HELP!! Peace Walker 2nd Battle?

  1. Ive tried atleast 10 times and i need help, maybe somone can set a time to do teams or somthing? Beacuse ive done everything else in the game alone, but i dont think i can do this one, please help

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  1. Firstly, bring Battle Armor.

    Bring RPG7 (or RPG2 if it's all you have)
    Bring LAW
    Bring Carl Gustav

    Keep the LAW for when it goes into Nuclear Launch mode. Damaging it's body enough will cause it to stop launching, but 1-2 rockets to the Missile Silo (long slender pod on it's side) will stop it everytime. Quick, and cheap on your ammo.

    This is a battle of attrition. There's no challenge. It's fairly hard to be killed by Peace Walker unless you're exposing yourself to danger. Be on the side closest to the water to avoid most the charge attacks, and Bring Tortilla chips, rations and Curry.

    You can also bring the Rescue Box. Bringing it means whenever it's walking around behind the buildings, roaring, or in general not attacking you, you can hide in it and heal slowly. At Rank5 Rescue Box it can heal 9999 Health in 45 seconds or less. Also if you revive someone with Rank5 Rescue Box it fully heals them, unlike CPR which recovers 15% health.

    If you have Rank 5 Analyzer you can check out the power of each of the parts. Breaking certain parts in certain orders will make the fight easier for you. Such as breaking the Sensory parts makes its missile guidance slower (missing more often). Breaking it's Attack part for the Drill Missiles causes them to drill slower, fire less frequently and do less damage. Etc. If this helped you, please hit the ole' Karma button.

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  1. when it sets it self to Nuclear Missile launching Mode, just keep shooting the AI Pod with Rockets. (It's weak point)

    It'll eventually stop the launch and go after you again...repeat the process once it goes into Nuclear Launching mode again.

    When it activates its EMP, don't use any kind of Rocket since it'll just bounce back at you. Use either a Machinegun to keep shooting the AI pod.

    Chaff Grenades also disables the EMP for short time which makes it vulnerable to Rockets again.

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  2. i had a hard time with this one too. ok.....i used the PKM rank 2 machine gun, the RPG7 rank 2 missile, the rank 3 strike marker pistol, thrown supply markers rank 2, chaff grenades rank 1, anti-tank mines, rations rank 3, great curry rank 4, tortilla chips rank 1, zero calori soda rank 2, and my walkman rank 3.

    ok. dont rely on the missiles. save the missiles for when she's doing the countdown sequence. you'll only have seven of them. obviously, your gonna want to use them right away because she's in countdown mode from the start. aim for her head (the sphere). if you have a good enough shot, aim for the pod that's right below her head. (it's the second weekest point she has.) now once you run out of missiles, dont use a supply marker. use the pkm. the pkm has 600 bullets, so dont be shy. once she stops the countdown and is at close range, spam the pod with the pkm. dont worry too much about drill missiles. if you time it out right, you may be able to use them against her. whe you think they are about to come out of the ground, stand by her leg. if done right, when they explode, they'll do a little damage to her. if she jumps behind the warehouses, it's cool. take this time to reload, use a supply marker if your low on health items, andrecover some health. if she starts shooting drill missiles inbetween the warehouses, take this time to shoot her in the head with the strike marker, but dont use it until she's in countdown mode again. if she uses her EMP pulse, use the PKM. when you think she's about to go back into countdown mode, use a supply marker if your out of missiles. repeat until beaten.
    NOTES: if she spams drill missiles or s-mines, use a chaff grenade. it stuns her (sort-of) for a short period of time. use this time to your advantage.
    if you have nothing to do while she is behind the warehouses, place the AT mines around. dont get caught in the blast though.
    her weekest spot is a pod thats on her back, but you wont be able to hit it unless you use the strike marker or when she walks on two legs firing random s-mines and spamming her flamethrower

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  3. Remember that if you're having hard time with this, just level up your weapons.

    Oh and by the way, I wouldn't suggest the strike marker pistol. Take a Carl Gustav rocket launcher instead if you have it or LAW or FIM-92 something. The Strike Marker runs out of ammo so quickly, doesn't even do that great damage and won't recover it's ammo with supply markers.

    Also, a rocket to the nuclear launcher should stop it like immediately, so if you're running out of time or had to call for supplies or something and time is running out, just shoot the launcher and it should stop.

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  4. Always shoot for ai and mammal pods (mammal being the one on top) also mammal is only vulnerable after gunning down pw's emp as for the nuke state i find its always good to shoot for the nuke itself even when its turned around but bring an armor piercing mg like the mg3 also when you get n srank after killin chrysalis in ex ops 115 the rail gun isnt to bad in fact its great if you got a buddy with a the time to charge it also the gustav is the best rocket launcher to use because its the fastest and has a lot of power but you'll want a soldier with a fast reload time if this is main ops just run your ass off

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  5. My setup, Battle Suit
    RPG2 or RPG7, I only had RPG2 at the time
    FIL-H or whatever its called, the zooming rocket launcher.
    Other Weapons don't matter.
    Equipment Drop Rank 1, I found it better than the other two versions.
    Strike Drop if you want
    Rescue Box
    Others don't matter.

    When it has its force field on, don't shoot, just dodge, use rescue box when in need of heath, but it is slow, use rations then G. Curry, it heals better. When in need of ammo use supply drop. Under these terms I found this battle easy. Just aim at the head, always, conserve some ammo for when she sets up the missile. Always set up drops in advance. There, this was a simple short guide to this fight.

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  6. Use anything you have hit it's POD when it Nuclear Missile launching Mode last time M47 will very useful .(If you beat Peace Walker custom without any part damage you'll get Peace Walker head 8-) )

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  7. I like to bring two strong rockets and a good machine gun. Use the rockets nonstop, and then use a Supply marker when you're out of them. If it activates the EMP, use the machine gun instead. If it tries to launch the nuke and you're out of missiles, first throw a Supply marker, then fire at it with a machine gun until it gets there.

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  8. Look, im not gonna tell you to do a bunch of stuff. Just dont put all three rockets when you use battle armor. Use 2 rockets 1 machine gun.

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  9. I recommend the Carl Gustave M2, RPG 7 and the PKM. I also shoot at the hydrogen bomb (The Big Sphere, Don't worry, it wont go off.). Just don't feel bad if it takes forever. It took me 2 hours to beat it. Just worry about destroying it. When you fight it again later, you should have better weapons than last time.

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  10. Also, do you know anyone you can Co-Ops with. You can have up to 4 Co-Op people in this mission.

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  11. use battle suit W/H
    bring PKM (rank 2 or more)
    RPG2 OR RPG7
    carl gustav

    attack the AI pod
    when it use the EM field,use the PKM
    it will go to you again if you use missle's

    and use
    rationn(rank 3 or more)
    spicy or great or future curry
    lime soda
    tortilla chips

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  12. Wow you guys really give our client a hard time to read goes the tips.....Whos Metal Gear Zeke belongs too?YOU! Who can modify the Zeke?YOU! So before fighting the zeke unequip the zeke's shield the booster and this thing will make you lot easier for you to kill it..i had try this things and its work..make sure you don't give zeke black colour to prevent you from confusion and cannot detect more thing make good use of free supply and strike!
    I beat zeke less than 5 mins..


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