Card Password Machine?

  1. I want to use the card password machine?
    Can some people tell me the codes on the cards?
    I don't have that many.

    User Info: pokemonfan2009

    pokemonfan2009 - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    There are some cards I never even herd of?
    Yes i really love yugioh

    User Info: pokemonfan2009

    pokemonfan2009 - 7 years ago

Top Voted Answer


    Go here and search for the card you want.... The pic should be big enought that you can see the 8 numbers at the bottomn left of the card....

    User Info: Kirby217

    Kirby217 - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. The 8 Digit code for the card password machine can be found in the bottom left corner of the respective card.

    User Info: Kaze_no_Ou

    Kaze_no_Ou (Expert) - 7 years ago 2 1
  2. As Kaze_no_Ou said, the 8 digit number is found on all cards. To get around your problem of not being able to find the codes, simply search for a picture of the card you want online. Hopefully, you will be able to find one with a clear number and just input that into the password machine.

    User Info: aaron_krish

    aaron_krish - 7 years ago 2 1
  3. Like all the other answers, it's the serial number of the card in the bottom left had corner of the card. If you want a REALLY good picture of a card to see the serial number, go to

    Just type in the card name in the search, or you can search what card came in what pack in the tab "Yugioh, Yugioh GX & 5D's" to the left.

    User Info: SilverXStardust

    SilverXStardust - 7 years ago 0 1

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