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"Not quite what you'd think. In a good way."

First and foremost, this is NOT a tycoon game, despite the name and classification. It's more like a live-action squad-based RTS. The whole premise of this game is you are a scientist that makes Formula Z, which turns people into zombies. And, of course, there's that one annoying fool that tries to stop you.

So, here's the deal. The game is split into a number of levels. 10 different stages, though so far, I've actually repeated one(during the story. Had different objective). The first level or two is a tutorial that teaches you the basics of controlling your three squads(colored Green, Blue, and Red). I'm not gonna go over the actual controls, but the overall idea of each level is to destroy all buildings in each town before moving on. There are periodically bosses at the end of some levels, with slightly different ways to beat each one. There's also a fair bit of humor involved, particularly once the main character(Tycoon) gets his hands on the antidote to his zombie virus.

On the actual gameplay, the zombies do tend to take roundabout routes if you send them to an area a bit far off, so try to guide them carefully when there are a lot of buildings. Sound is pretty good. Story is what you'd expect from a mini: nothing special, and mostly used as a guideline for how each boss comes about and to set up the basis of the next level. Humor is widespread in every bit of dialogue, so it's worth reading the text. The only issue is, if all of your zombies die and you have to repeat a level, you also have to repeat all of the text. No way to skip it. There are no cutscenes, either.

About the zombies themselves: there are various obstacles around each city. Every squad of zombies has its own equipment set(2 weapons, or 1 2-handed weapon), shoes/boots(for extra speed mostly, though two are needed to get past traps), chest slot, and a head slot(different stuff: mostly extra defense/hp. One has boosted attack speed. A few for obstacles). A lot of the achievements are either "Complete level #", "Kill X of this enemy", and completing levels with certain restrictions(don't spawn a zombie, don't lose a zombie, etc). The only not self-explanatory achievements are the dress-up ones(Dress a zombie like a cow, like an angry mom, etc).

All that being said, it's a fun game, and it's definitely worth a play. At $7.99, I think it's worth the money.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/02/12

Game Release: Zombie Tycoon (US, 10/29/09)

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