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    Boss FAQ by vinheim

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                                                 < ASCII art created by Wiej 2010 >
                                    Dante's Inferno
                                       Boss FAQ
                                     Version Death
                                 Last updated: 04/05/10
                                  Authored by: vinheim
                                Email: vinheim@gmail.com
    -                      Homepage: http://vinheim.webs.com                      -
    --              Video Walkthroughs: http://youtube.com/vinheimk              --
    -----       This document Copyright 2010 Alexander Paul Kleinheider       -----
    ---                 Dante's Inferno Copyright 2010 EA Games                 ---
    This  may  be not  be  reproduced under  any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It  may not  be placed  on  any  web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
                                   Table of Contents
     To navigate much easier through this guide, I added the search system, which
    works just by following these simple steps:
    - Highlight the "Section Code" of the section which you wish to go and copy it
    - Press CTRL+F to bring up the search sub-menu.
    - Paste (CTRL+V) the "Section Code" and press ENTER twice to be where you
      wanted to be. Just like magic!
     My Section Codes were made as precise as possible, and I also prefer this
    method instead of having you scroll 30 min through this huge guide looking for
    the section you want to go.
    ~~~~~> Section <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Section Code <~~~~~~
    1] Introduction..................................................[sx100]
        1.1] Contact Rules  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[sx101]
    2] Boss List.....................................................[sx200]
    3] Latest Update.................................................[sx300]
    4] Closing.......................................................[sx400]
        4.1] Credits  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[sx401]
        4.2] Last Words . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[sx402]
    ================================== END OF ToC =================================
     ____  _    ___                                                 ____  _    ___
    |  _ \( )__|_ _|  .=========================================.  |  _ \( )__|_ _|
    | | | |/ __|| |  |              1] Introduction              | | | | |/ __|| |
    | |_| |\__ \| |  |                  [sx100]                  | | |_| |\__ \| |
    |____/ |___/___|  '========================================='  |____/ |___/___|
     Yay for a Boss FAQ. Since I made a separate FAQ for my Judas Coins section,
    why not make one for the Bosses, before someone starts spamming me to make one.
    Here it is. It's very easy to follow, since I tried to describe all the attacks
    of all the bosses. Have fun :).
     Well, I hope you like both the FAQ and the game but before starting, there are
    some things I want to address, so please read the following paragraphs:
    - I'm writing this for free and because I'm falling in love with this game. If
    you are looking for tons of eloquent ways for me to say "move here and start a
    battle", you are going to be so disappointed.
    - The spoilers are great issues in making guides. I am a player of the game,
    just like you are. The first time I played through this game was completely
    by myself. I didn't read any spoilers, therefore nothing was spoiled for me.
    All the story's ups and downs that were supposed to surprise me had such
    effect. And I really think it's not fair spoiling such story elements to you.
     With all this said, let's start with the guide! Enjoy  this guide and remember
    that it is a spoiler-free, so you don't  have to worry about  important info of
    the game being spoiled.
                     ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  1.1] Contact Rules  ~-~ ~-~ ~-~
     Any critics, suggestions, spelling mistakes, contributions are welcome, so
    please send them at the following e-mail:
                               --> vinheim@gmail.com <--
     I always reply to all the mails I get, since feedback is the best reward of
    o Important
     The only sites allowed to host my FAQ's from here on out are the following:
    - www.gamefaqs.com
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     This is because many sites either steal my guides or they don't update them,
    making it really hard on me because many readers from other sites often ask me
    question from an incomplete guide, so this is a better way to keep track of my
    FAQ's and my readers. Please, if you're not on the list above, don't even
    bother asking about hosting them because the answer will be NO. Thanks.
     I also have MSN and AIM, but please, if you add me, do NOT start bombing me
    with IM. If I have the time, I'll chat to you, since I'm always busy writing
    FAQ's and making some research for my job and school, but please keep it
    polite, 'k? Anyway, here they are:
    MSN: xander_may_cry@hotmail.com
    AIM: vinh3im
     Ask politely and I'll add you. I don't have YIM, so start mailing me to make
    one just so you can chat with me.
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    |  _ \( )__|_ _|  .=========================================.  |  _ \( )__|_ _|
    | | | |/ __|| |  |               2] Boss List                | | | | |/ __|| |
    | |_| |\__ \| |  |                  [sx200]                  | | |_| |\__ \| |
    |____/ |___/___|  '========================================='  |____/ |___/___|
     If you're looking for a specific boss, look here so you don't have to scroll
    through the whole guide just to find it.
