Where can I find S rank armor?

  1. Where can I find S rank armor?
    can you tell me specifically w/c mission often it drop or most common I need it for my crimson wing T T

    User Info: ricardo241

    ricardo241 - 6 years ago

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  1. You can obtain one of three S-Rank 'weaves from getting an S-Rank on chapter 5-2 on Hard Mode.
    Other places too, but that at least is a guarantee.

    User Info: DrRyuo

    DrRyuo - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. DrRyuo is correct, yet there are aslo other places to find them too. Some noticable areas to get these ranks of armor are around A-Rank to S-Rank free missions. They are a pain go find, but easy locations which I've been finding them (at the risk of dying a lot) are "The Mad Beasts", "Price of Knowledge", and "Rainbow Beast" stages. You may actually find some S-Classed weapons by the way.

    One direct type I know as for today's run is that the Orpa-Senba armor is found on "Rainbow Beast" at the end when you and your elite band of hunters defeat the boss there at least on 'Level-A' Rank (for level 60+ players). The minimum level of S-Class armor equipment starts at Lvl.65 (not sure, someone please confirm and correct me if there are any available for players under lvl 65, that's the "weakest" S-Class armor I found) while others range higher. Their elements vary here, so try to go for a full set if you like.

    Good luck, and please be careful!

    User Info: WhiteLen

    WhiteLen - 6 years ago 0 0

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