Earthbound hero deck?

  1. Plz I need help with my earthbound immortal uru and elemental hero deck so here's what I'm workin with.
    2 earthbound immortal uru
    2 e-hero avian
    2 e-hero burstinatrix
    2 e-hero clayman
    2 e-hero sparkman
    2 e-hero captain gold
    1 e-hero stratos
    2 e-hero wildhart
    3 king of the swamps
    2 e-hero malicious
    3 e-emergency call
    2 miracle fusion
    1 mystical space typhoon
    3 polymerization
    1 pot of greed
    2 r-righteous justice
    3 skyscrapper
    1 swords of revealing light
    1 heavy storm
    3 bottomless trap holes
    2 hero signals
    1 mirror force
    2 royal decree
    3 sakuretsu armor
    2 dark bribe
    2 e-hero flame wingman
    2 e-hero plasma vice
    2 e-hero shining flare wingman
    2 e-hero thunder giant
    2 e-hero wild wingman
    2 e-hero wildedge
    2 e-hero electrum
    So that's what I'm working with if anyone has any suggestions on improving this 50 card deck I'm up for them and it would be extremly appriciated and if u need help with something just let me know and ill try to help u.

    User Info: kinggaara91

    kinggaara91 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Sorry to say, but i dont really recommend this deck with earthbound god and e.heroes in a deck. E.heroes itself is a strong deck, why need earthbound?

    but if you insist, firstly, try to cut down on the deck(max 45 cards).
    -2 malicious edge(you already got other stronger fusions and earthbound in your deck)
    if you ask me, i'll put 16 fusion materials, 2 decent monsters(e.hero woodsman it can protect you and bring out poly), 2 earthbound.

    and did you remove banlist alr? what is pot of greed doing there?
    other than that:
    -2 righteous justice(already got dark bribe, Mystical space typhoon and heavy storm)
    -1 emergency call
    thats all for my suggestions.

    User Info: notedeath

    notedeath (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0

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