Where can I find a swiming trunks?

  1. Where?

    User Info: manofgame

    manofgame - 7 years ago

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  1. Trunks - S rank ex 67, on bridge when you return

    bikini - S rank ex 68, return, but this time where swim trunks, kaz will be in a speedo, *sigh*, anywho, then it is on the bridge, just got it today,

    Cuz i though all you had to do was s rank and return, wasn't there, popped on trunks, bam, there it was, complete mission, done, lol.

    User Info: Ogabugabuga

    Ogabugabuga - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. Extra ops 67 after you s rank it do it again go to the small bridge and there they are same for bikini on extra ops 68 and repeat the instructions

    User Info: crimsonfoxm1911

    crimsonfoxm1911 - 7 years ago 0 1
  2. You have to complete both the Main Ops and Ex Ops to unlock the swimming trunks and bikini. After completion the game will so you a notice saying that you have acquire the swimming trunks and the bikini.

    User Info: gladdy_qui

    gladdy_qui - 7 years ago 0 1
  3. S rank extra ops 67, Date with Paz. After you S rank that mission, go back to the mission and head to the pier. There you can find the swim trunks. BTW, if you try to do extra ops 67 with the swim trunks on, Paz will get super embarrased and run away from you :)

    User Info: cloud2556

    cloud2556 - 5 years ago 0 0

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