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    • Triangle = high attack, will hit an enemy's head
      • press and hold Triangle to launch an unblockable, powerful charge attack. Don't bother using it much - it is slow, you are vulnerable while charging up, and the enemy is smart enough to dodge the attack.
        • You can tell if an attack is charged/unblockable because the weapon trails will be dark gray/black instead of white.
      • striking the head (or being struck on the head) deals heavy damage (if no helmet is equipped)
    • Square = attack from your left: attacks enemy's right side
      • A note about the enemy's right arm: attacks at the enemy's right-hand will strike the enemy's weapon. It is very difficult to consistently (if at all) hit any protective gear that is equipped on the right arm. This also applied to your character - it is rare that an enemy's blows will make contact with your right arm gear.
    • O = attack from your right side: attacks the enemy's left side.
    • X = low attack, attacks enemy's feet
      • A note about X attacks - they will tend to connect with the enemy's left foot. Depending on your fighting style and equipped passive tablet, it will be easier or harder to strike at the right foot. Some skills are also good at hitting the right foot. This attack also will strike large shields, if the enemy has one equipped.
    • Up Arrow = equip/drop your head gear
    • Right Arrow = equip/drop item in your right hand
    • Left Arrow = equip/drop item in your left hand
    • Down Arrow = equip item to most appropriate place.
      • This only works if you don't already have something equipped. For example, if you do not have an item in your left hand, pressing the Down arrow next to an item will equip it in your left hand. If you have a shield in your left hand, pressing Down next to an item will cause your character to stoop as if to pick up an item, but nothing will happen.
      • you can only put helmets on your head. You can, however, equip any item to your left or right hand
      • you cannot re-equip arm and leg gear during a battle. You can pick them up and use them as weapons (not recommended)
    • Left Trigger = hold L1 and press triangle, square, circle, or X to execute a skill move
      • TIP = go into options and remove "easy/automatic skill shift" (the last option in the list). Skills use stamina, so you want to be able to control when your character uses a skill, otherwise you will be left fatigued and vulnerable to extra damage!
    • Right Trigger = hold R1 to go into Guard Mode
      • When in Guard Mode and not moving, your gladiator will automatically attempt to dodge attacks.
      • In Guard Mode, your stamina regenerates more slowly than if you were not in guard mode.
      • You will Strafe when you move while in Guard Mode; your gladiator moves a little more slowly, but will not show his/her back to your current enemy
      • your gladiator will not dodge if you are strafing
    • Left + Right Trigger = press both together, or press Left while holding Right. Causes your gladiator to Parry an enemy's attack or skill attack.
      • you need to time your parry so that it occurs when the enemy is about to strike.
      • What can't be parried: charged attacks, some skill moves
      • you will not recover stamina for a brief time after you do a parry.
      • Enemies only tend to parry your attacks after you land about 4 to 5 consecutive/uninterrupted non-blockable attacks
      • If more than one enemy attacks you at roughly the same time, your parry move will work on all attacks
      • Parry works from all directions; you can do a parry on attacks from behind.
      • if you mess up on your parry (i.e. execute it too soon), there is a small recovery time where your character is vulnerable to attack
      • TIP: If you parry and realize your enemy is actually making a charge attack: firmly tap the R1 button twice very, very rapidly. If you time it right, this causes your character to recover (negates the usual recovery time) from making a parry so you can dodge the charge/unblockable attack.
      • Parrying is invaluable because sometimes your character will be unable to complete dodge a string of attacks (such as from an opponent's skill attack)
    • Analog Stick = moves your character around
      • you are vulnerable to attacks when running around
      • when fighting more than one enemy, you can quickly change your target by shoving the analog stick in the direction of an enemy while attacking. It isn't at all like the Jab Attacks from Colosseum: Road to Freedom; you will face the enemy you pushed the analog stick towards. Sometimes you can perform a few of these quick-direction change attacks successfully, but they aren't as fast nor as useful as Jab Attacks were.
    • Start/Select = in a battle, will bring up a menu with: Resume, Options, Status, Retry, Title.
      • When you go to an arena, you have 3 retry attempts that you can use at any point during a match. You don't get 3 retries per match, you only get 3 retries per arena day. A retry will return you to the moment before you entered the match in which you used the retry.
      • If you lose a battle (die) and have 1 or more retry attempts left, the game will automatically "use" a retry and return you to the moment before you entered the match in which you died. If you do not have any retries left, you will get a "game over" and will need to reload a save game.


