• Unlockable Armor

    Could be unlocked by getting honors, beating the gauntlet, getting a certain number of titles, and getting to a certain stage in trials.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    BandanaGet 50 titles
    Deer HeadBeat "The Gauntlet"
    Eye PatchGet 50 titles
    GriffinBeat "The Gauntlet"
    Japanese Eye Patch (female)Get 50 titles
    Kittymeow HeadBeat "The Gauntlet"
    KomusouGet 50 titles
    MinotaurBeat "The Gauntlet"
    Prayer BeadsGet 50 titles
    Tengu MaskGet 50 titles
    Tiger Lily ArmorGet 50 titles
    WerewolfBeat "The Gauntlet"

    Contributed By: TheOnlyWayToDie.

  • Unlockable Honors

    To unlock honors which can be seen in RECORDS.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Aloof MarionetteClear missions in THE GAUNTLET using all styles.
    Black Sword ValorExecute a combination of 30 Side Dash Counters and Back Dash Counters
    Bouncing BelleDefeat 100 female characters.
    Boundless SpiritGuard 10 times in a single match.
    Brave WarriorWin 100 times in QUICK MATCH.
    Broken DestinyAcquire all Honors aside from this one.
    Chosen ChildExecute a Just Impact
    Cliffside HeroExecute 3 Ringouts in a single match.
    Cloud CraftsmanUse up all free slots in CREATION.
    Commander of LifeFight and win against all Styles.
    DaybreakClear all missions up to Chapter 3 in THE GAUNTLET
    Demon VictorExecute 5 Critical Finishes.
    Elation of ChanceExecute a Throw Escape.
    End of TestsView Chapter 34 "Finale" in THE GAUNTLET.
    Expert DancerExecute a 7+ combo
    Fearful HeroClear TRIAL OF DEFENSE with more than 2,400,000 points.
    Fierce BladeExecute 5 Side Dash Counters and Back Dash Counters in a single match.
    First GatePlay THE GAUNTLET
    Flower Among WeedsUse all frame decorations for thumbnail photographs in CREATION.
    Glorious VictoryWin 10 times in VERSUS.
    Greedy FoolAchieve Score Magnification x1000% in TRIALS.
    Heaven's FavorExecute 25 Throw Escapes.
    Hidden FiercenessExecute a Throw.
    Howling GeneralObtain 100 titles in QUICK MATCH.
    Innocent ArtistCreate a character with no equipment
    Iron SoldierHit the opponent into the wall 5 times.
    King of the ArenaWin 20 consecutive times in QUICK MATCH.
    King of the VoidDefeat 20 opponents in ENDLESS TRIAL.
    LightClear all mission up to chapter 30 in THE GAUNTLET
    Loser's LamentWin with a Ring Out.
    Lurking DemonAttempt 100 missions in THE GAUNTLET.
    Messenger to HellWin with 40 Ring Outs.
    NightmareClear all mission up to chapter 15 in THE GAUNTLET
    Painted IllusionTake a photo using frame decorations and backgrounds for thumbnail photographs in CREATION.
    Passionate ArtistTake 5 photos during 1 sessions in CREATION's thumbnail photograph
    Peek of IdiocyEnd in a Double K.O.!
    Radiant SkyscraperGather all weapons for each Style.
    Ranging DashClear TRIAL OF ATTACK with more than 1,600,000 points.
    Rebel BeaconExecute A Guaranteed Hit.
    Rebel DiscipleExecute 30 Guaranteed Hits.
    Skillful WarriorRecover from a Recoverable Stun 10 times.
    Small VictoryWin once in VERSUS.
    Stirring YouthDefeat 100 male characters.
    Strong SavageHit opponentsinto the wall 50 times.
    Test PursuerReach the highest rank possible in any mission(Easiest one is 1-1).
    Traveling FighterRun 1km with 8-Way Run.
    Unending StrifeDefeat 765 opponents.
    Waking ArtCreate your first original character in CREATION
    Wandering KingRun 10km with 8-War Run.
    Wandering TracksChoose all Modes(except Recoreds and Options).

  • Unlocking Weapons

    Every fighting style has at least one weapon that can be unlocked (besides joke weapons). In order to unlock a weapon, you must complete either Trial of Attack or Trial of Defense and you will unlock a weapon for the style you are using. Additionally, if you complete The Gauntlet, you will unlock the "Broken Destiny" weapon for Siegfried.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    "Broken Destiny" weaponClear The Gauntlet
    Additional weaponClear either Trial of Attack or Trial of Defense using the corresponding fighting style

    Contributed By: fuzzy_cheez2.

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