       ~-~  BOSS: DEATH  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~
    Strategy: Not hard at all (I was expecting something as hard as Castlevania
    Deaths XD). You're told how to block attacks (keep pressed the L button) and
    how to evade doing a dodge roll (press L + R buttons while you move in any
    direction you want). During the first 2/3 of Death's health, he'll only have 3
    1. 3-attack combo: this is the attack he'll use the most. Simply block all 3
    attacks and attack him right after he ends his combo.
    2. Boomerang: he throws his scythe and it comes back. This attack hits twice.
    The first one when he throws it and the second hit is when it comes back, so
    either move away or block it.
    3. Wave: he hits the ground and creates a wave that travels through the floor
    with a large range. Simply block it of jump over it.
     Once it has only 1/3 of health, it hits the ground and starts floating. He has
    the same attacks, only that he changes attack #2 (boomerang) for #4:
    4. Scythe Thrust: his scythe transforms into a spear and he thrusts it into the
    ground, making the area around it to explode. Dodge to evade it.
     Once it has around 1/10 of health, an "R" appears over his head. Press the R
    button to trigger a Finisher event. You'll get a hold of Death's Scythe, which
    will be your weapon for the rest of the game =) (pretty neat, huh?!) Now he'll
    be the one asking for forgiveness, but ignore him and attack him. You'll have
    to trigger another Finisher again, but this time, press the buttons as shown to
    finally take care of Death (yay, we "killed" Death... XD)
       ~-~  BOSS: MINOS  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~
    Strategy: Not a hard boss at all. The next one is the bitch... literally! Let's
    start with his attacks, shall we?
    1. Skewering tentacle: Some tentacles will come from underground and try to
    skewer you. Keep moving at all times to evade this attack.
    2. Breath: He'll approach the floor and starts blowing breath. Press the R
    button to grab from the pillar when prompted to evade the attack completely.
    3. Tongue: He stays in the same position as in his attack [2], but this time,
    he sticks out his tongue from time to time to hit you. Simply jump over it.
    4. Summon: He summons some minions to play with you.
    5. Arm: He places his arm on the ground and sweeps the whole battlefield. He
    can also hit the ground with it. Jump over the first attack and dodge the
    second one.
     After his attack [5], he often places his hand on the ground, enabling a
    Finisher move. Press the button sequence to have him raise himself so you can
    hit him in the belly. That's his weakness, as well as his face. As you can see,
    that's all of this boss. Hit him whenever he finished his attack [2], and
    complete the Finisher move at the end to take care of him.
       ~-~  BOSS: MARC ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~
    Strategy: This fight can be either hard or easy. The first time I played
    through here, I felt this fight almost impossible. But now I know what to do.
    First of all, DO NOT use your Scythe. Anthony blocks your attacks, making it
    very damaging to you, so stay away from physical attacks. Make sure you have
    your Holy Cross upgraded so you can charge your attacks.
    1. Attack combo: He hits for a 4-hit combo. Dodge and quickly run away to evade
    his final thrust attack that has a really long range. [Marc Anthony]
    2. Righteous Path: He has a similar attack that looks like Dante's Righteous
    Path, only that it travels alone, while Marc stays in the same place. Simply
    move aside to evade it. [Marc Anthony]
    3. Needles: Right after Marc's Righteous Path, he follows you with his shield
    and shoots out 3 needles. Simply keep running to evade it. [Marc Anthony]
    4. Lust Storm: Cleopatra creates a little purple tornado that travels in random
    directions. If it hits you, it'll stagger you. If it hits Marc, he'll be
    invincible for a little period. [Cleopatra]
    5. Healing: Once you've dealt some damage to Marc, Cleopatra starts healing
    Marc. Attack Cleopatra's hand to make her fall. Use the Holy Cross to quickly
    dispose of her. [Cleopatra]
     The best thing to do is to approach Marc so he starts his attack [1]. When he
    does this, move to the other side of the battlefield and charge your Holy
    Cross. When he comes towards you, unleash your power of the Cross to take a
    huge chunk of health.
     Once you've taken care of Marc Anthony, Cleopatra shrinks and starts a
    Finisher event with you. It's only 3 buttons, so not hard at all.
       ~-~  BOSS: CERBERUS  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~
    Strategy: Cerberus is easy, even though it hits hard... and I mean HARD! Locate
    the pustules on the floor. Press R and tap the O button to break it open and
    have fire come out. If Cerberus attacks you using attack [2] while the fire is
    coming out, the head will stagger and fall on the floor. Use this time to
    attack it.
