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"Can I be a Ys warrior from now on?"

Opening Statement:
How well will this game fare for a guy that play Ys game for his first time?

Story - 7/10
Two adventurer, Adol and Dogi, arrived at the city of Altago. Adol with his red hair has his name well known as “Adol the Red”. Upon arriving, Adol and Dogi were thrown into prison as they from other part of the world. Altago, on that time has the problems around the city and the king of Altago decided to let Adol and Dogi go if they can investigate a nearby cave. In that cave lies a power of a dragon and Adol was chosen to bear that power. What will Adol do from here?

Graphic - 7.5/10
The graphic in this game isn't that bad which have a 2D anime style of graphic. The characters, bosses and monsters in this game have their sprites done very well and they look very good. Ys Seven has a vast variety of map in the game, ranging from undersea to desert and even volcano and there is more. The action of the game is also very smooth, especially with face-pace action game and many things happen at one screen, there is no lag at all.

The downside of the graphic is that it is not on par with the newer games on the system. For example when compared to games like Kingdom Hearts and Valkyria Chronicles.

Gameplay - 9.5/10
This is where the best part of the game comes in. Ys Seven is an action-hack&slash type of game, but it is not those typical kinds of hack and slash. This game has three types of attack, slash, pierce and bash. Each of them is only effective to certain type of monsters. You might think this as some kind of rock, paper and scissor type of game, but it is not, as all enemy does the same damage to everyone.

When I say everyone, I mean everyone in your team. Your team is able to have three characters in it and you are able to control one character at a time while the other two will attack the monster automatically. However, you are able to switch the character you are controlling by simply pressing circle. This is important because, the other two characters will only do half the damage of what they will normally do so in controlling them, you will deal the full damage to the monsters.

You press the X button to attack and the square button to dodge. You will be allow to put up to four skills with the button R and to activate the skills, you need to set it and press the correct button combination to use it and you need to use “SP” to use those skills. Lastly, there is a special attack, which is very powerful and all you need to do is to press L to activate it and it uses the whole of the “EXTRA” gauge. Both the “SP” and the “EXTRA” gauge will accumulate as you kill monsters.

There is buying and synthesizing of weapons, equipment and accessory which will make you stronger as you keep getting new equipments. In the weapons, there is unique skill in some of those as you need to learn it by equipping that particular weapon and use those skills over and over again until you learn it. Even after you learnt that skill, you can further level up the skill to make it even stronger.

The boss battle in this game is one of the things I really like about the game and it has some really epic battle. You need to know the pattern of the boss will do on you, or you will die really fast. Sounds simple, but I totally love all the boss battle.

Soundtrack - 9/10
The soundtrack in this game is awesome. Even there is point where I just leave my PSP on the alone just to listen to it. Most of the soundtrack fits right into the scene and some of them are just really good. Even right now when I am writing this part of this review, I am actually humming out the melody of some of the soundtrack. Yes, it is that good.

Replayability - 6/10
There is not much replayability beside different difficulty to play each time. Though in the game, there are things to do like level to max, getting stats to max and many grinding and farming stuff.

This is definitely one of the better game I have play this year, though the downside is short replayability, short gameplay time and a rather average story, I still enjoy this game a lot. I have currently clock in 30 hours when I finished the game. So in conclusion, I would recommend you to rent the game, if you like it, and then purchase. As this is a short game, I would see people complaining that it is not worth the money.

Final rating - 8.7

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/11/10

Game Release: Ys Seven (US, 08/17/10)

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