What should i do?

  1. In underground lab u know old road 5/5 what should i do kill the boss for leave it alone....if leave it alone i dont know where to go.cause the only place i have in the starting town and the old raod so HELP!

    User Info: zinzack

    zinzack - 6 years ago


  1. First of all that boss is like a end game boss so leave that be for quite some time ;p

    Second go to the guild and use the option "Gather Information" the Charachters will tell you a clue of where to go next.
    When you have recived the info use the option "Search from the guild" (You need WP to search) when you search you find new places to go based on the clues you get from gathering information.
    Here is a map for all locations to search:

    User Info: Morexion

    Morexion - 6 years ago 0 0

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