    You can enter a name, or have the game generate a random Roman-sounding name (gender-dependent).


    Select your country of origin. The region of origin becomes an available Prefix for your nickname. Sometimes an NPC will mention your country of origin.

    The following is the list of available origins, followed by their modern-day geographic equivalent (roughly).

    • Britannia = Britain
    • Dacia = Romania
    • Gallia = Gaul, France
    • Germania = Germany
    • Greece = Greece
    • Hispania = Spain and Portugal
    • Parthia = Iran
    • Rome = Rome
    • Thrace = the Balkans
    • Numidia = south of Egypt, Ethiopia

    Body Type

    You can initially select from 4 types:

    • Standard Male
    • Muscular Male
    • Standard Female
    • Muscular Female

    Some dialog is different depending on whether you are male or female. Usually it is only the difference between woman/man or he/she.

    When you beat the game and start anew using your post-game save, you can select more body types:

    • any named special gladiator that you had previously defeated (e.g. Aibell, Flamma, Celadus, etc.)
      • No Palus outfits can be equipped.
    • the fat male gladiator
      • has 3 head types that you can choose from. Fully customizable skin color, hair style, and hair color. No Palus outfits can be equipped.
    • the special units in the mock battles
      • male only. Fully customizable skin color, hair style, head type, and hair color. No Palus outfits can be equipped.
    • any NPC model you fought and defeated (Patron questlines and main questline)
      • Some models allow you to customize skin color, hair style, head type, and hair color. No Palus outfits can be equipped.

    Skin Color

    Choose from three palettes

    Head Type

    affects the voice set of your character


    Male facial hair color is automatic and depends on the Skin color palette you used.

    Hair Color

    choose from two palettes

    Stat Points

    you start with 20 points to distribute. Your base stats are 10 for VIT, END, and STR.

    World Map

    When you are ready to go to an arena, select the "World Map." Until you are Secundus Palus, you have no choice as to which arena you go to. When you become Secundus Palus, you may choose which Arena to go to. Select an arena to view the Patron, and press X to view the matches that the arena is hosting. Press X again to go to the Arena. You may also choose to go to an Armorer without going to the arena.


    • Voluptas Arena
    • The Great Colosseum
    • Atillus Arena

    Patrons There are four patrons who are hosting games at the arenas.

    • Glory of Campania - sponsored by Pomponius, a Roman senator
    • Providence of Strenia - sponsored by Brosius, a former gladiator
    • Whisper of Egeria - sponsored by Elisaveta, wife of the Senate's financial commissioner
    • Smile of Bellona - sponsored by Aquillia, daughter of General Drusus

    If you are Secundus Palus, you may visit a patron if one of the stars under their name is filled solid. Otherwise, the game will tell you that you are not close enough (relationship-wise) to the patron to be able to visit him/her.


    • Survival = pits you against three gladiators at a time.
    • Team Battle = you and a team mate fight three gladiators at a time.
    • Battle Royal = you and four other gladiators duke it out; last one standing wins
    • Two-on-two = you and a team mate fight a pair of gladiators.
      • NOTE: after you beat some of the name gladiators, they will appear in two-on-two matches.
    • vs [name] = you fight a named gladiator. Once you are Secundus Palus, press Triangle to view your Gladiator General Ranking. You can view the name and fighting style of gladiators on this list.
    • Duel = only available once you are ranked 5th(?) or higher. Not available again once you attain 1st Rank and/or participate in matches against your challengers. Duels pit you against a generic random gladiator.
    • Mock Battles = you must be Secundus Palus or higher to participate in a mock battle. They only occur in the Colosseum and if the patron hosting the event is Elisaveta or Aquillia.
      • War: German = you and a team mate fight against germanic warriors.
        • four waves of three enemies.
      • War: Jugurtha = you fight against gladiators and beasts.
        • one wave of three enemies, one wave of two enemies and a bull, one wave of two tigers, and one wave of an elephant and one enemy.
      • War: Zama = recreates a Carthaginian battle.
        • three waves of three enemies, and one wave of one gladiator.
          • A chariot is driven around the edge of the arena; if it hits you or an enemy, it deals massive damage (over 100!).
      • War: Sicilian = Fight four enemies one-on-one.
        • you fight in an enclosed space against a single enemy. Three spaces pit you against a pugilist, dual sword, and single sword. The last enemy uses the Shield style.
        • It seems that the only gear you can take from battle is gear dropped by the final enemy. Sometimes one or two items from the other three enemies appear on the loot list. If you want an item dropped by an enemy in one of the enclosed spaces, you must carry it out of the enclosed space.
      • War: Alesia = recreates a battle to gain access to (and kill) the chieftain of a fort.
        • fight two sets of four enemies and one set of three enemies. The first two sets consist of three regular enemies and one "officer". Kill the officer (wears a brown shirt) to proceed to the next set.
        • If you kill all three regular enemies, fresh reinforcements will appear.
      • War: Actium = Battle takes place on three ships and the walkways that connect them.
        • fight three sets of three enemies. There is a single enemy between set 1 and 2, and another single enemy between set 2 and 3.
        • You cannot fall off the ships or walkways.
        • It seems that the only gear you can take from battle is gear dropped by the final set of enemies. If you want an item dropped by an enemy from one of the other ships or walkways, you must carry it with you.


