How acquire items that teach spells other than copying and doing Elizabeth's request?

  1. i missed some important spells andsometimes i dont feel like monitoring her request list. I also missed recarm which is a pain in the ___.

    btw are her equipment rewards the best equips in the game -for the meantime- i noticed that most of the items there could actually compete above 2 levels from the items that can be bought from the police man

    User Info: Quarrry

    Quarrry - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Btw there's an item that can be gotten at 6/16

    ist possible to get that at 6/17 onwards considering the fact that 7/5 is the deadline?

    User Info: Quarrry

    Quarrry - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. For the skill cards, you can always re-get persona to get the cards again. For Recarm, I fused a Nigi Mitama and recorded it in the Compendium before it reached level 18 (which is when you get the Recarm card) so that I can re-summon it and get the card over and over again (I'm also copying it). Also, if you're not too late, rescuing the first missing person gets you a Recarm card as well.

    For the equipment from Elizabeth, like pretty much all of the equipment, it's good for a while, then you find something better. I'm on 7/5, and even the weapons I get from the 3 of Swords isn't as good as the 3 "gag" weapons I have from Elizabeth. IIRC, the most powerful weapons are the fusion weapons, however.

    User Info: Dessa

    Dessa - 7 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. No, you have to get that item on the day specified, otherwise you can never get it. Trust me, I missed one like that, so I have to wait for a New Game Plus in order to try to get that item again.

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  2. Any item Elizabeth says can be gotten on a specific date can't be received any earlier or later, if you miss that date then it's too late.

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  3. In P3P you'll actually notice you're just getting weapons from Elizabeth/Theodore that you can buy later from the Policeman. So it's basically free weapons. But as stated earlier, the best weapons are fusion weapons, though I believe the lowest level weapon is in the early you have a while to go. I'm already lvl 99 with all the weapons except for Aigi's gun =( btw fusion weapon list is:
    Masakado- Junpei
    Shiva- Ken
    Asura- Koromaru
    Skadi- Mitsuru
    Mara- Akihiko
    Atavaka- FeMC
    Lucifer(Judgement)- MC
    Metatron- Aigis
    Chi You(?)- Yukari

    User Info: BakuhatsuSeigi

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