altar like this...  We need the
    power of this crystal.
    [Before you reach the altar]
    All: [!]
    [A giant monster appears Guardian: Levard Galem.]
    Aisha: *phew*  That scared me...  It's over, right...?
    Dogi: What was that?  Didn't seem like a normal monster...
    Mustafa: Guardian of the Shrine, "Levard Galem"...  It protects the sleeping
    Flame Dragon.  ...I can't believe even the statues have started to move in
    here...  Damn it!  What in the name of the Dragons is happening to Segram?!
    Aisha: ...  I heard that Segram has suffered a lot of damage from titanos of
    Mustafa: ...We have.  We see titanos incessantly, and not just the Sand-Eater
    from earlier.  And it's not only that...  Our oasis dried up, and we've been
    getting sand storms outside of storm season...  But the biggest problem...
    Aisha: Is...?  What is it?
    Mustafa: *hmph*  I am not under any obligation to tell the likes of you.  We've
    come this far.  I'm going to check the altar.  ...You said you wanted to see it
    as well, but are you sure?
    [Adol nods]
    Mustafa: ...Do as you please, then.  I just hope it hasn't been overrun by
    [Head to the altar]
    Dogi: So this is Segram's altar, huh...?  It looks kinda like the one we saw in
    Mustafa: Of course.  They are dedicated to the same Five Great Dragons.  This
    one in particular is devoted to Angus-Barl, the Flame Dragon.  Usually, I
    wouldn't let people like you in here.
    Adol: [...]
    Dogi: What's wrong, Adol?  You feel something again?
    Mustafa & Aisha: [?]
    Aisha: Huh?  What's that...?
    [Adol does his thing]
    Mustafa: H-hey, what are you doing?!
    Mustafa & Aisha: [?]
    Flame Dragon: O, eternal Altago...  We have created it thus...  However, the
    land beginneth to grate, distort, and be amiss.  O, destined warrior.  To thee,
    I shall give my seal.  Ere Altago meeteh doom.  Thou mayest visit my
    [You got Flame Seal]
    All: [...]
    Aisha: What in Altago's name was that...?!
    Dogi: We don't know either...  ...But the same thing happened at the altar in
    Shannoa.  ...And at the stone monument in the shrine near Altago City.
    Mustafa: ...Don't tell me you're...
    Dogi: Mustafa, do you have any explanation for this?
    Mustafa: N-no, I do not...  ...Adol, was it?  Why don't we try using that power
    you just received...?
    [They use the power and return to Segram]
    All: [!]
    Aisha: W-we're back...
    Dogi: That was...instantaneous...  It's like magic, or something...
    Mustafa: You really do have the power of the Dragons...  [...]  ...Red-haired
    one.  How long have you been able to use these powers?  ...No, a better
    question is, why are you able to hear the voices of the Dragons at all?
    [Dialog Box: Adol told Mustafa about their trip to the Shrine near Altago City
    at the king's behest.]
    Mustafa: ...
    Aisha: ...That's what happened...?
    Dogi: Well, to be honest, we're as clueless as you are.  That's why we're
    trying to get as much information about the Dragons as possible.
    Mustafa: [...]  ...As elder I have duties to the village Segram, the
    worshippers of the Flame Dragon.  After seeing something like this, I cannot
    simply ignore it.  ...Come to my house.  Tell me everything about what has
    happened to you since you first heard of the Dragons...
    [They head to Mustafa's house]
    Mustafa: ...Oh, right.  Sorry, please wait here a moment.  I need to see how
    Cruxie's doing before we have our talk.
    [He heads upstairs]
    Dogi: Man, Mustafa's got it tough...  I bet he goes and sees his sister first
    thing after he comes home every day.
    Aisha: He said that all the strange phenomena were getting him down...  ...But
    I'm sure the thing he's worried about the most is his sister.
    Dogi: Yeah...  Hey, Adol.  Mustafa told us to wait here, but what do you think?
    [Choose "Let's go see how she's doing."]
    Dogi: I agree.  I'm worried about her, too.
    [They go upstairs]
    Mustafa: [surprise]  Didn't I tell you to wait downstairs?
    Aisha: Um...  How is she?
    Mustafa: She's fine.  The medicine is working.  She's fallen asleep.  ...Well,
    she's fine for now, anyway.  I don't know how long it will last, though.  Iska
    fever is incurable.
    Dogi: There's no cure?!
    Aisha: ...No.  There is medicine that slows its progress...but that medicine is
    extremely expensive.  All the more so now with all these unexplained outbreaks
    of the illness.
    Dogi: Oh, man...
    Mustafa: [...]  ...No need to worry over something we cannot change.  We must
    accept it, and move on.  So...tell your tale.  ...No, wait.  I don't wish to
    wake Cruxie, so let's talk downstairs.
    [Choose "Let's wait here"]
    Dogi: Yeah, I guess we should listen to him.  But Mustafa's really got it
    tough...  Iska fever, huh...
    Aisha: ...Iskan fever is incurable.
    Adol & Dogi: [surprise]
    Dogi: I-it is?
    Aisha: There is medicine that slows its progress...but that medicine is
    extremely expensive.  All the more so now with all these unexplained outbreaks
    of the illness.
    Dogi: Oh, man...
    [Mustafa comes back]
    Mustafa: ...I'm back.
    Dogi: How is she?
    Mustafa: She's fine.  The medicine is working.  She's fallen asleep.  ...So, on
    to business...  Tell me the details of how you came to be involved with the
    [The screen fades out and back in implying explanations]
    Mustafa: ...I see.  So it was no accident.  The voice we heard at the altar
    must truly have been the Flame Dragon's.
    Dogi: But that means these Dragons really exist...  I mean, yeah we heard some
    voice, but it's not like we actually saw where the voice was coming from!
    Mustafa: You really don't get it, do you...  The Five Dragons exist in the
    world, even if you cannot see them.  They have been in deep slumber for
    centuries, but they show their presence through fire, wind, earth...  They are
    the elements that created this land.  They are our guardians.  Now, I'm no
    expert on the legend, so I have no answer as to how it is that they are talking
    to you...  ...But, the words of the Flame Dragon were quite ominous...
    Dogi: Yeah...  The voice we heard in Shannoa also seemed to be warning us.
    Mustafa: Hmm...  Then let me ask you in turn.  Adol, do you have any idea what
    those words mean?
    Adol & Dogi: [?]
    Mustafa: The Flame Dragon chose to give you his powers.  So I thought maybe you
    knew something I did not...  ...I suppose you do not...
    Aisha: ...So what we know for sure is that Adol received a special power from
    that altar.  ...  (...Just who is this guy...?  I need to keep a close eye on
    Adol: [?]
    Aisha: [sweating]  Uh...  So, um...  There's too much we don't know.  Nothing
    the Dragon said rings any bells?
    Mustafa: As I mentioned earlier, I'm not very knowledgeable regarding the
    legend.  However, it may be wise to visit all the other altars as well.  We,
    the Five Tribes of Altago, each revere one of the Dragons.  There is an altar
    near every village.
    Dogi: The Five Tribes of Altago...?  You mean like Segram here, and Shannoa?
    Mustafa: Correct.  Although, two of the tribes were lost over the years.  Adol,
    you haven't been to Kylo yet.  There should be another altar there.  ...Well?
    [Choose "I haven't decided yet."]
    Mustafa: ...I see.  Well, if you ever decide to go, talk to the eldress there.
    Rumor has it that she possesses a mysterious power.  She may know something
    about the Five Dragons.
    [Dialog Box: Adol thanks Mustafa for his advice.]
    [Choose "I'd like to go to Kylos."]
    Mustafa: I agree, that is for the best.  Kylos Village is located in a harsh
    gorge region to the west of the Altago Plains.  ...Talk to the eldress there.
    Rumor has it that she possesses a mysterious power.  She may know something
    about the Five Dragons.
    [Dialog Box: Adol thanks Mustafa for his advice.]
    Dogi: You've been a big help.  Thanks, Mustafa!
    Mustafa: No need to thank me.  I'm only performing my duty.  You have been
    acknowledged by the Flame Dragon.  ...Be careful when you're going to Kylos.
    The monsters in the gorge are particularly vicious.
    [In Altago city, at the Palace, signs of conflict are going on, and you see the
    same strange man from earlier]
    Mysterious Man: *tsk* (Security's tighter than I thought...  ...Who was he...
    How did he detect my presence...?  He must be the rumored Falc-)
    [A yellow fairy arrives]
    Golden Fairy: The guards are coming after you!  Please, hurry!
    Mysterious Man: Yeah, I know.  ...That weasel didn't tell me the job was gonna
    be this complicated...
    Voice: ...There he is!
    Mysterious Man: [!]
    [The mysterious man is run off and the scene fades back to Segram and the
    [Around the village]
    Peaceful Woman: Mustafa and the other village warriors fight against ferocious
    monsters, and often return completely exhausted.  Every time they leave, too, I
    worry that they won't be coming back.  Hours begin to feel like days, and days
    like years!  Cruxie always sees off Mustafa with a smile, and welcomes him home
    with another.  She's truly a fighter at heart.
    Nosy Woman: The villagers take turns tending to Cruxie's needs while Mustafa is
    off dealing with titanos and such.  As the village elder, Mustafa has to leave
    on hunts and surveys quite often, so it's the least we can do for him.
    Pessimistic Woman: The former elder is so selfish.  The war's over, so he
    should come back to the village!  Then Mustafa could finally take it easy for a
    Confident Warrior: The former elder, Dreisen, was a very strong man, capable of
    taking down titanos by his lonesome.  His numerous scars are testaments to his
    might.  He truly deserves to be respected as one of our finest warriors.
    Knowledgeable Man: The guardian statue at the Flame Shrine began to move of its
    own volition, and bore arms against you?  For true?  To consider that the
    lifeless would display the faculties of the living...  This bodes unwell!  Most
    unwell, indeed!
    Girl on a Stroll: I wonder if Cruxie's feeling better today...  I want to play
    with her!  I don't like Uncky Mustafa.  He always get's all mad at me...
    Hopeless Woman: We finally finished digging out the well.  After that last
    sandstorm, it got pretty well buried!  We really need some strong arms around
    here, but all the warriors are off fighting titanos...
    Street Vendor: Oh, you brought it!  Thank you so much!  The Longma cart is a
    real life-saver, I tell you.
    Worrywart Warrior: The amount of food titanos eat is exponentially greater than
    that of normal monsters.  The desert's already desolate as it is.  Any more
    titanos, and it will become completely barren.
    Seamstress: It's extremely painful when any part of you is exposed in a
    sandstorm.  I'll need to sew some full-body clothing for all the warriors who
    constantly do battle with titanos out in the desert.
    Tavern Mistress: I've never seen Mustafa get drunk of lose control of himself
    at the tavern.  And frankly, it's kind of a shame!  He should feel comfortable
    and relaxed in his own village, but he doesn't.
    Resting Father: I can understand why Mustafa is so protective of his sister,
    but I really think he overdoes it.  ...But then, she has Iskan fever, so I
    guess I can't blame him!
    Drinking Man: Older folk like myself may talk down about Mustafa, but it's not
    because we don't respect him.  In fact, we're impressed at his leadership,
    considering how young he is!
    Village Watchman: I hear you actually went all the way to the Flame Shrine!
    You must be nuts!  Why would you do that when there's a perfectly good temple
    right here in the village?!
    Sincere Warrior: Elder Mustafa was made elder at a fairly young age.  It
    happened suddenly, and he's had a tough time adjusting.  I do understand why he
    would resent his father for it.
    Temple Guard: It is said that the flame on the roof is an eternal fire given by
    the Great Flame Dragon to protect Segram.  But it seems to be slowly dying.
    ...Though perhaps it is just my imagination.
    Zak McShane: Man, these little guys are ALWAYS trying to get out of their pen!
    I look away for a second, and they're halfway to Kylos!  I'm glad they have so
    much vim and vigor, but I'm always concerned that they'll run away...
    Mature Warrior: Dreisen... was one of the best elders Segram ever had.  Mustafa
    resents his leaving, though, and refuses to consider how Dreisen must have felt
    leaving everything behind...
    Confident Owner: The Longma cart's in town today...  And I'm not gonna lose all
    my business to ol' Gussie this time around!  BUY MY CRAP, DAMNIT!!
    Off to Kylos, blocked, so back to Altago City
    [On the way to Kylos, run into a blockade]
    Blockade Knight: ...Hey, you planning to go through here?  You can't.  This
    road has been blockaded by the Dragon Knights!  Apparently, some thief snuck
    into the palace.  We can't let anyone pass until the culprit is found!
    All: [!]
    Aisha: A thief?  In the palace?
    Dogi: Who the hell would sneak into a palace?
    Blockade Knight: All we know is that it was a man wearing a black outfit.
    ...There have been reports of a suspicious man all over Altago.  It could be
    the same guy.  Anyway, you won't be going through this way, so just give up and
    head back to town.
    [In Altago City, the group enters and sees three Dragon Knights]
    Dragon Knight: Hm...?  You're those adventurers or whatever His Majesty has
    recognized, right?  Perfect.  Have you seen a suspicious man about town?  He'd
    be wearing a black outfit and carrying a poleaxe.
    All: [!]
    Aisha: No, we haven't... but, uh, is that, by any chance, the guy who--
    Dogi: Is that the thief who supposedly snuck into the palace?
    Dragon Knight: Yeah.  I hear he's made it out of Altago City, through the
    Dragon Knights' security checkpoints and all.  ...The general ordered blockades
    on all the major roads branching from the plains.  If you haven't seen anyone,
    then move along, please.  And don't get in the way of our investigation, all
    right?  Stay put, and stay out of trouble.
    [The Dragon Knights leave]
    Dogi: What's the plan now, Adol?  Looks like we're stuck here.  We won't be
    able to head to Kylos for who knows HOW long...
    Aisha: Why would anyone do something so stupid at a time like this?!  I need to
    find out more before I talk to Father...  *mumble* *mumble*
    Adol & Dogi: [?]
    Dogi: Father...?
    Aisha: [sweating] Uh...  It doesn't concern you.  Forget I said anything.
    Adol & Dogi: [sweatdrop]
    Dogi: Well, we can't get out of here, anyway.  Unless there's some way around
    all this...
    [Around the town]
    Gate Keeper: Damn thief in black...  How could he have escaped through the
    front gate...  He leapt right over me...!  I'm not even that short!  I'm not...
    Rookie Knight: I was just made Dragon Knight right before the incident
    occurred...  Man, it makes me nervous.
    Tacit Knight: ...  ...Don't bother us.
    Promoter: It's been really hot lately, hasn't it?  How about a nice cold drink
    to cool off?
    Sexy Waitress: Some Dragon Knights came in here and asked me a lot of questions
    about whether I saw a suspicious man.  It's possible that he did come here, but
    this is a tavern.  I can't remember everyone that comes and goes.
    Gossipy Man: You may not know this, but Dragon Knights are actually strong
    enough to take the Romun army head on.  If the thief got past you guys like
    that, he must be a real pro.
    Kevin Lassiter: The Zanzibar Firm in the public square is so ridiculously
    mammoth...  One day, I'd like to own a firm of my own just like it, making all
    who behold it slink in awe.  That would be sweet...
    Precocious Girl: I wanted to know what all the commotion was about, so I went
    to the palace to see what's going on.  And this Dragon Knight gave me the
    dirtiest look.  It's not something a grown man should do to a girl.
    Traveling Merchant: I hear there is a certain rare mineral crystal that's being
    sold at exorbitant prices.  Apparently it's prepared in a specific way and used
    to treat an incurable disease.  I wonder if I can get some.
    Ambitious Man: ...Maybe I'll sneak into the palace and steal some treasure...
    ...There's no way I'll be able to run from the Dragon Knights.
    Old Town Boy: Not many people come to Old Town, so rumors spread really slow
    here.  I hope the king and the princess are okay.
    Mean Merchant: What a moron.  Sneaking into the palace for nothing...  What was
    the thief after?  He didn't steal anything, right?
    Cold Merchant: He could have been an assassin from abroad going after the
    king's life.  Someone dared break into where the sovereign of Altago resides...
    Do they think we're weak?
    Troubled Knight: Until he was actually spotted, he was walking the halls of the
    palace like it was his house.  How come no one noticed this guy wearing such
    weird clothing?  It's unthinkable!
    Kind Lady: Have you guys heard?  Apparently, a thief clad in black broke into
    the palace.  I can't believe it...  I just hope His Majesty is all right...
    Weapon Shop Owner: I heard the thief from the incident had a poleaxe.  As a
    professional, I'd love to see it up close.  Poleaxes take a lot of training to
    be able to wield freely.  I wish I could see him in person.
    Boy-Crazy Girl: So many Dragon Knights are so full of themselves.  I wish they
    had more men like Commander Scias.  You know, gentle, caring...  obnoxiously
    Knowledgeable Man: Iskan fever seems to be spreading.  Young people suffering
    is not something the elderly enjoy seeing.
    Item Shop Owner: I like people with courage, but not people who are just
    reckless.  I'm talking about that thief.  Do you understand the difference?
    Complaintive Woman: What a dangerous world we live in...  A thief in the
    palace?  What are the Dragon Knights doing?
    Lively Merchant: There are no customers at the public square after the recent
    incident.  I hope this won't have lasting effects.  ...Damn that thief!  He's
    costing all of us our business!
    Quiet Maid: I wonder if His Majesty is all right.  I heard there were no
    damages, but His Majesty hasn't had a public appearance in a long time...
    Teresa Runions: Running wild in the royal palace!  It is not something a
    gentleman would do.  This thief has no couth!  Moreover, I cannot forgive
    someone who upsets my dear father!
    Michael Wootton: There is only one medicine that is known to be effective in
    treating Iskan fever.  However, it is extremely scarce, and merely treats the
    fever's symptoms.  In a way, it does more harm than good.
    John Cordova: An incident like this could really make people lose faith in the
    Dragon Knights.  And that would just invite crime...  Sure hope that doesn't
    happen, but man, if it does...  I have no idea how we'll handle it!
    Fruit Shop Owner: The other day, I had a fruit stolen when I wasn't paying
    attention...  But the thief that stole it was this tiny, red thing floating
    about...  What the hell was that?  ...Maybe I was just daydreaming.  Maybe I
    was just confused because it happened so fast.  Well...want some fruit?!
    Cheeky Boy: Man, even if they increase security, they're only getting in the
    way if it's during business hours.  What was that thief thinking?  Now everyone
    has to suffer because of him.
    Oppressive Knight: ...Tsk.  I thought I saw an unfamiliar face, but it's just
    you guys.  Don't wander about the square aimlessly.  You're distracting us!
    Innocent Girl: There are so many Dragon Knights today!  It's so lively and fun,
    but...  What's going on?
    Serious Knight: The palace is being searched for any leads on the thief and is
    off-limits for the time being.  Finding evidence is of utmost importance, so
    please understand that you are no exception.
    Manly Knight: We could not even stop one random thief from breaking into the
    palace...  We have failed the king...
    Fearless Knight: We haven't found any suspicious black-clad man in the city.
    We'll continue the investigation...  but we can't give this message to the
    Sincere Merchant: There really aren't any customers today...  With all these
    Dragon Knights around, people can't relax and shop.
    Graceful Guide: The manager is actually overseas at the moment.  He has gone to
    Cesir to come to an agreement with the merchants there.  I am looking forwards
    to hearing good news, as Cesir's economy has just begun to grow.
    Calm Receptionist: Hm?  Is something the matter?  If you are in a bind, I
    suggest you do not come here.  Master exploits people's weaknesses for his
    Zanzibar: What do you want?  This is no place for kids.  Are you actually
    trying to tell me that you want to do business with me?  Me?  Zanzibar?
    Devoted Old Man: Just watching the children play makes me feel peaceful.  Such
    a sight makes it seem like things like Iskan fever and the anomalies are just a
    Gentle Priestess: I hear no one was hurt during the incident at the palace.
    Even so, it hasn't been long since the war ended...  People won't be able to
    relax for some time.
    Gaudy Head Priest: I hear a foolish man broke into the palace.  It is truly sad
    news.  Let us pray to Great Grattheos so that such a thing will not happen
    again and that he will further bless Altago.  An abundant heart comes from an
    abundant life.  As long as we are steeped in blessings, we won't sin.
    Diligent Priest: There are still people that judge others based on background
    and looks.  It is utter foolishness.  We look and think differently because no
    two people grow up exactly the same.  This is why we can learn from others.
    Belinda Nis: Oh, the flower sisters are here!  ...But with all this commotion,
    I doubt they'll sell much...  Since they're here, maybe I should buy a flower
    or two...
    Reserved Knight: We understand that increasing the number of guards will make
    the people feel uneasy.  However, we, the Dragon Knights, are given no choice
    in the matter.  Please understand and cooperate.
    Patriotic Man: Damn thief...  How dare he defile the royal palace...  I'm glad
    the royal family wasn't hurt, but how dare he cause such disorder in the
    People Watcher: I heard before that some foreigners were caught under suspicion
    of being Romun spies...  I wonder if this thief incident is related to that
    somehow.  Foreigners are still a touchy subject, so...
    Leisurely Maid: Everyone seemed so worked up about something when I was out
    grocery shopping.  That Mr. Zanzibar must have nerves of steel to be completely
    unaffected by all that.
    Gutsy Maid: Things are so frantic today.  I hear the Dragon Knights are after a
    thief of something...  What happened?
    Gentle Trader: The prime minister's policies require the Dragon Knights to keep
    constant watch over the sea routes near Altago.  Altago and Romn may be at
    peace now, but Romn is still a threat.
    Energetic Worker: I hear the Dragon Knights will be searching every outbound
    ship for a while.  It certainly does stand to reason that the thief might try
    to get away in an outbound ship, though.
    Proud Merchant: What do you mean my ship can't leave the harbor?  This is
    preposterous!  I don't care about any damned thief!  I'm leaving Altago, right
    here, and right now!
    Raid Knight: This is not up for debate.  It's a royal edict.  No departures
    until our investigation is over.  Period.  I feel for you, and I wish we didn't
    have to do this, but that's what happens when thieves skulk about!
    Zealous Worker: Saw some of the Dragon Knights' naval vessels heading out to
    sea.  Probably already found a few ships to check out.  Harbor inspections I
    can see, but delaying ship arrivals... yeah, not going to go over well, I'd
    Sharp Knight: ...You haven't seen the man in black, have you?  The one
    everyone's talking about?  He's reported to be wielding a poleaxe.  If you hear
    or see anything, be sure you report it to us post-haste!
    Young Worker: What are we supposed to do?  We get a lot of foreigners through
    here, so how do we determine who looks "suspicious"?  And we still have all
    this cargo to sort through.  Man, the boss is NOT going to be happy about any
    of this...
    Investigator: Are you sure?  Did you really not see him?  Which is it?!
    Calm Worker: The flow of ships in and out of the harbor slowed considerably
    because of the inspections.  Well, time is money.  Better do what we can until
    the heat dies down.
    Scary Worker: Our motto at Altago Harbor is quick service, security, and
    comfort.  Any delays will really hurt our image.  But then, I'd rather have
    delays than see a snot-nosed thief sneak into one of our outbound ships, I
    Thoughtful Girl: The navy ships look busy today.  I hear they're performing
    inspections again...  It reminds me of when we were at war.
    Grumbling Knight: That old geezer...  I asked if he's seen a thief, but he
    can't understand a word I'm saying!  Curse my luck...  Sent to keep an eye on
    this squalid hell hole...
    Bitter Man: I'd bathe if I could!  Even the Dragon Knights hate this place.  It
    hurts to be looked at like that...
    Enlightened Man: The city seems even busier than it was before.  People need to
    relax, or they'll just shave years off their lives.
    Near-deaf Man: Ehh?  What's that you say?  Have I seen a...fife?  Don't think
    I've EVER seen one...  I'm just wondering if they'll increase security around
    Old Town.  I hear there's a thief about!
    Curious Boy: The Dragon Knights kicked out the bad man, right?  That's so cool!
    But they seemed kinda upset...  I wonder why...
    Daleyon: This sanctuary is the oldest building in the city.  However, for some
    reason, there is not a single record of this place.  It does not seem
    tritheistic in nature...
    Cynical Old Man: ...Do I know you?  What are you doing in my house?  Are you
    after my canker ointment?!  There's nothing in here that you'd want.
    Trespassing and looting...  Kids these days...  *gumble* *gumble*
    Caring Boy: Are you looking for Tia and Maya?  They went to the market square
    to sell flowers.  I hope they sell a lot today!
    Gossiping Man: I hear Commander Raud's been hitting on Tia a lot lately...
    Well, she is quite a beauty, so it's not like I don't understand...but still...
    does he have no shame?
    Vulgar Woman: A man making passes at a woman usually leads to trouble.  Tia had
    better be careful.  That Commander Raud or whatever...  He's a dog, I tell you.
    Little Old Lady: Tia and Maya are able to make a living because there are
    customers that always buy from them.  Some people don't think too favorably of
    businesses run by Old Town folk.  I just hope no one troubles the girls.
    Skinny Girl: The people at the square have such pretty clothes...  I wish I
    could try them on...  ...But I have to be strong, right?  Everyone's having a
    hard time because they have no money.
    One-legged Man: Dr. Daleyon from the sanctuary gives us his medicine for so
    cheap, it might as well be free.  I'm sure his benevolence was exactly what the
    rich and powerful people didn't like about him...
    [Find Tia in the square]
    Tia: ...The flowers aren't selling well today...  There aren't many people out
    either...  Oh, hello.
    Dogi: Hey, Tia.  Business is slow today, huh?  Adol, what say we lend a hand?
    Tia: Oh, you don't have to...  The city seemed rather chaotic...  but I'm sure
    it's just a bad day...  By the way, how did things go for you?  You went to
    Segram, right...?
    [Dialog Box: Adol told Tia that their trip to Segram went well.]
    Aisha: It was hot, sandy, and smelled like sweaty men the whole time.  It was
    Dogi: You do realize we told you many, many times not to come, right?
    Tia: *giggle*  Sounds like a lot happened.  ...
    Dogi: What's wrong, Tia?
    Tia: Nothing...  I just thought you must be tired from your trip to Segram.  If
    you have time, why don't you come to my house?  Maya, what's wrong?  Aren't you
    happy to see them?
    Aisha: [!]  She's gonna pull my hair again!
    [Aisha steps back]
    Aisha: [!]
    Maya: [...]
    Aisha: [?]  H-huh...?  What's wrong?  You don't seem like the same hyper kid
    from before...
    Tia: ...Maya?  What's wrong?
    Maya: ...
    [Maya slumps over and falls to the ground]
    Tia: Ma-Maya!!  Maya, what's wrong?!  Maya!!
    [They head to Tia's house and put Maya to bed]
    Maya: *cough* *cough*
    Tia: ...Maya...!  Hang on, Maya...!
    Aisha: [...]
    Dogi: Aisha, what's going on?!
    Aisha: I knew it.  She has Iskan fever.  And it's worse than I thought...  It's
    not just the fever and coughs.  Her hands and feet have begun to petrify
    already.  At this rate...ooh...
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Dogi: Is there nothing we can do to help her...?
    [Choose "Ask about Maya's illness"]
    Aisha: I'm not a doctor.  I don't know...  I just know that towards the end of
    the Iskan fever, the patient's extremities petrify like stone.  She's young, so
    it may be that the illness is progressing faster.
    Dogi: We need to get her some medicines!
    Aisha: It's not that simple...
    Elderly Voice: Tia!  I heard Maya is sick!  Is she...?
    All: [surprise]
    [Mr. Daleyon comes in]
    Tia: Mr. Daleyon...
    Daleyon: Oh, no...  This can't be...  Maya has Iskan fever...  I can tell just
    by looking...
    Dogi: The doctor...  Doctor, you gotta hurry and give Maya some medicine!
    Daleyon: Right, of course...  The medicine for Iskan fever...  It is true that
    I know how to mix it, but... there are complications...
    Tia: Maya, I'm so sorry...
    Daleyon: [...]  You know nothing about this, do you?  There's no use just
    getting all worked up about it.  Let's talk...
    [Daleyon takes them aside for a talk]
    Daleyon: The fact of the matter is, the medicine requires an ingredient called
    the Scarlet Crystal.  This crystal is extremely expensive, which makes it
    virtually impossible for us to get...
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Dogi: We can't get it...?!  Then what about Maya?!
    Daleyon: Perhaps "impossible" is the wrong word.  I hear that Zanzibar still
    has some for sale...  But the price...  Well, unreasonable is putting it
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: Adol offered to go talk to Zanzibar and ask for some Scarlet
    Daleyon: [surprise]  I guess that would be the first step.  I don't know how
    successful you'll be, but... thank you.  Zanzibar's establishment is located in
    the northeastern part of the Central Square.  Just finding out if he has any in
    stock will be fine, for now.
    Dogi: Alright!  No time to lose!  Let's go, Adol!
    [Adol nods, and he heads off with Dogi]
    Aisha: Wait!  I'm coming too!
    [At Zanzibar's shop]
    Zanzibar: What do you want?  This is no place for kids.  Or do you actually
    have something so valuable, it deserves the attention of the Great Zanzibar?
    Dogi: So you're Zanzibar!
    [Dialog Box: Adol asked Zanzibar for a piece of the Scarlet Crystal.]
    Zanzibar: Oh, you want one, do you?  Well, how much are you willing to pay?
    Just so you know, the item you want is extremely ex-pen-sive...  It'll cost you
    a house at the least.
    All: [!]
    Dogi: A house...?!  I heard that it was pricey, but that's outrageous!
    Couldn't you give us a discount or something?  A kid from Old Town is dyijng!
    Zanzibar: What?  Old Town...?  *hmph*  I'm not going to waste my goods on some
    worthless vagabond.  What a waste of time.  Get out of here!
    Dogi: [...]  ...What did you say...?  You son of a...!
    [Dogi walks up to Zanzibar]
    Zanzibar: [sweating]
    Dogi: ...Vagabond?  WORTHLESS?!  [big text]  You think you can get away with
    saying something like that to my face?!
    [Dogi is about to punch Zanzibar]
    All: [!]
    Zanzibar: You'd dare lay your dirty hands on me...?!
    Aisha: D-Dogi!
    [Aisha runs up to stop Dogi, Adol helps her]
    Dogi: Let me go, Adol!  I'm gonna cave this bastard's face in!
    Aisha: Dogi, stop it!!
    [They eventually stop him and drag him outside]
    Dogi: Sorry, Adol.  I just couldn't take it...
    [Dialog Box: Adol told Dogi that it's all right.]
    Aisha: Yeah, you're not the only one that got mad.  ...Besides, Zanzibar
    wouldn't have sold the crystal for any sort of reasonable price anyway.
    Adol: [surprise]
    Dogi: Really...?
    Aisha: He's trying to squeeze every penny possible out of all the customers
    that desperately need it.  According to rumors, he bought up the whole supply
    of Scarlet Crystals, so there's nothing anyone can do.  He's so... so...
    Dogi: That's what he was after all along...!
    Aisha: ...But what should we do?  We need to figure out how to get a piece of
    Scarlet Crystal...
    Dogi: Yeah, but surely not from him!  Maybe we should go back and ask the
    doctor for advice...
    [Edict: Wanted: Poleaxe user in black.  For the crime of breaking and entering
    the royal palace.  Report to a nearby Dragon Knight if seen.]
    Zanzibar: *hmph* A bunch of hooligans...!  I'll have the prime minister take
    care of the likes of you...!
    Graceful Guide: [sweating] A-are you all right?  I'll get a heat pack ready
    right away.
    Calm Receptionist: ...Master is the top merchant of all Altago.  He also has
    connections to the prime minister.  Don't do anything rash, or the Dragon
    Knights will arrest you in an instant.
    Sincere Merchant: Hey, what was all that commotion about earlier?  I thought
    the little flower girl lacked the usual energy, but man...  That scared me.
    Confident Girl: ...Hey!  Is the little flower girl okay?  She suddenly fainted.
    I was so worried.
    Kind Lady: Hey, I thought I just saw a little girl being carried in...  Is she
    okay?  Should I call a doctor?  What?  Dr. Daleyon is treating her?  ...Oh,
    then I'm sure she'll be fine.
    Promoter: You were carrying a little girl earlier, weren't you?  Was it
    heatstroke, perhaps?  The weather's been very hot lately, so tell her to drink
    plenty of water and rest, okay?
    Middle Aged Worker: The road leading to the gorge was blocked by a landslide,
    so we were removing all the boulders.  And just when we finished opening the
    road back up, the Dragon Knights came and set up a blockade on it.  If I had
    known this would happen, I would have taken it easy...
    Calm Worker: That was some hard work.  I don't get what's going on exactly, but
    work's work.  Let's just go have a drink.  Right, brothers?
    Gluttonous Worker: *munch* *munch* *mumble* *mumble* I'm so hungry.  I better
    eat up now...
    Old Town Boy: I heard Maya collapsed...  Can't believe someone so nice got
    sick.  Life can be so unfair!
    Bitter Man: ...If I was born an aristocrat, there would be tons of doctors
    looking after my every cough.  If only I was born an aristocrat...
    Curious Boy: What's wrong with Maya?  She's usually at the square by now...
    Cynical Old Man: The little girl in the back of Old Town is terminally ill?
    ...Iskan fever.  ...Sorry, but I have no time to worry about her.  I can't even
    take care of myself.
    One-Legged Man: I'm sure many, including me, were able to forget the hardships
    of poverty for a moment thanks to Maya's smile.  With my body like this,
    though...  I'm so frustrated that there's nothing I can do to help.
    Near-deaf Man: I couldn't hear what people were saying, but from what I can
    see...  It's Iskan fever, isn't it...?  So it's finally spread to Old Town...
    How frightening...
    Gossiping Man: Maya was carried into her house just a few moments ago.  I don't
    know what's wrong with her, but if Dr. Daleyon's on the case, I'm sure she'll
    be all right.
    Vulgar Woman: What are you after, exactly?  Why are you spending so much time
    here?  With sick people, no less!  You don't want to be marked by the
    aristocrats and merchants, do you?
    Caring Boy: I never saw Maya like that...  Is she really sick...?
    [Head back to Tia's]
    Tia: Maya...  I'm so sorry, Maya...
    [Adol, Dogi, and Aisha walk in]
    Daleyon: Oh, you're back.  How did it go?
    [Dialog Box: Adol explained that Zanzibar refused to sell them any Scarlet
    Daleyon: [!] As I thought.  It was still affordable just a few days ago.  That
    shameless merchant is taking advantage of the desperate situation...  Well,
    Scarlet Crystals were rare to begin with.  With Iskan fever running rampant,
    there is a severe shortage, so the prices rising is not surprising...
    Dogi: Are there that many infected with Iskan fever?
    Daleyon: Yes...  It is an illness of unknown origins that is affecting all of
    Altago.  It doesn't matter how old you are or how healthy you are.  It can
    strike anyone at any time.  This is unconfirmed, but rumors say that the king
    has it as well.
    Dogi: The king?!  ...Come to think of it, he did say that he was sick, and he
    started coughing a lot.
    Aisha: ...  Mr. Daleyon...  Is there no other way?  If there's anything I can
    do, I'll do it...
    Daleyon: I understand how you feel...  ...But the crystal is a rare item found
    only around Altago City...  [shock]  Perhaps there may be some left in the Old
    All: [!]
    Aisha: The Old Waterway...?
    Daleyon: Yes.  Under Altago City is an old waterway that spans the entire
    breadth of the city.  People rarely go in there, so there may be a chance...
    Tia: ...
    [Tia gets up]
    Tia: Mr. Daleyon.  Could you watch Maya for a moment?  I... need to do
    [Tia bows politely]
    Dogi: Tia, where are you going...?
    [Tia runs off]
    Aisha: Don't tell me she's planning to go to the Old Waterway by herself...
    Daleyon: [!]  She can't!  There are many ferocious monsters there!  Tia doesn't
    stand a chance down there alone...
    [Dialog Box: Adol told Daleyon to leave Tia in his charge.]
    Dogi: Take care of Maya for us!
    Daleyon: Yes, I will stay by her side.  The entrance to the Old Waterway is
    down the stairs near the item shop.  Tia, without a doubt, is headed there.
    Please keep her from harm!
    Dogi: Stairs near the item shop.  Got it!  All right.  Let's hurry, Adol!
    Aisha: I'm coming too!
    [They all run off]
    [By the door to the Old Waterway]
    Tia: Please, let me through!  My sister...  Her life is...
    Guard: What?  This is no place for a girl like you.  Get out of here!
    Tia: But, please...!!
    Arrogant Voice: What's going on here?
    Tia: [!]  Ah...
    [Raud shows up with his lackeys]
    Commander Raud: Well, what do we have here?  What are you doing in a filthy
    place like this?  If you need something, you can just ask me.  I am a
    gentleman, after all.
    Tia: ...
    [Party arrives to the Old Waterway entrance]
    Tia: ...Please, I'll go on however many dates with you as you want...  Just let
    me go this once!
    Commander Raud: *tsk* So blunt, so unromantic...  Honestly, you make me sound
    like a bad guy.  I was just asking why you're in such a hurry...!
    Dogi: Hold it!
    Tia & Raud: [surprise]
    Commander Raud: You again...  You two really are annoying.  Trying to get in my
    way again, huh?  Don't think I can't crush you just because you have that
    bastard Scias on your side.
    Aisha: ...  Hey, let me have a word with you.
    Commander Raud: You wanna die, kid?  Shut your trap!
    Aisha: ...Commander Raud.  Come.  Here.  Now.
    Raud: [?]
    [Dialog Box: *whisper* *whisper*]
    Commander Raud: [small text]  What?  You think you can fool m--  [!]  W-wait...
    Come to think of it, you do look...
    Aisha: [small text]  I mean, you know that...  ...Father...  And that's why...
    ...  [normal text]  Got it?  I'll take it from here.
    Commander Raud: [mad]  *hmph*  DO as you please.  We're investigating the
    intruder case anyhow.
    [Raud walks over towards the guard]
    Commander Raud: However, I do believe it would be best that you not get
    involved in something that doesn't concern you.  And the group you're with...
    Well, just remember who you are.
    Aisha: But...
    Commander Raud: *hmph*  Come on, we're going.
    Entourage: What?  But, Commander...
    Commander Raud: Shut up!  We're going.
    [He turns to the gate guard]
    Commander Raud: You, too!  Unlock the gate and come with me.  Do not get in
    their way.  This is an order!
    Guard: Sir!  Yes, sir!
    [They all walk away]
    Dogi: What was that all about...?  Aisha, what did you say to him?
    Aisha: [sweating] Y-you know.  This and that...and what not.  Don't worry about
    it, okay?  ...Anyway, that aside...
    [She turns towards Tia]
    Aisha: ...Are you okay?  I understand how you feel...  ...But don't be so
    Dogi: Yeah, Tia...  You can't mess with that guy.  He's a real blockhead!
    Tia: I-I know, but...  But I didn't know what else to do...  [...]  Please, let
    me go!  Please...!  There's nothing else I can do...!
    Aisha: Tia...  ...
    Dogi: (Adol, what should we do?  We don't know what Tia would do if we just let
    her be...)
    [Dialog Box: Adol suggested they search the Old Waterway together.]
    Tia: [surprise] ...What...?
    Aisha: He's right.  You don't have to do this alone.  If you must go, then at
    least let us go with you!
    Tia: ...Are you sure?
    Dogi: Do you need to ask?  The Old Waterway, like everywhere else, is full of
    dangerous beasts.  Don't lose sight of us, all right?
    Tia: All right...  Thank you so much, everyone...!
    [Arrive at core]
    [They see a large crab monster]
    Dogi: Adol, I don't think we should take this one on with Tia around...
    [Dialog Box: Adol asked Tia to stay back.]
    Tia: O-okay.
    Aisha: Don't come out until we come get you!
    Tia: Okay...!
    [Tia runs off, fight with Deep-Earth Crab: Valisa Luti]
    Dogi: *phew* Man, that was a tough one.
    Aisha: ...Hey, what's that...?  Over there.  I see something red...
    Adol & Dogi: [?]
    Dogi: Hm...?  Looks like a red crystal of some sort...
    Girl's Voice: Excuse me...!