    Displays your status. Includes your name, nickname, class, status (slave/free), attributes, hit points, stamina, weight (current/limit), debt, and spendable money.

    Press the Square button to spend your APs (Ability Points) on your Vitality, Endurance, and Strength.


    Each class comes with two outfits you can choose from. You can alter/customize the color of certain parts (cloth) of the outfit. The outfits are for aesthetic purposes and do not seem to have an effect on the game (e.g. the Crowd Meter).

    • Quartus Palus = the lowest class, which you start at.
    • Tertius Palus
    • Secundus Palus
      • you can choose which arena/armorer to go to and whether to visit a patron
    • Primus Palus = highest class

    Status and Debt

    Debt represents how much money you need to earn from matches in order to pay off Magerius and earn your freedom.

    Status = you are a slave until you pay off Magerius. When you are liberated, you may choose to end the game or continue as a gladiator. Even if you are a free gladiator, other characters will still call you a slave.

    • when you are free, you get to keep all of your match prize money for use at the armorer.


    This represents how much money is available for you to buy and refine items. It does not count toward paying off your debt. Money is gained as a percentage of the winnings from your matches. You can also gain money by selling items. Sometimes patrons will give you money...


    A better name would be "attributes."

    • VIT = Vitality. Affects your constitution to endure more damage.
      • Increasing VIT by 1 will increase your HP by 2.
      • HP = Health. Represents how much damage you can take. When you reach 0, you are dead.
        • your health is automatically restored when you go back to the Ludus.
    • END = Endurance. Affects your endurance to allow more Skill Attacks.
      • Increasing END by 1 will increase your Stamina by 1.
      • Stamina is the numerical quantity from which skill stamina costs are subtracted. Stamina is regained over time when your gladiator is doing nothing. Stamina increases slowly when in Guard Mode.
    • STR = Strength. Affects your damage dealt and weight limits.
      • Increasing STR by 1 increases your weight limit by 1.
      • equipping more than your limit will decrease your attack speed and skill attack speed, as well as possibly affecting your stamina recovery rate.

    Style Levels

    Fighting Style level and current experience for each of the four fighting styles is displayed.

    There are 4 fighting styles. A style automatically "gains" experience when you fight in that style. After a certain amount of use/experience, you level up in that style. Leveling up occurs during combat and will restore your gladiator to full health and stamina.

    Each style also has its own "speed". In order from fastest to slowest: pugilist, dual sword, single sword, shield.

    • Single Sword = use a weapon in the right hand. A small shield is optional (but recommended!).
      • Single Sword is also the style used if you have a small shield in one hand and no weapon in the right hand (?needs to be confirmed).
    • Shield Style = use a weapon in the right hand and a large shield in the left hand.
    • Dual Sword Style = use a weapon in the right hand and another weapon in the left hand.
    • Pugilist = fight with your bare fists or with hand-weapons.
      • X attacks are done with your feet. To increase the damage done by X attacks, equip foot armor that has a high Attack rating. X attacks performed with your character's right foot.
      • Fist attacks are pretty weak - use hand weapons to deliver more damage
      • The fastest style with some pretty sweet skills, but definitely not recommended if you haven't played the game before or are not proficient at dodging and parrying.
      • Pugilist attacks are very short-range, so you need to get in close to your opponent to make contact.
      • TIP: knock off foot gear, proceed viciously attack your enemy's shins. Likewise, knocking off the helmet and striking the enemy's head is a good way to take down your opponent.

