How do I use the soul guage?

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    User Info: Number1Naruto

    Number1Naruto - 7 years ago


  1. The Soul Gauge is just an indicator for when a character's ready to do a Critical Finish. Each character starts with blue (50%). If you hit the opponent while they're blocking, their Soul Gauge decreases a little. I think hitting the enemy increases it a little until it becomes glowing blue (100%). When your enemy's Soul Gauge is red (0%), that means he's vulnerable to a Critical Finish. Hit A+B+K at the same time (Or use the designated R) and if your opponent hasn't blocked it, they're hit with the character's Critical Finish, thus ending the battle because it kills no matter how much health your opponent has. As a note, Guard Break attacks take more out of the Gauge that regular ones. It's useful when your opponent likes to be a blocker.

    User Info: MedusaTelos

    MedusaTelos - 6 years ago 0 0

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