    [Tia comes running back]
    Dogi: Oh, Tia.
    Tia: S-sorry, I heard something loud, so...  Are you all okay?
    Dogi: Heh, nothin' to it!  Went down easier than any wall I've busted.  And
    those go down REAL easy!
    Tia: Thank goodness...  Um, hold on a minute.  I have some medicine left...
    [Tia heals the group]
    Aisha: Thanks.  We owe you one.  By the way, I think there's a red crystal over
    there.  Maybe it's the Scarlet Crystal?
    [Tia runs over to it]
    Tia: It is.  There was still a small amount left...
    [You got Scarlet Crystal]
    Tia: Maya is still a child, so I think it should be enough.  [...]  B-by the
    way...  Thank you so much, everyone.  I don't know how to repay you...
    Dogi: Heh...  Tia, you can save the thanks for later.  We need to take care of
    Maya first!
    Aisha: He's right.  We should hurry back!
    Tia: Okay...!
    [Exit the Old Waterway]
    Dogi: *phew* We finally got out.  We should head on over to Doc Daleyon's.
    Aisha: W-wait.
    Dogi: Huh?  Why?
    Aisha: The Dragon Knight that was guarding this place...  We're done here, so
    we should call him back...
    Dogi: Oh, right.  It's be real bad if anyone got in by accident.
    Aisha: Why don't you go on ahead.  We'll take care of things here.
    Tia: But...
    Dogi: Go on!  Maya needs that medicine ASAP.
    Tia: All right.  Thank you so much!
    [Tia runs off, the guard comes back]
    Guard: ...So you're done here, right?  Then hurry up and clear out.  I had to
    listen to Commander Raud's orders, but civilians aren't supposed to be allowed
    Dogi: Sorry for the trouble.  We're going now, I promise!
    Aisha: Okay, that takes care of that.  Now, let's go see Maya!
    [Head back to Tia's place, find Scias looking in on Maya]
    Aisha: Hih...?!
    Dogi: Heeey!!  Long time no see!!
    Commander Scias: Adol Christin?  I see...  ...So you're the one that's been
    helping Tia all this time.  ...You are...
    Aisha: [!]  I-I-I...  [sweating]  Uh...  Wh-What's a Dragon Knight doing
    Dogi: ...Good question...  Er, but hey, you know Tia and Maya?
    Commander Scias: Ah, I must not have mentioned it to you.  I'm from Old Town,
    actually.  I've know them for a long time.  I guess you could say we're
    childhood friends.
    Dogi: I had no idea...
    Commander Scias: I stop by during my usual rounds...  I never thought the
    situation would be this bad, though...  [...]  ...Maya lost her parents in the
    war and somehow ended up in this city.  Tia found her and took her in.  They've
    become like sisters ever since.
    Dogi: I see...  So they're not related after all.
    Aisha: She lost her parents in the war...?  Does that mean she's unable to talk
    because of the trauma...?
    Commander Scias: ...I can't be sure about that, but Maya took to Tia quickly.
    They're closer than even real sisters, without a doubt.  ...That is precisely
    why for Tia...
    [Tia comes back]
    Tia: Oh, Adol...  [!]  And Sci...as...
    Commander Scias: Don't worry.  They know already.  The medicine's ready, right?
    Hurry, give it to Maya.
    Tia: O-Okay...!
    [The scene fades out and Tia gives Maya the medicine]
    Maya: ...  ...Zzz...
    Tia: ...Thank goodness...  Oh, thank goodness, Maya...!
    Dogi: Adol, it looks like the medicine worked!
    Aisha: *sniffle* ...I was so worried...!
    Commander Scias: ...
    Dogi: What's with the long face?
    Commander Scias: It's nothing...  [...]  Can I have a moment with you?
    All: [?]
    [They go outside]
    Commander Scias: First and foremost, I would like to express my sincere
    gratitude.  Thank you for saving Maya's life.  I understand why His Majesty
    holds you in such high esteem.
    Dogi: It's more like we were just along for the ride.  Besides, we couldn't
    head over to Kylos because of the blockade.  Good thing we stuck around.
    Commander Scias: I see...  ...
    All: [?]
    Commander Scias: ...I'm sure you know already, but Iskan fever is incurable.
    Even if you suppress the attacks, the fact that the body weakens over time will
    not change.  And Maya is yet a child.  Her body can only withstand the illness
    for so long.
    All: [!]
    Aisha: ...How awful...
    Commander Scias: You can ignore the facts, but it won't change anything.  It's
    best that you know.  I'm sure Tia has already realized this.  ...I believe it
    would be best to leave those two alone for a while.
    All: [...]
    Commander Scias: ...Worrying about them won't help.  Come by from time to time
    to say hello when Maya is feeling better.  I'm sure it will cheer her up.
    Dogi: Yeah...  We can do that.
    Commander Scias: Good.  ...Which brings me to my question.  ...You weren't
    around at the palace when the intruder fiasco happened.  Sigroon's been worried
    sick.  I would never have imagined you were with them.  What are you doing in a
    place like this, Princess?
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Aisha: Sc-Scias!  You could have just pretended you didn't know me!  I was
    doing so well, too...  *mumble* *mumble*
    Dogi: Wait, what?  "Princess"?  You mean, she's...?
    Commander Scias: Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Altago.  The daughter of
    King Kiemarl.  You didn't know this?  She's usually quite bad at hiding her
    true identity.  ...Anyway, Your Royal Highness, I believe it is time you return
    to the palace.  You're going to give Sigroon an ulcer with your antics, and I
    cannot ignore my duties.  I must report this.
    Aisha: B-but...  ...No, I can't do that.  Scias, you know the situation.  All
    those outbreaks of Iskan fever...  ...And the fact that there's nothing being
    done about it because of the strange phenomena lately.  Father doesn't have
    time to deal with it himself because he's also suffering from the fever.
    Scias: [!]  Are you telling me that...
    Aisha: Yes.  I'm going to see what's really going on in Altago, in Father's
    place.  Then I'll report what I find.  That's what I need to do.  [...]
    Besides...  It was only after I left the palace that I realized I know
    absolutely nothing.  What's going on in other villages, who even lives in this
    country...  Nothing!  As princess, I should know these things.  I need to learn
    more about the people that live in Altago.
    Scias: [...]  Well...  you've put me in quite a predicament, Princess.  All
    right, I'll keep quiet about this to His Majesty, but you're going to have to
    explain everything yourself.
    Aisha: [!]  Y-you mean...?!
    Commander Scias: Since it seems like we lost the thief anyw3ay, I'll call off
    the blockades.  Please, be careful.  Adol, take good care of her.
    [Scias leaves]
    Aisha: [...]  *ahem*  So, wanna get going to Kylos?
    Dogi: You're gonna pretend nothing happened, huh?  Well, that's fine and all,
    but you sure you wanna come with us?
    Aisha: ...I want to act rather than think right now.  I want to see what's
    going on in Altago with my own two eyes.  You're okay with this, right, Adol?
    [Dialog Box: Adol gave an affirmative nod.]
    Aisha: Thank you so much!
    Dogi: ...Bah.  Two against one, huh?  Well, I guess that means nothing's really
    changed, and we're all a little richer for the experience.  Let's just get on
    the road!
    Aisha: Hear, hear!
    Tia: ...Zzz...
    [Dialog Box: Tia is sleeping...]
    Aisha: She must have been really tired.
    Dogi: Well, who wouldn't be...
    Tia: ...Maya...  Maya... I'm sorry...
    All: [...]
    Aisha: (...We shouldn't wake her.  Let's get going.)
    Vulgar Woman: I hate to even think this, but...  Their being here's not gonna
    spread Iskan fever, is it?  I'm not very fond of suffering to death, you know?
    Gossiping Man: I hear Maya caught Iskan fever...  Rumor has it that Iskan fever
    can't be prevented...  How frightful!
    Little Old Lady: It's been just about three years since Maya came here.  Tia
    took her in.  That was when the war was at its peak...  I'm sure she was
    orphaned.  ...I thought that something terrible must have happened that made
    her lose the ability to speak...  But those two girls seemed happy.
    Skinny Girl: I heard Maya's feeling better now.  That's good...  Tia was gone
    for a while too, so everyone was worried.
    Caring Boy: Thank you for saving Maya!  Tia must be really brave going into a
    place where monsters live.  I can't believe she did that!
    Curious Boy: Why wouldn't the merchant misters sell the medicine to people that
    need it...?  Maya could have died.  I don't get it...
    Near-deaf Man: I can't hear what people are saying, but I can tell by what I
    see.  And it seems Maya is all right.  It's actually rather rare for people in
    Old Town to worry for someone.  ...Everyone must care about them dearly.
    Cynical Old Man: So the little girl with Iskan fever was saved for the time
    being...  Good for her.  Well, I'm sure you have your own business to attend
    One-Legged Man: Scias came again, huh...  Haha, he just can't keep himself from
    helping others, can he?  ...I'm sure a lot of people don't like that Scias
    frequents Old Town...
    Daleyon: Scias told me on his return that Maya is all right for now.  ...The
    medicine must have worked...  Good...  Good for her...  If it were not for your
    help, Maya would have been in grave danger...  I cannot thank you enough.  It
    will only get more difficult for Tia as time goes by...  I plan to help her as
    much as I can.
    Bitter Man: So the little girl's doing better, is she?  It must be good to be a
    child.  Bet no one will help ME when I'm sick...
    Enlightened Man: Scias went back to the city.  Despite the rough times and the
    social stigma, Scias still said goodbye to me before he left.  I really believe
    that Scias cares about Tia and Maya...  ...He truly is a man of virtue.
    Cold Merchant: So Commander Scias is from Old Town.  The rumors are true...
    ...He's often seen around these parts, so people talk, but...  Hmm...
    Mean Merchant: ...Dragon Knights?  Here?!  ...Wh-why...?  Are you sure?
    Old Town Boy: Really...?  So Maya's feeling better...  But it's not over yet,
    huh...  Tia must be so sad...
    Ambitious Man: I hear the crystal required for Iskan fever medication is in
    shortage.  Maybe I can sell fake ones...  ...Hey, don't look so indignant.  I'm
    just kidding.  I'd never do something THAT bad!
    Kevin Lassiter: I hear there was some commotion while I was gone, and they set
    up barricades on all the major roads.  This is bad...  I'm so far behind
    schedule...  No, Kevin, pull it together!  You can do this!  Baby steps, man!
    Traveling Merchant: The war may be over now, but I can still feel tension in
    the air.  I better tell my daughter not to wander too far away.
    Precocious Girl: I can see that waitress; bellybutton...  You don't see someone
    dressed like that too often in my country.  A lot of people in Altago dress
    very lightly.  Maybe it's a culture that was born from the hot climate.
    Sexy Waitress: The daughter of a merchant that's staying at this inn is here.
    She's so cute.  She keeps staring at me, so I'm guessing she wants to say
    Gossipy Man: That bastard Zanzibar that runs the business firm in the public
    square, he's truly a despicable guy.  He's all subservient to the point it's
    disgusting in front of the rich, but all high and mighty to the poor.
    John Cordova: The roads must be open again.  I saw a number of Dragon Knights
    returning to town.  I hear the thief was never found, even after all that.  Not
    bad, thief...  Not bad at all!
    Michael Wootton: They say Iskan fever is neither food-borne nor airborne.  It's
    apparently not infectious at all, in fact!  This is backed up too, by the lack
    of any recording Iskan fever transmissions from one person to another.  Which
    begs the question: Why is the number of people suffering from this disease on
    the rise?  What is its cause?
    Promoter: The Longma Car has finally come.  It seems it ran a bit late due to
    inspections.  That's worse than it sounds.  ...A lot of would-be passengers
    probably missed their ride.
    Traveling Peddler: Those Dragon Knights...  Interrogating me...  Oh, are you
    guys on your way out to the plains?  You'd better be careful.  The Dragon
    Knights are interrogating everyone about some suspicious man.
    Kind Lady: It feels like the Dragon Knights are more alert after that thief
    incident.  If nothing was stolen, then the incident actually was a plus.
    Weapon Shop Owner: I like that there's a special bond that forms with weapons
    that are synthesized.  I mean, it can only be completed after working hard to
    gather all the necessary ingredients, you know?
    Boy-Crazy Girl: I heard that the air and water at Kylos is clean because the
    village is so high up.  They don't trade too much with Altago City, but it
    sounds like the perfect place to retire to.
    Item Shop Owner: No cure for Iskan fever has been found as of yet.  You can
    only treat the symptoms...  But the medicine is extremely expensive and not
    many even know how to make it.  It's something the poor can never buy.
    Complaintive Woman: I hear Raud from the Dragon Knights is walking around town
    again.  He probably came to fool around.  Why are the Dragon Knights just
    letting that horrible man do as he pleases?
    Lively Merchant: The thief incident seems to have died down a bit, gyhahaha!  I
    can tell people feel uneasy about their safety lately.  Maybe I should start a
    mercenary agency.
    Quiet Maid: At any rate, my master was so upset about the thief incident...
    Perhaps he had a great business idea?  I was afraid to see him so upset, but
    it's a relief nonetheless.
    Teresa Runions: *sigh* How tedious to have everything one could ever want in
    life...  It's the kind of agony only those who are rich can possibly
    People Watcher: I saw you guys going into the Old Waterway.  I see EVERYTHING.
    ...You guys look so serious.  Did something happen?
    Patriotic Man: A female Dragon Knight just asked me earlier if I had seen a
    noble-looking girl with honey-colored hair...  I've been asked a lot about the
    thief clad in black, but never about some noble, honey-colored hair girl...
    Hey, speaking of which, you have light-colored hair.  But I guess there's no
    way...  I mean, she called her "princess"...
    Leisurely Man: A shopkeeper told me that all the fruits are becoming
    discolored...  Apparently, they don't taste as good as before either...  How
    Gusty Maid: This house is so big, it takes forever and a day to clean anything.
    ...But I'm sure my master finds it easier to work in a clean house.  I have no
    time to complain.
    Gentle Trader: The harbor seemed quite busy.  I hear the inspections caused
    severe delays unloading cargo.  It seems work will quite much attention for a
    while...  But, such is life!
    Energetic Worker: *phew*  That's one less merchant group to take care of.  Man,
    why are merchants always so prone to complaining?  I'd like to see them spend a
    day in my shoes!
    Raid Knight: Merchant ship got off just fine, it seems.  We'll be conducting
    searches on all ships, both inbound and outbound.  I can only hope the
    merchants understand...
    Zealous Worker: The naval ships have all pulled off to their own harbor.  The
    inspections at sea are done, but word is they're continuing the cargo
    inspections.  Which is just aggravating.
    Young Worker: I hear the thief incident caused a big uproar in the city proper,
    too.  And since they couldn't catch him, even after all that, the Dragon
    Knights' reputation is at an all-time low.
    Calm Worker: Finally, we got a ship out.  Man, was this whole ordeal ever a
    pain in the rear!  We'd better get to work to make sure there aren't any more
    Scary Worker: Wait, if the thief hasn't been caught yet, does this mean the
    Dragon Knights are gonna loiter around the harbor?  You've gotta be kidding me!
    They're just gonna get in the way!  They should just admit defeat, and go home!
    Thoughtful Girl: I caught sight of a man wearing all black, not too long ago...
    His weapons looked awfully strange and threatening...  I think that might've
    been the guy everyone's looking for!
    Sincere Merchant: ...I heard you weren't able to buy the medicine for Iskan
    fever.  Choosing not to help someone whose life is in danger for the sake of
    profit is just so wrong...
    Confident Girl: I hear the heightened security at the palace was called off.
    Well, it's not like we can go in anyway.  I wonder when His Majesty will make a
    public appearance again...  I'd feel relieved just seeing him well.
    Fruit Shop Owner: That little girl from Old Town...  I heard she fainted.
    ...Is it Iskan fever?  I had no idea you can catch it just like that...
    Cheeky Boy: There's a rumor going around saying that Mr. Zanzibar is refusing
    to sell Scarlet Crystals.  I understand wanting profit, but it's never a good
    idea to have potential customers hate you.
    Innocent Girl: Speaking of which, the flower lady was here before, but I guess
    she left already.  I wonder when she'll come next.  I can't wait!
    Devoted Old Man: The economy has grown enough.  I think it's time to restore
    the internal administration now.  It shouldn't be too hard if the king uses his
    influence.  I really hope he will.
    Gentle Priestess: The medicine to treat Iskan fever rarely ever gets to the
    poor.  It's wrong for a person's life to be influenced by how much money he
    has, or doesn't have...
    Diligent Priest: I can understand why Reverend Daleyon chose to live among the
    poor in Old Town.  He always mourned for the poor in Old Town since the day he
    Gaudy Head Priest: I hear the former head priest, Reverend Daleyon, is still
    serving the poor in Old Town.  He's brave, I'll give him that.  That's exactly
    why he was expelled but he hasn't changed his ways...
    Calm Receptionist: There aren't many customers lately due to inspections on the
    sea route.  Master seems resentful, but it really doesn't matter to me.
    Graceful Guide: If you are looking for Master Zanzibar, he is at the palace.
    He was summoned by the Prime Minister just a moment ago.  Hmm...  I believe
    they are discussing the new policy...
    Manly Knight: I hear Commander Scias visits Old Town from time to time.  I
    don't want any strange rumors going around about one of our commanders.  I wish
    he'd cut back on his visits.
    Serious Knight: Together with the calling off of the road blockades, the
    investigation in the palace has been completed.  In the end, nothing was
    found...  I can't believe the thief in black didn't leave a single trace
    Gate Keeper: We just received orders to remove all road blockades.  You should
    be able to pass now.  But in the end, the thief was never found...  So, so
    [Try to go to the Palace]
    Aisha: W-wait...!
    Adol & Dogi: [?]
    Aisha: ...You guys don't have any business here, do you?
    Dogi: We do.  Why?  Oh, yeah.  You snuck out of the palace, right?  I bet it'll
    be bad for you if you get caught...  ANY NOISE MIGHT GIVE YOU AWAY.
    Aisha: [sweating] (Shhhh!!!  Not so loud!  What if someone hears you?!)
    Anyway, I'll be waiting for you guys outside.  Come get me later, when you're
    done.  Okay?
    [Aisha runs off]
    Dogi: What a handful...  I guess it's understandable though, considering her
    position.  Let's just go in without her, Adol.
    [Around the Palace]
    Quiet Knight: I was trying to see if there were any clues as to where the
    intruder may have gone, but no such luck...  Though I saw something out in the
    middle of the fountains, but it was a false alarm.
    Troubled Knight: What's gonna happen to me...  I can't believe there was an
    intruder during my shift...  If Commander Scias hadn't been here, I'd have
    never known that there was an intruder here at all!  This is not good...  I'm
    gonna get an earful later.  I just know it...
    Noble Knight: Raud and his men claim they were providing reinforcements to the
    city's perimeter patrol, but I know better.  Such numbers help no one.  They
    were out to drink and make merry, I'm certain of it!
    Indifferent Knight: He left no clues for us to follow.  The high alert status
    in the city was lifted, too.  Let's just stop our investigation, and join the
    other units.
    Rookie Knight: What the-  I GOT HIM!  OVER HERE!!  ...Whoops!  False alarm!
    Please, excuse my jittery nerves.  I thought you were the thief.
    Stern Knight: The way the thief used his poleaxes...  He may be the enemy, but
    I cannot help but admire his skill.  If I ever run into him again, I'd like to
    fight with him once with all I have.
    Communications Officer: The palace was in an uproar because the princess could
    not be found.  Sigroon had reported just before the incident that the princess
    had snuck out of the palace, but still...
    Gloomy Knight: No one even realized that someone had broken into the palace
    until Commander Scias spotted him.  ...Why are we so useless without the
    Informative Knight: The incident was so sudden that no one was able to take the
    initiative.  If he had been found any later, the situation may have been much
    Commander Raud: Damn Romun rat, where did you run off to...  I was thinking I'd
    catch him and teach him a lesson...  ...Hey, what are you guys doing?  Don't
    come waltzing into someone else's room like you own it.
    Talkative Maid: I hear His Majesty was not hurt.  I'm so relieved.  Apparently,
    it's because Commander Scias spotted the thief quickly.
    Listening Maid: Is that so...  I feel very relieved...  I must say, Commander
    Scias' abilities are amazing, even among the Dragon Knights.
    Cloying Official: There's a medicine to treat Iskan fever, isn't there?  Then
    why don't people just buy it?  What?  Commoners can't afford the medicine?
    Well, that's unfortunate.
    Quiet Knight: ...  The general and Commander Scias are engaged in discussion
    with His Majesty.  Please do not interrupt them.
    Resolute Knight: No clear look at the thief's face?  No features you can
    remember at all?  ...OK, that's all for now.  Thank you.  You may go.
    Fastidious Maid: There's nothing like a trespasser to make the insides of a
    royal palace ABSOLUTELY FILTHY.  I've made some headway, but there's still more
    to do than I can fathom.  It's enough to give me ulcers!
    Kind Steward: I still can't believe the palace grounds were trespassed upon...
    and the culprit runs free!  All hands remain on edge.  The Dragon Knights
    sought the thief with admirable effort, but ultimately, he was not caught.
    Courteous Maid: An intruder, in the palace!  What might have been is too
    ghastly to consider.  Praised be that our charges are safe!  Security will be
    on high alert for a while, but I'm sure you can understand the necessity for
    such precaution.
    Commander Scias: ...Ah, it's you.  As you can see, we're quite busy with the
    intruder incident.  ...If your concerned about the checkpoint on the way to
    Kylos, I've already sent word.  You may pass without interference.
    King Kiemarl: Ah, Adol!  My apologies for all the confusion.  A suspicious man
    broke into the palace in broad daylight not long ago.  From the reports thus
    far, there appears to have been no damage, but it's cause for alarm
    nonetheless.  Especially considering how little time has passed since the
    signing of the peace treaty with Romn.
    General Dreisen: ...Scias, you claim to have crossed swords with the thief, no?
    Commander Scias: Correct.  He was quite young, but skilled nonetheless.  I
    thought perhaps he was from Romn, as he wielded a poleaxe...
    Kylos and the Wind Altar
    [On the way into Kylos, meet up with someone]
    Voice: Just what I was afraid of...  It IS you...
    All: [surprise]
    Aisha: Huh...?!
    Dogi: What...?!
    [They see the mysterious man]
    Man in Black: ...Haven't seen you in half a year, Adol Christin.  I never
    imagined we'd meet again in a place like this.
    Aisha: Wh-who are you?!@
    Dogi: Whoa!  It's...  ...It's Geis!  What are you doing here?!
    Geis: That would be my line.  I've been hearing rumors about a "red-haired man"
    all over, now...  ...I had hoped they weren't actually talking about you.  But
    somehow, I knew they were.  Sadly.  Well, I guess we can call it fate.  Seems
    you've got a lot of that.
    [Geis points his poleaxe at Adol]
    Dogi: Hey!
    Aisha: What are you doing?!
    Geis: What do you say, Adol?  Why don't you let me see how much you've improved
    since we last met?  ...I'd like you to meet my new poleaxe!
    Adol: [...]
    [Adol draws his sword]
    Aisha: What's going on here?!
    Dogi: You don't have to do this, Geis.  We don't want to fight you!  Aisha,
    stand back.  Let's just leave Adol alone this time.
    Aisha: B-but...
    [Dogi drags Aisha off]
    Geis: This reminds me of when we first met.  It looks like you're already quite
    used to the weapons of Altago...
    [Fight with Dark Mercenary: Geis]
    Geis: So I'm not about to let you off easy!
    [Lose the battle]
    Geis: Pathetic...  Are you really the same man who took down my brother?  I
    fail to see how you could've gotten so much worse!  ...But this energy I feel
    from you...  [...]  ...it seems you really were "chosen."
    Adol: [?]
    [Win the battle]
    Geis: I would expect at least this much from the man who bested my brother.
    Not bad.  And this energy I feel from you...  I guess it's true...  [...]
    ...it seems you really were "chosen."
    Adol: [?]
    [Dogi and Aisha come running up]
    Dogi: Adol, you all right?!
    Aisha: What a violent man...  You guys know him?  I don't like the look of
    Dogi: Yeah, his name's Geis.  He and Adol have a history...  We all met in the
    Vortex of Canaan a while back...  Speaking of which, that black outfit...
    ...You didn't happen to wander into the palace in Altago at night, perchance,
    did you...?
    Aisha: [!]  What...?!  Wait, that means... he's the intruder?!
    Geis: That's irrelevant at the moment.  Now please, you're being rude.  Adol
    and I are discussing things...
    Aisha: ...IRRELEVANT?!
    Geis: If you're in this gorge...  ...Then you must be headed for the altar at
    All: [!]
    Dogi: How did you know that?  Wait, how did you even know about the altar in
    the first place?!
    Geis: ...If you're going to the altar, you should meet with the eldress first.
    Go to the highest point in Kylos.  There's someone waiting for you there.  I
    have things to do now, so we part ways here.  Best of luck.
    [Geis walks off]
    Aisha: Hey, wait!  Get your ass back here, you son of a...!  What the...  [big
    text]  What the hell's wrong with that guy?!
    Dogi: Does this mean he was the intruder...?  If so, then why...?  Better yet,
    what's he doing in Altago in the first place?!
    [Arrive to Kylos]
    Aisha: *phew*  This must be Kylos.  We finally made it.  The air is so clean
    Dogi: Heh, look at all the windmills.  It's a little strange, but I must say
    it's a nice town.  I remember Geis said something before that kinda irked me.
    Well, everything that guy says kinda irks me...  Something about going to the
    highest point in Kylos or something...?
    Aisha: I don't believe for a second we can trust a guy like that...  But I do
    think it'd be a good idea to take a look around.  Who knows?  Maybe they have
    some secret, really tasty foods that they sell.
    Adol & Dogi: [sweatdrop]
    Dogi: (...I guess being a princess doesn't change the fact that she's still a
    Laid-back Woman: I hear a beautifully-plumed titano bird lives farther up the
    gorge.  If it's as gorgeous as they say, I'd love to see it for myself.  Though
    I must admit, the thought scares me a bit.
    Mature Boy: We were told an important person would be visiting our village...
    ...And you truly look exactly as Eldress Mishera described.  Her foresight is
    beyond remarkable...
    Calm Young Man: ...A young man with hair like fire...  So you are the one...
    Welcome to Kylos.  The eldress is waiting for you at the village highlands.
    We've been expecting you...
    Assembly Manager: From what I hear, he has hair like fire.  He must be a
    foreigner, but from where, and in what capacity?
    Youthful Man: The person the eldress spoke of should be arriving here any
    minute now.  She told us what he'll look like, but I have terrible short-term
    memory, so I can't recall a single word she said.
    Solemn Shop Owner: ...This gorge is in a remote region that even the Dragon
    Knights rarely ever visit.  I don't have any prize-winning items or anything,
    but do feel free to have a look around!
    Youthful Woman: We don't get many outsiders here, but when we do, they usually
    ask, "hey, why is there a pillar in your living room?!"  Most of the houses in
    Kylos have windmills attached, and the windmills are heavy!  So we need these
    pillars for support.
    Clever Little Girl: Eldress Mishera knows a whole lot of different arts, and
    they're all really useful!  She warns us before anything bad happens, and she
    heals our injuries and illnesses.  Isn't she amazing?
    Wes Herbst: Welcome, welcome!  My name is Wes Herbst.  I live here with my
    daughter.  Come in, come in!  My home is your home!  Thanks to these pure
    surroundings, we've been happy and healthy all our lives, so I figure why not
    share the wealth?
    Daddy's Girl: I heard that people in Altago City only think about money, and
    that a lot of them don't get along with each other.  I'm so glad I was born in
    this village.  It's quiet, the food's delicious, and everyone here's so nice.
    Cowardly Young Man: We weren't able to get out to the plains for a while,
    because the earthquake triggered a landslide.  No one was hurt this time, but
    if the earthquake had been bigger... man, I don't even want to think about it!
    Jonathan Lee: The windmills in the village are all getting old.  The blades'll
    all need to be replaced soon...  Tch...  I don't have enough materials for
    that.  Not even close!  These people think I'm made of hides and feathers?!
    Hey, you.  Yeah, you with the ridiculous hair!  I have no idea who you are, but
    I need help, and you're right here!  Name's Jonathan Lee.  I'm in charge of
    fixing these here windmills, and it's an awful job.  So bring me 10 monster
    downs!  That's not everything, but it's a good start.  I'll ask you for more
    things as I find myself needing them.  I'll give you something good in return
    once I'm done with everything, so just... do it, okay?
    Jonathan Lee: You guys sure are dressed weird!  Even weirder than the wimpy
    squirt who rides in here on the Longma cart...  ...Just make sure you don't
    fall off the cliff edge, okay?  I don't want to have to get out my scraper
    Windmill Mechanic: The windmills of this village draw up water and thresh
    grain.  Without them, we could never survive here.  We can't have them stop
    working, so I'm always making little repairs.  They really are finicky
    Young Woman: The eldress can know everything that goes on in Altago by standing
    at the hilltop and using her windsight.  We rarely have any contact with the
    outside, but this allows us to stay up-to-date with the goings-on in the world.
    Devout Old Woman: Many monsters live in the Holy Precincts of Wind, where the
    Wind altar is set.  We don't go there much, as a result.  Instead, we revere
    the wind itself through our many mills and chimes.
    Village Guard: Beyond here is a castle-like structure we call the Holy
    Precincts of Wind, built in honor of the Great Wind Dragon.  There are many
    monsters therein, however, so I cannot let you through.  Please speak with
    Eldress Mishera.
    [Find Mishera looking out over a cliff chanting a spell]
    Aisha: Um, excuse me...
    Mysterious Woman: ...I've been expecting you.  Adol Christin and his
    companions, who've heard the voices of the Dragons.
    All: [!]
    Dogi: How did you...?
    Mysterious Woman: It's all thanks to the winds that travel to and fro.  The
    winds of Altago carry whispers of the land.  Sometimes these whispers foretell
    the future...  While my eyes cannot see the light, I am able to see what others
    cannot.  ...Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Mishera.  I am the eldress of
    Kylos.  Adol.  Dogi.  Your Royal Highness...  ...As the leader of the village,
    I welcome you to Kylos.
    [They go inside to talk more]
    Aisha: ...You surprise me.  Not only did you know we were coming...  ...You
    also know who I really am...
    Dogi: Heh.  Looks like there's no fooling her.  She even knew that we came to
    take a look at the altar...  I guess she's not yanking our chains with the
    whole "the winds tell me stuff" thing...
    Mishera: It does not mean that I am able to see everything.  "Windsight" aside,
    my powers come from the disparate energies of Altago itself...  I cannot known
    what the land of Altago does not tell me.  And with the recent strange
    anomalies around Kylos, I am able to "see" much less than before.
    Aisha: ...Ah...  So it's hit you, too...
    Mishera: I have something to ask of you regarding this very matter.  You have
    heard the voices of the Dragons throughout the land of Altago, correct?  Would
    it be possible for you to give me an exact account of how it happened?
    [Dialog Box: Adol explained how he visited the Dragon altars in various
    regions, and how he heard the voices in each location.]
    Mishera: ...Thank you for the detailed account.  It seems the Dragons truly
    have chosen you.
    Dogi: Adol was chosen by the Dragons...  ...So there's no denying it...
    Aisha: Is that why they've started talking, and give him special powers?
    Mishera: Yes.  Only "he who hath been chosen" is favored by the Dragons in such
    a way.  And as one of the elders of the Five Tribes, it is my duty to aid those
    who are led by the Dragons.  ...I shall inform you of the location of Kylos'
    Dogi: You'll help us?  Great!  Thanks a bunch!
    Mishera: I would also like to confirm something by hearing the voice of the
    Wind Dragon.  If this is all right with you, I would like to come as well.
    All: [!]
    Aisha: Well, your guidance certainly would help.  ...But are you sure?  ...I
    mean, you're blind... won't you be in serious danger?
    Mishera: No need to worry about me.  The winds will show me the way.  The Holy
    Precincts of the Wind are much like a backyard to me, as well.  I cannot get
    lost in there.
    Dogi: Well... no reason to worry, then, I guess!  Adol, I think we should let
    her come with us.
    Mishera: Thank you.  The altar is a tiered structure that we call the "Holy
    Precincts of the Wind," just outside the village.  However, the number of
    monsters in that area has been increasing lately, so please... remain alert!
    Aisha: Okay.  We should make the necessary preparations before we go.
    Dogi: Oh, right.  Mishera, I need to ask you something...  Do you know a guy
    named Geis?  Wears black, has an attitude problem...  Seems he was in Kylos
    Mishera: Geis...  Yes.  While I have not met him, the winds have told me of
    him.  They did not, however, mention his...personality.  He, too, is
    investigating various parts of Altago, although it is not clear what his
    motives may be.
    Dogi: Hmm... trying to steal Adol's thunder again, huh?  What's he up to...?
    Aisha: [mad]  So he's on a journey of some sort, too?  He's really
    suspicious...  And he has a weird fashion sense!  ...Well, whatever.  He's gone
    now, so let's just count our blessings!  Come on, Adol.  Time to go see these
    Holy Precincts of the Wind!
    [Mishera joins the party and they head off to the altar]
    Attendant: Many monsters have settled within our Holy Precincts of Wind.  I
    suspect the anomalies may be responsible.  Eldress Mishera, I wish there were
    guards that I could send to accompany you...
    Mishera: You needn't worry so much.  I will be all right.  I have trustworthy
    companions with me.
    Village Guard: Up ahead is the entrance to the Holy Precincts of Wind, where
    the Wind altar is housed.  The Holy Precincts of Wind are guarded by numerous
    wind-based mechanisms.  And many monsters seem to have taken residence there
    over the years.  ...No one has been to the altar there in quite some time...
    Please, take care.
    [Head towards the Holy Precincts of Wind]
    Dogi: ...Where are we...?
    Aisha: The Holy Precincts of the Wind...  It's amazing...
    Mishera: This structure is said to have been built by the people of Kylos long
    ago.  However, as time passed, the Wind Dragon has gone into slumber.  In order
    not to disturb his rest, the village of Kylos moved away from the structure to
    where it is now.
    Dogi: Interesting...
    Mishera: The altar is on top of the tower located at the center.  Let us head
    for the tower first.
    Aisha: Okay.  Let's get going!
    [As they approach the Wind Altar]
    Aisha: Huh...?  Do you smell that...?
    Dogi: Smell what?
    Aisha: The win...  It smells like...something's rotting...
    Dogi: Now that you mention it...
    Mishera: [...]  It is the presence of "impurity."  Quite large, from what I can
    [A monstrous scream can be heard]
    All: [!]
    [Fight with Ferocious Bird: Kava Kelos]
    Dogi: Ugh!  What the hell is that smoky thing...?!
    Mishera: The Kaya Kelos was originally a wondrous, giant bird that preferred to
    live high on mountain peaks...  However, it seems it has been corrupted by the
    "impurity" in its body, and has been overcome by the miasma.  It must have been
    attracted to the vast Dragon Energy found here.
    Aisha: This is...the miasma...
    Mishera: ...We must purify this place...  ...For the safety of all.
    [Mishera does something and the dark stuff vanishes as she sings]
    Everyone Else: [...]
    Aisha: ...  A giant bird goes rampant because it's been exposed to the
    miasma...  What in the world is going on here...?
    Dogi: Yeah...
    Mishera: ...It would be most fortunate if the Wind Dragon would reveal
    something to us...  The altar is below here.  ...Shall we?
    [Approach the altar]
    Aisha: This is the altar of Kylos, huh...?
    Mishera: Yes.  It is dedicated to one of the Five Pillars of Altago, Mu-Anti,
    the Wind Dragon.  The Five Dragons sustain the world...  We have revered the
    Dragons from days of old and followed their teachings in order to maintain the
    order of Altago.  However, faith in the Dragons is weak throughout Altago
    today, and thus the presence of the Dragons is as well.
    Dogi: I see...  Adol, how is it?  You feel anything...?
    [Adol does his thing.]
    Voice: In the valley between the Moon and Sea lieth Ancient Altago...  When man
    forgetetteth his heart, Ancient Altago doth tremble.  The Wind conceiveth
    impurity.  The Flame doth lose its radiance.  O, destined warrior.  To thee, I
    shall give my seal.  Ere Altago meeteth doom...  Thou mayest visit my
    [You got Wind Seal]
    Dogi: The Five Dragons...  They seem to really have taken a shine to you, Adol.
    Mishera: The Wind Dragon has acknowledged you, Adol Christin.  That power you
    received is his divine protection, it will support you during your journey.
    Aisha: The Dragons are acknowledging Adol...  I guess it really is true...
    ...But I wonder what they're saying...?  Talking about chaos and impurities and
    what not...  It's all so ominous!
    Mishera: ...Yes, it is...  [...]
    Dogi: ...Mishera...?  Do you know something?
    Mishera: ...Yes.  I finally understood after hearing the words of the Wind
    Dragon.  Let us return to the village.  I must tell you all something.
    Everyone Else: [?]
    Mishera: It is about the unexplained calamities happening throughout Altago...
    ...And all the strange phenomena of late.
    [They head back to Mishera's house]
    Mishera: There have been an increasing number of strange occurrences around
    Altago in the past several years.  Crop failures, titano attacks, and abnormal
    weather, among others...
    Aisha: Yeah, I've heard...  No one knows why it's happening and none of these
    anomalies seem to be related at all.  All we know is that the occurrences are
    becoming more frequent, and worse.
    Dogi: Yeah...  We have heard a lot of bad rumors from a lot of places...
    ...But what do you mean no one knows why it's happening?
    Mishera: I believe the root of the anomalies...  ...lies nearly 200 years ago.
    Everyone Else: [?]
    Mishera: In Altago, there exist the "Five Great Dragons" and the "Five Tribes."
    The Five Tribes each revered one of the Dragons and shouldered its
    corresponding role.  The earth tribe of Shannoa was to protect the harvest.
    The flame tribe of Segram was to honor vitality.  The wind tribe of Kylos was
    to cycle life energy.  The sea tribe of Edona was to govern our prosperity.
    And lastly, the moon tribe of Iska was to protect the "balance" ...  The
    balance of Altago was preserved by each tribe respecting its sacred duties, as
    well as the other tribes;.  ...However, about 200 years ago...  ...Two of the
    five tribes disappeared.
    Dogi: Two tribes...  Let me guess...  The sea tribe, Edona, and the moon tribe,
    Iska, right?  [!]  Wait, what did I just say...?!  Iska?!
    Aisha: Iskan fever...  Does that mean the name of the illness comes from that
    tribe's name?
    Mishera: Most likely...  As a result, the balance of Altago...  The balance of
    Altago has become lost over the past 200 years, and faith in the Five Dragons
    as well.  I believe that perhaps...  ...Perhaps the numerous anomalies are the
    results of this broken balance.
    Everyone Else: [...]
    Dogi: S-sounds complicated...  Adol, what do you think about all this?
    Honestly, it sounds like a problem for the people of Altago to deal with, not
    you and me...
    Aisha: ...
    Mishera: This is, as you said, all a problem for the Five Tribes that inhabit
    Altago.  It has been of no concern to you all along.  However...  Adol, you
    have heard the voices of four of the Five Dragons, and also received their
    powers.  Perhaps it would be best for you to visit the last Dragon.
    Everyone Else: [surprise]
    Dogi: The last dragon...?  Well, Adol already got the powers of the moon,
    earth, flame, and wind, so...
    Aisha: Only the Sea Dragon's left.  But, the sea tribe disappeared like the
    moon tribe, right?  How are we supposed to find out about the Sea Dragon?
    Mishera: ...I thought perhaps...you might know.  The tribe of Iska is, indeed,
    said to have disappeared from Altago.  However, the tribe of Edona still
    exists, though they have changed much.  Their current location is Altago City.
    And the current elder of Edona is His Majesty, the sovereign of Altago.  King
    Kiemarl himself.
    Everyone else: [!]
    Dogi: ...What?!
    Aisha: S-so that's why the royal family name is Edonas...
    Mishera: If the oral traditions still survive in the royal lineage, then His
    Majesty may know the location of the Sea Altar.  Adol, speaking directly to the
    king may be the best option.
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: Adol agreed, and said that he would visit the king to speak with
    him directly.]