    Pick a style and use it exclusively. If you want to gain experience in other styles, I recommend waiting until you have at least maxed out your stats. There's not much benefit to learning the other skills for the other fighting styles, but it can be fun.

    • TIP: if you low on health during a match, switch to a style you are not proficient in (eg. only Level 1). It is easy to level up at low levels, and doing so will fully restore your health and stamina.

    Item Box

    All your items are stored here. Press X to enter your item box. To the left are your currently equipped items and Total Weight. To the left is your box. Use the arrow and shoulder/trigger buttons to navigate the box's items. Also displayed at the bottom of the box are your current amount of money an the number of items you own. You can store up to 500 items in the box.

    The box is organized into tabs, which you can navigate with the shoulder/trigger buttons.

    • Weapons = weapons
    • Shield = large and small shields
    • Helmet = all head gear
    • Arm = arm protection
    • Leg = leg protection
    • Misc = your Palus outfits

    Press "Select" to bring up the Sorter. You can sort items by Name, Attack, Defense, Weight, and Price. You can change to ascending/descending order by pressing the Up or Down arrow. You can navigate to a different tab while keeping the Sorter bar open.

    Press X to discard an item.

    Press Square to view item details. This will display the symbols on Blue and Yellow items, and the Ability/Attribute bonus of Yellow items.

    Skill Panel

    Skills are gained automatically depending on your fighting style level. You can view your skills and assign skills to buttons via the Skill Panel. You can do this at the Ludus and in the arena before you enter a match. Although a skill might only be gained using a certain style, you might be able to use it with another combat style.

    The view skills, select one of the 4 active skills and press the X button. You will be taken to the Skill Panel/Skill Equip screen, which will allow you to scroll through your available skills. You can toggle the skill description box on and off to get a better view of the preview animation.

    To reinforce a skill, go to the Skill Panel (if you are at the Equip Skill screen, press the O button), then select one of the four skills you have currently equipped, and press the square button.

    • you can upgrade a skill using Skill Points, which is equal to your style level minus 1. You can upgrade a skill to a max level of 22. Upgrading a skill will increase its base attack and its stamina cost.

    Some skills are only gained when you defeat one of the named gladiators. Each named gladiator has one active skill and one passive skill. Gulielmus has several skills that you learn from him (3 active skills and one passive skill, one of which you can only use after you beat the game and restart using your post-game save).

    Single Sword Skills

    Final skill is acquired at Single Sword level 21.

    NameDescriptionAttackStamina CostStyles
    SmashA quick attack that swings downward at the enemy's head with the left hand/shield.10031Single Sword, Pugilist
    Body Blowa quick punch to the enemy's stomach with the shield/hand. Cannot be parried10041Single Sword, Pugilist
    Swift ShotCircles around the enemy counter-clockwise, then strikes at the head. Cannot be parried10041Single Sword, Shield
    Evade ThrustQuick crouch, followed by a thrust. Can duck under many attacks, but consumes a large amount of stamina.10061Single Sword
    Jump ThrustJumps up and strikes down at the enemy's head.10051Single Sword, Dual Sword
    Mach ThrustThrusts repeatedly at the enemy. Quick, but has little range.10051Single Sword
    Rock BreakerDoes a full swing downward. Can follow up with a body charge by using the skill again, quickly.7541Single Sword, Shield
    Turn SlashSwings upward at the enemy while turning. Can hit enemies behind you.10051Single Sword, Shield
    Side SwipeMoves to the left and swings downward at the enemy. Can throw the enemy off balance.10041Single Sword, Dual Sword
    BashPunched the enemy's head with the shield/hand to force them to turn to their side.10051Single Sword, Pugilist
    Sudden StrikeKicks the enemy's feet, then follows up with a strike to the head.7541Single Sword, Shield
    Twin ThrustCombination attack that attacks from high to low. Obtained by beating Nemesis.7551Single Sword, Shield
    TwistSpins to the right while making a long-ranged swipe. Obtained by beating Spiculus.10051Single Sword, Dual Sword
    HurricaneAddition button presses after the right elbow strike unleashes a combo. Third strike cannot be parried. Obtained by beating Celadus.7551Single Sword, Dual Sword
    Leg SlicerLow, quick spin, followed by a slash to the leg. Obtained by beating Guillemus at Cassius' Camp.10051Single Sword
    • TIP: Swift Shot, and then Side Swipe, are pretty useful when you find yourself backed into a corner; these skills offer a quick way to reposition yourself when an enemy is backing you into a corner, or if you find yourself surrounded by enemies.