     After you've attacked him 2-3 times, you'll trigger a Finisher event with this
    head. You'll only have to press /\ once to cut off the head. Nice. Do the same
    thing on the other head. Once you only have the middle head, it'll start using
    attack [1] over and over. Use the pustules on the floor to make your life a bit
    easier. You could also make it lunge into you, dodge it and attack it. Yep,
    that's all. Complete the Finisher move on the last head to get rid of Cerberus.
    1. Lunge: It'll lunge one of its head towards you. Dodge to evade it.
    2. Puke Balls: It'll throw puke balls at you. Stay in motion to evade them.
       ~-~  BOSS: ALIGHIERO  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~
    Strategy: To tell you the truth, Cerberus was harder than this one. If you
    breezed through Cerberus, you'll do the same with Alighiero. His attacks are
    the following:
    1. Slash: He'll slash with his cross only one in any direction (he slashes in 5
    + directions). Dodge to evade it.
    2. Holy Cross: He'll throw a little golden cross that homes in on you. Guard
    until it ends.
    3. Pain wave: Once you've dealt around 2/3 of damage, he'll stick his cross in
    the ground and start creating waves that hurt you. Stay away from them.
     I think that's all of his attacks. The good thing is that he'll most of the
    time do attack [1]. Since he's slow, you can easily dodge him. When you've
    dealt a certain amount of damage, he'll stagger. Use Righteous Path to really
    hurt him. While the magic is going, combo him using Light attacks (I feel they
    take more health than Heavy attacks).
     That's it for this boss. Told ya! Easy peasy (sp?). ;)
       ~-~  BOSS: FRANCESCO  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~
    Strategy: Wow, it's been a while since the last boss, hasn't it? Anyway, he
    isn't that hard. The only problem is that you can fall and die. Yep, you can
    fall. Anyway, here are his attacks:
    1. Projectile Sword: He'll throw his sword at you (looks like a red sword). If
    you don't jump, evade it (press L + R) to have it stuck to the ground.
    2. Combo attack: Like most enemies, get to close to him and he'll start
    slashing around. Just stay away from him.
    3. Wave: He sticks his sword in the ground, creating a shockwave that hurts
    you. Jump or stay away.
    4. Summon: Once he has less than half the health bar, he starts summoning
    Damned Captains, which will keep respawn. Keep them at bay with your Holy
     His shield will lower the damage dealt to him a lot, so you need to take care
    of it first. Wait for him to do attack [1] and if the sword is stuck on the
    ground, go to it and press R to throw it back at him. Do this twice to break
    his shield. Once you do this, use Righteous Path take a huge chunk of health (I
    figured this out at the end of the battle =P).
     If you're out of Mana, the single best thing to do is to jump and use Divine
    Tempest, which launches Francesco into the air, so you can combo him up there.
    His shield respawns, so break it again and follow your attacks. Use the
    Finisher at the end to end the fight.
       ~-~  BOSS: LUCIFER  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~
    Strategy: Yay, finally the last boss of the game. Luckily enough for the PSP
    users, this only has 2 stages, instead of the 3 battle stages he has in the
    PS3/360 versions. To tell you the truth, he's a bit disappointing. Being the
    final boss, he lacks the creativity to be unique. Yeah, he's just like the
    Guardians and Arch Demons. Anyway, here are his attacks:
    1. Teleport: He teleports to anywhere in the battlefield.
    2. Combo attack: He rushes towards you from wherever he is and start comboing
    you, just like a Guardian, only that a lot faster.
    3. Shockwave: He sends shockwaves towards you. Jump over them.
     Each time you deal a set amount of damage, he gets all messed up and drop
    green and purple souls. Keep avoiding the shockwaves and combos and use your
    Cross most of the fight. After he finishes his combo, most of the time he
    teleports to another part and starts using shockwaves. Attack him before he
    teleports with Righteous Path, which is awesome.
     When you deplete his health, a little scene triggers and now you'll have to
    face the next and last phase of this fight, only that he has half a bar. Nice.
    Now he has the following attacks:
    1. Fire Darts: He shoots 3 fire darts towards you. Dodge them.
    2. Fire Wall: He creates a Fire Wall and sends it towards you. Dodge it.
    3. Shockwave: He body slams the ground to create a shockwave. Jump over it.
     This part is hard. It looks simple, but it's more annoying than it looks. When
    you pass by him, you get the option to grapple on to him. Do so to attack him.