    Dogi: Yeah...  I guess we should go back to Altago City, then.
    Aisha: I-I'll return to the palace, too.  I have a good idea about what's going
    on around Altago now...  Besides, I need to hear what Father has to say, with
    my own ears...!
    [They all nod]
    Aisha: Um, Mishera.  I want to thank you for everything.  What you told us is a
    big help.
    Mishera: I have only done my part.  As the eldress of Kylos, I am involved.
    And...Adol.  If you truly are "He who hath been chosen," then I am sure we will
    meet again.  Until that day...  I bid you farewell, and good luck.
    [Around the village]
    Attendant: Since the eldress has returned, I am preparing her some herbal tea.
    A young lady I met at the foot of the gorge once taught me how to make it.
    It's delicious AND nutritious!
    Devout Old Woman: The windmill on the large platform just beside the eldress'
    residence has the names of everyone in the village on it.  When a child is
    born, we carve his or her name on our prime windmill, and beg the Great Wind
    Dragon for protection.
    Village Guard: Of all the arts she can use, Eldress Mishera's specialty is
    windsight.  ...Perhaps she can see things as they truly are precisely because
    she has no physical sight to distract her...
    Young Woman: The eldress' windsight allows us to deal with many anomalies
    before they become issues, but lately, it's been off a bit.  She says there's
    nothing she can do to rekindle its potency, as the problem arises from the
    chaos in Altago.
    Youthful Woman: We're harvesting so little grain compared to last year...
    Grain is a staple of our diet, so a shortage is a very serious problem.  We
    need to start stockpiling what we have.
    Clever Little Girl.  There was a big commotion earlier when we saw a titano
    flying over the Holy Precincts of Wind.  I've never seen a titano before.  It
    was beautiful, but seeing one so close was kinda scary...
    Wes Herbst: I lost a pair of earrings my daughter had given me as a present
    when I was out in the gorge the other day.  And with all the monsters out
    there, I don't think there's any hope of finding them now...  oh dear, oh
    dear...  Wait...  you guys seem strong!  Strange men with weapons are the best
    at finding lost earrings, right?  Would you be willing to search the gorge for
    my daughter's earrings?  Pretty please?  I don't remember the exact spot, but I
    do remember admiring them right before a monster attack in the northwest
    section.  Please let me know if you find them.  I beg of you!  Oh dear, oh
    Wes Herbst: The monsters in the gorge are much more savage lately than they've
    ever been.  They've even begun entering the village!  ...I pray for the
    continued safety of our humble village.  For my daughter, and for everyone else
    who lives herein.
    Daddy's Girl: There's lots of wild plants you can eat around here.  I used to
    go gather them a lot with Daddy.  But now the gorge is full of scary monsters,
    so I can't leave the village anymore.  I hate those monsters!
    Cowardly Young Man: The goats aren't producing as much milk as before.  They
    don't seem to be sick or anything, though...  ...Monsters getting all violent,
    titanos buzzing the village, an earthquake, and now this?!  What the hell is
    going on?!
    Jonathan Lee: We thresh our grain with the windmills.  But today?  Not a lot of
    threshing to be had!  With such a pathetic breeze, it'll take all day!
    Windmill Mechanic: The winds are weak today, but sometimes, they're downright
    violent!  They've been wholly unpredictable lately...  You can't control the
    wind, of course, but that's just the problem: no control means no ability to
    Mature Boy: Sudden gusts of wind are becoming particularly frequent of late, so
    my mother told me to avoid the edges.  I do wish I could run around like any
    normal child would...
    Solemn Shop Owner: Eldress Mishera also uses arts that can heal injuries and
    illnesses.  However, she did say that none of her arts can cure Iskan fever.
    What a horrifying disease...
    Calm Young Man: The wind blowing over the village has become rather ominous.
    It is tepid, and I sense malice...  Please, exercise caution.
    Youthful Man: In addition to the larger caves, there's also a small one-room
    cavern in the gorge, with an odd symbol on the wall.  It's been there as long
    as anyone can recall, but no one seems to know what the symbol means, or how it
    got there.
    Assembly Manager: Monsters came to the village and ruined the crop field just a
    short while ago...  The monsters are behaving so strangely!  This kind of thing
    never happened until just a few years ago...
    The Missing Sea Tribe
    [Enter the Palace area]
    Aisha: So, yeah...  You two go on without me.  I'll come later.
    Adol & Dogi: [?]
    Dogi: Wouldn't it be simpler if you just came with us?
    Aisha: I can't go looking like this!  Besides, technically no one should know I
    was with you two all this time.  I'll come later after I change, so just
    pretend you don't know me, okay?
    [Aisha runs off to go change]
    Dogi: This feels wrong...  Like I'm lying to the king or something.
    ...Probably because I am.  Oh well.  Women!  Am I right?  ...Let's go talk to
    King Kiemarl.
    [Head to the King's room]
    Guard: You...  You're those adventurers His Majesty called for, are you not?
    His Majesty is resting from his official duties due to illness.  You will need
    to come back another time, I'm afraid.
    Dogi: Illness...?  Is he okay?
    Guard: His illness has not worsened.  I am told he is merely tired.  Likely
    from stress.  ...His Majesty has been having heated disagreements with the
    prime minister of late.  More so than usual.
    Dogi: I'm sorry to hear that...  Adol, maybe we should come back some other
    Voice from Room: ...I do not mind.  Let them in.
    Guard: [!] But, Your Majesty...
    Voice from Room: I am feeling much better.  These men can be trusted.  Let them
    Guard: Yes, Sire!  ...You heard him.  Go on in.  But remember to be respectful.
    He is our liege!
    [They head inside and find the King sitting up in bed.]
    King Kiemarl: You'll have to excuse my appearance.
    Dogi: Are you feeling all right?  Your symptoms any better?
    King Kiemarl: Yes, the medicine is suppressing the worst of it.  But I'll
    admit, I tire more easily now than before.  Everyone else has had to work twice
    as hard to pick up my slack.  I feel terrible about that.
    Adol & Dogi: [...]
    King Kiemarl: ...So, I heard you're aware that I have Iskan fever.  Scias told
    me.  You lent your aid to a girl infected with the disease, did you not?  I
    sincerely thank you on her behalf.
    Dogi: It was nothing!  I mean, we couldn't just leave her be like that...
    [Dialog Box: Adol humbly denied that he did anything at all worthy of the
    king's gratitude.]
    King Kiemarl: On the contrary, the problems of my citizens are my burden to
    bear.  Anyone who helps them, helps me.  I have long known that a group of
    merchants maintain a monopoly on the crystals needed to treat the disease.
    ...I am entirely to blame for not having dealt with the issue promptly...
    Dogi: ...
    King Kiemarl: ...Anyway, where were we?  Ah, yes.  Scias has informed me that
    you've made progress.  I would like to hear about it.
    [The screen fades to black]
    [Dialog Box: Adol explained everything that happened thus far to King Kiemarl,
    in great detail.]
    [the scene fades back in with Adol and Dogi on the left side of the bed]
    King Kiemarl: ...I had no idea you were going after the legend of the Dragons
    in such a tangible manner.  And... it seems the anomalies occurring elsewhere
    in Altago are worse than I'd thought...  ...
    Dogi: Uh...  Your Majesty...?
    [A knock can be heard]
    Girl's Voice: Father?  May I enter?
    King Kiemarl: Oh, Aisha!  Please, come in!
    [Aisha enters all dressed pretty]
    Dogi: (Whoa... Look at her, Adol!  It's like she's a completely different
    Princess Aisha: Hello, Father.  I'd heard that there were adventurers in the
    kingdom who've gained favor with you...  Are these the men?
    King Kiemarl: Indeed they are.  ...Aisha...  I have not seen you in some time.
    Where have you been?  And what were you doing?  Sigroon has been very worried
    about you.
    Princess Aisha: [sweating]  I... uh...  There was something I wanted to
    investigate, you see...
    King Kiemarl: All right...  And were you investigating it together with a red-
    haired young adventurer and his tall, muscular partner, perchance?
    All: [!]
    Princess Aisha: ...Uhh...
    Dogi: Heh, whoops!  Guess we've been busted!
    King Kiemarl: Haha, I thought so.
    Princess Aisha: Father, how...  Did Scias tell you?!
    King Kiemarl: Even if it were not from him.  I receive numerous reports on a
    daily basis.  It is not difficult to keep tabs on you.  ...Is there something
    you'd like to say to me, Aisha?
    Princess Aisha: I-I...  ...I'm sorry...
    Dogi: You see, the thing is...
    King Kiemarl: My daughter gave you no choice, I know.  I apologize for her
    actions.  I hope she didn't cause you any trouble.
    Princess Aisha: F-Father!
    Dogi: Heh.  No, she was a great help, actually.  We were glad to have her.
    [Choose "She was actually a great help!]
    Princess Aisha: [!]  ...Father...?
    King Kiemarl: ...I don't like you running off, but since I know you will, I'm
    glad to hear you did some good.  That's all I mean.  But that's neither here
    nor there.  Since Aisha is here now, please, allow me to address you regaring
    the issue at hand.  In short, there is something I believe you need to know,
    which only I can tell you, as the current elder of Edona. (see below for rest)
    [Choose "We didn't mind."]
    King Kiemarl: ...I'm glad to hear it.  Very glad.  But, that's neither here nor
    there.  Since Aisha is here now, please, allow me to address you regarding the
    issue at hand.  In short, there is something I believe you need to know, which
    only I can tell you, as the current elder of Edona.
    All: [!]
    Princess Aisha: What...?
    Dogi: I knew it!
    King Kiemarl: ...As Mishera pointed out, the majority of the people in Altago
    City are descendants of Edona, the sea tribe.  We originally lived elsewhere,
    though, and as one of the Five Tribes, we lived in perfect balance with Altago.
    However, during frequent trade with eastern nations, the people of Edona
    changed.  Edonians realized they could achieve greater prosperity through
    worship of Grattheos and heightened commercialism.  And finally, 200 years
    ago...  the Edonians abandoned their home island and founded Altago City.  As
    time went on, the city became a commercial center, gaining enough power to
    influence the other tribes.  That is how Altago became the "kingdom" it is
    Princess Aisha: ...That's how it happened...?  Then, that means the royal
    King Kiemarl: ...Were once the elders of Edona, yes.  In other worlds, we are
    descended from the protectors of the great Dragon of the sea, O-Balon.
    Dogi: So... you know where the altar is?
    King Kiemarl: I have not seen it in person, but I do know of it from the
    legends.  Of course, not many still remember those legends today.  Even in the
    royal family, it only remains as an oral tradition.  Thinking it a child's
    fairytale, I was always unsure whether or not to believe that the Dragons truly
    exist.  ...But after hearing your fantastic tales, it seems clear that they do!
    [...]  Adol Christin...  If the voices you heard really did belong to the Great
    Dragons...  ...then I believe they may have a truly monumental task in mind for
    you.  A task so big, it could change the fate of all Altago...  If you become
    involved more than you already are, it may be impossible for you to back out
    later.  Are you certain you wish to proceed?
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: Adol stated his resolve.]
    King Kiemarl: Good...  Then, as elder of Edona, I ask that you permit me to
    tell you the way.  Just off the coast of Altago City, there is an island the
    locals commonly refer to as "Ruins Island."  The altar of the Sea Dragon is
    there, within the depths of the ruins located thereupon.
    All: [!]
    Princess Aisha: Oh... Ruins Island...?
    Dogi: Are you talking about the small island we saw when we first got here?
    King Kiemarl: Yes...  It is the original home of the Edonians.  The one we
    abandoned 200 years ago...  Royal edict forbids anyone from setting foot upon
    that island, so it has remained uninhabited for centuries.
    [The king claps his hands and the guard walks in]
    Guard: Your Majesty?
    King Kiemarl: Prepare a boat at the harbor.  It need not be large.  These men
    will be going to Ruins Island.
    Guard: Ruins Island, Sire...?  Understood.  Right away, Sire!
    [The guard leaves]
    Princess Aisha: Um, Father...  If you disapprove, I understand.  But I...
    King Kiemarl: Aisha...  I am aware that you have made it your own mission to
    investigate the kingdom's mysteries in my stead.  However, as your father,
    there is nothing more important to me than your safety.  You understand, do you
    Princess Aisha: ...Yes...
    King Kiemarl: ...However...this is, in point of fact, a duty the elder of Edona
    must fulfill.  The elders of the other tribes have heard the voices of the
    Dragons, and Edona's turn is now up.  But I cannot go.  ...So you must go in my
    Princess Aisha: you mean...?!
    King Kiemarl: Do not put yourself in any situation of unnecessary risk.  And
    after you return from the island, you must refrain from running off as you have
    been.  Can you promise me that?
    Princess Aisha: Y-yes, of course!  Thank you so much, Father!
    King Kiemarl: Adol.  Dogi.  Please look after my daughter for me.  If she puts
    herself in danger, you may feel free to scold her as you see fit.
    Dogi: Awesome!  Now that's an order I can get behind!
    Aisha: [angry]  Dogi!  ...  What the hell, man!  Is scolding me really such an
    exciting prospect?!  Especially when YOU'RE the dumbass who walks gets us into
    trou...  [!]  ...ble... uhh... *ahem* I...  I mean, don't worry, Father.  I
    shan't put myself in danger!  I swear it!
    King Kiemarl: ...Nice try, Aisha.
    Dogi: Guess prim and proper's not really her thing, huh
    Princess Aisha: Oh, come on!  You set me up for that with your questionable
    reaction!  That's not fair at all!  ...Oh, just forget it.  Goodbye, Father!
    We'll be taking our leave now!  ...Dogi, get your ass moving!
    [Aisha comes and drags Dogi off]
    Dogi: H-hey!  Stop pulling me!  Ow!  I'm the one with all the muscles - how can
    this hurt so much?!
    [They leave the room]
    King Kiemarl: Haha...
    Adol: [shocked]
    King Kiemarl: I was worried I may not have shown enough care to my daughter...
    But it seems children learn and grow even when their parents are not there to
    see it!  If only my dear wife were alive to see our beautiful daughter so full
    of energy and life...  [...]  ...Ah, excuse me.  I let my emotions get the best
    of me for a moment.  Ah, before you leave... Adol, please come here for a
    moment.  I have something to give you.
    Adol: [!]
    [Adol walks closer to the King and gets Royal Signet]
    King Kiemarl: This is the royal signet passed down in my family since the
    tribal days of Edona.  You may need it on Ruins Island.  Hold on to it, please,
    and take good care of it.
    [Dialog Box: Adol gave his thanks to King Kiemarl.]
    King Kiemarl: No need.  I should be thanking you.  ...Dragons favor you, Adol.
    May your journey be safe and successful.  And please, take care of Aisha for
    [Back in the foyer area, Aisha is in her normal clothes]
    Aisha: OK, the boat should be just about ready.  Let's stock up on whatever we
    may need, then head over to the harbor.
    Dogi: All right!  ...Though if things get out of hand, we can always warp back,
    right?  So we don't need to worry too much about supplies.  I don't think.  We
    can restock anytime we want!
    Aisha: ...  [...]
    Adol & Dogi: [?]
    Dogi: ...Can't we?
    Aisha: Well...  There's a good reason why no one's been allowed on Ruins Island
    for such a long time... Apparently, compasses on board ships go nuts when they
    get too close to the island.  It's really dangerous!
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Dogi: ...Huh?  Really?!
    Aisha: We don't know why it happens.  We just know that things... work
    differently over there.  So we really need to be extra-cautious, and not put
    too much faith in Dragon energy while we're over there.
    [Choose "Let's double-check our supplies first.]
    Aisha: Yeah...  I think that would be best.  (see below for rest)
    [Choose "You worry too much.  Let's just go!"]
    Aisha: Yeah, you might be right...  Well, it's up to you, really.
    Dogi: Well, not a bad idea to take care of all our unfinished business before
    we go.  Never know what'll happen over there!  Let's go to the harbor only when
    we're completely prepared for the voyage.
    [Around the City]
    Quiet Knight: Since the intruder incident, palace security has been ramped up.
    I'm the sentry here.  ...Oh, how I long to be off-duty...
    Talkative Maid: His Majesty seems to retreat to his room a lot lately.  He
    talks to us as he always has, but maybe his illness is getting worse.
    Listening Maid: I'm sure His Majesty is only trying not to show his weakness.
    It'll only make His Majesty feel worse if we keep worrying.  We should just
    carry on as usual.
    Cloying Official: I don't know what an adventurer does, but you sure are weird.
    Wouldn't it be better to live a life of order and security?
    Noble Knight: The General and Commander Raud left for the training facilities
    at the coliseum.  ...The intruder incident brought great disgrace to the Dragon
    Knights.  We cannot simply forget about it.  I anticipate our training regiment
    will be much more difficult now than it's ever been before.
    Tacit Knight: Security around the palace will be high for some time yet.
    ...Don't get in our way.
    Stern Knight: Commander Scias is in his office upstairs.  Commander Raud and
    the general are both at the coliseum for the training...  No wonder it's quiet.
    Communications Officer: Titano sightings have been confirmed near all the
    residential areas of Altago.  We must warn the citizens to stay alert.
    Gloomy Knight: Commander Raud openly displays his contempt towards subordinates
    that don't follow him.  Man...  I'd hate having a superior like him.
    Informative Knight: There are signs that Iskan fever is spreading throughout
    Altago City as well.  Fortunately, there aren't any cases among the Dragon
    Knights, but you never know.
    Manly Knight: No matter how decorated I was in the war, if I can't protect my
    king and the people, I'm useless.  I saw how soft we had become when the thief
    incident happened.  I need to focus during my training.
    Serious Knight: Come to think of it, Sergeant Sigroon was out in town...  Maybe
    she's looking for the princess still.  She just never gives up, does she?
    Innocent Girl: Scias is my favorite, but Sigroon is a close second!  Sigroon
    always looks mad or something, but I think the way Sigroon works so hard looks
    so cool.
    Sincere Merchant: I hear that Mr. Zanzibar is trying to work out a deal with
    the Prime Minister in secret...  I just hope it's not something that
    prioritizes money so much that it hurts others.
    Confident Girl: There's a giant, beautiful bird that lives in the Kylos region,
    right?  I wish I could see it.  But with the monsters on the roads becoming so
    aggressive, I'm a bit scared to leave the city.
    Fruit Shop Owner: There may be a lot of anomalies around us, like titanos
    attacks and what not, but it's business as usual.  The merchants of Altago are
    strong.  We won't ever give up, no matter the obstacle.  Want some fruit?!
    Cheeky Boy: The quality of goods being delivered by the Longma Cart is bad
    lately.  Apparently, it's like that everywhere.  Man, how terrible.  The
    economy's finally booming and something like this happens.
    Devoted Old Man: The weather is fine today.  Maybe I'll pray for my family
    today too.  I hope that the internal administration that was neglected during
    the war will be restored as well.
    Gentle Priestess: As more people become worried about their daily lives, the
    more people come for counseling.  It seems the prevalence of Iskan fever and
    the scarcity of the medicine to treat it is the main source of concern.
    Diligent Priest: It seems the head priest meets with the prime minister quite
    often.  I hear he speaks with the merchants about something, but what...?
    Gaudy Head Priest: What brings you to the temple?  Have you come to hear the
    sermon about tritheism and the sea god?  ...I'm sorry, but I was just on my way
    out.  However, if you wish to pray, please feel free to do so.
    Zanzibar: Heh, that's one more big order negotiated.  The prime minister will
    push the pro-commerce policy forward...  Once the plan goes into effect, the
    future of this firm will be as good as set in stone!
    Haughty Manager: I just returned from Cesir and I overheard some merchants
    saying some strange things.  Something about anomalies throughout Altago...?
    So what if titanos appear sometimes?  Only fools worry about things like that
    and never succeed.
    Gentleman: ...My daughter caught Iskan fever...  She started coughing heavily
    last night, and I can just see how much pain she's in...  I heard that Zanzibar
    Firm has some of the medicine for it, but the price...  It's just too high...
    Graceful Guide: Is that so...  How unfortunate.  I am truly sorry to hear that.
    Yes, we do have some Scarlet Crystals in stock...  However, it's price is going
    up even multiple times in a day.  As of right now, its price is so high, I do
    not know if even the nobility can pay for it...
    Calm Receptionist: It seems a business meeting went very well.  Master cannot
    seem to stop smiling.  ...Altago is peaceful as always.
    Patriotic Man: Earthquakes, thieves...  So much unsettling news.  When will
    this country know true peace...?
    People Watcher: I don't think the prime minister is the power-hungry man trying
    to overrule the king that people take him for.  His policies are extreme
    sometimes, but they're all for the good of the country.  I don't dislike him!
    Complaintive Woman: The flower girl that used to come to the square had such a
    sweet scent...  She just stopping coming all of a sudden.  Now I have one less
    thing to look forward to everyday.
    Teresa Runions: ...I don't understand what my father is so worried about.  The
    higher the price you can sell something, the better, right?
    Quiet Maid: I feel it is most cruel that merchants are reluctant to sell
    Scarlet Crystals.  It's in such poor taste!  I have never seen my master
    worrying so much before...  He usually loves doing business.
    Lively Merchant: I had no idea Mr. Zanzibar marked up the prices for his
    Scarlet Crystals that much...  When he said, "The rich will buy it no matter
    how expensive it is," even I felt chills from his attitude.
    Item Shop Owner: Have you tried synthesizing recovery medicine yet?  It may
    look easier to synthesize than equipment, but...  ...there are extremely potent
    medicines that can only be obtained through synthesis.
    Knowledgeable Man: I've heard that there's a mysterious drug that increases
    one's potential.  Unfortunately, there is no one in this city who knows how to
    make it.
    Boy-crazy Girl: That Commander Scias sure is handsome...  And General Dreisen,
    he gives off that vibe of security.  Commander Raud on the other hand...  He
    looks strong, but he has all the charm of a rabid goat.
    Weapon Shop Owner: We just stocked a shipment of a very rare sword.  I can tell
    you're a swordsman,.  You should take a look!
    Kind Lady: I hear Iskan fever is on the rise.  How terrible...  Won't the
    parliament do something...?
    Promoter: I heard from the merchants that there are "anomalies" occurring all
    around Altago.  Well, as long as the city's doing well, it doesn't really
    matter.  Come see what we have!
    Gate Keeper: After the patrol levels went back to normal, the city seems to
    have relaxed a bit.  But the fact remains that the Dragon Knights failed at
    their most basic duty.  It will be hard to regain trust.
    Gutsy Maid: It's not like worrying about Iskan fever and frowning all the time
    about it is going to prevent it, right?  There's no time to be scared.  Right
    now, the healthy should enjoy their health and luck.
    Leisurely Maid: Another maid I know caught Iskan fever...  It feels so real
    when it happens to someone close to you, you know?
    Gentle Trader: Apparently monsters washed away from Ruins Island have been
    attacking merchant ships.  It's only recently that the war ended and we've been
    able to trade freely.  Security must be strengthened!
    Michael Wootton: Monsters seem to be behaving rather strangely these days.  For
    one thing, they've been nesting much closer to human habitations than any
    previously-recording historical accounts.
    Sexy Waitress: I hear there have been a lot of observers being sent to Old Town
    from the palace.  But these observers are all noblemen, and they look like
    they're sizing things up.
    Gossipy Man: Iskan fever is a local disease that began spreading just recently.
    It hardens the body until it dies.  I guess if it killed instantly, it wouldn't
    be so scary, but it progresses really slowly...  How depressing.
    John Cordova: I opened up some bottles I'd been preserving in the cellar, and
    man, they really went south...  Ugh, that smell...  It's weird, too, because it
    was actually some of the best alcohol I owned.
    Kevin Lassiter: I forgot to check when the Longma cart is scheduled to arrive
    next.  Man, I won't be able to go to Segram for several days.
    Precocious Girl: I saw merchants talking about something in the back alley with
    a really mean grin on their faces.  ...I wonder what they're plotting.  I have
    a bad feeling about this.
    Traveling Merchant: I'm done with my purchases, so I plan to return to my home
    country.  But Altago is extremely accommodating of merchants, so I'm thinking
    about moving here permanently.
    Ambitious Man: Maybe I can make big profits if I hire the Old Town folks for
    cheap to do construction work...!  ...Easier said than done, though.  No one
    would be willing to work for me.  My reputation is awful!
    Old Town Boy: I'm so hungry...  But if Maya can stay positive, then so can I!
    Mean Merchant: ...Hey, did you hear?  Apparently the officials finally started
    moving on that policy.  Heh, that damn Old Town is goners.
    Cold Merchant: ...Mr. Zanzibar's efforts to push the policy forward have paid
    off...  Now Altago City will be more prosperous than ever before.
    Enlightened Man: No matter how hard we work, our lives won't get any easier.
    We're told to be thankful for being hired in the first place, and always paid
    bottom gold.
    Bitter Man: Those damned merchants are always at the center of every new
    policy.  I wonder what our oh-so-mighty king thinks about Old Town!
    Curious Boy: Tia looks like she's still sad...  Maya got better, so what's she
    worried about?  ...Maya took her medicine, so she's all better now, right...?
    Daleyon: Iskan fever is spreading so fast, it is becoming difficult to make
    enough medicine to treat everyone.  ...Those without money will be the first to
    lose their lives...
    Cynical Old Man: I haven't had any real food lately.  This hunger's almost
    unbearable.  ...I don't need your pity.  People go hungry in Old Town everyday.
    Near-deaf Man: I really can't hear much...  Even when someone talks to me, all
    I hear are mumbles.  It makes me feel like I'm all alone...
    One-Legged Man: Dr. Daleyon says fever reducers and cough medicine can't
    actually prevent Iskan fever attacks.  Apparently fever reducers and cough
    medicine can only provide some relief from the symptoms...
    Caring Boy: Maya looks OK now, but she's still coughing.  Tia looks really
    tired, too.  I hope they feel better...
    Gossiping Man: I hear someone who looks like one of the prime minister's
    henchmen has been casing Old Town for some reason.  People from the palace
    rarely come here, so it feels like Old Town's being evaluated or something.
    Vulgar Woman: They never gave a rat's ass about us before, so what do they want
    now?  If they're planning on doing something for us, they should damn well
    hurry it up!
    Energetic Worker: Oh, you're the ones that wanted to go to Ruins Island?  The
    boat's ready to go.  There should be a Dragon Knight keeping watch at the far
    Stubborn Merchant: I heard about the incident, but still, cargo searches?  Ship
    searches?  That's going way overboard!  Guess I can make the best out of a bad
    situation, though.  Fewer merchants means fewer rivals!  Heh heh heh...
    Raid Knight: All right then, we'll be commencing our search now, and when we're
    done, you'll be free to unload your cargo.  It may take some time, but trust
    us, it's for your own protection.  We'd greatly appreciate your understanding.
    Zealous Worker: The water is calm, as it always is.  Should be smooth sailing
    for ships coming into port today.  I was worried about the thief incident.  I'm
    just glad everything's back to normal now.
    Young Worker: When I went to the tavern the other day, people were talking
    about some "anomalies" or something.  I'd heard that there have been weird
    things happening all across Altago, but all I've ever known is this here port.
    Calm Worker: So we're getting a pay raise.  The economy's been doing well, so I
    kinda expected this, but you know what they say about gift horses' mouths...
    Scary Worker: The economy's been booming as of late.  There's even a rumor
    going around that there's gonna be a wage hike.  It's good news for sure.
    Guess all that hard working is paying off after all!
    Thoughtful Girl: I come out here everyday to gaze at the island in the middle
    of the sea, and wonder what it's like there...  They say the place is infested
    with monsters, but from way over here, it looks so picturesque...
    Maya: ...?
    Tia: Oh, hello...
    Dogi: Maya!  You look a lot better!
    Tia: She just woke up a moment ago.  Her fever seems to have gone down, too.
    Maya: ...
    Aisha: Thank goodness...  I was so worried...
    [Maya gets out of bed, walks over to Aisha and pulls her hair]
    Maya: Ahaha!
    Aisha: W-wait!  Wait!  Why do you keep doing this?!
    Maya: Nng...
    [she stops tugging for a bit]
    Aisha: *ahem* Listen.  A girl's hair is her life.  You can't just go arou--
    Maya: Ahahaha!!
    [She starts tugging again]
    Aisha: S-stop!!!  Weren't you listening?!
    [She then stops and hugs Aisha]
    Dogi: (They're getting along really well...)
    Tia: (Haha, I think so too...  Maya is usually shy, but she seems to have taken
    to Aisha quite a bit.)
    Maya: *cough* *cough*
    All: [!]
    Aisha: I think she pushed herself a little too hard... (...or pulled on ME a
    little too hard...)
    Tia: She should be all right.  She just took her medicine earlier...  Maya, you
    shouldn't overdo it.  You need to rest...
    Maya: Aahh...
    Aisha: You should listen to your sister.  Rest, Maya!  Rest, and feel better!
    We'll play again later when you have more energy, okay?
    Maya: [...] Ah!
    [They put Maya back to bed]
    Aisha: *phew* She's fast asleep.  We can probably go now, without feeling
    guilty about it...
    Dogi: No probably about it!  ... Not that I mind stopping in to see Maya, of
    course.  Adol, how about we check on her again as soon as we get back?  Heh,
    maybe she'll be up and running again!  Wishful thinking, I know, but it's
    always best to stay positive!
    Tia: You certainly don't have to.  I mean, I know you must be very busy...
    Speaking of that, where are you off to this time?
    [Dialog Box: Adol explains that they will be headed for Ruins Island.]
    Tia: ...  Ruins Island...?
    Aisha: Is something wrong...?
    Tia: Haha, no...  I haven't known you all for very long...  ...but you always
    seem to be going somewhere.  You never seem to stop and relax!  It's not good
    for you...  ...Here, Adol.  Take this with you.
    [You got Striga Extract]
    Tia: It's medicine.  I mixed it just now.  ...I've heard that no one's been to
    Ruins Island in quite some time.  Please, take care of yourselves, okay?
    [Edict: Warning: There is a severe shortage of Scarlet Crystals which are
    required to treat Iskan fever.  Anyone who possesses one is to treat it with
    extreme care.  Also, trade of Scarlet Crystals without official permission is
    hereby forbidden.]
    Commander Scias: Princess...  Hmm, it seems you've spoken with His Majesty.
    Aisha: Yes.  Thank you, Scias.  Many things happened, but because of you, I was
    able to speak with my father.
    Dogi: Heh, the king knew everything anyway.
    Aisha: ...Sh-shut up.  I heard what I needed to hear...  And I have permission
    to go with you now, so don't complain!
    Commander Scias: [surprise]  Permission...?  I-is that so.  Then His majesty...
    Well, then I won't stop you.  But princess, promise me you will not do anything
    Aisha: Yes, I know.  I know what I'm doing.  All right, you two.  Let's go to
    the harbor!
    Commander Scias: Her Royal Highness is quite the positive thinker...  Adol,
    Dogi.  Sorry, but I'll leave the princess to you.  She is no longer a child,
    but she still needs others to help her.
    Courteous Maid: ...I understand you'll be leaving again, m'lady.
    Aisha: Yes, but I'll return as soon as our investigation of Ruins Island has
    come to an end.  There's no need to worry!  I promised Father I'd come home
    safely, for him.  And I will not break my word.
    Courteous Maid: I'm glad to hear it.  Please, take care.  If you were to be
    injured, His Majesty would only suffer further.
    Fastidious Maid: Ah, m'lady... your clothes...  Are you departing the palace
    Aisha: Yes, I'm afraid I must.  If you'd please, take good care of my room
    while I'm gone.  If you'd please.
    Fastidious Maid: As you wish, m'lady.  It pleases me greatly that you've taken
    to using the front gate this time.
    Aisha: (...Guess she figured out that I left through the window before...)
    Troubled Knight: P-Princess Aisha?!  What are you wearing?  ...  And wh-why are
    you with the red-haired do-gooder and his entourage?!
    Aisha: ... Uh...  I choose not to answer those questions.  That aside, make
    sure we don't get any more trespassers around here, OK?
    Trouble Knight: Y-yes, Your Royal Highness!!  By the honor of the Dragon
    Kind Steward: You have an air of bravery and confidence about you, m'lady.
    More so than ever before.
    Aisha: Really?  You think so? ...  I guess I have been killing a lot of
    monsters lately, thanks to Sigroon's bow lessons.  ...Speaking of which, where
    is she?  She didn't ambush me, so she's obviously not in the palace...
    Kind Steward: Lady Sigroon has been furiously searching for you all this time,
    m'lady.  I assume she is still engaged as such...
    Aisha: ...Ouch.  Well...  I hate to do it to her, but I know how she'd react if
    I told her I'm leaving again.  So yeah... not gonna!
    [Head to the harbor and speak with the Dragon Knight by the boat]
    Dragon Knight: Oh, it's you.  The boat's all ready, but we have yet to find a
    captain or boatswain for it.  And it might be a while before we can find anyone
    crazy enough to go to Ruins Island in this thing...
    Dogi: Is this the boat right here?  No problem, man!  I could steer this thing
    in my sleep.  I'm all the crew it'll need.
    Aisha & Dragon Knight: [!]
    Aisha: You?  You can navigate, and steer, and you know... keep us from
    capsizing and meeting a watery demise?  ...You sure?
    Dogi: Absolutely!  I've captained dozens of boats!  Hundreds!  Thousands, even!
    Right, Adol?  I'm the best there is!  Tell 'em!
    Dragon Knight: I... guess I can let you take command, then, I mean, we can't
    find anyone else to do it, so if you have experience...
    [The Dragon Knight turns and the camera pans to the island you saw in the
    Dragon Knight: ...That's Ruins Island, out yonder.  No one's been there for so
    long that it's probably been overrun by monsters.  I recommend you check your
    equipment before you go, and tie up all your loose ends here on the mainland.
    ...Aaaand, my job's done here.  Don't know why you're going, and frankly, I
    don't care.  I'm outta here.  Good luck!
    [The Dragon Knight walks off]
    Dogi: From what we've heard, Ruins Island sounds like a really dangerous place.
    We need to make sure we're ready for it!  ...What do you think, Adol?  Are we
    ready to go?
    [Choose "Let's head to the island.]
    Dogi: All right!  Time to boldy go where no one's gone before... or for a
    really long time, at any rate!  Let's head out!
    Woman's Voice: Princess!!
    Aisha: [!]
    [Sigroon comes running up]
    Aisha: Si-Sigroon?!
    Aisha: Crap...  I guess she heard about my "outside apparel," which means she
    knows how to find me now...
    Sigroon: Princess, wait!!  The island is too dangerous!  Please, think this
    through!  You're too young to die!  You there!  I order you to leave the
    princess behind!
    [Sigroon comes running towards the boat]
    Aisha: C=C'mon!  We've got to go, NOW!
    Dogi: You sure?  Isn't she your guardian or something?
    Aisha: If Sigroon catches me, she'll keep me cooped up in that palace until I'm
    like 50!  Just hurry!
    Dogi: O-okay.
    [They all jump onto the ship and it departs leaving Sigroon on the dock]
    Sigroon: Princess!  Please, wait!  If you won't stay here, then at least take
    me with you!
    [Out on the open sea]
    Dogi: We got some good wind!  If it keeps up like this, we'll get to the island
    in no time!
    Aisha: *phew*  Feels like I can finally breath easy!  I thought she was going
    to climb on board and drag me back to the palace by my pigtails...
    Dogi: ...You okay with blowing her off like that?  She seemed genuinely worried
    about you.
    Aisha: Sigroon is trustworthy and dependable, but FAR too overprotective.  Even
    if I were to explain my reasons for going with you guys, she would never
    understand...  I'll apologize profusely once we get back, I just...didn't want
    to deal with that now.  We don't have the time for it.
    [Select "That should be fine."
    Aisha: ...Yeah...  ...  [...]
    Adol & Dogi: [?]
    Dogi: Aisha?  Something the matter?
    Aisha: ...No, it's nothing...  I was just thinking this will be my last chance
    to go anywhere with you guys...because of my promise to Father...  ...Wait,
    forget I said that.  What's wrong with me?!
    Adol & Dogi: [...]
    Aisha: I mean, it's not like I'm lonely back at the palace or anything!  I'm
    just...enjoying this freedom... and the adventure...  (...and the company...)
    ...and I dread being cooped back up in my room like a prisoner again.  That's
    all.  I'm just...being silly, I guess.
    Dogi: Hey, don't look at me!  I didn't say anything!  We have no idea what's
    going to happen at Ruins Island.  So I say, let's just worry about that right
    now.  Put everything else out of your mind, and focus on the road ahead.
    Aisha: Y-yeah, you're right...  ...So we're headed for the land where my
    ancestors used to live...a place built in reverence to the Great Sea Dragon...
    I can't imagine what it'll be like...
    [The scene goes to the King's room]
    King Kiemarl: ...They should be arriving at the island shortly...  [...]  With
    the growing number of monster incidents, and the appearance of violent titanos
    all across the land...  Not to mention the increasing number of Iskan fever
    patients...  ...Perhaps we were focused a bit too fervently on the war with
    Romn...  And this man...this infamous "Adol the Red"...  He arrived in Altago
    just when we needed him, with timing almost too good to be mere coincidence...
    Will his visit prove to be a blessing upon the land...or a curse...?
    [A knock is heard]
    King Kiemarl: Yes?  Who is it?  I am awake.  Please, come in!
    [The party arrives at Ruins Island]
    Dogi: So, this is it.  Weird atmosphere...  I mean, it's far from the city, so
    I expected it to be quiet...but this is TOO quiet.  Gives me the heebie-
    Aisha: Yeah...  Hard to believe our people once lived here...
    Adol: [...]
    Dogi: What's wrong, Adol?
    [Dialog Box: Adol feels a current of strange energy...  It seems the warping
    power cannot be used as a result of it.
    Aisha & Dogi: [?]
    Dogi: Are you serious...?!
    Aisha: Damnit, I was afraid of that...  But why here...?  I mean, we're not
    even in the ruins themselves yet...
    Man's Voice: Most likely the result of a disturbance in the land's energy.
    Everyone Else: [!]
    [They see Geis sitting on a boulder nearby]
    Aisha: ...You!
    Dogi: Geis?!  What in the world are YOU doing here?!
    Geis: It's a long story.  Let's just say I was waiting for you.  ...A bit
    longer than expected, at that.
    [He jumps down]
    Aisha: Wait, what?  Why?!
    Dogi: You looking to fight Adol again?  Thought you could pick a fight where no
    one can hear him scream, or something?
    Geis: Nothing of the sort.  That fight before was just... a test.  I was
    waiting here...  *sigh*  to help you.
    Everyone Else: [!]
    Dogi: Help...us?  ...Now I've heard it all...
    Geis: More specifically, to lend you assistance in your quest, and confirm
    something along the way.  ...Adol Christin.  I wish to see for myself if the
    Dragons are actually in contact with you.
    Adol: [!]
    Aisha: Uh...how do you know about that?
    Dogi: And how much do you know, exactly?
    Geis: I can't tell you that just yet.  But depending on what happens here,
    there's someone I'd like you to meet.  So until I've made up my mind about you,
    I'll be acting as your guide on this island.
    Dogi: ...You want Adol to meet someone?  Another evil family member perhaps?
    Geis: ...  Someone I don't care much for.  But I owe him a favor.  I don't
    exactly want to do what he asks, but I have something of an obligation to him.
    Dogi: I...don't really get it...
    Aisha: And I'm completely against this!  Geis, right?  Why did you sneak into
    the palace?!  Were you trying to kill my father?!
    Geis: That particular day was a failure.  I thought my mission would be easy,
    and no one would ever know I was there...but then the silver-haired one saw me.
    The Falcon of Altago...an impressive fighter indeed.
    Aisha: Answer the question!  Were you trying to kill my father?!
    Geis: ...The business I had with the king was not assassination, I assure you.
    I was simply following orders.  ...Or instructions, rather.  I'm loathe to call
    them orders, from HIM...  I needed to get in contact with the current elder of
    the Edonian tribe.
    Everyone Else: [!]
    Aisha: ...You know about that, too?!
    Dogi: Seriously, how do you know so much?!  And what ELSE do you know?!
    Geis: I'll tell you that when I'm sure you are who I think you are.  So, Adol.