    Shield Skills

    Final skill is obtained at Shield Style Level 23.

    NameDescriptionAttackStamina CostStyles
    PushPushes away the enemy with the shield. Quick and uses little stamina, but has very little range.10031Single Sword, Shield, Pugilist
    Wolf FangSlams the shield into the enemy's head. Additional button presses will unleash an upward strike.7551Shield
    PilebunkerStays low while hiding behind the shield, then charges at the enemy with full force. Consumes a lot of stamina.10061Single Sword, Shield
    Shield RamRushes at the enemy with your shield. Cannot be parried.10051Shield
    Shield BashSwing your shield at the enemy's head. A clean hit will make the enemy turn to the side.10051Shield
    Stealth NeedleRush at the enemy while hiding behind your shield. Follow with an upward thrust/10061Shield
    Double ThrustSpin to the right while thrusting twice in the middle.7541Single Sword, Shield, Dual Sword
    ChargeCharge at the enemy while hiding behind your shield.10051Shield
    BowlingLunge at the enemy's feet while pushing your shield forward.10041Shield
    Double StingerStrike the enemy's feet with your shield, followed by another low strike.7551Shield
    EdgeCircle around the enemy to the left, then strike at the enemy's side. Cannot be parried.10041Shield
    Air RaidJump at the enemy with your shield up while aiming for the head. Cannot be parried.10051Shield, Dual Sword
    CycloneSpread your arms and spin around to attack the entire area. Obtained by beating Flamma.7551Shield, Dual Sword
    Side CutterCurcle around the enemy to the left, then attack to throw the opponent off balance. Obtained by beating Sextus.10051Shield
    Double BashPunch the enemy's gut with the shield, then strike from above. Obtained by beating Aibell.7541Shield, Pugilist
    • NOTE: Pilebunker and Charge will propel your gladiator pretty far. Cyclone is slow and does only one rotation, and only somewhat effective against groups of enemies.

    Dual Sword Skills

    Final skill is learned at Dual Sword Level 21.

    NameDescriptionAttackStamina CostStyles
    Back ThrustCircle to the right, then use both weapons to thrust. Cannot be parried.7531Dual Sword
    FurySlash three times on the spot. Quick, but has no range.5051Dual Sword
    Wild DanceCombination attack that starts with a spinning jump.7541Dual Sword
    Step SlashJump backward, then suddenly charge back in with a slash. Cannot be parried.7541Single Sword, Dual Sword
    Twin SpikesDash at the enemy with a thrust. Consumes a lot of stamina.7561Dual Sword
    Twin BeatSlash twice using both weapons at the enemy's head.7541Dual Sword
    StingStrike the ground by your feet. Consumes little stamina.7531Dual Sword, Pugilist
    Double SliceJump to the side while slashing with both weapons.7541Dual Sword
    Sweep SlashMaintain a low position while spinning to the left and swinging at the enemy's leg.7541Dual Sword
    Gut CutterMaintain a low position while spinning to the right and swinging at the enemy's torso.7551Shield, Dual Sword
    Cross CutterAim for the enemy's neck using both weapons in a scissoring motion. Uses little stamina.7531Dual Sword
    Mole KillerStrike the ground three consecutive times with your equipped weapon. Obtained by beating Hories.5051Dual Sword, Pugilist
    WingJump up, then slash using both weapons from above. Consumes a lot of stamina. Obtained by beating Ursus.5061Dual Sword
    Twin FangThrust upward from a low position using both weapons. Short Range. Cannot be parried. Obtained by beating Danaos.7551Dual Sword
    Double ClawReverse the grip on both weapons, then do a combo attack that strikes both up and down. Obtained by beating Medeia.7541Dual Sword
    • NOTE: Back Thrust is simple and effective - many enemies are able to use this unblockable skill attack.

    Pugilist Skills

    Final skill is learned at Pugilist Level 21.

