Metal gear zeke head parts?

  1. I've been attacking the AI's but i cant seem to get head parts ive got power and walk units the last 3 fights i did ive been attacking the head and the pod how do i get head parts!!??

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    ex2C8 - 7 years ago
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    Also i want the normal head parts for zeke not the custom ones im trying to unlock chapter 5 and fight him.

    User Info: ex2C8

    ex2C8 - 7 years ago
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    i usually attack the pod but i still dont get head parts do you know which AI gives the highest chance of head parts

    User Info: ex2C8

    ex2C8 - 7 years ago

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  1. Getting parts is random.
    The only requirement is that you don't destroy the part you want to get.
    In your case, the head would need to be left intact.

    All pieces left intact after the boss is dead will have a small chance of being obtained.

    Your best bet would be to aim for the AI pod as much as possible.
    Does most damage and doesn't harm the parts.

    User Info: ZombiMarionette

    ZombiMarionette - 7 years ago 4 0


  1. But you will have to attack the parts to unlock them on the circuit board

    User Info: bloodymarriage

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  2. ZombiMarionette is right on this one, also the circuit board is for building the AI of Metal Gear Zeke. You can check the AI progress on the right side of the progress chart for Zeke's stats.

    User Info: DeviouslyMine

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  3. As you attack certain parts of the enemy, boards are unlocked. It will be shown when you hit something: Purple C for leg, Green M for boosters, Blue A for power units, and yellow S for head parts (as indicated in ZEKE's main parts.

    For Example:
    You are fighting the Pupa.
    - Attack the treads for leg parts (C)
    - Attack the boosters for mobility parts (M)
    - Attack the electric gun for power units (A); you could also attack the chainguns
    - Attack the head unit (the rust colored parts beside the AI Pod) for head units (S)

    Attacking a certain part too much will destroy that part (it will be obvious if you destroyed one), making you unable to acquire the board for that part. Example, attacking a booster too much will destroy it, and some M boards in the pod will be inaccessible since it's already broken. Deal lots of damage to unlock the boards, but not too much since it could break.

    I only know much on Pupa, on other AI weapons, I have no idea what to hit to acquire which board. Any help?
    Another thing, I already have the leg, power and walking unit for ZEKE, but I can't complete the Head part. It only stays 3/5, even though I'm constantly collecting S boards from Pupa. Is this natural? Or do I have to destroy other AI weapons to get S parts?


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    paolo_cadiz - 7 years ago 1 1
  4. Here is something I noticed on my game. When fighting Pupa dont attack the head (the yellow parts), instead attack parts for the legs (pink parts). So try that. I noticed on my copy that its opposite. I dont know if its just my game or what though.

    User Info: Stryker20000

    Stryker20000 - 7 years ago 0 0
  5. Also, not sure if this is true, but I noticed that, with the standard versions (i.e. the ones you face during the story missions), they only drop scrap, which turn into Zeke parts. I didn't start getting the specialized parts until I faced the versions 2's and custom versions.

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  6. Attack only AI Pod, not the head (Will show up as Yellow "S" if you hit it) and the head part is random drop, not exactly 100%. It's like 50% chance of dropping to 50% of not dropping at all.

    Custom AI (only Custom AI, not Type II) in extra ops will give you special head parts but it's random drop :
    Pupa Head - Shock
    Chrysalis - Missile Pod
    Cocoon - Cannon
    Peace Walker - Poison Beam

    User Info: parasiteeve2

    parasiteeve2 (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0
  7. People who said that you get PARTS are by shooting them are WRONG. You get the corresponding AI boards of those parts if you destroy them - so you have to make a decision whether you want the parts or the AI boards. Spare the part and get them or destroy them and get the boards

    User Info: Godoakos

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  8. i used the analyzer to see the parts.then if i wanna get the S part i just hit it a couple of times but not to destroy it.just so that the S part would lit up inside the AI POD.then,get the parts your after..

    this is what i noticed when playing...hope it helps.

    User Info: hyakushiki009

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  9. ok..Parts and AI boards are 2 diffrent things,dont mistake them to be the same..Those memory boards are used to make zeke's ai to be better once strangelove gets in your team..
    To get the Parts,much has been told to say that its random,and it is!but ranking S on the mission usually gives you part.And ranking S it means you need to finish the battle fast (5 mins i think to S it) .
    The pupa battle in story mode would be much easier,specially when u unlocked the battle dress,since you will be able to get 3 weapon slots (in which i had 3 missiles).The Ai pod is the only thing you need to hit.Dont hit any other parts,Hit it only when it stops to face and attack you since you will have enough time. That would almost guarantee you the parts that you need + extra parts,the downside is that you would get less memory boards,but would be insignificant until later time.

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  10. If u kill the Pupa with a MG3 or M60AP and shoot the AI POP and when u go inside it will show u this ! but u don't have to get it or if u want u can get i get because it give me more % to give me the head and I did not get the part it show ! and i got 2 pieace of head I hope tht help.

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  11. Try breaking the other parts as well. If you've got 3 leg units already, break the boss's mobility parts, that way, there's no way you'll get scrap leg parts after the battle.

    User Info: SunJian37

    SunJian37 - 7 years ago 1 0

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