How to ?

  1. 1. can we climb the cage in 6-man match thingy ( not hell in the cell)
    2. can we do diva vs superstar here
    3. why shawn michael cant do strong irish whip
    4. how i do grapplE with table?
    5. easy way to win 6 man hell in the cell?

    User Info: William_Berlin

    William_Berlin - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. well for #1 You mean the elmination chamber you can't climb it because at wwe i never seen no superstars that climed it
    #2 No thats not fare for the diva an unrealistic
    #3Maybe because it look's like he is strong isrish whiping them but he is not and his weight class
    #4Have to have stats to or overall to at least 95 to get wepon grapple
    #5 To win that i just go out side the cell wait for them to come out one by one then go up the cell wait for them push them all of but save one slam theme on the middle of the cell 2 times then pin or finish the with your finisher the done

    User Info: cOdneedshelp

    cOdneedshelp - 7 years ago 0 0

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