    Do you agree to let me join you, or not?
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: Adol pondered this for a moment, but ultimately decided to let
    Geis join.]
    Aisha: Oh, for crying out loud...
    Dogi: Well, that's that, then.  Welcome aboard, I guess.
    Geis: ...I'm not going to say it's good to be here.  But I appreciate that you
    accepted me willingly.  Now let's move.  I took a quick look around, and there
    are a lot of monsters.  We must be quick.  Let's just hope the princess here
    doesn't slow us down.
    Aisha: Hey!  I resent that!  ...And who made YOU leader, anyway?!
    [Go in and find a wall with an odd blue seal]
    Dogi: What's this thing?
    Geis: Looks like the crest from one of the Five Tribes.  Ring any bells,
    Aisha: Don't talk to me like we're friends!  ...But yeah.  I know it all too
    well.  It's the Altago royal crest.
    Geis: Though so.  There must be some way to interact with this...
    [Use the Royal Signet]
    [Dialog Box: Adol placed the King's signet into the hole.]
    [The door opens]
    Dogi: Whoa!
    Aisha: That's...my father's ring...!  Adol, why do you have that?!
    [Dialog Box: Adol explains the King Kiemarl gave it to him for this
    Aisha: Oh...  He could have just given it to me...
    Geis: The king must trust you quick a bit.  Though I'm not sure it would be
    wise to trust him back.  No good can come of someone like you fraternizing with
    men of power.
    Dogi: Hey!  What do you mean "someone like him"?  Adol's twice the man you are!
    Ten times, even!  The king trusts him because he's trustworthy, and nothing BUT
    good can come of that!
    Geis: That's not really what I meant.  But it doesn't matter.  I suppose I'm
    just a bit cynical where the privileged are concerned.  Let's go in, shall we?
    [They go in and meet with two monsters who are easily vanquished, it's not even
    a real boss fight, then you get a chest with Grattheos' talisman]
    Dogi: What's this...?
    Geis: It's a talisman dedicated to the god of the sea, Grattheos.  He's the
    guardian god of Altago Kingdom - a foreign deity that has no relation
    whatsoever to the Five Great Dragons.
    Aisha: ...  [...]  Aisha: The people of Edona must have actually planned to
    completely abandon this island...  ...as well as their faith in the Sea Dragon.
    This talisman is proof of their complete separation.
    Dogi: So this new god is being revered instead of the Sea Dragon, I get that...
    ...but why here?  Seems an odd place to find something like this, when
    everything else is Sea Dragon-related...
    Aisha: Good point...  Maybe they felt guilty about their decision...  [...]
    ...Whatever the case, I see no reason we couldn't make use of it.  Grattheos is
    also a god of the sea, even if he's not OUR god of the sea...  so this thing
    may have some power in it!
    [Go further in]
    Aisha: The water's just gushing out all of a sudden...
    Geis: It seems this statue has the power to stop the flow of water.  Seems like
    it might come in handy.
    [As you get to the entrance to the altar, a very strange monster appears and
    looks like it is taunting you]
    Everyone: [!]
    [It swims around a bit]
    Everyone: [?]
    [Demonic Octopus: Avari El appears]
    Dogi: *phew*  That was...really close...
    Aisha: Caught me off-guard, that's for sure!
    Geis: *hmph*  It's just an aquatic titano that settled here on the island.  The
    island's been abandoned for over 200 years.  It's not surprising.
    Aisha: Well, that is true...  [surprise]  ...Wait, did you say 200 years?!  I
    know the island's been abandoned for that long...
    Dogi: ...but Geis, how the heck do YOU know that?!  Even we only just found out
    after talking to the king!
    Geis: It doesn't matter.  The Sea Dragon's altar is close.  Let's go, Adol.
    Aisha: [anger]  (Wh-what's his problem?!)
    [Arrive at the altar]
    Aisha: So this is the altar...dedicated to O-Balon, the Great Sea Dragon.
    Dogi: Feel anything, Adol?
    [Adol does his thing]
    Voice: Traveler...  To thee I give the last seal of he who hath been chosen.
    Demise hath already begun...  The Wind of Destruction shall soon blow.  All
    shall be lost, and from the chaos a new world shall await.  O, destined
    warrior, be wary...
    [You got Sea Seal]
    All: [...]
    Aisha: Demise...?  ...Wind of Destruction...?!
    Dogi: Sounds really ominous...
    Geis: Just as I thought...  That bastard's joke wasn't a joke at all...
    Aisha & Dogi: [surprise]
    Dogi: Uhh, Geis?  What the heck are you talking about?  And why did you come
    with us, again?  You said you wanted to make sure Adol was for real, or
    something...but why?!
    Geis: My duty was merely to guide you here.  And that duty has been completed.
    Though I suppose there's one thing I can tell you...  ...Adol, you've been
    charged with a sacred duty by the Five Great Dragons of Altago.  Something that
    can change the fate of the entire land.
    Everyone Else: [?]
    Geis: ...But we don't have the time to waste on petty explanations, so that's
    all you get.  Let's head back to Altago City.  I have someone to introduce you
    Aisha: W-wait...!  What...  wh-why...?  ...Who does he think he is?!
    Dogi: Geis seems like he knows a lot about the Dragon legends.  Maybe the
    person he wants to introduce you to has some connection with them...  Adol,
    let's head back to the city.  I wanna know who this guy is!
    [Adol nods]
    [after going to the altar, attempt to exit, run into some monsters]
    Dogi: Wh-what the...?!
    Geis: This lizard is huge...  It's titano-class, for sure.
    Aisha: But we can't get to the boat without going past it...
    [It roars and brings down its sword]
    Aisha: ?!
    Dogi: Damn...guess we stand and fight!
    [defeat it, which was actually pretty easy]
    Aisha: We... we won!
    [They all put away their weapons]
    Dogi: What the hell's with this island?!  Something like that, just walking
    around in broad daylight?!
    Geis: ...I would suggest we not tarry here.  Save your gloating for later.
    Something is definitely not right.  We should get back to the boat...now.
    [There is some rumbling]
    Everyone: [!]
    Dogi: N-no way...
    [Two more come out, everyone draws their weapons again]
    Aisha: Two of them this time?!  We're totally screwed!
    [One of them roars]
    Aisha: ?!
    Geis: Damn it.  Looks like we're stuck.  All we can do is fi--
    [A cannon ball comes out and kills them]
    Everyone: [!]
    [They can see a ship in the distance, the other one goes down too]
    Dogi: Now that's what I call timing!
    Aisha: ...it's the Dragon Knights!
    Proof that Trouble Will Find Adol
    [The ship arrives on the island the party goes to meet it]
    Dogi: Oh, man...  That was a real close call!
    Aisha: But what are the Dragon Knights doing here...?  Maybe Sigroon sent out a
    search party for me?
    Geis: ...
    Woman's Voice: PRINCESS!!
    Aisha: [surprise]
    [Sigroon comes running out]
    Sigroon: Princess!  Princess!!
    Aisha: S-sorry, Sigroon...  Sorry for making you worry...  But thanks...  You
    saved us all.  I'm really sorry for all the times I--
    Sigroon: No, no!  Don't worry about that!  That's not why I'm here!  Princess,
    you must get away from those men!
    Aisha: What...?
    [Sigroon puts herself between Aisha and the others]
    Sigroon: How dare you?  How dare you kidnap the Princess?!  I will not let you
    lay one more finger upon her!
    Dogi: Kidnap?  What the hell are you talking about?!  We're here because the
    King asked us--
    Arrogant Voice: A likely story!
    All: [!]
    [Two Dragon Knights come rushing out, Raud, Scias and Dreisen follow.]
    Aisha: Scias?  Raud?!  And Dreisen...?
    Dogi: Hey, what's going on here?  Scias, what's this all about?!
    Commander Scias: ...
    Commander Raud: Look, you can drop the act.  Do you really think you can play
    dumb after what you've done?!
    Dogi: Huh...?
    Aisha: What's going on here?  What happened?!
    [Scias, Raud and Dreisen draw their swords]
    Everyone: [!]
    Dogi: Wait, what...?
    Geis: Damn.  I knew this would lead to trouble.
    Aisha: Why do you draw your swords?!  Dreisen!  What's going on here?!
    General Dreisen: ...  ...These men are the prime suspects in a crime of the
    utmost severity.  Particularly that Adol fellow.
    Aisha: ...What?!
    General Dreisen: Red-Hair...  Adol the Red...  Adol Christin...however you wish
    to be addressed...  You are under arrest.
    [The screen goes black]
    General Dreisen: Your charges are espionage, conspiracy, theft, destruction of
    property...  ...and the assassination of His Majesty, King Kiemarl.
    [Time passes, you can hear the sounds of Adol being whipped]
    Woman's Voice: Looks like Red-Hair has steel for a backbone!  A nice trait in a
    man...  but it makes my work...  difficult...
    [The scene fades in at the jail, Adol is chained to a wall, Ursa is beating
    him, Raud is watching]
    Executioner Ursa: What would you like me to do, Raud?  He won't survive much
    more of my...  special attention...
    Commander Raud: Fine by me!  He assassinated the king.  He's the worst criminal
    there is.  His life means nothing.  I was hoping you could get him to talk
    about who's behind all this...  ...But whatever.  It's obvious he's from Romn.
    Executioner Ursa: ...Well, true.  He doesn't look it, but clearly he's a
    dangerous, dangerous individual.  Just the sort I loooove to break...
    Commander Raud: ...Damned lowlife.  You got some nerve, you know that?!  I knew
    something was off about your whole "adventurer" act...  ...but I never expected
    you to do something like ASSASSINATING THE SOVEREIGN, you little piece of...  I
    won't let you die easy, you hear me?!
    [In the King's room, the body is laid out on the bed]
    Princess Aisha: ...Father...  ..it can't be...  Wh-why...?  ...why?...
    Sigroon: ...Princess...
    Minister Orbus: I understand your grief over the passing of His Majesty.
    However, we have a duty to carry out.  You must stay strong.  The assassin,
    Adol Christin, will be executed at the coliseum tomorrow.  Do you approve, Your
    Princess Aisha: ...What...?  ...
    Minister Orbus: Executions at the coliseum require the approval of the
    Sovereign.  With the passing of His Majesty the King, that would be you.
    Princes Aisha: W-wait, what are you...  What are you talking about?  Adol?
    Minister Orbus: *sigh*  He has assassinated the King.  It is only fitting.
    Princess Aisha: What are you talking about?!  He's not the assassin!  What
    proof do you have?!
    Minister Orbus: It has been determined that he is likely a Romun agent.  His
    Majesty knew of him through a notorious pirate.  Plus, this Adol character
    claimed himself an "Adventurer," as though that were a legitimate profession.
    He was suspicious from the start.
    Princess Aisha: That doesn't prove anything!  I was with him the entire time!
    From the time Father told us about Ruins island, right until Dreisen showed up
    with his men!  When could he possibly have had the time to kill my father?!
    General Dreisen: ...About that, Your Majesty.  Is it not true that this Adol
    was alone with His Majesty for a time?
    Princess: Aisha: What...?
    General Dreisen: We have testimony from one of the attendants.  She claims that
    when you and the one named Dogi exited His Majesty's private quarters, Adol
    remained behind.  He was in there for another few minutes before he emerged to
    join you.  More than enough time to commit the murder...
    Princess Aisha: ...
    General Dreisen: We found the royal signet among his belongings.  ...The
    evidence stands against him.
    Princess Aisha: That...That's not possible!  He said that Father gave him the
    Commander Scias: ...
    Princes Aisha: Scias, say something!  You know that Adol couldn't possibly have
    done this!  What about that intruder you never found?!
    Commander Scias: ...After that incident, security around the palace was
    increased tenfold.  The chances of yet another intruder going unnoticed are
    next to none.  Also...  His Majesty was stabbed from the front.  There was no
    signs of resistance...  We believe it is highly likely that His Majesty knew
    the criminal.  As His Majesty did have a rapport with Adol Christin, he is a
    perfect fit for this crime, I'm sorry to say...
    Princess Aisha: But...
    Sigroon: Princess...
    Minister Orbus: ...The crime in question is the assassination of the King.  The
    people of the kingdom will be in severe unrest of the criminal is not dealt
    with quickly.  And the rumor that the assassin was a red-haired foreigner has
    already spread throughout the city.  Your Majesty, please.  We must move
    [A group of people are gathered around the board with the edicts]
    Stoic Girl: Hey, look...!  They must have caught the assassin that killed His
    Trembling Young Man: A red-haired assassin...  He might be from Romn!  What's
    going to happen to the kingdom?
    Rage-Filled Man: How dare he kill our king!  He should be torn limb from limb!
    Restless Man: I hear there'll be an execution at the coliseum tomorrow!  Oh,
    that I've gotta see!  Serves him right!
    [Tia and Mr. Daleyon are standing apart from the group]
    Tia: ...Oh, no...
    Daleyon: That young man... was an assassin...?  Tia... this must have been a
    misunderstanding of some sort...
    Tia: ...Of course it is!  Adol isn't the sort of person who could do such a
    thing!  ...  [...]
    Daleyon: ...Tia?  Are you all right?  You must be tired from taking care of
    Maya.  Perhaps you should rest.
    Tia: ...You're right.  I will...  I think...  I'll go home for now.
    [She bows and leaves]
    Tia: (...There's no time...  Adol...  Please stay safe...)
    [The scene fades to the cell Adol is in]
    Girl's Voice: ...How could you...
    Adol: [surprise]
    [Aisha shows up with Sigroon]
    Princess Aisha: Adol Christin.  As the sovereign of Altago, I have come to
    deliver your sentence.  Your execution will be held at the coliseum tomorrow.
    As our tradition dictates, you will fight against a ferocious monster.  While
    you will be given a sword, your monster is titano-class.  The chances of you
    winning...  ...are next to none.
    Adol: [...]
    [Choose "My condolences for your loss.]
    Princess Aisha: [!]  ...Why...  Why...  Why...can't I stand up for you...?  Why
    can't I save you...?  ...Stop being so... so NICE...  ...Father...
    Sigroon: P-Princess...
    Princess Aisha: ...  Adol...  Win the fight tomorrow.  If you can actually win,
    your execution will be delayed...  I'll look for the real killer in the
    meantime...  So, please...!  You have to win, okay?!
    [Choose "I see..." instead]
    Princess Aisha: ...Why...  [Big text] Why aren't you saying anything?!  [normal
    text]  I know you couldn't have been the one who killed my father!  Come on!
    Say something!  ...Curse me for not being able to stand up for you!
    Sigroon: Princess...
    Princess Aisha: ...  Adol...  Win the fight tomorrow.  If you can actually win,
    your execution will be delayed...  I'll look for the real killer in the
    meantime...  Sp, please...!  You have to win, okay?!
    [In another cell]
    Dogi: [big text]  This isn't funny!  Let us out of here!  We didn't do
    anything!  Let us out!!  [normal text]  You can't execute Adol!  He's innocent!
    How could a goodie-two-shoes like that ever kill an innocent man?!
    Geis: Haha...
    Dogi: [mad]  What are you laughing at?!
    Geis: It's just that I was right.
    Dogi: Right about what...?
    Geis: Remember what I told him at the island?  "No good can come from someone
    like you fraternizing with men of power."
    Dogi: [!]
    Geis: Him, killing anyone at all, much less the sovereign of Altago?
    Absolutely absurd!  Someone clearly framed him.  Presumably the real culprit.
    Dogi: ...  Who the hell would do that...?!  I should just bust my way outta
    here.  You know what I can do!  Breaking down these walls, or even these bars--
    [Dogi winds up to give the bars a good punch]
    Geis: Stop.  You'll just alert the guards.  And then we'll be in even MORE
    trouble.  We can't beat their numbers.
    Dogi: Damn it...  The what do we do?!  I can't just let Adol die like this...
    Geis: Well, unlike you, I don't really care much for him...  ...but I owe him
    one for what he did in Canaan, and I'm under specific instructions to bring him
    in for a talk...  ...so, I'll help you.
    Dogi: What?!
    Strange Voice: Master Geis!  There you are!
    Dogi: [!]
    [A blue fairy flies in]
    Dogi: Wh-wh-whaa'...?!
    Xisa: Oh, look, it's the big dumb oaf!  How've you been?
    Dogi: What did you just call me?!
    Geis: Pipe down, oaf.  Xisa, we're at your mercy.  We have no way out of here,
    as it stands.  I'd like you to look for my equipment, as well as the key to
    this cell.  And while you're at it...keep an eye out for this guy's stuff, too.
    Xisa: *giggle*  You got it, boss!
    [The scene fades out and back in to the coliseum with an excited crowd gathered
    then it moves to Adol with Scias and Raud]
    Commander Raud: Heh, sleep well last night?  If the execution ends too quickly,
    it's no fun, you know?  I need you to have energy.  I'm looking forward to
    watching you struggle in vain to live.
    Commander Scias: ...Raud, that's enough.  Bear in mind that a man on his way to
    death deserves at least some measure of respect.  Even if his crime was
    Commander Raud: ...Whatever.  If you ask me, death is too good for him!
    Commander Scias: ...Here.
    [You got Gladius and Buckler]
    Commander Scias: This is the only weapon allowed for a criminal.  While it
    contains some Dragon energy, don't expect much.  It's...serviceable, at best.
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: Adol nodded and thanks Scias.]
    Commander Scias: ...You really are hard to pin down.  Thanking me, in a
    situation like this...  (I won't ask if you assassinated His Majesty or not.
    But if you die here today, you will always be thought guilty of the crime.  If
    you are not the assassin, then fight to prove it!)
    [You got Nadly Extract]
    Commander Scias: ...Officially, I shouldn't wish you good luck...but good luck,
    Adol.  You're going to need it.  Oh, and don't forget to equip the weapon I
    gave you, okay?
    [Adol equips the weapon and the bars open to admit him to the fight for his
    [He arrives to the ring and the gate closes, the crowd cheers.]
    Princess Aisha: (...Adol...)
    General Dreisen: We will now commence the execution ceremony!  Bring out the
    "Beast of Judgement"!
    Adol: [!]
    [Adol is ready, and a huge monster comes out, it looks very ferocious]
    Minister Orbus: O Grattheos, great god of the sea!  Bring your divine judgement
    down upon this criminal, who murdered our beloved King in cold blood!
    [Fight with: Enraged Titano: Ygses Toluga]
    Princess Aisha: Whoa...
    General Dreisen: Oh-ho!
    Commander Raud: I-impossible...
    Commander Scias: ...
    Minister Orbus: Wh-wh-what...  What are you doing?!  Arrest him!  N-no, forget
    that!  Shoot him!  SHOOT HIM DEAD!
    Princess Aisha: [!]
    Princess Aisha: Prime Minister!  You dare defile the sacred ceremony?!
    Minister Orbus: We cannot simply let this evil man remain alive!  Hurry up and
    kill hi--
    [There is an earthquake]
    Everyone: [!]
    Princess Aisha: Eep!
    Sigroon: Wh-what in the...?
    Commander Scias: ...An earthquake...?!
    Commander Raud: What a terrible time for this!
    [The earthquake stops]
    General Dreisen: ...it's over...
    Minister Orbus: Th-that really caught me off-guard...  Why have there been so
    many earthquakes lately?!  What in the world is--
    [A loud crash can be heard]
    All: [!]
    Minister Orbus: What the...?!
    [Someone is beating on the drawbridge, it breaks and you see Geis and Dogi]
    Dogi: Heh...now THAT'S what I call timing!  Adol, come on!  Your chariot
    awaits!  By which I mean, let's get the hell out of here!
    Adol: [!]
    Geis: Say hello to my little friend!
    [Geis tosses a stick into the middle of the area, it blows up and smoke covers
    the whole thing]
    Princess Aisha: Uhh...
    Minister Orbus: I-impossible...
    General Dreisen: [big text] Stop them!  [normal text] Scias, Raud!  Do not let
    them get away!
    Scias and Raud: Sir!
    [Outside the arena, Adol, Dogi and Geis are running away]
    Dogi: Haha, talk about good timing for an earthquake...  That was just the
    distraction we needed!  Fortune is definitely smilin' on us today!
    Geis: Shut up and let's go!  If they blockade the roads out of the city, all of
    this will be for nothing!
    [They start running to the gate, and then stop]
    Geis: Damn it...!
    [There are Dragon Knights at the gate]
    All Dragon Knights: [!]
    Dragon Knight: Over there...!
    Dragon Knight: Don't let them get away!
    [They run after the group]
    Dogi: Well, that was fast!
    [Geis draws his weapon]
    Geis: We'll have to break through!
    Girl's Voice: Everyone, this way!
    All: [!]
    [Tia comes running out from Old Town]
    Dogi: T-Tia?!
    Tia: We'll talk later.  Follow me!
    [They follow, Tia leads them to a tunnel]
    Tia: ...You can get into the Old Waterway from here.  It continues outside the
    city walls, so you should be able to make it out safely.
    Dogi: Seriously?!
    Tia: Yes, I found it by accident...  Anyway, you need to hurry!
    Geis: Not the best course of action, but I don't believe we have any other
    options...  Come on.  We need to move, before they find us!
    Dogi: Thank you, Tia!  Give Maya our regards!
    Tia: ...Adol...  I'm sure you'll...  ...Adol, if it's you...  ...uh...  Never
    mind.  Please be safe.  May the Dragons protect you.
    Adol: [!]
    [He leaves]
    Tia: [...]
    Man's Voice: ...Don't you think you're being a bit careless?
    Tia: [surprise]
    [Scias walks up]
    Tia: Scias...  I'm sorry...
    Commander Scias: It's fine.  I'll pretend I didn't see that.  But Tia, I must
    ask again.  Are you really sure about this?
    Tia: ...  ...Yes.  I've made up my mind.  I know what I have to do...
    The Hidden Village of Iska
    [Adol, Dogi, and Geis are running in the Old Waterway, and end up in Altago
    Dogi: Where are we...?  Is this near the Altago City gate?  Man...  Can't
    believe we made it!
    Geis: Stop wasting time.  The Dragon Knights are still after us.  Come on!
    Dogi: [?]  Uh...where?  Are we gonna hide out in one of the villages?
    Geis: I told you before...  There's someone who wants to meet you, Adol.
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Geis: We have to go to the highlands that look down on the lake west of here.
    Let's move out!
    [Dialog Box: You got all your equipment back.]
    [Head to the spot Geis wants you to go to.]
    Dogi: Highlands overlooking the lake...  This is the right place, isn't it?
    Didn't you say there was someone here who wanted to meet Adol?  I certainly
    don't see anybody...
    Geis: Don't be so impatient.  Come on.  Over here.
    Dogi: O-okay...
    [They walk towards a symbol, Geis rings a bell, the symbol glows and they are
    taken to an alternate version of that spot that is dark and lit by moonlight,
    the symbol is glowing.]
    Dogi: Wh-what just happened...?
    Adol & Dogi: [?]
    [They go running towards the edge and see a town where the lake was.]
    Dogi: What the hell is that?!  That wasn't there before, was it...?  And why is
    it nighttime all of a sudden?!
    Man's Voice: Because this place is "in flux," so to speak.  It is located in a
    small picket between your world and the next.
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    [A man walks up to them]
    Geis: ...That was fast.
    Man with Glasses: I heard what happened from Xisa.  You were fortunate to get
    away safely.  And as promised, you brought the "warrior" with you.  Good boy,
    Geis: I didn't want to.  And please stop telling me I'm a "good boy."
    It's...irritating.  ...We're even now, right?
    Man with Glasses: Oh?  I never forced you to do anything?  Of course, it is
    only natural for a disciple to do what his master tells him...  That's how I
    see it, anyway.
    Geis: ...
    Dogi: Uhh, who are you, again...?
    Man with Glasses: Ah, pardon me.  My name is Ciarius.  I am Geis' master of
    sorcery, and the acting elder of Iska.
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Dogi: I-Iska?  You mean, like one of the Five Tribes?  The one that totally
    Ciarius: Indeed.  Welcome, Adol and Dogi.  Welcome to the hidden village of
    Iska, in service to the Great Moon Dragon.  Allow me to show you around a
    [You see a view of the village and end up at Ciarius' house]
    Ciarius: This hidden village was construction two hundred years ago.  The Iska
    tribe once inhabited the area where Altago City now stands.  However, when the
    Edonians decided to move from what is now Ruins Island, we were persecuted and
    driven out.  As a last resort for self-preservation, we used the power of the
    Moon to access this pocket between worlds and hid.  The people of Edona
    reformed our old land into modern-day Altago, which became a highly prosperous
    harbor city.  ...And all memory of Iska was slowly forgotten.
    Dogi: Oh, man...  But what do you want with Adol?  You specifically sent for
    him, right?
    Ciarius: Ah, yes...  Actually, I have a request for you, Adol.  You, the Dragon
    Warrior, having heard the voices of all Five Great Dragons of Altago...
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Dogi: Dragon-whaaat...?!
    [Dialog Box: Adol asked Ciarius to explain this in more detail.]
    Ciarius: It is the title of the man who receives the powers of the Five Great
    Dragons, according to an ancient Iskan legend.  We are told that the Dragon
    Warrior has the power to stop the dreaded Wind of Destruction.
    Dogi: The Wind of Destruction, huh...  And what exactly IS that, again?
    Ciarius: Unfortunately, its true nature is not noted in the legends.  However,
    once it begins to blow, there will be unrest and chaos in Altago until
    everything disappears...  At least, that is what the legend says.
    Dogi: The hell...?!  There's no way that's true, is it?  It's just some dusty
    old fairy tale written by an even dustier old man, right?
    Geis: ...I don't know about that...
    Adol & Dogi: [shocked]
    Geis: You saw with your own eyes what's going on around Altago.  Like those
    "anomalies" people keep talking about...
    Dogi: Oh...  You mean like Iskan fever and the titanos?
    Ciarius: Yes, I believe these recent phenomena are exactly the sorts of omens
    the legend suggested...  It seems Iskan fever is a disease caused by severe
    imbalances within the body, causing high fevers and petrification.  I fear that
    it may be the broken balance of Altago itself that is affecting the bodies of
    its inhabitants.  This imbalance, I believe, is also the reason behind the
    titanos' increasingly unpredictable behavior.  I believe that this Wind of
    Destruction refers to a calamity manifested from the sum of Altago's
    Dogi: That's crazy...  And you're asking Adol to stop it?!
    Ciarius: It has been said since ancient times that the balance of Altago is
    held by the powers of the Five Dragons.  But ever since Edona's invasion of
    Iska, faith in the Dragons has dwindled.  As a result, they no longer dwell
    among us.  So for some time, Altago has been home to none who are capable of
    correcting imbalances in the land...  That must have led to what we see today.
    But Adol, you've received word and power from the Five Dragojns.  I believe you
    may be the hero described in our records.
    Adol: [surprise]
    Ciarius: These are the exact words of the legend: "Rise, o destined warrior.
    Awaken them from slumber.  Oppose the Wind of Destruction."  Adol, I believe
    you, and you alone, have the power to wake the Five Great Dragons from their
    long sleep.
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Dogi: W-wait a minute.  This is all too sudden...  And besides that, Adol is in
    the middle of some pretty crazy crap already.  I mean, he's a fugitive!  We all
    are!  He was framed for killing the king, and he--
    Ciarius: I am familiar with the incident at the city.  I've been kept abreast.
    ...And I expect that that incident will have a notable effect on the issue at
    Everyone Else: [!]
    Dogi: ...Huh?
    Geis: Ciarius...  What do you mean?
    Ciarius: The current imbalance is mostly the result of human activities.
    Considering the enormous population of Altago City...  ...and an incident like
    the assassination of the king...  ...Well, what effect do YOU think it'll have?
    Geis: Damn...  Disorder in the human world will adversely affect Altago,
    accelerating its imbalance...  Is that about the size of it?
    Dogi: Yeah...  I see where you're going with this...
    Ciarius: Unfortunately, I also do not know who the real assassin is.  I surmise
    he or she is from an enemy nation, or perhaps committed the act for political
    reasons.  Regardless of the assassin's purpose, the incident has begun to shape
    the fate of Altago in a big way...  I am quite concerned.
    Everyone Else: [...]
    Ciarius: Adol...  I understand that it may seem rather unreasonable to ask an
    outsider to shoulder Altago's fate...  You may choose to walk away, and I will
    not stop you.  ...However, after hearing of your exploits from Geis, I cannot
    help but get my hopes up about you.  I am hoping that perhaps you'll be able to
    approach this from the perspective of an adventurer, rather than a fated hero.
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: Adol expressed his unflinching desire to take on the
    responsibilities of the Dragon Warrior.]
    Ciarius: Adol...  Thank you.  I am eternally grateful.
    Dogi: Man...he never had a chance!  Ciarius, you're quite the weasel, you know
    that?  There's no way he could refuse your offer when you put it like that...
    Adol will do anything for an adventure!
    Ciarius: Oh, pardon me.  I did not intend to manipulate!
    Geis: *hmph* That's just how Ciarius talks.  He uses fancy language to gloss
    over the real issues and make them more "presentable"...  I remember when I
    came to Altago in search of a spell to beat my brother...  *mumble* *mumble*
    Ciarius: Haha.  Honestly, I didn't not expect you to master the Iskan seal
    spells.  I was truly amazed!  Nor did I expect you to bring along your cute
    little fairy friends when you came back!  Such a good boy...so full of
    Geis: [angry]  I told you to stop calling me that, Ciarius!  It's demeaning to
    both of us!
    Adol & Dogi: [sweatdrop]
    Dogi: What does Adol need to do exactly?  Wake the Dragons?  I mean, you can't
    just tell someone to "go wake the Dragons," and expect him to have no
    Ciarius: Beyond the altars you visited are "Sanctums" where the Dragons sleep.
    According to legend, it is a place no human may enter...  ...with the
    exception, of course, of the Dragon Warrior and his companions.
    Dogi: So we need to go to these Sanctums, and wake the Dragons?
    Ciarius: Correct.  The Dragons should know how to stop the Wind of Destruction.
    I would like Adol to ask for that information.  And I don't think you'll get
    everything you need from just one Dragon...
    Dogi: So we have to go all around Altago again...  That means we'll need to
    talk to all the elders again, too.  We'll have to explain to them that Adol was
    framed, and is on the run.
    Woman's Voice: ...That will not be necessary.
    Adol & Dogi: [surprise]
    [Mishera, Elk and Mustafa arrive]
    Elk: Adol!  Dogi!
    Mustafa: Heard you got yourselves into some trouble.
    Dogi: What the...  Why are you all here?!
    Ciarius: I asked Geis' fairies to send word to each village.  I thought it
    would be wise for the representatives of each village to come together and
    share information.  Unfortunately, with the death of the king, I was unable to
    call for the elder of the sea tribe...
    Dogi: Oh...  I don't know whether to call you well-prepared or overzealous!
    Elk: We heard everything from the little fairies.  You're going to meet the
    Dragons, right?  Well, we're here to help!
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Dogi: Aww, thanks!
    Mishera: According to legend, you need the help of each tribe to gain access to
    its corresponding Sanctum.  Those of each tribe's elder ancestry, to be exact.
    Fortunately, everyone here is the current elder, or is of an elder's ancestry.
    And we're all here to aid you in your task.
    Dogi: ...You sure about this?  Adol's a wanted man now, and that could cause
    problems for you, too...
    Mustafa: Well, no offense, but we're not specifically doing this for Adol's
    sake.  The issue at hand right now concerns every man, woman, and child in
    Altago.  It's not something we can rightfully entrust to an outsider, without
    keeping an eye on him ourselves!
    Elk: Yeah, we're all in this together!
    Dogi: Oh, man...  Adol, what do you think?
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: Adol expressed his gratitude and agreed to accept their help.]
    Elk: Awesome!
    Mustafa: We shall make a formidable team.
    Mishera: I look forward to accompanying you on this journey.
    Dogi: Well, looks like we're one big, happy family!  Speaking of which, we need
    a grumpy uncle!  What do you say, Geis?  You wanna be part of this family, too?
    Geis: I had no real intention to--
    Ciarius: While you journey on, I will be examining the old records left behind
    in Iska.  I may be able to find something concrete about the true nature of the
    Wind of Destruction.  ...And it would be MOST beneficial if I had a liaison
    between your party and myself...  Where might I be able to find such a person,
    I wonder?  Oh, how I wish I had someone I could count on!
    Geis: [grumbles]
    Geis: ...All right, fine!  I'll go, all right?!  I'll go!  You happy?!
    [Talk to Ciarius afterwards]
    Ciarius: Shannoa, Segram, and Kylos each conceal a Sanctum, and all must be
    visited.  Our first priority is to speak with the Dragon.
    Dogi: Uh, what about the other two Sanctums?  There was a Dragon altar on Ruins
    Island - is that a Sanctum entrance, too?
    Ciarius: Yes, I believe the Sea Sanctum is located on Ruins Island.  However,
    Ruins Island is not easily or safely accessible at the current time.  I believe
    it would be best to postpone any attempts at visiting that Sanctum for the time
    Dogi: Yeah, good thought.  Then what about Iska's sanctum?  Wouldn't it be best
    to go there first, since it's probably, like, behind a wall here or something?
    Ciarius: [...]  Unfortunately the location of Iska's Sanctum is unknown.  All
    knowledge of it perished with the Iskan elder line, two hundred years ago.
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Dogi: Oh.  Crap!  That's not good at all!
    Mishera: I had heard rumors of this, but I did not know it was true.
    Ciarius: The elder of Iska was responsible for a task that only he could carry
    out.  As the elder of the tribe that reveres the Dragon of Harmony, he was the
    mediator amongst ALL the tribes.  Perhaps the Edonians were not pleased with
    this privileged status of Iska, and decided to put an end to them...
    Elk: Man, that's horrible...
    Mustafa: *hmph* So the people of Altago City have always been that insolent.
    Ciarius: That is why I am merely the "acting" elder.  We would have known the
    truth about the legends as well, if the elder line had survived...  All we can
    do now is look for clues in the ancient Iskan records.
    [Around the village]
    Ciarius' Attendant: We, the Iskan people, were unable to trust any other tribe
    after we were persecuted and driven to seclusion.  But it is reassuring to have
    the leaders of all the other villages here with us now.  I sincerely hope that
    you will be able to meet with all the Dragons successfully...
    Lonely Old Man: The barrier that hides this village can only be penetrated by
    those who are allowed in with the Iskan bell.  ...The barrier has never been
    broken in all its two centuries.  It's sad to have lost contact with the other
    tribes, but given the persecution we faced, we had little other choice.
    Matthew Torres: With the appearance of the Dragon Warrior, the Five Dragons
    shall awaken.  And then... what will happen to Altago?  My name is Matthew
    Torres, Dragon researcher, and...  I wish to answer such questions, but have
    run out of material!  ...I know!  I would like to ask you a favor, if I may...
    Please bring me materials found in the Sanctums where the Dragons dwell.  If
    you show me some materials, I shall share with you all that I know about the
    Five Great Dragons of Altago.  It is knowledge unknown to the outside world -
    but such knowledge exists to be used and shared!
    Matthew Torres: Sanctums are mentioned quite clearly in the records that speak
    of the Five Dragons.  However, there are no descriptors to indicate what kinds
    of places they actually are.  Though we did lose a large number of our records
    two hundred years ago...
    Melancholic Man: A long time ago, the village of Iska was destroyed to make way
    to Altago City's development.  And after that, we lost all knowledge of where
    to find the Moon Altar.  They must have felt faith in the Dragons only gets in
    the way of riches.  And now, we pay the price for their ignorance...
    Smart Boy: This hidden village is always quiet.  The weather, the view...
    nothing ever changes.  Personally, I'm happy to entertain visitors like you for
    a change.
    Mysterious Man: We, the people of Iska, have watched over the balance of
    Altago, hidden from the rest of the world.  But then, there was an
    earthquake...  ...This is sad news.  An earthquake is proof that Altago is
    falling into chaos.  Ah, yes...  Allow me to say one thing, if you would.  You
    have already acquired the powers of the Dragons, and know the skills you must
    use to suppress the enemy.  In order to use these skills, you must first build
    up the powers of the Dragons to the absolute limit...  The powers of the
    Dragons will increase more rapidly if you use your skills with the weapons
    containing them equipped...  And I assume the higher the level of the skill you
    use, the more power it harnesses from its Dragon...  Remember that, and use it
    to your advantage!
    Quiet Girl: Since we lost our elder family line.  Ciarius has assumed the
    responsibilities of the village elder.  Elder Ciarius is really intelligent,
    and a really great leader.  On top of that, he's a master of seal arts.
    Gentle Woman: Iska's "seal arts" refer to a special sort of magic in which
    physical charms are infused with various enchantments.  Utilizing these arts,
    one can create an illusionary wall, a passage to another dimension... anything
    you can imagine!
    Brandi Swenson: The art of synthesis has not seen much development in Iska for
    the past two hundred years.  It was inevitable since no materials can be found
    here, and we've need no new tools.  But you have come from the outside world...
    and thus, you've brought new value to Iskan synthesis!  Oh, and did you get a
    chance to read the record on the shelf over there?  It's a record of Iska's
    ancient synthesis techniques and products.  You should take a look!  It's
    Brandi Swenson: So, you're interested in the Spirit Elixirs?  Well, then, allow
    me to explain!  Spirit Elixirs are one of many medicine types that can be
    synthesize only with special Iskan technology.  According to the records, these
    elixirs can improve specific attributes of whoever ingests them.  ...But
    finding the ingredients needed to make these elixirs is rather tricky.  Which
    is where you come in!  I would like you to gather the necessary materials to
    create these elixirs, so I can determine if it's even possible.  Of course, any
    elixirs I successfully synthesize will be yours for the taking.  The experience
    alone is all I seek.  There should be an old record on the shelf there that
    tells you what the necessary ingredients are.  As an aside, though called
    "elixirs," these items are more of a fine powder than a potion - like sugar, or
    flour.  If I succeed, please be careful not to spill or inhale them, as one
    would be a waste, and the other would hurt, a lot!
    Intellectual Woman: This hidden village is being sustained by a strong seal art
    and the power of the moon.  The two moons represent balance, and are the
    objects of our reverence.  ...You are a friend, are you not?  You intend us no
    Shy Little Girl: [!] !...  ...D-don't talk to me, please...  [Dialog Box: She
    seems guarded and suspicious]
    Kind Old Woman: The people of Iska were practically annihilated during the
    Edonians' persecution two centuries ago.  This hidden village was founded by
    the few who survived...  But unfortunately, a lot of Iska's knowledge was lost
    in the process.  It's truly sad to see a culture wiped out like that...
    Grieving Young Man: This is the hidden village of Iska.  The descendants of the
    lost Iskan tribe live here.  ...Some are afraid of outsiders, so please, don't
    do anything untoward.
    Brandi Swenson: Oh, hello...  I heard about you from Ciarius.  The Dragon
    Warrior and his companions, correct?  My name is Brandi Swenson.  I've been
    looking forward to meeting you.  Welcome to the Synthesis Workshop of Iska.
    Dogi: Synthesis Workshop...?
    Geis: What, you didn't know?  Synthesis originated in ancient Iska.  All the
    other tribes eventually learned the art of synthesis, but none are as skilled
    as it as the Iskans.
    Brandi Swenson: Well, synthesis requires special knowledge and tools, after
    all.  But even here, the art of synthesis has not seen much use for two hundred
    years.  We never leave the village, after all!  So I'll be deciphering the old
    records while I work... but I'll do everything in my power to assist you.  Oh,
    and on that note, have you heard of Iska's "spirit elixirs"?  If you'd like me
    to attempt such a mixture, please feel free to ask.  I suspect they would be of
    great use.
    Aloof Doctor: Have you noticed the rarity and uniqueness of everything around
    you here?  It's because time is frozen in this village.  Our peace was broken,
    every now and again, by an outsider like you... but in general, everything is
    as it was.  The last outsider summoned was the young angry-looking fellow with
    the black hair, and that was two years ago.
    Geis: [angry]  Actually, I wasn't summoned here by Ciarius, I came of my own
    volition.  He was in communication with me, and made me aware that he knows the
    lost Iskan seal arts.  So, I paid him a visit.