    NameDescriptionAttackStamina CostStyles
    One-TwoDo two quick jabs with the left and right fists, aiming at the enemies head. Uses little stamina.5031Pugilist
    Elbow ArrowLeap at the enemy's head with elbow. Uses little stamina.10031Pugilist
    Knuckle SmashUnleash a full force punch backed by your entire body weight. Cannot be parried.10051Pugilist
    Drop KickLeap toward the enemy while using both legs to kick. Cannot be parried.7551Pugilist
    Knuckle HookSidestep to the right before unleashing a right hook aimed at the enemy's face.10041Pugilist
    HeadbuttAttack the enemy with a quick headbutt. Has little range and is affected by the power of your helmet.10031Single Sword, Shield, Pugilist
    Jump KickJump up and do a roundhouse kick that is aimed at the enemy's head. Cannot be parried.10041Pugilist
    Middle KickUse your left leg to kick the enemy's arm or torso. Uses little stamina.10031Single Sword, Pugilist
    High KickA quick reverse roundhouse kick that aims for the head.10041Dual Sword, Pugilist
    SavateA quick reverse roundhouse kick that aims for the enemy's arm or torso.10051Single Sword, Pugilist
    Left PistonsSidestep to the left before throwing two hooks to the gut and one to the head.7541Pugilist
    Sliding Low KickSidestep to the left and kick the enemy's leg at the same time. Uses little stamina.10031Pugilist
    PunisherThrow an elbow to the enemy's head. Quick to start and also uses little stamina.Obtained by beating Gulielmus (Secundus Palus match).10031Single Sword, Pugilist
    Knee BlastTake half a step forward to thrust your knee into the enemy's gut. Extremely short ranged. '''Obtained by beating Gulielmus (Primus Palus match).10041Single Sword, Dual Sword, Pugilist
    Double HammerA powerful attack done by throwing both of your arms downward. Obtained by beating Spartoi.5061Pugilist
    • NOTE: Middle Kick will sometimes strike an enemy's foot.

    Passive Skills

    A Passive Skill gives your gladiator the same combat animations/moves as the gladiator from whom you learned the skill. Passive skills are restricted and will only "work" if you are using the appropriate fighting style (the same one used by the gladiator).

    NOTE: Nemesis' style only works if you have a spear equipped for Single Sword style.

    SpiculusSingle SwordO and Square attacks both use the weapon in the right hand.
    NemesisSingle SwordYou must have a spear and small shield equipped for this skill to work. Charged triangle attack is a thrust aimed at the torso.
    CeladusSingle SwordSquare attacks use the shield in your left hand.
    GulielmusSingle SwordO and Square attacks both use your sword.
    SextusShieldThe triangle attack sometimes does not contact the enemy. Charged triangle attack is like the Charge skill, will tend to damage the feet.
    FlammaShieldthe charged triangle attack is a huge rotating swing that aims for the torso. Square attack uses the shield.
    AibellShieldCharged triangle attack is a jump that aims for the head. Square attack uses the shield.
    UrsusDual SwordCharge attack is a leap that slashes both weapons downwards.
    HoriesDual SwordCharged triangle attack aims for the feet.
    DanaosDual SwordExcellent set of moves. The swings tend to also strike any enemies that are flanking you.
    MedeiaDual SwordTriangle attack is like the Cross Cutter skill.
    SpartoiPugilistThe only style for pugilists. Much better than the generic/default moves.

    My Room

    In your room, you can view your statistics and select a nickname.


    Displays varies stats such as your evasion rate, number of matches, and total kill rate. Use R1/L1 to view stats on your past evaluations.


    You can choose a Prefix and a Nickname. Use the Left or Right directional buttons to navigate to the Prefix and Nickname lists. Use the Up and Down buttons to highlight a nickname or prefix. Prefixes and Nicknames are earned depending on:

    • gear you wear consistently
      • Example: If you wear several pieces of gear of similar color, you may get a color prefix (e.g. "Viridian" if you wear green equipment) after several matches
      • Example: wearing the Roman Cassis helmet will gain you the nickname "Legionnaire"
    • Your evasion and hit rates
      • there are prefixes for both low and high evasion and hit rates
    • your Strength, Vitality, and Endurance
    • your country of origin
    • your fighting style level (level 10 and level 25)

    Choosing an accurate prefix and nickname can give you boost to the crowd meter even before you start a battle.


