How do I beat Peace Walker 2?

  1. Ok I'm at the beginning of the second Peace Walker battle with like 40 seconds to stop it. I'm hitting it with my missiles but nothing works its not even making his health go down. How do i stop the nuke from going off?

    User Info: drdre74

    drdre74 - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Hmm I dont have a air strike. How do you get that? I got him down to 2 bars and ran out of ammo and resupply. All i had was throwing grenades and he was too far away to hit him. Oh well.

    User Info: drdre74

    drdre74 - 7 years ago

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  1. Wear Battle Dress, bring Law, RPG-2, FIM-43 (to get easy lock on) & Supply MK. (it'll drop ammo(for all the weapons you bring except grenades type weapons), rations, mate(random) & S.curry (random)).

    Tactics - Use Law to damage it first until you run out of Law ammo, then use RPG-2 & FIM043. If this three weapons run out of ammos, use Supply MK. to restock your ammo. When It use EM Pulse, do not and i mean "DO NOT" shoot it because the EM pulse will make you missile spin at the spot which you shoot it, tehn it will be send back shooting at you and it doesn't matter how far you are. Wait until the EM pulse is gone, then continue to shoot it. Evade the rocket launcher missiles & the drill missiles it send and shoot out. Whenever it says leg drive motor charging, ALRIGHT !!! Time to go to the space between two buildings because it will run across the field (sometimes it'll just put the orb head on the ground and run). Easy to dodge if you do it with right timing, do it wrong and you can get hit and it's pretty "Ouchy". By the time when you run out of supply MK and with last weapon with two ammo left, you defeated peace walker 2. Shoot it whenever it's possible except when PW2's EM Pulse in active.

    User Info: parasiteeve2

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  1. Hit the ICBM launcher if you want to stop count down.
    Also bring machine gun, because if it start use EMP pulse, rockets become useless.

    User Info: opfer_gv

    opfer_gv (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Just hit either hit either the pod,the ball thing or the ICBM launcher with everything you've got and if you've got a throw-able or the gun for calling in the air strike use it now. Never use the air strike other than to stop its countdown.

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  3. Strike Marker (other than Supply Marker) will call support fire from Mother Base. Higher level Intel section you have, more wider and damaging it become.
    Also running out of ammo means, you need high rank weapons. Don't use Rank 1 or 2 weapons if you want quick battle. At least LAW or RPG7 and C.Gustav Rank 3+ and M60(Armor Piercing) Rank 3 is recommended.

    User Info: opfer_gv

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  4. Many have asked this before. You might think you are doing sumthing wrong, but Peace Walker just has extremely Armor. Just Shoot the AI pod. Take the PKM Machine gun (Has ALOT of Ammo and fast fire rate), RPG7, And LAW or FIM-43 as your main Weapons (In order to carry all 3 weapons, you'll need the Battle Suit for this fight, it's a MUST!). Bring lots of Food (Fulton is useless, Shield aswell, since your using two-handed weapons, Walkman doesn't have a need either, as the music that plays in the background is the main theme of the game, and it's AWESOME!), like Ration (Recommended lvl.3), G.Curry, and Soda of sum kind ( It will drain your Psyche lots of times, so you'll need it).

    Bring in Supply & Strike Markers/ Throwers. You will need to use the Supply, trust me, but as for The Strike, use it ONLY If you don't have enough rockets to stop Peace Walker and the countdown has already begun!. Shoot at it with all your heavy Artillery and arsenal when it's trying to launch, and shoot it with the machine gun. Always remember to have enough rocket ammo left (about 5 at least) in case it tries to launch again. Never lose sight of Peace Walker, I know it's hard to miss such a big thing, but it will occasionally jump behind the buildings and will try to launch, and it's really time wasting to find out which building is it's behind of. Whenever it starts to use EP power ( A glowing orange halo around it's head, DO NOT shoot missiles, he'll just shoot them back at ya. Also, try to avoid it's freeze beam. Just keep shooting the AI pod whenever you get the chance to, and slowly it's life will drain, and it will try to launch several times. Call for supplies when you'll need them, and YOU WILL need them. Good luck!.

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  5. Ok the people who said take 3 rocket launchers are wrong! You need: PKM rank 2, the C. Gustav and the FIM (its chaser is invaluable when it moves around) .
    Wear the battle dress so you can take the 3 weapons ( The ones mentioned above)
    Also grenades, Chaff grenade, Both supply and strike markers (thrown) are better.
    Items Rations rank 3, G. curry (a must), taco chips, Zero calorie drink (soda) and Mate rank 3.

    First and ALWAYS use the PKM when launching nuke (the ratio of damage per second is WAYY greater than c. gustav and Fim.

    If done correct you will disrupt the count down in 30 seconds of shooting it with the PKM.
    ONLY use rockets when he has Low health and Very far like when he jumps BEHIND the wharehouse and walks and when he does the countdown there use ONE yes one missiles in the pod and swithch to the PKM. Follow these tips and he should fall . Good luck You will need it.

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  6. i had a hard time with this one too. ok.....i used the PKM rank 2 machine gun, the RPG7 rank 2 missile, the rank 3 strike marker pistol, thrown supply markers rank 2, chaff grenades rank 1, anti-tank mines, rations rank 3, great curry rank 4, tortilla chips rank 1, zero calori soda rank 2, and my walkman rank 3.

    ok. dont rely on the missiles. save the missiles for when she's doing the countdown sequence. you'll only have seven of them. obviously, your gonna want to use them right away because she's in countdown mode from the start. aim for her head (the sphere). if you have a good enough shot, aim for the pod that's right below her head. (it's the second weekest point she has.) now once you run out of missiles, dont use a supply marker. use the pkm. the pkm has 600 bullets, so dont be shy. once she stops the countdown and is at close range, spam the pod with the pkm. dont worry too much about drill missiles. if you time it out right, you may be able to use them against her. whe you think they are about to come out of the ground, stand by her leg. if done right, when they explode, they'll do a little damage to her. if she jumps behind the warehouses, it's cool. take this time to reload, use a supply marker if your low on health items, andrecover some health. if she starts shooting drill missiles inbetween the warehouses, take this time to shoot her in the head with the strike marker, but dont use it until she's in countdown mode again. if she uses her EMP pulse, use the PKM. when you think she's about to go back into countdown mode, use a supply marker if your out of missiles. repeat until beaten.
    NOTES: if she spams drill missiles or s-mines, use a chaff grenade. it stuns her (sort-of) for a short period of time. use this time to your advantage.
    if you have nothing to do while she is behind the warehouses, place the AT mines around. dont get caught in the blast though.
    her weekest spot is a pod thats on her back, but you wont be able to hit it unless you use the strike marker or when she walks on two legs firing random s-mines and spamming her flamethrower.

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  7. if i say what to use, it'll just get more confusing. recruit as much as you can from later missions (repeat them dozens of times)and get R&D up as high as possible and then try different later rank weapons.

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  8. I like to bring two rockets and a machine gun. When it launches the nuke, shoot it with missiles and run while reloading when it shoots its missiles at you, so no time is wasted. If you're out, strafe with the machine gun.

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