Where is Fox Hound and The Patriots?

  1. After Army's Heaven: Fox was disbanded and Fox Hound was started by Big Boss. Ocelot asks Big Boss to join the Patriots. 1971 Boss goes into a coma and Les Enfants Terribles happens. 1975 Frank Jeager is given the code name "Fox". MGS PW takes place in 1974. Why are Fox Hound, Les Enfants and The Patriots not in this game? Is this game even in cannon? Because MSF does not seem to fit in with the rest of the Arc

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  2. Additional Details:
    At the end of MGS3 it says FOXHOUND was created in 1970 or 71, I can't remember. And 1972 is Les Enfants Terribles. The GameTrailers Retrospective says that Big Boss is in a coma when LET happens.
    It's just a little weird to me that they establish FOXHOUND and then create MSF while still working with FH but don't mention it at all. I figured the game was in *canon but I just wanted to make sure.
    Where do you find the Secret File on LET?

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  1. Jhazky, Foxhound was created in Metal Gear solid portable ops. Snake created foxhound after he left the patriots. When foxhound disbanded, snake sought an outer haven and thus formed the MSF. If you have played Guns of the patriots you would have remember the part where old snake met Big mama/EVA and she told snake the story of how the patriots was formed and what has happened to naked snake. It was that part where it explains the timeline between foxhound and MSF

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  1. Big Boss disbanded the Patriots after he heard about the Les Enfants Terribles-project. I think he disbanded Foxhound too, not sure about that. This game isn't cannon, but it sure is canon XD.

    Cannon is a weapon and canon is something that's part of the plot :D.

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  2. Fox Hound is created afther Outer Heaven aka MSF, in a secret file there is mention of the Les Enfants Terribles and by the end of the game they do speak about the patriots, wich where not disbanded, big boss only left them to start his own vision of the boss's last will (that is the MSF/Outer Heaven).

    the game is of course canon.

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  3. So much bad info.

    Metal Gear: Portable Ops IS the creation of FoxHound.
    They mention in Peace Walker that they've already gotten the samples and started the Les Enfant Terribles project, 2 years into it, infact.

    They don't mention him being in a coma, nor do I see it fitting in too well. Considering he left, helped recoup child soldiers, and brought Grey Fox/Naomi back to the US all inbetween Portable Ops and Peace Walker.

    Read up in the Metal Gear Database off the PSN. It will help you alot.

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  4. @ TheParoxysm I think Metal Gear: Portable Ops is the creation of MSF not Foxhound. If I'm not mistaken, the tutorial level in Peacewalker is in San Hieronimo peninsula where MPO took place and Miller even mentioned "Let's leave the San Hieronimo crap behind" or something like that. But yeah, MPO does mention about Les Enfants Terribles when the psychic lady foresaw Snake's future.. Maybe Foxhound was established after MSF.

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  5. BTW it's Metal Gear SOLID: Portable Ops

    Not a big deal, just saying XD.

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  6. Vic Boss!!!

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