    Aloof Doctor: Exactly.  He tricked you into coming.  Which is to say, he
    summoned you here.  And now you're being used like a slave to pay him back for
    what he taught you.  Sound about right?
    Geis: [angry] (Damn it...  He's right, but he doesn't have to rub my nose in
    it.  Especially in front of Adol!  I have a reputation!
    [Head to the seal you arrived on and choose to leave]
    [Arrive to Altago plains as a bell rings, it is daytime again.]
    Dogi: We're back...  I still can't wrap my head around the fact that there's a
    village here, though!
    Geis: Unfortunately, no one remembers the spell to undo the barrier around this
    village.  ...Ah, I almost forgot.  Adol, I have something for you.
    [You got Moonsong Bell]
    Geis: It's from Ciarius.  You can use it to access any location that's hidden
    or seals off through Iskan magic.
    Dogi: Excellent!  You rang this bell to get us all here yourself, right?
    Geis: Exactly.  ...According to Ciarius, there are other locations all
    throughout Altago that have been similarly hidden.  If you find any such
    locations, try ringing the bell.  You can usually tell where to do so by the
    seal of Iska.
    Elk: So they're like shortcuts...  Sounds cool.  Let's try it, Adol!
    Dogi: But... Adol can teleport us all with the Dragon energy he received!  We
    don't really need this to get anywhere, do we...?
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: A strange energy has permeated the atmosphere for some time now...
    It seems like all the warp locations are no longer accessible due to this
    [Dogi: [!]  Wh-what...?
    Mishera: The earthquake must have created a disturbance in the flow of energy
    throughout Altago...  ...masking all the warp locations.
    Mustafa: So the ability can be used, but the power that grants it has
    faltered...  It's no more than a minor inconvenience, but all these anomalies
    and earthquakes do not bode well for this land...  We must make haste.
    Dogi: R-right...  I guess we should head to one of the villages for now.
    [Back in Altago City]
    Dragon Knight: Adol Christin and two others are currently on the run.  Search
    parties have been sent to all the villages, but the two fugitives remain to be
    found.  It is believed they are hiding somewhere in the Altago Plains.
    [The man bows and departs]
    Princess Aisha: ...Adol... I'm so glad you're safe...)
    Minister Orbus: So they got away...  General, your men have allowed an intruder
    into the palace, and not this.  Are you not being a bit careless?
    General Dreisen: ...I make no excuses for this.  I shall dispatch two companies
    for a thorough investigation.
    Minister Orbus: Do not bother!  It is pointless to send your men to walk around
    the plains!  Set up checkpoints on all the roads, and wait for him to fall into
    the trap himself.  We just need to show the people that we're actually doing
    something to find out escapee.  Any more is meaningless.  ...I leave the matter
    in your hands, General.
    [Orbus leaves]
    General Dreisen: ...  Your Royal Highness, please accept my apologies for
    causing you worry with my carelessness.  Perhaps Her Highness should rest, and
    allow her humble servant to handle all security matters from here.
    Princess Aisha: ...Right.  Thanks, Dreisen.  I'll do just that.
    General Dreisen: Good.  Then I shall return to my duties.
    [Dreisen and his entourage leave]
    Princess Aisha: ...
    Sigroon: Princess, I agree with the General.  You should rest.  You barely
    slept last night.
    Princess Aisha: But... I...  (Adol did not run away because he was afraid.  He
    must have left to do something relating to the Dragons...) [...]  ...Sigroon.
    I have a favor to ask of you...
    Sigroon: [?]
    The Earth Sanctum
    Note: The next three areas can be done in any order.  They will be covered in
    order of Earth, Fire, Wind which is the recommended order.  The plot is not
    exactly affected in any way by what order you do it in.  The end part of it
    just takes place in a different spot if you do them out of order.
    [Enter Shannoa and speak with the Eldress]
    Elk: Grandma, I'm back!
    Eldress Fatima: Elk, my boy!  Welcome back!  And with such a big group!  Are
    the elders of the other tribes with you?
    Mustafa: Eldress Fatima.  It has been a while.
    Eldress Fatima: Ah, it's you!  My, haven't you grown!
    Mishera: I believe this is our first meeting.  I am Mishera, the eldress of
    Eldress Fatima: Ah, yes.  I've heard much about you.  You've come a long way.
    I'm Fatima, the eldress of Shannoa.  As you can see, things have been rather
    busy around here.  I apologize for the lack of hospitality.  And...  ...from
    the looks of it, Ciarius must have told you everything.  "He who hath heard the
    Dragons"... guess it was you guys after all.
    Dogi: I was surprised, too.  Never thought ol' Adol here would become the
    Dragon Warrior!  I'm guessing you know what's going on already?
    Eldress Fatima: I have a general idea, from what the tiny fairy told me.  ...It
    would have been best if I'd been able to attend myself, but I'm not young
    enough to travel so far...  I had no choice but to send Elk in my place.  And
    for that, I offer my apologies...
    Dogi: I see...
    Elk: Heh, I'm just glad I could be of some help!  By the way, Grandma, do you
    know anything about the "Sanctums"?  Apparently there's a thing called a
    Sanctum beyond the altar...
    Eldress Fatima: ...So you're going to the Sanctum.
    Dogi: Do you know how to get there?
    Eldress Fatima: Of course.  I'm the eldress.  And that's more than just a
    title!  ...But we should not talk about it here.  Come to my house.  We'll talk
    [They go to Fatima's house]
    Eldress Fatima: So, where were we?...  ...Ah, yes.  Some Dragon Knights came to
    the village looking for you.
    Adol & Dogi & Geis: [!]
    Dogi: So they came by already...
    Geis: They work fast.
    Eldress Fatima: Well, it was just after the earthquake.  I suggested that since
    they were here already, they should get rid of some of the ferocious monsters
    in the forest...
    All: [sweatdrop]
    Elk: That's some quick thinking, there!
    Eldress Fatima: There's no need to worry.  As long as you're in this village,
    not a soul will cause you any harm.  So... about that Sanctum...
    Mustafa: Eldress Fatima, what kinds of places are the Sanctums...?
    Eldress Fatima: Hmm... well... they say the Sanctums are where the Five Dragons
    reside.  The Dragons have been there since the beginning of time, and have
    fallen into a deep slumber...  Because of the powerful effects of their energy,
    each location changed into what are called Sanctums today.  They truly are the
    realms of Dragons, as no humans can enter them...  ...with the notable
    exception of the Dragon Warrior, of course!
    Mustafa: Hmm... go on.
    Eldress Fatima: The elders of each of the Five Tribes have a unique incantation
    passed down through the generations.  And when the destined warrior appears,
    they are all required to lead him to the Dragons with these incantations.  That
    is the duty of the village elders.
    Dogi: So that's why we need to seek out help from all of 'em!
    Elk: [...]  Grandma, please teach me the spell.  I'll lead them all to the
    Sanctum myself!
    Eldress Fatima: [grumble] I thought you'd say that.  Even after I just
    explained what a dangerous place it is...
    Elk: B-but I want to help everyone!  Please?  Pretty please?  If we don't do
    something, Altago's gonna be in big trouble, right?!  It's not like this
    doesn't affect me too!  You can't expect me to do nothing after hearing what's
    gonna happen!
    Eldress Fatima: [...]  Indeed...  You have been behaving well recently...  Your
    martial abilities may still be lacking, but if this many are going...
    Elk: Then you'll teach me the spell?!  Grandma, you're the best!
    Eldress Fatima: Don't get too excited now.  I am truly sorry.  I should be the
    one leading you...  But I most likely will not be much help.  Please take this
    child instead.  He still has much to learn, but he is of the elder family.  He
    is qualified to lead you.  ...Thank you.  If he gets out of line, you have my
    permission to scold him.  Now, Elk.  I will teach you the spell.  You will lead
    the Dragon Warrior.
    Elk: O-okay.  ...I'm ready!
    [Dialog Box: Elk learned the spell.]
    Eldress Fatima: It is said that the altar deep within the Ancient Tree is the
    entrance to the Earth Sanctum.  No one has entered it for at least several
    centuries.  There is no telling what awaits you there.  ...Be careful.
    [Around the village]
    Serious Warrior: Word of the king's assassination spread throughout Altago in
    no time.  You should probably lie low for a while.
    Carol Zander: I heard from the Longma-rider that a thief broke into the palace
    recently!  I hear they let pirates and adventurers into the palace, too...
    What lax security they have!
    Voluptuous Woman: Is it true the king was actually killed by someone?!  I've
    never seen the king myself, but there must have been a big commotion in the
    Talkative Girl: I was asked if I'd seen a red-haired man...  ...They weren't
    looking for you, were they?!  You sure don't look like a murderer.
    Young Hunter: So those are the Dragon Knights I've heard so much about...  I
    can tell their equipment isn't just for show...  I suppose they really do take
    on titanos.  Just... not here.
    Skillful Hunter: They ask for our help, yet when we were in need, they never
    offered us theirs.  ...Those Dragon Knights have some nerve...
    Imposing Hunter: Assassination of the king...  Whatever the motive, the deed is
    still disturbing...  It may not have happened here in the village, but we're
    all part of Altago.  We must protect our eldress!
    Gruff Fisherman: ...What?!  Dragon Knights again?!  I don't care what happened
    to the king!  I'm looking for a new place to fish, and that's that!
    Mischievous Boy: I've never seen Dragon Knights before.  They looked really
    cool!  I hope they catch the fugitive soon!
    Chris Gouin: Dragon Knights?  More like Clanging Frights, am I right?  They're
    so loud, they're scaring away all the fish!  ...Not that we can actually EAT
    any of the fish, on account of this disgusting plague-ridden water...
    Cheery Shop Owner: Fortunately, I was able to restock last time the Longma cart
    came by.  I have some good weapons, too.  You should take a look!  I'd love
    your money!
    Dignified Warrior: The village and the capital never really had a strong bond,
    so the death of the king doesn't actually affect us.  ...The only one who
    really knew the king was the eldress.  To the rest of us, the king's murder is
    someone else's problem.
    Curious Girl: Those people with the armor just now...  They were really mean
    and scary!  I'm glad they left!  I wonder if all Dragon Knights are scary like
    Young Man on Break: Supposedly, there is a nationwide manhunt underway to find
    the king's killer, but they seem to have given up already!  They say the prime
    minister cares only about money, and has arranged this manhunt purely for show.
    Candid Lady: The Dragon Knights were here looking for someone.  Is it you?  You
    look just as they described.  With hair that red, you stand out here, even just
    walking down the street.  You'd best take cover whenever possible.
    Assembly Manager: Did the king really get killed?  Like, someone actually
    assassinated him in his own private quarters?  Unbelievable!  Rumor has it the
    kingdom's internal affairs are in a pretty bad way.  I think someone must've
    had it in for him...
    Cheerful Warrior: No Dragon Knights have come since Eldress Fatima chased off
    the last batch.  You're safe here, fore sure.  Remember that everyone in the
    village is behind you one hundred percent.  You can trust us.
    [As you head off towards the Ancient Tree and Earth Sanctum]
    Voice: You there!  Halt!
    All: [surprise] [!]
    [They all turn and see Sigroon with a bow pointed at them]
    Sigroon: ...I finally found you, fugitive Adol Christin!
    Geis: Crap, a Dragon Knight...
    Dogi: Aren't you Aisha's guardian...?  Look, that was a misunderstanding.  Adol
    didn't do anything.
    Sigroon: Don't move!  I already have my aim.  Move, and I'll shoot!
    Geis: Damn it...
    Sigroon: Sigroon: Adol Christin.  I thought you'd managed to escape from the
    kingdom entirely...  What is a wanted felon doing here?  What are you really
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: Adol explained the imminent destruction Altago is facing...
    ...and that he is on his way to speak with the five Dragons, so he can ask how
    to stop it.]
    Sigroon: [!]  What?  Destruction?  Dragons?  You must be out of your mind!
    [...]  ...I don't care if you are, though.  Just answer me this.  You really
    did not assassinate His Majesty, correct?
    [Dialog Box: Adol nodded without hesitation]
    Sigroon: ...  Your eyes...  They seem honest.
    [She puts away the bow]
    Sigroon: ...Guess there's nothing more to say, then.  I made a promise.  I'll
    be joining you now.
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Dogi: Wh-what?  Why?!
    Geis: What do you want?
    Sigroon: I have been asked by the princess.  "They're doing all they can to
    help Altago...  I can't help them, so you need to go on my behalf."  That's
    what she said to me.
    Dogi: Oh...  Then what was the bow and arrow for?  I thought you were really
    gonna kill us!
    Sigroon: [big text] I was.  Or, I considered it, at least.  [normal text]  I do
    not trust you completely!  I don't care if it was a request from the princess.
    You all sound like raving lunatics, to me!  If you do anything suspicious, I
    will arrest you al!  No questions!  Do not forget that!
    Dogi: What a scary woman...
    Elk: Don't worry!  We can all vouch for Adol and Dogi!
    Mishera: I believe you will soon understand after you come with us.
    Mustafa: We can never have enough help to complete our mission.  We welcome
    you, Dragon Knight.
    Sigroon: ...I am Sigroon.  Pleasure to make your acquaintance.  [...]  ...I
    never thought I'd be cooperating with a fugitive...  ...Wait, no, this isn't
    cooperation - it's surveillance!  That's right!  I am doing nothing wrong!
    Simply performing my duties!
    Dogi: [sweatdrop]  ...I, uh...yeah!  You're definitely something else, that's
    for sure!  ...Welcome aboard, I guess!
    [Arrive at the Earth Altar]
    Dogi: The Earth Altar...  This is the place connected to the Earth Sanctum,
    Adol: [...]
    ]Dialog Box: The mysterious presence feels closer than before]
    Geis: Since you were chosen as the Dragon Warrior, the Dragons may have started
    waking up already.  But to wake them completely, we'll need to get to the
    deepest regions of the Sanctums.
    Dogi: So we need the incantation, then.  ...Elk, it's all you now!
    Elk: A-all right, I got this!
    [He walks up to the altar]
    Elk: Let's do it to it!
    [He starts glowing and the words now are blue]
    Elk: In the land of life and blessings, thou awarded fertility to they
    people...  May the silence of the deep forest...  Love and grace of the land...
    Lead us, the people, to thee...
    [They are transported to the sanctum]
    Geis: So this is the Earth Sanctum...  Looks unpleasant.
    Elk: So the Great Dragon is in here somewhere, huh...?  All right, let's get
    [Arrive at the core]
    All: [!]
    Dogi: Where...are we...?
    Earth Dragon: ...Warrior...  ...Destined warrior...   ...Welcome...  Here lieth
    the domain of old...  I am of the Five Dragons...  I am the Earth, and Rada-
    Manj is my name...
    Geis: Dragon woke up.  Better watch out!
    Dogi: Yo, Adol.  Let's get some answers from him!  About the anomalies, and
    Iskan fever...  And about the Wind of Destruction, and the balance of Altago.
    [Dialog Box: Adol asked the voice how to stop the Wind of Destruction.]
    Earth Dragon: Indeed...  Thou are fit for power...  Thou resisteth the Wind of
    [The dragon appears  Fight with Earth Dragon: Rada-Manj]
    Earth Dragon: Prove thou art able...  Thy soul, thy body...  Thou shalt have my
    power if thou dost survive my ordeal...
    Dogi: A test, huh...  So if we beat this guy, we'll get the power we need,
    Geis: Get ready!
    [After beating the Earth Dragon]
    Earth Dragon: Very well... I grant thee my assistance...  Thou shalt have the
    earthen power...
    [The dragon roars and Adol gets Earth Dragon Stone]
    Earth Dragon: To those who descend from the ones I address herein...  I grant
    thee my protection.
    [Elk gains the divine protection of the Earth Dragon.]
    Earth Dragon: Humans, you now hold the fate of all Altago...  Resist
    destruction as long as you are able...
    [They get transported out]
    Mishera: Where...?  Well, it seems we were brought back by the Earth Dragon's
    Geis: ...So that was one of the Five Great Dragons of Altago, was it...  I
    heard about them in the legends, but I wasn't prepared for the real deal..
    Dogi: Yeah, seriously...  I didn't even have time to be surprised!
    Sigroon: Boy, are you all right?  You were surrounded by a strange light.
    Elk: Totally fine.  I'm not hurting anywhere...  Actually, I feel stronger!
    Mustafa: It is the protection of the Great Earth Dragon.  It should not be
    harmful.  By the was, Adol...  What was it that you received...?
    Dogi: Oh, yeah...  Some shiny stone, right...?
    [Adol pulls out the stone and the ground rumbles]
    Elk: Wh-whoa...!!
    Geis: It's that stone...  Put it away, Adol.  Quickly.
    [The ground stops shaking]
    Dogi: Man, that scared me...  Obviously, it's really powerful...  Though, I
    don't know what its purpose is...
    Mishera: It harbors the divine power of the Great Earth Dragon.  It's really
    quite extraordinary!  Also, judging by the fact that it was given to Adol...
    ...that stone may be the very thing we need to stop the Wind of Destruction.
    Dogi: Oh, right...  With power like that, we could probably use it to counter
    all the anomalies and what-not...
    Geis: Then we just need to find out the exact process needed to stop the Wind
    of Destruction...  We'll need to visit the other Dragons, and perhaps receive
    similar items of power from them.
    [Back in Altago City]
    Zanzibar: Then I assume it will be as agreed?
    Minister Orbus: Absolutely.  The location will be demolished...  ...and turned
    into a merchant district, which you may use as you please.
    Lively Merchant: I am grateful for your services.  To say nothing of your
    recent tax breaks!
    Minister Orbus: It is all for the prosperity of Altago.  Now, I've done my
    part.  I expect results.
    Zanzibar: Of course...
    Voice: Orbus!
    [Aisha walks in]
    Minister Orbus: Your Highness!  What is the matter?
    Zanzibar: Good day, Your Highness...
    Princess Aisha: *hmph*  Don't play dumb with me.  Prime Minister, what is the
    meaning of these new policies you've set in motion?!  A new merchant district
    in place of Old Town...?  I'm the sovereign here.  You can't just make all the
    Minister Orbus: Oh, that?  The plan is to revive the district that is now Old
    Town, and transform it into a prosperous merchant district...  It is a
    completely logical decision to promote commerce, and thus stimulate economic
    growth.  It was decided quickly, as there was obviously no need for discussion.
    Princess Aisha: I didn't hear a thing about it!
    Minister Orbus: ...Well, of course not.  You are a princess.  Not a king.
    Princess Aisha: [!]  ...What...?
    Minister Orbus: His Majesty has passed.  Leave the politics to us.  If you wish
    to watch and learn, please feel free to do so as long as you can remain silent.
    I was in the middle of making arrangements for that policy right now, as a
    matter of fact!
    Princess Aisha: ...
    [In Old Town Sanctuary]
    Tia: I'm sorry...  All we have are fever reducers...
    Patient: Thank you...
    Daleyon: What is going on here?!  So many Iskan fever outbreaks in such a short
    time period...  We won't be able to treat them all at this rate!
    Tia: ...
    Voice: *cough* *cough*
    [Tia runs over to Maya]
    Tia: Maya...
    Maya: *cough* *cough*
    Tia: I'm sorry, Maya...  Hang in there...  Please...  it won't be much
    [Back in Shannoa]
    Eldress Fatima: Ah, you're back!  You met with the Great Earth Dragon, I trust?
    Elk: Yeah, we did...  But Grandma...
    Eldress Fatima: [?]  ...What is it?  You're looking mighty troubled, there!
    [Dialog Box: Adol explained to Fatima what happened at the Sanctum.]
    Eldress Fatima: I see, I see...  So you weren't able to get any concrete
    information, then?  The Five Great Dragons have sustained Altago since its
    creation, though.  There must be a reason behind their actions.  I agree with
    your assessment: visit the other Dragons, and see if any of them can tell you
    what's what!
    Dogi: Yep!  That's the plan!
    Eldress Fatima: Oh, and the Dragon Knights seem to be out in full force now.
    Be careful, wherever it is you must go.  If they catch you, it's all over...
    [Around the village]
    Serious Warrior: ...but it looks like the Dragon Knights have actually left
    Shannoa's woods altogether.  I was hoping they'd stick around to help get rid
    of the savage monsters around here, but of course, they didn't...
    Cheerful Warrior: You were just at the Ancient Tree, right?  Was the water
    around there all cloudy, by any chance?  ...It wasn't?  So it's true, then...
    the power of the Ancient Tree is keeping the waters near it pure...
    Carol Zander: The last earthquake was even bigger than the first, too.  I just
    hope it doesn't get any worse.
    Voluptuous Woman: The water's been getting murky, and the fish have started
    smelling... well... unpleasant, to say the least.  Eldress Fatima told me not
    to talk about it, though.  She said it would just depress everybody... *sigh*
    Young Hunter: With the monsters turning violent, it's become much harder to
    catch enough game for the village.  If we encounter any more titanos or violent
    monsters, it may even be necessary to cease hunting entirely...
    Skillful Hunter: The titanos are eating up all the forest animals, resulting in
    a loss of game from one hunt to the next.  It's impossible for humans and
    titanos to inhabit the same area...
    Imposing Hunter: ...The titanos will need to be driven out if Shannoa is ever
    to know true peace.  They're obviously coming from deep inland, but I can't
    tell what path they take to get here...
    Talkative Girl: The Dragon Knights are looking into the king's assassination,
    aren't they?  Like, REALLY looking into it?  Either way, a bigger concern here
    in Shannoa is not having enough fish to eat.  And I love fish!
    Cheery Shop Owner: But yeah, the king being killed?  Nothing cheerful about
    that, nosiree!  Makes my cheery demeanor hard to maintain...  It would be like
    us losing Eldress Fatima, and I shudder at such a thought.  ...The people must
    be so confused...
    Dignified Warrior: I can feel the chaos in the forest very clearly when I stand
    here.  Even the monsters are anxious.  And that can only lead to trouble...
    Curious Girl: Is there some item you have in your bag that's making me feel all
    warm and fuzzy around you...?  I don't know why, but I feel so warm and relaxed
    when I'm close to you...  I don't know if it's love, or magic...
    Young Man on Break: Lately, there have been more and more monsters killed in
    the hunt that could not be eaten due to disease.  If this situation continues,
    Shannoa will lose the ability to support itself.
    Candid Lady: A lot has happened, but as long as the eldress is on our side,
    everything will be fine.  We'll manage.  We always have.  We've been able to
    overcome many obstacles thus far, and we owe it all to the wisdom of the
    Mischievous Boy: I was told not to eat wild fruits because the water is getting
    dirty, so they could be contaminated.  ...I can't even eat the fruits in the
    forest to the west!  So ridiculous...
    Gruff Fisherman: No one knows why the waters are getting murky, nor why titanos
    began living in the forest.  ...So what the hell do we do?  How do we combat
    nature mucking up on us in such asinine ways?!
    Chris Gouin: Plants are stagnating, and the monsters seem to be getting sick
    and turning psycho on account of the murky waters.  I wish at least Elk would
    stay behind to lend his considerable skill to our hunting and fishing needs.
    The Flame Sanctum
    [They arrive to Segram]
    Dogi: Segram, huh...  It's been a while...  Maybe we were stuck in that cell
    too long, huh?
    Geis: Talk about carefree...  Mustafa, you're the elder of Segram, are you not?
    Do you know the incantation to take us to the Sanctum?
    Mustafa: Actually, I do not.  It was only recently that I even learned these
    Sanctums existed!  That stupid father of mine made me the elder out of nowhere.
    He never told me any of our ancestral lore.  ...Though I may be able to find
    something if I take a look at my father's records...
    Dogi: I see...  Adol, looks like we'll have to take a look around, then.
    Voice: M-Mustafa?!  Where have you been all this time?!  Things have taken a
    turn for the worse!
    All: [surprise]
    [One of the villagers runs up to them]
    Mustafa: What's the matter...?  Did another titano attack?
    Nosy Woman: N-no...  It's Cruxie...  Her condition... is not good...
    Mustafa, Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Mustafa: What?!
    [Mustafa goes running, the others follow, they end up by Cruxie's bed]
    Cruxie: *pant* *pant*
    Mustafa: The medication isn't working...?
    Obliging Woman: Her condition got worse suddenly after the earthquake...  No
    matter how much medicine I give her, it just wouldn't get any better...
    Dogi: That's impossible!  Why won't the medicine work?!
    Mustafa: Damn it!  Cruxie, I'm here!  Cruxie, can you hear me?!
    Cruxie: ...Mus...tafa...  I...hear... ...a voice...  ...The Great... Flame
    Dragon...  He is telling me... something... ...in my dreams...  It's...  ...for
    you... ...Must...afa...
    [Dialog Box: Cruxie began muttering some sort of incantation to Mustafa with
    great effort.]
    Mustafa: [!]  Cruxie, what did you just say?  Is that the spell to the
    Dogi: [!]  This... this is all too much...
    Cruxie: *cough* *cough*  *pant* *pant*
    Mustafa: [...]  ...She fell asleep...
    Elk: B-but she still looks like she's in a lot of pain.  Can't we do
    Sigroon: ...
    Dogi: [surprise] Mishera, isn't there something you can do for her?  You know a
    lot of spells.  Maybe you know something that can at least help with her
    Mishera: Unfortunately, no spell seems to take, where Iskan fever is involved.
    ...With the medication no longer working, we can only hope her body is able to
    fight it...
    Dogi: I-I see...  But, we can't just leave her like this...  Adol, we should
    stay here and look after her...
    Mustafa: [...] No...
    Adol & Dogi: [surprise]
    Mustafa: I may lack experience as an elder...  ...But Cruxie gave all she had
    to tell me how to get to the Sanctum...  I cannot let her efforts go to waste.
    [...]  If we just stay here, nothing will come of it.  And if I don't accompany
    you, then all is lost...
    Dogi: Mustafa...
    Geis: So, you've made up your mind...
    Mustafa: Sorry to ask this, but would you please take good care of Cruxie for
    me, in my absence?  I will return as soon as I fulfill my duties as the elder
    of Segram.
    Nosy Woman: Yes, of course.  I'll see to it that she's as comfortable as she
    can be!
    Mustafa: Adol, let's go to the altar.  Cruxie's condition likely mirrors the
    condition of Altago as a whole.  And if the anomalies are intensifying...
    ...then we have no time to waste.  We must go, now.
    [Around the village]
    Nosy Woman: Leave Cruxie to me.  ...Though if her medicine's not taking, I'm
    really not sure what I can do for her.  I hate just watching her suffer...
    Sincere Warrior: Everyone is concerned for the welfare of the elder's sister,
    Cruxie.  ...And no matter how much we train, we can do nothing to combat the
    foe that attacks her...
    Pessimistic Woman: What do you mean Cruxie's condition has gotten serious?!
    Where was her caretaker?!
    Peaceful Woman: The oasis has been getting steadily more polluted since the
    last earthquake.  This has never happened before...  So why is it happening
    Confident Warrior: It pains me to say this...  ...But there's nothing we can do
    about Iskan Fever.  If the elder hasn't given up, though, then neither will we!
    Knowledgeable Man: Iskan fever is a formidable foe, but never before has it
    engulfed its victim so swiftly, and with so little warning.  Cruxie imbibed her
    medicine only a short while before the symptoms intensified.  What foul
    trickery is this?!
    Village Watchman: The last earthquake seems to have shaken up the desert quite
    a bit.  Clouds of dust, and monsters going on bloodthirsty rampages...  Truly,
    truly frightening...
    Temple Guard: O, Flame Dragon...  Will you not spare the life of sweet and
    gentle Cruxie?  If she dies, Mustafa and Dreisen will both die as well, in
    their hearts...
    Worrywart Warrior: Cruxie's caretaker was visibly shaken earlier as she walked
    to get supplies, so we all have an idea what's happening.  I fear for the poor
    girl.  Cruxie...  Such an innocent soul...  I hope she manages to beat this
    thing, somehow...
    Seamstress: Shouldn't Mustafa stay by Cruxie's side...?  ...I mean, Cruxie may
    not have much time lef--  ...!  I-I'm so sorry!  I shouldn't say such negative
    Street Vendor: A girl with detailed knowledge of herbs and flowers used to come
    here from Altago City to bring Cruxie's medicine.  If the medicine isn't
    working... well, then maybe that girl brought the wrong bottle!
    Tavern Mistress: Cruxie's condition seems pretty bad...  Maybe she pushed
    herself too hard, and exacerbated her fever...
    Resting Father: What's that?  You found a wall with a weird symbol on it in the
    caves to the north?  That's crazy talk.  I've been through there plenty of
    times, and never seen anything like that!
    Drinking Man: It really exists!  I mean, it may be hard to find, since it's so
    dark in there... but I saw it!  ...And I could hear monsters from behind that
    wall, too... big ones, by the sound of it.  Real creepy!  I ran soooo fast...
    Kevin Lassiter: I-I came from Altago City on business, but the city is in dire
    straits right now.  Apparently the king was assassinated, but the killer got
    away...  They say the killer... had red hair... ... ...No, it can't be you...
    can it?  That's... that's preposterous!  Right?  ... R-right...?  ...I'm, uh,
    gonna go over here now...
    Sara Stewart: The Iskan fever medicine's stopped working... but why?  How is
    that possible...?  Maybe Iskan fever is becoming more resistant to the
    Confident Owner: The scarlet crystal medicine isn't having an effect anymore?!
    Then what's gonna happen to Cruxie...?  I don't think there's any medicine for
    Iskan fever in all of Altago that can even compare to the scarlet crystals...
    Mature Warrior: Cruxie's condition may be bad, but you mustn't lose your
    patience.  Always take the necessary precautions.  If you were to get hurt, you
    would make Cruxie sad.  And around here, NOBODY makes Cruxie sad, OR ELSE...
    Hopeless Woman: I'm not used to earthquakes, so I was really, really scared
    when this one hit.  I seriously thought it was the end of the world!
    Girl on a Stroll: I wanted to go see how Cruxie is doing, but Mommy said I
    can't.  ...Is she feeling so bad that she can't even have visitors...?
    [Arrive to the Flame Shrine]
    Dogi: We made it to the Flame Shrine...  But now we have to go through that
    whole labyrinth again, though, huh...
    Mustafa: [...]  ...I know the way.
    All: [surprised]
    Mustafa: I know this area well.  Leave the navigation to me.  We do not have
    much time, so please follow my lead.
    Geis: Sounds good.  Let's get going.
    [They all go running to the altar]
    Dogi: The Flame Altar...  So this is the way to the Flame Dragon's Sanctum,
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: You feel a strange but familiar presence nearby.]
    Dogi: Mustafa, you're up!
    Mustafa: No need to worry.  I will fulfill my duty.  Adol, I assume you are
    prepared, no?
    [He steps forward to start the incantation]
    Mustafa: [blue text] From deep darkness, thy flame ariseth...  Shine thy light
    upon your people.
    Thou, as an eternal light, giveth life upon all things.  Without thee, no life
    could be...
    [They are transported to the Flame Sanctum]
    Dogi: So this is the Flame Sanctum, is it...  Quite a place!
    Mustafa: The Great Flame Dragon is here.  We must proceed with caution.  Let us
    not tarry.
    [Arrive at the core]
    All: [!]
    Mustafa: What...is this place..?
    Flame Dragon: ...Warrior...  ...Destined warrior...  ...Welcome...  ...Thou
    standeth on the birthgroud of all fire in Altago...  I am of the Five
    Dragons...  My name is Angue-Barl.  He who governs Flame...
    Dogi: A-Adol...  Let's ask him... about the Wind of Destruction...
    [Dialog Box: Adol asked the voice how to stop the Wind of Destruction.]
    Mustafa: Great Flame Dragon, what exactly is this Wind of Destruction?  What
    must we do to stop it?  Please enlighten us...
    Flame Dragon: ...  Destined warrior...  Thou art fit for power...  Thou
    resisteth the Wind of Destruction...
    [The dragon appears]
    Flame Dragon: Prove thou art able...  Thy soul, thy body...  Thou shalt have my
    power whenst I recognize thee as suitable for it...
    Mustafa: A test from the Great Flame Dragon...  All right, let's do this...!
    [The battle ends]
    Flame Dragon: Very well...  I grant thee my assistance...  Thou shalt have the
    power of blazes...
    [The dragon roars and you get Flame Dragon Stone]
    Flame Dragon: O, descendants of those who beseech me here today...  I grant
    thee my protection.
    [Mustafa's extra powers up]
    Flame Dragon: Warrior, Altago faceth an imminent end.  Thou must visit my
    brethren and acquire their power forthwith.
    [They are back at the core]
    Sigroon: W-we're back...
    Dogi: Looks like everyone's fine...  But the Earth Dragon said...
    Geis: So it's true, then.  The Wind of Destruction will bring about the end of
    Altago...  I guess the Iskan legends weren't all nonsense.
    Mustafa: When the balance of Altago is completely destroyed, the land itself
    will follow suit...  That was my interpretation.
    Mishera: The Five Dragons are entities that sustain the very existence of
    Altago.  Altago in turn is built upon balance and harmony among the Dragons.
    If the balance is completely lost, it is not unreasonable to believe that
    Altago will be lost as well.  But with the power of this stone...
    Elk: Oh, yeah.  You got another dragon stone, right?  From what the Great Flame
    Dragon said, there are still others, too...
    Geis: Right.  The Five Dragons must each possess a dragon stone.  I'm guessing
    each dragon stone houses one of the five powers that created Altago.
    Dogi: Five dragon stones...  I see.  Makes sense!  We should have asked the
    Flame Dragon for more details, though...  ...Adol, what should we do?
    [Choose "Seek the remaining Dragons right away."
    Elk: So... next place we have to go is Kylos, right?
    Mishera: The only Dragon remaining where we know how to get to the altar is,
    indeed, the Wind Dragon at Kylos.  We may finally be able to receive answers to
    our many questions about the Wind of Destruction.
    Dogi: All right.  Then let's get moving!  To Kylos!  [...]  Well, before we
    leave, why don't we go check on Cruxie?  I'm really worried about her...
    Mustafa: ...Wait...
    Adol: ...
    [Adol told Mustafa that he personally wishes to visit Cruxie as well.]
    Mustafa: A-Are you sure...?
    Mishera: I agree.  Everyone is worried.
    Mustafa: ...All right.  Thank you all for your concern.  Let's go check up on
    Cruxie.  I'm sure she would appreciate an update as well.
    [Choose "Return to Segram before departure."]
    Mustafa: A-Are you sure...?
    Dogi: Yeah...  We should at least see how she's doing before we go.
    Elk: I-I'm worried about her, too.
    Mishera: I agree.  Everyone is worried.
    Mustafa: ...All right.  Thank you all for your concern.  Let's go check up on
    Cruxie.  I'm sure she would appreciate an update as well.
    [Go back to Mustafa and Cruxie's house]
    Voice: Cruxie...!  Cruxie, hang in there...!
    Mustafa: [!]  What's the matter?  What happened?!
    Obligating Woman: Oh, Mustafa...  Thank goodness you're back!  Cruxie...  She's
    having an attack...
    [Mustafa runs over to Cruxie's bed]
    Cruxie: *cough* *cough*  *pant* *pant*  ...Sorry...Mustafa...  I...  I don't
    think...  I can...make it...
    Mustafa: [!]  Cruxie...?!
    Cruxie: ...Must...afa...  ...Please...  ...Make up...with...Dad...  That's...my
    only...concern...  ...my only...regret...
    Mustafa: ...All right, Cruxie!  I will talk with Father!  I'll make amends with
    him!  I swear it!  So please!  Don't give up!
    Cruxie: ...Thanks...for every...thing...  ...Musta...fa... I...I...
    All: [!]
    Mustafa: Cruxie...?!  [big text] Cruxie!  Wake up!!
    Elk: No...
    Dogi: This... this can't be happening...
    Geis: ...
    Sigroon: We... were too late...
    [The Flame Dragon Stone and Cruxie start glowing]
    Dogi: A-Adol!  Look!
    [Dialog Box: The Flame Dragon Stone began emitting light.]
    Sigroon: Is the stone reacting to something...?
    Mustafa: She is of the elder line of Segram...  Perhaps her life can be
    Dogi: Whoa, seriously?!
    Mishera: The blood line of elders has a very high affinity with Dragon energy.
    Cruxie's soul has not yet left her body...  If we offer the power of the dragon
    stone to Cruxie...
    Mustafa: ...Are you saying we can save her?!
    Geis: [...]  ...Wait...  Mishera, if it is as you say, then there's one
    problem...  If we use the dragon stone here, how do we know for certain that
    its power won't be depleted permanently?  We may not be able to stop the Wind
    of Destruction if this stone loses its power...
    Mishera: ...
    Elk: No...
    Mustafa: ...
    Dogi: Adol...  What should we do?
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: Adol urged Mustafa to use the dragon stone on Cruxie.]
    Mustafa: ...  Adol... You must be an idiot.  And I am eternally grateful for
    that idiocy...  But are you certain about this?  ...Thank you so much!
    [Mustafa takes the stone from Adol and bends down next to Cruxie's bed]
    Mustafa: Cruxie...  Come back to me!  If you leave me...  I won't have anything
    worth fighting for anymore!  So please...  ...Come back...!
    [Later on, downstairs]
    Mustafa: ...Everyone, I offer my humblest apologies.  We all fought together to
    obtain this item, and I...
    Elk: It's OK, Mustafa.  Don't worry about it.  It looks like it worked.  Cruxie
    seems like she's going to make it.  And that's all that matters.
    Dogi: Yeah, Mustafa.  I mean, what are friends for?!  It's the least we could
    do!  Wouldn't be much honor in saving the world at the cost of an innocent
    little girl's life, either.  But... what now?
    Mishera: Yes... that is the question.  While I believe we must visit the
    remaining Sanctums...  ...perhaps we should first report back to Ciarius about
    Geis: *hmph* I suppose that would be the thing to do.
    [Cruxie comes downstairs all dressed for battle]
    Cruxie: Good morning, everyone.
    All: [!]
    Mustafa: Cr-Cruxie...?!  What are you doing up...?
    Cruxie: Don't worry.  There's energy coming from this stone.  My coughing
    stopped, and I'm not dizzy at all anymore.  It's all thanks to the power of the
    Great Flame Dragon...  ...but it only seems to affect me when I'm near the
    stone.  If I get too far away...
    Geis: I see...  So that's how it works, is it?  The dragon stone is sustaining
    you, but your Iskan fever isn't cured.
    Dogi: So she still has Iskan fever, then?  That kinda sucks...  But at least
    her life was saved, right?
    Cruxie: ...Yes.  That's why I've decided.  I will join you in your fight.
    All: [!]
    Mustafa: Wh-what...?  ...Come to think of it, you're dressed in battle gear!
    What are you up to?!
    Cruxie: I can't stray too far from this stone, and you can't leave it here.  So
    it only makes sense that I come with you.  Besides, I am the daughter of
    Segram's elder, and sister of the acting chieftain.  I am qualified to replace
    Mustafa: Replace me?!  I will not allow that!  You were severely ill until just
    a moment ago!
    Cruxie: Mustafa, the situation in the village is only getting worse.  Titanos
    have been attacking almost every day, blanketing the streets with a truly
    palpable sense of fear and dread.  At this rate, Segram will become completely
    isolated from the outside.  And if that happens, it will not be able to
    survive...  It is your duty as village elder to make sure this does not happen.
    Mustafa: W-well...
    Cruxie: You don't need to worry about me.  I have the power of the Great Flame
    Dragon on my side.  So please, let me be a part of this.  I've caused nothing
    but trouble for you.  But now, I can truly help.
    Mustafa: [...]  ...All right...  Do as you wish.
    Cruxie: Thank you, Mustafa.
    Mustafa: I've always wanted to shield you from danger - to bear that danger
    upon myself instead.  But you are strong!  I believe in you.  And I trust you.
    Adol, would it be any trouble if Cruxie were to take my place?
    [Dialog Box: Adol welcomed Cruxie to the team.]
    Dogi: Heh, you have nothing to worry about.  I mean, there are a ton of us!
    We'll make sure she's safe.
    Sigroon: Indeed, we are more than sufficient to look after her, and she appears
    to be quite capable herself.  However, child, please be sure you do not
    overexert yourself.
    Cruxie: I know... and I'll be careful.  Thank you for your concern.  Allow me
    to introduce myself formally.  I am Cruxie, a Segramite warrior.  I look
    forward to working with you.
