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Reviewed: 12/04/09

Namco dropped the Iron Fist on the PSP.

The Tekken series has to be one of the biggest fighting game franchises in history and has spawned a big fanbase that rivals that of Street Fighter and because of that this game has produced 11 titles 4 of which found portable releases a proof of its success. With Dark Resurrection's success for the PSP Namco deciced to surprise us by releasing their latest title on the PS3, 360 and the PSP yes the last one is what surprised, pleased and annoyed the fanbase of the game. Now the console versions got an early release while the PSP version got a delay. So is this version of the game worth the wait? Here's my say.

Presentation- 5/10
OK so why give this area a 5 well to start out things the game presents us a simple main menu that allows us to choose between different modes. Arcade Mode lets you fight 8 fights similar to the arcade version of the game. Story Mode is similar to the Arena Mode of the console version and lets you play through the stories of characters in which you can unlock endings after you finish them. Ghost Modes pits you against pre-set ghosts in the game as well as ghosts received from friends to raise money and ranking. Customization as the name implies customizes characters with fight money earned in the different mode. Challenge Mode gives you three sub menus Time Attack, Gold Rush and Survival. Gallery for viewing movies and endings. Network is for exchanging ghosts and player matches. For one it lacks a scenario campaign which is actually a good thing since it was bad anyway. What messed things up were that the game severely lacked many features that made DR a great game such as being able to play on the right side of the screen. Customization is really limited, in the console versions of the game you can customize various parts of the characters such as arms, feet, right waist, left waist. legs, undershirt, and back accessories while here you're limited to just sets in the upper body, lower body and others. And there is a noticable lack of costumes. Ki and Aura items look odd and can only be used DR style meaning you can only equip them when you are in default status when in the arcade and consoles they are worn with costumes. Player matches are really sad you can't set a handicap which means longer fights are not possible and the selection of stages is limited. Only 4 stages 3 of which are multiplayer exclusive and are all bland and boring. Lack of battle replay and music on pre fight scenes might annoy some fans in PvP there are no pre fight scenes which really is a letdown.

Graphics and sound- 8/10
Before you say that this is as good as the console version I have to say no it's not. But it's definitely good for the PSP honestly I was surprised with how the stages looked with the sheep, pigs, planes, fountains and other oddities in stages some of them run at full speed oh and those wall and floor breaks are just too awesome to pass on. Though the muscles of characters aren't detailed compared to the console version they still look pretty gorgeous. Though you'll notice some things like slower and less people on the background and some effects are removed (Rustic Asia's Truck crash before fighting, no chickens and less sheep in Hidden Retreat). Sounds could've been better and they sound a bit muffled only if you have an ear for such details. Oh and I almost forgot most characters had their sprites recycled from DR.

Gameplay- 10/10
Pretty much the gameplay mechanics is the same as that of the console versions. It's fast paced fighting action. The new systems implemented in the game are very much welcome like the Bound system that allows players to lengthen combos and in turn increase their damage and the changed wall mechanics that allow for more usage of the walls. For a game with 40 characters the game is incredibly balanced where even the low tier characters have a fair chance to beat high tiers. The game is incredibly deep meaning you have to study the system if you want to fight competitively.

Replay Value- 6/10
Sadly the game offers very little for the casual gamer. Gold Rush and Survival the former especially is a nice break from all the orthodox fighting. Completing all 40 endings will take some time off your hands and ranking all the way to Tekken God for some characters can test your patience. Sadly it lacks a Quick Match option which does not affect ranking in battle meaning those who are like Mayweather who want to have a 100% rating in their fight record would have to reset once in a while. Customization is really limited and you can't mix and match costumes.

Overall Value- 7.25/10

Seems that Namco wanted to save money for the PSN version that's why they made Tekken 6 for the PSP like this and in my opinion it seems that this game was designed as a demo for the console versions meaning you practice here so you can fight online. The game coulvd've been better only if Namco utilized the UMD space for a better and fuller game but the gameplay could've been better so Buy or Rent? Well I'd say Rent first and see for yourself if it's worth buying.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Tekken 6 (US, 11/24/09)

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