I dont get this game ... really really confused ?

  1. Just started playing this game yesterday and im still confused. I dont get this game... AT ALL. i played soo many RPG ... even Mimana (same creator as blazing souls) and this game is defintely confusing???? I have all my characters right now and we are level 6 at the moment. I keep going to old road over and over and over, just battling. I did break the door and went to stage 2 and there was a battle and it was sooooo hard, took me like 15 minutes. finally went upstairs to warp and went to stage 3 .... now two of my people died and i didnt wanna risk any further so i went back to stage 1 to the world map to save. Isnt there another way to save? because when u go back to old road.. the door is closed again.. and you have to do it alllll over again from the start which is RIDICILOUS. And another thing.. I dont even have any money... its acutally a minus? i dont understand why. its -5000 and its like i owe them money? how is that possible. i didnt even do anything.

    this game is soo confusing and theres no walkthrough. i DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND this game. and i wanan try and learn but defintely hard :(
    and how do you search? i searched like 10 times and nothing was

    User Info: nessaxoxo

    nessaxoxo - 6 years ago


  1. Old Road -
    You can save on the action map with the crystals you sometimes see next to portals. There should be one on at least Old Road map 2.

    Money -
    If a character of you dies and you fail to ressurect him/her you'll be charged money to ressurect. Hence the negative balance.

    Walkthrough -
    There is a walkthrough on the Board..just not as a direct link, it'll be easy to find. Should be on page 1 or 2 most of the time. Or simply this link: www.gamefaqs.com/boards/959937-blazing-souls-accelate/57140370

    User Info: ShadowGundam

    ShadowGundam - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. New Maps/ Story Line -
    In guild you can see rumours about where new maps could be, then go to search (in guild) and search at the location where the new map is supposed to be, in the walkthrough all new maps are given numbers. THere should be a map for that around.

    Enjoy :)

    User Info: ShadowGundam

    ShadowGundam - 6 years ago 0 0

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