    You fight against the instructor (invulnerable). Press the Select button to end training at any time. Useful for testing out new active skills and passive skills, or for practicing your dodging and parrying.


    Save your game! Gladiator Begins has a fixed number (20+) of save slots that it will create.

    Crowd Excitement Meter

    In the upper right hand part of the screen is a bar. The notch in the bar represents the required amount of Crowd approval/excitement for you to activate an adrenaline rush, which replenishes your stamina at a fast rate. When you reach the notch, the bar will flash.

    Gaining the "expected" (notch) amount of excitement will get you more bonus money and AP.

    During battle, text will appear under the bar/Crowd Meter, such as "4 chain hit" or "good attack!"

    How much you fill the Crowd Meter determines the number of items you can take from the battle.

    Instant Excitement = starting a match with some of the crowd meter already filled.

    • you are a high class
    • you are a high rank
    • you choose a nickname that matches your current status

    Losing Approval

    • the battle takes too long (8+ minutes? you probably won't encounter this problem too much)
    • you wound an ally
      • it is okay if you hit their gear

    Gaining Approval = there are several ways to increase your Crowd Meter, some of which are described here:

    • Perform "good" attacks
      • attack a staggered enemy, such as right after you parry an enemy
      • attack an enemy that is winded/has just performed a fatigue attack
    • Evade attacks by dodging or parrying. The more consecutive times you evade, the happier the audience is.
    • Chain Hits = consecutive, uninterrupted strikes, each performed within a short time frame. Sometimes the audience likes it, but doing chain hits (even 10 Chain Hits) seldom increases the Crowd Meter.
    • Chain Kill = kill a one enemy, then kill another within a short period of time. The audience loves this.
    • "act" like your nickname. This will appear as "Precisely [nickname]!" in the text under the Crowd Meter. Sometimes acting like your nickname will give a small boost to your Crowd Meter, but sometimes it does not seem to influence the Crowd Meter.
    • Knock Off Enemy Gear - the audience especially seems to like it if you do a chain knock-off.
    • Back Attack = attack an enemy from behind.

    Using the Crowd Meter

    • press R1 + Triangle to "cheer" and activate the Crowd Meter.
      • time "slows down" during your cheer, so you are not vulnerable to attack
    • you can only activate the meter once
    • duration doesn't seem to depend on how much past the notch you fill the meter
    • during an adrenaline rush, your stamina regenerates at a fast level, regardless of your actions
    • your weapon trails will glow yellow-orange

    Killing an enemy does not automatically give a boost to your Crowd meter. You can get boosts if:

    • The killing blow was done with an active skill and you have one of the following nicknames selected: Warrior, Brave, Rampart, Fort, Iron Fist, Grand Master, Acrobat, Dancer.
    • You evaded most attacks and performed a number of "good" attacks. After a good battle like that, you can get a huge boost to your crowd meter.

    Body Eagle

    Your body is represented by an eagle figure. Unlike in Colosseum: Road to Freedom, there is no locational damage.

    When you equip protective gear, the body part that it protects will be shaded gold. When the gear takes damage and is close to falling off, the gold will flash. Also, when struck, your armor and weapons will flash a color.

    • White = little damage sustained, item not in danger of falling off
    • Yellow = moderately close to falling off
    • Red = a few more hits and the item will fall off/be dropped

    NOTE: Unlike in Colosseum: Road to Freedom, you can NEVER lose equipment that you had on you when you entered a match, even if it falls off (if it falls off, it will not appear on the list of item you can take from battle).

    Your health is represented visually as color.

    • Blue = undamaged
    • Green = mostly healthy
    • Yellow = you are fairly wounded
    • Orange = you are very wounded
    • Red (flashing!) = you are close to death

    Damage numbers displayed in white text represent damage to health. Numbers in blue text represent damage to equipment. Once the damage to equipment exceeds its defense rating, you will drop it.


    Under the Body Eagle are two swords, one left and one right. They represent your "grip" on your weapon(s)/shield. If your weapon or shield is hit repeatedly, your grip will weaken. When the sword icon flashes, your grip is very weak and a few more hits will cause you to drop your weapon/shield.

    Your grip naturally restores over time when the weapon/shield isn't being struck by an enemy. The Defense rating of a weapon or shield seems to correlate to your grip strength: the higher the defense rating, the more consecutive hits the weapon/shield can take before your grip begins to weaken.

