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The sequel shines even brighter... Seriously Dood?!

Game: Prinny 2: Toukou Yuugi! Akatsuki no Pantsu Daisakusenss!!
Reviewer: Judqement8

So the "long" waited sequel to Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? is finally here. For those who haven't played the first game: Prinny games are platformers where you play as the Prinnies from NIS's SRPG series called Disgaea. Prinnies are these penguin looking creatures who were once humans, but because those humans were criminals when they died they were reborn as Prinnies and now they are working to atone for their sins and to get reborn as humans again.

Because I really loved the first Prinny game I just had to get this and see if they could improve it even further. And I gotta say that this totally surpassed my expectations.

To be honest I was pretty surprised when I first heard what the story is about. The story is simple as getting Etna's stolen underwear back. Yeah I'm not joking, Etna's underwear has been stolen and she sends her (pathetic) Prinny squad to receive them back. To succeed in the mission the Hero Prinny must find those panties before next day's morning. For a platformer the story is actually really entertaining and the "nostalgic" humor from Disgaea games continues with Prinny 2.
Score: 9/10

Well what can I say, I really liked the simple graphics that were in the first game so I knew what to expect. The character sprites are the same 2D sprites as in the first game with a little spice up. I adore the new stage backgrounds which are made beautifully and they really suit the stage well (gives you more ambiance). What is completely new are the 3D bosses, well I don't mean that all the bosses are in 3D but some of them are. At first I was not really excited about this "3D" upgrade, but after actually battling the bosses I can honestly say that the models are well made and give a nice little change for the 2D sprites. In the end the graphics are gorgeous in their simplicity.
Score: 8/10

Well it's perfect. There is not much to say about it. Every stage has different music and every one of them is top-notch. Even after playing it through dozens of time, I can guarantee that you won't get tired of hearing them. Tenpei Sato is an amazing composer and I feel like he has done the best job with the Prinny games so far. Besides no one can deny the awesomeness of Asagi Go Fight.
Score 10/10

Like the music, I have nothing to whine about. Every voice acting and every sound the monsters make just suit the game perfectly. Even the small jumping voices, hip pounds and explosions are nice. Some of the voices can be annoying like the archers, but like I said it suits well (annoying character, annoying voice). I think that's pretty much it.
Score: 9.5/10

This is absolutely my favorite part and the biggest reason I like this game so much. Before starting I must say that if someone says that the controls of this game are laggy/unresponsive has not played this game or doesn't know what laggy and unresponsive means.

The controls are pretty much the same as in the first game with a few additions. The Prinny's jumping is probably the biggest reason why people complain about this game. And that's because you can't control the Prinny while he is in mid-air. I personally like it in the way it is but I admit that if you're used to control your character in the air this "new" (old) jumping method may take some time to get used to.The attacks of the Prinny are pretty basic: slashing with daggers in the ground and using air slash called the Prinny Barrage in the air. The attacking speed depends on how fast you tap the square button, so the faster you tap the easier it is to defeat the enemies/bosses. You can also use a move called the Hip Pound. When the Prinny uses Hip Pound he stomps onto the enemy with his butt stunning the enemy and making it much more vulnerable to attacks, hence why the Hip Pound is crucial for the boss fights. One of the most useful moves in the game however is the Prinny Spin. While you're using the spin your little Prinny soldier is invincible to all attacks so you can just slip through your enemies, the only con is that it only lasts for few seconds...

The biggest addition to the gameplay is the Breakmode where Prinny's attack damage increases and is able to use special attacks. This new feature is one of my favorite changes between the first and the second game (maybe I'm just obsessed with the superduper special attacks). You can for example use a very useful move called Prinny Cyclone in the Breakmode which is like the Prinny Spin but it also damages AND stuns your enemies (easily my favorite move).

All in all the controls while they might take some time to get use to are really smooth and I see absolutely nothing wrong them. I guess the old-styled controls and the various moves/special skills are what makes this game so addicting for me.

Anyway you start your game with 1000 Prinnies and when all the Prinnies are dead it's a Game Over. It's actually pretty fair, because this game can be somewhat difficult for the first timers so it's not a surprise if you end the game with only 100 or so Prinnies left. The game flows like the first one, you have ten hours to finish your mission. In the first six hours from dawn to midnight you are free to select in which order you are going to beat the stages (dawn being the easiest and midnight the hardest).

Stages are “simple”, you jump from a platform to another, kill the enemies in your way and destroy the boss which awaits you at the end of the stage. The stages have some new additions as well, like destroyable platforms and “weather” conditions. These destroyable platforms can be quite kinky and make the stages a bit harder seeing that you can accidentally destroy the platform you are on, making yourself fall into the pit. But they are nothing major to worry about, they just add a little bit brain work to the game and prevent you from rushing aimlessly through the stage. The other thing that I mentioned were the “weather” conditions. By “weather” conditions I mean example windy areas, slippery areas, underwater etc. In my opinion the “weather” conditions are awesome, they make the stages a lot more unique and funnier to go through.

To be honest there is little to nothing I'd change in the gameplay, for me it's nearly perfect in the way it is.
Score: 9.4/10

This one is easy (forgive the pun). Because the stages with all the new additions can be a little bit frustrating, they have also made some changes to the difficulty. The biggest change to the difficulty is the completely new setting called the Baby Mode. And this means that you can now select the most suitable difficulty for you from the three different settings Standard, Hell's Finest and Baby Mode.

Standard Mode: Well this one has been changed a little from the first game. This time you have only two scarfs (lives) instead of three, so you would think that they have made this game harder but I think that the Breakmode feature kinda makes it even. Anyway the standard is well, the normal difficulty. The stages are normal and the bosses have a normal amount of Hip Pound shields. This is the difficulty which most of the players will choose (myself included).

Hell's Finest: HELL that's what this is. The stages and bosses are the same as in the standard mode with only one exception, you have NO scarfs at all. And that means that as soon as you're hit by an enemy you're dead. Hardcore…

Baby Mode: This is the new added difficulty. The name should tell you that this is the easy option. Instead of two scarfs you get three diapers as your lives. The stages are also easier, they have so called “baby blocks” to example prevent you from falling into the pits and stop enemies shooting fireballs at you. You will also find diaper packs in the stages and boss "rooms" to refill your lost lives. The bosses itself are easier too, they have less Hip Pound shields to stun them. The final easier thing which comes to my mind is gaining Breakmode easier than in the standard mode. Geez, if you now can't finish the game then you should look into a mirror…

So the difficulty is overall great, Standard mode for the casual gamers, Baby mode for the new players and Hell's finest for all the demons out there.
Score: 10/10

Six different times of day to beat the stages, a huge amount of awards to collect, many bonus stages, a completely different secret game mode, unlockable secret characters, etc. There are just way too many good reasons to beat this game over and over again.
Score: 9/10

Well this is my first real review ever so please don't mind if it sounds a bit weird. Anyway this is absolutely one of my favorites games ever and I'm really glad that NIS was able to make this magnificent sequel.
Overall Score: 9.4/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Prinny 2: Toukou Yuugi! Akatsuki no Pantsu Daisakusenss!! (JP, 03/25/10)

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