    Dogi: Heh...  All right!  Let's head out to the next Sanctum!  We were on our
    way to Kylos before we decided to come back here, so what say we pick up where
    we left off?  C'mon, Adol, let's get going!
    [In Old Town Altago, Tia steps out of the sanctuary]
    Arrogant Voice: Hey, Tia.  It's been a while.
    [Raud comes up to her with two lackeys]
    Tia: C-Commander...
    Commander Raud: Hey, now...  I didn't come all the way here to Old Town to see
    you all flustered!  I came here on important business.  Listen, Tia.  A law
    just passed today.  Tomorrow, this stink-hole is gonna be completely
    Dragon Knight: By order of the Prime Minister.  All inhabitants of Old Town
    absolutely must leave by the end of the day.  And it won't do anyone any good
    to resists.
    Commander Raud: That's right!  But you know...  It's not like I'm particularly
    eager to do this...  I could make an exception for your house.  Heh, how's that
    Tia: ...  I see...  So this city will continue to chase after riches and
    Commander Raud: What...?
    Tia: ...Commander, you can do whatever you'd like with my house.  I... don't
    need it anymore.
    Commander Raud: ...Wha-?
    Voice: ...Dragon Knights, stop right there!
    [Aisha shows up]
    Aisha: Men, stand down.  I will not allow you to drive these poor people out of
    their homes.  ...This is an order from the Princess!
    Commander Raud: Don't be such a brat.
    Aisha: [!]
    Aisha: Do you intend... to defy my orders...?
    Commander Raud: ...Don't you get it?  The only reason I ever put up with you
    was because of His Majesty.  My father rules everything now.  You're nothing.
    The royal family is just a relic of the past!
    Aisha: ...!
    Commander Raud: Anyway...  Come on, men, let's move out.
    Dragon Knight: But, Commander...  Are you sure?  The Prime Minister's orders
    Commander Raud: Who do you think I am?!  I'll just get my father to handle it!
    ...Well, bye-bye, my lovely flower!  Better start packin' your stuff!
    [Raud and his lackeys leave]
    Aisha: ...
    [Tia walks up to Aisha]
    Tia: Aisha...  You came to my rescue again.  Thank you...
    Aisha: I...  ...don't have the power to truly rescue you...  ...I'm so sorry.
    Tia: No, no.  ...Princess Aisha, if you... if you wouldn't mind... looking
    after Maya...
    Aisha: ...What are you trying to say?
    Tia: ...Aisha.  Maya would love to play with you again sometime.
    [Around Segram village]
    Mustafa: Everyone, come!  We must discuss a matter of utmost importance...
    ...regarding the anomalies that are likely to occur in the future, and the
    countermeasures we take against them...
    Sincere Warrior: Future anomalies...?  ...All right.  I'll spread the word.
    Peaceful Woman: I have a few things I'd like to discuss with Mustafa.  I
    suppose I'd best speak with him quickly, while he's here...  The titanos, and
    the sandstorms...  There are so many incidents to discuss...
    Pessimistic Woman: The elder is easy to read.  He can't hide his concern for
    Cruxie, even when he tries.  Cruxie's no longer a child, so it's about time he
    leaves her to her own devices.
    Confident Warrior: I hear Cruxie's Iskan fever started progressing at an
    alarming rate only after the earthquake hit.  ...It has to be a coincidence,
    right?  An earthquake can't possibly be related to a single person's illness...
    Knowledgeable Man: ??  ...Cruxie...?  Were you not at death's door...?  ...This
    turn of luck is most baffling...
    Hopeless Woman: The last round of warriors who came back from the desert said
    the oasis far inland has completely dried up...  There haven't been any
    anomalies too close to the village yet, but it's only a matter of time...
    Village Watchman: The desert is obviously experiencing anomalies, too.  We need
    to come up with a plan before it's too late.  Well, as long as the elder's
    here, we're in great hands.  He's got the strength of a hundred men!
    Temple Guard: If Cruxie had died, Mustafa would have lost all hope and will to
    lead our village as elder.  You didn't just save Cruxie's life.  You saved
    everyone in Segram.
    Worrywart Warrior: There are too many strange things happening all at once,
    including Cruxie's sudden turn for the worse.  At this point, anything could
    happen.  There is no sense trying to guess what the next anomaly will be!
    Seamstress: Cruxie's wearing some awfully peculiar clothes.  Is that... battle
    gear...?  There haven't been women warriors for as long as I can remember, but
    I guess the elder ancestry must have had a few...
    Street Vendor: Cruxie!  Are you... better...?  How many years has it been since
    I've seen Cruxie walking around the village comfortably...?
    Tavern Mistress: Cruxie...  You look like you're feeling good!  I'm so glad
    you're all right...  Don't ever make us worry like that again, okay?
    Resting Father: I hear Mustafa's returned.  With all the weird things happening
    around the village, it's reassuring to know that he's here with us.
    Kevin Lassiter: The Longma cart stopped running because of the assassination,
    and I'm starting to get heat stroke or something...  My senses have started
    crossing with one another.  I'm like, feeling aromas, and smelling shapes.  I
    need to get back!
    Drinking Man: I was passing through the caves to the north the other day...
    And I found this wall with a strange symbol on it.  Real peculiar, it was!  I
    wonder what it meant...?
    Mature Warrior: You're taking Cruxie instead of Mustafa?!  How absurd!  ...But,
    you are serious!  ...Mustafa understands that this is necessary, but he's still
    worried.  Take good care of Cruxie.
    Sara Stewart: It's a real relief.  I was worried about her!  And... I felt
    kinda guilty, being the village's medicine mixer and all...  ...I'm just glad
    Cruxie's doing better, is what I'm really trying to say.  You all take care of
    her, now, okay?
    Confident Owner: I heard her life was in serious danger.  She scarcely had mere
    days left to live...  But now, she's walking around, as if nothing ever
    happened!  ...It's a miracle, I tell you!
    The Wind Sanctum
    [Arrive in Kylos]
    Geis: Kylos, at long last...
    Dogi: Good thing the Iskan roads lead all the way here.
    Mishera: [...]
    Dogi: What...?  Something wrong?
    Mishera: Well...  It seems a lawless group of men have arrived in my absence.
    [Further ahead there are three Dragon Knights tormenting two villagers]
    Dragon Knight: Listen, you hillbillies...  We are looking for the man that
    ASSASSINATED our beloved king!  Don't you get it?!
    Dragon Knight: If you do not cooperate, we will arrest you all as accomplices!
    We came all this way to your backwoods village, risking our lives to get here!
    How about a little show of respect, huh?
    Dragon Knight: ...What's the matter?  Can't even show a little hospitality to
    the knights who proudly serve Altago?!
    Villager: You can't expect us to...
    [The dragon knight hits the village with his lance]
    Villager: P-please, do not be violent...!
    Girl: Stop!  Don't be mean to my daddy!
    Elk: D-Dragon Knights...?!
    Sigroon: (Those men...  They're from Commander Raud's division...)
    Dogi: Damn it...  Adol, we can't just ignore this!
    [Adol and the others go running to help the man and girl]
    Dogi: ...Hold it right there, you punks!
    Dragon Knights: [?]
    Dragon Knight: The hell...?  Do you know who we are?
    Dragon Knights: [!]
    Dragon Knight: You...  You're Adol Christin!  Well, now, this is something!
    This mission will be easier than I thought!
    Dragon Knight: Men!  Arrest him!  Or kill him!  I don't even care!
    [An easy battle ensues]
    Cruxie: We won...  ...but what do we do now?  They're Dragon Knights!
    Dogi: What happened, happened.  We couldn't just stand and watch.  Right,
    Adol: [...]
    Dogi: Oh, right...  You're a Dragon Knight.  I guess that was probably pretty
    bad, huh?
    Sigroon: No need to worry.  This was all the result of their shameful behavior.
    These men are part of Raud's division.
    Dogi: [?]  Raud's?  ...That guy that was bothering Tia?!
    Sigroon: Even among the Dragon Knights, followers of Commander Raud are known
    to be especially violent.  And since his father is Prime Minister Orbus, who
    now has complete political authority after His Majesty's death...  ...Commander
    Raud's men feel that they are free to do as they please.  As you have just
    Dogi: ...I see.  Aisha must be in a really bad place right now, huh...
    Geis: Well, regardless of the situation, the immediate problem we face is, what
    do we do with them?  They've seen us, so just letting them wake up on their own
    is probably not a good idea.  We should at least have them locked up somewhere.
    Mishera: I disagree...  The others will get suspicious if they do not return.
    I propose we replace their memories and send them back.
    All: [!]
    Dogi: ...Wha...?!
    Elk: You can do that...?
    Mishera: Please stand back.
    [Mishera pulls out her staff and uses some magic]
    Dragon Knight: Ugh...
    Mishera: ...You did not see anything here.  You also did not see any suspicious
    persons in Kylos.  You will report as such when you return to Altago City.
    Dragon Knights: Yes...
    [All of them leave]
    Dogi: Holy crap...!
    Mishera: That should buy us some time.  But sadly, we've already been set back
    by this incident.  We must hurry to the altar.
    Cruxie: Mishera, do you know the incantation to access the Sanctum?
    Mishera: Yes, I do.
    Dogi: Then what are we waiting for?  Let's get a move on!
    [Around the village]
    Mature Boy: Those men were hopeless.  They lacked any refinement.  Are all
    Dragon Knights like that?
    Calm Young Man: We thought the Dragon Knights would leave, as long as we
    remained completely silent...  We never thought the supposed protectors of the
    people would actually do them harm.  Perhaps we assumed too much...
    Youthful Man: We were told the king's assassin was a red-haired swordsman...
    They can't mean you, can they...?  ...Of course, the eldress would know if you
    were guilty, and would never offer you her aid... so I do trust you.
    Assembly Manager: The Dragon Knights are searching for the man who killed the
    king, right?  ...Then why was that party so small...?  Are they even trying?
    Laid-back Woman: Thank you for standing up to them on our behalf.  We could not
    intervene, as we did not wish to start an incident.  It felt great watching
    them squirm, though, I admit.
    Solemn Shop Owner: ...I haven't seen the eldress use the art she used on the
    Dragon Knights in quite some time...  Before all these anomalies started, she
    would often use it to send back monsters that wandered into town.
    Youthful Woman: There is simply no excuse for them to have caused such a ruckus
    in our peaceful village!  What they've done brings disgrace to King Kiemarl's
    Wes Herbst: Thanks to you, this child wasn't hurt.  I feel bad for the people
    of the city, forced to deal with such violent men throwing their weight around
    every day!
    Clever Little Girl: ...He's been like this for a while.  Maybe the Dragon
    Knights got carried away because everyone in the village was ignoring them...
    Cowardly Young Man: You actually drove out the Dragon Knights?!  I thought you
    were done for...  You must not know fear or something fighting Dragon Knights
    like that...
    Jonathan Lee: Damned Dragon Knights.  "Respect," my ass!  The village is going
    through tough times as it is, with all these anomalies and crop failures and
    Windmill Mechanic: ...Damned Dragon Knights, doing whatever the hell they want,
    like they're above the law...  I wanted to push them off the cliff when I saw
    them kicking the windmills!
    Devout Old Woman: Those who have sworn to protect the people are instead doing
    them harm...  The world is out of order, indeed...  ...People shouldn't scare
    old ladies like me.
    Village Guard: I hear the monsters have become more violent in the Holy
    Precincts of Wind since the earthquake.  I believe the earthquake caused some
    sort of change there...
    Attendant: ...I beg your forgiveness for allowing such ruthless intruders into
    the village, Eldress...
    Mishera: ...I should be the one apologizing.  I had underestimated the dangers
    that might arise in my absence...  ...But I have a duty I must perform outside
    the village.  Will you be all right taking charge until I return?
    Attendant: Yes, of course!
    Young Woman: Eldress Mishera...  When will you return to the village?
    Mishera: I cannot say...  But there will not be any more visits from men like
    those Dragon Knights.  You have my word on that.
    Young Woman: Oh.  Okay.  I'm still a bit uneasy, but we'll all pitch in and do
    you proud!
    Daddy's Girl: Thank you, Eldress, for saving my Dad...
    Mishera: No need to thank me.  I have only done what I must as the eldress of
    this village.  I will not let anything like this happen again, so do not fear.
    You are well-protected.
    Daddy's Girl: Yaaay protection!
    [Arrive to the Wind Altar]
    Dogi: Well, here we are.  The Wind Altar...  So this is the way to the Wind
    Dragon's Sanctum, huh?
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: You feel a strange but familiar presence nearby.]
    Dogi: Mishera, it's up to you now!
    Mishera: Understood.
    [Mishera steps forward]
    Mishera: Adol, I assume you are ready?
    [Adol nods]
    Mishera: [blue text] The jade wind becometh an edge; a beautiful arm which
    inviteth the pure to a bliss in the heavens...  Breath of life dwelleth in thy
    wings...  May my voice be heard... May the wind carry it to thee.
    [They teleport to the Sanctum]
    Sigroon: This is the Wind Sanctum?  ...It's quite lovely...
    Mishera: The Great Wind Dragon dwells herein.  ...Let us make haste.
    [Arrive to the core]
    All: [!]
    Mishera: ...I believe it's...
    Wind Dragon: ...O... human warrior...  ...Welcome...  Thou standest in a garden
    high in the heavens...  ...wherein I, Mu-Anti, the Wind Dragon, make my home...
    [The place lights up a bit more]
    Dogi: Adol...!
    [Dialog Box: Adol asked the voice how to stop the Wind of Destruction]
    Mishera: Great Wind Dragon...  Please give us the answer we seek.  What exactly
    is the Wind of Destruction?  Is it true that it will bring about the end of
    Geis: You Dragons sustain this world, right?  Can't you stop this Wind with
    your divine powers...?
    Wind Dragon: ...
    [The dragon appears]
    Wind Dragon: Destined warrior...  Prove thy worth.  Thy soul, thy body...  Thou
    shalt have my power whenst thou hast proven thy worth...
    Sigroon: ...Incoming...!
    [After beating the Wind Dragon]
    Wind Dragon: Very well...  I grant thee my assistance...  Thou shalt have my
    [The dragon roars and Adol receives Wind Dragon Stone]
    Wind Dragon: To those who may follow the ones I address herein...  I grant thee
    my protection.
    [Mishera gets a power up of her extra]
    Mishera: Great Wind Dragon, I thank you.  However, we still have questions...
    Wind Dragon: We shall not interfere...  For this world desireth its doom...
    Geis: ...?!
    Wind Dragon: The end...is near...  Warrior, fight as thou will with my power...
    [And they are transported back to the Sanctum]
    Dogi: What did the Dragon just say...?!
    Sigroon: I'm not certain, but one thing I did get from his speech, loud and
    clear, is that the end of Altago is...unavoidable...
    Geis: ...And it sounds like the Dragons can only watch, possessing now power to
    stop it from happening...  What does this all mean...?
    Mishera: What we do know for certain is that the Wind of Destruction will soon
    begin to blow.  We must hurry and collect all the dragon stones.
    Dogi: Yeah...  We might be able to get more information, too.
    Elk: Oh, but...  Adol, what are you going to do about the next Sanctum?  We
    already visited the altars of the three surviving tribes...
    Geis: Then there's the Sea Dragon's altar on Ruins Island, and the Moon
    Dragon's altar in...some unknown location.
    Dogi: Right...  So what are we gonna do?
    Geis: We should return to Ciarius.  I'm sure he wants an update.  He may also
    have found something.
    Dogi: All right!  Then let's head back to Iska!
    [Adol nods]
    [At some unknown place, there are two strange people]
    Man in Black: ...Reporting in.  The "warrior" seems to be continuing his
    meetings with the Dragons.  I believe he must have acquired three of the five
    Eerie Voice: [blue font] ...  [red font]  Preparations for the Rite are
    complete.  The time is near.  We must begin.  We must bring a hammer down upon
    this vile, corrupted land...  ...and end all with the Wind of Destruction.
    Man in Black: Understood...
    [Back in Kylos village]
    Calm Young Man: The death of the king, and the corruption of the Dragon
    Knights...  Altago's order has begun to crumble.  ...Eldress Mishera, and all
    who accompany her...  I beg you, please be careful out there.
    Youthful Man: Titanos are beginning to take up residence closer and closer to
    where we humans live - even here in the gorge!  The eldress' arts have always
    been enough to take care of them, but what do we do while she's gone...?
    Traveling Peddler: Guys!  Guy!  Big News!  Listen!  Listen, okay?  Big, big
    news!  You know the caves you have to go through to get to Segram?  Well,
    there's a road that splits off from inside the cave, and it connects DIRECTLY
    TO KYLOS!!  I've been doing this for over ten years now, but that's a shortcut
    I never knew!
    Laid-back Woman: There haven't been any Dragon Knights in the village since
    that encounter.  Eldress Mishera's arts hold firm.  Her abilities are certainly
    Mature Boy: The Dragon Knights that came to Kylos are under Eldress Mishera's
    powerful spell of persuasion...  Right about now, they are likely telling their
    superior officers that they acted like rats, and deserve to be punished.
    Youthful Woman: People don't talk about this very much because of the whole
    Dragon Knight incident, but... our king was murdered!  It seems unreal that our
    little principality, in such a time of crisis, would fall victim to regicide!
    Clever Little Girl: I think everyone is still mad at the Dragon Knights.  But I
    think the anomalies are a much more serious issue for the village.
    Wes Herbst: ...Weapons can make men so scary...  I'm still shaking from the
    experience.  Oh dear, oh dear...  Perhaps, in a way, humans are much more
    fearful an enemy than monsters.
    Daddy's Girl: ...I'm so tired...  Those Dragon Knights were so scary...  ...But
    I'm so happy Daddy's not hurt!
    Cowardly Young Man: ...I think we've become too dependent on the eldress' arts.
    We were powerless to stop the Dragon Knights by ourselves... but if anything
    else happens, we'll be ready for it!
    Jonathan Lee: The monsters are frazzled, and a lot of them have even started
    coming into the village, despite Eldress Mishera's arts.  My theory is, these
    anomalies are scaring the monsters just as much as they're scaring me!
    Windmill Mechanic: Damn...  The earthquake damaged the windmills.  If one got
    damaged, the others might've as well.  I'll need to inspect them all.
    Devout Old Woman: The wind is tepid, and it carries evil...  I have a bad
    feeling about this...  We must pray to the Great Wind Dragon for protection!
    Young Woman: Something always happens when bad winds continue to blow for days
    on end...  And the Dragon Knight attack earlier...  ...certainly doesn't help
    me feel any less uneasy...
    Attendant: As a mere attendant, I cannot even begin to imagine what it is you
    are attempting to accomplish.  All I can do is protect this village in Eldress
    Mishera's absence.  And so, I shall give my fullest to that task.  Leave the
    village to us, and please, be careful...
    Village Guard: The once clear air of Kylos is no longer what it used to be.
    Maybe the wind isn't blowing as it should...
    Reporting back, and chaos ensues
    [head back to Iska village]
    Grieving Young Man: Ah, you're back.  Did you learn anything about the
    anomalies?  It seemed like you had a lot to check on... is the situation
    outside really so dire?
    Intellectual Woman: I hear that Altago City was founded where Iska used to be.
    A city where the descendants of the Edonians dwell... and yet, they've
    forgotten all about us!  It's been over two centuries, I know... but to forget
    what your people have done...  It just feels wrong!
    Kind Old Woman: I'll admit, I was pretty nervous when I heard that Ciarius
    would be summoning people from outside the village...  But it seems everyone
    has gotten used to your presence pretty quickly!  *chuckle*  They may not say
    it out loud, but they're all rooting for you.
    Brandi Swenson: Iska is a tribe with great insight into the energy that flows
    throughout Altago, and we developed arts that utilize it.  "Dragon energy
    resides in all Altaginian weapons."  This is the basic philosophy behind all
    that we craft.  It's only natural for an Iskan to enjoy research.
    Quiet Girl: They say the Wind of Destruction is coming to Altago...  Apparently
    no one knows what it is exactly, but people believe it will bring us to our
    knees.  ...I'm scared...
    Aloof Doctor: I hear you guys have been traveling all throughout Altago.  It's
    been a long time since Iska removed itself from the world...  ...I wonder how
    the other villages will react to us...
    Gentle Woman: It is said our ancestors created a barrier in the wilderness long
    ago, to keep titanos and humans separated.  I hear the number of titanos have
    been increasing in the outside world.
    Smart Boy: It is said that the Five Dragons are the creators of Altago.  Rada-
    Manj, the Earth Dragon, Angue-Barl, the Flame Dragon...  Mu-Anti, the Wind
    Dragon, O-Balon, the Sea Dragon, and finally, Ze-Kalios, the Moon Dragon.  They
    are the ones who watch over the land of Altago.  ...And you met them!  You
    actually saw them, and spoke with them, and fought with them!  Oh, how I envy
    Mysterious Man: Our ancestors have left behind many legacies in the land of
    Altago.  I assume you have seen the various shrines and stone monuments
    scattered across the land, no?  These are all necessary structures that help
    protect the fragile balance of this world.
    Melancholic Man: They say a strange illness began to spread right around the
    time we were being persecuted, 200 years ago.  It starts with severe coughing,
    followed by a high fever, then full-body petrification and, naturally, death.
    Yes, that was when "Iskan fever" first appeared.  The anomalies in Altago City
    are only getting worse.  At this rate, Iskan fever will spread everywhere...
    Matthew Torres: The tribe of Iska once had more knowledge and understood the
    land of Altago better than any other tribe.  Unfortunately, most of our
    knowledge was lost... but we cannot give up on passing what we know to our
    children!  We're the only ones that know the true history of Altago, and
    understand what, exactly, is happening right now.
    Lonely Old Man: The two moons we revere signify light and dark, life and
    death... the duality present in all things big and small...   It is precisely
    because these two opposing forces exist that we have balance within our world.
    Everything that exists in this world is necessary.  There is not one thing that
    does not serve a purpose.
    Ciarius' Attendant: Ah, greetings.  Your timing is impeccable.  Elder Ciarius
    has just now finished studying the ancient records.  This would be a most
    excellent time to speak with him.
    Shy Little Girl: Um... Um...  ...  N-never mind...
    [Dialog Box: The little girl is staring at you, blushing.]
    [Go speak with Ciarius]
    Ciarius: Oh, Adol...  I assume you were able to make the rounds and meet the
    Dragons?  I just finished investigating the ancient records, as well.  Would
    you mind giving me a comprehensive account of what happened in the Sanctums?
    [The screen goes out and when it comes back they are all gathered around the
    large table]
    Ciarius: I see...  The Wind of Destruction, and the end of Altago... as I
    thought, a great calamity approaches us.
    Dogi: Yeah, the Dragons warned us about it...  But none of them would tell us
    anything concrete on what to do.
    Geis: We did receive stones form them, however...  And based on what they told
    us, we are to collect them all.
    Ciarius: I see...  So you returned here to check in before heading to the Sea
    Sanctum, then?  [...]  Hmm... As I mentioned before, the location of the Moon
    Sanctum is unknown.  I searched the records for any hints, but to no avail.
    The very first altar you found in the ancient shrine was a temporary one built
    to house energy of the Moon...  I believe it to be linked with the real altar,
    hidden nearby.
    Geis: Simply put, you're saying there isn't anything we know for sure about the
    altar to the Moon Dragon, correct?  So I guess our next move is the Sea
    Ciarius: Yes.  It should be accessible from the altar on Ruins Island.
    However, the problem remains that it's off-limits to all citizens, by order of
    the Dragon Knights.  Furthermore...  You will require assistance from the
    Edonian elder to enter the Sea Sanctum.
    Dogi: Oh, right...  And yeah, neither of those problems have any clear
    Sigroon: ...
    Strange Voice: It's awful!  AWFUL!!
    [Geis' fairies show up]
    Jue: G-G-Geis!!!  Something horrible has happened!!
    Geis: What's the matter...?
    Sera: Y-you see...  Altago City was engulfed by an ominous fog of tremendous
    energy just now!
    All: [!]
    Cruxie: What...?!
    Sigroon: [big text]  What did you say?!
    Geis: What do you mean?!  Explain!
    Jue: W-we only saw it from far away...
    Xisa: B-but we're certain it's not good!  And from the looks of it, there are
    monsters heading toward it, too!
    Elk: Y-you mean...?!
    Mishera: ...It sounds as though something unsettling is happening in Altago
    Dogi: Adol...!  We need to go see what's happening!  We might get arrested, but
    this is too big to ignore!
    Ciarius: Altago City has been engulfed by an ominous fog...  I cannot be
    certain, but it seems fair to speculate that it has something to do with the
    king's assassination...  You must go to Altago City, Adol, and find out what's
    Ciarius' Attendant: I just saw Geis' fairies flying off in quite a hurry...
    May I inquire what you were discussing that led to such zeal?
    [Arrive to Altago City]
    Sigroon: What in the heavens...?
    Dogi: A black fog...?!
    Cruxie: This doesn't feel right...
    Mishera: This is more a spiritual miasma than a mere fog.  We are protected by
    the power of the Dragons, but...  ...anyone else exposed to this will
    undoubtedly experience adverse effects.
    All: [!]
    Elk: That's not good!
    Sigroon: OK, that's all I can take.  The princess may be in danger, I...  I
    need to go!  We shall meet again!
    [Sigroon runs off]
    Dogi: H-hey...!  ...There she goes...  She sure is impatient!
    Cruxie: But it is true that anyone in the city may be in danger.  There seem to
    be monsters here, too...
    Elk: Uh, maybe we should take a look around.  These people probably need some
    Mishera: I would most definitely agree.  If anyone is outside, and was unable
    to escape, he or she will be in danger, for certain.
    Dogi: [!]  Adol!  What about Tia and Maya?!
    Adol: [!]
    Geis: We should split up.  Come!
    [Geis' fairies appear]
    Geis: You three split up, and survey the city.  Look for any explanation you
    can find for this mess.  Report back to me if you discover anything pertinent
    or abnormal.
    Jue: Got it!
    Sera: Understood.
    Xisa: Your wish is my command!
    [They depart]
    Geis: You're looking for someone from Old Town, correct?  Then you search
    there.  We'll take care of the rest.
    Dogi: All right.  Good luck!
    Cruxie: Adol.  Dogi.  Please be careful.
    Elk: See you guys later!
    [Everyone runs off leaving Adol and Dogi alone]
    Dogi: Tia and Maya could be in danger!  We should hurry to Old Town!
    [As you go looking around]
    John Cordova: Heeeey, it's you guys!  And you're OK!  Monsters attacked the
    city without a moment's warning, and people began to flock to the tavern for
    safety.  Didn't hear any monsters for awhile, so I figured I'd come outside and
    survey the damage...  *cough* *cough* ...and I find myself surrounded by a fog
    as thick as pea soup!  What happened?!
    Strong Worker: I took refuge in the tavern for a while.  Then I got curious as
    to what was happening outside... and man, I only just now finished cleaning
    this rubble!  But damn... *cough* *cough* The air is really heavy...
    [Head into old Town]
    Voice: *cough* *cough*  Ah...
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Dogi: Adol, over there!
    [Maya is lying on the ground with two monsters hovering over her]
    Dogi: What are they doing to Maya?!  Adol, we've gotta save her!
    [They defeat the monsters]
    Maya: *cough* *cough*  ...Agh... Ah...!
    Dogi: H-hey, Maya!  Are you okay...?!  Damn, we need to get her indoors,
    Voice: Ah, there you are...!
    [Daleyon shows up]
    Daleyon: Y-you...  I thought you had run away!
    Dogi: We'll talk later!  Right now, we need to get Maya indoors!
    Daleyon: R-right!  Take her to the sanctuary!  It's more airtight than the
    other buildings!
    [They take Maya to the sanctuary in Old Town]
    Maya: *cough* *cough*  ...Ah...!
    Dogi: What's wrong, Maya?  Is there something you want to tell us?
    Daleyon: She must be looking for Tia...  That was probably why she ran out of
    here before.
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Dogi: What...?!  Wait, where's Tia?!
    Daleyon: Not in Old Town, that much I can say.  I suspect she's out in the city
    Dogi: That's... not good.
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: Adol proposed that he and Dogi search for Tia.]
    Dogi: Yeah!  ...Maya, it'll be all right.  We'll bring Tia back!
    Maya: [!]  ...Ah...!  *cough* *cough*  ...
    Dogi: ...She fell asleep.  She must have been really worried about Tia.
    Daleyon: [...] I suspected the accusations against you two were misplaced, from
    the very start.  You aren't criminals, I'm sure of it.  I leave the search for
    Tia in your capable hands.
    Dogi: All right!  Adol, let's go!
    [Around the city some more]
    Pale Old Man: ...Doctor Daleyon...  Please...help me...  *cough* *cough*
    Desperate Merchant: I saw a bunch of huge monsters in the city, and before I
    knew it, I was running towards Old Town.  Why the hell did I instinctively come
    to a ratty old place like this?!  So much for forethought...
    Exhausted Old Man: *cough* *cough*  It's heavy...  My body...feels so heavy...
    Caring Boy: *cough* *cough* I think I have Iskan fever, too.  You know, Maya's
    actually doing a lot worse than me, but she still got right up and dashed out
    of here...  Tia...  Where are you...?
    Thoughtful Boy: I was already scared because of the Iskan fever outbreak, but
    now?  I'm horrified!  Iskan fever is bad enough, Grattheos!  Why must you send
    monsters, and noxious smoke, on top of it?!  *cough* *cough*  Why do I have to
    suffer like this...?
    Near-deaf Man: ...Hmm?  You say something?  This child took me by the hand and
    led me here, when I was outside.  I can't hear very well... but obviously,
    something big must've happened.  I just wish I could hear what it was!
    One-Legged Man: *cough* *cough* This dark fog... it aint' right!  Something is
    very, very wrong with it!  And the howling of monsters...  the moans of pain
    all around me... it's like I'm in a battlefield clinic!
    Skinny Girl: Grandma, hang on!  The monster in front of the house is gone now!
    Please, Grandma...  Let's go together...  I don't want to leave you...
    Little Old Lady: Ooph...my chest feels heavy...  What terrible timing for this
    to act up...  ...It's okay.  It's okay!  You go on ahead.  Go!  To the
    Traveling Merchant: Oh, no...  I was planning on taking a ship back home
    today...  Why are there monsters inside the city...?  This shouldn't be
    possible.  What am I supposed to do now...?!
    Precocious Girl: ...Mommy, calm down...  Mommy!  Mommy suddenly decided we need
    to go home.  ...Mommy, what happened...?
    Cold Merchant: I heard shrieking from the main street, so I just ran into this
    tavern.  But my partner ran toward Old Town.  Tsk... I still have to settle a
    deal with him...
    Fleeing Girl: I heard monsters when I was walking down main street.  I turned
    around and saw these monsters twice my size running right at me!  I don't even
    remember what happened after that.  When I came to, I was here.
    Gossipy Man: Gah!  You're the ones that killed the king!!  ...Did you really do
    it?  You don't look the part...  But then, I doubt you'd be back here if you
    really did it...
    Promoter: Why did this happen?  What were the Dragon Knights doing, instead of
    protecting the city?!  ...I remember there was a commotion by the city gate
    before the monsters appeared.  Ah, right.  The Dragon Knights were trying to
    stop a man in black.
    Sexy Waitress: I can't believe monsters would come into the city...  I've lived
    in this city since I was a little girl, but I've never seen anything like
    Michael Wootton: Monsters are supposed to naturally avoid places that human
    hands have created.  But they came right in, without a moment's hesitation.
    This behavior is most alarming!
    Weapon Shop Owner: [!]  Hey, it's you...!  Didn't you guys run away from the
    coliseum...?  Well, that doesn't matter.  I always knew you weren't bad people.
    Care for some pointy objects to deter your pursuers?  ...You must need some
    weapons.  Let me know if you like any of our wares!  ...We just stocked new
    goods.  You should take a look!
    Weapon Shop Owner: Why aren't the Dragon Knights coming to help when the city's
    all in ruins?  What's going on...?  We may have to run the monsters out by
    ourselves...  I better get out the "Peace Maker."
    Lost Girl: I lost Daddy...  And a mister wearing green found me and brought me
    here.  The mister in green was wearing weird clothes.  I don't think he's from
    Stuck Old Man: This young lady here seems to have lost her way during all the
    confusion.  We're in a similar situation.  Somehow I ended up here, unable to
    return home...  At least I have this young lady here to talk to.
    Item Shop Owner: I can't believe you guys are walking around at a time like
    this...  Are you feeling okay?  Breathing in too much of that dark fog can't be
    good for you.  If you start feeling weird, let me know.  I have lots of
    medicine in stock!  ...We got new items in stock.  Take a look!
    Item Shop Owner: After the dark fog covered the city, a bunch of monsters
    started coming as if this was their territory.  Don't tell me this fog has the
    power to attract monsters...
    Elderly Patient: If it weren't for the boy...  I would have been eaten by the
    monster that was chasing me...
    Elk: Hey...  ...Me and Cruxie found a guy passed out on the street on our
    patrol, so we brought him in to treat him.  My grandma taught me first-aid, so
    you can leave this to me!
    Quiet Maid: G-got it.  Water and bandages.  There is some medicine in the
    master's room.  It's not much, but shall I bring it?
    Lively Merchant: That boy...  He started treating the wounded in my house like
    he owns the place...  [!]  ...Whaaat?!  Y-you're the...  The king...  You're
    the assassin...!  ...I-it doesn't matter now.  I'm sure you don't want to die
    either.  You can stay here, so just be good!
    Teresa Runions: I-I could hear the monsters in the city...  I can't take it
    anymore...!  [!]  ...Eeek!  What are you doing in my room?  Taking advantage of
    the crisis outside?!  Get out at once!  Shoo, shoo!
    Zealous Worker: *huff* *huff*  M-monster...at the harbor...!  Some guy with a
    poleaxe helped me get away...
    Young Peddler: I was running away from a monster and ended up here...  If that
    lady hadn'e saved me, I would've been eaten by the monster...
    Hoarse Old Man: I've had a bad feeling for some time now.  Titano sightings...
    The assassination of His Majesty...  Such terrible things keep happening... it
    feels like the end of Altago is near...
    Lazy Maid: Th-this is horrible!  I just heard monsters by the harbor.  I hope
    the dock workers are okay.
    Gutsy Maid: We'll be all right.  So cheer up, everyone!  I don't know what kind
    of monsters are out there, but we'll be safe as long as we stay in this house!
    Patriotic Man: Agh... Ow...  I tried to stop the monsters that came into the
    city...  But I was thrown back and I passed out on the spot.  Damn those
    monsters...  Destroying the city like this...!
    Unconscious Man: Agh...  Ugh...  Th-they're huge...  Monster...the sea...
    Gentle Trader: I'm letting people use my house as shelter.  The house was built
    just recently and is very strong.  We'll all be fine as long as we stay in this
    house.  I guarantee it!
    Unconscious Man: Ugh...  *cough* *cough*
    Cruxie: P-please don't move.  Your wounds need to be treated.  ...It may hurt a
    bit, but hang in there...!
    [Arrive at the harbor]
    Dogi: Adol, that...!
    [Geis is fighting a group of monsters alone]
    Geis: Damn it...!  How many is this now...?!
    Dogi: C'mon!  I'll cover you!
    Geis: [!]  I'd say don't waste your time, but...  We have no time!  Let's get
    this over with!
    [Defeat the monsters]
    Dogi: They weren't titanos, but they were pretty strong...  Where did they come
    Geis: I'm guessing the sea.  Look, over there...
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    [They can see wrecked ships in the distance]
    Dogi: Aww crap, the ships!  Is this from those same monsters?!
    Geis: It's likely.  The warships in the naval port were also quite damaged.
    The situation right now... is quite grim.
    Dogi: Damn it...  W-we need to find Tia.  Adol, we gotta hurry!
    Geis: You're looking for that girl?  Well... I led everyone from the harbor to
    safety, so there shouldn't be anyone left to rescue over here...  ...which
    means I can join you in your search.  Let's go!
    [Around the city some more]
    Belinda Nis: *pant* *pant* A man in black slipped right past the monsters and
    headed to the palace...  But that face under the hood...  I feel like I've seen
    it before...
    Diligent Priest: The residents of the city came running to the temple for
    shelter soon after the anomaly hit the city.  I just pray that there were no
    big damages...
    Innocent Girl: That lady with her eyes closed touched me, and it became easier
    to breathe all of a sudden.  I'm fine.  I'm not scared at all.
    Gentle Priestess: ...Let us pray.  I am sure the sea god will protect us when
    we do.
    Devoted Old Man: I thought it was my time when I saw the monster chasing after
    me, but she saved me.  I was able to take shelter at this temple...  Sea god,
    thank you for your provision...
    Mishera: Most of the residents here have been evacuated.  However, this
    miasma...  Many are losing their consciousness when exposed to it...  It is no
    thicker than a normal fog...  But perhaps this is the Wind of Destruction...?
    Nevertheless, it seems we must prioritize treating the wounded.
    Receptionist: Hey, have you heard any news about the coliseum?!  I was out
    grocery shopping when this happened, and I wasn't able to return to the
    coliseum because of the rubble.  I hope everyone is all right...
    Gaudy Head Priest: Wh-what is all this commotion?!  What are the Dragon Knights
    [Edict: Wanted: Adol Christin.  For the gravest crime of murdering our beloved
    king.  Beware of his inhuman character.  Possibly a Romun assassin.
    Distinguishing Features: Red hair, swordsman. Report to a nearby Dragon Knight
    if seen.]
    [Kick down the door at Zanzibar's firm]
    Haughty Manager: M-monsters!!!
    Zanzibar: ...?  You're humans.  [!]  Hm...?  Y-you're the ones that tried to
    his me that one time!  How dare you break your way into the shop at a time like
    this...  [mad]  Get out!  I don't ever want to see your face again!
    Dogi: (Looks like we're not welcome here...)
    Zanzibar: Get out now!  Whose property do you think this is?!  I better buy
    some time somehow and move all my stock...  *mumble* *mumble*
    Haughty Manager: How dare you break your way into the shop at a time like
    this...  What are you trying to do?!  Get out!
    Calm Receptionist: ...You're shopping at a time like this?  You're a strange
    one.  Master's not himself today, but there was no order to close the store, so
    feel free to shop.
    Graceful Guide: Don't scare me like that.  I feel like I lost 10 years of my
    life.  Anyway, I better lock up, so monsters can't get in.
    [Head towards the palace without going to the harbor]
    Voice: Hey...!
    [Geis runs up to join you]
    Dogi: Oh hey, Geis.  How's it look?
    Geis: The harbor is in terrible shape.  Some giant monsters from the sea seem
    to have attacked it.  A lot of the ships have been sunk already.
    Adol & Dogi: [!]
    Dogi: What...?!  Are you serious?!
    Geis: Well, I was able to take care of them, of course, so there's no need for
    concern...  How about you guys?
    Dogi: Well...  [continued below]
    [Head towards the palace]
    Strange Voice: G-Geis...!!
    All: [!]
    [Jue flies in]
    Geis: Jue, what's the matter?
    Jue: It's horrible...  The Dragon Knights up ahead... they've been slaughtered!
    Butchered like animals!
    All: [!]
    Geis: What...?!
    Dogi: What do you mean?!
    Jue: A-a really scary looking guy is going on a total killing spree!  The
    palace is full of dead bodies...  It's completely drenched in blood!
    Geis: ...
    Dogi: Wh-who in the world..  We can't just stay here.  Adol, let's go!
    [Arrive to the palace and see all the dead bodies]
    Dogi: Th-this is terrible...  Who would do this?!
    Geis: Obviously someone extremely skilled...  We should hurry.
    [Around the palace before finding the killer]
    Cloying Official: [!]  Y-you're the ones who killed the king...!  S-stay away!
    Get away from me!  Don't kill me!  I have so much to live for!
    Listening Maid: Th=the man that killed all the Dragon Knights went into the
    palace, so I think we're safe here... but what about...  ...what about the men
    and women in the palace...?
    Talkative Maid: Wh-what should we do?  The Dragon Knights were killed so
    easily... like they were straw dolls...   ...I-I can't take this!  Somebody,
    please... do something!