    Stamina Meter

    The vertical green bar represents your stamina, which is used to execute skill moves. Stamina restores naturally when you are doing nothing. When in guard mode, your stamina recovers slowly. While you swing your weapon or when you parry, your stamina does not recover.

    When you run out of stamina and attempt to perform a skill, your character will make a "Desperation attack", a wide, slow attack. The gladiator then stands, exhausted, and is vulnerable to attacks. In this state, damage taken is greatly increased.

    Clock And Enemies Defeated

    The Clock shows the duration of the match. Some matches have a fixed time limit; the clock will count down to 0:00. Other matches have no time limit.

    Some matches require you to defeat a certain number of enemies. The display is [enemies defeated]/[# of enemies you need to defeat]. Other matches have no limit to the number of available opponents.

    Before Battle

    You may visit your item box and skill panel before a battle. You may also visit the armorer to purchase, sell, or refine gear. You cannot spend your APs unless you are in the Ludus Magerius.

    Heal Wounds

    You may visit the doctor before/after any battles. He will give you a free assessment of your condition and a price quote. You can choose to have your wounds healed or to not have them healed.

    • NOTE: your wounds are automatically healed when you return to Ludus Magerius


    You can do the following:

    • Purchase New = purchase new items at new-item prices. As your class increases, new, better gear will become available for purchase.
    • Purchase Old = purchase gear that you sold during your current time at this arena.
    • Sell Items = sell your stuff. You get about 25% of its retail value.
    • Refine = refine your gear to make it better!


    An item has three available slots corresponding to attack, defense, and weight. Per slot, you can have one of three symbols:

    • yellow O (Theta)
    • orange triangle (Delta)
    • Blue Squiggle (Sigma)

    Select an item to refine. You will then be prompted to select another item. If a slot's symbol on your base item matches the symbol on the other item, then the base item's attribute will increase. If the symbols do not match, then the attribute will decrease.

    • Example: Sword has a Yellow O under its attack. To increase the attack, select an item with a Yellow O under its Attack attribute. To decrease the attack of the sword, select an item with either a Blue Sigma or an Orange Triangle under its attack attribute.

    To increase an attribute by two, you must have two slots that, when paired with another item, both increase.

    • Example: base sword has Yellow O for attack and Orange triangle for Defense. To increase both its attack and defense by two, select an item that also has a yellow O for attack and an Orange triangle for defense.

    Suggestion: save your game, go to an armorer, and experiment.

    Refining items costs money. The more changes that are made (i.e. affecting more than one attribute at a time), the more expensive the refining becomes. Adding attribute/ability bonuses also increases the cost.

    Attribute/Ability bonuses:

    • present on gear you can collect from battle
    • only one status bonus per item (you cannot have +END and +VIT on the same item)
    • can be generated if three slots' symbols match (three Blue Squiggles, orange triangles, or yellow Os).
    • adding yellow gear to a base item: the ability bonus will decrease when you refine the items. If all three symbols on both the base item and yellow item match, then you will get the max ability transfer (typically 45-50% of the ability bonus of the yellow item). Doing this is also very expensive!


    View the matches you are allowed to participate in. Highlight a match to view its details.

    Each match comes with a short description and information on:

    • the number of enemies you need to kill. "infinite" means "unlimited"
    • The time limit
    • Qualifying Class in order to participate
    • Difficulty = there are three levels of difficulty. More circle medals mean the match is more difficult.
    • Prize money, excluding any bonus reward money

    Return to Stable

    Return to Ludus Magerius. You must participate in at least one event before you can go back. If a match is listed in yellow text, you must participate in it before you are allowed to return to the Ludus.

    When you return, a recap of the day's events is presented. Your prize money is displayed, as well as the APs you earned in each match (26 max per match) and subtracted from your debt. Your experience to the next Class is displayed.

    Rank Up!

    When you participate, you gain "experience" - you get more experience when you perform well (high audience approval). This counts toward your Palus Class. When you gain a certain amount of experience, you will increase in rank/class.

    • The next time you go to the World Map, you will go to a celebratory match against Gulielmus.
    • The armorer will have new gear available.
    • You gain access to a new set of Palus outfits.
    • you will be able to participate in more difficult (and more rewarding!) events

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