Tips to beat Danaos???

  1. I can beat the previous rankers easily, yet I can't even strip an armor or two. He is cruel, he is fast, and almost didn't budge when I hit him.
    Can anyone please gimme a hint or two to fight him???
    I'm desperate, please!

    User Info: bedjoe92

    bedjoe92 - 7 years ago


  1. Get a good weapon. Long weapons is preferable. Try to get 99 attack.

    I suggest a spear/lance equip with a big shield, especially if you are not good at parrying. Use all the two hit combos, mid-mid, low-low, and low-high. For last combo you can use anything you like(I used cyclone). Never use charging shield combos or flying combos where you aim for head as these are only useful against weak gladiators. I recommend Nemesis style as her style allows you to hit using spear on her *square* moves where other stance use the shield instead(not good at all). It is fast as well. However I think Sextus/Aibell style is doable as well.

    Forget aiming for his head, just chip his hp little by little using O and X along with the combos. Try not to get cornered or he will butcher you real fast. The key is to maintain your distance and momentum, as well as how efficient you are in using your stamina. The two hit combos I mentioned is useful to maintain your distance so he cant hit you.

    The main idea is to mostly drain his hp using the two hit low-low combo(forgot the name, really), however you need to vary your attack with the other two hit combos otherwise he will start parrying you if you keep using the same moves.

    Using this tactic I beat him on the second try. On the first try I got slaughtered while using two-handed spears(Medeia style). I guess I lost because I was aiming to knock his helmet which he simply wears it again.

    User Info: epaacccc

    epaacccc - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Yeah...get a good weapon, i made an oriental sword with 50 atk. get a good large shield, mine was sextus' with 50 def. I used sextus' passive for him. I just ran around and strike with circle, then run around again, took me 9mins+ to get rid of this dude... his one badass #1 ranker.

    User Info: forum_wanderer

    forum_wanderer - 7 years ago 0 0
  3. Before I explain my strategy, keep in mind a few things about Danaos:

    1. Although strong, he only wears a helmet. Go for the body or better yet, the legs! He doesn't guard low!
    2. He has high health but again his defense suffers on account of no armor. Raise the attack on your weapon to 99. It really isn't as difficult as it sounds and can be rather easily obtained once you become "free" in the game.
    3. Danaos has short range! Capitalize on this by using a long weapon. It doesn't have to be any particular type but I do recommend a single weapon if only for the advice I'm about to describe.

    A really good strategy for single weapon users (those who use a weapon with a small shield/no shield) is to maximize your points in Evade Thrust. Danaos recovers extremely poorly from getting hit by this move, giving you a wide window of opportunity to get an attack in. When he gets stabbed by it, go for the sweeping low normal attack (X) and step back, then repeat with the evade thrust. The only caveat with this strategy is that even with careful timing you'll eventually run low on stamina. For this you'll need to guard and try for a parry, it'll give you enough time to recover so you can get back into the Evade Thrust game he's unable to deal with. You can also try using a sweeping normal to keep him away or to attack since all normal hits don't use stamina and let you recover.

    I admit this isn't a totally flawless method but it works surprisingly well -- I knocked him flat while hardly taking any damage. One way to augment my strategy is to equip Leg Slicer to compliment your defense. You can use this skill if you get cornered for a quick comeback that'll save you time. Another thing to keep in mind is that if your helmet gets knocked off (it'll likely happen often) use Evade Thrust to get a precious moment so you can quickly reequip it.

    User Info: kaiserneon

    kaiserneon - 7 years ago 0 0
  4. Like a coward, I rush in with dual hand weapons and run around when my stamina is low. Also, since I'm also levelling skills, my HP regens to max, so it seems like I had 2x life bar.

    User Info: blusttoy

    blusttoy - 7 years ago 0 0
  5. epaacccc mentioned Danaos' helmet. Get this if you can. The only way to get a strong character's helmet is to knock it off, and get to it before he does. Just press up on the d-pad and you'll switch yours out with the Thanatos Galea. You'll still keep your original helmet in your inventory, even after he puts it on. The Thanatos Galea starts with a 56 defense and 20 Vitality.
    Myself, I had a hard time with this guy. Didn't really come up with a strategy beyond parry/two-hit, parry/two-hit, parry/two-hit... Eventually it worked, haha.

    User Info: five0two502

    five0two502 - 7 years ago 0 0
  6. Try using Charge to corner him them use a two-hit skill, preferably Sudden Strike or Double Bash. Double Bash takes his helmet off easily. I use a Sextus passive. My equips are Golden Gladius (49-39-68) and Spiked Tower Shield (39-40-56). If you ran out of stamina just run around for 2 seconds then stop, run again then stop, until your stamina is full again. I managed to beat him after 5 mins.

    User Info: jhohniboy

    jhohniboy - 6 years ago 0 0
  7. for me bedjoe92. i am using the puglist style of spartoi. i refined my fang cestus to 99 atck and 99 def. my skill in damaging a lot for Danaos is the left piston + one-two + drop kick. once i take off his helmet i will get his helmet to put in in my arms. and make his helmet a weapon. a funny style but it

    User Info: bloodyjash

    bloodyjash - 6 years ago 0 0
  8. first max your stats. If you are using single sword style, I recommend using gulielmus passive skill. Do not use fatigue attacks and try to move around so you don't get cornered. Keep using evade thrust and then attack his arms or legs. I defeated him in 3 minutes using this tactic.

    User Info: arden719

    arden719 - 5 years ago 0 0

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