    Gloomy Knight: Everyone's dead?!  Damn it!  I'm too late!  I-I couldn't even
    step outside the station because I was so scared... I'm so sorry...  I'm so
    sorry, everyone...
    [In the palace]
    Commander Raud: D-Dad...!  I'll kill him...  ...if it's the last thing I do...
    Dogi: Holy...
    Commander Raud: Y-you...!  I should have known.  You were in on this with him!
    Dogi: What are you talking about...?
    Geis: What happened here?!  Who did this?!
    Woman's Voice: You made it... you're alive!
    [They see Sigroon lying on the ground not far away]
    Dogi: Sigroon!  You all right?!
    Sigroon: I-I'm fine...  Don't worry about me...  You must go to Princess
    Aisha's aid...  The man responsible for what you see before you... is Commander
    All: [!]
    Geis: Wha...
    Dogi: [big text]  Whaaaat?!
    [The scene flashes to show what is going on in the audience chamber]
    General Dreisen: Halt!  I will not allow you to go any farther!
    Scias: That won't do.  My goal was to kill the prime minister.  But if I also
    get rid of the princess, then my work here will be done!
    General Dreisen: Murderous scoundrel!
    Princess Aisha: Scias, why are you doing this?!  You're the Altaginian Falcon!
    You fought bravely against the Romuns, sworn enemies of Altago!
    Scias: ...My enrollment in the Dragon Knights was merely happenstance.  The
    defeat of the Romuns was merely me putting out the sparks of an imminent fire,
    before it could fully burn.  My loyalty never once lied with the Kingdom of
    Altago.  Why would I willingly serve the king - the chief of the tribe that
    persecuted Iska and destroyed the land's balance?
    Princess Aisha: [!]  Why do you...?!
    General Dreisen: There must be some sort of force controlling him - a
    puppetmaster, pulling the strings!  Scias, I will ask you just once.  It was
    you that assassinated His Majesty, was it not?
    Princess Aisha: [!] ...What...?
    Scias: Haha...  ...Adol the Red's presence was almost too good to be true.  It
    couldn't have worked out better for me!  He took all the suspicion that
    otherwise would have been on me.
    Princess Aisha: ...No...
    General Dreisen: [big text] What you have done is unforgivable!
    [Back in the foyer area, head in to find Scias]
    General Dreisen: ...Agh...!
    Princess Aisha: [!] D-Dreisen?!
    Scias: Impressive, General.  You're the first man ever to exchange more than
    one blow with me.  But you chose the wrong opponent.
    General Dreisen: Your power...  It's the same power... that Adol acquired...
    ...No... It's even... more...
    Scias: So you noticed...  I can't have this getting around, though!  You and
    the princess are not long for this world, dear General.
    Princess Aisha: No...
    Dogi: Scias!  Stop right there!
    Scias: [!]
    [Everyone comes running up]
    Princess Aisha: Ah...
    Scias: Well, well...  What is the killer of our beloved king doing here?  Have
    you come to repent?
    Dogi: Shut the hell up!  You're the one who killed him!
    Geis: ...It seems you have information that we don't.  Why don't you tell us,
    Falcon?  Or shall I call you "traitor"?
    Scias: Hah...  You talk big, but you're just an errand boy for the Iskan elder.
    And he's not even the real elder!
    Geis: [!]  ...You son of a...
    Scias: I know everything.  Adol Christin.  I even know that you were chosen as
    the Dragon Warrior, and that you have obtained three dragon stones.
    Adol: [!]
    Dogi: How the hell do you know that?!
    Scias: ...I don't have to answer you.  But maybe I will, if you can endure the
    fierce swordsmanship of the Altaginian Falcon!
    Dogi: Damn...
    Geis: ...Get ready!
    [And you lose the battle, because the game cheats]
    Princess Aisha: Adol!  Dogi!
    Dogi: You...
    Geis: What is this power...?!
    Scias: This won't do.  Adol...  Didn't you overcome numerous ordeals all
    throughout Altago?  The Great Dragons must be crying with embarrassment at your
    grievous misuse of their powers!
    Dogi: Oh, no you didn't!
    Scias: I'll tell you one thing, though.  To believe the Dragon Warrior is
    capable of saving Altago from the Wind of Destruction...  ...is a false hope at
    best, and utter delusion at worst.
    All: [!]
    Dogi: What...?!
    Geis: What do you mean...?!
    Scias: The Five Dragons already know this.  This is merely the beginning of all
    that must happen according to the one true way - the Root of All Existence.  If
    you do not understand that, you will not succeed.  But then, you won't succeed
    either way...  You will not be able to lay even one finger on me.
    Princess Aisha: The Root of All Existence...
    Geis: Enough of your mind games!
    Boy's Voice: Adol!  Dogi!
    [Elk, Cruxie, and Mishera come running in]
    Cruxie: F-father...?
    Mishera: This blind determination... this malice... this thirst for blood...
    I've never felt anything like it before...
    Elk: Who are you?!  What did you do to them?!
    Scias: Four delegates of the Five Tribes...  You have already led the Dragon
    Warrior to the Sanctums.  Your presence is no longer necessary.
    Cruxie: Ah...?!
    Elk: Geh?!
    Scias: This is most fortunate.  I will get rid of all of you at once.
    Ominous Voice: [red text] That will not be necessary.
    [A robed figure appears]
    Geis: What...?!
    Princess Aisha: Wh-who...?
    Robed Figure: [red text] The Dragon Warrior lacks power...  If he is unable to
    reach us, it will have an adverse effect on the Rite.  They should be left
    alive so that they may aid him.
    Scias: But...
    Robed Figure: [red text] The higher the hope, the deeper the despair...  And
    the Rite requires the deepest of despair.  We shall have them suffer a bit
    Scias: Understood.
    Geis: What the...
    Dogi: [mad]  Hey, you!  Who the hell are you?!  Where did you come from?!  If
    you're going to spout crap about deepening our despair, at least have the
    decency to show us your face!
    Robed Figure: [red text] ...
    Princess Aisha: ...You're the one.  The one behind it all.  The assassination
    of my father.  The outbreak of disease in the city.  The mass murder in the
    palace grounds.  I, Aisha Sari Edonas, the sovereign of Altago, hereby command
    you!  Reveal your face and give your name!
    Robed Figure: ...Very well...  I will oblige.
    [The robe comes off and we see a strange girl with hair like Tia's, but she is
    dressed oddly and has odd symbols painted on her]
    Girl: [blue text] ...
    Princess Aisha: ...Wha...
    Dogi: ...The hell...
    Geis: You...!
    Cruxie: You're... the kind lady... who always brought us medicine...
    Elk: T-Tia?!
    Scias: Haha...  [big text]  Hahahahaha!!
    [Scias comes next to her]
    Scias: Allow me.  She is the true ruler of all - the eldress of Iska, guardians
    of the Moon.  The great Tialuna Rem Iskalia!
    All: [!]
    Geis: What...?!
    Mishera: The lost elder line of Iska...
    Dogi: W-wait a minute...  Tia, this is some kind of joke, right?  I mean, it
    has to be, right?  You've been so kind to me and Adol...  [big text]  Tell me
    this is a joke!
    Tialuna: [blue text] ...  I, the maiden eldress of Iska, live to serve only the
    great Root of All Existence.  I am to cleanse this land with the Wind of
    Dogi: You...
    Tialuna: [blue text]  ...The Tia you know was merely an act.  All was for the
    purpose of returning the land of Altago to its ideal state.  My work as a
    medicine maker who freely traverses the lands of Altago was a cover to avert
    suspicion.  The assassination of His Majesty, the creation of the miasma, the
    massacre in the palace...  ...Even my friendship with you... It was all an act.
    Merely designed to survey, evaluate, and advance my goals.
    Princess Aisha: [big text] You have got to be kidding me!  [normal text]  Then
    what about the girl?!  What about Maya?!  You were so desperate to help her...
    Are you saying that was all an act, too?!
    Tialuna: [blue text] ...  Human life is but dust in the face of the great Root.
    All must be engulfed in the Wind of Destruction to make way for the eternal
    cycle of rebirth...  The little girl, you, and even I...  It is only a matter
    of time.  Adol Christin...  ...I suggest you leave Altago.  You are an
    outsider.  You lie outside the fate of Altago.  If you stay, then you, too,
    will be engulfed by the Wind of Destruction.
    Dogi: Tia...!
    Princess Aisha: W-wait...!
    Tialuna: [blue text] If you still wish to stop me, despite my warning...
    ...then acquire the dragon stones.  All of them.  Without them, your efforts
    will be in vain.
    [Tia and Scias vanish]
    Princess Aisha: ...
    Geis: Damn...
    Dogi: This... can't actually be happening, can it?  Is this a practical joke or
    something?!  [big text] If so, it's not funny!
    [the scene fades out for now]
    [Dialog Box: Following these events, delegates from every village throughout
    Altago gathered together to offer Altago City their aid.  Among them were
    Fatima, Mustafa and Ciarius as well.  Adol decided to survey the city and speak
    with its residents and visitors to determine the best course of action.
    [Scene fades in to show the city being defended by warriors from Shannoa and
    Segram, and other people from other villages aiding with the wounded, then goes
    to the meeting room in the palace with the elders and the party gathered
    Eldress Fatima: I never imagined she was the one behind all this.  And she's
    the last in the line if Iskan elders, no less!  I thought they were all dead
    and gone!
    Ciarius: I can't say I'm not surprised myself.  It is our duty as the surviving
    members of Iska to protect the balance of Altago in the stead of the late
    elders...  That is what I believed, and why I stayed hidden for over 200 years,
    observing the changes that befell Altago...  But our elder line actually
    survived, and now the current eldress is trying to summon the Wind of
    Mishera: They knew everything as if it were all according to some grand design.
    They even knew that Adol was in possession of the stones.  And it seems as if
    those stones have some bearing on the Rite they're attempting to invoke.
    Ciarius, do you have any idea what the connection may be?
    Ciarius: ...My apologies, but I do not.  It seems the elder family of Iska had
    a great secret that was passed down from generation to generation.  ...A secret
    that belies the fate of all Altago...  Perhaps it is something so important
    that they could not even tell their own people.
    Mustafa: ...I have no idea what it could be.  Nonetheless, it is clear that the
    girl and the traitor are planning to bring about destruction.  With the prime
    minister and countless others murdered in cold blood, Altago is more imbalanced
    than ever.  They are serious, and they have no remorse.
    All: [...]
    Geis: ...I personally don't care what they're planning to do.  I can't let him
    get away with making a fool out of me...  ...But I must concede that he's a far
    better fighter than any I've previously encountered.  We must exercise caution.
    Adol, what will you do from here on out?
    Dogi: H-hold on, man...  Adol's in no condition to-
    Geis: I wasn't asking you.  You two need to get it together, fast.  It would
    have been better if I were chosen to be the Dragon Warrior.  That was Ciarius'
    original plan, if I'm not mistaken.
    Ciarius: Oh dear.  So you knew all along.  Well, I must admit I thought perhaps
    you were qualified, see as how you've so successfully mastered the Iskan arts.
    But Adol was chosen before I had a chance to act.
    Geis: *hmph*  If you can't step up to the challenge, then I suggest you leave
    Altago's fate to someone who can.  At least that way you won't get involved in
    affairs that don't concern you, just as that girl pointed out.  It's the most
    sensible decision.
    Adol: [...]
    Elk: Adol...
    Mishera: ...Adol...
    [Dialog Box: Adol reached a decision, and expressed his intention to see this
    ordeal through to the end.]
    Dogi: Adol...
    Cruxie: Adol...
    Mustafa: ...You really are crazy.
    Elk: Heh, I knew you wouldn't give up so easily!
    Eldress Fatima: If that's the case, then we'll help you out however we're able.
    You can count on us!
    Geis: ...
    Ciarius: Adol, thank you.  Unfortunately, with no knowledge of the enemy's true
    motives, there aren't a lot of options available to us.  First, we must keep
    the situation in Altago City from getting any worse.  And even though it's
    exactly what your opponent wants you to do, I suggest you continue as you have
    Dogi: Y-yeah...  Maybe we'll be able to figure out what Tia's really after...
    But that means...
    Ciarius: Yes, you must visit the Sea and Moon Dragons.  As I said before
    though, we know virtually nothing about the Moon Dragon at this point, short of
    that it exists.  But the Sea Dragon can be found within its Sanctum on Ruins
    Island, of that I am certain.
    Dogi: I see....  But we need help from the elder of the tribe that reveres the
    Sea Dragon in order to enter the Sanctum, don't we?  With His Majesty gone...
    that leaves...
    Girl's Voice: ...Me.
    All: [!]
    [Aisha enters dressed in her normal garb]
    Dogi: Aisha!  Are you OK?
    Aisha: ...I'm fine.  I can't just sulk around at a time like this.  I checked
    on Sigroon and the General before coming here.  Their wounds are deep, but I'm
    told they aren't fatal.  And they're in good hands.
    Elk: Really...?
    Cruxie: Father...  I'm so relieved...
    Mustafa: Lucky break, considering what happened.
    Aisha: Ciarius, right?  It's nice to meet you.  I am the princess of Altago,
    Aisha Sari Edonas.  I'd like to take part in this as the eldress of Edona, in
    place of my late father.
    Ciarius: Pleasure to be of your acquaintance, Your Royal Highness.  But are you
    certain?  If the sovereign of the kingdom is absent from the capital in such
    Aisha: It's true that the city is in terrible shape, but this is much more
    serious than saving just one city.  It may be a bit of an odd request, but I'd
    like to ask that you look after the city in my absence.  With the elders of
    Shannoa, Segram and Iska here, I'll have little to worry about.
    Ciarius: ...I understand, and will oblige.
    Eldress Fatima: Hmm... little old me?  Well, all right!  Let's do this thing!
    Mustafa: If any more monsters show up, my warriors will take care of them.
    Aisha: Thank you.  I'll be able to rest easy knowing you three are looking
    after my affairs.  Adol.  Dogi.  I look forward to accompanying you again.
    There may not be much I can do, but we need to press on.
    Dogi: Aisha...  Damn straight!  Let's kick some fate!
    [In the foyer area]
    Geis: Off to Ruins Island with us, then, I suppose!  Will you be able to get a
    ship ready with the harbor in shambles as it is?
    Aisha: Yes, but the naval and merchant ships are under heavy repairs and won't
    be available for some time.  I could only find a small boat like the one we
    used last time...
    Dogi: Heh, perfect.  I've been hoping to host another pleasure cruise!  So what
    are we waiting for?  All aboard!  The S.S. Wave-Crusher II is ready for
    [Around the city]
    Kind Steward: ...but we've readied a boat for you at the harbor.  You may set
    off at your leisure.  ...With even the Prime Minister gone, there's no leader
    left to handle the kingdom's political workload.  All the inner workings are
    being handled by the village elders at the moment, but we need a long-term
    solution as well...
    Fastidious Maid: I'm...in charge of cleaning the palace.  I love cleaning...
    but not when the usual dust and muddy footprints are replaced with blood and
    Shannoan Warrior: Most of the Dragon Knights that were killed at the palace
    have been buried...  Can they even rest peacefully knowing that they were
    killed by one who they trusted?
    Segramite Warrior: Mustafa thought of placing warriors from all the villages
    here...  While there aren't many of us, he'd divided us up well enough to
    protect the key locations.
    Exhausted Knight: The naval base suffered heavy losses as well.  Got caught in
    a pincer attack...  And the general was in critical condition, last I
    checked...  The Dragon Knights were almost completely annihilated...  ...So
    what now?
    Burly Knight: Where's Commander Raud when you need him?!  The general's down,
    Commander Scias is a traitor...and we need order!  ...I can't blame him,
    actually.  His wounds are pretty deep as well, so he could be in real danger...
    Communications Officer: We had to fight.  But even with all of us versus one of
    him, none of us landed even a single blow...  He's the Altaginian Falcon.  He
    single-handedly defeated the Romun forces.  We never stood a chance!  ...I keep
    asking myself what-ifs.  But I don't think we could've done anything
    Gloomy Knight: ...When all my buddies were getting slaughtered outside, I
    couldn't even step outside the station...  I'm a coward...
    Segramite Warrior: ...General Dreisen and the others that survived are being
    treated inside...  I can only see despair in their eyes...  ...I can't bear to
    look at them.
    Talkative Maid: ...The people here are all pretty cut up, but at least they're
    still alive!  Most of the people Commander Scias attacked didn't make it... and
    a lot of them died almost instantly...
    Knight in Pain: *pant* *pant* Ooph...  Commander Scias...  Why...?
    Aloof Doctor: That this man even still lives is... nothing short of amazing...
    These wounds are extraordinarily severe!  But none of the wounds hit any vital
    organs or arteries.  I suppose he has his martial expertise to thank, in a
    Wounded Knight: I'm...so thirsty...  *pant* *pant*  Please...some...body...
    Listening Maid: All of us respected Commander Scias!  We looked up to him, and
    even had secret crushes on him!  How could he betray us?!  It will be a very,
    very long time before we recover from this.  This incident... will be with us
    forever, I fear...
    Kylosian Healer: This knight's wounds are deep.  ...She will need much rest to
    heal.  The enemy is clearly a cold, heartless man, to strike a woman so
    Cloying Official: That doctor who suddenly showed up... is an Iskan...?  I
    thought the Iskans all died out...  But either eay, who does he think he is,
    ignoring me when I talk to him?!  *hmph*  At least he's good at what he does...
    Enraged Knight: Commander Scias... He killed my best friend, right in front of
    my eyes!  I will never forgive him.  Never!  He can rot in hell!
    Shannoan Warrior: Chieftain Mishera cast a "Breath" spell upon me before I
    braved the miasma.  And it seems to be working!  I can breathe normally even
    under these grueling conditions.  What an amazing woman...
    Segramite Warrior: If you run such a big business, you must have many different
    types of weapons and medicines.  If the people of your city are suffering, why
    would you choose not to help them?
    Haughty Manager: N-no!  No!  We can't do any more than this!  We've already
    suffered great losses by giving you those scarlet crystals!  Go away!
    Graceful Guide: (I just heard that Prime Minister Orbus is dead...  Th-that
    can't be true...!  There must be some sort of mistake...)
    Calm Receptionist: [...]\ I'm from a place near the Ispani Peninsula on the
    other side of the sea.  It's a harbor town much like Altago City called Ediz.
    ...I'd like a vacation about now.  I'm not required to stay with the master
    through times like these.
    Zanzibar: Talk about ridiculous.  Those fools from the temple took all my
    Scarlet Crystals.  ...So what if I have a monopoly of the crystals in a
    situation like this?  Joining forces against me like that...
    Segramite Warrior: All my life, I've heard how beautiful Altago City is... but
    this?  This is not beauty...  Everyone has their hands full just cleaning up
    the rubble and securing the primeter.
    Gate Keeper: We just finished getting rid of all the rubble from the bell
    tower.  It was hard even with my strength.  It would not have been possible
    without the help of my companions.  But the city is in really bad shape...
    Executioner Ursa: You guys are OK...  I heard all about it from the others...
    Scias, huh...  [...]  Well, no use crying over spilled milk.  I'm sure you have
    things you need to do as well.  Just focus on that.  Oh, and... sorry.  I truly
    believed that you had taken His Majesty's life.  I'll express my regret fully
    later.  Let's just say I owe you one for now.
    Shannoan Warrior: All Iskan fever patients are being brought here.  The girl
    named Maya's here, too.  If you're worried, you can go in and check on her.
    Devoted Old Man: Everyone that is brought in to this temple is treated in the
    order they arrived, regardless of social status.  I also was saved because of
    the help of someone I have never met before.  ...People need each other to
    live...  I never thought of life that way...
    Belinda Nis: None of us were really given any information on what's going on...
    I understand it's to keep us from getting involved, but it does nothing at all
    to quell the fear...
    Gentle Priestess: Reverend Daleyon returned here to help the Iskan fever
    patients.  The current head priest fell victim to the Iskan fever suddenly, so
    having him here is reassuring.
    Gaudy Head Priest: *cough* Daleyon...  How dare you place me together with
    commoners...!  Is this your petty revenge against me for taking your place as
    head priest?!  *cough* *cough*
    Diligent Priest: Mr. Zanzibar gave us some of his Scarlet Crystals after strong
    insistence from the clergy.  It was coercion, really...  We were hoping Mr.
    Zanzibar would be more willing to help at a time like this, but...
    Praying Old Man: ...Oh the greatest three of Altago...  I will be going soon,
    anyway.  So please, even if it is just the children, please save them...
    Innocent Girl: Everyone looks so sad...  We're inside Grattheos' temple, so
    we'll be okay, right?
    Daleyon: You were all right...  I heard about Tia...  There's nothing I can
    say...  ...But this temple has all that we need to take care of many patients
    at once.  Leave Maya and the other patients to us here.
    Caring Boy: *cough* *cough* Maya keeps running outside every time she wakes
    up...  I think Maya's worried about Tia...
    Tired Young Man: I actually ran to the coliseum first, but I caught Iskan fever
    there...  I didn't know it affected you so quickly.  I was completely healthy
    only a few hours ago...
    Feverish Girl: *cough* *cough* ...I feel so dizzy...
    Kylosian Healer: ...It seems like Iskan fever is still a serious problem
    everywhere.  I must say, Mr. Daleyon's medical knowledge is amazing.  I'm
    learning a lot...
    Pale Old Man: *cough* *cough* ...I never thought I'd be getting help in the
    city temple...  I can't relax...
    Exhausted Old Man: *cough* *cough* *cough*  ...I'm too tired to even cough...
    Quiet Iskan Girl: I can use Iskan arts a little bit, so I came to treat
    everyone after hearing Ciarius.  I've never been outside the hidden village, so
    I'm a little scared...  But there are people that are suffering.  I need to be
    Traveling Peddler: What happened to the city...?  And what's this fog all
    about?!  My longmas will die if I stay here like this!  I need to leave, and
    Shannoan Warrior: I took a look around the city... it sure is different from
    Shannoa!  Who would have thought our cultures could diverge so drastically when
    we're both part of the same kingdom?
    Segramite Warrior: Thus far, we have prevented any monsters from invading the
    city streets.  But this miasma seems to act as a beacon for them... so we must
    guard all city entrances and inlets with diligence!
    Segramite Warrior: Most of the Old Town residents have been moved here.  Space
    is pretty tight, to be sure, but this structure is safe from the miasma.  And
    safety is paramount!
    Shannoan Warrior: When we were moving patients, there was this one particular
    girl holding on to a withered flower, as if for dear life...  I'll never forget
    that sight, as long as I live.  A girl that young, suffering from Iskan
    fever... it's a travesty!
    Shannoan Warrior: It looks like the Old Town isn't protected by the outer wall
    of the city.  Between the monsters and the miasma, Old Town doesn't stand a
    chance.  We need to evacuate immediately.  [sweatdrop]  ...But this old man
    just won't listen to what I have to say!
    Near-deaf Man: This is only the beginning...  The really bad stuff's on its
    way.  I can feel it...  *mumble* *mumble*
    Skinny Girl: I came here with Grandma.  The smoke kept coming into the house...
    But this place is okay.  It's a really old, really strong building!
    Desperate Merchant: I do want to go home, but just seeing the miasma outside
    scares the crap out of me...  A-and this sanctuary isn't bad, right?  It's
    built like a rock!  It can handle anything nature throws at it!
    Little Old Lady: *cough* *cough* I was completely covered in this fog.
    Couldn't get indoors quick enough!  But the other residents saved me.  I'm so
    grateful... so thankful...
    One-Legged Man: No one knows about Iskan fever better than Doctor Daleyon.  The
    city folk are only now realizing how absolutely foolish they were to run him
    out to Old Town.  What idiots!
    Strong Worker: *munch* *munch* The bartender and I cleaned up the rubble out
    front by ourselves.  You work, you get hungry.  This probably will never
    Michael Wootton: I hear warriors from the other villages have come to help.
    Their presence is most appreciated!  And apparently the people of Iska are
    here!  The "phantom tribe"... here, in Altago City!  I must speak with them!
    Gossipy Man: Did you hear?  The Dragon Knights were almost completely
    annihilated by some guy!  The prime minister was killed, too...  What's gonna
    happen to Altago...?
    John Cordova: The monsters are gone now, so I guess it's safe to say we're no
    longer in danger now.  But I hear the palace is in pretty bad shape.  And with
    this crazy dark fog...  Yeah, everyone's still scared.
    Promoter: That customer over there keeps saying he needs to find a friend in
    Old Town.  I keep telling him it's still dangerous outside, but he seems angry.
    Cold Merchant: How long do I have to stay at a place like this?  I still have a
    deal to settle.  Hurry up and let me out, geez...
    Fleeing Girl: I tried to go home earlier, but the warriors outside stopped me.
    I'm so tired of being scared.  When will I be able to go home...?
    Precocious Girl: Mommy was going all crazy earlier.  She started yelling at the
    top of her lungs, "We need to go back home!"
    Traveling Merchant: Because all the ships were sunk, I can't go back home to my
    country.  What should I do...  I wish I could just get out of this dangerous
    country as soon as possible.
    Sexy Waitress: I decided I should rest in an empty room.  The commotion was
    just so tiring.
    Weapon Shop Owner: Things finally calmed down...  Jeez...  I'm glad the
    warriors from other villages came to cover for the Dragon Knights.
    Shannoan Warrior: The damage here is quite severe...  Some parts of it have
    been completely destroyed.  So this is what can happen if a monster attacks a
    city and succeeds...  Amazing...
    Stuck Old Man: It looks as though the monsters that were outside were all
    driven out by the rescue workers.  We all live in the same Altago.  We need to
    work together.
    Item Shop Owner: Hey!  I know times are tough, but I'm working hard.  Why don't
    you take a look at what I have?  The premium recovery medicines are selling
    very well.
    Elderly Patient: I was being chased by monsters outside just earlier.
    Frightening, just thinking about it.  A boy I've never met before saved me
    then.  That's why I'm alive now.  His clothes were a bit strange, but he was a
    very nice boy.
    Boy-Crazy Girl: I just heard this, but apparently the prime minister was done
    in by a man wearing black...  I didn't really like him, but his death is
    Quiet Maid: The weird dark fog is still lingering outside...  What if it never
    clears up?  Do we have to live in such gloomy weather all the time?
    Lively Merchant: Money cannot help you in times when you really need help...
    Like right now.  I lived only to make money and more money, but now... it all
    seems so meaningless...
    Teresa Runions: ...I can't stand being stuck in this room all the time!  But
    then, no one knows if the city streets are safe right now...  Rumor has it that
    a man in black was the one who incited the monsters.  ...I wonder if he's been
    caught yet...
    Patriotic Man: What the... Grattheos!  I can barely make out even an outline...
    I was just going to thank him for protecting the city from further harm, but I
    can't even see his face!  Ugh... *cough* *cough*  When is this weird fog going
    to clear up?!
    Zealous Worker: ...I heard that the harbor is in ruins...  I can't just let
    some warriors take care of it.  I need to do something about it...
    Gutsy Maid: Geez, what a commotion that was.  I hear some people were hurt
    pretty bad because they couldn't get away in time.  I'm just thankful I'm all
    Young Peddler: The owner of this house is really nice to me.  Not like the
    other merchants that are really mean to me...
    Hoarse Old Man: My own grandfather once told me that the people of the city
    used to live a quite modest life.  But people abandoned that kind of life and
    because to live however they wanted.  This could be the punishment for our
    Lazy Maid: All the other houses must have people looking for shelter like here.
    It'll be tough making food for everyone.  I hope the groceries we have are
    Young Man: Ow...  My head... it hurts so bad...  But at least I'm still
    alive...  Man...  But I wonder who it was that saved me...  I've never seen her
    Gentle Trader: It looks like things settled down a bit finally.  But I hear
    most of the ships that were docked at the harbor have been sunk.  Trade was
    Altago's priority, but now there won't be any for a long time...
    Segramite Warrior: A small boat's been brought here for your.  It's at the
    pier.  Some have been attempting to flee to other kingdoms, fearing the end of
    all Altago...  Most of the ships are not even serviceable.  They'll just have
    to wait.
    Shannoan Warrior: I hear the harbor's in really bad shape, too.  I know the
    attacks were sudden, but couldn't the Dragon Knights do anything against the
    Wesley Irizarry: We were able to clear out all the rubble here by working
    together.  Unfortunately, our numbers are too small to leave this area
    unguarded and check on the rest of the city.  And the miasma makes long-term
    security impossible.  We need to take action... but what do we do?  [shock]
    ...I believe I have an idea...  Friends - and fellow warriors as you are - I
    have a favor to ask of you...  In Segram, we have a sacred flame that is
    believed to ward off calamity.  If we could acquire a portion of it...  Well, I
    think you get the idea.  I know of your exploits from Mustafa.  He speaks
    highly of you.  Please, take this.
    [You get ivory ember case]
    Wesley Irizarry: It is an ivory ember case, which may be used to transport the
    flame without risk of it burning out.  We work together, for the good of all.
    I am Wesley Irizarry, warrior chief.  Go in peace, friends.  And thank you.
    Maya: *pant* *pant*
    Dogi: Maya...  She's asleep, but she looks like she's in a lot of pain...
    Aisha: With the miasma outside...  Iskan fever is...
    Dogi: Adol, what should we do...?  Maybe we shouldn't say anything...
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: Maya seems to be in pain.  ...This isn't a good time to tell her
    about Tia.]
    Female Clerk: Are you the one who protected everyone in the coliseum...?  Not
    bad!  Not bad at all!
    Blunt Knight: I only fulfilled my duty.  ...There is no need for you to react
    in such a way.  The city is in such terrible shape, though...  What should I do
    Sigroon: Princess Aisha...  ...Ugh...
    Aisha: Sigroon!  Stop!  Don't get up!
    Dogi: Yeah, you're wounded pretty bad.  You shouldn't move around.
    Sigroon: No, I'm all right...  None of these wounds are fatal...  [...]  The
    Commander...  Commander Scias... was not fighting to kill...  It's like he was
    showing off...  He swung his sword as though it were as light as a feather...
    And those cold eyes...  Princess, please accept my apologies.  I still find ti
    difficult to believe that Commander Scias could betray us...  But I've sword to
    protect you, and I...  I...
    Aisha: ...Sigroon, that's enough.  I just want you to rest.  And for now, don't
    think about Commander Scias.  There are some things in life that just don't
    make sense no matter how much you try to come to grips with them.
    Geis: *hmph* With his skill, it's no wonder you couldn't do anything to stop
    him.  You should just think about recovering as quickly as possible.  You're no
    good to us all sore and injured.
    Sigroon: ...You're right.  There's not much I can do to help you in my present
    condition.  Princess, I'm sorry, but I believe I'm going to rest for a while...
    Aisha: Don't be sorry.  Just get better.  And stop worrying about me!  You know
    I can hold my own.  And besides, I've got all these other guys with me, too!
    Sigroon: You do indeed.  And it does put my mind at ease to know that.  Adol...
    Make sure nothing happens to her, okay?
    [Dialog Box: Adol gave an affirmative nod.]
    Sigroon: Thank you...  ...
    Elk: Is Sigroon gonna be okay...?
    Aisha: Yeah, she'll be fine.  She's a lot tougher than she looks.  (Sorry,
    Sigroon.  I hate to leave you, since I know you're just going to worry about me
    anyway... but I need to go.  I'll come back to check on you later, okay?  So
    make sure you stay well-rested and get yourself all healed up!)
    Cruxie: Father...
    Aisha: I came by to check on him earlier.  His condition seems stable, at
    least.  But his wounds are pretty severe, so it may be a while before he wakes
    Cruxie: Yeah... probably...  [...]
    Dogi: Cruxie, you all right?
    Cruxie: ...Yes, I'm fine.  I just never thought I'd ever see my father like
    this...  [...]  It was my father who arranged to have the medicine sent to me
    in Segram...  ...Tia told me.
    All: [!]
    Dogi: T-Tia said that...?!
    Aisha: Y-you know Tia...?
    Cruxie: ...Yes.  She would come on the Longma cart once a month to deliver
    medicine.  She always gave me a pretty white flower, too, every time...  She
    said that my father was a great man...  [...]  But now, my father is... ...a-
    and Tia...  ...S-sorry.  I just feel really lost right now.
    All: [...]
    Cruxie: I don't mean to talk about myself so much.  This is painful for the
    rest of you, too.  ...I'm sure my father will be all right.  He'll wake up
    soon.  We have our own problems to worry about.  ...Let's leave him to rest,
    and hope that he gets better.
    Eldress Fatima: Well, this should be enough to keep the area safe for now.
    Mustafa: Indeed.  I brought only my finest warriors.  I'll have the warriors
    from both villages work together, and break off into groups to keep the city
    Ciarius: All that's left, then, is to care for the wounded and deal with this
    miasma.  I've already sent all the healers off to treat the wounded...  ...But
    for the moment, there's really nothing we can do about the miasma...
    The Sea Sanctum
    [Arrive at the boat in the harbor]
    Elk: So we're gonna go to that island on this tiny boat...
    Cruxie: I-I think this may be my first time riding in a boat...
    Dogi: There's no need to worry.  Out here on the high seas, Dogi the Wall-
    Crusher becomes Dogi the Wave-Crusher!  I'll get us there safely - you can
    count on it!  So relax, and just pretend you're on a pleasure cruise!
    Mishera: Thank you, Dogi.  Your words are most encouraging.  ...By the way,
    Princess Aisha...  As I mentioned before, an incantation is required to enter
    the Sanctum.  Are you familiar with it?
    Aisha: Yes...  It was on the note he left for me.  He must have been planning
    to teach it to me after I got back..
    Dogi: Aisha...
    Mishera: ...I see...
    Aisha: Heh.  Don't mind me.  I have to keep moving forward.  So, Adol... you
    ready?  Ready to set off for Ruins Island?
    [Choose "Let's go to Ruins Island!"]
    Dogi: All right!  Let's ship out!  Dogi's deluxe pleasure cruise is on its way!
    Geis: Not to ruin the moment, but we have no idea how safe these waters are
    right now.  We should keep our guard up.  There may be monsters to deal with
    before we get there.
    [Arrive to Ruins Island]
    Elk: Oh, man...  We made it - somehow!
    Cruxie: ...My heart was pounding so hard...
    Dogi: Hey, I told you, pleasure cruise!  Was I right, or was I right?  Man...
    I know it hasn't been that long, but being here brings back memories.
    Aisha: Yeah...  But how strange.  The miasma doesn't seem to have affected this
    place at all.
    Mishera: Perhaps the proximity of the Sanctum negates the effects of the
    miasma.  The island's complicated web of energy also may have a hand in its
    Geis: Ah, right.  Your warping powers didn't work here...  We'll need to finish
    this up quickly, and return to the mainland on another "pleasure cruise."
    Adol: [...]
    Cruxie: Adol?  Is something the matter?
    [Dialog Box: The warping power seems to have been strengthened by the dragon
    stone.  While it was unusable here  before, it may be usable now.]
    All: [!]
    Dogi: A-are you serious?!
    Geis: I see...  So the power has grown, then.
    Aisha: This should make things a lot easier!  Let's head to the altar, Adol.  I
    have to open the way to the Sea Sanctum.
    [Arrive to the Sea Altar]
    Aisha: The Sea Altar...  We finally made it.  This is where we enter the Sea
    Sanctum, right?
    Dogi: Yeah.  The Sea Dragon should be sleeping in there somewhere.
    Elk: [...]  Another Dragon, huh...  The Dragons have been giving Adol their
    dragon stones...  But I wonder if we can really stop the Wind of Destruction...
    Geis: Remember what Scias said?  "To believe the Dragon Warrior is capable of
    saving Altago from the Wind of Destruction is a foolish dream."  Damned
    egotistical crap-face.  He was mocking us.  And just for that, I promise you,
    we'll stop this wind.
    Cruxie: It didn't sound like en empty threat, however...
    All: [...]
    Mishera: Thinking about it will do us no good.  It is impossible for us to
    understand...  We cannot - and perhaps should not - comprehend why the eldress
    of Iska would plan such a thing...
    Dogi: Yeah...  ...Adol, let's just focus on meeting the Sea Dragon for now.
    The Dragons might know something about what Tia's trying to achieve.
    [Adol nods]
    Aisha: ...All right, then.  I'm going to recite the spell that will take us to
    the Sanctum.  Ready?
    Aisha: [blue text] Altago murmureth though blue ripples and, though, o Dragon,
    speakest in the roars of the sea...  We return to thy land of abundance anon.
    Guide our path, for prosperity lieth with the heart alone..,
    [They depart to the sea sanctum]
    Aisha: What is this place...?
    Elk: The other side of the island...?  But it feels really weird...
    Cruxie: Even the color of the sky is different...
    Geis: ...We must be inside the Sea Sanctum.  Let's not just stand around!
    Dogi: All right, let's do this!
    [arrive to another teleportation thingy and use it]
    [They hear a roar]
    All: [!]
    Mishera: This presence...  The Great Sea Dragon...  Is he awake already...?
    Sea Dragon: O destined warrior...  O humble warrior...  Thou hast come.
    Aisha: Are you O-Balon, the Sea Dragon...?
    Geis: This should save us some time.  Since you're already awake, we have some
    questions for you.
    [Dialog Box: Adol asked the voice about the nature of Tia's elderhood and her
    true purpose.]
    Sea Dragon: Wind of Destruction...  Rite of Demise...  All is necessary...
    All: [!]
    Dogi: What...?!
    Sea Dragon: Destruction is inevitable...  All of Altago demandeth the end...
    The Rite of Demise...  The head of Iska shall perform...  All is fate...  A
    world of imbalance can exist no longer...  The land must return to ashes...
    Aisha: But why?!
    Cruxie: The Rite of Demise...  What about the Rite of Demise?
    Dogi: Why can't we avoid it...?!  What's the point of making Adol your warrior,
    [The dragon appears  Sea Dragon: O-Balon]
    Geis: Damn it...
    Sea Dragon: Thou wishest to halt the wind, humble warrior...  Prove thou are
    able...  Thy soul, they body...  Thou shalt have my power only whenst I've
    confirmed thy resolve!
    [Defeat the dragon]]
    Sea Dragon: Very well...  I grant thee my assistance...  Thou shalt have my
    [The dragon roars and you get the Sea Stone]
    Sea Dragon: O, descendants of those before me...  I grant thee my protection...
    [Aisha gets a next extra skill]
    Sea Dragon: O, warrior...  O, powerless descendant of humans...  Thou must
    visit my brhter and acquire thy last power forthwith.
    Aisha: Wait!  We still have questions!  What is the eldress of Iska trying to
    Sea Dragon: Tis only what hath taken place which must once more occur...  Lo,
    the grand demise is nigh...
    [They end up back at the teleporter thingy]
    Aisha: W-we're back...  ...But...
    Dogi: Yeah...  It's all so confusing.  The reason Tia was trying to summon the
    Wind of Destruction...  Don't know what it is, but the Dragons sure seem to!
    Seems like they've known all along...
    Mishera: ...Nonetheless, I find it difficult to comprehend everything that is
    happening.  The Great Sea Dragon spoke as if the Wind of Destruction cannot be
    stopped.  But the dragon stones have the power to stop it, and the Dragons are
    granting Adol the powers to fight it.
    Elk: It doesn't make sense...
    Cruxie: There must be a missing link.  Some important detail we just don't know
    Geis: All we know for sure now is that we'll need all the dragon stones to go
    against that girl, Tia...  ...and we don't have a lot of time.  We're left with
    the Moon Dragon.
    Dogi: Yeah, but no one knows how to get to the Moon Sanctum, right?  What
    should we do Adol?  Maybe we should go talk to Ciarius?
    Adol: [...]
    Aisha: ...Let's head back to the palace for now.
    [In Altago City]
    Raud: Damn it...  Scias...  Tia...  They were in on all this together...
    ...Curse them...!!
    [Maya is walking around behind him]
    Raud: Huh...?  That girl's Tia's...
    Maya: ...Agh...  ...Ah...
    [Maya falls over, Raud runs to her]
    Raud: H-hey!  You...  It's Iskan fever...!
    Maya: *cough* Ah... *cough*
    Raud: [sweating] H-hey...!  You dumbass...  You shouldn't be running around in
    the miasma!  What were you thinking?!