    Use Light attacks. While you're airborne, he also attacks you and damages you,
    without possibility of guarding. This is the annoying part. Keep attacking him
    until he raises into the sky and makes the platforms of the 5 corners of the
    star raise.
     Grapple on to the lower one (the only one available) and quickly after,
    grapple on to the next one. Do this over and over until you grapple on to
    Lucifer himself. This will enable a Finisher event. Press the buttons to finish
    Lucifer for good.
     ____  _    ___                                                 ____  _    ___
    |  _ \( )__|_ _|  .=========================================.  |  _ \( )__|_ _|
    | | | |/ __|| |  |              3] Latest Update             | | | | |/ __|| |
    | |_| |\__ \| |  |                  [sx300]                  | | |_| |\__ \| |
    |____/ |___/___|  '========================================='  |____/ |___/___|
    = Version Death (April 5th, 2010)
      - Completed the "FAQ"
     ____  _    ___                                                 ____  _    ___
    |  _ \( )__|_ _|  .=========================================.  |  _ \( )__|_ _|
    | | | |/ __|| |  |                4] Closing                 | | | | |/ __|| |
    | |_| |\__ \| |  |                  [sx400]                  | | |_| |\__ \| |
    |____/ |___/___|  '========================================='  |____/ |___/___|
                        ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  4.1] Credits  ~-~ ~-~ ~-~
    1. People
    - mastershakez: for telling me where the second Judas Coin in the Lust Circle
    - Bowser Elkei and Bone: for telling me where the remaining Judas Coins where.
    - Wiej: For the awesome ASCII art at the top. Thanks a ton man. Take a look at
    his CRP: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/58128.html
    - Gbness, Mighty Oracle, Super Slash, PeTeRL90, Truly Dexterous, warfreak,
    IceQueenZer0, BSulpher, Da Hui, DBM11085, Snow Dragon: All those who I consider
    online friends. These guys are really cool and I always have a blast talking to
    them on AIM, MSN and the FCBS. They all inspire me in writing more and more
    FAQ's. Note that all these fellows are FAQ writers as myself, so I thank them
    too for supporting me in my FAQing.
    - Raul and Eduardo: Just for being my best friends and always being there for
    me, in the good and bad moments.
    - You: For having the patience of reading through the whole guide.
    2. Internet sites
    - www.gamefaqs.com: For hosting my guide.
    - www.supercheats.com: For hosting my guide.
    - www.neoseeker.com: For hosting my guide.
                       ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  4.2] Final Words  ~-~ ~-~ ~-~
     Like I said, I had no plans on doing this FAQ, but the outcome is beautiful.
    If you like this FAQ, if you found it useful, make sure to check my other FAQs
    in case you need help with any game in particular. Here's a little list of FAQ
    I've made:
    1. Tales of Symphonia (GCN)
    2. Jericho (360)
    3. Tales of Legendia (PS2) [In progress]
    4. Tales of the Abyss (PS2)
    5. Devil May Cry (PS2)
    6. Tales of the Abyss Enemy Database (PS2)
    7. Jericho Monster List (360)
    8. Jericho Achievements (360)
    9. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (DS) [In progress]
    10. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS2) [In progress]
    11. Lloyd Irving Character FAQ (GCN) [In progress]
    12. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening (PS2) [In progress]
    13. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Special Edition (PS2) [In progress]
                                 (will be updated at the same time as the original)
    14. Pokemon Platinum (DS) [In progress]
    15. Soma Bringer (DS) [In progress]. Might take this one down, but still unsure
    16. Dragon Quest VIII (PS2)
    17. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (DS)
    18. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS) [In progress]
    19. Tales of Eternia (PSP)
    20. Sands of Destruction (DS)
    21. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4 (PSP)
    22. Dante's Inferno (PSP)
    23. Dante's Inferno Judas Coins Locations (PSP)
    24. Dante's Inferno Boss FAQ (PSP)
     Please check these games if you have any doubts in one future. So, with all
    this said and done, I bid you farewell!
                          _       _          _                _
             ____________(_)_____| |________(_)______________|·|
             \ \   __  __ _ _ __ | |__   ___ _ _ __ ___O  O  |·|_________
              \ \_(_ \/ _) | '_ \|  _ \ / _ \ | '_ ' _ \_____|·|xxxxxxxx||
               \____\  /_| | |_| | |_| |  __/ | |_| |_| |____|·|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                     \/  |_|_| |_|_| |_|\___)_|_| |_| |_|    |·|
         © Alexander P. Kleinheider [vinheim] 2010. Contact: vinheim@gmail.com

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