How do I get a S-Rank on Extra Ops 67,date with Paz?

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    bombswant - 7 years ago

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  1. as Travis31602 said, use co-op commands (encouragement ones)
    on the 'mission prep' go to co-ops comm. and change the commands to whichever you want.
    some of the command that raises paz's affection level.
    "Impressive", "Good to have you", "Thanks", "Good luck", "Peace!". Just try which ones give her the affection.
    you can actually use the same command twice or so as long as you don't repeat it right after using it.
    after about 12 hearts or more (I dunno bout this one but I'm quite certain) pull out the love box....... do the mission again after the S rank btw. you'll know Big Boss's "bad habit". >.>

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  1. Use your Codex. Some will rise points. (wait for her reaction before use it again)
    With enough points, use box and finish stage. If she says something like "I'm happy" when get into box, then you will get S-rank.

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  2. Yeah you pretty much just have to have most of the co-ops command thing and equip complimenting ones

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  3. -as Travis31602 and Acricius13 said communicate with paz using co-ops commands edit the commands on mission preparation menu and use the complimenting ones like "kept you waiting", "peace", "Nice" etc.
    -My combo commands for this OPS are***
    "kept you waiting" and "Meow, meow, meow" followed by "Nice", "Good", "Impressive" (sound stupid but useful) and "Peace"
    -To be sure to get S Rank (200 affection rate) communicate with her until you get 15 hearts

    When you get S rank play again and use swim trunks and get S rank again see your new reward on the briefing files ^^

    ***Other tricks that I read on other post***
    -Equip Walkman and play a Love Song
    -Take Picture of her in different pose (equip and unequip camera, so paz will change her pose)

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  4. You need at least 10 positive phrases. Each phrase will earn you ten points and each can be used twice.

    My Ten Phrases are:
    It's not over yet!
    You're pretty good.
    Good to have you!
    Kept you waiting, huh?
    Don't die on me.
    I knew you had it in you!
    Box time!
    Get inside!

    Reply if one of those doesn't work...I think the list is corrected now...

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  5. other phrases are:
    -sorry...i just...
    -i like it!

    also can be used when you're umm.... meeting with Kaz at the same beach in ex ops 68

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  6. forgot to post this ones
    -Rocket Peace

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  7. basically use some of the co ops communication above...
    you need to use exactly 20 and shell only accept your comment after stands straight after leaning...
    everytime she accepts a comment... its +10 affection
    everytime its over 20 its -10 affection
    my tip is meke 3 groups and quote all four comments and then go through any 5 groups but at least all once
    and dont move on to another group until you completed that group
    i get an S every time with this method

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  8. They're in international waters and besides Big Boss deserves something for saving the world from All-Out Nuclear War on multiple occassions...

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