    [He picks Maya up to carry her]
    Raud: Wasn't it... the main sanctuary where all the Iska fever patients were
    being taken...  Damn...  I have no choice...
    [He runs off with Maya in his arms]
    [Head back to Altago City with the party and speak with Fatima]
    Eldress Fatima: ...Oho, you're alive!  Welcome back!   Glad to see everyone in
    tip-top shape!
    Elk: Of course we are, Grandma!  We're practically invincible!  We even got the
    power of the Great sea Dragon.  Right, Adol?
    [Dialog Box: Adol explained to Fatima what happened at the Sea Sanctum]
    Eldress Fatima: ...Interesting.  There are definitely some things the Great Sea
    Dragon said that are a bit unnerving...  Can't say I fully understand all of
    it, though... our Great Dragons need to stop speaking in cryptic subtleties!
    Geis: Speaking of cryptic, have you seen Ciarius anywhere?  I haven't run into
    him yet.
    Eldress Fatima: Something seems to have happened at the hidden village.  He
    said he had to go back.
    Jue: Geis...!
    [The three fairies appear]
    Xisa: We finally found you!  Mister Ciarius sent us with an urgent message!
    Geis: Urgent...  From Ciarius...?  Did something happen?!
    Sera: We don't quite understand it...  ...but the pillar in the hidden village
    suddenly began emitting light.
    All: [!]
    Cruxie: Pillar...?  You mean the one at the center...?
    Mishera: Most unusual...
    Dogi: Adol, we should go check it out!
    [Get Tia's hairpin]
    Adol: [...]
    Aisha: That's Tia's...
    Dogi: Damn it...  Why, Tia...?!  Didn't you say it was from your late
    The Moon Sanctum
    [Around the hidden village]
    Grieving Young Man: Ah, it's you...  I'm sure you've noticed already, but the
    pillar in the middle of the village has begun emitting a strange light...
    Everyone's gathering around it to see what's happening.  Perhaps you should do
    the same.
    Intellectual Woman: Elder Ciarius returned to the village recently, but he
    looked to be quite preoccupied...  What's on his mind, I wonder...?
    Kind Old Woman: Hmm...?  Seems to be some kind of commotion outside.  That
    doesn't happen here very often, let me tell you!  Something big's afoot...
    Shy Little Girl: Everyone's gathered in one place...  I wonder what they're
    Matthew Torres: While reading the Iskan records, I suddenly felt a peculiar
    presence...  Something is not right with the village...
    Melancholic Man: I feel strong moon energy coming from that pillar.  Can you
    feel it, too?  It's a strange power that makes you feel as though it's speaking
    to you...
    Lonely Old Man: Dragon Warrior...  You must hurry.  I can tell that the great
    Moon Dragon is waiting for you.
    Brandi Swenson: I'm hearing quite the ruckus outside...  I wonder what it is
    this time.  I'm so tired of all the strange things that have been happening
    recently.  I can't focus on my research under these insufferable conditions...
    *mumble* *mumble*
    Gentle Woman: I wonder what it is...?  It doesn't seem to be reflecting the
    [Approach the pillar]
    Cruxie: ...It's beautiful...
    Dogi: Yeah, it's shining real pretty-like...
    Ciarius: Ah, good.  You returned sooner than expected.  It seems you were able
    to meet the Great sea Dragon...
    [Dialog Box: Adol Explained what happened at the Sea Sanctum to Ciarius.]
    Ciarius: I see...  ...Now I understand why the pillar has begun emitting light.
    Geis: And why would that be?
    Ciarius: By meeting the Sea Dragon, Adol has fulfilled all the conditions.  It
    has been said that this pillar merely sustains the hidden village...  But it
    seems this pillar was the real altar connected to the Great Moon Dragon.
    All: [!]
    Dogi: What?!
    Geis: Adol, can you feel the presence of a Dragon?
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: Adol has a strong sense of Dragon Energy emanating from the
    Aisha: So it's true...  We can see the last Dragon, then!
    Ciarius: Yes, but there is one problem.  ...No one in this village knows the
    incantation needed to reveal the way.
    Aisha: Oh...
    Elk: ...Oh yeah.  That's right...
    Mishera: The incantations that open the way to the Sanctums are known only by
    the elders of each tribe...  They're not readily accessible to anyone else.
    Geis: Tch.  Damned incantation...  Isn't there some way we can find it?
    Dogi: Yeah...  Adol, we're gonna have to do the impossible again!
    [Talk to the villagers some more]
    Mysterious Man: Dragon Warrior...  So, you've finally come...  As you can see,
    it is a strange sight.  Perhaps even this is somehow related to your arrival...
    Ciarius' Attendant: This pillar...  was the gate to the Moon Sanctum?!  It's an
    exciting development, but how does one get inside?  Don't you need to recite an
    incantation of some sort...?  ...We lost our elder family line, and all
    knowledge of the incantation with it...
    Smart Boy: Looking at the crest that's floating over the altar makes my heart
    stir.  ...Something is just waiting to happen, as if it might explode at any
    moment.  Keep your distance, and be safe...
    [Use Tia's hairpin]
    All: [!]
    Mishera: It...opened?!
    Dogi: Tia's hairpin...  But why...?
    Ciarius: ...Among Iskan arts, there are those that can impart an object with a
    person's spirit.  That hairpin must have been passed down amongst the elders
    for many generations.  It may contain a type of manifestation providing itself
    as a substitute for the incantation to enter the Sanctum...
    Geis: Interesting...
    Aisha: ...But why?  [...]  ...Well, either way, we can get to the Moon Sanctum
    now, so thank goodness for small favors, I guess!  The last Sanctum...  The
    last dragon stone, and the power to stop the Wind of Destruction...
    Dogi: All right!  And if Tia is the eldress of Iska, there's no way the Moon
    Dragon doesn't know all about her!  He'll know what Tia's planning to do!
    Cruxie: ...I hear the Moon Dragon is special even among the Five Dragons.  I'm
    sure he knows everything... about Tia, and about Altago as well.
    Elk: We should ask what role the Dragon warrior plays in all of this, and why
    he's been sent on this Dragon quest!
    Geis: But the Moon Dragon will also be our last trial...  Frankly, we have no
    idea what's waiting for us.  We should make sure we're as ready as we can
    before we go.
    [Enter the Moon Sanctum]
    Aisha: Is this...the Moon Sanctum?!
    Cruxie: It's beautiful...
    Dogi: I thought I'd seen it all, but this...
    Geis: Wait...  I sense a presence...
    Moon Dragon: Warrior...  I welcome thee...
    All: [!]
    [Moon Dragon: Ze-Kaitos  appears]
    Elk: Whoa...!
    Aisha: A-are you the Moon Dragon...?
    Moon Dragon: Indeed.  I am Ze-Kaitos, the Moon Dragon...  I govern the balance
    of Altago.
    Mishera: They keystone of the Five Dragons...  The center of all Altago...
    Geis: Didn't expect him to show himself so soon.
    Moon Dragon: It hath been long, warrior.  We last met at the makeshift altar.
    But that, too, is but a moment in our lives, existent since the daw of
    creation...  Precious few have stood before me.  I welcome thy arrival.
    Warrior...  And his companions...  All who have come hither share the same
    concerns...  The omen of destruction...  The conduct of the Iskan elder...
    ...And the true nature of Altago.
    Dogi: That's right!  We've been all over this land, seeking the powers of you
    and your brethren!  But despite our travels, we know nothing ABOUT Altago - to
    say nothing of Tia!
    Cruxie: Is it possible to stop the Wind of Destruction?  And if not, then why
    was Adol...
    Moon Dragon: Dragon Warrior...  My duty is to impart thee truth...  ...When all
    is in place, thou shalt surely understand.  Thou shalt comprehend the
    destructive fate Altago doth face.
    All: [!]
    Moon Dragon: Once the truth is known to thee, it can neither be forgotten, nor
    ignored.  Thy choice shall be difficult.  Whilst thou accept my trial?  Dost
    thou wish to know the answers?
    Adol: [...]
    Aisha: Adol.  It's OK.  We can do this.  We'll finally know.  We'll know what
    she's thinking.  ...What Tia's thinking...
    [Dialog Box: Adol expressed his determination to the Moon Dragon.]
    Moon Dragon: Very well...  Then show that thou art able.  Thy soul, thy body...
    Thou shalt have my power only when I acknowledge thee!
    [Defeat the dragon]
    Moon Dragon: Thou hast done well.  In thy hands are the five powers required to
    stop the end.  How thou useth the powers, thou must decide.
    Dogi: We know that part!  We just want to know what Tia's up to!  What's her
    goal?  Can the Wind of Destruction even be stopped?!
    Moon Dragon: ...  Before I explain, though must understand the reason why
    Altago is destined to have its demise.  The fated end of Altago...  ...It is
    the world's desire.
    All: [!]
    Aisha: The world... wants Altago to end?!
    Geis: Altago is going to be destroyed because of its imbalance, right?  Or is
    there some other reason?
    Moon Dragon: Indeed, a world without balance becomes strained.  All life in
    Altago, large and small, will come to suffer.  Thus, the land must be destroyed
    to end suffering.  However, the demise brought about by the Wind of Destruction
    is not without purpose.  Indeed, the Wind will bring all life on Altago to an
    end.  But their souls... and everything else in Altago...  will return to its
    origin.  When the lost souls regain a measure of peace, a new world shall be
    formed from the Root - the origin of life.  ...Altago is a land which repeateth
    this cycle of death and rebirth, to satisfy the Root of All Existence.
    Cruxie: A cycle of death and rebirth...
    Elk: ...You mean...
    Mishera: This destruction of Altago was planned since its forming...  And this
    "Root" is what has deemed this destruction necessary.
    Aisha: Scias mentioned something about that as well...  the Roof of All
    Existence...  [!]  But that means Tia...  That means the eldress of Iska is
    Moon Dragon: When Altago loseth its balance, it must be destroyed.  Therefore,
    the head of Iska will bring about the Wind of Destruction.  All for the purpose
    of returning life to is origin, and rebuilding a world of balance and order.
    The Rite of Demise...  'Tis the last duty of Iska.
    Cruxie: ...That's why Tia...
    Dogi: ...Damn it.  This can't be for real...
    Elk: But, Great Moon Dragon...  What about Adol?  I'm really confused.  If the
    Root of All Existence needs this destruction to occur, then how could Adol stop
    Moon Dragon: The Dragon Warrior is the representative of all life on Altago.
    ...He is the hope of the Altaginians who suffer in this world of imbalance.
    The destruction of Altago cannot be brought about without acknowledgement of
    the life that inhabits it.  Thus, the Dragon Warrior is chosen as a proxy for
    all life on Altago...
    Geis: [!]  Wait, HE'S the proxy?!  What the hell!
    Moon Dragon: Equipped with the powers of my brethren, thou shalt fight the
    Maiden of Demise.  However, they strength shall be no match.  Such has been
    true since the beginning of time.  The moment thou art defeated, hope for life
    will be lost, and the Rite shall conclude.  Then, the cycle will begin.
    All: [...]
    Moon Dragon: Destined warrior, now thou knowest all.  Allow me to apologize for
    placing such a burden on thee.  Look within thyself, and decide what thou
    wishest to do.  I accept thy testimony.  I grant thee my power...
    [You got Moon Dragon Stone]
    [Arrive back in Iska]
    Ciarius: Adol...  How was it?  What did you learn?
    Adol: [...]
    Ciarius: ...Is something the matter.?
    Dogi: Adol...  I just don't get it.  There's no way this is real...  You're
    gonna lose, and Altago will be destroyed...?  I can't accept that!
    Aisha: I can't accept it either...  But what can we do...?
    Geis: I never imagined the role of the Dragon Warrior was something so
    ridiculous...  Hope that's destined to fail...  Heh...  It might actually be a
    perfect fit!
    Dogi: [angry]  Hey, that's my partner you're talking about!  My little buddy!
    Don't you disrespect him, after all he's done!  You think Adol likes being a
    sacrifice for this "destiny" crap?!
    Ciarius: E-everyone...?  What's the matter?  Did something happen...?!
    [Dialog Box: Adol explained what the Moon Dragon told him.]
    Ciarius: ...I see.
    Mishera: It seems Tialuna... the eldress of Iska, rather... has been tasked
    with a very special, very unfortunate duty...  Perhaps it was to prevent the
    land from becoming irreparably lifeless once its equilibrium is completely
    lost.  To be tasked with destroying one's home so that a new Altago may be
    born...  It's a disturbing mission indeed!
    Elk: And Adol has to lose because of it...  But that doesn't make sense...!
    Why would they have someone fight if it's a sure thing that he'll lose?!
    Aisha: [...]  It's probably the same idea as our coliseum deathmatches...
    Dogi: The coliseum!  The one I broke Adol out of?
    Aisha: Yes.  Adol was to be executed for the crime of assassinating my father.
    I'm sure it's the same premise here.  The result is obvious from the start.
    But there's always that slim chance, so direct execution is not allowed.
    That's why we have the condemned fight for their lives.
    Ciarius: I see...  The decision to destroy all of Altago needs to be
    legitimized in some way before it can be carried out.
    Cruxie: S-so that's the Rite of Demise...
    Geis: It's pretty sick, if you ask me!
    Aisha: ...But...  That means there may be a chance for us.
    All: [!]
    Elk: Huh?
    Dogi: What do you mean?
    Aisha: If what I said is, in fact, true...  ...then the powers Adol received
    from the Five Dragons are real.  They're like the sword and shield Adol was
    given for his execution.
    Dogi: Oh...
    Ciarius: ...You make a good point.  Even if it is merely a rite that must be
    done, a fake fight is not acceptable.  Perhaps the chance to win does exist...
    small though it may be!  There is still hope that Adol will win, and this
    Altago will continue to exist.
    Geis: I see...
    Elk: I'll take a sporting chance over NO chance any day!
    Aisha: ...Adol, you were able to survive your execution despite the enormous
    odds stacked against you.  So I choose to believe in you.  I choose to believe
    that you'll be able to win, despite the supposed hopelessness - and that we'll
    be able to live!
    Dogi: Aisha...
    [Dialog Box: Adol swore with unwavering conviction that he would stop the Rite
    of Demise.]
    Aisha: Thank you, Adol...
    Dogi: Heh, that leaves no choice for me then.  I've fought by your side for too
    long to turn back now.  Let's go to the end together!
    Geis: Altago is obviously fated to be destroyed, considering its past.  What
    you're trying to do is defy fate itself.
    Ciarius: That is true...  What Eldress Tialuna is trying to do is, in a sense,
    the correct course of action, as far as the land is concerned.  It has been
    this very rite that's kept the land of Altago rich and abundant.  Obviously,
    Eldress Tialuna will not allow Adol to challenge the fate of Altago without
    resistance.  It is a difficult road you have chosen.  Are you certain of your
    [Adol nods]
    Cruxie: If it weren't for Adol's efforts, I wouldn't be alive today.  That's
    why I can not and will not let Adol shoulder this burden by himself!
    Mishera: Originally, the duty of the elders was only to guide the Dragon
    Warrior to the nests where the Dragons sleep.  However, we cannot turn a blind
    eye to the issue at hand.  I will also participate in this battle.
    Elk: Heh, I'm gonna help too!  Everyone here has something that they want to
    protect in Altago!
    Geis: What a commendable lot.  Even after I just warned you all that your
    chances of coming back alive are slim.
    Ciarius: Geis?  Have you decided not to participate, then?
    Geis: *hmph* I would say of course, but...  I can't let that traitor get away
    with making a fool out of me.  But let's make a deal, Ciarius.  After this...
    we're even!
    Ciarius: Ha!  Why not?  You've got yourself a deal!  No debt will mean a thing
    if this trial cannot be overcome.  Time is short.  I will tell you where
    Eldress Tialuna is located.
    All: [!]
    Aisha: What...?!
    Dogi: You know where they are?!
    Ciarius: Yes, there was something that spoke of a possible location in the
    records.  There records were rather vague, so I am not absolutely certain,
    [The ground starts to shake]
    Dogi: Wh-whoa!
    Aisha: Another earthquake?!
    Geis: That's not possible...  This village is not located in the physical
    Ciarius: ...I see... So that's what it was about...  The location in which the
    Rite of Demise will take place...  The original of all life, to which all life
    must return...   The Well of Souls has opened!
    [Exit the village to see the Well of Souls]
    Mishera: This is the Well of Souls...?!  Unbelievable...
    Aisha: Wh-what is the Well of Souls...?!
    Mishera: ...The Well of Souls is said to govern the cycle of death and rebirth
    in Altago.  In other words, it is a place from which all souls came, and to
    which all souls must return.  The place of our origin, and our end.
    Dogi: Tia opened up a place like that...?!
    Elk: Um, then does that mean all the lights that are going into the well are...
    Cruxie: The souls of lives that were lost in the anomalies...  Then is the
    miasma the Wind of Destruction...?!
    Ciarius: ...This wind, strictly speaking, is not a miasma.  A wind that absorbs
    life itself...  It is purely the power of the Well.  The power of "death."  And
    the Rite of Demise is most likely...  ...for the purpose of absorbing all life
    in Altago and creating a new world with it.
    Dogi: And Tia's in here...?!
    Geis: Yeah...  That Dragon Knights commander, too.
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: Adol asked for everyone's help in what will likely be the final
    Elk: Our last battle, huh.
    Cruxie: I will do my best!
    Mishera: To protect this world in which we live...
    Aisha: Adol, I will do all I can to help!
    Wrapping things up
    [Speak with the Iskans after the Well opens]
    Ciarius: Eldress Tialuna is most likely waiting in the deepest part of the Well
    of Souls...  If you are unable to stop the Rite of Demise there... then all
    shall end, and tomorrow will never come.  ...Adol.  Everyone.  You are Altago's
    last hope.  Please...  Somehow or another, please stop Eldress Tialuna!
    [Enter the village]
    Aisha: What is this...?!
    [The beautiful barrier is now a red color.]
    Dogi: What the hell...?!  Don't tell me the Well of Souls is causing this...
    Geis: Looks like the Wind of Destruction's effects are beginning to manifest
    themselves...  Barrier arts are supposed to have placed the village in
    isolation, but after that earthquake...
    [Around the village]
    Kind Old Woman: Listen well, Dragon Warrior.  ...I accept my fate.  The hidden
    village will be no more, and we will go to the outside world...  The outside
    world may be full of frightening things... but we are a part of Altago, and we
    must live within it.
    Shy Little Girl: I heard that destruction is near...  So we're leaving our
    hidden village...  ...  why?  I don't want to...
    Grieving Young Man: So you're going to the Well of Souls...  ...Make sure
    you're prepared for anything, okay?  Because therein, anything can happen...
    You should talk to the synthesis workshop owner.  She's very good at her work,
    and might be able to help you.
    Melancholic Man: I can't believe the true purpose of Iska was to bring about
    Altago's destruction.  Did NOT see that one coming!  Why was such a duty given
    to the people who are supposed to protect the balance of the land...?  ...  Is
    it all right for something this sad ever to happen...?
    Smart Boy: The "earthquake" earlier broke through the barrier around this
    hidden village.  And they say this very place where I stand will be covered in
    darkness soon...  The end of Altago is really going to happen...
    Gentle Woman: The barrier was made with a powerful seal art...but it seems to
    break much more readily than anyone expected.  ...I'm a bit torn.  The barrier
    protected us, certainly... but it also froze us in place, and trapped us like
    Lonely Old Man: Ah, it's you...  The Dragon Warrior, and his companions who
    represent each of the tribes...  It's good to see you all together.  If you
    work in tandem, then perhaps...  perhaps we'll make it through this...
    Intellectual woman: This village will be gone soon, but the people are
    strangely at peace...  Although reluctant to leave, I think few are saddened by
    the reality.  The circumstances of our leaving are far from ideal...  ...but we
    have always wanted to live under the sun of Altago, so I think many see this as
    an opportunity...
    Matthew Torres: Ahh, if I'm to find shelter, I must first ensure the safety of
    these records, so our history is not lost!  If you are going to the well of
    Souls, then please, be very careful.  The Well of Souls is a place of death,
    full of spirits...  It is not a place for the living.
    Brandi Swenson: Ah, excellent timing!  I have something I would like to speak
    with you about.  You received the powers of the Five Dragons in the form of
    stones, did you not?
    Dogi: I guess...  I mean, we got stones from the Dragons, so yeah, probably...
    Why do you ask?
    Brandi Swenson" This is something Ciarius learned from one of the records he
    was studying...  Apparently there are special Iskan weapons that are made with
    Dragon stone.
    Geis: ...?!  Weapons made from Dragon stones?!  What sorts of weapons?!
    Brandi Swenson: That, unfortunately, I don't know.  I just know that possessing
    such weapons should be of great assistance to you in your quest.  I've already
    made the necessary preparations, so please, come by for synthesis whenever
    you'd like.
    Ciarius' Attendant: Ah, you're all safe.
    Geis: Yeah.  We're okay.  Ciarius, too.  But what's up with the village...?
    Ciarius' Attendant: Well, the village may be hidden in a barrier, but it is
    still part of the land of Altago.  When Altago perishes, so too will this
    Aisha: Seriously?!
    Cruxie: Then, everyone who lives here...
    Ciarius' Attendant: There is no need for you to worry.  We plan to leave the
    village behind before it collapses.  Besides...  We believe that you will save
    Altago.  We have faith in you.  ...Everyone, please be careful.  And if there
    is anything we can do to help, please let us know.
    [Get further in and find Scias]
    Scias: ...So you came.  Perhaps I should welcome you to the origin of all
    Dogi: S-Scias...!
    Geis: *hmph* Just perfect.  I have something to settle with you.
    [Geis and Dogi draw their weapons]
    Scias: There's no need to hurry.  Rashness will only cloud your judgement.  You
    may find yourselves foolishly deciding to fight for an impossible cause.
    Geis: You son of a...!
    Scias: Adol Christin...  The Dragon Warrior of this era.  You may have acquired
    all the dragons stones, but you do realize that your fight is hopeless, do you
    Adol: [...]
    Mishera: ...The Dragon Warrior cannot stop the destruction of Altago...  Or
    more precisely, no Dragon Warrior has succeeded thus far.  Is that what you
    mean to say?
    Scias: Indeed.  How many times do you think Altago has been destroyed since its
    creation?  How many Dragon Warriors do you think have fought in vain and died?
    Cruxie: It doesn't matter!  We will not just stand idly by and let this happen
    without putting up a fight!
    Elk: That's right!  There's always a chance!  We won't know if we can succeed
    until we give it our best effort!
    Scias: ...What commendable conviction.  ...Though I'm sure the past Dragon
    Warriors felt exactly the same way.  In the end, they all failed.  Which is why
    this Altago exists.  From the seed of the last Altago, the next is born.  If
    you do not understand that, you will never win against me - to say nothing of
    Dogi: Damn you!
    Aisha: [...]  Scias...  I acknowledge your strength.  And I commend your
    conviction.  You may even be right about all this!  But we've chosen to fight.
    Each and every one of us.  And we're going to win.  No matter what.  We've
    already made up our minds about that,	 and nothing's going to change them!
    Dogi: ...Yeah!  Damn straight!  We'll force our way through!  And we'll open
    Tia's eyes!
    Scias: ...Open Tia's eyes...?  Haha...  [big text] Hahahaha!!
    Dogi: What the hell are you laughing at?!
    Scias: There is nothing you can do to change Tia's fate!  I've watched over her
    for the past eighteen years.  I know better than anyone that there is no saving
    Tia!  This is the duty all Iskan elders must be prepared to face.  It is a
    cruel destiny, but an inexorable one.  The resolution to carry out that duty
    with her own hands, in this era, is and always was her choice, and hers alone!
    You dare say you understand her?!
    Dogi: ... That... can't...
    Aisha: ...
    Geis: (...It's her destiny, then...?)
    [Scias draws his own sword]
    Scias: ...Enough talk.  Let's get started.
    [Scias does something and his costume changes to Knight of Despair: Scias]
    Scias: The conditions to carry out the Rite of Demise have been met.  Once the
    Dragon Warrior is defeated within the Well of Souls, the rite will be complete.
    I won't allow fools like you to lay even one finger on my liege.  ...Though I'm
    certain she'll mourn you when I'm through.  My faculties as the "Dual Blade" of
    Iska have been granted to me for the sole purpose of protecting the Iskan
    elder.  And I shall use them to crush your so-called hope...
    [He points his sword towards Adol]
    Scias: Come, Dragon Warrior... or should I say, Adol the Red?  You will know
    soon enough that all your efforts were for naught!
    [Defeat Scias]
    Scias: ...Hahaha...  It seems I underestimated you...  Adol...  Now I
    understand your power...as both a swordsman... and an adventurer.
    [Scias starts glowing]
    All: [!]
    Dogi: Scias...?!
    Scias: My duty was to protect the elder of Iska...  But...  I could not protect
    Tia from her own feelings... her own heart...  Tia... was always so lonely...
    The heavy burden of the one who must bring down the world...  She was helpless
    before it...  However, after she met Maya... she began to smile...  I had hoped
    that if at all possible, I could protect their happiness... forever...
    Aisha: Scias...!
    Scias: Your Royal Highness... I truly regret killing your father...  He was a
    good man...  Please... forgive me...  Not just a good man... a great man...
    ...So great that I wish to forget my duties...
    Aisha: ...
    Scias: And Adol...  I must apologize to you as well..  It was my own decision
    to frame you as the assassin...  It was to test your strength...  But I realize
    that it was too much...  ...This is farewell, Dragon Warriors.  Though know
    that defeating me does not change the hopelessness you face...  I shall be
    watching you from the depths of the Well of Souls...  ...I look forward to what
    your answer will be after you've confronted Tia...
    [He vanishes]
    Dogi: ...Scias...
    Aisha: ...  ...Such an idiot...
    Geis: ...It feels like he quit while he was still ahead...  But this is it.
    This next one is the last.  She's waiting for us.
    Dogi: [!]  Yeah...  We have no choice, huh...
    Mishera: ...We cannot avoid this fight.  And her powers...  They are beyond
    imagination.  No Dragon Warrior has been able to defeat her before...
    Cruxie: ...I'm ready...
    Elk: ...Tia...
    Aisha: ...No turning back now!  We need to show that we have the strength to
    overcome the most dire of circumstances.  Adol, we should make sure we're ready
    before moving forward.  Make sure we've got absolutely everything we need.
    From here on, we'll have to work as one.
    Dogi: ...Yeah...  Whether we like it or not, this is the end.  Let's get
    ourselves ready, then go see Tia, and talk some sense into her!
    The Last Two Battles
    [Head to the door that was behind Scias and open it]
    Dogi: So Tia's just behind this door, huh...
    Geis: ...Everyone ready?  Understand that we are attempting the impossible.  We
    need to work as one.
    Cruxie: I'm ready.
    Elk: Yeah, let's go see Tia.
    Aisha: ...Let's go...  ...to the place where Altago was born!
    [Head further in and find Tia]
    Aisha: ...Ah...
    Dogi: ...Tia...!
    Tialuna: ...  ...So Scias, he... ...He has passed...  It was originally my duty
    alone...  But I got him involved... and now he's gone...
    [The thingy behind her head appears again and the font changes to the strange
    Tialuna: Fortunately, everything will return to nothing, and the cycle of death
    and rebirth shall begin again.  Like me, he was doomed from the starts.  And
    his death will not be in vain.
    Dogi: T-Tia...
    Geis: She's not kidding around here...she's totally serious!
    Aisha: Please, just stop it!  Why are you doing this?!  You know it hurts you!
    Tialuna: ...Scias told you, didn't he?  That this is my fate.  My inexorable,
    inescapable destiny.  I cannot stop these events.  They are already in motion.
    All of Altago will be absorbed into the Well of Souls soon after the rite has
    been completed.
    All: ?
    Mishera: So this IS the place where the Rite of Demise is to occur, then...
    Cruxie: All the poor souls lost in the anomalies throughout Altago are being
    brought right to this very spot...
    Dogi: Tia!  Stop this!  Please!  I don't know how important this "duty" is to
    you, but I can tell you right not it's a load of malarkey!
    Elk: Well said, Dogi!  He's right, Tia - just stop this, now!  If we all work
    together, I'm sure we'll find another way!
    Tialuna: Cessation of this Rite would strip my existence of its meaning.
    ...And besides, I can't allow any more suffering to occur - and that's all I'd
    get by delaying the inevitable...
    Dogi: ...Wha...
    Aisha: But, Tia...
    Tialuna: A world that has lost its way and become engulfed in chaos...  Too
    many lives have suffered and sought deliverance for too long.  Postponing the
    end any longer will only result in more suffering... ...more pain... more
    disease...  There is only one option available to me.  Only one way I can make
    things right.  I must fulfill my duty.  I must bring about the end of the
    current Altago, and give this world a new opportunity.
    Dogi: Tia, you...
    Mishera: ...It is true that the pain caused by the recent anomalies cannot be
    healed.  The mad titanos, the multitude of people suffering from Iskan fever...
    If all of this was caused by the disorder that has accumulated in the land of
    Geis: ...then the disorder can only be made right through complete
    destruction...  And delaying the inevitable end will only result in more
    Aisha: But that means...  Don't tell me you...!  ...You didn't....!  ....You
    decided to do this because Maya caught Iskan fever, didn't you?!
    Tialuna: ...
    Dogi: ...Tia...you...
    Elk: You're kidding me...
    Cruxie: So that's why you decided to bring about the end of Altago with your
    own hands...
    Aisha: ...I will never forgive you for killing my father...  I was going to
    make you pay for it no matter what...  But this...  This is... ...it would have
    been better if you were just evil...
    Tialuna: [...] Adol Christin.  I truly regret dragging you into all of this.
    You are an outsider... ...I wish I had never met you.  But I'll call it fate.
    The end is near.  Draw your sword.
    Adol: [...]
    [Dialog Box: Adol swore that he would defeat this Root of All Existence, and
    rescue Tia from her cruel fate.
    Everyone else: [!]
    Tialuna: ...
    Aisha: Adol...
    Dogi: ...Heh, I'm with you.  If Tia's doing this for all the right reasons,
    then there's no stopping her.  All we can do is....the exact same thing!  We'll
    do what we think is right, and put an end to this vicious cycle!
    Cruxie: Yeah!
    Elk: That's the spirit!
    Mishera: The eternal Root that has ruled over Altago, and governed all who
    dwell therein...  What we are doing is, in essence, attempting to kill that
    Root.  But I will give my life for that cause!
    Aisha: We will never give up Altago!  And in order to protect it, we will
    defeat you!
    Tialuna: ...  ...Adol.  It seems you really are different from the Dragon
    Warriors of the past.  Perhaps it is for the best that you are my last
    opponent...  The moment you are defeated, your despair shall be that much
    greater.  The destruction will take place, and all will end painlessly...
    [Battle with Maiden of Demise: Tialuna]
    Tialuna: Let us begin.  I Tialuna Rem Iskalla, the eldress of Iska who bears
    the world's demise, do solemnly beseech thee.  O Root that deeds upon despair,
    bring this land to destruction, and let it be reborn anew!  Let all souls
    become as one, attain peace, and give birth to new life!
    [The battle ends]
    Cruxie: *huff* *huff*
    Geis: D-did we do it...?
    Tialuna: ...  You are indeed incredible... ...To defeat me...  If you are the
    ones... then maybe... just maybe...
    [Her thingy disappears, the font she speaks in will return to normal]
    Aisha: H-hey!
    Dogi: Hey, you all right?!
    Tialuna: The fight is...not over.  ...Get ready...!
    Geis: What the hell...?!
    Mishera: The current of souls changed...  It's can't be... is this...?!
    Tialuna: Rul-Ende.  The Root of All Existence itself.  Your true opponent.  It
    is the very order that governs the whole of Altago.
    [Battle with Root of All Existence: Rul-Ende]
    Elk: What they...?!
    Cruxie: Look at that thing...
    Aisha: This is... the root?!
    Tialuna: There is no good or evil in the Root.  It is merely a reflection of
    Altago itself.  Please... Please, win...!
    [The battle ends and you have beat the game]
    Tia: ...  The Rite... has been halted!  ...Good...  This is good...  ...
    [Dialog: Adol asked Tia to return home with him.]
    Tia: [happy surprise]  ...What...?
    Dogi: Yeah, seriously!  Your duty's over.  We won, you lost, and you're just a
    normal girl now.  So let's get the hell out of here and go home!
    Tia: Adol... Dogi...  ...Thank you...
    Dogi: Huh...
    [The earth shakes, everyone gets a ? over their heads]
    Dogi: What the...?!
    Mishera: I do not like what these tremors represent...
    Tia: With the Root gone, the Well of Souls is no longer a necessary construct.
    Soon, this place will collapse.
    Geis: What...?!
    Cruxie: Tia, you need to come with us!
    Tia: I... I dragged too many people into this tragedy.  I even spilled the
    blood of the innocent to speed up the process.  I have completed my role...  I
    deserve to perish here...  So please, leave me.
    Everyone: !
    Dogi: What are you talking about?!
    Elk: Don't say things like that!
    Aisha: You have no right to talk like that!
    Everyone else: [surprise]
    Aisha: Didn't I tell you?!  I'm not going to forgive you!  But you're not the
    only one to blame for this!  It was my people that started driving all of
    Altago to its end...  Everyone is to blame for being foolish enough to force
    this burden on you!  And I believe that you have a good heart!  I know that you
    love Altago... and that you love your sister!
    Tia: ...
    Aisha: ...Let's go home.  We can atone for our sins.  We for ours, and you for
    Tia: Aisha...
    [Dialog box: Adol reached his hand out to Tia.]
    Tia: ...  ...OK...
    [She stands up]
    Tia: We don't have much time.  We need to get out of here before everything
    Aisha: All right!
    Dogi: Hang onto your butter, everyone, 'cause it's time to churn!  Let's get
    the hell outta here!
    [They all go running, Adol takes Tia's hand]
    [Of course, they all get out, it's Ys, they always do]
    Elk: The Well of Souls is...closing...
    Aisha: The Wind of Destruction also seems to have cleared up.
    Geis: So it's over...
    Voice of a Dragon: The Order no longer existeth...  All hath become light and
    All: !
    Cruxie: Is that... the Moon Dragon...?
    Dogi: Where are you...?
    Moon Dragon: Destined warrior... Thou hast broken the Order.  And they
    companions... Thou hast fought well...
    [The power of the dragons flows out of the characters and a slight image of all
    the dragons appears in the sky]
    Moon Dragon: This world, we give to you...  Order, justice, balance...  You are
    now to decide for yourselves and lead this world to prosperity as you see
    Dogi: Oh, right... With the Root gone...
    Aisha: It's now up to us to sustain Altago...  Right...?
    Mishera: But then the Dragons...
    Moon Dragon: No need to fear...  We are the will of Altago itself... We are but
    one side of the Root.  We leave the new world to you.  Thus is our final duty
    Tia: ...
    [The dragons depart]
    [Altago city, the sky looks normal, the sick are recovering, Maya gets up and
    runs away leaving Raud to run after her]
    Dogi: How crazy... The miasma completely cleared up...
    Cruxie: Ah...
    Everyone else: [surprise]
    Elk: Cruxie?  What's wrong...?
    Cruxie: [...]  The power... The power of the Great Flame Dragon...  ...And my
    Iskan fever...
    Geis: It's because the Five Great Dragons have all disappeared.  And since the
    Root is also gone, there is nothing to cause Iskan fever anymore.
    Tia: Yes...  The beings that sustained this world have all disappeared.  From
    here on, even if Altago loses its balance, there will be no Dragons or Root to
    set things right...  If men walk down the wrong path, Altago will truly end.
    Aisha: ...Yeah.  We're going to need to keep on our toes!
    Mishera: We will need a new order for our world.  We cannot live only for the
    sake of human prosperity...  We must find a way to coexist in harmony with the
    Cruxie: Yes...  We must not let the Dragons down.
    Elk: Ehh... no problem!  We'll be fine!  It may not go very well at first, but
    if we all work together...
    Tia: Hearing that puts me at ease.
    Everyone else: ?
    Dogi: Tia...?
    Tia: ...
    Everyone Else: !
    [Some pinkish stuff starts to come out of Tia]
    Dogi: Hey, Tia...?!
    Tia: Adol, everyone...  Thank you for showing kindness to someone like me.  But
    I, like the Dragons, am a fragment of the ancient order, tied inexorably to the
    Root of All Existence...
    Cruxie: Wait, Tia...  You can't...
    Aisha: You're kidding, right?!  You can't be serious...!
    Tia: ...  Please don't look so sad...  If you had failed, and the cycle had
    taken place unimpeded, I would still have died.  I was doomed from the start!
    I am glad to have known you.  I saw potential in living beings...
    Dogi: Hey... Tia...!!  Tia, stop it!  Don't say things like that...!
    Elk: Why?  ...Why must you go...?
    Mishera: ...
    Geis: ...Do you have any regrets?
    Tia: Indeed I do.  But for me to hope now would only cause her pain...  And...
    I don't think it's possible...
    Man's Voice: Hey, what the hell's going on...
    [Everyone turns around and sees Raud and Maya]
    Aisha: ...Huh...?
    Dogi: What are you doing here...?!
    Raud: I don't know.  This kid just ran off all of a sudden...  ...What's going
    on here...?
    Maya: *sniffle*
    [Maya runs up to Tia and hugs her]
    Maya: Ah...  Aaah,,,!
    Tia: Maya...
    Maya: Aah...!  Aaaaahhh...!  T... Ti...a...  TIIIIIAAAA!!
    Everyone else: !
    Tia: M-Maya...  You...you spoke...!
    Maya: Don't...go... Don't go...!  Tia, please don't go!!!
    Tia: Maya!  You've recovered!  ...  Commander... Thank you...  ...Thank you for
    bringing Maya here...
    Raud: S-stop it.  I didn't do anything...  That aside... wh-what's...going on
    Tia: [...] Adol, Dogi... Aisha...  Everyone...  Thank you for making my wish
    come true...  I don't know what will become of Altago from here on out...  But
    if men can create a new order, and strive to keep it...  ...Then perhaps Altago
    can continue to be a land of abundance...  Then maybe one day, I...  ...Maybe
    I'll be able to meet you all again...
    Aisha: ...No...
    Dogi: ...Damn it...
    Maya: NOOOOO!!  Tia... Tia, no...!
    [Tia bends down to return Maya's hug]
    Tia: ...I'm sorry Maya...  You brought me joy...  I'm grateful for that...
    ...But don't worry...  I will always watch over you...  So, please...
    Please...  Never forget to smile...
    [And Tia vanishes]
    As time progresses...
    ...the wounds of the past beginning to heal.
    The long process of rebuilding our homes and our lives has begin...
    The Five Tribes are needed now more than ever...
    As each Tribe rises to meet that need, it reclaims its original sense of
    I've noticed a newfound awareness in those around me, as they face the brave
    new world ahead.
    A world without the Five Great Dragons and without the Root...  where everyone
    of us shapes their own destiny...
    But that is, after all, the natural order of things.
    We are each responsible for our own actions -- and now, we must face their
    consequences head on.
    Politically, Altago is back up and running again.
    The Dragon Knights have returned to active duty with heavy hearts, but a
    newfound determination.
    And I... well, I've got my hands full trying fill my father's shoes...
    I've always lived a sheltered life, but now it's time for me to step up and
    bring true peace back to Altago.
    -- Oh, and I mustn't forget about the adventurer, Adol Christin!
    He stuck around in Altago for a little while, helping to rebuild along with
    everyone else.
    But wanderlust tugs at him like an invisible string.  A peaceful land like this
    can't hold him for long!
    It was hard for me to say goodbye, but ultimately, I knew he had to set off on
    his next journey.
    And when he and Dogi came to say farewell... I made a promise to them...
    I told them, the next time they came to visit...
    ...they'd be greeted by fields resplendent with those white flowers she loved
    so much...
    I bet our little flower girl will be bringing me another one today.
    She tends to them constantly, lovingly.  And it's not just to keep a promise...
    ...but to brighten the sadness of the past, and welcome each day with new joy
    and life...
    [The credits roll and once that it done it will go to the "Fin" screen]

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