PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File10/09/094SLayer4690K
All campaigns except extras done(S;few missions have A). All extra stuff options unlocked(BGM select,Upgrade limit realese, etc). Most characters and Valkyrie unlocked(mising one you can buy in shop)
Save Game File10/17/09taoakoy690K
all era missions cleared+extra missions(except chronicle missions)
Save Game File03/08/10Atoragon690K
All Mission S or SS (Including Extra, Enemy and Chronicles). All Mecha max stats. All pilots, except 6, max stats. All modes unlocked. Approx 220 hours gameplay. 100% legitimate
Save Game File06/17/10wongchokit690K
All missions are unlocked and completed with SS. All mechanics are at max status. All characters, except 6 of them, are at max status.
Save Game File10/05/09HoshunSN690K
Almost maxed stat main character, all campaigns except extras done, most at A or S rank, bgm select unlocked

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